So how does this episode wind up? Katie telling the producers she’s done and locking herself in her hotel suite bathroom crying on the floor. Co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe is sent in to try to get her to open up the bathroom door and talks Katie through her emotions and the “process”.  Katie says that there’s no way to Greg back he is gone and Michael’s gone, so, what’s the point? When Kaitlyn gets inside the door of the bathroom to hug Katie, she asks her what she wants to do next.  Katie replies: “I want someone to book my flight home.”

When the credits role we are given a soap-opera style love montage of the history of Katie and Greg’s relationship before we fade to black.  So now what? Is Katie going to have ‘fantasy suite’ dates with Blake and Justin as we head to the finale, or should we just stop this madness right here and Katie should call it quits and truly go home?

What did you think of Greg and Katie’s break-up? How do you think Katie’s journey will end? Will Greg be back by the finale somehow, someway? Comment below.