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The Peter Reckell Interview – Days of our Lives

Twenty six years after Peter Reckell debuted on daytime television screens, as the rebellious anti-hero Bo Brady of Days of our Lives, the actor finally scored his first acting nomination for this year’s Daytime Emmys.  To say Peter is the sentimental favorite to walk away with the Outstanding Lead Actor prize is an understatement.  Bo Brady along with his love-interest and wife, Hope Williams Brady (played by Kristian Alfonso), are one of soaps most recognizable, beloved all-time super couples.

In real life Peter is a down to earth environmentalist, husband to Kelly Moneymaker, and a new dad!  In November 2007, Peter and Kelly welcomed their little girl, Loden Sloan Reckell into the world.  At the time of our interview Peter was taking care of his daughter, and in love with being a dad.

Now as Days or our Lives picks up steam in the ratings, and the news that former on-screen love interest Crystal Chappell is returning this fall as Dr. Carly Manning, Peter has high hopes for Bo’s future.  Fans who have been disappointed at the actors’ lack of storyline this year, just have a few months to wait for an exciting new twist in Bo’s and Hope’s on-screen life.

In this candid and joyful interview, Peter and I discuss Emmy night, his nomination, and the days ahead for “DAYS”.

Listen to the audio:



What did you submit for the Daytime Emmys for competition in the Lead Actor category that brought you your first nomination?


It was right after the plane crash.  I was in the hospital with the pancreas issue, and I was talking about Pop dying, basically.  And that was it.


This was directly after the crash?


It was the first or second episode after the plane crash.  I was in the hospital talking to Roman about what happened, and talking to Ma about what happened.


What resonated for you with that performance that you decided to choose it as your submission for the Outstanding Lead Actor category?


It’s that the basic value of the show is family values.  Here I am talking with my brother and my mom about Pop and how important he was, and is to all of us.  So, I don’t think you get better soap opera than that.  That is what Days of our Lives is all about.


So how did you hear that you were one of the five finalists for Outstanding Lead Actor?


I don’t even pay attention to them anymore, and it was wild.  I was feeding my child Loden her breakfast, and did not even know the nominations were coming out that day.  One of our producers called and said, “Hey, congratulations,” and I am like, “Whoa, thanks… for what?”  He told me about the Emmys and I was like, “Whoa dude. I totally forgot about all that.”  It was quite surprise.


What did your wife, Kelly Moneymaker, say when she found out after all these years on Days of our Lives, and in soaps, that you got a Lead Actor nod?


After she stopped crying and hugging me, she said, “I am so proud of you. It’s about time.”


It is about time.  For those who may not be aware, how long have you been playing Bo Brady?


I started in 1983 and there were six years that I was not on the show between 1983 and now.  However, most of the time, I have been there at “DAYS”.


So now are you planning on getting something to wear on the red carpet and for the festivities?  I know dressing up is not one of your favorite things.


I am having my wife talking to me about it, and the people at work are talking to me about it. I go, “I got a tuxedo.  I will just wear that.” They are like, “No. No. You have got to have something special.”  I said, “OK, whatever.”


In the Lead Actor category, you are up against Tony Geary (Luke, “GH”), Christian LeBlanc (Michael, “Y&R”), Thorsten Kaye (Zach, “AMC”), and Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, “GL”).  Are you familiar with these gentlemen’s work as actors?


Oh, absolutely.  They have all been around for awhile.  It’s weird to try and pick one of us as one being better than the other.  Every year it changes.


What did your long time acting partner, Kristian Alfonso (Hope),
say when you said, “I am now a Daytime Emmy nominee!”


I give her partial credit for this, because the two of us are a pair and we work hard together. She also said, “Well, it’s about time somebody got it.”  She is happy for me.


If you actually win and get to make an acceptance speech, will you prepare one ahead of time?


It’s hard for me not to prepare a speech.  It’s kind of in my head already, and the problem is making it fit in whatever it is…20 seconds they give you.  You’ve got so many people to thank, and so many things you want to say in a moment like that.  It will be difficult to make it short and sweet.


I think we have all determined that you are the sentimental favorite to win because all of us have watched you for so many years, and Bo is such an iconic character.  Why do you think Bo has stood the test of time and is such an iconic soap character?


I bet if I could answer that they would pay me an awful lot. (He laughs)  I really don’t know. It’s a combination of the writing and the producers, and the people I work opposite of.  I have been a very fortunate person, and a very fortunate actor to be where I am at with this particular set of circumstances for so many years.  I asked Ed Scott (ex- co-executive producer, “DAYS”) that once. You know, he was the second person that called me and told me, “congratulations” after the nominations came out.


But is it true, that Ed Scott predicted you would be nominated awhile back?


Well, last year we were sitting at the Emmys and the show got nominated for four awards. We were all just excited because of that.  In the past, Days of our Lives, hardly ever gets nominated for Emmys.  So we were all just sitting there happy as hell that we got that many nominations, and I said, “Yeah. I don’t know if I will ever get one of these,” and Ed says, “Just wait till next year.”  Yeah, he is a pretty good producer.


Now, the news comes that Crystal Chappell is heading back to “DAYS” as Dr. Carly Manning.  I spoke to her recently, and she told me she is looking forward to working with you again.  Obviously, this will be major story for Bo!


Yeah. They told me she was coming back, and I was floored, because last I knew she was in New York working.  I knew Guiding Light got cancelled. It has been awhile since I had a major story.  I had that short storyline last year with the material that I submitted for the Emmys, but I have been used recently to just support other people’s storylines.  They told me Crystal was coming back, and I was like, “Oh, that means I am going to be busy!”  I had gotten into being a real-life dad. With acting it has sort of been… I go to the studio…do what I’ve got to do, which I love, but I have been being a dad.  It’s going to be exciting because Crystal is an astounding actress!


She is an awesome actress, Peter.
I think Crystal is one of the best actresses on daytime.


Yeah, she is.  I am going to have to ask her how the Bo/Carly story all resolved back then. She worked with me for a year or so…


…And then you left and Robert Kelker Kelly took over the role…


Right.  So I am not sure how that all ended up.


So obviously with Kristian in the mix, there will be a triangle for Carly/Bo/Hope?


Yeah and I am looking forward to it.  To have that triangle, is going to be pretty killer.


Last question, how is fatherhood?


daysEmmyCele.jpgI am loving it.  Being a dad is great. I am just sitting here waiting for her to wake-up from her nap.  I am just sitting outside Loden’s door waiting for her to make her first few noises so I can go in and play with her.  It’s an amazing thing, and I am having a great time.


I will see you at the Emmys!


Good.  I am looking forward to it!

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i hear you are leaving days where can i find you if you do i have been watching you since you were a little kid. and i enjoy your performances of day with hope

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