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The Sharon Case Interview – The Young and the Restless

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In a major plot twist on today’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Sharon Newman reveals in a discussion with the vision of her deceased daughter Cassie, that she switched the paternity results of Summer Newman, and that Nick is her true biological father, not Jack Abbott!  This comes on the heels of recent developments where Nick finally came forward with what he believed to be the “truth” … that he was not Summer’s bio-dad!  Or, so he thought!  Flashback: Years before, Nick has an affair with Phyllis while she is seeing Jack, and she becomes pregnant.  A paternity test is ordered.  Only when the test comes back, only Nick sees the results and proclaims that he is indeed Summer’s father.  Flash forward: Years later in 2013, Nick starts feeling guilty when Summer takes a liking to Jack’s son, Kyle.  He opens the paternity test from years ago to see that it reveals that the results are inconclusive.  So, he orders another one secretly, and this time the test comes back from the DNA sample, showing that Jack is Summer’s father.  Oh, what a tangled web the powers-that-be at Y&R are weaving now on the number one soap!

As for Sharon Newman, changing the paternity test results is just another shocker from the character who has previously: burnt down the Newman ranch, developed kleptomania and stole things left and right, and fell in love with Adam Newman (the man who stole her baby and made her believe hers had died, while he passed the baby off as Ashley’s in a despicable plot!)  But for Daytime Emmy winner and fan favorite, Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) this new plot development opens up a whole new set of circumstances and secrets that will generate so much story for her and others on the canvas in the months, and possibly years to come!

In this exclusive interview, On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Sharon Case in her dressing room at CBS to get her thoughts on: how she justifies Sharon’s action in the switching of Summer’s paternity, what she thinks this means for the future of Shick and Shadam, what will the upcoming departure of Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) mean for the story moving forward, and how Cassie’s Death still resonates years later to Y&R fans everywhere, and how Sharon and Nick losing their daughter many years ago, has been the impetus for so much heartache, change, miscommunication, and missteps, in their lives.

Whether you are on board with the decision that Y&R has made to have Sharon be the woman who pulled the ultimate switch, one thing can be said, Sharon Case has played everything that has been handed to her to the hilt, and after you read our chat, you will come away with the motivations behind it all.  Here’s what Ms. Case had to say!


How long have you known that it would be revealed that Sharon ultimately was the one who switched the paternity results?  And, what did you think when you heard that Sharon was responsible for the switcheroo?


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

I have known for a while.  I was told in advance of shooting it, roughly what the storyline was going to be, not the whole thing, but I was given enough information so that I knew how to play the scenes.  What did I think?  I think it was a great idea. I said to Josh Griffith our head writer, secrets in soap opera are key.  We have had a secret in place, or sort of secret, for seven years, and that is what is the paternity of Summer?  Nick never exposed what it is.  So these little secrets that the writers put in, and leave there for years, are what are driving the show in some respect.  So, you can’t not have them, and then eventually you have to pick them up.  But, the great thing about when you pick them up is that maybe you resolve the secret, but at the same time you create some other secret.  So it just keeps going, and that is what keeps the show going.  I love how Josh decided to address this secret about the paternity test, yet he put a twist on it, so it still remained unknown, or set wrong, or somebody does not know the truth.   But, it’s really only great if you are going to leave it like that for years, just like it was like that for years before.  So, that the same game is always in play.  How hilarious and wild would it be for it to go on for years that the audience knows that Sharon switched the test, and the audience knows who Summer’s father is, but no one, not Nick, or anyone else in Genoa City, knows except for Sharon?  I think that’s a great long-term secret, and one day it can be addressed and come out, and we could re-test the paternity, and then maybe the truth is then… it is Jack’s!  There is no reason to resolve or end it, because I think it’s fun to see what happens.  All of these things are what creates conflict and high drama, because that is what we are after.  This is brilliant, because it is very relevant to every single character on the show.  What could be more relevant … Cassie’s death, and then the paternity of Summer.  Phyllis getting pregnant in the first place, and Sharon feeling that was wrong.   That changed fate in a way it never should have.


We had spoken about this before, about how all the different writing regimes had put Sharon through the ringer, and you had to make sense of all of it, and had the task of making it all work on-screen.  Were you at all concerned about how your fan base would react now to the revelation of Sharon being the one who switched Summer’s paternity test?



Well, no.  First of all, you are right.  The burden was always on me as the actress to make sense of this character, and to try to use a point of view, an opinion, an emotional tone, something that I add to her in playing these storylines that somehow makes this make sense to the audience.  And, that was up to me.  My writers were not necessarily always giving me that.   They always gave me good storylines.  And boy, were they dramatic, quirky, fun and entertaining!  But it wasn’t all adding up in the end.  Finally, Josh Griffith did that when he decided that Sharon was bipolar.  That resolved everything from her entire past, and for her entire future.  It was the greatest relief to me, because I don’t have to justify Sharon’s behavior anymore, as the actress.  I don’t have to rely on my writer to justify her behavior anymore.  We now know why Sharon behaves this way, and that probably should have been written or decided upon a long time ago.  So, it was a stroke of genius for Josh to come up with that.  There are always times when people go off their meds, and people do go off their meds constantly.   First of all, no one really remembers to take their meds everyday.  You may remember for a whole week, but then you forget a day, that is just how life goes.  Or, you go out of town and you just forgot them, or you purposely go off them, because you think you are doing very well.  This is a chronic issue with people who take meds on a regular basis, and so you are never always leveled out. So every time you do that, you really rock your boat by missing one day of meds.


On today’s episode Sharon sees Cassie, and that precipitates the reveal that Sharon switched Summer’s paternity results.  Why do you think she came to her at this time?


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My take on Sharon talking to Cassie, from Sharon’s point of view, is this: Sharon has always been very spiritual.  She was a spiritually religious young lady.  Remember, when she was with Adam at the feet of angels at the graveyard, and she had gone to seek out the psychic?  Sharon believes in all things in the spiritual world.  She spends a lot of time at the graveyard since Cassie passed away.  Sharon really does believe that she is connected to the spiritual world, and that she does have some kind of communication with it.  In some way, that makes sense to her.  I think she feels, in really trying times in her life, extra communication with her daughter, and that spiritual mother/daughter connection will never end.  When she sees Cassie, she always feels that is her guardian angel.  Nick and Sharon have always said that she is.  They have always told the other kids that, “Cassie is their guardian angel and watching out for them, and if you really listen, you can hear what she is saying.”   Sharon is really listening right now to hear what Cassie is saying.


Doesn’t Cassie seem to appear when Sharon feels guilty about things she did?


I think guilt is a time when you are in need of counseling, as well as some other emotions.  So Sharon does tell Cassie she switched the results of Summer’s paternity.



So, does Sharon feel justified in switching the test results?


Sharon really does feel justified in what she is doing.  In fact, she feels she is doing what needs to be done.  She feels that hers and Nick’s destinies, and Cassie’s destiny, and everyone’s life was compromised by Phyllis having this baby, because Nick and Phyllis had an affair, and Nick wanted to get back with Sharon.  Sharon said “no” and it ended up not happening because of this baby …that is the thing …. it was because of Summer.  Sharon sees it, as that was something that was never meant to be.  Sharon is a religious person, and that was the devil’s work.  And so, she is going to take matters into her own hands, and set things right for her destiny, and everyone’s destiny to fix things the way they should be in the name of Cassie, who lost her life, and in the name of everything.  So she is absolutely convinced that this is the right thing to do.  Sometimes there is a point of view that, “OK, maybe some level of destruction is necessary to do right by all.”  That is why I think she thinks everybody is going to be better off because of this change that was made.  And that is why she goes into it very righteously doing so, knowing this is the right move.  I think she’ll take her signs from the universe as to if she did the right thing, or not.  And, some more signs come from the universe immediately after this that tell her whether this is her path, the right path, their fate.  It’s interesting how it moves along.


So many people wanted Adam and Sharon, or better known by many as “Shadam”.  Now are you saying that all along Sharon had in her mind that she ultimately wanted to get back together with Nick?


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

I think she thinks again that is the way things were supposed to have happened.  But in the meantime, and in those years, because it hadn’t happened that way, and it didn’t seem like Nick was going to leave Phyllis, Sharon met Adam and fell in love with Adam.  That was the only other man that has ever come into her life, where she felt the same way as she does about Nick.  I would not say that one is better, or bigger than the other.  I think they were both equals, and that is what made that storyline so interesting.  You have two different kinds of men, and yet they are brothers … and yet Sharon fell in love with both of them, and each of them for opposite reasons, which made it very compelling.  I think the events at the time that led to Shadam make perfect sense.  She had to realize she wasn’t going to get Nick back, or for the foreseeable future.  So she created a great relationship and a future for herself with Adam.  You know what?  That did not work out. It fell apart.  Now she just newly discovered that now this is what is supposed to be … that Summer is really supposed to be Jack’s daughter, and then none of this would have occurred.  Sharon is just trying to figure out her life as she goes along, too, like everyone else is.


So, Sharon is OK with Nick taking the fall for the latest paternity result fiasco, when she really tampered with the results?



It’s not that she is really OK with it, but I think she understands, because she went through the loss of Cassie as well.  Sharon can understand how really deep that pain is, and how it might drive you to make a bad decision.  Nick made a decision that helped him at the time.  He did what he needed to do.  Sharon can certainly understand needing to feel like you have another daughter to replace the one you just lost.  I don’t see how anyone could actually blame Nick for that, even though it’s wrong, it makes a lot of sense.  I think Sharon understands it, and so since Nick seemed willing to tamper with the paternity test and allow people to believe something about that test that wasn’t necessarily true, she thinks, “Then, why don’t I let people believe something about that test that isn’t necessarily true, too!”  She thinks that they are both on the same page with each other! (Laughs)


OY!  Nick and Sharon deserve each other!  (Laughs)


Yes, they do! (Laughs) I think Sharon figured if he was willing to go that route, then maybe that’s the way we should go.


When Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) found out the twist on the twist, what did he say to you?  Everyone was worried about how this paternity test switch would wreck Nick’s credibility as a good guy, and he would look like a jackass for a moment!  But now Sharon ultimately sealed everyone’s fate!


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

I have had conversations many times with Joshua and Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) about how we feel about our characters looking like jackasses.  No one wants their character to look like that.  We all get concerned when that happens, but I think as long as there is some redeemable reason why you did something, and there usually is, then I don’t worry about it   Nobody is all good, so why should these characters be?  Everyone makes a mistake in life, and can be stubborn about the mistake, or admit to their mistake.  That is how people are, and so that is what makes these characters real.


What does Sharon think of Phyllis at this point in time?


She thinks this is a dark element that literally moved in and rained over this happy family.  She thinks it’s time for her, or someone, but likely her, to literally buck-up and cast it out once and for all!


How do you feel about Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) leaving the show?  You two have had a lot of amazing scenes over the years!


We have had a lot of amazing scenes!  I remember I was in Paris not that long ago and they were showing me what episode was airing there.  It was Phyllis and Sharon arguing in one of their typical fights in the Restless Style office, back when Sharon was working there, and Sharon was married to Jack.  I thought, “That really brings me back.  We really had a lot of stuff!”  There was so much that I forgot a lot of it!  I think the triangle of Sharon/Nick/Phyllis went on for a very long time.  It was a fantastic triangle.  But eventually these triangles end, and they eventually move on to some new triangle.  What I think was we sort of merged out of that to the Nick/Sharon/Adam triangle.  We just barely merged in to that, but I see that is the triangle that is coming for the future.  Before Sharon/Nick/Phyllis, it was Sharon/Nick/Grace, and people loved that one!  Those things last for a period of time and then you move on to the next one, and then the next one is even bigger and better.  I think, as far as the Phyllis character, I think that maybe that character has played this part of its storyline out.  If the character were to come back for any reason, I don’t know if it would be the same storyline, as now this is moving in a direction and progression that the show has to take.  The show has to keep moving.  But once you get a really good triangle, it’s good to stick with them.  We usually do stick with them for four or five years, or more.  I am excited about where the storyline is going now. 

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Do you think Michelle Stafford exiting Y&R will be a huge loss and hit for the show?


We have had two key actresses leave the show this year for one reason or another.  We have had key actors leave before, but I think the show is strong, because it’s about the show.  It’s the ensemble of the show, and the characters on the show, and the show will be fine and survive things like this.  While at the same time, I think it’s important to keep key characters and key actors visible on the show, more so than newbies leading the airwaves.  Otherwise, you start losing the audience, and as long as we don’t start slipping into too much of that, then the show should be fine and stay stable.  We are all horribly sorry about the loss of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).  We miss her dearly.  It was a real hit to our show.  She had a lot of great storylines, even in recent years. Michelle decided she wanted to go and try other things.  Everybody’s feeling about that here is: we wish her luck and have our fingers-crossed.


We have discussed this in other interviews, how you have such devoted and passionate fans and followers on Twitter.  Have you checked out what they have been saying?  What do you think they will say when this all comes to light?


I have read a lot on Twitter that the fans are concerned.  They don’t like it when the writers write Sharon doing bad things.  I agree with them.  Bad things that are not explained don’t need to happen for Sharon.  I saw some complaints right off the bat.  But I am telling you, once you see the whole thing, and the great twists in it, I think they are going to like it.  So right now, I am just not replying too much.  I want them to get to see a little more of the storyline, and then we will see.



The death of Cassie was the most important event in the history of Nick and Sharon’s life together, because it really changed everything.  How much longer can this go on that Nick and Sharon don’t get back together?  Do you feel it’s time?


You would think that they would.  You have this core couple on the show that have not been together that much in the last seven or eight years … other than one quick bit together when they had Faith, and that did not last too long.  But, you know that is what happened when Nikki and Victor split, too.  When Nikki and Victor split they were split for like ten or more years, and when they got re-married it was the “Wedding of the Century”.   I was relatively new on the show then, and Sharon and Nick were married, and we were having Nikki and Victor’s wedding, and it was a big deal.  And so I thought, “That is why Nick and Sharon have been apart for a long time.”  It’s kind of like the same story told again with the new generation.  Who knows, if they will get together now?  Or, if it will be like Nikki and Victor and ten years will go by?  We will see, but I think it’s all good.


The Y&R audience adored the Cassie character.  It’s interesting to see how she is still weaved into the show.


People love the Cassie character.  She is one of the most beloved characters on the show of all-time, and to bring her back as a regular character, not just one time in somebody’s flashback, is a phenomenal idea.  Talk about losing actresses on our show that the core audience wants to see?  Well, we lost her a long time ago, and it created the best story for years and years.  But the show found a way to bring the character back in a way, it’s the best of both worlds … where we did lose her … but the actress is back and the character is still in some shape or form on the show. I am sure it was nice for the audience to see Cassie on-screen again.   I am sure it would be comforting to know that the relationship would always be there.  This is a big core family on our show.


Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Now that this reveal is out, do you think we will see more of Sharon and Adam?


I think in the future that is ultimately where it may go, but that is not what is happening right now.  It is my guess that the future of it is the triangle of Nick/Sharon/Adam.  I just don’t see it being someone else in the triangle.  These are the men in her orbit.  I am not saying she is going to get back with Nick, and then get together with Adam, and go back and forth.  That is not what I am saying.  My writers did not tell me this, that is just my projection, and it’s my impression of what is happening, because after all, these are the men that have been in Sharon’s life for a while now.  It just makes sense.


Do you remember shooting the Cassie “death” scenes?  Whenever there is a Y&R retrospective clip package that is in it, and it evokes such emotion from the audience, and it still holds up!


They were so hard for everyone.  That is the most interesting thing about those scenes. That no matter who is watching it, and I have never seen this before, but whether it’s you, me, or Joshua, or any member of our audience, or any one of the crew … it does not matter who you are when you watch that scene you start crying, and its hard not to.  It’s hard to talk about those scenes with someone without starting to cry.  Something in those scenes struck a chord.  I am sure there have been scenes in a drama where someone’s child died, but this was special.  There was something about the scene. 



It was the writing, and the production, and the performances that made those scenes some of the most gut-wrenching, powerful moments in the history of the show, or soap opera.


It was everything.  It was Jack Smith’s writing.  It was the way the story was told.  It was who these character were, and how beloved they were, and how long the audience has known all of them, and the way that Cassie died, the relevancy of the drunk driving part of the story, and the utter tragedy.  So many people were touched by the drunk driving.  It was not that Cassie was drunk, but Daniel, who was supposed to be driving wasn’t responsible and drank.  And so, an alternative plan came up and that was a bad plan, and to it was Phyllis’ son.  These are things that happen when kids are out drinking.  These tragedies touch all of us in so many ways.  Even when we watch other families go through this, we are devastated.  I think this story was so true to form, and touched everyone as though it really happened in real life.  It wasn’t a story that just happened on a soap opera, where things can just be overly dramatic, or whatever.  This wasn’t that, it was real.  It was too real for Joshua and me to even go through it.  We did it in one take.  The scene is still devastating in my mind and Joshua’s.  It’s almost not watchable.  If it comes on, I can’t get through it.  It’s so interesting how something that is on a television show can be so real to you.


Are you worried about how Sharon keeping this secret will destroy Jack again down the line?  Does Sharon even care about Jack in all this deceit?



I think that Sharon sees the bright side of that.  Jack wanted a child.  Once upon a time he and Phyllis wanted a child, and they were not able to have one.  Wouldn’t this be a blessing for that couple?  And, wouldn’t this put solidarity and family in their lives? Maybe there is a happy ending in this, and also it’s not going to change Nick and Summer’s relationship.  That is already established.   It’s not like anyone is being ripped apart from anyone, in reality.  Instead, if Jack and Phyllis are going to get together, which it seems like they are, this would be a really good catalyst to fall in love and solidify a family.


Do you think Sharon can ever be a mother to Summer if Nick and Sharon were to get back together?


Sharon is a good mother figure in the way that she says things to people when they need to hear them. Sharon has that with anyone.  But beyond having that basic ability with all people, I don’t think she is ever going to see herself as Summer’s mother, or step-mother, or ever be able to take Summer under her wings to much of an extent.  Phyllis was a poison in hers and Nick’s life, and Summer came in between Nick and Sharon, ultimately.  Sharon does not blame either of the kids… not Daniel either, and he is more directly related to Cassie’s dearth.   She does not feel that familial feeling with Daniel or Summer … they are Phyllis’ kids.  In that respect, that is an element that Sharon feels should never cross paths with her and Nick.


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Who knew that Cassie’s death would supply so much continual ongoing story for years and years to come!  We knew when Cassie said on her deathbed, that Nick and Sharon would have another little girl, that would come to pass, but so much has happened!  And look at where we are now?


I have not watched Y&R for the entire 40 years, but I did watch some of it before I was on, too, and I was on GH and ATWT before that.  So being on soaps you want to check out the other soaps.  I was aware of the characters on Y&R for some time, but I was not that closely related to it.  But, I remember there were these great couples on the show like Nikki and Victor, and Ryan and Victoria were just great, and Paul and Christine.  I remember when I was a kid I would see then on the show with Peter Barton (Ex-Dr. Scott Grainger), and I remember to this day and these were great love stories all around.  But I don’t know that the show has ever had an astounding significant story that affected the characters in Genoa City, and the show, the ways Cassie’s death hadIf that ever happened, prior to Cassie’s death, I don’t know what storyline that would be?  That fact that happened, at least in these recent decades, that is The Young and the Restless.

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tis crazy but its goood soap. love Sharon

We are back again to the hate bashing on social media RE: Sharon Newman character! She is my huge reason I watch. I am so disappointed the writers again are making Sharon look crazy. When will it be Sharons turn to be happy.?But thanks for finally doing a article for Ms. Case Love Her <3 🙂

I agree. I have been waiting for years for them to reconcile Sharon and Nick. I, too, feel like they were cheated out of their life together by the affair with Phyllis. Just when Sharon needed her husband the most, Phyllis moved in on Nick when he was vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it seems like every DAMN time it looks like they might have a shot at getting together, the writers move it in a different direction. I love Adam, but I could NEVER wrap my head around someone marrying the person who freaking kidnapped her baby and let her believe her baby was dead.

Jack and Phyllis, back in that same time period, were perfect for each other and he wanted a baby so bad. Now, when the storyline looks like fate is moving to right the wrong of Jack and Phyllis’ fate from long ago, and that Avery might be so disappointed in Nick and perhaps go back with her soul-mate, Dillon, so that finally Sharon and Nick can come together, they have to have Sharon do this paternity switch thing, which is, to me, also an unforgivable act, it looks like Nick and Sharon will never really have happiness with each other.

Geez…every single couple that should be together is kept apart. Adam loved Chelsea, Dillon loved Avery, Jack loved Phyllis, and of course, Nick and Sharon. This really pisses me off.

I hope this latest twist doesn’t make Sharon’s character so unredeemable that she has no connection to anyone in the town because by then, they will have to kill her off because she will be untouchable.

I am ready to see Nick And Sharon back togeather ! Tired of Phylis and Nick story . He should always be with Sharon ! They are great togeather

Sharon is the best character! I am so not happy with how her character still has not married her true love Adam. Seems like they changed Adam. He always loved Sharon and not Chelsea ever. Chelsea was a rebound. Sharon is now being written that she changed the paternity. No way! Sharon would not do something so cruel to hurt Summer or even her own kids that this will effect. I really would hope it is time to STOP making Sharon the worst person on the show when you have characters like Phyllis and Chelsea doing the worst things to people.

Sharon & Adam Are each other’s true loves. Not Chelsea. Not Nick. Sharon needs to be truly happy for once. Adam & Sharon need to be married & start a family of their own.

Team Sharon! Love her! I really thought we would of had a summer fairy tale Wedding for Shadam . Adam and Sharon should be the happy ever after. I do not like the hate speech I have to see on the web because the writers keep writing Sharon now worst than when they made her with Victor. PLEASE LET SHARON BE HAPPY she is the only character with a loving pure heart <3

Ditto from me. Love tour post.

Sharon I love you first off! But however not happy they still have Sharon not happy. So pissed I have to see her be so sad. Really! This must stop. I do not like the Avery character at all. I really hate the Chelsea character! When I say this this is not because I love to hate them. They truly ZZZZ Bore me that I do not watch them when they are on. I really wanted Drucilla back but still can’t have my fav. back it seems. The Rose story has dragged on and on.. I will not miss Phyllis being so mean at times but would like Daisy to come back and Danielle.To fight and make Phyllis crazy. Right now Adam and Sharon need to get back and have a baby of there own. I do not want to see this Chelsea person have anyones child. She gave away her last. Dylan needs to get away from her asap.

Sharon and Adam must get back together very simple. This thing with that paternity stop it. This Chelsea person needs to go. Period. I really wonder why they are doing this again to Sharon making her the town crazy person. As a fan of the show for 30 yrs so not happy the way they are changing the characters.

Shadam 🙂 Want my Sharon and Adam to get married again and have a baby boy together 🙂

Sharon would never ever ever change a paternity test only the evil like Phyllis and Chelsea do that sort of deal. Sharon would and should not forgive Nick. Nick lied all those years and made Sharon not let Adam see Faith when Nick did worse. Let Sharon adn Adam be happy and have a baby. I never liked Chelsea on this show. Liked her better as a crazy Annie because that is better for her.

Sharon did change the test and that is that. Phyllis is a wonderful and important part of the show and I don’t see her as evil as you do. I know Sharon is glad and some of her fans love that she has left but there are many of us wish that she hadn’t. Phyllis and the actress Ms. Stafford are great! Evil….Sharon could be called a sugar sweet evil person…evil hiding behind the false front.

Sharon better be nominated next year for best actress. I was shocked she did not win a Emmy for her bipolar story. The writers give her a script and she turns even sour lemons into lemonade. Bravo Sharon. I would love to see Sharon and Adam re marry and have a son.

WOW Sharon Case will be doing a live interview with the actress who plays Cassie. I have been waiting and waiting because Sharon is my favorite character since she first came on the show. Problem! The amount of bashing hate comments is so over whelming. sad that the writers changed our sweet loving Sharon. The writers are making her seem like she is the town pariah and she is so not! Even Victor who is one of the badist characters with his crimes and Phyllis and Chelsea and even Nikki just ask Kyles mom, Diane . Really writers please get Sharon and Adam back together. Nick was never worth Sharon’s time.

SHOCKED and horrified The writers choose once again to make Sharon who is my FAVORITE character the town crazy! Been a fan longer than I can remember! The Sharon we all know and love would never of done this to a child (Summer) or even that it effects her own children! Even if some may say Sharon may of not always made the best judgement about the men she chooses , Sharon ALWAYS loves her kids and all kids. Also Jack! What about Jack??? Sharon would not do this to Jack! Sorry I am so outraged when the writers promised to restore Sharon after the Victor fiasco! If fixing Sharon is making every single person in GC hate her when they find out because they will be running her out of town for sure. really wish that Dylan was her brother or drucilla was back as her best friend! Sharon has zero friends!

I’m all on Sharon’s side. Wish Cassie wasn’t no ghost though. They should of had her come back as a twin somehow lost in the hospital! Victor just nasty forgiving Nick but Not letting Sharon and Adam be together!When someone crosses old saint Nick he punches walls. When he is a sinner he wants forgiveness.let us see if nick gonna forgive Sharon. Sharon should kick Nick in the nuts! Her daughter died all them years ago and he goes and hooks up with Phyllis. Damn.

Love Sharon! She is the most talented actress. Thanks so much Michael for giving her fans this wonderful interview !

OMG!! she can’t even talk correctly, what I have read doesn’t even make any sense, this sharon character is so full of herself,.. Phyllis is and will always be the best actress besides Mrs C,… R.I.P.god bless her soul) , how can any one play such a inmoral character and then talk of sharon being spiritual…OMG! are you kidding me? I have watched this show since 1980, and nick and sharon WILL NEVER be another nikki and victor!! and how cruel of (case) to say phyllis’s cahracter has played out, once (michelle) is gone im done with this show CBS has made a mistake by letting her go,.. (case) should leave,.. how could you say sharon is right in what she has done… switching the paternity for her own reasons,.. yea nick may have held out all these years wondering about summer but he knew he said that summer was his, and turns out she is,..nick is not wrong here,.. sharon is! what a slore! feeling sorry for sharon,.. no way in hell !! she is wrong for what she has done,. no morals and by the sounds of this interview, she has no morals in her own life.!! what a slob!!! TEAM STAFFORD ALL THE WAY….!! GO PHYLLIS GO , YOU ARE DESTINED FOR FAR AND BETTER THINGS THAN THIS CRAPPY STORYLINE OF OMG! POOR USELESS SHARON….. Annette Dallas for TEAM STAFFORD!!

I thought and I hope that I was reading more into what Ms. Case said in reference to the Phyllis character. I think the awesome Ms. Stafford and Ms. Case are friends but when I was reading Ms. Case’s interview I was like wow she didn’t sound nice reference Phyllis or Ms. Stafford, she didn’t say anything negative towards Ms. Stafford, it was just what she said in the end of question reference Phyllis and Ms. Stafford. In all fairness, I may have read more into than what Ms. Case meant. Team Phyllis and Team Ms. Stafford always!

She wished her well and said MS wanted to do other things their is absolutely no hostility between these two women they do not take their work home with them. That is fans pitting the characters/actors against each other they are role playing nothing else. I just wished she had not been thrown under the bus again but so it goes.

I think it’s stupid, IMO.. They built up the storyline, then Phyllis acts like an idiot and kisses Kyle to keep him away from Summer, now this? I wanted Jack to be the father..

I agree Jewell. I was routing for smiling Jack. I know this is TV but this is cruel for Jack as well as NIck.

this is ridiculous all t his heartache for what I have no words for the disgust I feel for this regime this could’ve benn a great s/l but they’ve ruined it

I want Jack to be the real father. Maybe it was Faiths hair Nick sent in by mistake.

Ooooo, and Ah ha!!!! I love this plot. Maybe so. Never thought about this twist!!

You are so beautiful Sharon! You are the Best!!

Agreed! 🙂

You are the Best Sharon!! a big Fan French!

Love Sharon also. Sharon and Adam need to get back the way there characters always loved each other. What happened to Dylan and Sharon being siblings? I thought that was a fantastic idea.

This storyline has turned into a JOKE

I couldn’t agree more its a joke

Agreed, how many times can they throw Sharon under the bus, until there is nothing left to retrieve?

Why does Sharon keep calling Josh Griffith and his staff “my writers”. Very egotistical. And she seems to brush off Michelle Stafford’s departure.

She sounds as delusional as her character.

I agree…

that’s pretty rude, she wished her well what is she supposed to do cry and said the show will no go on it will. she spoke about facts noting wrong with that.

Yes I noticed this too! She doesn’t sound all that upset over losing Jeanne or Michelle!

Yes, she did totally brush that off lol I see you Sharon! But delusional? Ummm, no, not sure how that was inferred (unless you mean in regards to her speaking positively of the story line, then ok). There are some delusional actors on this show when it comes to their characters, and Sharon isn’t one of them, but apparently, some people cannot separate reel life from real life. Just because you dislike/like the character doesn’t mean YOU have to be delusional. I see this a lot on those raggedy boards. Good interview, and she answered the questions and threw as many neutral bones as best as she could-except for the part about how she felt about MS leaving lmao.

If she said “I hate the story and Michelle Stafford leaving was a big mistake” she’d find herself fired and not able to work in soaps (I can think of one outspoken soap actress who’s done that and now she’s not working). Privately I’m sure she’s devastated both Jeanne and Michelle aren’t on the show. Privately I’m sure she HATES the story, but do you trash your boss in an interview then go to work the next day like everything’s fine? NO! Would you?

And considering she’s been there since 1994-1995 Im ok with her saying “MY WRITERS” as most of them are newer to the show. And I bet if she said “THE WRITERS” people would say “She’s so detached and unaffected.”

Stop being a cyberbully. You don’t like Sharon or it’s stories stop watching. But we have had a HUGE rash of teens committing suicide over cyberbullies (aka anyone who comes online to bash people they have a perceived notion of for no other reason than boredom); it needs to stop in adults as well. IT’S A SOAP OPERA! IT’S NOT REAL LIFE! Cut it out. Sharon is a consummate professional answering her questions the best way she can with as much tact. ANYTHING she says will be scrutinized. I support her…even if I no longer support the storytelling.

Well said David, common sense goes a long way. If you are speaking of VR, then she is definitely working. She has always had a lot on her plate.

Because there are always a set of specific writers for each character and story line. This is not news.

THANK YOU FlixX. This I didn’t know. So there IS a headwriter whom says “I want A, B, and C to happen” then there is a set of writers to say “I will take character X in story A?” WOW That’s pretty interesting. It makes sense though. I’ve been watching the show since 1992 on and off and NEVER knew lol

It’s not VR. In fact she didn’t say anything till after she left. There is another multiple Emmy Award winning actress whom bashed her producers/storyline while on the show. I personally love her and miss her on screen, but I think she’s been blacklisted.

Even if she wasn’t think about this would you in an interview bash your current boss even if you had cause? In this job market you’d be a fool to do so is what I’m telling you lol I’ve had friends bash their jobs on FB and then get fired cuz coworkers told on them. Whatever you feel personally you keep to yourself and express positivity to the world. That’s how you keep your job and get another should you lose your current. Sharon Case is amazing! I watched her on both ATWT and GH!

And let’s keep it real when Sharon Collins first was in Sharon Case’s hands (always thought it was weird Sharon is playing Sharon) she was a basic saint. Worked hard to help her wheelchair bound mother. Had a child out of wedlock in high school. Found with Nikki constantly. She lost her way BIG TIME after Cassie died. Became extremely promiscuous, klepto, and married all the wrong men FOR HER! I get the whole Cassie ghost thing. But switching the test results…it’s funny as I am watching today’s episode I was saying to myself “They will win the Daytime Emmy for writing…oh guess not.” When she explained to Cassie why she did what she did it was awful.

The writers clearly watched old tapes of Y&R saw the audience never saw the actual results Nick was holding and built a story around it. I loved it because it was to me Nick Newman becoming exactly what he vowed he’d never be: Victor Newman. Then they throw Sharon in the mix? Didn’t they just get me to like her again? Bipolar people do messed up stuff but this is just a disservice. A gimmick to let her get away with stuff and be redeemable…OR is she going to be the next town Villaness?

Either way I’m on the fence if I want to continue watching. I love the actors and support them but JFP and JG…(breathes deep). I don’t know if I can support those two individuals as JFP has been a challenge on every soap I’ve loved (remember she killed Maureen Bauer on GL then tried to fire Anna Lee on GH?). I’m gonna play it by ear this week, but I may do what Michelle Stafford did…and walk away.

YW 🙂 Yes, it is true, but I believe they switch off, kind of like a musical chairs kind of thing. I have heard (or read actually lol) actors say this in interviews. I believe it all has do be approved though, or at least they piggyback off of a them or idea, or something to that effect. Trust me, you will get varying answers to this question, just like some say that the actors have input and some say they don’t, which they do…to an extent, and it also depends on who it is I guess lol I really don’t believe she was trying to be egotistical, but like I said before, these people have a hard time separating reel life from real life. It’s funny that you mention it being weird that Sharon is playing Sharon. Sometimes, I get the feeling that the nasty comments are directed towards Sharon Case, under the guise of “Sharon the Character”. I saw a pic of her and JM presenting at the Emmys a few years back, and someone commented something to the effect of, “ugh, you can tell he doesn’t even want to be up there with her, he looks so bored, she is such a whore, PHICK is better” -_-…REALLY?! lmao I agree with everything you said. If she had said her honest feelings, then she would get slammed for being tactless. Sharon and Sharon can’t win!….HOLY COW! It was JFP that killed Maureen?! My mom is STILL mad about that! I never got to see Maureen unfortunately, but have always heard about her (I always heard that Ed and Lillian’s affair was stupid, random, and unnecessary…It was Lillian, right?). Sometimes I wonder if this is deliberate. I have never understood why they play musical chairs with these Writers and EPs. We need some new blood; some new blood who actually care about soaps, their legacies, the characters, and most importantly, the AUDIENCE. I haven’t watched in a while, I just kind of keep up with it by reading about it. I watched the episode where Nick told Phyllis the truth, but haven’t watched since (and hadn’t watched since the fall of last year). I was going to try to get into this LONG AWAITED story line, but, I just can’t. I can’t watch this happen to Sharon anymore, I am so tired of it.


Love Sharon! She is the best

The Ed/Lillian/Maureen story was actually very well written. It was adult, mature, and utilized beloved veterans in a very meaningful way. The fact that it resulted in Maureen‘s death was sad and a legendary industry mistake, but if you go back and watch the aftermath on Youtube….wow! Awesome acting and writing. It was really soap opera at its finest, despite the fact that it was a very unpopular decision. I don‘t know why JFP feels it is her duty to kill of core characters at all of her shows. GL-Maureen, AW-Frankie, Bridget. OLTL-Drew. GH-half the cast. She has not killed anyone of importance on Y and R…could it be that after decimating and gutting other casts, she has learned her lesson? CBS and Sony seem to have her on a very tight rein. She is a very good producer in that she takes what is written and translates it very well to the screen. I would LOVE to see her paired up with a head writer of quality and substance like Claire Labine, or Lorraine Broderick. It seems all of the major head writers she has worked with are all recycled hacks into telling violent and misogynistic stories…Bob Guza, Megan McTavish, Margaret DePriest, Charles Pratt, etc. And Josh Griffith‘s “writing“ does her no favours either. This man seems virtually incapable of telling actual stories.

Personally, I have been a long time fan of Y&R and I don’t like the way this storyline is going regarding Summer. This is the cruelest thing to do to anyone. I could take the old switcheroo but to do this to Nick and Jack is unforgiveable. That is messing with peoples lives. Now Jack and Summer will bond and only years later or when either of them get sick when they find out the they are not kin.


Nick is the one that did not get it retested, just because the results are now switched doesn’t change what he did either. I think its a great storyline and have waited years for this to come out. Soaps are about entertainment and drama and that is exactly what this is! We got some amazing scenes already some of the best acting I have seen in years. Just that alone makes it worth it and I am sure we have more to come.

I cant believe someone at y&r thinks this is the way 2 go im sick as a longtime viewer im done this wqs the chery on the sundae for me along with all the other idiotic s/l’s right now on y&r

OH I SO AGREE Kerry,.. this s/l is so cruel, yet an actress can say its what needs to be done!! this is bad writting … i think my boots are walking away!!

Well this is NOT a TWIST- this was a GIMMICK– never mind Nick losing credibility— for me the show has LOST it with this gimmick. As a viewer I do not wish to be manipulated and that’s what this story line was– now whenever there is a big reveal or emotional scene it will be meaningless to me, because with a stroke of a pen some writer can undo it all.

I think it was pointless to redeem Sharon only to have her go back to altering tests just because she thinks it is right- what is she off her meds? Frankly I love Ms. Case but I will never respect Sharon the character again. They ruined her with this last stunt. To

For me this gimmick ruin what was a solid week of heart wrenching performances- I am big fan of the show, but this stunt has lower my respect for it, because this stunt does not respect the characters, the show’s history or the audience- this is NOT good soap writing- it is writing to grab ratings– it tick me off so much- I am furious.

Ms Case can spin it all she wants, but this was just the wrong move for the show to make. I have defended a lot of lame story lines over the years, but this one- crossed a line- and I’m not sure the show will ever be same again for me.

I totally agree!!! I am NOT happy. We have waited patiently for YEARS for it to come out that Jack is Summer’s father and we didn’t even get a week to enjoy it.

It should not take years for this plot to get undone. Undo it now!!!

Who is “we”? There are many of us who love Nick being her father and never wanted it changed. Shick and Jacks fans may have wanted it to happen but many more of us did not want a switch.

“WE” are the fans who have waited years for them to come back to this story that they eluded too when Summer was born. Now they finally do, and the other shoe goes and drops before the first one even hit the floor!! It makes the whole story pointless now. They could have milked this story for a long time with wonderful implications and repercussions. Now that we already know Nick IS the father all of the suspense is gone. And I hate that they are turning Sharon into a total nut case. Hoping they do a better job with Katherine’s death and the story that follows or they may lose me all together. This was handled horribly. Y & R is not what it used to be.

I don’t understand how she can think anyone would be happy about this story line. So many people love her character and are tired of the blatant assassination. I am thinking that she is hoping that people will appreciate that the character isn’t a goody two shoes and that it is something different for her to play. Believe it or not, some people want bad Sharon. I can understand why, as an actress, it would be interesting to her though.

speaking the truth mary.. i so agree…. no moral writting at all…. its a sad day for Y&R…

I agree with every word you said, this paternity storyline is a HUGE disappointment and a LOT of fans are not happy with it. I’m not watching the show anymore because of it. What was the point of this storyline when the results are the same? I would be interested to hear from the writers and why they thought this was necessary to throw Sharon further under the bus!

I have waited so long for Summer to be Jack’s. I am not all that happy with the new twist. I hope they keep it a secret a long, long time. Poor Jack never gets any long term happiness!!! And I don’t like that they have turned Sharon into some psycho person like Phyliss used to be….switching paternity tests and all. Sharon , for so many years, was the good girl and Phyliss the coniving b..atch I liked it that way!!

Sharon was never a good girl, but she was never a psycho either! This is out of character and soooo left field…when was the last time she was even checking for Nick?

omg..i love sharon case…but im soooo glad i tuned this show out when they fired genie francis,,,i giv it 3 years tops…

this is an out right lie, we have know for seven years that JACK was the FATHER & to change it now… We the FANS are not buying this story line. this is the same story line with Victor & Ashley baby. NEW WRITERS WANTED!!!!!!

Again…who is “we”? Stop speaking for all of us. Summer always has been and always will be a Newman.

WHO Summer’s father ends up being is not the issue. The issue is, after several years of horrible writing, it looked like WE, THE FANS, were finally going to get a good. meaty story and they killed it before it even got off the ground. No one is speaking for you.

Agreed, the “revisionist” history is a bit disturbing. This was stuff “other” soaps did, not Y/R, if one does not include that whole Cole/Victoria mess from the mid 90’s. I predict the same for Kyle/Summer/Noah, with poor Summer headed for the nearest Sanitorium. 🙁

SC is as delusional as Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman Newman Newman almost Tucker

sorry, but Nick is Summer’s father, Saint Cassie of Genoa City is dead and rotting in a grave, too bad she can not go the way of other dead soap characters – FORGOTTEN!

Hope SC has put away a nest egg, JFP hates female soap characters over the age of 40!!! I have a feeling SC will be the next gone.

She really is. I think she must be off her meds. HOLY COW

…But…isn’t that why she changed the test though? BECAUSE Nick was the father?…I don’t understand your comment.

GMAFB, Sharon is a lot more evil then Phyllis ever thought of being. Sharon has committed more crimes and committed adultery over and over again and has no problem having sex with relatives.

Ms. Case seems to think that her character is some teenage virgin who does no wrong

and the whole Cassie crap, being used by both her mother and adopted father like this is sickening.

Ms. Case may think she is lead character material, but now that role is with Jessica Collins and Melissa Claire Egan, JFP does not write for over 40 females, she gets rid of them

LOL LIES. BTW, Reel life does not equal real life, not to mention, your hostility is misplaced and out of context. I could see if I actually said Sharon was a saint and Phyllis sucks, but I said neither. Heck, I didn’t even bring up Phyllis’s NAME LMAO. Crazy. And where did she say or imply that her character was a teenage virgin?! TF…

Crystal…very well said!!!!! Also, ever since Jess Walton came back to Y and R, why do you think Jess is currently on recurring status (or whatever)??? Yep…because of that Soap-Zillla W-I-T-C-H Jill Farren Phelps. And, you know how Steve Burton is JFP’s current golden boy??? Well, back in the day, A Martinez was also one of JFP’s golden boys. This goes way back when A was on Santa Barbara…another soap that JFP gradually RUINED with her godawful, controlling and bullying antics. Bottom Line here: JFP’s tenure at Y and R is rapidly (and even more inanely) becoming an unnecessary KISS OF DEATH. VERY, VERY DUMB AS HELL!!!!!

Sharon is a lot ore evil than Phyllis!? GTF out of here with that. You obviously do not know these two characters or their history. Your comment is a joke.

Almost McCall you mean. Tucker was his first name.

And Crystal…um…Sharon is more evil than Phyllis ever thought of being?????? Well. Possibly if you have only watched the show since last summer, I could see how you might think that. But Phyllis has committed murder, attempted murder, and she was a certifiable psychopath back in the day. She did stuff that would have made Patty Williams blush like a schoolgirl. So…you can hate the character of Sharon, but you cannot realistically say that she is more evil than Phyllis because it‘s just not true. For the longest time, Sharon‘s biggest problem was the fact that her legs could not stay together. Being loose with your goodies is not a crime.

Crystal…SAY W-H-A-T????? Jill Farren Phelps actually HATES female soap characters over the age of 40????? W-O-W…I did not know that. Crystal, check this out: Back in the day, that manipulative and controlling vulture JFP herself pretty much openly feuded with Robin Strasser (aka Dorian from OLTL) and especially Beverley McKinsey (aka Alexandra from GL). Also, get this: I once read somewhere that JFP HATES working with ANY soap actor or soap actress older than her. When JFP was the so-called executive producer of GH, why do you think she VERY UNFAIRLY fired/got rid of Stuart Damon and Anna Lee????? And, trust me…JFP caught MAJOR HELL from BOTH most of the GH cast and from countless soap viewers because of what she did to Stuart Damon and Anna Lee. I mean…Anna Lee was in her 90’s when JFP very cruelly let Miss Lee go. One last thing: God only knows which current Y and R female cast member that that insufferable witch JFP will get rid of next????? Remember when she got rid of BOTH Genie Francis and Debbi Morgan??? Oh, God. Anyway, take care, Crystal. Peace.

I love Sharon, but I HATE this story line. :'(

I so agree with Sharon saying that the Cassie Death scene and storyline is the most dramatic, on-going emotional plot with overtones today of Y&R. Even just readng through Sharon’s answers about the scene of filming Cassie’s death, I have tears in my eyes.
Several years ago, at one of Kate Linder’s Vancouver Afternoon Teas, Christian LeBlanc asked everyone there about what they thought was the most emotional story of Y&R. Almost unanimously everyone shouted out Cassie’s death.
It was a great scene with all three, seeing as Cassie was acting lying very still too and Joshua and Sharon absolutely devastated. I actually bid on one of Christian’s prints at one of the Afternoon Tea’s and have the one with Cassie’s face in the print.
Great interview with Sharon. Keep up the great acting, no matter what the writers write, you can pull it off!
From a Canadian fan in Vancouver.

Those were great scenes, now imagine those scenes happening, going through all that grief and pain and then the next day, Cassie heart starts beating out of the blue- and she is not dead after all. Those scenes stood the test of time, because they were rooted in reality- there didn’t undo the death. They didn’t have her die to get ratings, then have her live to get ratings- it was about the story and that is what made it great.
This is why so many are upset at this new story line, they had this whole week of powerful performances– only to “undo” it a week later- to clue us in that Nick is the father. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Maybe they will undo this twist too. But at this point as a viewer I no longer care- it is all meaningless to me.
To me this isn’t good soap writing- good soap writing is s/l like Cassie’s accident- things that really happen- tragic things, dramatic things- things that can’t be undone- just lived through. It is a shame soaps have been reduced to stunts and so many actually think that is what a soap is about.
Yes Ms Case is wonderful at her craft, but there comes a point the story is so horrible even the most brilliant actor cannot redeem it. I am another Canadian fan who hates what they are doing to Ms. Case’s character.

Very good message Mary. More love from Canada here. 🙂

You know, I think if one person could relate to Sharon in all of this, it would be Sheila. If Kimberlin was on the show right now, I think they would have a strong friendship since Sheila always did the wrong things for the right reasons and we see Sharon has been heading down this same path for some time now.

Sheila was a loon lol come on now

hahaaaa , awesome! i so agree ,

No if anyone could relate to Sheila it was Phyllis.

Before Cassie’s death, it was the death of another Cassie- Cassandra Rawlins – way back in 1991 that launched a really intriguing umbrella storyline where Paul and Brad were both potential heirs to her huge estate. Victor, who was also in love with Cassandra had to justify his sentiment for her to Ashley and Paul was worried about telling Lauren who had just gone into labour. In fact, the episode where Cassandra was killed trying to get to Paul marked a major MAJOR zenith in Bill Bell’s creativity on the show for it was that very SAME episode where Nina shot David Kimball five times and Sheila’s black market baby was delivered just as Lauren was going into labor! Amazing times. The best for Y&R!

Im sorry to hear that Phyllis is leaving Y&R! She will be missed ! Always loved Sharon& Nick together -Hope to see you in Vancouver for Kate’s Tea- Ive been watching the show for years-

Ms. Case is always promoting the triangle that keeps her relevant on the show.
I hope that triangle is never revisited. I hope the Adam/Sharon thing is permanently destroyted. You would think that flip flopping again between brothers is a sicko sitiation and she would be tired of it Ms case wantst stay employed and her ticket is JM and MM. I find her a complete waste of airtime. No matter what story she is in it is boring, boring. Not even MM can make her interesting. SC is as dilusional as SN.

Ms. Case is always promoting the triangle that keeps her relevant on the show.

…someone’s mad

no we are just stating our opinion!

What does that have to do with them being mad though? NOTHING. Here we go with these out of context replies again…

agree again,…. SC is as dilusional as SN

Sharon has always been one of my favorite characters, and so is Jack. I hate what this “twist” has done. Finally, Sharon’s neurotic years had been explained, and now this! I know that those with mental illness have ups and downs, but this is ridiculous. I have waited since Nick was announced as Summer’s father for it to come out that Jack was really her dad, and that too has been destroyed. Sharon would never destroy a child’s life, even Phyllis’ child. Remember when Summer had the allergic reaction and since Nick and Phyllis were being investigated, Sharon sat at Summer’s side. Maybe the writers think that the memories of the fans are short-lived…they are NOT. Give us some credit. We remember old storylines and the nature of the characters. Kudos to the actors for putting up with craziness in writing, but my gosh, we barely have any Soap Operas left. Do we have to destroy this one too?!

Bring back Jack Smith! Fire JFF now!

Who is JFF??

Sorry i meant JFP (Jill Farren Phelps). And really they need to rehire both Kay Alden and Jack Smith.

Sharon Case is so wrong. Her fans HATE what is going on with her story line & the Y&R fans are crucifying her character.
I have been a devoted fan of Y&R & have been waiting for a SHICK reunion for the past 7 years. When I watched Monday’s episode I was disgusted. I cannot believe what Josh griffith has done to SC’s character.
When JFP took over last year we were all lead to believe that one of the top priorities was to “fix” Sharon. They diagnosed her with bipolar & had her getting back on track, then this. There is so much hatred directed towards Sharon that I seriously doubt that her character can ever be redeemed now & I think that SC will grow to regret having not fought where this story line was going.
I have watched this show since I was a child & have been supportive of the changes that have been made, but this is the final straw. I really don’t know if I can keep tuning in after this.

What she said in this interview is correct.

The scene with Summer & Jack at the Abbot from door when they saw each other for the first time, thinking they were father & daughter, was beautiful and amazing. Hunter and Peter’s performances were simply outstanding. The whole storyline was, I felt beautifully done, by all actors. However, just when I was so moved by those moments and seeing Cassie again ( which was a dream come true) I was thrown the curve of Sharon going in and changing the test results!! While I understand Sharon Case’s view that this gives a basis for continued intrigue & drama, in the moment I felt cheated and manipulated. So much emotion had been invested over the last few weeks. Things had been resolved. In amazing scenes, Nick had told Summer, Phyllis had told Jack – beautiful symmetry there. I was just about to comment kudos to all and then this twist. I don’t think Sharon would have stooped to those measures. The Vancouver Tea is coming up on Saturday and it will be interesting to hear the comments from cast & fans alike on what I’m sure will be a hot button topic!!

Awesome interview Michael with Sharon. I watched Y&R in the very beginning in high school. Then adult life pulled me away and have really watched again for about 2 yrs. Sharon has not been a fav of mine but now I see/think she is not taking her meds. This is causing her to do the things she is to get her “almost perfect life back”. She wants those happy times. So yes Sharon is a fav of mine her warts and all. I do feel bad for Summer and Nick because of the pain it will cause. But I will see how they proceed. Great job by Sharon and Y&R. Thanks again for the interview!

Ms. Case, I love ya – you are so talented and beautiful – but have you been drinking the JFP koolaid, or perhaps you are trying to keep your job? I know you are a smart woman, so I am disappointed on how you try to justify this crap, but I suppose you have to play it this way. Sharon has been vilified so badly by the writers – she has no friends, no family other than her kids, she has BP, she does totally un-Sharon-like crazy things, everyone in town hates her, etc. I thought Sharon was going to be FIXED. How about delving in to Sharon’s problems with that wonderful therapist she has? (Her scenes with Sharon are fantastic.) How about a dad or a brother or sister who actually care about her? Soo many opportunities for Sharon besides the crazy bit.

So, after watching on and off since day one, I finally give up. I don’t care if Sharon just “imagined” she did it, or if Summer is still really Jack’s, this show just has jumped the shark. JFP needs to be fired for all of the crap that has been airing. You have no idea how much I miss Y&R of old. It will be hard to let go, but this show is barely a shell of what it used to be.

I’m holding out that this is all a dream ala Dallas. A result of her not taking her meds. This is soOOoo out of character for Sharon, it’s not even funny. She having conversations with her dead child, so I’m inclined to believe, the poor dear got her dosage messed up.

Well at least if that were the case Sharon the character would have a chance- obviously at some point they would need to address her illness head on. But as a twist on the paternity test story line- it was unnecessary to have this side to it. I get writers wanting to prolong the suspense of ” who will be Summer’s father?” but sometimes in story telling the direct approach is best– even if they undo it by saying Sharon dreamed it all- the fact they threw it in there at all tainted the story line for me– it is a shame really- the only good thing if there is a twist on the twist like Sharon only imagines she did it- is it will save the character Sharon, otherwise, if true- she crossed the line from victim to villain and I would hate that to happen to that character.

With respect, Miss Case does not yet realize the character of Sharon has been murdered. She can not be redeemed. It is too much. The destruction this will cause is not entertainment. JFP, JG, & AM are killing this show way faster than MAB & the 2 writers of the apocalyspe ever did.

If they can redeem Michael Baldwin for attempted rape, anyone can be redeemed!

Michael also strangled his accomplice Rebecca to death in 1993 and tampered with the brakes on Hilary’s car so she would crash. Y&R views seem to have forgotten.

I took y&R off my dvr today I refuse to watch this nonsense I love s haron case but after reading this interview all I come away with is she’s drinking the kool aid to im very disappointed that anone would think that this is a good s/l ive watched well over 25yrs and this has to be one of the worse s/l I see it as yet anoterh way to make Sharon the villioan and the guy who kept the lie for years becomes a victim due th her actions I feel this show as a whole is at a crisit point and things needs to change soon.

I think this story is stupid. What they are putting Jack, Summer, Nick and Phyllis through and for what?…never mind what they are doing to Sharon’s character. Y&R is so bad right now. The acting is great…the show sucks.

Let me start out by saying I love Sharon Case the actress. She and Michael Muhney are my two favorites on Y&R. I have been watching Y&R off and on for over 30 years and it has always been my favorite soap. For the first time I am very disappointed in the story lines. Not disappointed in the actors on the show. Paul, Summer, and Nick had me crying. Very well written and the emotions were running so high I cried and cried. I could not wait for Jack to find out about Summer being his daughter. We all new from the start he was the father, not Nick. Everything was fine until the writers made Sharon tamper with the results. The air went out of the balloon. It was spoiled for me. Sharon Case is so talented and she has been given crap stories for some time now but she always delivers. It is time to fix Sharon. She is way to talented to be wasted. And while I am on the subject of being wasted, where is Adam Newman? Do we need to put his picture on a milk carton? He is missing on my t.v. screen and I cannot stand it. Why do we have so many new people and everyone has scenes but Michael Muhney, the best thing to hit Y&R in years. These writers and new people in charge better wake up and listen to the fans. I feel like Y&R is in serious trouble. Need to turn it around. We need better writers. We need excitement, romance, good story telling using our characters we have always loved. Sharon, Adam, Billy, Vicki, Victor, Nicki. They are all talented and just need good scripts. The talent is there just waiting on a good story. Who says the triangle between Sharon, NIck and Adam is old news. It was some of the best stories ever. Very exciting and entertaining. Very sexy also. Let Chelsea have Adams baby and they co-parent like so many couples today and let him be the one to save Sharon once again. They both truly love each other. Sharon is just off her meds and having a complete breakdown. The writers have Adam so screwed up right now saying he only wanted meaningless sex with Sharon. That is a bunch of crap. Shadam was the best love story on daytime. They understood each other and were good together. Give us back our Adam and Sharon. Leave Nick with Avery, put Billy and Vicki back together, and send Dillon back to General Hospital. Send Chelsea on that slow boat Victor talked about not too long ago. Adam and Sharon can take care of baby Newman.
Anyway, thanks for the interview with Sharon Case. I always love interviews with Sharon and Michael. Sharon is always up front and honest with her fans. She speaks from the heart.

Very well said– I don’t understand why tptb can’t put two and two together and realize what attracts viewers are good old fashioned story telling based in reality, with characters we love, acted by talented men and women. What we want is simple- but what do we get- gimmicks and cheap stunts that try to cover up the fact the writing is poor. I love this show, been loyal to it, will even forgive them for this latest goof, but they lost credibility for me, and I will never get emotionally invested in any story because I can’t trust in what I am seeing is really a story or just a stunt that will be undone next week. And that is sad.

I expect this kind thing from Days because Days became a stunt soap during the nineties, but Y&R has been a character driven soap- if they change that- I predict it will lose it’s number one spot fairly soon. Fans will put up with a lot, but if they cross a line and change the format of the show — they will lose more viewers than they will gain.

Wow Michae!, what a great interview with Sharon Case, But the shocker of the revelation that Sharon switched the test results again to win back Nick doesn’t surprise me at all. I am not a big Sharon fan . Sharon has now lied to Faith that NIck and she will be a family again. Such machinations! The show is getting redundant in their story plots. It will be interesting to see the next switch. Soaps are eternally recycling story plots. Well, onward and upward!!…

I am very distressed at the turn of Sharon’s character, I am tired of her being the town slut, nut job, and yes the gold digger, when we know her great down fall after Cassie’s death was the Newman’ s, however this is what I believe that while she is in wacky land she is hallucinating that she changed the test results …..or some computer glitch because um how did she get into a lab when the door is usually some type of lock or key pad and would not the computer lock? I believe that she is going to have a rescuer, if the writer do not FIX this wack story line I am done I have been watching this story since I was seven years old and I am 47….AND I WILL WALK AWAY……the writers suck and this story line makes noooooo sense e and I am tired of Sweet and Low Avery…..seriously….Give Sharon love or put her back with Nick because actually the only other person she had good chemistry with is Adam……sorry for the Rant

I love Sharon Case however, if she think Sharon fans like me are satisfied with the direction of this character, she may be as delusional as Sharon Collins talking to ghost Cassie. She is a team player but she nor Josh Griffith realize how many people will stop watching. I am on strike unless it turns out that she hallucinated the whole thing or if Jack is really the father. Otherwise, I must say Josh Griffith and Jill Phelps will be the end and cancellation of Y&R by the end of 2014!

I think Sharon Case is only defending this storyline because she wants to keep her job. She’s a smart girl. The downside to working on a soap opera is that job security tends to override artistic integrity – if Sharon were to strongly protest, she would risk her character getting recast. You know what these soap producers are like- they LOVE playing God.

Wow. Just wow. I have loved and supported the character Sharon since SC started playing the role in 1994, and I understand that professionally you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but I think SC is missing the mark regarding how her fans feel.
This storylin twist is far from “brilliant” and the writers need to undo it NOW, not years from now! The storyline twist destroys the character of Sharon, perhaps beyond repair, and no matter how it’s written, not even Meryl Streep can make any part of this storyline make sense to the audience. The character Sharon has been off the rails for years now (ever since the Lynn Latham regime) and in the hands of Josh Griffiths her Bi-Polar diagnosis isn’t helping. I have been at a loss as to why Sharon has been behaving the way she has over the past 5 or so years and even Sharon Case, with all the spin and optimism she gives in every single interview, can’t truly believe that the character wasn’t being destroyed. Can she?! Her job as an actress is to make sense out of what her character is doing; but when the writing is so blatantly destructive to the character the audience can see that; and there is no “sense” to be made, no matter how talented the actress is (which I believe SC is). It’s heartbreaking to see now that this recent diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder will only be used now to justify every non-sensical thing Sharon has done and, apparently, will continue to do. Josh Griffiths is using a mental illness to excuse more sick writing for Sharon, which I find offensive to those people and their families that live with this mental illness. Entertainment is one thing, mocking a serious mentall illness and using it to make a joke out of a beloved character is something else all together. It’s WRONG.
I couldn’t even finish reading SC’s entire interview because, like so many of her interviews in the past several years, she is trying to be positive about what her character has had to endure under EPs Lynn Latham, then Maria Arena Bell, and now under Jill Farren Phelps, but it’s just not ringing true for me as a long-time viewer of the show and supporter of the character Sharon. The Sharon Collins Newman that was such a strong fan favourite for many, many years is regime-by-regime being destroyed, yet I feel SC can’t (won’t) speak on that. The only time in my recollection that she was being completely forthright about her feelings about one of her (many) destructive storylines was when she was in that repulsive pairing with Eric Braeden’s Victor. Then, even the usually overly politically correct Ms. Case could not contain her intense “dislike” on twitter and let it be known that even she felt “this madness has got to stop!”. So I know Ms. Case recognizes when a storyline makes NO sense for her character and just demeans her and so I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t recognize that most of her fans probably HATE this current storyline as it will once again make her character even more loathed. Her fans DO NOT want to see Sharon responsible for deliberately causing such cruel pain to Jack, Summer, Faith, Noah (Nick deserves to be spat upon for hiding this possibility for 18 years) and there is no point in fans getting emotionally invested in this storyline only to be “punked” on the writers’ whims. Why would I want to continue to watch such devastatingly emotional scenes like the ones between Jack and Summer when they faced each other for the first time knowing the “truth”, only to find out it really was all for nothing – haha – and Summer is really Nick’s? You lose your audience pulling “twists’ like that. You don’t pull them in to watch; you repulse and repel them because it’s not entertaining. So I have to disagree with just about most of what SC said because from an audience member’s perspective (mine), it just doesn’t match up to her perception of how her character and this storyline will be received (the blogs, message boards and studio lines are blowing up with blow-back and hatred for this storyline).

As for MS’s departure? Lol. What was she supposed to say? It’s been apparent for years that MS was a screen hog and her Phyllis was always the victor over the Sharon character. I would imagine it would be so liberating and a huge relief for SC now that MS is gone (I know it is for me)…that is until JFP finds another way to get rid of SC, if rumours about her dislike of characters over 40 is true. 🙁 In any case, this interview did nothing to convince me to continue to support this writing regime because they clearly don’t give a fig about show or character history and they have effectively destroyed what should have been such an emotionally huge story with huge payoff for long-time fans. Apparently they only seem to care about propping and promoting their newbie “stars” of the show, Chelsea, Dylan and Avery . I don’t watch Y&R to see newbies eat up screen time and try and replace the vets I grew up watching. So for now, I’m out. Good luck to Sharon Case, I truly hope her character can survive this last annihilation…but I don’t think she will. 🙁

I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.

Thanks for saying or writing this because this is exactly how I feel after being a daily viewer of Y&R ever since mid 1980’s. The Sharon character is so unrecognizable and destroyed and this latest paternity twist takes the cake for me. I don’t understand why other actors fight for their characters and yet Sharon Case does not. Josh Morrow indicated in an interview that he spoke with the people in charge of writing that he was worried about how he will be depicted in Summer’s paternity storyline and lo and behold: Nick character is being protected at all costs while the Sharon character is being thrown under the bus or trashed again. Obviously, the Newman male characters are now being uphelded and being protected and women, not so much, and the bipolar mental illness is a convenient tool for the writers from her on out and it will be used as an excuse to keep writing Sharon as unhinged forever and will never be the normal Sharon again (Y&R Bill Bell’s Sharon, I am afraid is long gone). Obviously, this new regime has other new characters to promote as their kings and princesses: namely Dylan, Chelsea, Avery, Summer.

There is so much organic drama involved in the fallout of the Summer story that there is NO NEED to do these silly plot devises. These writers are incapable of writing a real drama and have to resort to over the top story telling. Instead of focusing on the feelings of the characters (PB, HK, MS can really convey their pain and anger) they throw this curve at us.

I read somewhere that Sharon is hallucinating that she switched the results. Even if that is so, the damage has been done. Such lazy writing depending on shock value to entertain. Well, it only ruins the show.

I agree George- even if the twist isn’t real and Sharon dreamed it, or there is some way to undo it all– the damage has been done– as a viewer I will never ever really trust any “big reveal” or “moment” on the show- because it could just be a stunt, a gimmick a way to create buzz. Good story telling depends on empathy, for viewers to be able to put themselves into the character’s lives, which I did with the story line- up until the “twist”- after that every scene before that seems like a lie- all the scenes after it seem like a lie. It is okay for characters to “lie” to each other, but not the writers to lie to viewers like that.
If this switch was reveal ten years from now- I could accept it because new writers change things. But they went into this last storyline knowing full well for a time they would be deceiving not just the characters, but me as well– and that is what can’t be undone. Fool me once shame on me- Fool me twice- I don’t think so.

Another great interview Mr. Fairman!!!

I so love Sharon Case and her acting skills.
But I’m so not loving this story line at all. I think Y&R should have waited a while longer before telling the viewers that Sharon had changed the results to help her get back with Nick.

I can’t believe that Jack is going to have his heart ripped out, again, when this is all said and over with. But I am so ready for the performances that will be coming from PB, MS & HK!!!! I know that they’ll be bringing their “A” games!!!!

Sharon C. seems to have reasoned this plot out well for herself , if not for me as a fan– and as I posted on the board, the actors see SLs primarily as it relates to their air time and careers. I don’t think they really get the attachment the fans have to their characters. Interesting that she talks about them discussing when their characters look like jackasses; but I don’t think she gets that we don’t like her character being the loser all the time. Seems like they’ve gone from the persecution of Adam to the persecution of Sharon.

I’m still aggravated that they blew the opportunity to have Sharon be very successful as the CEO of NE when Victor was missing. Could have been great for the character and the fans.

I think this is a joke,this is just going too far.

I am just about ready to stop watching Y&R. I don’t understand why they don’t just bring Sharon and Nick back together and let the viewers have at least one rock solid couple. I thought that Michael and Lauren would be that couple but look what they have done. I am so sick of the changes they make with Sharon. The whole marriage to Adam and Victor was ridiculous. I was also hoping that Summer really would be Jack’s daughter. I hate Phyllis and Summer and Jack and Kyle.

Look up bi-polar on the internet enough said! They are pulling a fast one on you she imagined the whole thing!

Just one more reason why Sharon should be dumped from the show, c’mon, do you really think she will get Nick back after seeing the pain he’s in? God, I hate this character so bad, Sharon go away, go far away.

You keep forgeting the pain Nick caused Sharon for 18 years and then being the last person he tells. And he is not suffering from BPD. If anyone needs to leave it is Nick. I love Sharon and i get where the actress is coming from. I want her to stay for a long time. As SC mentioned, Sharon is not malicious, she honestly feels she is supporting Nick.

well said shelley……Sharon go away, go far away.


No…it’s the writers that should go away, far away. The fans could write better material.

Ruth, your comment is TRULY HILARIOUS…LOL!!!!! And, very true…I totally agree!!!!!

I am new to the show and loving it! I knew one of them was going down those stairs! it was so good and so soapy!

I love Sharon Case but I hate this story line. I want to see her get back with Adam and have true love. She deserves to have it after so long. I feel the writers are missing out on an epic couple. They have so much chemistry, so much tenderness and love in their interactions. I miss seeing them together. They just explode on the screen.

She is as crazy as her character.

I’m giving up on this show until jfp and jg are fired. They have ruined the Sharon character,changed the background music, and the show is the most boring show. I have watched for fifteen years. I’m switching to gh maura west is great on that show:))

The writers appear to have no creativity at all. The Y&R has gone down. It is not interesting anymore. Too many main and excellent characters have left. When Phyllis die, I will not tune in to the Y&R anymore.

Is it really that easy for someone go and switch a paternity test? They couldn’t come up with something else. Why this? All this back and forth; you are his daughter, no you are his daughter. It’s a stupid plot. Then there’s Sharon at the cemetery talking and Phyllis just happened to walk through the cemetery, when she was on her way to the Newman’s. stupid! They could not find another way for Phyllis to die?

Why are they holding these lengthy conversations with these dead people? Jack is talking to his father, Sharon is talking to her daughter, whose next? That’s too much of nothing. Neil and Leslie plot is a joke and very boring. Why haven’t Avery gotten over Dylan? It’s boring now. Victor and Nikki — no action there, they are dry. Adam sounds like a robot when he talks. Alex and Kevin role is boring. Bring back the original Kyle. Why can’t Billy stop drinking and gambling. Why do their bad habits always have to resurface? Why can’t they move on to more interesting and original parts? Because you need writers that are creative.

I tape the show now because there are so many boring plots. When I look at it, I fast forward through practically everything. I will watch an hour show in 15 mins. I never could figure it out why mostly at least 95% of the time, why everybody do their work (job) at a restaurant or bar doing personal transactions and people just walk up on you. Never could figure out Jill and Will’s part. Why are they there? OMG and Kevin’s mother.

Chelsea and Dylan are interesting and so is Adam and Sharon – together; hopefully the writers will retain Sharon some sense. Its boring to see her play stupid and dumb all the time. Jack is an interesting actor. Chloe is pretty good.

Well there’s no need for me to gripe anymore, because after Phyllis’ death, I will have no more comments.


I started watching the Y&R with my grandma yrs ago,I haven’t been watching it as much bc haven’t cared much for the story line. I’ve been very disappointed bc Nick & Sharon never reunited,I don’t like how they have made Sharon out to be. Please Please! Let Nick & Sharon get back together & stay together. Let there be one decent couple that has been on the show for yrs have a life together again. RIP Katherine,you will be deeply missed……..

I started watching Y&R yrs ago with my grandmother. I have always loved Sharon & Nick but I don’t care for Sharon’s storyline. I still haven’t understood why Sharon & Nick haven’t reunited. Please Please! let them get back together. Let two people that have been on the show for yrs have the relationship they once had & stay that way. RIP Katherine you will be deeply missed,the show will never be the same without you…….

“Sharon is a good mother figure in the way that she says things to people when they need to hear them.” IN WHAT UNIVERSE??? WHAT WORLD? Sharon Case is as Delusional and Narcissistic as Sharon Newman! Sharon is a TERRIBLE MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! She Loves and beds a man who both STOLE HER BABY and Subsequently TOLD HER the baby was dead! She JUST finished manipulating her impressionable daughter Faith into coniving with her to remove Avery from Nick’s life … who does that? Come on ….. “Mother of the Year??????” NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Bi-polar explains it all? Check the medical books again! This explanation has been a HUGE gaff on Y&Rs part and a DISSERVICE to those dealing with Bi-polar behavior! They should have given he the Brain Tumor and let her die. At this point, I really Wish Sharon took her “MiniMe manipulator Faith” & went back to the farm with the Vet and NEVER CAME BACK TO GC! Continues to be WORST PART OF THE STORY — Fast Forward when I see her tuck her hair under her ears (every episode!)

Deborah…girlfriend…in more ways than one, you are so RIGHT ON!!!!! Sharon Case is acting so STUPIDLY CLUELESS that it is BEYOND PATHETIC!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, BOTH Miss Case and her soap character each live on the, um, planet of…TOTAL DENIAL!!!!! Deborah, remember when Sharon slept with (and married!!!!!) Victor? ICKY ICKY ICKY ICKY!!!!! I lost all respect for the character of Sharon from that point on. Yep. And Sharon using Faith (her own daughter!!!!!) to break up Nick and Avery is BEYOND DUMB AS HELL!!!!! More and more, Y and R is becoming UNWATCHABLE TV!!!!! Not good at all!!!!! And, Sharon Case’s self-absorbed and totally airhead-like behavior (BOTH on-screen and off-screen) is NOT helping Y and R much. The Bottom Line: Sharon Case is fooling NO ONE!!!!!


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Annika Noelle Chats on Hope’s Feelings for Thomas and Her New Attitude, Moving on From Liam, and Being an Advocate

2023 has been the year of Annika Noelle on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful. As Hope Logan, she found herself fighting the fire and passion she felt for Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), while trying to figure out where she stands in her marriage to Liam (Scott Clifton). As an actress, Noelle has carried much of the story and has been front and center. Something that should be remembered come Emmy time in 2024.

In story, ultimately, a trip to Rome, Italy set the stage for life-changing events in Hope’s life. After the wildly successful showing of her design collection, Hope for the Future, in collaboration with her ace designer, Thomas Forrester, the duo end-up in a passionate lip-lock, initiated by Hope, in front of the overhang at the world-famous Colosseum. Problem was … Liam happened upon the scene and saw his then wife’s betrayal.

Flash-forward, Hope has divorced Liam and is moving on with her life seemingly with Thomas, much to the chagrin of most of the entire Forrester and Logan families given Thomas’ twisted past – yes, they are probably thinking, “Baby Beth” and the “Hope Mannequin!” All that aside, on the surface Thomas appears a new man fully ready to embrace a relationship with Hope. Meanwhile, Hope has discovered more of her independence, has a fashionable new short crop hair-do, and is no longer ruled by what others think she should do.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV chatted with Annika to get her thoughts on a myriad of subjects including: is it truly the end for Hope and Liam? Will the duo known as “Thope” have a shot at any longevity? What is Hope going to do now that her father Deacon (Sean Kanan) is engaged to none other than evil-personified in Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)? And that’s just for starters! Read on to see what Annika had to share about it all, and her about beautiful new rescue dog, Huckleberry.

Hope just found out that Eric (John McCook) is dying. How do you think she will cope with the news from here? What has Eric meant to her throughout his life?

ANNIKA: Eric has been a loving patriarch throughout Hope’s life. One of her mother’s biggest champions, Thomas’ grandfather, and Douglas’ great grandfather. He is someone that has been a guiding force throughout her life and to lose him would be like losing the cornerstone that built the house of Forrester. It would be a devastating loss to her family.

Photo: JPI

Liam seems to be reeling from seeing just how serious Thomas and Hope appear to be with each other at this point. Is Hope moving forward with Thomas in her mind as a “relationship” or does she see this more as an “affair” for her?

ANNIKA: At this point, she can acknowledge that she has feelings for Thomas and she wants to be with him. However, given his significance in her life (an integral part of ‘Hope for the Future’ as well as Douglas’ father) I think she wants to be extremely careful. She has been burned by love and is hesitant to jump in again. She needs to take things slow and thus far, Thomas has respected that.

Photo: JPI

You carried a very heavy load in the storyline over recent months: from when Thomas and Hope kissed in Rome, to the fallout, to her divorcing Liam, to her feeling more self-assured and independent. What were the more challenging beats of the storyline for you?

ANNIKA: Honestly? This has been a joy. After the heavy “Baby Beth” storyline throughout most of 2019, I have so enjoyed this story arc. From being able to travel to Rome for the first time with the cast and crew, playing beats of strength, laughter, and love as well as the heavier moments, it has been a story I have embraced and given my all.

Photo: JPI

You have a new fantastic short cropped hair-do. Was that something you wanted to do, or was it related to the character of Hope moving on with her life from Liam?

ANNIKA: This actually had more to do with me making changes and starting new chapters but it also happened to coincide with Hope having major life changes as well. I, of course, had to get permission (contractual obligation and what not) and was surprised to get the blessing to go ahead! It’s been a big adjustment as I’ve had long hair my entire adult life but everyone has been so complimentary and supportive. I think I might keep it for a while…

Photo: JPI

Do you see Hope, Thomas and Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) being a family at some point?

ANNIKA: In my eyes, they always were a family from the moment Hope embraced the role as Douglas’ adoptive mother. She takes that responsibility very seriously, and was not going to neglect her duties to that child. Even when it was tough with the blended families, she always tried her best to make it work.

Is Hope at all concerned at this point that Thomas could fall back on his former troubled or devious ways?

ANNIKA: I think in order for her to be involved with a man who has done so much to her and her family in the past, she has to truly believe that this man has changed. That he is different. As she has said repeatedly, he has earned her trust and he has done the work. And try as everyone might to ward her away, I think it just makes it all the more appealing. As her father Deacon said… “love doesn’t always make sense”.

Photo: JPI

Do you see Hope doing anything to intervene with her father Deacon’s relationship with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)? She clearly is not happy about this, given Sheila’s past.

ANNIKA: I think at the moment she has a lot on her plate with Eric’s health, Liam’s realization, Hope For The Future, the children, not to mention her love life. I think she’s trying to maintain some form of peace and balance, which involves setting a boundary with that. Plus, Sheila has a few screws loose, so I don’t think she’s about to go punching crazy in the face just to see what happens.

Photo: JPI

You recently shared some scenes with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). Within them, Steffy and Hope sparred with a war of words, when it came to Liam and Thomas. Did Hope use his past with Steffy as justification to divorce him, because she wanted Thomas so badly, or does she truly believe that Steffy will always come first with Liam?

ANNIKA: I think both can be true at the same time. Past resentments, insecurities, and repeated infidelity over years can lead to the downfall of any strong relationship. Hope’s issue is not necessarily Liam’s past indiscretions, as she still choose to forgive him and stay with him during those times. It is the fact that he couldn’t offer her the same grace and forgiveness after she had messed up. Over a kiss. And Liam was so quick to run to Steffy in the aftermath. That is what stung. So, she had the divorce papers drawn up.

You have an adorable new dog Huckleberry that you showed on your Instagram. What can you tell me about how Huckleberry came into your life? What kind of dog is he? 

ANNIKA: Huckleberry is my gentle angel boy who came into my life thanks to Life Animal Rescue. I had been searching for the right fit and I saw a video of him and knew we were destined to be. He is 100% “Korean Village Dog” and was rescued from a meat farm there. He is now safe with me, chasing butterflies, and playing with Burritoman kitty.

Photo: Heirlume photography

You have been a wonderful ally to the LGBTQ+ community and do get involved in charitable causes. Why is it important for you to lend your name and time to help those perhaps misunderstood, or under-presented?

ANNIKA: Funny thing is, I would be doing it even if I didn’t have this platform. I grew up in theatre as much as I did the outdoors. Both have offered me community and a place of belonging. I was bullied as a child so my places of refuge were the forest in my backyard and the escape I found on the stage. So I will advocate, use my voice, and return the love that the community has shown me all my life. They were a safe haven for me, I will fight for their safety too. As Mama Ru says, “we’re all born naked and the rest is drag”.

Photo: JPI

As her fashion line says, Hope for the Future, what are your future Hope’s for Hope?

ANNIKA: I hope she finds clarity for herself, strength in her voice, and love in her heart. With or without a man. And more screen time with her children!

Photo: JPI

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, what would you like to say to all the fans who have been so supportive to you all over the world who watch B&B?

ANNIKA: Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I know it isn’t always easy with the way storyline can ebb and flow. But if you understand me, who I am outside of my character, all I stand for, and you still ride with me? Then my loves, we are family! And I am grateful for YOU. No character choice can ever ruin that.

So, after checking out our interview with Annika, are you rooting for Hope and Thomas to be the end game, or do you think Hope and Liam should find their way back to one another? Share your viewpoints and thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton Talk On Playing General Hospital’s Mother/Daughter Duo of Lois & Brook Lynn, Working with Co-Stars: Jane Elliot, Wally Kurth and Ellen Travolta, and What Lies Ahead

It’s Thanksgiving time at the Quartermaines, and there is a lot to be ‘thankful’ for if you are a General Hospital fan of this bickering clan. Back in October, Daytime Emmy winner, Rena Sofer returned to her soap-famous role of Lois Cerullo, Ned’s ex-wife and the mother of his child, Brook Lynn. It has been over 27 years since Sofer was back in Port Charles bringing with it her Lois’ incomparable nails, that deep Bensonhurst/Brooklyn accent, those ‘Lois-isms’ and more.

GH fans were very excited and intrigued to see what would happen when Sofer appeared in scenes with her TV daughter, Amanda Setton. After all, Brook Lynn is all grown up now and as you can see like mother, like daughter.  And if you were to tell us that years later One Life to Live favorite, Setton, would get an opportunity to play Lois’ daughter, we would have been “Get outta here!” That’s because we knew, even on paper, Amanda was the perfect choice.

Now, as the holiday begins, there’s trouble with Turkey Day at the Q’s, and Lois’ mom, Gloria Cerullo played by beloved guest star Ellen Travolta drops in to be with her daughter and granddaughter … let the fireworks and fun begin.  Meanwhile, just recently, Ned’s (Wally Kurth) memory returned after months as “Eddie Maine”, and Lois came back to Port Charles after hearing how Tracy (Jane Elliot) messed with her daughter and blackmailed her right out of Deception. Wanting to stand up for Brook Lynn, Lois got a lot more than she bargained for when she came back to town.

Photo: ABC

Michael Fairman TV chatted with Rena and Amanda in a heartfelt and candid interview; which clearly reveals that the two would be in each other’s fan club, plus how Rena wants to be respectful to the on-screen relationship between Ned and Lois, given that Wally Kurth and Rena were previously married in real life and since then are married to other people.  Coming back to GH, some 27 years later, offers Sofer a fresh perspective to how she was back when she joined the show and how she views work and life now. Amanda teases what’s ahead for Brook Lynn where the ‘spicier’ side of the character is about to make a bit of a return, and what the future may hold for her romance with Chase, and more. Read on for Rena and Amanda’s thoughts on a myriad of Cerullo/Quartermaine topics below.

Rena, so you came back to General Hospital and you meet Amanda. What did you think of Amanda, and how she fits so perfectly as Lois’ daughter?

RENA: Oh, my God! Beyond the perfect daughter! If Lois could have picked her daughter, it would’ve been Amanda.  I love her. I know, we as actors, are like, “Oh, I love working with them.” I am not that person. I tend to be very honest about who I like to work with and who I don’t. I’ve always been. Amanda, maybe you don’t know this, but I get myself into a lot of trouble from time to time. (Laughs) But honestly, the second I met her – we met up in a restaurant and Wally joined us a little later.It was just like talking to my daughter except more of a contemporary as opposed to mother/daughter. It just made having her be my daughter on the show so easy. We have a lot in common. There was really an immediate connection between the two of us, which was great.

AMANDA: There’s like an immediate familial feeling. We’re from the same place in the world. We come from similar backgrounds. It was a very easy friendship to strike.


Amanda, was there any intimidation that this was thee Rena Sofer, who created the iconic role of your on-screen mom, Lois?

AMANDA: Not going to lie. She’s like the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in your life. The fans absolutely adore her. She and Wally have such a history on the show. And so more than intimidation, I was genuinely excited. When I heard that Lois was coming back onto the canvas, I got so excited to explore that mother/daughter relationship with Brook Lynn, because her father is such a central point in all of her story. To be able to play that and then have it be Rena, who’s such a spitfire, and plays Lois so beautifully, so specifically and so clearly, has such a clear point of view, who’s also funny but grounded, I was just so excited. Genuinely!

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Rena, has this lived up to what your expectation of coming back into this role and to GH, some 27 years later would be like? How has it felt playing Lois again now?

RENA: It’s interesting, because I think that the gift of time for me is a very important thing. I’ve done a lot of things in my career. I’ve had a lot of success. I’ve had a lot of standstills and also disappointments. I think where I come from now is from a place of gratitude. I feel incredibly humbled and grateful to be able to play Lois again in the way that I am, and that I’m able to play her. I just feel like it’s everything I expected it to be, but it’s so much more than I expected it to be because I didn’t know what I was walking into. I didn’t know if people would want me to be there, if people would be excited for me to be there, if people would be offended that I came back after 27 years, you know? I really walked in trying to have no ego and an understanding this is not my home, that I’m a visitor, and that I just want to have the fun of playing Lois the way I played her when I first created the character. And that did not disappoint. … every single day walking on to that set with those nails and her hair and her wardrobe, and the accent … every single thing I say, even if it’s so difficult to learn, is such a joy.

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I had talked with Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) and Wally Kurth for a livestream conversation on my You Tube Channel and she was saying how amazing you were, Rena. You’re so specific in your characters choices that we were also talking about the nails and the hair, and the outfits, and everything that goes into playing Lois, and it works. There’s a lot of thought you put into playing Lois. Wouldn’t you say?

RENA: Yes. I like to put a lot of thought into every character that I play. Not every production allows me to put that much thought in. It helps me to create the character. I’m really lucky that Lois was created already because it allowed me to kind of say, ‘This is now who Lois is’, as opposed to somebody saying, “Well, this is who we want this character to be.”

AMANDA: I just want to add that Rena was welcomed with open arms. Everybody was so excited that she was coming, so thrilled that the character was going to be back in the fold, and that Rena was coming back to play her. It was just a very excited, joyful energy surrounding the storyline.

RENA: Yes, to what Amanda was saying.  I just felt that so much.

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I can tell you from just my perspective and having a pulse on the reactions and wants of the audience and the fans on social media, they were so excited to have Rena back. And, they were like, “Oh, my God! This is perfect casting! Amanda and Rena!”

AMANDA:  Josh Swickard (Chase) and I just did a fan event recently, and everybody at the event was echoing that. Just how, Rena and I were perfect casting as mother and daughter.

RENA: It’s so fun. I was on set the other day and I had to say a line and thank God for Amanda. She was trying to help me say “cab’ properly in how Lois would say it with her accent.

AMANDA: Rena’s accent is so good and she had a big line to say.  It was like, “I gotta take a cab.”  So, she said, “take “perfectly. And then “cab” was very California. I’m like Rena, its “cab” with a more Brooklyn accent.

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Now. another part of the story that’s kind of charming is that Brook Lynn is getting some pointers from her mom on the music business. She’s listening to mom’s advice, and they’re working on Blaze’s music career. Do you think Brooklyn looks up to her mother since Lois has all of this experience with a record label and music management?

AMANDA: Hundred percent! I’m pretty sure a bunch of those scenes aired. Brook Lynn goes directly to her mom, and says, “You need to help me.” She gives me a whole list of things. Brook Lynn is like, “My mother’s amazing. She’s perfect. She can do no wrong, and I love my mommy.”

How is it working with Jacqueline Grace Lopez as Blaze?

AMANDA: She’s such a great actress. She’s got such a great attitude. Jacqueline is so grateful and positive to be there. She’s always prepared and just a real professional and she’s become a friend. She’s an absolute doll and she’s like an amazing singer. She has such a good voice. She has such a presence on stage.

Rena, we recently saw on-air that “Eddie” turned back into Ned, when Ned regains his memory. You had some really great scenes leading up to him turning into Ned again. After all, it was Lois who told ‘Eddie’ to “take a leap of faith.”  So, he goes and jumps in the water. What do you think Lois’ relationship is with Ned at this point? How does she feel about him?

RENA: It’s interesting, because something comes up soon enough that I will say that’s very honest. She loves Ned. He’s the father of her child. The thing about Lois is; she made the decision to leave Ned. She was brokenhearted by what happened, but she made the choice to not step into that world of the Quartermaines. It was not the place she wanted to live. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Ned, she didn’t want what he came with. She took her daughter and raised her daughter in Brooklyn. Thank God for that. She loves her ex-husband. She never stopped loving him. She’s just not in love with him anymore. She doesn’t want him anymore. She wants the best for him.

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Amanda, do you think Brooklyn wants her parents together, or is she fine with Olivia and Ned?

AMANDA: I think she’s totally fine with it.  It’s been so long that they’ve been apart. I will also say, I do think that every child of divorce has a secret hope that their parents will be at least friends or on good terms, or that they’ll have times together with both their parents in the same room. I do think coming up, you get to see some of those moments, which is really nice.

RENA: My daughter Rosabel is obsessed with watching GH now. Obsessed! It’s so great for her because for her it’s like, “It’s not that I want my parents to get back together. I know they don’t belong together at all in any way, shape or form,” but she gets to see us together in a way that is friendly and kind, and not affectionate in like a physical sense. But affectionate in a caring sense. She’s like, “Mom, I’m 27-years-old. This is the first time that as an adult I get to see this.” And it’s true. She loves it!

Rena, I was telling Wally, there was that OG montage of Lois and Ned that was contained in an episode. I loved it. It reminded me of back in the day when we first knew each other. Those scenes were great and they hold up today!

RENA: Those scenes were so great. I said to Frank Valentini (EP, General Hospital) you took three minutes and you told the entire story. Basically, from beginning to end minus Brenda, and all the other stuff that happened. Our whole story was told in such a perfect and beautiful way. It was really honored. I felt really honored by it and loved watching it.

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After Ned tells Brook Lynn, he’s no longer “Eddie” but he is Ned, she’s so happy to have her father back. However, how do you see the relationship moving forward? Will she be supportive of all his ELQ shenanigans?

AMANDA: That’s a really good question. That remains to be seen, to be fair. I do think that historically what we have seen from the Brook Lynn and Ned dynamic is she can give it, she can really tell ’em like it is. But at the end of the day, she really is a daddy’s girl. They have they this very close bond and there’s a real love for one another. I think you’ll just see that as we move forward.

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Now, how has it been for both of you working with Jane Elliot in this storyline? Rena, you’re actually working with Jane again years late and of course, Lois and Tracy have a contentious relationship. Tracy has never been welcoming to Lois into the Quartermaines.

RENA: That’s true. I have to say, when I came on the show as Lois in the first place, to be fully transparent, I think I took it personally. As I said, I came back with no ego or tried to come back with no ego. This time coming back, I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying spending time with Jane and working with her and just watching her and not feeling like I have to prove myself.  I wish I could go back in time and smack myself across the face and say, “What are you doing?” I feel like that’s the truth for all of us as youth, to some extent. I wish I could just go back and just say, “All of that isn’t important. This woman is a wealth of knowledge. Just listen to her, have fun with her.” I think that when I was younger, I was a wealth of missteps in my life. Now, I hopefully am entering this phase of my life in a way where I’m more enjoying and receiving than anything. I’m having the time of my life with Jane. She’s just lovely.

AMANDA: Well, you already know! I’m obsessed with Jane. I love her to death. We’re very close. We go out outside of work. I just adore her. Jane is a really deep, deep person who, as Rena said, has a wealth of experience, and she’s willing to share it. I have had nothing but a wonderful time with her. Genuinely, I’ve learned so much from her. And to boot, she’s an incredible actor who makes such specific subtle choices that even in the room, you don’t even feel as much as when it’s on camera. She’s so good at playing to camera. It’s unbelievable. You watch it back, and you’re just floored, and plus, they write really well for her character.

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So, is Brook Lynn not upset with her grandmother for what she did to her with Deception?

AMANDA: So, with Jane it’s pure love. With Tracy, it gets a little more complicated. You’ll come to see in the next couple months some scenes that are going to air of how she really loves her grandma at the end of the day. She has a lot of love and respect for her. I think that’s why the whole blackmail storyline was so hurtful, because she does look up to her in a lot of ways. There’s always going to be that push and pull between the two of them. But at the end of the day, there’s a lot of love there.

My thought is … Lois and Brooklyn will work together to ensure Tracy doesn’t pull any machinations again.

AMANDA: Well, you’ll just have to watch and see.

RENA: Exactly! And by the way, how are we supposed to control the weather? I mean, come on! It’s so true. We can do our best, but Tracy’s going to do what she’s going to do, and she does it well.  It’s who she is, and you know, we can only try to fix the damage. We can’t control the hurricane.

AMANDA: I will say, there’s some stuff coming down the pike with Brook Lynn “Spice” coming back into the fold, which has been really fun to play. I’m excited to have more of that stuff because post-Bailey and falling in love with Chase, she’s really softened a lot, which is great. I think we’ve seen her humanity and her nurturing side as a mother figure, and now as a serious girlfriend figure. But, It’ll be fun to play some of that Brook Lynn nastiness.

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Rena, what was your first impression of Josh Swickard?

RENA: He is adorable.  We were sitting there when I really first met Josh and he sang.  He sang the song that’s already aired. He looks at me and he goes, “I’m so embarrassed. You know, because I don’t wanna be one of those guys who sings and is like. ‘I’m so great of a singer.”’ Josh is like, “I’m really worried that people are going to think that I’m arrogant, or, or something like that.” I said to him, “Do you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race? And he just looked at me like I was literally from a different planet. And he’s like, “no.” I’m like, “Well, I do. I watch it all the time. I’ve seen almost every episode. And here’s what RuPaul, the brilliant RuPaul says, “It’s none of your business whatever people think about you. That is not your business at all.” If you think about it and you take that in, it kind of saves you from ever worrying about that. That was one of our first interactions. I remember that. Thank you, RuPaul. Josh is just adorable.

Amanda, do you see Brook Lynn and Chase having longevity as a couple on GH?

AMANDA:  I hope so. I see it, but we’ll see what the writers cook up.

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Ellen Travolta’s going to be back on air for Thanksgiving as Lois’ mother, Gloria Cerullo. Rena, you’ve been friends with her this whole time, correct? Did you have a hand in her return?

RENA:  Yes, yes, yes.  It was me!  I went, “I’d love to come back to General Hospital. Here’s the thing: If I come back, you need to bring back Gloria.” Let me just tell you, everybody loved Ellen. Everybody loves Ellen. Ellen is like the dream mom of everybody in America, in the world. She was Chachi’s mom. She was my mom. She’s the best mom. Emma, who works at at the front guard desk at GH, checks you in and tells you where your room is.  I’ve been there for two months. I still walk up to her sometimes and she goes, “What’s your name?  “Do you have your pass?” I say, “ I do. I do. Hold on.” I show her my pass. She goes, “OK, and she looks down the list and she’s like, “You’re in this room.”  It took Ellen the second day she was there to get settled in. She was like, “Ellen! I want the best room for you. I’ll make sure you’re right near me. If you need anything, don’t you worry, ” and she is giving her hugs.  I’m behind her, right?  I walk up and I’m like, “Hi!” And she goes, “Name?” “Pass?” (Laughs) Ellen Travolta is a dream, and to work with her is a dream. I’m completely responsible because I almost bullied Frank Valentini into bringing her back. But what a gift it was to have her back, because she’s amazing.

Will we be touched by the scenes, or is it fun and campy during the Thanksgiving episodes? What can you preview?

RENA: I think the audience, as much as they enjoyed seeing Lois and Brook Lynn, the three of us together is a whole other world. You will be touched in many different places. However, you want to take that.

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Amanda, what was it like meeting Ellen Travolta and then working with her?

AMANDA: Oh, my gosh. We fell in love immediately. What’s crazy Michael is, my maternal grandmother was Grandma Gloria. I had her till I was 30 and we were so close. She was really like a second mom to me. So, when I got this script and I’m reading “Grandma Gloria”, it was so bizarre. And then in meeting Ellen, she looks like my grandma – same haircut, same high cheekbones. It really did feel like I had a few days with my grandma. It was very, very special for me. Ellen is sweet, prepared, professional, talented and funny to boot. So, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at work. I hope she comes back. My fingers are crossed.

RENA: Ellen told me when she was on General Hospital the first time she was my age. She was almost 55 years old when she started in the role, and now I’ll be 55 in a couple weeks. It was just very apropos. I loved it.

Olivia’s ready to throw in the towel for Thanksgiving, but Lois will hear none of it.  I’m assuming perhaps Lois saves the day?

RENA: Lois always saves the day.

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Is there any jealousy between Lois and Olivia? Do you play any of that in your scenes?

RENA: Oh, no. Listen, here’s the deal. I’m not giving the audience any sort of hinting or preconceived notion that there is going to be a triangle or a love story between Ned, Lois and Olivia. Let’s be really clear. Wally and I were married.  We are now remarried. It is not fair to either of our spouses to even play that kind of a story. It’s not. It is not respectful. We will not cross that line. It doesn’t matter. It’s not about not respecting the audience. It’s not about how fun that storyline could be, but we have relationships with people that really, it would be difficult for them because we were married and had a child. We have two children together – Megan being my stepdaughter. So, that is not something I’m willing to play. I’m not going to play. I don’t want the audience thinking, “Oh!”  I don’t want them asking for it. It’s not acceptable.

I think a lot of viewers were thinking Lois and Olivia might get into it over Ned.

AMANDA. You know soap writers, Michael.

RENA: True. But I will say this, the one thing that I don’t want to play as I get older and if I have any control over anything, and I’m not saying I have any control over the script at all, is I don’t like playing women hating women. I do not enjoy that. Most of the people who watch our show are women. I don’t want to be a role model to then say, “Hey, guys can never do any wrong, but you should always be wary of your girlfriend.” I don’t like that. I don’t think it’s correct. And in this world, it’s a choice I make not to send that message.

AMANDA: Just bringing it back to the Lois/Brooklyn/Gloria scenes. It’s really fun to see three really strong New Yorker comedic women in the same room together. And then of course, you add in Lisa LoCicero and Jane Elliot, of course. Having all of these really strong female characters together, representing the Quartermaines on Thanksgiving is pretty awesome.

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As our conversation comes to a close, what would you want to say to the fans and/or your wish for them as the holidays approach?

AMANDA: Happy holidays to all the fans. Thank you so much for watching. You know, we only get to do this because of you guys, and we’re so grateful for your support over the years and your genuine love of these characters and these storylines. We just hope that we can continue to fulfill all of your storyline wants and desires.

RENA: I wish everybody out there a happy and peaceful holiday season where they could be surrounded by friends and family, and remember what’s important and hold onto what is dear to them. And, just pray for peace everywhere. Everywhere. Pray for peace.

What do you think of Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton as the mother/daughter duo of Lois Cerullo and Brook Lynn Quartermaine on ? Are you looking forward to seeing how Thanksgiving plays out at the Q’s? What are your hopes moving forward for Lois while she is in Port Charles and for Brook Lynn in love and in her professional life? Share your comments below.

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If you caught this week’s episodes of Neighbours: a New Chapter on Amazon Freevee, you know that the streaming revival of the beloved Australian soap opera went back in time two years; to fill in the blanks of some of the events that happened from when the original Neighbours ended after 37 years.

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In addition, while Terese is somehow married to Toadie in the reboot of the series, we learn how her marriage to Paul fell apart, especially when Paul covered-up Krista’s death after Melanie pushed her and Krista fell in the pool at Lassiter’s Hotel, which Paul runs.


Speaking with Michael Fairman direct from Melbourne on Wednesday for You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel were series stars: Lucinda Cowden, Rebekah Emagloglou and Stefan Dennis. The trio discussed taping the emotional story and scenes, what they hope happens next for their characters, and when they learned the heartbreaking news that Neighbours had been canceled.


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