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Thaao Penghlis Tweets On His GH Exit To Cartini: "Thank You Both For The Wonderful Character Of Victor …"

Photo Credit: Alan Mercer

Photo Credit: Alan Mercer

Have we truly seen the last of Victor Cassadine on GH?  Well, after yesterday and today’s episodes of the ABC soap opera, for  now it looks like Victor has met his maker! And that means that it’s a wrap for the very popular Thaao Penghlis, who as we posted in this morning’s recap on Tuesday’s episode, gave one hell of a performance on his way out!

This afternoon, Thaao tweeted his sincere gratitude to General Hospital’s executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati stating:  “Thank u both for the wonderful character of Victor & the exciting epps I was given to play. Thanks 4 the magic.”

So will GH ultimately bring Thaao at another point in the story?  Everyone can bounce back to life on GH, well, almost everyone.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Thaao to GH’s Valentini and Carlivati?  Post your thoughts to Thaao here, if you loved and enjoyed his performance as Victor C.!


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Come Back, he is a villain with 34 yrs of History and we hardly know Victor. He could be just as good as he was on Days. I was hoping for a Luke/Victor Confrontation.

Going to miss the character of Victor! He brought a lot of humor to the character and Thaao is such a wonderful actor! I wish they could him back to the show some how! I hope to see him maybe perhaps in another show! VICTOR ROCKS!!!!

I hope they bring Victor back. He will be missed. I still can’t believe they killed him. Hope somehow he is still alive & got out of there b4 explosion. We love u Victor Cassadine.

I’m disappointed that we never got to see ALL the Cassadines come together & hash out their history with PC in one crazy scene. That would have been epic – from Danny & Spencer on up to Sam, Alexis, Nicholas, Stavros & Victor. That *could* have left us all crying w/laughter. Pin a reminder note on the writer’s board for next time, Ron!

You are so right, Kansas Guest!

Stupid they killed him off, how about a love interest for Liesl? They waste good characters/actors and keep stupid ones around like Michael (annoying!!!) Franco (Annoying!!!) Kiki (annoying!!), Silas (drab) and I can go on ….. lame.

Wish they would have killed Victor, I would have liked to see where he and Dr. O could have gone, they were a hoot together better than Faison, besides little Spencer brought out the best in him. so sad.

Wouldnt have killed Victor love him.

Cassadines never really die….well most of them.
Even crazy as a hare Helena rose from the dead after having been shot by Luke.
We’ll probably see Victor again when storyline dictates.

I read that Victor, Stavros and Levi will all return in the future……not for awhile though.

Since Helena was never seen @ Crichton Clark, & we know Victor was trying to reanimate her, I think there’s a good chance she will repay Victor for saving her. I agree with the other commenter sho wrote that Victor should have had scenes w/Luke. Maybe he will in the future. Scenes w/Fluke would not resonate emotionally because he would have no bone to pick with the Cassadines.

Thaao, it’s a shame, we just got you back, and i am sure the ratings for GH went through the roof. I don’t understand why they would let go of the very best actor GH ever had. We love you Thaao and wish you the very best of everything. Please keep in touch with us. (General Hospital Respect) {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Couldn’t agree more!

Victor Cassadine is invincible !!
The Cassadine’s never die, they fade away for awhile and they always return..
thanks for the stellar performance, I enjoyed you , a lot 🙂

See you again, Thaao Penghlis !! Love yah !!

((RC&FV do not kill off Cassadine’s, nope ) Victor is alive 🙂

What a class act! Love this man, always have, always will! Maybe Days is back in his future? 🙂

Bring him back..He is such a gifted actor and he was entertaining and very suave…They should make him less of a bad guy and pair him with Lucy or Tracy or even Monica, who has not gotten laid in forever and throw in the crazy Dr. O, and make it a triangle with a bit of comic relief.

Great point Omar! He could be so great on the canvas!

Cassadine men do not die unless their name is Mikkos or Stefan.

I’m still not fully convinced Stefan is dead… Cassadines have a way of coming back, and I feel like Stefan will make a return at some point in the future

Total class but you ‘d expect nothing less from Thaao . Always enjoy seeing him and I would of loved to see him and Liesl be an evil super couple . Although I truly believe everything ended as it should .. it is the wrong show for him. He will always be Tony Dimera too me . 🙂

Loved having him back on GH! Always loved him as Tony Demerara too!
He is wonderful. And will surely miss him!

Why are they letting him go? He and Liesl had great potential and I loved the idea of him being Nathan’s father. I’d much rather have Victor running amok than Helena!

It’s possible GH tried to get Thaao on a long term contract but he wasn’t interested. After all, he had been on Days for years.

Since you mentioned RKK’s “real life” role as a pilot, can you just imagine someone who has seen him as the stark raving lunatic “Stavros” then discovering that he is the one flying their plane???? Oh dear! (I know it’s all make-believe, but that man is an extremely convincing psychopath!)

Better to leave people wanting more than to overstay one’s welcome.

In my opinion, Thaao Penghlis could never overstay his welcome. Neither could RKK.

I agree Mary Lynn!! 🙂

I enjoyed Thaao’s portrayal of bad-guy Victor. And I’m for a Cassadine presence on GH like I am for a Dimera/Kirakis presence on Days… but at some point the dying and coming back to life thing has got to stop. Once or twice with a character is acceptable in the realm of the soap world, but frozen, unfrozen, wash, repeat– gets old.

I don’t care just so long as the two Cassadines they keep bringing back are Victor and Stavros.

I agree, the back-from-the-dead or no-so-dead-as-we-thought stories are getting old. Personally, I would love to have Victor come back because Thaao Penghlis is such an amazing actor.

Victor can come back as long as his deep freezer is taken away. Ha ha

I hope Victor had an unknown twin brother if Victor is really dead named Hugo(also Thaao) who turns out to be Nathans father…Hugo tricked Dr.O into sleeping with him by pretending to be Victor…then we later find out Victor is alive held hostage by the evil Hugo and Victor really is Nathans daddykins…Hugo had one of his men in Critchon Clark change the paternity like he did years early with Dr.O because he was obsessed to have a son like Stravos was with Lulu…so much wanted Liesel and Victor to be a couple and become the head of the Cassidines…bummer!!!

Great idea. Maybe the until now unseen Valentin could be Victor’s twin.

Loved Thaao on GH. Miss him terribly on DOOL!!!!!!

LOVED Thaao on Days as Andre/Tony!!! Days blew it with him the last time they had him on there but I’m not surprised about that. Gave up on that show 2 years ago.

You should give Days another try. It is sooooooooooooooo much better than it was two years ago!!

I’ve watched Days since 1982, quit for 9 years, returned and left for good 2 years ago. I think I’ve given it the ‘ol college try plenty 😉

Depends on what Ron writes.

Perfect point.

Right on. In this stage of his career Thaao would have no desire to remain on GH unless the story line is challenging and fun.

I wish Thaao had a contract.. I would love to see see in lots of stories..
Thaao is the best of the best, and GH and ME, need him!!
I protest killing Thaao, even if for a few months..
I want Thaao !!!

Thaao brings an extra level of excellence whenever he appears on screen. He is absolutely a joy to watch. I can’t take my eyes off him. He engages the audience and keeps you wanting more. Those deaths scenes showed so many range of emotions each played superbly by Thaao. His delivery of lines perfection. Tic Toc GH please don’t let too much time go by before you bring Victor back again from the dead. It would be a huge mistake not to.

And that right there is how u exit a Soap. These younger actors need to take a page from his and many other veteran Soap stars. So many of these younger kids have this need to vent every frustration to the world and every social media outlet at their disposal.

Back in the day there was so much drama behind the scenes, and u never heard about it till YEARS later because so many of them knew not to burn bridges or put their business out there. It was about being professional and keeping ur composure.

Just look how many times Days has burned Thaao, and he has never once given a negative interview or slammed them whatsoever. And dont get me started on Matthew Ashford. Days has screwed him every time he has gone back, and again he has never spoken on the record about it. I respect this generation of Soap Actors. He will def be missed on GH.

It’s possible that Thaao could return to GH if the story is right.

Great performance. I remember him from back in the ice princess days and was thrilled to see him back. I hope this wasn’t the final end and GH finds a way to bring him back again!

Will miss you. You gave a great performance. Maybe you are only “sort of” dead and will be back again Anything can happen in Port Charles!

Yes, yes yes Bring him back alive! He’s fantastic!

He has not been on that long! Why do soaps do this in-and-out game? GH and BB seem to be good at it. I like to spend more time with characters and do not care for this trend toward short-term use of such talented actors and interesting characters.

I think it’s a budget tactic– to bring people they want in for stories when they can’t afford to put them on long term. It has some advantages, but often I just feel “eh” about it. Personally, I could do with less new characters and more vets or veteran characters being on the payroll.

I disagree on this one. I have no doubt that GH did offer RKK a long term contract but he did not accept. RKK lives in wife/children in St Louis where they have created a happy home life. When he’s not acting the man is a pilot. If he were to accept a long term contract then one of two things would have to happen. First, RKK would have to move his entire family back to LA. Both RKK and his wife Miriam have been there done that. Neither one may not want to raise their children in LA either.

The second possibility would be that RKK would have to commute to LA and back to St Louis on a constant basis. That sounds good unless you have to do it on a weekly basis over a long time. RKK may have decided that possibility is not good for his family. So GH keeps putting Stavros in the deep freeze until the writers can find a reason to bring back RKK.

As for Thaao, I bet he was also offered a long term contract and said no. He was on Days for a lot of years. From what I’ve heard in LA there were issues with some of the writers. To his great credit Thaao has never spoken publicly about any problems he had on Days. While he was on Days Thaao, like the rest of the cast, worked long hours. The man is almost 70 years old so therefore may not be willing to go back to working all those hours once again. So, the writers will put Victor’s body in the deep freeze until they can bring him back.

I refuse to believe that Victor is dead. Why would General Hospital kill off one of the most delicious villians that they have ever had? Imagine the possibilities with Thaao Penghlis as Victor pulling the strings in Port Charles? The list is endless and should include much more than a “who’s the daddy” story line. I can think of a few powerful women that I would like to see Victor involved with, not to mention the damage/fun he can have as the head of WSB. Way too much disturbing left for this suave and delightful character…Victor we hardly knew ye. Come back, please?!?

Does this kind of feel like the same missed opportunity when they brought AJ back? After reading your post, I thought about it and feel like it was along the same lines for me.

It does. We were given a few tastes of the delicious Victor, enough to whet our appetites for him, and then? This death and destruction, which of course leaves me with hope for more, but one never knows what these writers have up their sleeves. So, yes, in answer to your question. Another missed opportunity.

Maybe Victor will have a twin named Andre(as)!!!!!! did a great job..wish you would come back and be a good guy..your talent is out of this world..very talented

Thaao has a captivating scren presnce that few matched , we can only hope to se mor of him in the future. Until then , wishing him the best xo

That is the trouble when you make your characters so vile at some point they either have to die or be put into prison. But since this is GH, I suspect when necessary ole Vic will be back– but right now his stay has served its purpose, bringing back Jason and Helena. I fear Helena will force poor Robin to become surrogate for Lulu’s and Stravro’s embryo.

We do think alike…i too under a previous posting mentioned itll be Robin carrying the child which means she will disapear again…maybe Jason will go looking for her unless the blast caused him to suffer amnesia…burned like you said in a previous posting…Patrick will find him or treat him unaware who he really is…maybe Patrick will give him the name ‘Billy’ until he learns his true identity…lol…had to run over to use my brotherinlaws computer when my internet went out and he (also named Jim) asked me why i watch that silly soap which i thought was funny because i had earlier caught him watching it with my sister on demand…which is proof more people watch soaps than the ratings give credit!!!

Except somehow Dr. O “Mutter” stays on canvas 🙁

Agreed. I love this guy. He is an incredibly talented actor. I will take him over Dr. O (mutter) and his Popsicle brother any day.

I’m hoping against hope the tweet was a trick or tweet (ahem) sorta thing. Maybe it’s to keep us all thinking he IS dead…until Helena brings him back???

Here’s hoping…

Thanks for the Entertainment!!! Come back SOON.. 🙂

Thaao Penghlis is truly amazing… such a class act and so incredibly talented. Every scene he was in, he stole. I loved to hate Victor because he was such an incredible villain, just like the rest of the Cassadines. I do hope Victor isn’t truly dead because I would like him to return, but at the same time, all these return from the dead stories are getting a bit tiresome.

In the meantime, though, it would be amazing for Thaao to return to DAYS as Tony… after all, the DiMera count is getting low, with E.J. and Kristen on their way out now… Chad can’t do all the heavy lifting on his own!

Really hated to see him get killed off the show. His character was just getting interesting. Thought there was a good storyline with Victor, Dr.O, and Nathan. Enjoyed watching him on GH tremendously.

Don’t forget that deep freezer the Cassadines have. In the near future Victor and Stavros could both return.

Too short a stint for this great character and actor. GH will stretch-out some storylines for months/years with no resolution, but this one ended too quickly.

Thaao Penghlis’ performance was top notch.. He covered the gamut of emotions. He said so much in a look without a word of dialogue. He gave several shades of meaning to each spoken word. He made the character seem dangerous without raising his voice. He carried every scene he was in. He is a man who knows his craft. GH was blessed to have him. No doubt he may return to their canvas.

No one actually believe that RC and FV would kill off the great Cassadine’s, not going to happen..
the Cassadine’s are are a cornerstone of GH and very much wanted and loved….

Victor is not dead there is something else afoot as Sherlock would say..

I think u truely are amazing
I love the work you have shown on gh as victor &days as Tony . I hope
Sometime gh can bring you back. Geez helena can put u on the rocks.
Your a cassedine im sure youll be back sometime. But in the meantime great job
And cant wait to see what you plan to do next. God bless.

Victor isn’t dead, just like Faison isn’t dead, just like Jerry Jacks isn’t dead, Helena Cassadine, and so on, and so forth. They’re all classic fan favorite GH villains, and that’s why their characters will never truly die. And I’m totally fine with that. It’s a soap opera, people coming back from the dead is a staple of the genre.

Thaao was fantastic on this return to the show. They really gave him some meaty scenes. The drama and action taking place at the clinic over the past two weeks was riveting. They weaved the stories of Maxie and Nathan, and Dante and Lulu in with Victor, Stavros (Robert Kelker-Kelly was tremendous, as always, in his brief return), and Peter/Levi, and also worked in the dynamic between Anna and Dr. Obrecht, who I think are a riot the way they snipe back and forth at each other.

It was the type of umbrella story involving a lot of the canvas that GH has always been known for. I enjoyed every minute of it. My only regret is that I wish they could have made it last longer.

I loved the umbrella story too! It was so great seeing all the great characters. Hope they come back soon.

Soap characters have more lives than cats so he’ll be back.

True, and yet Tony Jones and Alan Quartemaine remain dead. There is no justice.

I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Stuart Damon is actually ill. Sadly.


What a great villain ! Enjoyed the chemistry between him and Dr. Obret such a talented team . We will miss him.

No way hes dead!! This IS Port Charles. He has to come back and clear up Nathans paternity. cause DrO is NOT the mama!!!!!

A class act! Cartini, can Victor PLEASE have a twin? We need MORE Thaao!

Thaao is amazing. General Hospital could use his magic.

Thaao is wonderful.. loved him as Tony and Victor.. Please bring him back!!

Send tweets/mail to FV and RC.. tell ’em to get the C’s back !!

Victor and Stavros are not dead..
Last we saw of Victor he was not dead he was activating the destruction thing and could have just passed out…
Stavros was laying on the floor, dead we don’t know..
The goons could have taken them to the tunnels..

An explosion= no bodies=no dead ..

Victor’s not dead. Didn’t you see the smile on his face? He’ll be back!

Good….now DAYS needs to snag him up and bring him back!

What do you get when you combine a fabulous, intriguing character, beloved, gifted actor and an interesting, absorbing storyline? No complaints! Well done, Cartini!!!! Oh, but please bring back Victor…..encore, encore!

Victor and Dr. Mutter should be head of the Cassidine empire, and GHs biggest super couple since Lucy and her Duck…oh, fudge, i meant Luke and Laura…lets hear it for teeeeaaamm ‘VUTTER’…lol

I volunteer you to make RC and FV make it happen..
You tell then we want Victor and Mutter!!!
send them a 1,000 mails 🙂 tweets too!

Or “Viesel”…..Sounds rather intimidating, as would befit this most super of couples, eh jimh?????

Shay, “Viesel” sounds way better…good one…plus we need back story using flashbacks! and su, how do i wish FV and RC would listen to us fans!

Thank you, jimh! I like it, too… edgy and menacing in tone!!!! Really captures the essence of those two deliciously wicked characters! I was so hoping they would get together and base their evil reign over Port Charles at Windemere. Perfect setting for such dramatic baddies! Oh well…. : (

Thoroughly enjoyed Victor and figure he had some escape route planned ahead of time (you don’t rig your entire facility with explosives without at least one way to get out when you have to activate it). Much less interested in any more Helena or Stavros appearances but I guess they both have fans. Sigh. And Levi is definitely not dead – he’ll be back to torment Maxi and Nathan in the future. I have grown rather to like the character now that he’s a kind of grifter/loser who blames Maxi and Nathan for the death of his father.

But oh geez, how many more days do we have to see the headless Jason? Does anyone else think it’s weird that it’s clearly not Steve Burton but they keep showing his face when we see pictures of Jason? Seems like they should have replaced his face in those pics by now to ease the transition to the new actor. (But I’m also not a Jason fan and am not looking forward to the recast/return).

A lot of us feel that Jason as we (and Port Charles) knew him will have his face injured in the explosion…which may explain why he gets a new face ala plastic surgery. So…I think showing Steve Burton’s face was for continuity…since that’s the way Sam et al remember him…..

Thaao Penghlis played the villain, Victor Cassadine, to perfection and I hate to see him leave. His part was not long enough and I hope he will get to come back to Port Charles again soon and shake up the residents in this city. He didn’t even have a chance to fight against Luke/Fluke so he needs to come back and battle with him when Luke returns. Good luck Thaao……until we meet again!!!!!

I agree 100% Shirley!

I will miss him. I loved his scenes with Spencer and Dr. O!!!

I absolutely loved Thaao’s portrayal of Victor Cassadine and I am sorry to see him go. He is a very talented actor. I was too young to watch him as Victor in the early 80’s. I do remember him from Days. The only thing that I did not like was that Victor was the one behind Patrick and Sabrina’s car accident. I liked Victor being evil, with a side of charming while trying to woo Liesel, and a side of funny while plotting with Spencer. I’d much rather see Kristen Alderson leave Port Charles. This ridiculous storyline of Rosalie trying to break-up boring Kiki and Michael is a snooze-fest. All it does is give Kristen more air-time, which is too precious to waste.

I am always sad when a Cassadine dies. 🙁 Please bring back Victor and Stavros!!!!

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