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THE BACHELOR: “I Want Crazy” Hometowns Brings More Drama With Victoria F. And Later A Surprise Elimination


It was “hometowns” on Monday’s night’s episode of The Bachelor! And, we all know what that means, right? Fathers questioning the intention of “The Bachelor’ with their daughters, said ‘Bachelor’ not quite saying the word “I love you” back when one or more of the contestants vying for his heart tell him the “L” word, mothers worried their daughters hearts will be broken …. and so it goes …

For Peter Weber’s season, he had “hometowns” with Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison and well, sort of with Victoria F.   First up is Hannah Ann’s meet and greet and grilling with her family.  When Peter talks to Hannah Ann’s dad, Rick, he tells him he is falling for her, but Rick doesn’t want him to say he loves Hannah Ann to her, unless he means it.  Later,  Peter does indeed tell Hannah Ann that he is in love with her and she repeats the same.   Hannah Ann continues to look like a frontrunner; especially after all that went down and is about to go down in the week ahead.


Next, we go to Iowa to meet Kelsey’s family, where she first tells Peter she is also falling in love with him, to which, he can only respond, something along the lines of ‘thank you for telling me’, ‘that means so much to me’, or ‘so good to hear’.  Uh-oh!  He did not seemingly share her feelings.  Will that come back to bite Kelsey in the end? Kelsey’s mom is, of course, worried for Kelsey’s heart to be broken during their chitchat on the ‘hometowns”.  Stay tuned, mom.

Peter heads south for a date with Madison to meet her family in Auburn, Alabama.  Weber sees first hand that is a very religious family and that their faith means everything to them.   Madison’s mom, Tonya, asks her privately if she’s  talked to Peter about decisions she’s made about her relationships – that she is  saving herself for marriage.  It is then we learn that Madison is afraid to tell Peter, but won’t compromise her values, either.   Madison’s dad comes down hard on Peter about not breaking Madison’s heart, his firstborn daughter.   But in the end, it looks like Peter is still all in with Madison as a top contender for the final rose.

How apropos that the producers of The Bachelor brought in country singer/songwriter, Hunter Hayes for a guest spot and had him appropriately, sing his hit song, “I Want Crazy” during a big “set-up” impromptu concert/dance gathering in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Victoria Fuller’s hometown.   While the two have a fun-filled afternoon and seem to be enjoying each other, the drama ratchets up 100% when a mysterious woman called out Peter’s name, (while he is alone for a moment), and for some reason her face is blurred out during the conversation.

The woman is Merissa Pence, a former flame of Weber’s, who apparently lives in Virginia Beach, as well.  She tells Peter to be careful with Victoria F.  And, that Fuller has wrecked quite a few relationships around town, and is not the woman he thinks she is.   Gut-punched, Peter does not know at first what to do with the Intel.

At night, when it is time for the ‘hometown’ to meet Victoria’s family; Peter pulls Victoria aside and tells her what happened.  He notes that her ex Chase Rice stopped by one of their dates, and now the same thing has happened to him when an ex interrupted their date.  Victoria becomes extremely defensive, starts to cry, lashes out at Peter and walks away. “Do you think that I enjoy this right now?” Peter tells her,  but Victoria says it doesn’t matter anymore.  He gets in the limo, the ‘hometown’ is off, and Victoria is left crying on the street as her family comes out to her rescue to hold her.

US Weekly reported that the mysterious woman, Merrisa and Peter had dated for five months back in 2012 and ended their relationship as friends.  As to how Pence became involved in all of this, she said she reached out to the show producers, because she wanted to get a message to Peter about Victoria, expressing: “I talked to them for about an hour. They said they’d call me back. They didn’t call me back until about 9:30pm and they were like, ‘Hey, we don’t feel like we’ve vetted the situation enough to bring you on the show.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a bummer, but I wish him the best and I totally understand.’ So I was kinda just like mulling over how I could still make it work,” adding that she called a producer the next day asking if she could watch filming and “maybe talk to Peter” after his date. The producer agreed and texted her 30 minutes before she needed to be there.”  The rest is, well, ‘Bachelor’ TV history.


The next day, Victoria shows up at Peter’s hotel room and says she says she’s falling in love with him. He is confused and that they lack communication skills. No kidding!! These two put the “D” in dysfunction.  Peter says he needs some time to think about what he wants to do.

Now, we are back in Los Angeles for the rose ceremony, and Peter kicks to the curb Kelsey and keeps in the running Victoria F.!  But at the end of the episode, knowing that the group is going to Australia for the “Fantasy Suites” week, Madison chimes to Peter that she needs to speak to him.  Will she finally reveal that she is saving herself for marriage before embarking on the trip to Australia to compete for his heart?  Stay tuned.

So, what did you think about Kelsey exiting and Victoria F. staying in the running for the final rose? The “hometowns”? Comment below. But first, watch the confrontation between Victoria and Peter from last night’s episode.


‘The Golden Bachelor’s’ Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist to Divorce Three Months After TV Wedding

Well, that’s that! Three months after their highly-viewed televised wedding, the inaugural Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner and contestant-turned-bride, Theresa Nist have called it quits. Appearing on Good Morning America on Friday, the two revealed their split.

Turner shared: “Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to dissolve our marriage.”

Nist clarified: “We have received so much love and support from so many people who watched The Golden Bachelor, and I don’t think we can tell you how many people told us that it gave them so much hope. We want none of that to change for anybody.”

Photo: ABC

The couple kept under wraps exactly what caused the decision for them to part ways. However, Turner expressed, “I think we just feel like it’s best for the happiness of each of us to, to live apart.”

Gerry and Theresa said they would return the wedding rings that ABC purchased for them to use in the show. “I think that’s the rule,” cited Nist. Turner took a positive approach in an attempt to temper how bad the optics will be, expressing,”But, you know what? We don’t have to give back the memories.”

In addition, the two revealed that they did have a pre-nup in place at the time of their wedding. Now, ABC has a bit of clean-up to do as The Golden Bachelor was a ratings success for the network, and so too was The Golden Wedding special.

Photo: ABC

With the theme that seniors can fall in love and find happiness with someone later in life, this is an awkward ending.  In fact, The Golden Wedding reached 7.13M viewers across linear and streaming platforms so clearly it had the audience rooting for Gerry and Theresa.

GMA’s Juju Chang, who conducted the interview, shared at the end of her taped segment that the dissolution of Gerry and Theresa’s relationship is a “head-scratcher.” Check it out below.  More of the interview will be shared tonight on ABC’s Nightline.

Then let us know, what you think about Gerry and Theresa divorcing? What does it say about reality-dating competitions at any age? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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‘The Bachelor’ Hits 2-Year High In Total Viewers Following Emotional ‘Women Tell All’ Episode

ABC’s reality-series dating competition series, The Bachelor, is having one of its best seasons in years, in part, due to its likeable lead Joey Graziadei.

This past Monday night, during the annual “Women Tell All” episode, viewers witnessed not only the sniping eliminated contestants going at each other, but some very emotional drama.

During the special episode, the pick-up of the cliffhanger from last week played out which featured what did contestant Kelsey write Joey an urgent letter about, which got him somewhat spooked that he could be opening up to these women he is falling for, only for them not to feel the same.

Photo: ABC

When they eventually talked, it turned out to be nothing like that. Kelsey Weier was expressing how much she was falling for Joey, and how hard it was to be away from him and to think of him being with other women. But, the doubt that crept into his head left Joey shaken. Later, in the rose ceremony, he chooses to keep Kelsey and Daisy eliminating Rachel.

When we come back on-stage during the “Women Tell All,” Rachel is siting with host, Jesse Palmer, and she is in tears. When she relived how she parted ways with Joey, she relates it was with tears of sadness and joy for her, because she could tell how much he cared for her.

Photo: ABC

Later, with Graziadei now on-stage with her, Rachel revealed she had been the subject of hate by some fans of the show. Many were racist comments where people even took to TikTok to make videos insinuating they threw up every time she and Joey kissed.

Jesse Palmer added, “This season of ‘The Bachelor,’ the love for these women, for the most part, has been really remarkable. But for all the love that Joey and these women have received, there’s also sadly been a noticeable rise in hate on social media.” Joey, Jesse and Rachel hoped that by shining a light on the hate, it might make people think twice about posting hate-filled rhetoric or videos.

At the conclusion of the episode, when Joey exits the stage, Jesse plays a promo for next week’s season finale, which showed Joey in tears and getting in a limo and leaving the scene of where he he would propose. Did he propose? Was he rejected by one or more of the women? Was this all edited to make it look like something major happened, but it won’t quite live up to the hype? Stay tuned.

Photo: ABC

ABC has reported that after three days of viewing on ABC, Hulu and digital platform, the episode became the most-watched multi-platform telecast in 2 years for the series scoring 6.26 million total viewers. The best since its March 2022 season finale. The ABC unscripted series also scored its 2nd highest-rated multi-platform telecast this season among Adults 18-49 (1.89 rating). 

In more numbers, The Bachelor went up +178% after just three days of multi-platform viewing (0.68 rating to 1.89 rating) and added an additional +2.44 million Total Viewers (3.82 million to 6.26 million).

Photo: ABC

This season of The Bachelor delivered its 8th straight week of year-to-year growth in Total Viewers, as well.  On average, the series is up over its first 8 weeks last season by 14% in Total Viewers (4.09 million vs. 3.58 million). The ABC unscripted series ranked as Monday’s No. 1 broadcast series for the 8th time in 8 weeks among Adults 18-49 (0.80 rating).

Watch the moment host Jesse Palmer addressed ‘Bachelor Nation’ about hate spewed on the contestants below.

Now, let us know. Have you been watching this season’s ‘Bachelor’? What do you think will happen next week in the season finale where it looks like Joey is crushed? Let us know in the comment section.

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Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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