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The Ken Corday Interview – Days of our Lives


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

In the biggest Daytime Emmy shocker at the 40th annual ceremonies and telecast just a few weeks ago, Days of our Lives was announced as the winner of the Outstanding Drama Series for the first time in 38 years!  And no one was more surprised than DAYS head honcho and executive producer, Ken Corday.  The longest running scripted series in NBC television history has not picked up the gold statuette since 1975, ending years and years of frustration of putting their best foot forward in the category with countless episodes of good work and compelling submissions to the blue-ribbon panel.  In one of the biggest celebrations in Daytime Emmy history, the entire cast of the NBC soap cheered, cried, and was jubilant as they took to the stage to support the show with this honor.

So what is life like in Salem a few weeks after the historic win?  On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Ken Corday to get his thoughts on this monumental victory for the show. But in addition, we delve into the hot topics that fans want to know including: the upcoming departures of Chandler Massey (Will) and Casey Deidrick (Chad), and the incoming arrivals of Jen Lilley (Theresa) and Chrishell Stause (Jordan), and how that will affect the show.  We also discuss the unbelievable performances by Eileen Davidson (Kristen), and the ratings rise over the last few months due to DAYS invigorated interwoven storytelling involving many of the show most watchable characters.

Later, Ken give us a look at the inner-workings at DAYS from how the decision is made when casting a new actor on the show, and how he works with the writers and producers to shape the series.  And yes, what about EJami?  Ken speaks to how James Scott (EJ) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) are a key ongoing ingredient to the show’s success.  And, we get a glimpse of what is to come this summer in Salem.  We think you will find Ken in this interview to be candid, heartfelt, and extraordinarily proud of all that Days of our Lives has accomplished over the last few months.  So here now is what Mr. Corday had to say about it all!


What happened when you heard Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL) announce “Days of our Lives” as the winner for Outstanding Drama Series at the Daytime Emmys?  What was your initial reaction from being seated in the Beverly Hilton ballroom till you made it up on stage?  Do you even remember? (Laughs)



I was totally thrown!  I had not prepared a speech.  We hadn’t won any awards except for the fact that Chandler Massey won for Younger Actor. We got to the tech awards and got two out of eleven awards.  So all these nominations later, I was completely shocked. Everyone at the table was shocked.  I think it took about a second or two to just sink in, and then we jumped up and went crazy on stage.  They talk about “out of body experiences.”  I know I walked up there and my mouth moved.  I have no idea what came out, because I had not rehearsed … let alone written a speech.  I think I said the right things.


I heard you and the cast of DAYS continued to celebrate big-time afterwards!


Oh, yes!  A very funny story was Galen Gering (Rafe, DAYS) was at the bar and had ordered five drinks and had picked them all up in his thumbs, and then he heard our name called.  He just dropped the drinks and ran up on stage with us!


Why do you think these two episodes did the trick and finally won you Emmy gold after 38 years?


I did not judge this category, so it’s hard for me to say what our competition was.  I know these shows were very diverse. One was extremely emotional, which was about Nicole losing her baby, and Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS) submitted that for her Supporting Actress nomination. The other one was us blowing up the Horton Town Square, and the ‘DAYSaster’, as we called it.  So they were diremetrically opposed to show we could do big lavish “Boom! Boom!” and we could do it at the same time with a very small, emotional show with a smaller cast.



So what has it been like for everyone now a few weeks later after the DAYS surprise victory?  Is there still a buzz at the set, in the offices, at NBC, at Corday Productions?


We are all still in shock!  I stopped having flashbacks finally about a week ago. You see Erika Slezak opening the envelope going, “Oh, the envelope is stuck!”  And another moment of waiting, and then she says, “And the winner of the 2013 Outstanding Drama Series is …,” and then you hear your name (Laughs).  It’s truly a time warp.  I said to Brad Bell (B&B EP and head writer) and Jill Farren Phelps (Y&R EP), “Now I know how you guys feel!”


What do you think your mom and dad would say (DAYS creators Ted and Betty Corday) if they were still here with us on your Emmy victory?


I think they would be very proud, and proud of everybody.  Everyone works so hard at Days of our Lives, Michael.  You know that.  We have gone along so long without this award and it was becoming humorous. We were becoming the Susan Lucci of the shows!  I think that gets under people’s radar, because the show is not a personality like Susan is.  That was the best thing that ever happened to the Daytime Emmys!  Her losing, and losing and losing, and then finally winning.  I remember being in New York City for it that night … even the New York City cops were giddy about her winning!



DAYS has been amazing to watch during the last few months of the air shows.  I believe it is the best DAYS has been in years!  I know, you have tried so hard with different combinations of writers and producers in the past, but I have to tell you, the stories and the performances are great right now!


Thank you for that.  That is a very sweet compliment.  The ratings are up and continually up over the last two months, and NBC, our network, is happy about that.  More than our network being happy, I am thrilled with what I am reading.  I am reading shows that will be airing in October and in early November.  So we are creeping up on Christmas in our tapings, and here we are in June.  So there are a certain amount of risks when you get so far ahead.  But, we are centering the show on the characters that people want to watch with a few new characters here and there, and the iconic ones that people still want to watch mixed in to introduce the news ones.  That is very important when bringing a new character in.   But our head writers, Chris Whitesell and Gary Tomlin, really deserve the kudos here.  It’s been their vision since they came in over a year ago.  It took a while to turn the boat a few degrees.  But I agree.  I am very excited about what I see on air, and very excited about what is coming up!


Eileen Davidson has been absolutely on fire as Kristen DiMera in her return to Days of our Lives!  I think she is actually better this time around, and that is hard to fathom when she played five different characters the last time she was at DAYS.  But Eileen has shown she can play the best evil bitch, and yet you understand her need for sick revenge on the town of Salem, and in particular on Marlena!  Amazing!



Eileen is the consummate actor, and she is able to play so many levels.  As a villainess, it’s so easy to play one or two of those “mean” levels, but she is just that kind of an actor. Eileen is very professional, and well prepped, and knows the genre.  I think she is doing wonderful this time around as Kristen, as she did when playing Kristen/Susan/God knows who else! (Laughs).


Having Kristen bed and drug Eric the priest was a brilliant move, too!  We are in such a different world now than when you and I were in the soap game years ago.  It is all still about the characters you want to see, and great emotional stories, and romance, and all of that, but things have to change with the times.  I think you have really changed with the times, especially having Will’s story, and the gay storyline, and the controversy with Kristen having sex, or “raping”, a priest!  And this is the kind of world we are in now, where I think soaps have to find a way to excite new and younger viewers to the fold.  That is hard to do with all the competition on television with so many channels vying for people’s attention.  Would you agree with that?


Really well said, Michael.  I totally agree. The network would totally agree with you.  I hark back to Thanksgiving week, which was the first time we openly depicted that Will and Sonny had sex, and in the same two days Gabi went in to have an abortion, and in the same two days Eric returned to town as beloved Sami’s brother, as a priest!  I had lunch with NBC Entertainment Chairman, Mr. Robert Greenblatt, right before that week.  I said, “You know Bob, it’s coming.  We are taking some big risks here.”  He said, “Bring it … the more the better.  I think that’s what’s bringing some new viewers, and will attract the viewers who may have watched DAYS at one time, but will bring them back to their screens now that you are taking risks.”  Virgil says: “Fortune sides with him who dares.”  And if you don’t risk, and not do that, it’s going to sit there for awhile and not do much.  And we have plenty more risks coming!



I know Chandler Massey is leaving in December at the end of his contract.  Can you talk about what a huge contribution he has made to Days of our Lives as Will Horton?


Chandler is a natural, first of all.  He plays that character so well as a conflicted man having to go through all the things he went through with his family.  And to his credit, he has had a wonderful, wonderful co-star in Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny.  It was a perfect storm – a great story idea, a great actor who was able to do it.  Chandler deserves all the kudos he has gotten, and it was a well-deserved Emmy this second time around.  I wish he would stay.  I keep telling him to change his mind, don’t go away.  But there comes a time in every young actor’s life when they are pretty much at the top of their game, or getting there, and they to have to take time for themselves to figure out what’s next.  I take my hat off to him.  The door will always be open here to Chandler.  We are not going to recast Will, but I wish him well in the big pond.


You have had an amazing run with the casting of young actors on your show.  I know Casey Deidrick recently announced publicly he has finished taping, and is departing the show as Chad DiMera, too.   You have had a good knack with your team of bringing on some amazing young talent over the years that have clicked with the audience over time.  Do you have any idea why that is?



Yes.  I lay that at four women’s feet.  Trudy Soss, was our original casting director when the show was much more straight and narrow, sort to speak.   And then we had the wonderful Doris Sabbagh.  We have really had two great casting directors over the last twenty years, Fran Bascom who we just lost, who passed away, and Marnie Saitta who had just continued to find great young talent for us.  They work night and day.  They go to acting workshops.  They go to theatre in L.A, and are always looking for the next breakout star.  We producers and writers, and networks, can sit down and pick and choose, and go, “We like this one,” or “We don’t like this one,” in a talent test, but all casting directors do the hard work.


Jen Lilley debuts her highly anticipated role tomorrow on the Wednesday, July 3rd episode of DAYS, and fans are also looking forward to Chrishell Stause’s arrival in Salem coming up soon, too.  What can you say about the decision to cast these gals and what to look forward to?


In talking about Jen Lilley, her reputation preceded her, and she was a catch.  She plays a very different role on our show than she was on General Hospital.  Oh, she is going to be nasty as she can be.  And it’s just wonderful!   Jen is so gorgeous, and she has that energy … that “it” factor that compels you to watch her even though you know she is just a snarky little gossip.  That is just good acting and good casting coming together.  I am very excited about what they are doing with her.  We have not seen the character of “Jordan” on air yet, played by Chrishell Stause.  She comes on to the show late summer.  Again, that is a very slow build with her character.  You won’t see her working three or four times a week, at first.  She is another character who could be who knows what?  And, you will see the spark with one of our established characters, and then away we go!  It doesn’t hurt to find bonafide stars from other soaps, by the way!


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

How involved now are with you the writers, and the entire production these days? Do you literally go over every single thing with a fine tooth comb … starting with the casting of an actor in a role … to the daily grind of writing the episodes?


This is how it works: For casting a part Greg Meng and Lisa de Cozette, our producers, will do table readings, first.  Then, they will bring us six or seven finalists, and then it becomes a decision for me, and for Bruce Evans (Sr. VP. Current Series, NBC Entertainment) and for our head writers, Gary and Chris, as well as Greg and Lisa and Rebecca McGill (Director of Drama Programming, NBC) who have equal say.  And let’s say all of us love one person and the rest of us can’t stand that person, we won’t cast that person.  We all have equal hands in it.  Michael, you and I know the show is only as good the story and its casting.  I am very proud to say, I read every show outline before it goes to script.  We have Monday meetings where we go through seven shows, and that is every Monday before they go to script.  Those meetings have been heaven, because there are very few notes given by the network, or myself, or the producers.  So they are on their game, Mr. Whitesell and Mr. Tomlin.


That’s great to hear, because you know this show better than anybody.  You know the history, you know the Hortons, you know what it was founded on, and what its roots are.  I know Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) is celebrating her 40th Anniversary with the show next week, and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) just celebrated her 30th year with the show.  And these are women who have really been with you for a long, long time.  What can you say about them?  And, do you think story can be generated in the future for these iconic characters that propel a bigger story arc within the show?


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Funny, you should bring that up!  That was our last table conversation before we broke for our short hiatus.  We have iconic characters like Maggie and Hope, and others that are working a little bit more, and we feel a need to have the iconic characters who aren’t working as much be a little more involved.  Not to say Bo is going to come back to town, and I don’t know when, but Hope is an iconic character and needs her own meaty story. As far as Maggie and Victor, there will be more stories for them, too.   But, being the traditionalist on the show, and being the one producing it for over 30 years, I have to be careful.  I constantly have to keep myself in check with the other producers and writers, that I am just not resting on my laurels and saying, “Well, I just want to see John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, and Jennifer and Daniel all the time.”  When you do that, there is nothing that is refreshing for the audience.  They need to see new things happen, and that is the advantage of having really good producers and writers around who are honest sounding boards.  They will tell me, “That may have worked ten years ago, Ken.  But we really want to try this.”  I would say, Michael, that 90% of the time their instincts are correct, and I back-off and I go, “OK. Let’s go for it!”


Let’s talk about James Scott and Alison Sweeney.  Everyone wanted this couple, EJami, together on-screen romantically.  Fans were so sick of them not being together, and now they are together …and yet, there are always these twists and turns that can continually pull them apart.  What can you say about how important James and Alison are to the success of DAYS?



Without denigrating any of the other actors or putting them on a pedestal, James and Alison are extremely important amongst our top characters.  They are gold.  You can give Alison and James the phone book and they will make it work.  But of course, they cannot be happily after ever.  EJ cannot go around being a nice guy, because there are just not nice villains.  You can look forward to EJ going back to his old ways … he has to.  The mantle has to be passed from Stefano to EJ, and when that happens Sami will have her trust broken, and this is continual, like Al Pacino and Diane Keaton in The Godfather.  James and Alison are vastly important to this show.  It is difficult having Alison doing Biggest Loser, and our show at the same time.  It is a lot to do, but we and NBC make the sacrifices and cut the corners, so she doesn’t ever seem to be missing from our show.


Coming up for the summer, is there anything you would like to tease that fans should look forward to … even though I know you tape so many months ahead?


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

You can certainly look forward to two new characters who are related to characters on the screen.  With Jen Lilley and Casey Moss (JJ) coming in, they are setting a new footprint for the new young people on the show, because we are losing a few people with Chandler and Casey.   So you can’t just have a vacancy there.  Now we are five generations of characters deep on our show.  It’s quite a challenge for the writers to keep all the balls in the air, and to keep everyone important.


In closing, in the scheme of things it has got to be great to have a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series again after almost four decades!  Guess it shows that the blue-ribbon panel voters did not forget about you, or overlook you, and your submission reels this year meant something!


When I hit the podium at the Emmys, my first words were “Pinch me,” and then I was going to go on and on, and start singing! (Laughs) Our win was well deserved this year, and I am not going to talk about past years where we were disgruntled.  I am happy that people are happy for us, and the viewers are happy about it and have a sense of reward, like we do.

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Loved the interview, Michael. I agree that Alison Sweeney & James Scott are gold and very important to Days success. But I don’t want them to break up. I want them to be bad together & rule Salem together!

I agree. I started watching again because of EJ and Sami. Their chemistry is off the charts and they are what I tune in to see. The entire show has gotten so much better this past year and a half. I really hope Corday did not mean he was breaking up EJami but rather that he knows they will have lots of angst to keep them interesting.

i also agre. i am so glad that sami and ej or together again. i hope that tjis time it will be forever! there is always fun drama when these two get together.

I also agree with Ken. Great responses. I am so happy with days right now that it has become a part of me. don’t miss one episode. but I agree with you, I love CM so much but if he has to go, there would not be a recast. That guy is amazing, It would be so emotional on his last scene.

I have watched Days for years, but stopped when the s/l got too crazy..(demons etc), with too many illogical twists. Started looking in again on SoapNet,and now watch it daily. Good stories, good acting, and realistic plots. Something that GH lost and the reason I don’t watch that anymore. Now it’s Days again. Glad it was honoured for it.

As usual another great interview Michael! I congratulate Ken, the cast & the crew on a much deserved Emmy win. I was never a big Days fan but was pulled in by the shows guts in telling the Will/Sonny story. I never ever thought Days would be the show that would tell such an honest and true love story like Will/Sonny. From the casting to the writing…it all just gelled and low and behold, I got pulled into the other stories as well! Days has always been categorized as somewhat of a conservative soap even with its wacky storylines. I credit Ken for keeping the faith in what he wanted to do, what the writers wanted to do and thankfully having the network behind him. I wish Chandler wasn’t leaving but wish him the best. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of Sonny since Will won’t be recast. I would love for Will/Sonny to leave together but don’t wont to lose Freddie! Thanks Michael for giving us all insight into Ken Corday and the incredible story Days has shown us.

I hope they will not let go Freddy just because Chandler leave, it would be stupid and most of all UNFAIR. When Chandler leave (by the way it is a mistake imo to not recast Will, he was before he can after Chandler’s portrayal good as it is/was) They can write stories for Sonny, simple as that, he is from a core Dool family : the Kiriakis, son of a popular couple Adrienne and Justin, the actor is good therefore lot’s of potential for fresh and new stories for him and the show !

I agree. It is ridiculous to see people saying they should have Will and Sonny leave Salem together when Freddie has two years left on his contract. Why would you wish unemployment on him just so Wilson can have a happy ending? Acting jobs are hard to come by. They should continue the gay s/l around Sonny (Freddie deserves this) with a new love interest.

100% agree… that Freddie Smith be given his due.

all of this wouldn’t be what it is…

Sonny played 50% of all the success DAYS is.

Unfortunately for some of us, EJ and Sami are on our screens WAY too much!

I agree. EJ and Sami are mainly what I wwatch. I hope Corday is wrong and they will not break up

I dont think they will break up..they will have issues,,per Ali S..but I want that.Otherwise they get backburned,

Ejami is why I watch too! Often if I know they aren’t on I don’t watch at all.

Uh, Michael – you LIE !! Not everyone wanted Ejami – in fact many of us stopped watching because of them.

And many watch because of them ! Like any couple some love them some don’t.

Absolutely! With every couple there are shippers and haters. Personally, Ejami is why I watch. Without them I would be back to GH. Love my Ejami!

right – but point is not EVERYONE wanted them. I can barely stomach their scenes together, and if you ask me, it’s more like you give Ari Zucker the phone book and she makes it work – not so the case with James and Ali, who especially need an off-screen break imo. I realize Ejami have many fans and that’s great – but point is, no, not everyone wanted them.

Surprised to hear Will might not be recast. I do wonder how he is being exited off the show – does the truth of his shooting EJ come out? I hope this doesn’t mean the end for Sonny, because Freddie is so talented and such a joy to watch each day.

Soooooo true. He has not seen the ratings when they are on ??? Scrapping barrel bottom? I’m not watching.

Not again the ‘ratings arguments’ it is tiring, innacurate and silly.
When they were apart ratings were not better they could even be worse, STORIES good stories make ratings NOT PAIRINGS ! End of story.

Umm,ratings and demos are UP.ALOT

The stories are good because they include ejami 🙂


Uhm.. didn’t just KC say they were UP in the interview? And have been for a couple of months now? I’m sure HE’s more knowledgeable than you are in that respect. Just like another poster pointed out, this ratings argument is tiring and quite frankly: assinine. It’s nonsense used for your own personal agenda. A couple doesn’t make or break a show. There are a number of factors that leads to a ratings increase or decline. The most important and deciding element is the STORY. The quality of a soap is reflected in the ratings. Not such trivial things as which two people are together in an ensemble cast. For heaven’s sake, use some logic: people watch for all sorts of reasons and they ALL have different preferences and dislikes. If you don’t care for EJ and Sami, that’s fine but don’t assume that everyone feels the same you do. The majority, I believe, just go with the flow and if the stories are entertaining they watch. End of story.

No, one couple doesn’t make or break a show nor are they solely responsible for ratings. But then why do so many EJ/Sami fans INSIST that EJ/Sami are the reason for higher ratings? Isn’t that using the ratings for their “own personal agenda”? *shrugs* And as you say, if “you don’t care for EJ/Sami, that’s fine”…most of the animosity I see directed towards other fans (and not towards the show/writers/execs) is coming from the EJ/Sami fans who can’t stand someone having a differing opinion. I have no problem with EJ/Sami fans and they can like that fanship all they want. I have not criticized anyone for that, yet I’ve had many on this thread think I’m “distraught” or try to give me personal advice to “change the channel”. I’ve seen generic comments about non-EJ/Sami fans being bitter, of crazy conspiracy theories about other fanships (namely John/Marlena) being bitter and upset and “blaming” EJ/Sami for their couples’ troubles. Here I thought the fanship war was Sami/Rafe against Sami/EJ?! *confused shrug*

As to the ratings, sure some demographics may be up (and down…all the ratings demographics will fluctuate), but if you look at overall numbers and many other demographics, many times the number is indicated by a minus sign, meaning a loss in those ratings from the previous week or previous year. If Ken Corday and NBC execs only focus on ONE demographic or one ratings week without doing real comparisons and analysis, they aren’t doing their jobs properly.

And of all the fanships, I see more proclamations from EJ/Sami fans that if EJ/Sami aren’t on, they “don’t watch” or that they are the “only reason” they watch Days in the first place. Personally I don’t care what couples are together. I just want to watch a CONTINUING story, a serial, which is what soap operas are.

@ rockfordfosgate: I agree, BOTH sides use the ratings “argument” (if you can even call it that. I personally think it’s a load of drivel *eyeroll*). As for animosity, the EJamis are most definitely NOT the only ones guilty of that, trust me. On more than one occasion have I encountered sheer viciousness to my person- so much that I stopped taking part in online discussions, it even ruined my enjoyment of Days. Because of those experiences, I have hardened and perhaps become more aggressive. Now, I admit that I was quite blunt in my reply to Sally, but her inane comments irritated me so much. (Plus, she trolled more than once on a fansite for a certain couple (RogueEjami) , which was classless, immature and plain selfish, not to mention pathetic.).

You say that you have no problem against EJ/Sami fans but you sure as hell don’t sound and act like it. First of all, you accuse them of 2 things (ratings and animosity) of which the Anti-Ejamis are just as guilty of – in fact, MORE so. If you truly were so objective as you claim you are, you wouldn’t be doing that. That said, if it gives you any comfort, I don’t think it’s right to attack someone else for their opinion – including not sharing the same preference.

Secondly, the rest of your post deals with discussions you had with other EJ/Sami fans . With all due respect, but why are you addressing this to me? We may like the same couple but that doesn’t mean we share a brain you know. We are all different people who don’t even know each other. It’s not acceptable that you seem to be holding me responsible for what other individuals have said. If you have an issue with other people’s statements than please direct it to that particular person, not me. Thank you.

And if it isn’t directed at me, then why are you repeating things you’ve already said that have nothing to do with my post?

Cheerio XO

Oh, and P.S. Rockfordfosgate, perhaps you should keep on eye on what the anti-Ejamis tweet to Ali Sweeney. If you think EJamis are nasty, you aint seen nothing yet 😉

P.P.S. Rockfordfosgate: Unfortunately there is no edit button on this blog – therefore my replies might seem ( a little) clunky and all over the place. Also, English isn’t my mothertongue and as a result I have trouble finding the right words to express myself properly . There were just a couple of things more I wanted to elaborate on or retract:

1. Please disregard I my earlier comment of you holding me responsible for other individuals statements. That was very silly of me.

2. You claimed that you have nothing against EJ/Sami fans and yet your post to me is full of “EJ/Sami fans this”, “EJ/Sami fans” that when anti-EJami fans do just the same:

– ratings:I haven’t read all of these comments but Sally is at least one of them that did it on THIS blog. They do it elsewhere as well, even tweet to NBC and blame EJami when ratings are low)
– animosity :as I explained earlier I experienced vicious attacks like calling me a rapelover, emotionally unbalanced, “sick”…it is one thing to not like a FICTIONAL pairing but insulting a very REAL stranger is another.
-not watching the show if the pairing they prefer isn’t on: ummm, I don’t know if you know this but once the anti-Ejamis caught on that EJami would get together they called for a boycot (which obviously did NOT work).

And yet for some reason it’s apparently ONLY the EJami fans who do it, right? Your bias is showing, hon.

-I’ve also seen you jumping on practically every EJami comment on this blog. You seem particularly argumentative with them. So, sorry if I don’t buy your “I don’t have a problem with EJ/Sami fans”.

LD, I did use some of your comments as a jumping off point. Let me state this clearly:there are attacks by members of ALL fanships. I NEVER claimed otherwise. I used your one-sided comment about those who don’t like EJ/Sami as a starting point to say the converse is true as well. I spoke only of EJ/Sami fans in my comment on this thread to directly counter your comment and stay on topic of this particular thread, but viciousness and lack of respect has happened from any fanbase. I NEVER accused you of that, nor was that my intention.I

f you look at all my comments on here you will see I never START the animosity or personal comments, even though they have been thrown at me on this very site. Once someone says I’m “distraught”, I responded only to say what I thought of such a diversionary tactic but not once did I stoop to making judgmental comments in return. Even your comment about my so-called bias is asinine because my comments are actually evidence to the contrary. I have even agreed with some EJ/Sami fans on some points and told some I appreciated their comments and could at least understand their viewpoint even though I didn’t agree.

As for the “boycott” issue, you need only look at the comments here to see EJ/Sami fans say they don’t watch unless EJ/Smi are on or they are the ONLY reason they watch Days. Again, just pointing out those things cross fan bases and aren’t all evil thing non-EJ/Sami fans do. LD,I think YOUR bias is showing, “hon”.


“As for the “boycott” issue, you need only look at the comments here to see EJ/Sami fans say they don’t watch unless EJ/Smi are on or they are the ONLY reason they watch Days. Again, just pointing out those things cross fan bases and aren’t all evil thing non-EJ/Sami fans do. LD,I think YOUR bias is showing, “hon”.”

– I think you need to re-read my comment. I NEVER claimed EJ/Sami didn’t do those things. I was merely pointing out that OTHER fanbases do it as well. I pointed those things out BECAUSE in your FIRST reply to me you were ranting on about “EJ/Sami fans doing this, Ej/Sami fans that ” when there was absolutely NO need for that. My reply to Sally was about the ratings argument only. And I was reacting to what SHE said. Her post is one of the first I saw (as it’s close to the top of the page). What, I’m not allowed to refute her? That makes it “one-sided”, are you for real? If you felt you needed to say that EJ/Sami fans do it as well – well duh. I agreed with you on this in my FIRST reply to you. That was all that was required (even though you were just stating the obvious). All that other stuff about EJ/Sami fans being hostile, “attacking ” the John/Marlena fanbase, etc was completely and utterly UNNECCESSARY. Why did you have to bring that up if not to criticize and harp on EJ/Sami fans? Something that as you just admitted ALL fanbases were guilty of. That’s why your “oh, I have no problem with EJ/Sami fans” felt disingenuous and hypocritical.

Now, I’m done arguing with you. Goodbye 😉

LOL Rock! Silly rabbit, you know you are up to your tricks. I’ll give you the perfect word for what you’re currently doing and that’s Baiting. You ‘re baiting EJami fans! You want to disvalue their comments, and of course you use the pride and true claim that “anti-EJami’s” are being attacked. This is not a discussion board really, it’s just a comment section and you are going out of your way to respond to pretty much every positive EJami comment because you don’t like seeing them in the comment section. You’re on a mission! By the way, do you guys at Salem Sectator send out newsletters to each other about where pro EJami comments are being made, and go into battle? 😉 just stop trying to make points that No One will care about. It’s an obvious fact that debates here are useless. You aren’t going to change people’s mind and you know it. Your goal for being here is to post your ant-EJami thoughts, but you want to do it freely without being called out, yet you claim being attacked. Do you honestly think posting behind majority of all pro-EJami comment won’t get a response? Come now, that’s silly! You and I know how things work here. I think I’ll go on a mission today to, and respond to Agenda Driven post as such, Agenda driven. You can tell me later how I’m spamming, trolling, and baiting, and we can compare notes 🙂

LD, this is the very first comment that YOU made that I responded to: “If you don’t care for EJ and Sami, that’s fine but don’t assume that everyone feels the same you do.” I pointed out the inverse was true as well. I was NOT ranting/raving or showing any bias against EJ/Sami fans. I was simply showing the opposite side of what you said. I suppose I could claim that YOUR FIRST comment that I quoted above is you showing bias/ranting/raving or whatnot, but I DON’T do that. I think you need to re-read my reply and quit putting words in my mouth that I did NOT say.

I also never said that YOU said anything. Although what you claim about agreeing with me in your FIRST reply is simply not true. Re-read the second, third, and last paragraphs of your FIRST reply which accuse me of bias, accuse me of saying you are like some of the EJ/Sami fans that I cited in my examples (which I NEVER did), etc. You most certainly weren’t as “agreeable” as you claim in this last reply you made.

How is it okay for you to side anti-EJ/Sami fans as being vicious, without citing EJ/Sami fans in your examples and it’s okay, but when I do the inverse, I’m showing bias? That’s faulty logic on your part. You even say that anti-EJ/Sami fans are “moreso” vicious. There’s not quantitative proof on that, so that’s personal opinion and anecdotal evidence at best. And that shows your bias as well. I NEVER claimed that either fanbase was more or less vicious than others; I just stated that there are people in ALL fanbases that attack. YOU were the one who showed bias, not me.

I also never said you couldn’t respond to Sally, so there you go again putting words in my mouth that I did not speak/type. The only thing I will say is that Days is NOT number ONE soap opera, so there may be a discussion there about ratings and what can be done to make it number one (I’d say new writers and behind the scenes shake-ups would affect that more than on-screen couples, so no I’m not saying drop EJ/Sami before you put more words in my mouth). BUT I never said you were not allowed to reply to her comment or disagree with her.

The John/Marlena stuff I mentioned is rampant throughout the comments on this interview, coming from BOTH fanbases. It used to be the Sami/Rafe and the Sami/Lucas fans that were the fanbase “enemies” of the EJ/Sami fans. Now it’s the Marlena/John fans in some warped logic on both sides. I NEVER understood fanbase wars in the least. I don’t label myself in a fanbase and as I stated elsewhere have enjoyed aspects of most of Sami’s other pairings in the past, minus Austin and now EJ. I prefer EJ’s storyline about his relationship with his father over any romantic storylines personally. I feel that’s where James Scott truly shines as an actor when he plays the father/son aspect. But each to his own. I watch the show for a continuing story regardless of what couple is currently “in”. I watch because I’ve watch for over 20 years and will continue to do so until it’s cancelled or I die, whichever comes first obviously.

LMAO. You always want to have the last word don’t you? LOL.

“LD this is the very first comment that YOU made that I responded to: “If you don’t care for EJ and Sami, that’s fine but don’t assume that everyone feels the same you do.” I pointed out the inverse was true as well. I was NOT ranting/raving or showing any bias against EJ/Sami fans. I was simply showing the opposite side of what you said. I suppose I could claim that YOUR FIRST comment that I quoted above is you showing bias/ranting/raving or whatnot, but I DON’T do that. I think you need to re-read my reply and quit putting words in my mouth that I did NOT say.”

-Oh, for goodness sake. You pointing out the inverse was superfluous. You did it for the sake of being argumentative and baiting (as Karen said). I respected and acknowledged Sally’s dislike for the couple but merely pointed out to her that a couple doesn’t make/break a show. You saying that EJ/Sami fans using it too wasn’t something I didn’t already know. Maybe I should have said that BOTH sides do it in my initial reply to Sally but I didn’t because I felt that I didn’t need to. *shrugs*

“How is it okay for you to side anti-EJ/Sami fans as being vicious, without citing EJ/Sami fans in your examples and it’s okay, but when I do the inverse, I’m showing bias?”

-Because the TOPIC of my reply to SALLY was her inaccurate claim about the ratings being low and that it was EJami’s fault. That is all. There’s NOTHING in there about other fanbases, their animosity, etc. I ONLY mentioned Anti EJ/Sami fans’ behaviour in my first reply to you because YOU started it. YOU began this whole argument with you stating experiencing the most animosity from EJ/Sami fans, you being called “distraught”, that they were always going on about not watching the show, that they were “attacking” the John/Marlena fanbase … bla bla bla . I was merely REFUTING you, pointing out that whatever EJ/Sami fans were guilty of, other fanbases did it TOO. Jeez.

“Although what you claim about agreeing with me in your FIRST reply is simply not true.

– Nope. I’m afraid you misunderstand me. What I agreed with (emphatically by the way) was that the ratings argument was used by both sides. Here it is: “I agree, BOTH sides use the ratings “argument” (if you can even call it that).” And here again:” If you felt you needed to say that EJ/Sami fans do it as well – well duh. I agreed with you on this in my FIRST reply to you.” Once again – to avoid confusion- I’m talking about agreeing with you on the RATINGS “ARGUMENT”.

– “accuse me of saying you are like some of the EJ/Sami fans that I cited in my examples (which I NEVER did)”

That is NOT what I meant. Now you’re the one twisting my words. What I was saying was that you were bringing in behaviour/statements of other EJ/Sami fans in initial your response to me (e.g. their animosity, the J/M fanbase issue, etc)- which again had NOTHING to do with my reply to Sally. To me it felt like because I have the same preference that I had the exact same opinions as they have. That may not have been your intention but that’s how it came across to me.

This is really the LAST time I’m going to respond to you. I have better things to do with my time and have wasted enough of it on this bs. There are far more important things in life than arguing about some third-rate silly, trivial soap opera. All this pro and anti EJami stuff is so freaking BORING. I got bored with it like 3 years ago.

Farewell 🙂

@Rock, and yes I get that you believe your just trying to have “discussions” with fans, especially EJami fans but lets keep it real. That’s not why you’re here. I’ll honestly admit I’m just here to spread my EJami love all over this comment section. Ok… Not all over! Just when I have time and want to annoy people 😉 You’re here to spread your anti-EJami stance, which is fine. But don’t throw out the “I’m being attacked” card. I would think that’s beneath you after our previous encounters here. Remember the soap community is a small one online and it’s very easy to tell posters from boards to boards, and comments to comments 😉 we both know how you really feel about EJami, Ali (unless of course she’s with your preferred male, and then it’s all good and she’s wonderful again), and James ( I’m sure his removal from Days can’t come fast enough for you). Your beliefs don’t just automatically get forgotten because you’re on a new neighborhood of the soap community.

I’m not claiming an “attacked” card. I am pointing out the times that the discussion has veered into supposition and accusation about my personal and emotional state. I try to keep the discussion strictly to the show, the characters, and the generic comments about the fanbase wars without calling someone “distraught” or commenting directly about the people I’m replying to. I will point out bias in others who claim that I’m being biased. But no where have I backed down or cowered in a corner whining about harassment or being attacked; I’ve pointed it out and the hypocrisy of it and moved on with discussion. So no playing the victim here. I think we could have a civilized discussion about the show and characters without it devolving into some petty fanbase war.

I actually like James Scott. I just prefer the exploration of his relationship with Stefano more than I have any romantic storylines for him. I have no ill feelings towards Alison Sweeney. I started watching just before she started on the show, so I feel like I’ve grown up with Sami and Alison Sweeney in a way. I prefer to watch the show continue and the storylines change rather than root for ONE couple and pout, campaign, or tune out when I don’t get that ONE couple. I don’t have allegiance to ANY pairing of EJ or Sami’s.

Karen, if you were really creeping on me, you’d see that I don’t care one iota who EJ or Sami ultimately end up with as I state that on the messages boards that I am on. I don’t like their pairing, true and I will express that in discussions. But I’m not some petty fanbaser who’s pouting “her couple” isn’t the flavor of the month, whatever your assumptions about me are. 😉

Okay, so it’s inappropriate to suggest that someone not watch if they don’t like what they’re watching, but it’s totally fine to call couple fans “petty”. Good to know…

Fans aren’t petty; fanbase wars are petty. Reading comprehension is slso “good to know”.

You said, “I’m not some petty fanbaser…” I took that to mean that you think couple fans are petty. Thanks for clarifying.

Best Corday interview to date, IMO. He dropped teasers and gave lots of praise where it was due, but did NOT tell everything that would be happening in Salem for next six months. BUT 1) I do believe Will should be recast if CM isn’t available at some point in near future, 2) Sami Gene is NO white hat, and 3) EJ shouldn’t be wasted as the next Don Corleone. Darker sure, but be careful to not drown him in black paint.

Totally agree and moreover Stefano worked for decades as one-note villain who came and left again and again, he was legit as the BIG villain (Dr No style) only because after his schemes he went away for years ! Only to come back from the death once in a while..a character on the canvas can’t be written like that. James Scott and the Ej would be wasted and above all James Scott the actor would give up and find another job. Corday and his writers are stupid with this manicheen, one-note way of thinking..i thought he wanted to write fresh and in your time material..eyeroll..

Agreed. Stefano could be so evil because he was an on-the-fringes character who came and went, and that’s not the route to go with James Scott’s Salem alter ego. On the other hand, EJ shouldn’t be Salem’s hero, just Sami’s. 😉

Aww, I love that. EJ should only be Sami & his children’s hero. 🙂 I think the best comparison for EJami would be Rhett & Scarlett from GWTW. He’s no gentleman, & she is no lady. But they’re naughty together & love each other, faults and all.

And Rhett left Scarlett at the end. *shrugs*

…but tomorrow is another day.

Leslie, LOL! Good comeback, however…

The sequels were never good as the original GWTW. Also, Margaret Mitchell never intended for Rhett and Scarlett to be together in the end. She even said suggested that Rhett may have went on and found someone “less difficult” than Scarlett.

but tomorrow is another day again…

But Rhett left Scarlett because she waited too long to realize that Rhett was her true love. She had wasted so many years chasing & pining after the nice guy Ashley who was all wrong for her. In this case, Sami has already had her epiphany (Jan 31, 2013) after 6 1/2 years and told EJ it would be the biggest mistake of her life if she lost him and EJ accepted that and now they are together. So that part of the comparison is different. Sami didn’t wait too late to tell EJ she loves him & can’t live without him.

EXACTLY Michelle.Scarlett yearned after something that wasnt even real.Rhett waited and waited.Thank Goodness,Sami FINALLY woke up….great post

No mention of Drake or Deidre, I don’t understand the praise that this show is receiving right now. They seemed to have been sacrificed on the alter of Eileen and Allison!

Please he spoke also about Chandler/Will and Freddy/Sonny and Nicole/Arianne and Hope and Maggie ect..

Why would he? What opening was there for Ken to mention them? Plus, it’s not like DH&DH are what’s driving all the press and conversation about the show right now. Nothing against the actors or characters, who I like very much, but why take offense to them not being mentioned when currently, there’s really no reason too.

He also didn’t mention Lauren Koslow or Ari Zuker or John Aniston etc either but that doesn’t mean he respects them or thanks them any less for their work.

I think as a fan of DH2, you might be a little too sensitive and resistant to acknowledging how freaking awesome the show is. I know the feeling though, I was and am like that too with my favourite couple. But OBJECTIVELY, Marlena and John weren’t sacrificed for any other purpose than an amazing storyline and you know what, mission accomplished and well done for that!

Amazing storyline? I’d call it a dumb plot rather than ‘amazing’. John sacrificed his relationship with both Marlena and Brady to attempt to sleep with Kristen as that was the ONLY way to bring her down? That’s not what a viewer would come to expect from super-ISA agent John “That’s a Fact” Black. And the bit they threw out there at the end that John supposedly still has feelings for her even though we never saw ANY clue of that before that moment it was mentioned? Poor writing. By the way, this is coming from a non-John/Marlena fan, so no “sensitivity” here.

Also, it’s a poor waste of Eileen Davidson’s talent to keep recycling the same basic plot over and over…sleep with Brady for revenge, sleep with John for revenge, sleep with Eric for revenge. Kristen is too smart to keep using the same, tired scheme over and over.

I agree the John character was somewhat trashed for a plot point and the story gave far more layers and pov for Kristen and the Brady/Kristen relationship..Days writing is not perfect just that proves it but it is still better than these last years.

Again, you too are going by your emotional connection to the characters and couple (which, like I said I can understand and relate to) rather than without detachment or bias.

As someone who doesn’t with these characters, I can say I saw emotional and sexual tension from ED and DrHo. On more than one occasion, especially during their hotel scenes but others as well like in the square or that private area with the bench or on Smith Island, I would bet my house that the actors BOTH played their scenes as still having deep dark feelings for one another. Any actor will tell you that you can’t play straight hate. There have to be layers to scenes that involve a character you’re suppose to despise otherwise it’s bland and one note. And I have no doubts whatsoever that given their extensive history together, ED AND DrHo would say they played their romantic history and deep feelings for one another in just about ALL their scenes together. You may not have wanted to see it or acknowledge it, but not only did I see the “clues”, but I have no doubt ED and DrHo would say they played them.

As far as ED goes, I don`t see her complaining. In fact I see her LOVING her storylines on the show, and the overwhelming praise she’s been receiving for them from fans, peers and critics alike. I can’t even remember when ED looked like she was having this much fun on Y&R. Is the plot recycled? You can argue all plots are. For Kristen, it makes sense with her character.

I understand your and everyone else’s resentment to the story and Ken Corday, I really do (…and I hope that doesn’t come off as condescending because that’s not my intent). I can put myself in J&M fans’ shoes and I know I’d probably feel the same. But I’m not and I feel as though I can be objective and look at the story as a whole, and not as individual stitches on a canvas. And what this story has done for the show, along with Will/Gabi/Nick/Sonny and EJ/Sami, has reinvigorated the show after 2 years of stale storytelling. For what it’s worth, J&M will always get through anything and everything and it’s only a matter of time before they repair their relationship. Everything will be good for them again and this chapter will be a memory. But man, it’s been a hellova chapter.

Jules, I’m not a John/Marlena fan and I can view it objectively. It was a crap storyline that wasn’t told well at all. There was no balance to it and apart from John telling Victor about his plan, we saw no real insight into John’s thought process or emotions. Judging John and Kristen’s scenes together as having sexual tension is problematic because there is a level at which they were both pretending and playing each other, so any “sexual tension” could have been John acting that way to further his plan to take her down. We saw nothing that revealed John’s deeper feelings. We saw no conflict or struggle within himself until that moment Marlena confronted him about his feelings for Kristen. The square, the cabin and other instances you refer to were before Kristen and Brady hooked up and before John devised his plan of taking her down. Those instances all pointed to John giving her the benefit of the doubt and forgiveness before he saw she hadn’t changed, and still doesn’t point to “sexual tension”.

I never said Eileen Davidson wasn’t having fun or was ungrateful in any way. I simply said it’s the same basic revenge plot successively. Three times in a row, in fact. That makes her character very one-note, using her sexuality to best Marlena. I would argue that Kristen could out-wit Marlena any number of ways that didn’t involve sleeping with a man in Marlena’s life.

He did not even give the suggestion that #Jarlena fanbase has been asking for the writers to be honesty in the storyline about #Jarlena history instead of telling all the lies that writers have written ever since ED came back as Kristen. The lastest beginning that John still has feelings for Kristen! Come on Corday and writers, we have scenes that prove this is not true and the talents of both Drake and Deidre were trashed to bring Kristen character back on board, you can tell this from Drakes tweets about the scenes during this time period, as well as his lack of trying or of giving his best performance as an actor at that time. With just garbage and lies for a storyline even as a professional I would have had a hard time making this work for me if I was Drake too!!! Days just went way over the top this time trashing beloved characters and their relationship in terrible storyline writing which was as I said before FULL OF LIES!

^Exhibit A, re: my two previous posts.

I don’t see it as problematic at all. That’s what I meant by layers- it made it all the more juicy! He was despising her, but playing like he still had feelings for her, meanwhile still fighting his repressed feelings he’s had all these years, and vise versa with her. Like I said, I’d STILL bet both actors played it that way, not a single doubt in my mind. In fact I’d even go as far as to say that to play it at all, you HAVE to weave their romantic history into it even if it’s not written on the page. That’s just Acting 101. John later admitted to Marlena he still had feelings for Kristen, which I knew all along, and all those times Stefano and EJ ribbed into Kristen nearly the entire time for still having feelings for John just confirmed the same. It was there all the way through.

Actually you said that the story was a waste of her talent, but ED and co seem to be delighted in how DAYS is effectively using her talent. Whether she did this story once, twice or three times is irrelevant (though I would still argue each had different circumstances which made them feel dissimilar). It’s the execution of what’s driving the character that matters- character driven story- more than it is about what she’s actually doing (though of course to a large extent that does still matter). We’re understanding Kristen in her decision making and process and it’s becoming a journey rather than a swift landing. This is the essence of good soap opera. And I don’t believe we lacked it on John’s end either. He may not have confided in people easily or have long expositions like Kristen had, but I never felt an unbalance of not knowing or understanding where John was coming from. All his scenes with Brady, trying to convince him how awful Kristen was and trying to make nice with him revealed his motivation to the audience loud and clear.

Honestly at this point, I’m sorry you don’t seem to enjoy DAYS. It’s my little soap that could and I couldn’t be prouder for it and all its successes these past few months. I think it’s been well earned and thensome. Ken’s interview, while I did pause at some points, couldn’t reflect his joy and pride of his parents’ show any more than it did. And I think this is where I’m going to leave it, because that’s really what matters or else we’ll be going a few more rounds and I`ve already said my piece. If you’re not enjoying the show and feel you need to criticize, that’s yours to hold. As I said before, I’m sitting back and enjoying immensely.

Just because I point out some negative aspects doesn’t mean I’m not “enjoying the show” or that I’m “distraught”. The need you have to make assumptions about me personally suggests more about you than me. I can keep my assumptions about you personally out of this debate entirely. From my experience in speech/debate, the one who resorts to personal assumptions and attacks usually has the weaker argument or can’t support their stance on the substance of the topic alone.

I do feel it’s a waste of Eileen Davidson’s talent. What I feel has nothing to do with what she or the exec feel or promote. I never said it did. I said I feel it’s a waste of her talent simply because I have followed her career for many years and I have seen her acting range and talent. Having her play the same basic scenario over and over again is wasting her talent.

Again, Kristen has revealed she no longer loves John and whatever “ribbing” Stefano/EJ gave her has nothing to do with John’s supposed feelings for her. She obviously isn’t reciprocating any of those feelings as she’s focused solely on Brady and getting revenge on Marlena (yet again, so one-note). Yes there is an imbalance where John is concerned. The only true reveal we had was with Victor. EVERYTHING pointed to him sacrificing his relationships for a noble purpose of protecting Brady and NOTHING pointed to it being about John still having feelings for Kristen. All his attempts to sway Brady were about protecting him; Brady’s paranoia (fueled by Kristen’s manipulations from the very beginning of their ‘affair’) were the only indications of John having feelings for Kristen…and that’s not real evidence, as I said it was Brady’s paranoia.

Thank you for responding rockfordfosgate. All of your insights were on target. It’s nice to know there are others out there who refuse to drink the Kool Aid flavored: “Everything Is Perfect”

Thank you, brothasoap!

If Days was perfect this section wouldn’t have over 400 comments. I mean it’s pretty obvious even people who are enjoying the show don’t think it’s the bestest thing ever. What it is though is better than the crap we’ve been served the past couple of years, though I can admit I found specs of gold in some of that crap. Now I’m finding more gold than crap, which is an improvement 🙂

Does Corday know these characters at all? This sounds terrible.

Yes, EJAMI are GOLD!

Pyrite, more like it.

to each its own rockfordfostage !

I agree. Ej/Sami together are more like pyrite or fools gold…..stomach turning, at any rate.

Fool’s gold. I do not Ejami at all.

And i love them. Totally.

others do..Lots of others

I adore Ejami.

I don’t like them at all either. They are one toxic pair.

EJami is priceless Gold, Platnium, and Diamonds. James and Ali have chemistry up the hoo hah. Love them!! Anne, I think you meant to say thar EJami is an intoxicating pair, and I so agree 😉

I will pile on and say that I’m delighted that Days is finally exploring an Ejami relationship. I get that not everyone can be happy about it. We don’t all have the same tastes, and that’s why Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors.

Great comment Leslie! Personally, I love Ejami and even those that hate them should admit they have a huge and very active fan base! I agree not everyone loves them but there are sure a ton of us that do! As long as Ejami is on my screen I will be watching!

EJ and Sami are the reason I returned after the horrible Higley years. I believe they’re diamonds mounted on platinum.

I also don’t believe it’s just EJami fans who have noted that ratings spiked when EJami were on, it was NBC and it was during Higley’s EJami hate fest.

Is DAYS perfect? No soap is or ever will be but I can say that IMHO, it’s better than it has been in YEARS.

Thanks for the Interview. I wish You had asked Important questions. Like… Where is John Black? And will he return with a fitting story and reunite with Marlena.. Also where does he get his info That Jen and Daniel are popular and Fans want to see them? We HATE HATE HATE them….
Anyway tho.. Thanks for the interview.

Yes please bring back JOhn Black. The definition of chemistry on Days is “John & Marlena” no one does it better. Please correct what you have done to Drake’s character of John Black, with an exciting adventurous storyline between him and Marlena “reunite John and Marlena” Then you will see ratings even higher….

Yes I agree. They need something fresh and now and HOT with John and Marlena and reunite them! And it has to be good for Marlena to forgive John for his bad ways…i know Marlena isn’t young but she is a great actress and they can write a great storyline for her…I know Bo isn’t coming back, but they need a good meaty storyline for Hope as well…i guess we’ll see!!!!

Seriously! And how is Daniel a legacy character in any way? He is useless. Bring Jack back and get rid of egg baby. He already ruined Maggie.

Good interview. Proud of Days. Thrilled to see Jen Lilley join the show. So happy to see Days recognizes the contribution of EJ and Sami as a couple to the show’s success. Alion and James are magic on screen.

Ali and James have absolutely no chemistry together, you want to see chemistry give us Drake and Deidre…they have had chemistry since day one in 1986 and they still have it….Ejami has nothin baby

Ewww…when I think of Marlena and John, I think of their face swallowing kisses and that nasty scene involving strawberries. So gross and so NOT HOT.
Justin & Adrienne = HOT

Drake & Deidre are what chemistry is all about. You just don’t break-up such an iconic super-couple and erase all their history together. They belong together and “That’s a Fact”.

euh Lois you enjoy John and Marlena and think they have great chemistry, fine.
No need to criticize Ej and Sami for that, i don’t see the point and the association. People can like BOTH couples and the 4 characters.
John and Marlena are pretty popular and loved by many but it doesn’t mean Ej and Sami are not..this comparison is silly.

Totally agree.

Drake and Dee had their time.I loved Jarlena too,,but the time has come for them to take lesser roles.They are still important,but in different ways.EJAMI are on FIRE!!JS and AS have amazing mindblowing chemistry.I love ALL 4..but EJAMI are who I want to see in a lovestory

John and Marlena = ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It isn’t helped much that both portrayers are glorified line readers. Especially Drake Hogestyn. My god he’s abysmal. (Real) acting is so MUCH more than memorizing your lines and making out with your co-star. In his time off hopefully he takes some acting classes as it’s sorely needed. Maybe watch some Christian Bale or Daniel Day Lewis, take a page from their book. Then again, the ‘acting’ on this soap has never been above mediocre.

The couple that got me hooked on Days was Roman (Wayne Northrop) and Marlena. Wayne and Dee had great chemistry and enjoyed working with each other. I won’t disagree that Jarlena was written poorly, but John was never my cup of tea.

Admittedly I was torn.I LOVED Original Rolena!!Oh my..and then came Drake.I honestly loved both.That was a great Triangle!So it was hard for me.Josh Taylor is not nor will he ever be Roman to me.

No. There are just as many viewers if not more who cannot stand EJ/sami. And yes Arianne Zucker is a very talented actress who helped Days win 2 Emmys, this year and last year.

You don’t know that..and and ‘EJ/JS fan’ i don’t think so…more a Nicole fan, you are so transparent…pathetic.

What’s pathetic is insulting someone simply because you don’t agree with them. And really, it is a fact that many fans don’t like EJ/Sami. There are boards with high memberships that are for other fanships of Sami’s. Some like EJ/Sami, and some don’t. It’s pathetic to start trying to tout one fanship as superior to another.

nope rockforsgate YOUR post is pathetic and the same can be said about someone who claim to be a fan of JS and his character Ej when all he/she did is trashed Ali Sweeney/Sami and praise Arianne Zucker/Nicole like she could walk on water..lmao and so so transparent ah and..pathetic !

elsa, I see nothing pathetic about “EJ/JS fan” a person doesn’t HAVE to be a fan of EJ/Sami in order to like EJ or James Scott. EJ has had other pairings, just as Sami has and all fans have a right to be a fan of whatever pairing they so choose. It is pathetic to criticize another fan not liking the same pairing you so obviously do.

nope because he/her always praise Nicole and trash Sami (and the respectives actresses, like actors are their characters..whatever..) but don’t praise Ej/JS..therefore it tells me everything i already said : a transparent Nicole fan/stan. not a Ej/JS fan in the least.

Of course! Ari won Days an Emmy all my her lonesome. Too bad she wasn’t able to win herself one. Seriously, Ari is a fantasic actress, probably one of the best if not the best on Days. But that doesn’t mean anything in this day and age on soaps. Character popularity is what counts and EJ and Sami, along with James and Ali are among the most popular, if not the most popular. Also when I was watching the Emmy’s I saw EJ and Sami heavily featured in the episode clip they used for Days. So no, Ari all my her lonesome didn’t win Days an Emmy twice. In fact I’ll go as far as to say Matt Ashford likely swayed them a win for writing last year with his portrayal of Jack.

And as for the many if not more viewers don’t like EJ and Sami BS, nwith that logic Days should have less viewers than last year right! I don’t count people who have decided not to watch because their delicate minds and heart can’t watch EJami together, because that you’re not a viewer and don’t matter to TPTB. And yes Rock, that includes those who won’t watch because of EJole, Safe, Lumi, Dannifer, Chabby, Cabby etc. ect. It’s really just common sense. You’re not watching, you’re not a viewer.

Karen, I agree that Ari Zucker is a fantastic actress, and will agree that she is part of an ENSEMBLE cast that was featured in a one of the clips that was submitted and the show won. Did the show win based solely on her clip? I doubt it. And yes, I do think Matthew Ashford’s storyline that year and his portrayal of that were stellar and helped the show tremendously. But it’s not about ONE person being the savior of the show. See we can agree, Karen. 😉

I do get puzzled by the ones that won’t watch if the couples aren’t on or featured. I do understand more if people hate the storylines or direction of the show, but the fanbase loyalty to an extreme I just don’t get. I watch no matter if it’s EJ/Sami or not.

I would like to see both Ali Sweeney and James Scott done with days, I can’t stand Ejami who are just another couple about cheap sex and corruption anyway.


Not happening and so not true

Elsa you dont have to be AS fan to like JS. Thats what many are saying.

Kay, exactly. And you can be a James Scott fan and not lavish adoring praise about him in every single comment you make. Being a James Scott fan doesn’t pigeon-hole your comments only praising him and ONLY ONE of his pairings.

I couldn’t agree more! Ej/Sami need to be backburned and let some of the other characters have some airtime.

Yay for Hot Sex and Corruption. All the things I’m loving about EJami right now. I’m glad to see that even old fart Kenny Boy have to admit Ali and James are Gold. By the way, continue with your agenda comments guys. Hi Rock!

Days submitted the Daysaster for the emmy win.The writers win the year before was Jacks PTSD I LOVE EJAMI and Im not the only one

They also submitted the episode after Nicole lost her baby boy.

Ari submitted that.Days submitted the daysaster

yes Nicole was in one clip. And if I remember correctly Sami was hanging from the catwalk in the other clip. Drama sells… that’s it.

Actually Lisa, shows submit 2 episodes for Outstanding Drama. The two episodes the submitted, as Ken Corday says in the interview above, were the DAYSaster AND Nicole`s lie coming out/her suicide attempt. I`m not getting in the middle of any poster drama, just saying that DAYS submitted both eps as Mel said.

I couldn’t agree with you more Ej/JS fan and it’s sad to see you lectured just because you don’t love Ejami. I respect different point of views. But it’s sad that some others do not and want to lecture that someone is wrong because they just have a different opinion.

What it comes down to is R E S P E C T. In anonymous Internet conversations, it is often sorely lacking.

I’m sorry! Trying to find respect and good will on the Internet is like trying to find a four leaf clover. It seldom happens! Though I have to say, I have to laugh at those asking for respecting while failing to give it LOL. Also, what I’m seeing here is commenters getting upset when someone replies with a different opinion. This whole EJami vs Anti- EJami has been going on for years with the same results All the Time, and yet I see people complaining. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of what will 100% turn into a useless debate, then don’t enter the debate. Go back to your like minded board and discuss with like minded posters. It’s really that simple. There’s also the post and run technique that’s good too 😉

Yep, Yep!, Karen! I totally agree!

Who is this masked commenter? I want to thank her.

Ugh i don’t want Ej to become the new Stefano Ken Corday ! Why can’t he be a GREY character, i don’t know someone like Victor Newman not a cartoonish one-note villain like Stefano Dimera..bummer really..sigh.
Make Chad (he will be recast) more darker, write some corporate business schemes and battles between the Dimera siblings, let Sami accept some dark side of Ej (like she is any better, no need to have a ‘trust broken’) and let Ej being between bad and good : grey like i said. Stefano number 2 is not interesting.

Agreed, but black and white is easier to write. Soap opera is a genre that is well suited to nuanced character development. Sometimes I don’t think the scribes give the viewers enough credit. Yes, we can empathize with a well-written anti-hero.

In the same way that Ken Corday would like Chandler to reconsider and stay, I would like to appeal to Mr. Corday and ask him to reconsider the recasting of Will. Losing will be a major blow. I certainly do not want to lose Freddie Smith because of it; nor do I want him to lose this specific couple. If there was no gay couple on the show a large number of viewers (myself included) will be gone. The show is hip and relevant and fresh largely due to Will and Sonny.

I totally agree. Will should be recast. It’s not fair to the WilSon fans. That couple is very important & just because Chandler decided to leave, why do the fans have to suffer?

I’ve seen some fans say a new Will would just seem like a new love interest for Sonny. That it wouldn’t be the same. I tend to agree.

This is a tough one. Chandler has put his stamp on Will and made him is own. If the character is recast, I think it needs to be given a rest. A bit of distance will allow the new actor to be more easily identified with Will.

Sorry to disagree, but there is absolutely no chemistry between Sweeney and Scott.

And agree (not so sorry..ha) to disagree your statement is just YOUR opinion.

Wow. I think that James & Alison have a great chemistry.

They are bone dry. So true!!!

Hot and steamy!!EJAMI has trended on twitter 3 times this year!!I think alot feel differently

Lisa I could #EJami and denounce the pairing every tweet I made about with that same hashtag and that still counts toward trending. Trending isn’t always a positive thing, so I wouldn’t rely to heavily on that to show how popular the pairing is.

Right..good and bad buzz is good for EJAMI..tbtb want pairings we talk about..I have it on good authority that tptb are THRILLED EJAMI has trended more than once…sorry.

Trending does show people are tweeting, talking about a certain topic. It does show there is “buzz” and TPTB do like the buzz. They love when #Days, #EJami, #Rate, #WilSon or any other Days related topic trend.

I have never thought they had chemistry… now they are just disgusting.

And if they only care about “buzz” and not focus on the content of that “buzz”, then they aren’t doing their jobs correctly. Focusing on trending without factoring in the actual content of those tweets is a short-sighted way of managing their publicity and business decisions.

Ej and Sami have one of the best chemistry i ever seen on daytime.

Nah,it just shows that lots of people are talking bout them and thats what tptb want.Good or bad

JS and AS have tons of chemistry. They enjoy working together, and it shows.

Rock, you know damn well majority of the context when EJami trends is postive feedback. I mean, you guys had a discussion about it at SS and some weren’t happy. It takes a click of a button to see what’s being said, so I’m postive Days knows context of said tweets. I mean, the agenda driven bracade made it a point to not #EJami because it was giving them buzz. But as soon as EJami trended, they decided they would now add #EJami because it’s a trended tag so that TPTB will see them. Buzz is still buzz, good or bad. It’s the way of the entertainment industry. People want to be talked about, shows want to be talked about. At least I can respect you didn’t throw out the “Trends can be bought” statement, unless you did and I missed it, then that would just disappoint me 🙁

Karen, no I don’t know that because I don’t tweet and could care less about trending. I do know the functionality of trending and hashtagging and know that you can hashtag something and comment negatively on it. I can say “Just sat in drive-thru for 30 min and no food still #tacobell”. See, that’s a negative comment and hashtag the name of the restaurant. That’s what I mean about looking at the content of the tweets with the hashtags. I do know that trends and followers can be bought and have seen examples of that in non-Days related people/topics, but I don’t know specifically if it has been by anyone about Days so I won’t claim it has or hasn’t been done.

IMO JS/AS have amazing chemistry! I’ve been a soap view for over 25 years and never have I ever seen such chemistry or even close! I think they have the best chemistry on daytime!

I agree and I have been a viewer since I have a memory.My babysitter watched in the 70s.And I came to watch via BOPE.I think JS and AS have some of the best chemistry ever.

Different strokes, but I’ve seen many DAYS fans who don’t like EJami because of the writing but can see their chemistry.

That speaks VOLUMES.

Don’t be sorry to disagree! I’m not sorry to disagree with you and say that Ali and James have some of the best chemistry I’ve seen from Daytime soap actors. Both on and off the screen.

JS and AS have, in imho, amazing and off the charts chemistry. They sizzle! Their (on-screen)passion and compatibility makes EJami not only believeable,but also enjoyable and loveable.

Thank you Micheal. I’m very happy for the cast of DOOL for the well-deserved Best Drama Emmy. But I will say I am extremely happy that NBC and Bruce Evans have taken such a keen interest in DOOL. It has made all the difference in the quality of the stories told on the show.

I totally agree that James and Alison are gold and together as EJami I think they are sensational. Long live EJami.

Agreed! Long live DOOL!

James and Alison are Days GOLDMINE!!! why in the world are you going to tinker with the show when it is finally showing rating increase!!!!! Keep both EJ & Sami scheming together and in love!!! Drama from Stefano, Kristen, Marlena and Kate can bring on the angst. NEED more family time for both Wilson and EJAMI.

I totally agree. James and Ali have great chemistry which shows in their performance.

Ken C./Writers should change Days to Ejami Days Hour,because No other characters count,then All of Ejami Fans will be Happy and be on Cloud Nine… Bring On The Vets Hour……..

Days is on fiya right now. I look forward to it every night and EJ and Sami are my ultimate. I will follow their twists and turns forever. At the end of the day, they will always be my “root for” couple.

can’t stand Dan and Jen together. Send her off again..

While I certainly agree with you, I have to say I am LOVE-LOVE-LOVING the angst JJ is providing. Not only is the actor doing a really good job, but the story makes sense and is playing out really well. I’m glad JJ isn’t another goody two shoes and that he’s a bit mischievous and rebellious. I’ve loved what could have been a cliched and boringly played out story and somehow made it super fun and entertaining to watch. I’ve even told myself as I was watching that I was loving Missy Reeves again! Her playing a mom is the best work she’s been given in 3 years! I don’t want Dan and Jen, but JJ’s presence actually keeps them from being FF for me.

See, I’m finding it boring and cliched because it’s just yet another “let’s have someone scheme to break up Dan/Jenn”. First Nicole, then Chloe (and Anne), now JJ. If it was more about JJ and his character development and angst and less about Dan/Jenn’s relationship woes, I’d be more interested and it would be more original.

I think it’s equally about JJ’s character as it is about Jen/Dan! You can’t argue we’re not seeing his perspective and how their relationship is affecting him. We’re seeing equal cause and affect, action and reaction. I don’t know how you can argue otherwise. JJ’s voice is being heard loud and clear by the audience, and that’s precisely why it’s more interesting.

I agree we’re seeing his side to some degree, but the other characters are not and if we don’t see that crucial interaction with the other characters, JJ won’t be more than a one-dimensional character. The writers are making it more about how it’s affecting Dan/Jennifer than about giving JJ real development or making us care about him long-term. He’s just the latest monkey-wrench for Dan/Jenn. Why is it more about Jenn/Dan? Because everyone else is so concerned with their relationship and not with helping JJ or even focusing more than one or two sentences his way. Maggie doesn’t offer help for JJ even though he’s family. She’s more concerned with helping Dan/Jenn stay together. Abigail shows more concern for Daniel/Jenn than she does for JJ. It’s about Jenn’s love life and not her son’s grief and angst.

Totally agree, i quite enjoy JJ for the little schemer, trouble maker he is. His pov is totally shown imo. He is a little bitch who uses and manipulate and guilt trip ect..but we also see a bit where he comes from and some vulnerability.

The other characters are not seeing JJ’s bad side? Well…..yeah! That’s kind of the point, no? That’s part of what’s making this so fun! They’re either oblivious, or want to see the best in him, and that’s just giving JJ room to play in his playground while the other characters are so busy in their own world. It also plays into why he’s acting out in the first place: lack of attention, feeling unheard and all that.

To your point of saying the writers are making it “more” about Dan and Jen, well I just don’t see it. And as someone who HATES Dan and Jen with the fire of the burning sun, I’d say it if I felt it. Do I hate the Dannifer propping by all the characters? Are they getting too much airtime as it is? HELL to the YES. And yes they are making Jen and Dan’s relationship the oh-so-poor casualty of JJ’s duplicity, but all they’re doing is portraying that. The focus isn’t any more on that than JJ himself. I`m also not worried about giving JJ “real development”: A) he first arrived two months ago and B) they need to tell this initial story before he can develop into anything. Like any good Horton, he will eventually grow from this and mature and yes, develop. It’s just what’s going to happen, it can’t be helped. What their job is now is to introduce the character and ground him to the canvas, which they’re doing with the help of his mom, Abigail, Maggie, those brief scenes with Sonny/Will, Adrienne and Hope, and all the talk of his dad.

Bottom line, IMO, they’re taking this character in a good direction so far, covering all the necessary bases in what could have been a pretty typical story. The writing has been strong- my understanding of the character and the why’s are all being established appropriately. Now, would I love for him to succeed and destroy his mother’s relationship once and for all in the process? I’d flipping kill for it. But if it doesn’t happen, they’re at the very least demonstrating how it’s affecting JJ just as much as they’re showing how JJ is affecting them. That’s just good storytelling.

But I won’t change your mind, clearly. And I know I won’t change yours. You don’t like what’s happening on DAYS, and that’s your prerogative. I’m going to sit back and enjoy my show for all its worth.

And thanks juju!

Actually Jules i would prefer for JJ to stay a little schemer who for a long time get some great resentment towards his mother and her new man (who is not his father) like Sami Brady was for a long time with her mother Marlena and John Black.
Although imo Sami had even more reasons to be a little bitch than JJ (Marlena cheated, the husband/father was still alive, she left her family to create a new one..far worse) Still i get JJ pov . It would be great to have a Horton who will always be some kind of a bad seed moreover with his father Jack (not always a nice guy himself for sure..) heritage, it would be in character, the root of a pretty flawed Horton man imo.

Oh juju I’m certainly with you, I just think the likelihood is that they will inevitably reform JJ. As long as they can keep his mischievous ways interesting and believable I hope things don’t change. I’d love it if they made him his father’s son and kept him that way. But I’m thinking his Horton genes will win out in the end.

Dannifer is pretty sad. I’m not sure why Days seems so invested in this couple.

I dvr the show and constantly find myself hitting fast forward whenever Jennifer & Daniel are on. In part I think Corday & company WANT there to be this grand love story because Jennifer is a legacy character. But, in my opinion…it just doesn’t work.

Frankly, I think in part it is because to some degree I feel that Melissa Reeves is phoning it in. I just do not feel she is 100% invested in the show at this point. I have an opinion on why but won’t get into that here.

Dannifer are the ONE thing I am disliking

Thanks for the interview, Michael. Looking forward to Sami, E.J. and EJami. So glad they are finally a couple!

As a long time fan, I do not worship at the alter of EJ and Sami…. I am realistically unable to get past EJ’s multiple rapes of Sami, once by himself and all the Rafe2 times. I can’t just forget.
I also am deeply sickened by the comments about how Kristen’s storyline of RAPING a Catholic Priest is a decent good story.
The total destruction of long time characters to support/prop EJ and Sami causes this long time viewer to fast forward through more and more of the show. But then as I’m not on the NBC/Days twitter feed I guess my opinions don’t count anyway.

Your opinion count like just ONE opinion : yours !
Accept others doesn’t share it, not hard to get KS. Eyeroll.


Sarah, you should probably make sure what you’re posting makes sense before you hit the “submit” button. Especially if you’re trying to belittle someone who has done nothing to you. Not everyone has the same opinion, the world would be boring if we did. However, there’s nothing wrong with anyone sharing their opinions. Perhaps you’d like for someone to “eyeroll” at you for speaking your mind.

There is no destruction of long time characters or prop for Ej and Sami : they are maybe the most called out for their shit characters on dool. It seems we don’t watch the same show.

Agree with you. That EJ is vial!!! So sad how he has ruined it all for 7 yrs & no punishment … Arrest or trail!!

Well said KS! I agree completely .

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I don’t understand why some fans of Elvis and Samantha feel the need to tell those of us who don’t why our opinion is wrong.

I’m happy for their fans -it’s always nice to get the couple you want together….but there’s no need to bash those of us who don’t agree.

There is no bashing or telling your opinion is wrong just state the truth : that it is ONLY an opinion, that you can dislike a couple, pairing doesn’t mean it is gospel truth, that is all. Other people disagree with your opinion and just tell it.

elsa, I see a lot of judgment and needless animosity in Sarah’s reply to KS, especially the “not hard to get KS. Eyeroll.” part. KS talked about the interview itself and her feelings about Corday’s responses in the interview and didn’t aim anything towards the EJ/Sami fans, yet Sarah responded with a rather snarky response. Yes, everyone is entitled to like whoever they like, but pointing that out with the added snark and eyeroll at the end just ramps up the animosity between the fanships, which is pointless. We all love the same show, shouldn’t that be enough to unite us?

EJ didnt rape Sami it was a sex deal.Sami AGREED to it.Rafe 2 was Stefano.NOT EJ.EJ didnt stop it,but he didnt start it.Kinda like Lucas knew about Kate setting up Sami for murder and he did nothing too.Kristen is bad..thats a villian.We all know Eric wont stay a priest anyway.Other pairings were given YEARS.Its been proven alot of viewers want to see the EJAMI story written.Im all for it

Yeah, but let’s just conveniently forget the scene where EJ and Rafe 2 joked about the “fringe benefits” of Rafe 2’s job (having sex with Sami). EJ knew what was happening and it doesn’t matter if Rafe 2 was originally Stefano’s plan. EJ didn’t stop it, reveled in the most deplorable aspects of it, joked about it, and loved every minute of it. And there is such a thing as rape by coercion, of being under duress and it not being real consent. Being held at gunpoint, taken hostage, having a loved one’s life threatened all constitutes duress and coercion. Never mind the characters themselves called it rape. But let’s forget all that…

Doesn’t matter if Eric won’t stay a priest…he’s a priest in the CURRENT storyline and it was most definitely against his will as he was impaired by the drugs Kristen gave him. If it’s rape with what Sami did to Austin, it certainly is rape with what Kristen did to Eric. The storyline is disgusting and it sinks Kristen to an all-time low because it shows how she views nothing at all as being sacred. It’s painful to watch and not at all sexy or entertaining.

Yawn..I didnt see that(only read bout it)..see I had tuned out during that era.Safe drove me away..Sami wasnt herself and EJ was a cartoon villian.Not to mention my beloved Chloe was a hooker.I dont care about all that.I never said it wasnt rape by Kristen did I??Umm no,I didnt.Not sure where u are going with this.Rape by coercion..umm yea.Sami agreed to have sex with EJ,there was NO gun involved and I dont recall a rapist asks you to make a deal.It was smarmyt,but imo not rape.If its painful,do what I did in 2010.Turn it off.Its real simple.You might even find it will make you feel better.

Uh, EJ’s rape of Sami was long before Rafe come on-screen, so I don’t what you’re referring to. Unless you mean the Rafe clone? You mentioned how it was Stefano’s idea, so you at least have some knowledge of those events. Yes, rape by coercion is a criminal offense in many states, so it is real. “Sleep with me or get fired”, “Sleep with me or I’ll hurt your kid” are real threats that constitute rape by coercion. There was a gun in those scenes when he took her hostage and when they came into the cabin. The gun didn’t disappear and reappear magically, so yes the gun is a huge factor in determining if Sami felt threatened. Don’t assume anything about me personally and don’t tell me what will make me feel better. Why can’t a discussion about a show remain about the show and leave personal assumptions out of it? Did I say anything about feeling too uncomfortable to watch? No. I said it was painful. Good drama can be painful at times. Look at Nicole’s miscarriage scenes. My heart broke for her and it was painful to watch her character go through that. It gave Ari Zucker a chance to showcase her amazing talent. The only positive thing about Kristen’s rape of Eric is that it gives Greg Vaughan a chance to show his talent. When there is no redeeming quality to the storyline itself, then yes I do think it is a bad writing choice.

And As I clearly stated many,many times.I dont view it as rape,and I never did.He had the gun,but he didnt rape her while holding it.In fact he gave her a choice.She chose.It was one of the biggest writing errors Days has ever made.It is irrelevant to me now.Sami forgave him the transgression,and they moved on.I did too.I know minor details,about Ralph two and thats enough thanks.Days bled viewers that year.BLED them.I dont care one whit about u.You seem distraught over a soap opera.I was givng you the facts about ME.I said when it became so bad in 2010.I left.I didnt hang around blogs and whine.I moved on.And boy did it feel good.I agree the whole Kristen and the Priest is a bad writing choice,but its done.

Oh yes, the magic “disappearing and reappearing” gun. It is CLEAR he had a gun when he took her hostage and AGAIN when they entered the cabin to help Lucas. Just because the gun isn’t pressed to her head the entire time doesn’t mitigate the fact he DID have a gun and he used it to threaten her.

Minor details are important, but if you want to gloss over relevant facts, that’s on you.

Again with the “distraught” comment and judgmental attitude. For someone who doesn’t “care one whit about” me, you sure do insert a lot of assumptions about me. I am not whining; I am stating my opinion which happens to be different than yours. I can accept your opinion is different and the only thing I have countered your opinion with is FACTUAL evidence from the show. You counter with judgment and assumptions about my emotional state. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on which one of us has the stronger stance in this debate.

Yeah I don’t understand how a woman hooking up with her rapist and a woman raping a priest at “with the times”. Is the end of the world coming soon?

WHo knows…possibly.I never posted it was with the times,if you quote me,get it correct.And I dont feel EJ raped anyone,,so for me its not an issue.

Lisa, I believe Kay is quoting Michael Fairman from the interview where he said “but things have to change with the times. I think you have really changed with the times” in regards to the Kristen/Eric storyline.

Well said Lisa. It is a soap opera where almost ALL the characters did awful things to others, Ej or Kristen are not the only ones..rolleye.

Penny, where is the comparison to others in this thread? I don’t see a comparison being made so whether or not most of the characters have done awful things to each other is irrelevant.

Destruction of EJami? The writers are trying to repair the destructive writing under Higley and the continual propping of Rafe and Sami.

At least now we’re watching SAMI and not a watered down version of Carrie, whom was the love of Rafe’s life.

Oh look, the tried, true, and tired Rape debate. Nothing new here! I seriously just have to laugh at characters propping EJ and Sami. Where is my Cher GIF when I need it. As if!!! LOL 🙂 Please continue of you Agenda Drive posts, and of course not surprising seeing you in the mix Rock 😉 just spreading my EJami love, and on that note.

EJami is so damn hot together. These two rapists are perfect for each other. Love them and looking forward to their next lovemaking scene because you know they’re going to be freakin HOT, as only EJ and Sami can bring it 😉

Glad you’re enjoying Karen. I’ll just bide my time and wait for stories to change. They always do. Until then, enjoy!

I understand his comment that the writers made about things working ten years ago but not today..however to completely deny a 30 year story arc like the one Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn created, does the show a great disservice. We fans may understand them being back burner characters, we have survived that in the past, however to degrade the history and demolish the art is wrong. They are the Alice and Tom Horton of the past 30 years…very dissappointing. Thank you for the interview though, we know where we stand.

Yes he said it right Ejami are Gold! Thank you for the wonderful interview ! Not everyone will agree so I’m just going to enjoy what I can out of it! BTW SAMI IS NO SAINT ! Ill root ejami as couple together and separate 🙂

Love EJ and Sami but don’t write Ej as the new Stefano : It would be a BAD move and a freaking waste. Be smart for once.

Ken basically slapped an either generation across the face, when he lied and said he want to be there for 5 generations. When he hung sent Bope out to pasture by not writing a storyline for them and then hung Jarlena fans out to dry by breaking up their supercouple is such a horrible way through outright lies about their past history, and letting TomSell write John Black in such as fashion that he is unrecognizable he made a huge fan base very angry. At this point unless the work to correct all of these lies and bring back the real John Black the hero, I am hoping they will be cancelled. Not to mention the garbage that is being written in storyline with Kristen raping a priest. I suppose next TomSell will try to paint her as the heroine, when we all know that whatever revenge she wants on Marlena is really all Kristens doing to herself anyway. Because of all her lying a scheming of the 90’s

You bring in new characters who we have no attachements to & ruin our greatest characters like John Black. This is all against the nature of John’s charcter and it is so deplorable what has been done to this super-couple. Not only is a huge fan base very angry, but you have lost respect of this huge loyal fan base. You keep talking about giving what the fans want to see, but a huge fan base wants the hero John Black back with his sweatheart & soulmate Marlena.

Well the rest of us dont want it cancelled..and they are renewed till Sept 2014 regardless.If its so bad,stop watching.I had to do that in 2010.As for Kristen,,nah..she is bad.Thats not changing.

Lisa, again I find an agreement with you. I don’t want the show cancelled. I continue to watch knowing that storylines will eventually shift in another direction. They always do at some point or another.

Day’s had been pure crap for months,what these idiot writers did to John and Marlena is nautious making.

I agree totally its like John and Marlena’s history has been wipped clean like it never existed I may be 38 years old but my friends daughters and their friends are all 17-18 and 20 something years old and all love the JOhn and Marlena history. So they do appeal to the younger generation. They should start by bringing back the real hero John Black and have respect for alltheir loyal fans who supported them throught the years

Unfortunately, TPTB are slaves to demographics. While diapers might be a different story, I’m guessing cat lovers of all ages by litter.

As for Jarlena, there’s a place for them in Salem but their interactions need to be dignified. 60-year old people share hot messy kisses, but not in the middle of the Horton Town Square. Just saying.

Thanks.Love Jen Lilley.Am anxious to see her.I will miss Casey and Chandler terribly.EJ is GREY he isnt a cartoon villian.His Samantha is grey.Days works best when EJAMI are grey together.EJ loves his Samantha and their family.He is in NO way like Stefano.Hope Days doesnt make the mistake of making EJ a cartoon villian again.EJ is like TONY,he has a heart.Unlike Stefano.We like our grey EJAMI.PERIOD..

I agree…maybe recast Chad as the new evil one (and keep Kristen on because she is bad…but so GOOD being bad). More DiMera/Kiriakis feuds as well. but don’t make EJ and Sami bad! I like them better as good/grey!

Thanks for the interview! So happy for Days win, so well deserved!

Glad to see KC is aware of what fans knew all along, that JS and AS are gold! As a fan reading that comment made me unbelievably happy and excited for what’s to come. I think its expected that Ejami will have angst, any soap super couple does. All I want is for them to continue to work through any problems together and above all stay together! Ejami is truly why I watch Days. They have a passion that is unrivaled in daytime which is evident by their dedicated and loyal fans. Go Ejami!

With all these people leaving, its time to bring Bo back.

Bring back Bo and John Black to vital characters to this show!!!

But Peter doesnt want to come back.I would LOVE Bo back

He does not want to come back to no storyline and the present writers, but I am sure he would come back to Hope with great writers, writing for days again and an interesting storyline.

maybe maybe not..maybe he wants to spend time with his family and then try something is his choice although if he come back i expect he will want more stories, more challenging and maybe more screen time.

Trust me when I say I wish Peter would come back,,,rumors are he may end up on GH as Sam’s dad..I miss my Bo

Peter Reckell is still a hottie, and I miss me some Bo.

Congratulations to Days on their Emmy win and I certainly agree that James Scott & Alison Sweeney are a goldmine of talent, chemistry & connection. EJ and Sami are partners and equals in every way and I can’t believe they are going to force EJ into a little box marked “villain” and have him (and EJami) take a giant leap backward. Days has one of the most dynamic & compelling couples I’ve ever seen and they need to keep moving them forward, deepening the trust, building this relationship not tearing it down.

If they are partners and equal, why did he not tell her about the formula he stole from Nick? Why isn’t he including her in his plans to take over the empire from Stefano? Nope, not partners and equal in every way.

Hopefully they will be the new John & Marlena of today?!?! maybe??…

OMG how can you even compare them to John and Marlena…what planet are you from? Have you watch ever watched John and Marlena from the beginnning. It’s always been about love and trust. I see none of these things with Sami and EJ they were both untrustworthy and bad the moment they came to Salem. SMDH John and Marlena get real!

Lois, unless Kyra means how John and Marlena are now broken up and all but history at this point? Perhaps?

totally agree Ree.

Yes they are..thats why I love them.they are equals…and have the same nindset!!Plus imo they are HOTT..I waited a longtime for Sami to finally wake up

This comparison between Kay and Michael Corleone and Ej and Sami is silly.
First Kay was a naive, nice gal Sami is as devious as Ej ! Secondly the Sami now is an ‘heroine’ and can’t accept Ej’s way of life has already been written ad nauseam it is even one of her major motivations to keep him away from one of their children (at this time Grace who was actually Sydney) which set in motion the biggest feud they had which last all these recent years and only really stopped this last year. We don’t want that anymore, we want them accepting each others, scheming together Ej doesn’t need to be too bad and Sami can just accept him like the conflicted, grey leading man he can be. Bottom line : Sami is NOT Kay. I love the Godfather but this comparison is innacurate and silly.

While I’m not an EJ/Sami fan, I agree the comparison is horrible. And I love the explanation of your opinion on it because while I don’t agree about wanting EJ/Sami to accept each other, I can understand what you want for your couple.


I agree…and everyone knows that Michael loved his first wife best.EJ said in Jan its ALWAYS been Sami and viewers who have watched since he came to town know this is true.That scratches off the comparsion alone.

Which is further proof that Kenny is an idiot.

Eh,,not worth me getting upset over.NBC is running the show.

Thanks Michael…great interview!
Why does this make me nervous? I love EJ and Sami! BUT I don’t think i can watch them hurt each other again. It’s been a long road…too long. This is finally the EJami I’ve dreamed they could be. I really feel like making EJ too dark is the wrong move. Please tell me Ken didn’t mean it that way. 🙁
I also love Will and Sonny! They are so damn cute! ‘m sad that Chandler and Casey are leaving, but wish them luck.

Hey if you look at Ej history he is a very dark character. As much as I hate Ejami they are both bad to the bone characters and trying to every redeem either of them, will NEVER work for me. I know I am in a very small minority here. but I just don;t want them frontburner and give so much credit with by Corday, when he writes of great history for JnJ Bo and Hope John and Malrena as though they are somehow now throw away character! This is very disloyal to a HUGE fanbase that has been loyal for more that 25 years and is a great big slap in the face to all oh us. Ouch I will feel the sting of that for a long time to come, and choose to no longer support Corday and his minions by watchint the show any longer. If they ever get things REALLY back on track I might start watching. However I also REALLY feel like Corday owes all of these fanbases an apology!!!

I agree completely!

Why always blaming Ej and Sami and their pairing because you are frustrated about your favorite couples not being written like you want..It is possible to live these couples AND Ej/Sami. I agree some of these couples could be more showcased and i understand the frustration to see them backburned when you enjoy them and want to see them on your screen. But why trashing another couple who has nothing to do with that..blame the writers who could write for your favorite couple not the FICTIONAL couple you think has the screentime your favorites should have. It is the writers’ decision, speak, blame their decisions not another couple..well i don’t get this whining about something not real versus a real aspect : the writers moves.

If Ej/Sami are on the show they have something to do with it!

Juju I am not trashing this couple because I want my couple to be front and center, I am just saying I really Hate Ejami and everything that they are and have been about.Rape is never a good place for a relationship to start. I would not put up with GH for glorify it with Luke and Laura(another couple I hate in spite of there popularity) and I will not put up with Days for glorify EJami relationship either or Days/KC for endorsing the rape of a priest as the way Days wants to go! Days has totally lost the foundation that Ted and Betty built on. Real love for your soulmate, your family, your friends, giving of yourself instead of the self centeredness of most of todays characters!

It is the decision to tout EJ/Sami as the “Golden Couple” and promote them heavily and not write storylines for many other pairings that does bother many non-EJ/Sami fans. It is the decisions behind the scenes that non EJ/Sami fans are upset with. Beyond Will/Sonny, Dan/Jennifer, and EJ/Sami what other parings are being consistently written for? John and Marlena are all but extinct, especially since Drake Hogestyn hasn’t been filming and isn’t even listed on the credits anymore. Bo’s MIA and Hope isn’t given anything other than a few lines here and there. Justin and Adrienne are only on to prop the Will/Sonny storyline. Victor and Maggie are rarely on together. It’s a very misguided view to use one or two couples and not give many others couples real storylines. You’re going to lose Chad/Will (if not recast), have all but lost Lucas/Rafe to inactivity, and have lost John/Bo. For the sake of putting EJ/Sami and Dan/Jennifer on as the majority couples (3-4 times a week)?

This has nothing to do with “blaming” two characters or their FICTIONAL actions, and everything to do with the misguided view of The Powers That Be and their decisions on who to write for and promote. Why would the actors need to take to Twitter to beg their fans for support, to have their fans speak out to help them get more scenes if the show and the execs were doing their jobs correctly?

Ted and Betty wrote Bill and Laura Horton as a couple and he did rape her ! It was maybe the most successful and long story with the paternity of Mike (result of the rape) of Days the two first decades of the show.

EJ and Sami are BOTH dark characters..I would wager Sami has done more bad things than EJ..Remember her getting John hooked on drugs??Umm yea.thats only a TINY sample.EJAMI arent the reason u dont have your couple.Im really tired of Jarlenas blaming EJAMI for their woes.Jarlena had their time for close to 30 years.And I enjoyed it.Its time for others to shine now.WIth Jarlena supporting.Betty Corday was edgey.She introduced the first interacial pairing and the first lesbian.I would like to think SHE would be moving forward to 2013.And not staying stuck in the past.The show is a business.And it has to change to grow and continue.And I never thought EJ raped Sami.They made a smarmy sex deal.And thats how I view it to this day.Regardless Sami forgave him.Thats enough for me

While Days has an ensemble cast, all the actor’s contracts are not equal. There are those who are recurring, so it’s not expected that their characters will be seen regularly. By his own choice, John Aniston is recurring. The contract players have episode guarantees, and those not all the same. Since I’m not an agent, I have no idea how the contracts are put together.

From time to time, I have seen fans suggesting that Sami be back burnered. Since Ali Sweeney is on primetime TV, talk shows, and covers of magazines, it ain’t gonna happen. In the cover story articles and interviews, she almost always mentions Days. This is free advertising. TPTB love it, because it could very well translate into additional viewers. First and foremost, Days is a business.

Yeah, and contracts change. Bryan Dattlio was bumped from contract to recurring. Some are recurring by choice, yes. Some don’t have that choice. The problem is some of the ones on recurring status are the ones that it makes the least sense having them recurring if you look at family connections. Those characters could be used more to make the show more cohesive, to ties storylines together, and even if they don’t have separate storylines for themselves, they could still be a part of someone else’s storyline as a supporting role.

You mention Rafe’s inactivity but then you complain about characters with family connection not getting air time. Rafe isn’t connected to any main family on the Days character in a significant enough way that EJ and Sami’s airtime should be debated when it comes to him. EJ and Sami are from families that have been a big part of the canvas. Like Lisa said, EJami isn’t the reason why some characters don’t have air time. If the writers want to write for characters they write for them. Isn’t that why Rafe and his out of the blue family members were showcased for years, while vets were fired to make room for randoms newbies. Isn’t it also why Melanie was getting ridiculous screen time. Generational focus is par for the course in soaps and if you’re an older character , then stories are going to be limited. It happens on every soap because in the end it’s a business. If certain characters are popular with the key demos, then TPTB will promote them. At the moment, as much as Jarlena is well known and loved, they don’t have the appeal that the younger generations have for many viewers IMO. That doesn’t mean I don’t think they have an important place on canvas, but it also doesn’t mean they’ll get focus like the characters in their 20s and 30s. It’s the circle of Soaps!

Oh, and it looks like once again Days is up in viewers and demos for last week. I guess viewers aren’t hating all things EJami and are tuning out like is claimed over and over and over again. It’s a good thing Days has real data to help them run their show, and not just listening to overly sensitive non watching fans complain about a couple bringing about the downfall of a long standing soap 😉

I didn’t complain about Rafe’s inactivity. I just pointed out to someone who wanted Rafe out of EJ/Sami’s orbit that Rafe is in a coma and pretty much out of their orbit at this point.

Just an interesting tidbit…the Brady family was once introduced to the show the same way the Hernandez family was, one at a time over a period of time. Eventually there family became an “established” family. Not saying that’s how the Hernandez family will turn out, just pointing out that complaining about lack of family ties could have been used against the Brady clan back in the day.

I never said I don’t watch. 😉 And not overly sensitive so I know you’re not referring to me.

Rock, I’m well aware how the Brady’s came about but thanks for the heads up. Unlike the H crew though, the Brady’s were gradually brought to the scene and not pimped and propped like Rafe and his family. The fact they even attempted to bring him to the canvas in a similar fashion that Roman was speaks volumes. GG is a weak actor so he wasn’t able to sell me on his character, but he is nice eye candy so he has some purpose I guess.

Also, you and I know exactly what the commenter meant about Rafe being out of EJami’s orbit, and it isn’t about his physical placement. Not play coy now 😉 As for you not watching, I’m not convinced that’s a true statement but I’ll be nice and take your word for it 😉

Oh Rock, I notice you didn’t deny that EJami will bring the downfall of Days. Score one for me 😉

No EJ/Sami won’t bring the downfall of Days ALONE. If the downfall happens, it will be multiple factors, not just ONE couple. I honestly don’t think EJ/Sami are that powerful in either a positive or negative way. I think behind the scenes issues, studio/network gridlock, and writing issues would be the likely culprits of any downfall of the show. If you want a point in this “game”, take it. Or we can say we agreed on something and be happy for that agreement. Either one works. 😉

Great interview Michael and Ken…. love all the characters on DOOL. I think they should bring back the other set of twins (Cassie & Rex) plus more of Abraham’s family with past present and future ties to DOOL. Including a biracial couple like Abe and Kayla. I have plenty of ideas if needed, contact me

Can we get some news as to weather John & Marlena will EVER be together again?????

I couldn’t agree more that JS & AS are definitely gold and I am a huge EJAMI fan. I, like so many other fans, have waited for years to see this couple finally together and have enjoyed every scene they’ve had together since. I really hope TPTB can figure out a way to allow them to stay together without changing either one of their characters too much. I’d also like to say that after what we’ve seen so far this year I won’t be surprised if DAYS wins an Emmy again next year ESPECIALLY with the performances by Blake Berris (Nick). He has truly been phenomenal and I hope he is recognized for his great talent next year.

Just need to say KEN WHEN ARE YOU & OTHERS going to see that ejami (as you call them) are bringing the ratings to a new level. THE SEWARE. they are not gold. There fan base is so tiny.

You had Sami & Lucas on for a week when little Ari was born & ratings went thru roof.

My idea. Get jarlena, bope, lumi (who long time fans connect with) & put them up against evil. We long time viewers want that. History works not re-writing to suit your desire!!

Been enjoying GH & YR so much lately be/c new pairings connect with old stories but yet still fresh. You’ve tossed all old ones away so we are left with no history to play with. And long time characters are out of character. Sami, Will, Jenn. Oh wait there are no others. These newbies. Meh. Can’t follow.

Oh and why is no one working??? Really boring.
Titan? Kate or EJs companies? Sami & Lucas as VP would have been gold, john’s basic black (& his story of EJ screwing his money. Went dry. Booooo!!) … Salem PD?! Where are they to put EJ away for his long list of crimes since day one? Oh yah. You erased history.
Not interested.

By the way. One last thing

Bryan Dattilo could out act anyone with a phone book. Serious, romantic, heart breaking & spice it up with comedy. Use him PLEASE!!!
Boat is starting to sailing & most of us are still on the dock.

I disagree : i don’t want to see bad versus good stories, it is so outdated, cheesy and simplistic. I am not interested by that.
Characters can pay in other ways than jail time and Ej had pay karmic payback more than once.

The problem with EJ’s “karmic payback” is that it has never been anything in comparison to other characters’ “karmic paybacks”. Nicole gets lambasted still for her mistakes and even called out by Maxine of all people, while EJ gets praised by Caroline Brady?! EJ gets shot in the head and while he’s still in the hospital it’s revealed he’s already lying to Sami and plotting his revenge, yet Kate had to work in Hudson’s Diner for months and months to rebuild after one of her plans failed? EJ has never been down and out and had to scrape his way back to the top while every other character has had to so many, many times. Even Stefano has had “deaths”, “disappearances” and times off-screen to “lay low” and regroup. That’s the problem many viewers have with EJ.

I respectfully and totally disagree : Ej to me has paid far far more than characters like Nicole or Kate , Stefano don’t get me start, to me it is really not the three best examples to give to make your point against Ej lack of payback to say the least. I don’t count all the times someone tried to kill Ej and all the times people tried to keep him from his children ect.. Kate’s little work as a waitress for few months is peanuts compare to that, Stefano never paid for anything he was always safe and great setting up his deaths and having a good time in one of his mansions in italy or everywhere, Nicole everybody whitewash and forgive her in two seconds, what Maxine said to her was nothing and Nicole gave back as much, by the way Maxine was not nice to Ej too when they did interact. And Caroline Brady doesn’t praise Ej at all, although he did save her grand-daughter more than once, again in February in Valentine’s day she did express her discontent about Ej and Sami’s reunion and always praised Rafe as the great, good choice. So stop the rewrite.

Nope. EJ has never had “downtime” where he was down and out. When he was shot, he was immediately scheming and conniving against Sami. My point about Kate,Stefano, Nicole, even throw Sami in there….there have been many times those characters have had to scrape their way back to the top or have taken “time-outs” or been on the defensive rather than the offensive. EJ never has. I’d say Sami’s time being kept from her kids has been greater than EJ’s time without his kids, hands down. And I totally disagree about Nicole. How many times has she been lambasted for the Jennifer/baby situation…still! She is verbally assaulted by every single visitor to Eric’s office. Marlena’s first assumption about Nicole bring Eric to the hospital was that Nicole has “done something” to Eric. No one gives that girl a break or a second chance. And Maxine has never confronted EJ in the town square as she did Nicole.

I’m not rewriting. They have had Caroline praising EJ, talking civilly with him, and encouraging Sami towards him…all the while having her encourage Sami towards Rafe on other instances. There is inconsistency with Sami’s interactions with Caroline.

Disagree again : Ej has had more ‘downtime’ than any Kate, Stefano or Nicole could have although for Nicole she got her payback karma with her miscarriages i guess. When he was shot he was immediately scheming and conniving maybe but he was still shot in the head : a big fat punishment, something your other examples did not suffer once. When Brady beat him up almost to death..did he scheme ? Nope he even tried to stop the feud that Brady’s attempted murder started. When Nicole, Rafe and Daniel schemed and did everything to keep him from a potential child, Nicole went as far as letting him believe that Jennifer was responsible of the futur child’s death and while Ej wanted revenge..he did not do it because he thought of his children and Sami. Ej has also been in the defensive not the offensive when he was framed for his father’s murder and tried like he can (with Will and Sami’s help) to clear his name. Stefano ‘time-out’ are not payback karma in the least he does pretty well travelling in other countries, in fancy mansions, smoking cigars and banging some young cecily..not payback at all.
Nicole and the Jen/Dan story : let me laugh she played the ‘woo is me’ card and Daniel even Jen felt sorry for her and instantly forgave her. Again this week Daniel did express his caring for Nicole when he told Brady to not hurt her. And yep Maxine at the hospital has been bitchy with Ej more than once. Caroline does not praise Ej at all, she always praise Rafe and while she sometime tries to stay neutral about Ej when she talk about it with Sami these last months she also made it pretty clear to Sami that she doesn’t support this choice just tolerate it for her grand-daughter sake.
So yep what you just said is total rewriting.
As for Marlena she is total icy to Ej and even blamed him for Sami’s troubles just last week then she tolerated him only because she saw he was here for Sami and Sami needed him. For Nicole she was suspicious for three seconds then did thank her and then even did celebrate with her and Eric at the rectory where Eric did praise again Nicole.
And i did not speak about Sami : Sami is a character who did pay again and again by big humiliation (her infamous marriages) and her family’s disown for years.

Like I said, the Caroline stuff has been inconsistent but there are specific scenes that show her favoring Sami’s choice of EJ or giving her advice based on her affair with Victor and loving two men at the same time. That conversation did favor EJ.

Again, Nicole gets more of the verbal smackdown from the rest of the Salemites than EJ does. Sure people talk smack about him to Sami, to remind her she’s an idiot, but do they talk smack to EJ? Not even close the extent they do Nicole. Just because Daniel was empathetic towards Nicole doesn’t mean everyone else is or has been.

What “downtime” has EJ had? Like I said, getting shot in the head and the next week he’s scheming and lying to Sami. He’s always immediately back on the offensive after being dealt a setback, be it being shot or not having the kids. Nope, not downtime in the least. I think our definitions of downtime aren’t the same.

Yep definition of downtime is not the same for me than for you, it is pretty clear.

You did not read well what i wrote: Ej did not always strick back with revenge and has been on the defensive with for example his framing for the Stefano’s murder story.
Caroline never did support Ej or his relationship with Sami, she did express her disapprobation while praising Rafe or just tolerated it like i said. The Victor comparison was her way to explain to Sami that she kind of understood deep down her dilemma not full-on favoring at all. How would that be favoring actually ? Did Caroline stay with Shawn at the end of the day ? yeah..

I saw Ej being treated as more a pariah than Nicole never has been by the good people of Salem. And yes i saw people talking smack about Ej to Sami but also to his face. Telling that she is a idiot is a judgment, your judgement, and the judgement of some characters not a fact.
Just recently Daniel did defend Nicole whereas she tried to have his beloved Jen rot in jail for something she did not do and deveived him for months..Ej never did anything to Daniel and still he schemed to keep him from a child and lied to him for almost a year. Brady and Eric always defend Nicole. Nicole is friend with Rafe (who did defend her numerous times) and Gaby and Chloe (even after all she did to Chloe). Who is in Ej’s corner ? Only Sami and maybe Kristen and Chad because they are siblings. And if Taylor and Brandon were here they would be in her corner.

We really do not see the same show.

Juju, we see the same show. We just have different opinions on it. Saying we aren’t watching the same show is implying one of us is watching incorrectly. I sure don’t think this is some sort of test, do you? If there’s a quiz at the end of the next episode, I sure hope its multiple choice. When in doubt, guess C. 😉

Juju, your points were clear and I understood them. At least we are watching the same show 😉 I won’t even bother to comment on Sally’s post because its obviously Agena Driven and if it was up to them Lucas would be on 5 days a week and in every scene, and Lumi would be in love and have their 20th child 😉

I’m guessing with fanbases size does count. Being a card carrying Ejami, I would like to think that TPTB are able to sort through data to determine what brings in the most viewers. With that said, Days is probably happier with the fans that go with the flow. I’m talking about the viewers that are not refusing to watch because of a particular pairing. Those people have got to make life easier for them.

Gold… Think you must be colour blind? Copper turning green with over use is the EJ Sami pairing. Driving away your loyals.

And it leave that horrible stain on your skin that you just can’t scrub off. I love that comparison Jenni!

Well they are also bringing in NEW viewers are WILSON

That would be called patina, and it’s highly valued in classic works of art and fine furniture.

Actually there are differing opinions on the true value of patina in art. If it’s flawed or chipped, the recommendation is to take all the patina off in a restoration process. (I’d say EJ/Sami are definitely flawed, and even EJ/Sami fans should agree given the numerous writing regimes different takes on EJ/Sami has created HUGE flaws in the coupling).

Still doesn’t hide the fact patina is actually corrosion of the materials to due to age and too much exposure.

And yes, the Statue of Liberty is an example of patina, but I will laugh at any comparison of it to EJ/Sami.

patina is beautiful

Sam, whatever superficial beauty patina has does not hide the fact that patina is really corrosion.

patina is really beautiful..mouahaha

Obviously the reason WILL won;t be recast is so that Chandler can come back if his career flops “in the big pond” I think this is fair, considering Chandler basically resuurected DOOL form the dead. My prediction is that Chandler will be coming back periodically. The question is, what will be done with Arianna Grace, whether Sonny will be given a new love interest. He will not be given the boot, obviously, because fans would be devastated by losing BOTH boys and would turn their back on the show. I certainly would.

I like Will and Chandler’s portray of the character but ONE actor and character doesn’t ressurect a daytime soap which happen to be an ensemble show. Stories and good interactions, characterisations do.

resurrected sorry.

Yes, I misspoke but only slightly. Chandler *and Freddie* together resurrected the show as pureyors of the writers’ brilliant gay storyline… Like the mirror, the Emmys do not lie. Thirty-dd barren years and suddenly Best Soap Emmy just when Wilson drama reached a fever pitch and Chandler won an Emmy? The “DOOL Renaissance” we enjoy now began with WilSon and the enormous public response led the writers to begin taking risks (as per statement in interview) with other storylines as well, a ricochet effecr from the success of WilSon. DOOL stories, characterizations, interactions simply were not energetic enough to be award-winning BW (Before WilSoN) but emerged AW (after WilSon). Abs. no coincidence, and let the Emmy Record (!) show it. And the sine qua non of WilSOn is Chandler, and he likely will not be replaced for that very reason.

I love Will and Wilson but daytime emmys means should see some of their ‘winners’ lmaoooooooo

EVERYBODY did NOT want Sami & EJ together, and still don’t. To put a woman together with the man (and his family) who did so much evil to her and her family is outrageous.
And drugging and raping a priest is not “with it”. It is disgusting, as is Sami & EJ together. If you, Mr. Fairman & Mr. Corday, were not so biased and took your blinders off, you would note all those who have stopped watching, or fast forward thru those scenes.
That said, I think Eileen Davidson has been outstanding in her portrayal of the vengeful Kristen. Freddy Smith Is fantastic as the other half of the Will/Sonny pair and their story has been terrific. Slowly told, and still going on.
Days is fortunate to have such a wonderful, hard working, talented cast, who love their characters, their work, and it shows. Despite all the hardships they endure because of the extremely low budget, the too fast shooting schedule, they all shine, despite the raindrops/storms here and there.
Days was way overdue for the Emmy, and it is great to know that Ari Zucker’s work was a big part of it, as well as a great portion of the cast when the explosions in the tunnels triggered the destruction in that hotel.
Congratulations to everyone at Days of Our Lives.

Mr. Fairman…Thank you for the reply. Perhaps you could use a phrase something like “Fans of Sami & EJ” instead of “Everybody”. It would definitely clarify about whom you are talking and just who might have wanted them together. And, while the phrase “golden couple” gets thrown around, as someone else noted elsewhere, it is more “fool’s gold”, or perhaps tarnished brass, not real gold. (my opinion)
Yes, I read all Mr. Corday had to say, I have also read his book. I don’t think he said anything new about Casey D. or Chandler Massey, that has not already been public knowledge, but the interview was mostly about Days’ Emmy, so perhaps that is the reason nothing was asked about Drake H. or Bryan D. Or why Bo’s absence has not been really addressed. I found it interesting how NBC suits have to be in on story/cast decisions. Perhaps you will be able to schedule another interview with Mr. Corday, or even Greg Meng, Gary Tomlin, Chris Whitesell. Then perhaps other pertinent questions might be answered.

Michael, All of the comments that Ken stated in the interview, offended so many people that it is hard to find anything positive in the interview. “Having Kristen bed and drug Eric the priest was a brilliant move, too!” is a direct quote from you, many people find this disgusting to a whole new level, not “the controversy with Kristen having sex, or “raping”, a priest! ” That you claim it to be This kind of story telling is way over the top and to dark for even this day in age. Some people loved the days of old which focused on trust, truth, family, mystery, adventure, lovers with beautiful histories and love stories. What is being show today is appalling, depressing, smut and hate filled story lines!

well said Michael.
‘Many’ not ‘everybody’ Barb like for many other popular couples.

Hmmm…seems like someone didn’t read past the first two sentences of Barb’s comment. She didn’t focus only on the word “everybody” and she addressed several of the comments Ken Corday made. Yet the reply to her comment only focused on the discuss of that word “everybody” and ignored everything else she said. I smell hypocrisy.

Thanks Michael!!Loved the interview and I am in the key demo that wants and loves EJAMI..Congrats to Days on their EMMY!

Rock, if you don’t like his comment and think he’s a hypocrite, leave his site! I enjoy debating with you… Actually not really debating, more baiting, but come on now and get off your high horse. “Everyone” or “Majority” or “Many” negative comments here are in reaction to the fact he used “Everybody” in reference to people wanting EJami. Barb (By the way Barb, long time no see. You haven’t been trolling Facebook like usual) started out her statement in big capital letters focusing on his everybody comment and he chose to address that part of her comment. It’s his site and he’s allowed that courtesy, you don’t like it, then like I said leave. Like Michael said…. “It’s too bad that the use of the word “everybody” in one question, is what readers are focusing on instead of all the other statement from Ken in the article which I think are very interesting about all the other actors and characters and DAYS fantastic Emmy win.”

And that statement from him is completely true and far from hypocritical. Seriously, how about you guys send Kenny an email about the poor state of Days and how EJami is the anti-Christ pairing since he actually has some form of input.

Commenting on Barb’s supposed focus on the ‘everybody’ and ignoring the fact she did praise the show and some of the actors for the Emmy win and pointed out POSITIVES as well is completely hypocritical. He could have saved his response for someone who “hit and run” with one or two sentences about not being included in the “everybody” and it wouldn’t have been hypocritical as those type of comments ARE solely focused on the ‘everybody’ comment. He chose to put his response on Barb’s comment, thus singling her out and criticizing her for not looking at the entirety of the interview (when in fact she did), and he’s doing the exact same to her comment. That IS hypocritical.

If this is the only place Ken Corday interviewed, then I have every right to come here and read the interview, no matter what I think of the interviewer.

I agree Barb. Thanks for saying this.

Congrats to DOOL for winning best outstanding daytime drama as it is quite a feat in upending The Young and the Restless. I agree that producing current events in current story lines will keep pushing- the -envelope and will bring forward new viewers.
I would like to see Bo return, waiting for Chrishell Stause to appear, love the performances by Eileen Davidson and Nicole but am sadden to see Chandler Massey go (these are just some of my thoughts). MF- keep reports coming.

I agree I like JJ. Yes, the only time Dannifer is interesting is when someone is trying to break them up. However, so far they have used Jack,Nicole and her baby, Chloe and now JJ to throw under the bus to prop Dannifer up because there is no chemistry on screen between the two actors. We are told by them they are in love, so perfect but this viewer isnt buying it. They have also ruined Maggies character by having her become a meddling egg mom. Personally I find the fact the two are first non blood cousins reasons enough they shouldnt date.

I would like to see them work something out with Chandler like they did with Alison, where he could work on days and go to school too. That would be a win win for all Days, Chandler, and incuduing us the viewers.

The situation is different, school can be almost a full time job Ali other tv work is on tv and the same network therefore it is easier to manage her schedules. Moreover i am not sure Chandler all in all wants to stay on Days unlike Alison who always said she wants to stay and makes an effort to do it. Me think Chandler wants also to try other type of projects, medium, experiences and maybe success (acting is a hard business maybe one day he will come back but i am not sure).

I don’t think Chandler wants to stay. Most young actors want to put in their time on a soap then move on to (hopefully) bigger and better careers. Like Shelley Henning, Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick, for example. Also, their agents want them to move on too.


Great interview Michael. Thanks for asking the right questions. So glad that KC recognises the importance of James and Allison and EJAMI to the show. Looking forward to EJAMI angst and them coming out of it a stronger couple.

“Let’s talk about James Scott and Alison Sweeney. Everyone wanted this couple, EJami, together on-screen romantically.” …..uh no Mr. Fairman not EVERYONE wanted this couple.

And there is no romance on the show anymore – just sex.

They are ‘more than sex’ they have had many many struggles other than ‘sex’, actually they did not have sex except once or two in 7 freaking years ! That being said no NOT everybody wanted/want them together like it is the case for ANY, every couples. Many wanted/want them.

marion my comment on no romance – just sex was directed at all of the couples on the show – not just Samantha and Elvis.

Sonny and Will show more romantic gestures than any other couple on the show – it’s my honest opinion.

And I will say – I’m happy for the fans of Elvis and Samantha – you got your couple together finally – that’s great!

I think Mel meant no romance, just sex in a general sense. There is no real romantic build-up to the relationships that are supposed to be “love stories”. With the exception of Will/Sonny, the relationships all seem to be “let’s jump into bed and sort the rest out later”. There is no romantic set-ups, no candlelight (we haven’t seen that since Rafe/Sami actually), and it’s all groping and quick sex.

Not everything is about EJ/Sami.

Ej and Sami just had a candelight diner last week…

I was referring to the bedroom scenes specifically in regards to the candlelight. Gone is the romanticism and elaborate set-ups both in setting and in the “foreplay” before the sex scenes.

Sorry rock, but you’re wrong about Rafe and Sami being the last to get romantic set ups with candle light and romantic love making. Dan and Jenn got it, and EJami has gotten candle light settings 3 times already this year, as well as a romantic love making scene with rose petals, slow love making, and Days usually corny music they use to dignify that a duo is true love and meant to be. They even had a sweet and romantic exchange before he carried her up the stair bridal style for their love making 🙂 But I understand you missing those scenes when you fast forward all things EJami or if you’re just not watching the show after decades of being a “loyal” viewer 😉 I’d also like to note, that even super couples lacked moments of candlelight set up before making love. It never took away from the scenes being romantic or the viewers belief that the couple lacked love. Now you’re just nitpicking LOL

I will say I saw many EJ/Sami fans unhappy with the poor lighting of the first time EJ and Sami had sex. Although I think the complaint was based on not seeing enough of James Scott’s body. Lol! And yes fighting leading straight to sex is oh so romantic…sarcasm. I do watch, I tend to be behind anywhere from 2 to 4 episodes., catching up on long weekends such as this one.

They had one moment of candlelight dinner and fighting that led to passionate sex. I’m referencing an actual love scene that you claim doesn’t happen of them saying romantic things to each other and carrying her upstairs bridal style where they Made Love with montage , corny love music, and rose petals. Like I said, you’re nitpicking. Also poor lighting has nothing to do with context of a scene unless someone makes a point to be shown turning off a light for whatever reason. I personally loved the cinamitography of those love scenes to each his own. Fans of other couples who fight with the event leading to sex thought those scenes were romantic. I did when John and Marlena and Jen and Jack use to do it 😉 As long as there’s love and feelings involved, the atmosphere of the scene becomes romantic.

Oh well, I’m a little posted out now, so on that note… EJami is fantastic together, and I Loventhe chemistry between Ali and James 🙂

Actually, I think the build up to Sami and EJ finally hitting the sheets was relatively lengthy. Hey, they’re not married yet.

Trying to compare Sami and EJ to Sami and Rafe is extremely difficult, because the difference in the creative teams’ visions tend to muck things up. For that reason, it’s a waste of time debating whether Ejami have been under each other’s skin from day one or whether Safe feel in love in the safehouse. Viewers will have arguments for both scenarios, but what’s the point? Tomorrow it might be different.

I’m not a fan of Ej and Sami and stopped watching because of them.

I also stopped watching when they paired a rapist (and a thief, murderer, rapist by proxy to name just a few of his crimes) with his victim and because of the minimal acting abilities of this couple who has been front and center for WAY too long. Now I hear that a priest has been raped and is considered some kind of cutting edge story. Glad I stopped watching previously so I didn’t have to see this sacrilege. This whole interview was just nauseating in its bias and its focus on the worst aspects of this pitiful excuse for a soap opera.

There has been far more outrageous pairings and storylines all over the years on every soaps including Days. You don’t want to watch anymore, your choice, your prerogative but a rapist with his ‘victim’ (it was not rape to me in this case but i will not engage in this tiring debate it is my pov and opinion) is not new to soaps storytelling and the Kristen story is not more outrageous than other stories written on this show, on other soaps or even for the Kristen character (she put Brady at the hospital, tried to ruin his relationship with his father, tried to kill Marlena, kidnapped Marlena, deceived John with a fake baby, gave him drugs already to have sex when they were together and she was supposed to be pregnant, did help Peter to frame Jack for his murder, tried and somewhat succeed to make Laura crazy ect…).

Ratings and Demos are up..and not just because of EJAMI other things too.Wilson,Bristen,Kristen,Ericole,Bricole.I dont get posting about things you dont watch anymore,but whateves

Ken Corday promised that we would get EJami LSB, but all we get is an overdose of Dannifer and JJ. Why doesn’t EJami have more airtime.? EJami is supposed to be in a love story, I don’t want to see them constantly fighting and keeping secrets from one another. This seems like the same old EJami merry-go-round. I would also like Rafe to be permanently removed out of their orbit. Sami should be way over him and EJ should n’t be seeing him as a threat to his family.

Yep the Ej keep secrets and Sami is crushed and leave/dump him when she discover is GETTING SERIOUSLY OLD. We want schemes and adventures for them.


Rafe’s in a coma and Sami’s done nothing but hug and kiss all over EJ. How much farther removed does Rafe have to be?

But I do agree that EJ/Sami aren’t being given a real storyline. I don’t like them or feel they are a “love story”, but I have felt they way the were paired after Gabi’s wedding disaster and subsequent lack of independent storyline would be upsetting to a lot of EJ/Sami fans. This is what Corday considers “lock, stock, and barrel”? That’s just plain sad.

A love story? Falling in love with your rapist and abuser is hardly potential for a love story. EJ views Rafe as a threat because he knows that he was Sami’s second choice, because things with Rafe went sour over Gabi and Will. That’s never going to change. EJ is insecure, and rightfully so.

I love EJ, and I love Sami. I just despise them together, given their history. I feel it’s disrespectful to so many women who are victims of abuse.

I love Ej and i love Sami and i love them together, everybody has different taste. No big deal.

The rapist defense has gotten old. It is a new era and The showed has moved from it.

It’s not defense if it’s the truth. And it is the truth. So now we’re saying this is something all women should just move on from, act like it never happened? If this was your mother, sister, daughter who had been raped, then made to believe her daughter was kidnapped and then dead with her bloody clothes sent to her, had her husband replaced with a sick clone- only to find out a couple years later they were engaged to marry the same person who did these terrible things without showing remorse for any of it- is this what you’d say? It’s a new era, we’ve moved on from it?

He did show remorse for months and she got her revenge by shooting him !

I believe we had 3 rounds of E.J. and Nicole. He wasn’t abusive towards her? And don’t get me started on the travesty that was LUMI. Or SAFE.

And how many times were Sami and Austin engaged? Sami raped him. How many viewers worried then about what DAYS was portraying?

There was no remorse. All he wanted in the end of the Sydnapping was to beat Rafe out as being Sami’s “hero” by bringing Sydney back and making Sami think Rafe was incompetent. Sami shot him because the threatened to kidnap both children. That’s not remorse. Oh, and that same night, he also choked Nicole. Getting physically violent with someone is NOT showing remorse for your own actions; that’s just trying to pass the blame for his actions and taking his anger out onto Nicole.

He did show remorse multiple times, he even stopped his revenge scheme because he was FULL of remorse and did not want to leave Sami anymore (his first intenetion was to left her). Sami shot as a revenge motivation, Kate told her something she was not sure at all Ej was suicidal and drunk it is not at this time he would kidnap his children. Ej showed guilt and remorse ALL summer about what he did to Sami and did everything he could to make up for it except telling the truth of course (he was too afraid to lose her and the kids..same type of flaw Sami has..). He did show remorse about what he did to Sami NOT Nicole. He did not give a damn about Nicole, he loathed her at this time and wanted, threatened to kill her several times, even once Sami interruption saved Nicole.

Sami was a rapist and baby kidnapper before EJ was even born on the show. Her eyes lit up like a kid at a candy store when she found out that there was a drug that could “break down his honor” [Austin’s]. If she wants to forgive EJ for being the male version of herself, I think it’s totally understandable. Soapland is crazy and the characters of EJ and Sami are especially so. Both have gone off the deep end at times, yet also have a big heart. EJ has jumped in front of a bullet for Sami without hesitation. Sami refused to fight with EJ at Grace’s grave when they grieved together and held hands. It’s been a long, winding road to Ejami – well worth the wait. Sami has wrestled with her feelings for EJ for many years. Seeing her own them is worth a million dollars. Carries ex-boyfriend can go suck on a sandwich.

“James and Alison are vastly important to this show.” I agree with Ken on this! I adore both of their characters in their own right, but I’ll definitely be rooting for my daytime dream team, EJ and Samantha, to overcome whatever bumps come their way.

Will miss Chandler when he goes. At least we’ll still see him on our screens for a good while. Looking forward to meeting the new characters. Congrats to Days for a well deserved Emmy win!

First off so happy that DOOL received Emmy wins this year and the demos have improved, I’m sad to hear few actors not staying on though. I wish the show all the best.

The first reason I ever watched this soap is because I felt inspired by the characters of Sami and EJ these two just bring so much onscreen and I love seeing that the show is finally writing them romantically, there is so much story line potential that is yet to be told here. I don’t buy villains being not nice though maybe several decades ago, but as the world evolves so does our perception. Writing villians gray is the modern trend, they have good and bad sides, nothing is black or white there should be grey areas because that’s makes the story compelling in my opinion. I see both EJ and Sami grey characters both have grey flaws that go against the white grain this is how the show should continue writing for them. I see great potential as modern DiMera family.

The Kirsten story is in my opinion bad taste, I don’t see it current just gross in context.

I love Wilson and I think Sonny is a great character to kiriakis family.

I haven’t watched the show in months and it’s due to the Sami/Ej pairing, so no not all fans wanted Ejami.

Well apparently others feel differently.Days has reached 3rd place in KEY demos.And ratings are up 14% over this time last year.

Well if ratings are up it has nothing to do with junior/Sami…There engagement brought in a whopping 1.7 and the last rating period was heavy with junior/Sami on Thursday and Friday and those days were 1.8 and 1.7 “SOME” viewers could give a rip what junior/Sami do!

Ken Corday did say they are happy ratings are UP, not down as some people like to claim. And I think the NBC execs & Corday Productions would know what the ratings are better than anyone.

Ratings went up in May sweeps, the baby storyline and there was lots of drama. Please don’t attribute a rise in ratings to Ej /Sami because when they first hooked up ratings were falling

Umm,get ur facts straight.The day of the EJAMI engagement we had the Boston Bombings.Days didnt even air on the West coast that day.Regardless ratings are up and not down as some said would happen the minute EJAMI became a pairing.Is the surge due to EJAMI??No,,but they are part of it.If you hate EJAMI as much as you claim,you sure spend alot of time giving us buzz!!Thank you!

3rd out of 4 hey that ain’t bad Liz, but they are way behind B&B and Y&R but of course that would not matter to you. Rating up 14% compared to last year, we will see how long that last!

My name is Lisa..and its up and the show is better.Thats all that matters to me.I LOVE days and I want ALL the soaps to do well.

The ratings did not surge the second EJami got together, they plateaued and fluctuated, typically seeing higher total viewers on days they weren’t featured together.

good storytelling make ratings and well set-up climax not simple pairings of characters.

I totally agree with that Liv. The ratings go up with good storytelling.

Well actually if you go back and look the one constant during ratings spikes was the lack of Rafe on our screen….just sayin.

Lol, Molly! Well I know that I always enjoy the show a lot more when Rafe is out of town or in a coma.

I’m actually disappointed in this interview.

Michael, you chose to make such a sweeping statement that ‘everyone wanted Ejami’….as a journalist, and someone that has been around for a long time, you of all people know that is completely not true. You should have said something like, “some fans truly wanted to see Ejami in a romantic story. That would have been more appropriate. I know of many that don’t want Ejami, have never wanted Ejami and will never want Ejami. Some have even stopped watching the show because of the pairing and how the show has chosen to so easily whitewash both of their crimes toward each other in an effort to push the pairing. In the end, I don’t want Ejami, I never have but I’m glad that he compared them to Kay and Michael in the Godfather….not a good comparison I think if I were a fan of the coupling…but I’m not, so I’m fine with the comparison.

I would have wanted you to ask a few ‘tough’ questions though, like what is happening with Drake H? or why was Bryan D bumped to recurring? Both are popular characters played by popular actors, that were brought back to the show after many fans clamored for their return. Why is GG not on screen now, etc…..the Emmy stuff was a welcome read and I’m saddened about Chandler….why didn’t you ask him why he thought that not recasting such a prominent and important character as Will is would be good for the future of this show? Those are the questions to ask…..opportunities to get answers out of Ken Corday were missed, IMHO.

Extremely disappointed in this interview

Lucas stan alert ! ha.

And? So what? i love the character of Lucas… I loveEricole, i love Brady. Why does that matter? you have a problem with that? It’s on you.

great interview–and right on –everybody wants ejami–only reason most people watch

Respectfully Vickie, you are so wrong, many people have different reason for watching than ejami, I have never liked Sami or Ej and I have faithfully watched all of Sami HYSTERIA since 1993. All be it that was not the reason I was watching because I have not like Ali Sweeney or the character of Sami Brady since her arrival In 1991 when she was basically a sweet little girl with “Roman” I loved the character of Sami Brady then. My point everyone loves Ejami is an out an out lie there are many Ejami haters out there. Ejami together or apart is just awful!

Many people watch a show faithfully for many years because it is an ENSEMBLE cast, or at least that’s what soap operas should be. I know many people who have watched their “stories” (as my grandmother calls them) for many years, through many cast changes because the love the SHOW, not just ONE actor/actress or ONE pairing. I personally have watched Days for over 20 years, long before EJ/Sami. I started watching just before Alison Sweeney started on the show, actually.


No not “everybody” wants EJami.

Just say I want EJami and many people I know want EJami it’s the reason the people I know watch.

That way no one will feel the need to correct you.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Nicole Gets Her Baby Back; Then Hauls Off and Decks Sloan

This week on Days of our Lives starts, what looks to be the next and final leg of the baby Jude, baby switch saga, and all of its deceptions. As viewers saw on last Friday’s episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) told Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Jude is actually Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby. Of course, that’s a half-truth as the bio-dad is Eric.

Trapped and in cahoots now with EJ, Sloan had to confess what she did to Eric. At the cliffhanger, Eric show up at EJ’s door with Jude in tow. In tears, he tells Nicole this is her baby, and hands it to her. What will go down when the show picks back up on Memorial Day with an all-new episode?

Eric doesn’t know he is the father, but EJ does. EJ also saw Nicole kiss Eric. He is going to do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out in an effort to keep his marriage in tact.

Photo: JPI

However, how long can EJ and Sloan keep this major secret? Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Dimitri (Peter Porte) are very much alive. Will one of them blow the final whistle on them? Right, Lady Whistleblower? Will Nicole and Eric learning they are the true parents of Jude, be the impetus for Nicole leaving town perhaps with Eric, since we know Arianne Zucker’s last episode of DAYS is set to air July 29th? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile in the latest promo for this week’s DAYS, Nicole and EJ introduce “their” baby to Holly (Ashley Puzemis), while Rafe (Galen Gering) confronts Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who is playing dumb in all of this. Rafe asks her, “Are you saying you know nothing about the baby switch?” Melinda pretends she is completely shocked, saying, “Did you say baby switch?”

In the moment you’ve been waiting for, harkening back to when Nicole stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeneybaby for months, and the two finally had a showdown which saw Sami delivering bitch-slaps to Nicole, Sloan comes to the DiMera mansion to see Nicole.  Then, Nicole screams that she lost she lost six months with her son because of all of her lies. Next, Nicole hauls off and punches Sloan.  Elsewhere, Eric grabs Leo by his shirt collar, which will be interesting to see how much Leo fesses up on what he knows about the baby switch.

Watch the DAYS preview below.

Now let us know, are you happy to see Nicole get her baby back? Are you frustrated that the story is still going on and now its Eric who is the one in the dark, along with Nicole that he is Jude’s baby daddy? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Longtime Lovebirds, Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian, Set Wedding Date

In the words of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, DAYS) himself, “Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships,” it appears that he and his longtime love. Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS), have finally picked their wedding date, and the destination for their nuptials.

Back in August of 2023, the couple shared that they plan to tie the knot in 2024, and with their latest IG post it looks like the wedding day is becoming closer and closer.

As Days of our Lives fans know, Zucker is suing the soap opera’s producers and production entity, and her last episode should air on July 29th, since the show tapes so far in advance. One can assume, her character, Nicole Walker may get a happy ending and get her baby back before exiting Salem? However, that’s yet to be seen.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, the couple who live in Nevada, continue to make plans for their big day. In their newest update, Zucker shared, “We discovered a wedding DESTINATION and DATE DATE! So grateful to everyone who has helped us make this exploration an eye-opening awe-inspiring adventure!”

While Christian chimed in, “I already hear many of you saying ‘finally Shawn!’ Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships.” #justsaying #loveispatient #loveiscrazy”

Shawn’s journey as Daniel Jonas on DAYS lasted from 2008 to 2017, while Zucker has portrayed Nicole Walker since 1998. The couple have been engaged since 2021.

The duo made no clear mention of the exact wedding date or location in their post, only that they have got things locked in and all systems are a-go!

So, happy to hear that Ari and Shawn are finally about to become husband and wife? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ari Zucker (@ari8675)

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Days Of Our Lives

NATAS Reveals 2024 Gold and Silver Circle Honorees Recognizing Admired Individuals and Their Enduring Contributions to Daytime Television

Ahead of the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday, the recipients of the 2024 Gold and Silver Circle honors.

Those chosen as honorees were chosen for this recognition, as NATAS explained, “As admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television. Inductees are exceptional professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 or 25 years, respectively. They represent the best and brightest in the industry.”

Some daytime favorites in front of the camera and behind the scenes made this year’s honor roll.

The 2024 Gold Circle Inductees are:

Jerome Dobson, Writer: Guiding Light, As the World Turns, General Hospital, Santa Barbara 

A Martinez, Actor: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and The Bay.

Suzanne Rogers, Actress: Days of Our Lives

The 2024 Silver Circle Inductees are:

Patricia Denney, Former Hair and Makeup Department Head: The Young and The Restless

Kathleen Finch, Chairman and CEO, US Networks, Warner Brothers Discovery

Linda Grand, Set Master Props: The Bold & The Beautiful

Janet Spellman-Drucker, Co-Executive Producer: Days of Our Lives

Mark Teschner, Casting Director: General Hospital

Rolonda Watts, Talk Show Host, Actress & Voiceover Talent: Sherri, Curious George, Divorce Court

What do you think of the selections for this year’s Gold and Silver Circle Honorees? Comment below.

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