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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’

Photo: Gilles Toucas/Bell-Phillip TV

The character of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has been on the receiving end of plenty of shade over the years on social media, in part, due to his often seemingly wishy-washy back and forth nature when it comes to the loves of his life, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

However, this past week on the CBS daytime drama series, in the more than capable hands of three-time Daytime Emmy winner Scott Clifton, you kind of found yourself rooting for Liam, when, after confronting his wife Hope on her feelings for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), she out and out lied to him in an attempt to smooth over her now rocky marriage.

This past Friday’s episode, saw the continuation of the confrontation scene where Liam, drinking at the cabin, asks his wife for the truth. Does she have feelings for the one man he told her to stay away from?  This man also happens to be the man that kept their child, Beth, away from them for months (which he points out). Part of the problem is that Liam learned about Hope’s feelings for Thomas from Steffy, because she witnessed it.  When Liam asks Hope about her feelings, she gets defiant and says she is feeling ‘ambushed’ and tries to spin it; that this is all Steffy’s interpretation.


Liam says he truly wants to believe her, but Hope cannot seem to say the word he needs to her. Liam thinks she may be in denial. Hope says she finds it insulting that both he and Steffy know her feelings better than she does.

It is then Liam points out that the one thing that he asked her to do was to keep Thomas out of their lives. Hope goes on to say that her fashion line needs Thomas as a part of it. Liam can’t comprehend why Hope is not seeing that this is about their marriage, not her career.


At this point, and in emotional moments, Liam firmly and angrily tells Hope that he cannot have Thomas living rent free in his head anymore. Hope says he always trusts whatever everybody else says about her. Fed up with her denial, he asks again, if she has feelings for Thomas or not.


Hope, then in tears, tells her husband “No.”  She loves only him.  As she is telling these lies, Liam breaks down in tears.  They end up in an embrace, but the damage is done.  How can Liam not trust his gut on this? How can Hope go on denying her feelings for Thomas?

In this soap opera version of “Scenes from a Marriage”, acting counterpart to the always great, Annika Noelle, it was the levels of Scott Clifton’s performance that illustrated to us, once again, that when given the material, he rises to the occasion every single time. For these reasons, Michael Fairman TV gives the ‘Power Performance of the Week’ honors to Scott.

What did you think about the scenes between Liam and Hope? Do you agree with our pick for Scott’s work as ‘The Power Performance of the Week’? Comment below.

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He was great yes, but so was she. It’s impossible to single one of them out in a scene where they were so reliant on each other. Just a powerhouse performance by both of them, carrying a story that is not good. I don’t agree that Hope was lying, she’s in denial about Thomas because she doesn’t understand or like these feelings, she’s fighting them, not acting on them, and she DOES love Liam.

Perfectly said

Totally agree.

They b a great couple together i real life

That’s how I feel. The both of them moved me to the point of watery eyes. What a tear jerker. And you’re right, Hope does love Liam. But Liam like Brooke are ALWAYS, like vultures. It’s the same thing, hounding Hope with; did Thomas do this or that? Or has Thomas said this or that. Constant! I’m surprised those too HAVENT FALLEN into one another’s arms.
People are always harassing those 2 on both sides of the spectrum. Families. I feel for them.

Exactly exactly!! And it was a great performance by them both !!

If she love him she needs to show more consideration toward him before he jumps back in the bed with Steffy

So true.

Steffy husband,and Hope. Liam ,and steffy good match !

Yes I agree! She has done nothing wrong in there marriage! She has not acted on those feelings! As we have learnt on her encounter with her mother she has not acted on them nothing like her mother Brooke who we know always does!!

I disagree. She has lied since day one. Told him she would never ok working with him again or even having him back at Forrester. Gave Liam her word. Then turns around and works with him. Goes to show right there that her career is more important than her marriage and her kids. She has been a bold face liar all thru this pathetic story line. Wanting to sleep with that dog. Him and his mother need to take a long walk off a short pier.

Totally agree, Hope is dangerous.

I agree. I am so sick of this story line. Beating a dead horse. I am sick of Taylor and her giggling self. Steffy and her meddling self. She has always been jealous of Hope. Steffy is more like Brook than Hope.

Agree with every word!

I cannot imagine this “world renowned” psychiatrist is manipulative & willing to go for a man even though she knows where the heart of Ridge’s heart is.

I agree Hope should come clean with Liam . And Taylor is trying to set Brook up with Deacon, so she can go after Ridge

I hope they get rid of Taylor she’s just a whiney baby she wants Ridge but I think Brooke and Ridge belong together

I don’t like Taylor.She is not any good.She is sneaky like rat.I hope Ridge and Brooke get back 2gether

Me too,trying to get Brooke a boyfriend so she can get Ridge .

So true!

Oh they are destiny between how many marriages has Brooke had? She’s been married to every one of the Forrester’s such an angel!!! And every man in between! Sleeps with daughters husband oh she’s the optime of a lady!!! NOT SHE HAS NO ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE

I so agree Taylor is trying to set Brooke up. But Hope knows deep down that her feelings are not real its just because of how Liam is acting he is causing this situation

It’s because everyone , mostly, her own mother has put these ideas and concerns in her head. She loves her husband but is crushing on Thomas which is not unusual in some cases.

Please don’t change be like that keep Liam and Hope together

I hope she’s just like Brooke! Watch and see, she will be!

Yes,Liam is the best actor on this show.Also Hope and Bill.But Liam rocks his part.

Oh he is not! Steffy is!

Agree except for Hope although she has well been acting the part she has been given, I am really tired of her moping and crying…also. of fantasizing about Thomas while she’s making “love” with Liam.
Just one more comment…Taylor is disgusting!

Yes Chelsea ~ well said!

Hi I’m Grace Hyman I don’t understand why Hope always have to be on the receiving line all the time and Stephanie always come out on top all the time I don’t like that let Hope be happy sometimes

Hope brought this all in herself, but she can’t help how she feels, that’s why she is overcompensating with Liam. He not getting it, a woman would pick up on that very quickly

If she truly loves Liam then QUIT WORKING WITH THOMAS, period end of question!

Patricia – Right on!

The only Forresters I came stomach, are Zende and Eric and neither one gets screen time. When Steffy is not meddling in Ridge’s love life, she is another favorite. This mess with Thomas and Hope makes NO sense. Thomas made Justice’s niece crash her car. He had a lookalike mannequin of Hope, which is as freaking as you can get and then framed Hope’s mother. This is the man she is lusting after?

Not to mention blackmailing everyone into silence over the baby Beth situation…like who does that. This is a sick twisted storyline. This beats out everything Liam has ever done to Hope…and he has hurt her profoundly in the past. I’ve honestly stopped watching. But the commentary shows up on my news feed so I catch a glimpse every now and then. Throw the whole writing crew away already

I have almost finished watching tired of the same thing over and over bring some drama back

Yes lusting after a man that kept her baby away from her. Not good.

I hope they make hope see that her line doesn’t need thomas what about RJ he’s just as good make her see she doesn’t need thomas and Liam is her destiny.

Every seems to forget at alot of these times, Thomas was suffering from a brain tumor!

Nah,he knew exactly what he was doing ….he gets no passes ….dude is a monster disguised as a man.

Thank you!!

Yes, Thomas had a brain tumor, however, since then, he’s made the CPS call on Brooke and once again, drug his son in the middle of it. He’s not the victim here! I hope they don’t change Hope to fall Thomas due to all he’s put her through….on the other hand, Thomas is a one woman man when it comes to Hope because she’s who he wants. I like Liam, but the moment there’s a problem, he turns to Steffy. Soap Operas are about drama and these 4 know how to bring it!!! It’ll be interesting to see where this storyline leads!

Exactly,everything Thomas has done to her ,Liam and Brooke,how can she stand to be around him…. he’s never gonna change …..I wish he would go back to New York and never comes back.

And he can take is mother with him. What a waste she is. She has shown the last couple days that she is where he gets his conniving from. Suppose to be a good friend to Brook, yet is pushing Deacon to go after Brook so she can be with Ridge. And her with Ridge today made me want to puke. And the showing of her and Ridge in Monaco again, how many times do you have to show that. We get it already, she’s a female version of Carter. A sneaky, conniving, back stabbing dog.

It doesn’t make any sense why she would ruin her marriage over Thomas

I think they both did okay but I am so sick of this thing with Those 3 like its no other actors in the show!.I don’t like the fact that this storyline has her having feelings for him period when he has done some awful things.. Move on please..I’m tired of Liam crying and making out to be a victim knowing that he can’t stay away from Stephanie and its ok ??

Say it again so tired of this I’m bout to stop watching it when it’s like this I will stop drag ons and truly how u have feelings for T after all done did yep Hurry up Tired of Brooke Taylor and this revive the B&B

Both did great even though Hope is lying. Steffy needs to stay out of their business. Always trying to act like she is perfect. She gets on my nerves. Always in everyone’s affairs stay in your own Steffy.

U are so right

So true

I wd have a few choice words for steffy
The looks she makes when she’s talking bout people. Wish Finn could see her true colors

I agree never liked STeffy never will Liam is a dog and will end up back with STeffy sooner or later

When Liam go back to Steffy that’s my signal to stop watching it calling all my friends to stop watching it to let some of the other stars play sometime we’re tired of watching the same people get over it and move on!!!

That’s so true.


Hope was doing fine then high and mighty Steffy told Hope she needed to bring back Thomas cause her line didn’t do good if she didn’t she was going to have to get rid of her line and fire her she didn’t tell Liam that though oh no no she needs to mind her own business and take care of her own shit she has always been in Hopes and Liam’s business trying to cause trouble you writers need to leave Hope alone and get stuff wound up with Steffy and Finn for a while I do not watch the show like i use to i got so mad at Steffy when she was talking to Liam and then i wanted to put my foot through the television and now i guess here we go with Brooke and Ridge everyone on the show has been married or gone to bed with each other except Finn he hasn’t been there long enough but give it time Hope and Liam are good people and really love each other so leave them alone and get busy with high and mighty Steffy it’s time to i am for Liam and Steffy and i will always be in their corner and go to war for them


Steffy just told Liam the truth!!!

So true spoken.i don’t watch it as much now either. Because of the same reason. It’s sickening.

Hope & Liam or Steffy & Liam?? You kinda saud both

They’re making it like thomas is the only one that can design clothes what about Ridge and RJ and zende. Somme of his designs not so great. Hate this story line.

Or Hope can work somewhere else. They act like they have all be working together when they really don’t like each other.That part doesn’t make any sense to me in my opinion.

They make Liam out to be a saint. It was okay when he was bouncing between Steffy and Hope

You can’t even compare those two story lines. Liam has never done the crap that Thomas has done,no way, shape or form. Those writers are horrible IMO .

I don’t care for Liam he’s a winer

I agree

I agree. I was about to quit watching. Half hour minus commercials of whining. Im glad for the change finally!!

I agree get off this story line. It’s the same thing back and forth. Let Liam and hope be a family and stay together. For Pete’s sake do something different. Quit interfering in their lives. There is more people on the show. And no Hope does not need Thomas for her line!!!!! Get on to something else. The writers could do better.

I agree, he’s always cheating on hope with stephy, maybe he’s due payback

Liam is and always will be paranoid jerk. He has always hated and been jealous of Thomas.
.If Hope is smart which she is not,she’ll show him the curb, and follow her heart Go with Thomas!

Paranoid for good reason. He knows the trouble whatever it may be comes with Thomas’s name behind it (usually). I think the story line of Thomas and Hope needs to end forever. This was a sick story line from the beginning. These are step siblings. Doesn’t matter that they are not blood, it’s still family.

I agree. Actually, there’s a lot of that “incestual business” going on with many characters in this soap. The dredging up of affairs from the past gets so tiring for us fans. The friendship between Brooke and Taylor is almost sickening. Could we get a new love interest for Ridge and Dollar Bill? Let’s let Sheila escape from prison, but keep her from Deacon. He needs a new house and new love. Honestly, I think my child could write a better script than the ones that are thrown at us.

We need a new love interest for Thomas,Carter,Ridge,Brooke,Taylor and Dollar Bill

Nah,Thomas needs to die or leave town for good ….he has done too,much bad crap(stalking,trying to kill his own son to keep him from telling his dirty secret ,kidnapping,blackmail and framing people…..he needs to go!

I agree

Yes.Lying is just more trouble

Yes I totally agree with you!!!


Really, he is a Spencer, Dolla Bill’s son he should be leary of the dressmakers competition and love of Logan.

Ok yeah if he’s still wanting to be a wuss.

It was a great scene I wish Hope would stop lying and own up to her feelings for Thomas. Liam have cheated in the past but he has changed and being committed to only his wife. I don’t like the storyline of Hope thinking about Thomas it’s crazy and it seems so is she

I Just wish it was on for an hour!

Me too

I do to

Agree 100%

I am very disappointed with this story plot rehashing the old problems with Thomas in this relationship. I predict Liam will interfere with Stephanie’s relationship too.

I want to see more of Sheila

I love Scott Clifton. I also love the storyline…after all this is a soap opera!

I totally agree with you

Like this storyline hope always had feeling for Thomas am glad that they are writing it like this she has always like the attention that he gave her but when he stopped that’s when her true colors came out come on fans you all are better than this didn’t you all see this coming for a long time that’s why they let her go through with this with him I seen it when she thought that she had killed him in the boiling acid and when he was fixruted about that look.alike doll come on y’all she like ever min of it think about it at least with Thomas she Kno what she’s getting with Liam it’s her and Steff keep it going writers you know what you are doing sorry fan still love you all

Hope is a liarer she is lieing to herself and liam Steff she just got caught but Thomas can tell the difference in her when no one else can see but sometimes your lies can get you caught even she had to tell brooke the truth about her feeling that’s even enough for the viewers to believe that she has feeling for Thomas one thing we all can agree on you can run but you can’t hide who you feel for or your feeling they soon has to show and that’s what is happening to her you can’t control who you love or going to love once the feeling are their when she gets around Thomas her feeling are so strong you can see that she is ready to expose cause it their sorry but the truth will come out she is being real sneeky but you can’t hide feeling especially when the feeling is strong and the way she went on about his body and when she made love with Liam Thomas was on her mine but blame her mother these are her own feeling brooke has nothing to do with this blame her feeling and the lie that she’s trying to hide the truth always provell yes Steff needs to mine her business but she is right Thomas is not doing anything this time why blame him the blame needs to go we’re it fix and that’s with hope

I agree,but,some stuff that they write are unbelievable and not realistic.

They were both great but I wish the writers would leave them be. I don’t know why they wrote this script Thomas has done everything to them. Steffy was the one that cheated with Bill but hasn’t cheated ,maybe she’s having thoughts but she never broke her vows to Liam so maybe steffy wants Liam for herself and Finn too

I can’t stand Liam. Let’s look at his history: he got Steffy and Hope pregnant in the same year. He went back and forth with Steffy, Hope, and in between Ivy. He mistakenly thought Hope was cheating on him, got drunk and slept with Steffy while married to Hope and Steffy was with Finn resulting in another pregnancy for Steffy that required a paternity test. Thank God it was Finn’s. Liam was complicit with covering up at hit and run with his father for weeks and no one ever mentions that Thomas learned the truth and got both of them out of jail. Liam also has competed with his “bro” Wyatt twice for the same woman and even ran to Paris to try to stop Wyatt from marrying Hope. Thomas has done horrible things just as Liam, Steffy, Brooke, Ridge, and Bill have. Thomas is taking responsibility for once and seems to really have changed this time. He has had a couple of chances to cross the line with Hope and hasn’t. Liam and Hope have the chemistry of wall paper paste. Liam is an insecure, spineless, hypocritical, self righteous crybaby. If Thomas continues to prove he has changed he and Hope have great chemistry and you know he would never cheat on Hope. I wish Hope would throw up every other character’s sins in their face and point out they have no right to judge anyone based on their past behavior.

Well, he used to do the same thing when he would go back and forth between her and steffy. Carma!

Who falls for a man or let alone wants to work in close quarters with a man that has hidden the fact that her child was still alive,stalked her ,attempted to kill her and was going to kill his own son that she and Liam has adopted to keep him quiet about all the evil crap he was doing and planning to do pertaining to her….no one? The story line doesn’t make any sense IMO.

Please keep them together all marriages go through ups and downs they’ve had plenty as someone who’s been married 52 years find new avenues

i will give it up to scott clifton but this is hands down the worst storyline of the year on any of our shows .The fact that hope has any interest in thomas based on all he has done is an insult to the actors and the audience make it stop and while we are at it send middle school taylor away as well we obviously are seeing thomas is a hot mess thanks to his psychologist mother

I DO agree with one thing…that is get rid of Taylor. She has the personality of an immature teenager.

I agree 100%. Today’s scene with Ridge was sickening. Can someone tell me why the hell is she always at Forrester. Has no business being there. Doesn’t work there. Somebody find her a job so she can earn enough to go back where she came from. Tired of her being in everybody’s business and now instigating a plan to push Deacon in Brook’s life. With friends like that Brook doesn’t need any enemies.

Shouldn’t you have said psychological mother?

There was an implicit promise made never to do this storyline again. His performance has been repeated a thousand times. In order for a performance to be the performance of the week it should be original.

People don’t take fans seriously. This soap opera is lucky to be hanging on to The Young and the restless bootstraps. There seems to be a dismissal of what happened to Days of our lives. The story lines got bad the viewership got bad the network couldn’t afford. What makes you think that cannot happen to The bold and the beautiful?

GET NEW WRITERS! The storylines of EVERY character is boring and TOTALLY unbelievable. It would be no great loss if this soap was canceled.

I totally agree with the majority, I’m sick sick sick of BB, Taylor please get rid if her she at Forester Creation more than working her fake profession which she’s awlful at.. Steffy mind your business stay out of Liams & Hope’s business, The Latest story line sucks with Hope lusting over Thomas uggh!!!

Extremely Powerful Performance.

Epic Scott Epic!!!

Liam was great. Have not seen that in him before. Hope needs to tell the truth (the truth shall set you free lol) and,Liam needs to stop telling and going to Steffy.. Keep her out of their business. His only concern shld be Kelly. How can anyone forgive Thomas for what he did to them personally especially the secret of Beth. Let him work from home.

Absolutely he’s awesome -not too bad to look at either.

I, for the first time in years, actually choked up. It was a great scene and bravo to them both, I was really hoping Hope would just come to her sences after wiping away his tears.

Yes, it’s about time Scott Clifton was given a strong dialogue which DOES entitle him to this award!

I agree. He was awesome. Glad to see him taking the upper hand with Hope. She is definitely not considering his feelings.

This story line is sick. It is like having someone who ran away from their abusive ex-boyfriend/husband and finding peace…just totally forget everything mentally and physically that occurred. These women that do go back are sometimes killed. See my point here?! It’s disgusting.

Liam broke my heart it was like hearing his heart break along with mine

Yes, I Completely Agree. Scott Clifton was So Amazing! Liam broke my heartand set it afire❤️‍!
Because it was a Great Performance. A Real tear jerker. Liam is a Sweetheart. He has a backbone.
He is a Very patient husband who adores his wife.
But LIAM! You need to set Your Hope ABLAZE!
She needs some of that bad boy to come out of YOU
LIAM! Liam, you need to make Hope feel More excited about You! Than her work. Because to tell you the truth the Thomas n Hope thing going on between Those to were pretty..good! Exciting a new.

I agree! He was fabulous!

Love Scott Clifton, but I’ve had enough of Liam (and Brooke) and their subliminal sexual obsession (you heard me) over Thomas.

Clearly both Brooke and Liam have sexual cravings for the guy, and it’s about time “The Bold and the Beautiful” stop dancing around the subject and get like Nike: Just do it.

Brooke screwed Thomas a long time ago

I’m ready for it to be over! Liam needs to grow a pair, set up a camera to see for himself, and go to Rome with the family for the photo shoot


Scott as Liam was excellent

Sick of the story line, need new characters to join the show, NEW WRITERS, PLEASE! TIME to open the windows and let the fresh air and NEW Ideas IN!!!

Don’t any people who comment here use punctuation??

I think Liam is so in love with Hope that he still believes her over everyone who is saying the truth about Hope and Thomas. I think Liam should get his head together and confront Thomas. I like Hope and I like Liam, but they need to meet other people. This thing with Brooke and Taylor and Ridge is getting so OLD. Either pee or get off the pot people.

Please get rid of Brook! Put Steffy back with Liam. Send Hope somewhere!

Taylor is the one that needs to go

I will 2nd that. ASAP

Yes I agree. Love his acting this week.

Totally agree, about Scott Clifton.
He always puts on a great performance for his audiences

Liam liked to whine and he plays the character perfectly. Not sure if it’s anything different

Hope needs to come clean. Let find a new love and NO Steffy

Tired of Hope/Thomas….Find someone else for Liam….Hope not a good actress

He is a POS and disgusted but this is good old Brad let’s make everybody the bad guy but him he will be in bed with Steffy in two seconds . Finn will soon be out of the picture just makes me throw up and now Taylor the bad guy just throw Brooke and disgusting Ridge wanna be back together then please for all that is holy just shut it down

Yes the scene between Liam and Hope was pretty powerful but lets get real. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Hope will sleep with Thomas the first chance it is presented. I feel sorry for Thomas because he’ll be caught up with Hope all over again. Brooke love Ridge but it didn’t stop her from sleeping with all those other men. Hope does have the bad boy syndrome. Liam will be crying more than he is now in the very near furture. My opinion, but let’s see what the writers have in store for miss goody two shoes.

Steffy is soooo jealous of Hope she wants Liam back, writers take a stories every 20 or so yrs.

Love this show. Liams performance this Friday was spectacular.

Liam was so good ,I’m beginning to not see Hope’s character anyway but disgusting.

Scott was well worth watching when he was supposedly very angry and at the end of copping CRAP. His part is usually too sookie. Good acting.

I am just really worn out from this whole Thomas,Hope,Liam repeat. Throw in Ridge and Brooke and it feels like reading the same chapter of a book over and over.
Dedicated fans deserve a new story line.

It’s about time…Liam is always so lame..a big cry baby

It’s about time he grew some…
He’s always so lame and a big cry baby whiner…

Hope lied to Liam!! And she’s justifying Steffy’s reason for saying something. Hope wasn’t going to say ANYTHING to him because she wanted to keep excusing those moments she was having with Thomas. Hope isn’t in denial, she knows how she feels. When things are good with Liam she wants someone else, remember Wyatt?? I can only imagine how she would feel if Brooke was the one who spilled the beans about her attraction to Dressmaker Jr.

General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

Continue Reading


WWE Clash at the Castle: CM Punk Costs Drew McIntryre Title Victory in His Home Country

On Saturday, the WWE visited Glasgow, Scotland for the first time in company history for the PLE on Peacock, Clash at the Castle. Five matches took place inside OVO Hydro Arena, and each one had a title on the line.

There were four wrestlers on the card from Scotland, making this even more dramatic, and the crowd in attendance was electric throughout singing, chanting, booing and cheering for their favorites.


The man of the hour in Glasgow was supposed to be Drew McIntyre. This was to be the Scottish warrior’s opportunity to win the WWE Championship belt from Damian Priest. Things looked like a McIntrye win was on the way, but when the referee accidentally got knocked out and Drew hit a Claymore on Priest, he clearly won the match with over a three-count, only with no referee there, it could not be made official.

Photo: WWE

All of a sudden a ref was seen running to ringside and when he slid in the ring to do the official count, he stopped at two! Drew looked up and the camera revealed it was McIntyre’s arch enemy, CM Punk. Next, Drew started to attack Punk, but the “Voice of the Voiceless” gave him a low blow, costing him the match as Priest went on the offense while the original knocked out referee got back the ring just in time for Priest to pin McIntyre with a three-count.

Photo: WWE

It should be noted there was a major botched move and scary moment within the match.  riest tried to jump off the ring but he got his foot caught in the ropes and could not easily be extricated. After minutes, McIntyre was able to flip him up and over to get him out of the ropes. It was clear throughout the match that Priest was injured as he hobbled around for most of it.

Photo: WWE

CODY RHODES VS. AJ STYLES “I Quit” match for the Universal WWE Heavyweight Championship

Has there ever been a babyface as over as Cody Rhodes? We don’t think so. His popularity continues to soar and on this night in Glascow, Scotland, there was nothing but chants of “Cody! Cody Rhodes!”

In the rematch between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for the Universal title, it was an “I quit” match, where the only way you can lose is by saying the word “I quit!” when the referee puts a mic in front of your face, so everyone can hear the words.  That means, it would be an often brutal match.

Photo: WWE

One of the key moments occurred when Mamma Rhodes slapped AJ at ringside, which allowed Cody to recover and throw a chair at Styles who then went backward over the top rope and landed on a table and crashed through it (it was the table strategically placed there earlier in the night that most forgot about during the match).

At that point, Rhodes landed three Cross Rhodes and handcuffed Styles to the ropes as he relentlessly hit him with the chair. Styles didn’t quit yet but when Rhodes brought the steel steps into the ring, Styles all of a sudden uttered, “I Quit.” Cody retains the title. For good measure, and to show he can be a badass too, we guess. Rhodes threw the steps at Style for a punctuation point ending their feud for now.


As Rhodes walked back from the ring, he was accosted by the Bloodline – Solo Sikoa, Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga. However, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton came to “The American Nightmare’s” defense. It was not lost on the WWE Universe, that “The Viper” looked like he may take aim at Cody’s title with some serious looks captured on social media. Could SummerSlam in August feature Randy vs Cody for the title? Stay tuned.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill vs. Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the Women’s Tag Team titles.

The champs, Belair and Cargill have looked unstoppable and unbeatable with their sheer strength and ability to overpower their opponents. However, on this night, the crowd was firmly behind Scotland’s Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. In a three-way for the title, the belts can change hands even if the current champions are not involved in the pin. That was the case here. In a shocker, as Belair and Cargill looked like they were about to win after their power combo on Shayna Baszler, it was Isla Dawn who snuck in and got the pin.

Photo: WWE

Cargill and Belair are stunned outside the ring, and Alba and Isla celebrated their massive victory in their home country in front of their families who give them bouquets of flowers at ringside. It should be noted, that Alba Frye tragically lost her mother, less than a month ago when she was hit by a driver in Florida. During the post-show press conference, Triple H said Alba and Isla winning the titles had nothing to do with the loss of Frye’s mother; in terms of the timing of the decision to have the duo win the belts. Now, could this be the end for Jade and Bianca? Will Jade turn heel on Bianca?


Sami Zayn defeated Chad Gable to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship – the main takeaway coming out of the match is the continued disfunction in the Alpha Academy and Otis walking away with an ‘injured’ Maxine, and not helping Gable out when he needed it to win the match. Will Otis now officially turn on Gable?

Bayley defeated Scotland’s Piper Niven to retain the WWE Women’s Championship – Niven gave it her all for the hometown crowed, but Bayley’s in-ring savvy and finisher were too much for her.

What did you think of WWE Clash at the Castle? Let us know in the comment section. 

Make sure to catch the Michael Fairman Channel’s latest episode of ‘What’s Up? Wrestling’ with our ‘Clash at the Castle’ post-show streamed immediately following the PLE below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth and Jason Have a Heart-to-Heart; Is a Liason Reunion Possible?

Have Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) 2.0 finally gone kaput? It would seem so. On Monday’s June 10th episode of General Hospital, it looks like the two now have what could be an insurmountable rift. Finn is drinking and can’t stop. Liz finds him with another woman drunk in his apartment, and can’t put herself in another relationship with someone who has an addiction (Remember, Lucky?).

Who should save Liz from an uncomfortable situation with Finn, but none other than Jason (Steve Burton). He comes upon on the scene where Finn is grabbing Liz’s hand to not leave him, but she insists it’s over between them.

Finn has hit his lowest point.  He has continued to spiral downward since the death of his father, Gregory.  Jason brings Liz to the Metro Court pool, which is closed at this time.


She admits to Jason, she wasn’t ready to go home and answer questions from her kids. A somber Jason says that she deserves better than what Finn is giving to her right now, and Liz feels so do her kids. They dip their feet in the pool. Liz jokes she can’t believe she got thee Jason Morgan to take off his shoes. He coyly asks her not to tell anyone.

Liz says she wants to support Finn through his grief, but Jason says Finn is pushing her away. She asks Jason how he knew to find her at Finn’s. That’s when he reveals, their son, Jake was worried about her, so it was Jake who reached out to him.


Next, Liz thanks Jason for being here for him, listening to her and extolling some advice.  Jason says he knows he is no place to be giving advice because he left her and Sam to raise his sons all on their own.

However, Liz points out it’s not because he didn’t want to be there. On that note, she’s pretty sure he wasn’t on vacation all the years he was away from his children. Jason says he’s here now and he will do whatever he can to make things up to Jake. Liz says just showing up to help her will go a long way with Jake, as it also goes along way with her.

You can watch the heartfelt scenes between Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton below. Liason has been trending this evening on X.  Should GH consider putting Elizabeth and Jason back together? Weigh-in via the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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