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‘The Bachelor’ Poll: Who Will Get The Final Rose From The Three Women Left Vying For Peter’s Heart?

Hometowns are over, and now we move on to next week’s ‘Fantasy Suites” episode  of ABC’s The Bachelor, which we know already has some drama, because Madison is saving herself from marriage, and from all the previews an ultimatum may be given to Peter from her!

This season of The Bachelor is supposed to conclude with something that has never happened before, or is very drama-filled.

The question is: from the three women left in the reality-dating competition; does anyone of them get the final rose and Peter’s heart?

We have Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. who will be on next week’s episode when the series heads to Australia for the seemingly all-important episode.

But will none of these women get a proposal? Will someone such as Hannah Brown come back at the end and stir things up? Is there someone else from Peter’s past about to pop up?

Vote below on who you think Peter chooses in the end in our ‘Bachelor’ Poll.  Then let us know in the comment section why you cast your vote that way.


TONIGHT: Season Premiere of ‘The Bachelor’, Just How Dramatic Will Zach Shallcross’ Shot at Finding Love Be?

It’s time to dole out the roses once again! This time, 26-year-old California tech exec Zach Shallcross, who got dumped by last season‘s Bachelorette Rachel Recchia, will meet 30 new women at the Bachelor mansion as the lead in the 27th season of the competition-dating-reality series.

Will Zach’s journey to find love be any less complicated than those men before him? Will enough tears be shed to fill a drought in a lake? Stay tuned.

‘Bachelor’ host Jesse Palmer, recently spoke on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” and revealed: “I would say Zach’s season is a bit of a throwback season in the sense that this is really about the love story. It’s not so much about the drama. I know in the past, drama has taken over and there will always be some drama, but this season is less about that. It’s really more about the love story and Zach trying to find his person. He’s really intentional. I was so impressed watching him because he really made a point to talk to everybody.”

So, if Palmer is telling the truth, would it make you want to watch Shallcross’ season more, or not? According to ABC, “From San Diego to Fargo to New York City, and from a makeup artist to a neonatal nurse to a rodeo racer, Zach will have women from all over the country to choose from.”

The Bachelor season premiere airs tonight on ABC beginning at 8pm ET/7 PM CT.

Check out the contestants vying for the final rose in the video below, and let us know just from that, who you think might get engaged to Zach by season 37’s end in the comment section.

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REPORT: Zach Shallcross to be Named ‘The Bachelor’ for Season 27

After his emotional goodbye on The Bachelorette, Zach Shallcross is reportedly going to be revealed as the lead in the upcoming season of The Bachelor.  This will mark the reality-dating competition series 27th season.

According to Variety, Shallcross is expected to be announced as the new “Bachelor” on this week’s season finale of The Bachelorette during After the Final Rose airing on Tuesday, September 20th.

Photo: ABC

Zach had been a contestant on the 19th season of The Bachelorette which has featured two leads: Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.  As ‘Bachelor-Nation’ knows, Shallcross was embroiled as a rejected-suitor for Recchia.

In story, Rachel and Zach’s relationship took a shocking turn after the Fantasy Suite episode, when things went south.  Part of which seemed to stem from Recchia feeling Shallcross was not ready for an engagement because of his age.  He is actually only less than a year younger than Recchia. Both are 26-years-old.

Then, on last week’s episode of The Bachelorette and in front of a studio audience, Shallcross reunited with Recchia on-stage where he was able to confront his former love interest.  Zach was cordial, still slightly heartbroken, but it played well to the audience.

In his day job, Shallcross is a tech executive hailing from Anaheim Hills, California.

So, if this holds true, what do you think of Zach as the new ‘Bachelor’? Would you tune-in to watch his season? Comment below.

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‘The Bachelor’ Season Premiere: Will Clayton’s Season Be Intriguing or a Dud?

A brand new season of ABC’s longest running reality series, The Bachelor, has its season 26 premiere tonight Monday, January 3rd at 8 p.m. EST.

In it, ‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard’s journey to find love begins with 31 female contestants vying for that final rose.

Photo: ABC

From all the pre-interviews, teasers, and promos, Clayton admits he falls for three women at the same time, and then there is that shocking revelation to the women themselves that he had sex with both of them who were standing in front of him at the roes ceremony.

Bachelor Nation was originally not thrilled that Echard was chosen as The Bachelor instead of some other contestants from Michelle Young’s season, or men from past seasons, but the franchise chose the former pro football player and a Missouri native following his elimination from Young’s season where he broke down in tears.

In one of the earlier loglines for Clayton’s ‘Bachelor’ season, it said:  “This Midwestern man proves he is so much more than just a good-looking guy with a rock-hard bod, He’s a throwback romantic who’s not afraid to put himself out there for love.”

Photo: ABC

The new season of The Bachelor also features a new host. Jesse Palmer replaces Chris Harrison, and for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, the series filmed in locations around the world.

Watch the full trailer for the new season of The Bachelor, and let us know if that montage of tears, or any of it, sparks your interest to see what happens via the comment section below.

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