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Y&R To Begin Taping Katherine Chancellor's Memorial Next Week!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Since the passing of the iconic Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) of The Young and the Restless on May 8th, fans of the legendary actress have wanted to know how the number one soap intends on dealing with Katherine’s death on-screen.

As had been revealed on the CBS Daytime tribute episode in honor of Jeanne Cooper that aired on May 28th by Jess Walton (Jill),  she addressed the audience and told them that the show was crafting a story to deal with the loss of Katherine Chancellor, who for 40 years was the Grand Dame of Genoa City.

Now comes word via Highlight Hollywood that next week on Tuesday July 16th, Y&R will begin filming Katherine’s memorial.  Highlight Hollywood related, “On Tuesday, CBS begins filming Katherine’s memorial, which will tentatively air on September 3 and 4, 2013 …  no details yet on how Cooper’s character will be written out, but it shall be emotional for fans, who have felt cheated for some time now, with no mention of Katherine in the current storyline.”

So how do you think Y&R will handle the passing of Katherine Chancellor?  Are you glad the show is finally going to address what has happened to the character since Jeanne Cooper’s last on-screen appearance in early May? Comment below!


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I hope Y&R just has Katherine pass in her sleep.

I hope this delay (I assume) means that Y&R was able to work out a deal to get Stephen Nichols back. Maybe they are going to be tight lipped about who is returning. I hope Y&R made an effort to get a lot of people, who worked with Jeanne in the past, there. Whatever the case, I’ll be watching. Y&R did such a wonderful job on Jeanne’s tribute, I hope the funeral is equally as classy.

I hope Y&R isn’t tight-lipped about who’s returning they should announce every one of them to remind old viewers to return and keep present ones engaged in wondering about what’s to come.

As far as Stephen Nichols goes Nelson Branco reported a few weeks ago that he demanded a full time contract and a raise to return for Kay’s funeral. That’s a pretty tall order to fill for a simple 2-day funeral appearance, so unless he’s become much more reasonable I can’t imagine he will be there. I’m all for lots of returning characters but I’d hate it if they spent too much cast money just to get one. I’d rather see more of OUR vets, they’ve been pretty scarce lately. Besides, if they are going to recast Tucker they could easily explain his absence by saying he’s recovering in the hospital from an accident. That way when he returns with a new face (from reconstructive surgery) it will be explainable.

Sorry, but I don’t take rumours seriously. Neither Y&R, nor Stephen Nichols has released a statement about what did or did not happen, or even if he was asked back. Too many unknowns here for me to give credence to this. Even if remotely true, there could be a number of factors at play in which being ‘unreasonable’ is not one of them.

It wasn’t a rumor, NB was given the info from 2 different reliable sources. “Issued statements” aren’t any more reliable then inside sources, often it’s just PR on someone’s part, or one sides view. I think Y&R stated that SN “wasn’t available” on the record, didn’t they? It really doesn’t matter anymore, I suspect Y&R released the info because SN fans were accusing Y&R of not asking him back for the funeral because JFP didn’t like him and they wanted to let everyone know that wasn’t the case at all.

From what I have gathered it seems Branco isn’t the most reliable source of info.

Two ‘reliable sources’ that he hasn’t named! Sorry, that’s not something I’m going to accept on NB’s word. No, Y&R never issued any statement, as far as I know, about SN’s availability. If Y&R wanted to give fans of Tucker and Katherine’s the facts, why didn’t they just officially put out a statement? Using nameless insiders (if in fact that’s what they did) to feed info to NB smells fishy to me. It actually leaves me with more questions than answers.

My God, you are such a hater. When will it end with you? How is this at all a bout SN, this article? This is a wholistic article about Kay’s exit and funeral. Please get yourself a life, because you are so freaking sad, and your lone voice saying the same thing over and over is getting so OLD.

I wasn’t responding to the “wholistic” article about Kay in that post Hilary ( I did so elsewhere), I was replying to another poster who brought up Stephen Nichols. She seemed to be wondering if Y&R made a deal, or had made the effort to get him back for Kay’s funeral. Since I had read that they did make the effort I shared my info & my thoughts on it, and I’m hardly a lone voice on the matter.

Re: saying the same thing over and over & being a hater….look in the mirror.

Its about time, I thought you all for got her. Couldn’t things have stopped sense thay are prefilmed and had this Iconic womans memorial? She deserves that.
Its taking 4 months? Come on, Technology has come along way, this womans family will have to relive her death again. Don’t mean to be so harsh, but I loved her so and I was so wondering when was this going to happen. The perfect time was her last scene walking up stairs saying good night, but I trust that the Y&R team will do it right. I do love this show.

I would hope that the delay has been to get it right and to work it into the storyline in such a way… to do it in the best possible way! I loved the tribute episode and I am confident that they will do a firtting storyline. I think the handling of her passing within the story with the characters will benefit by the delay. We know that she would have appreciated doing it right rather than just throwing together somthing. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do with it in the context of the story and the characters… I hope they do Katherine and Jeanne proud! It will be a difficult few episodes to watch as it was write and will be to shoot. We miss you Jeanne!!!

I don’t mind the wait either as long as it’s good. They can take all the time they need to get it right because it may be the last story many of us will be watching if they aren’t continuing with Jill & “the Chancellors” into the future. I’m hoping for a long story with lots of Y&R vets, past, & present.

Wouldn’t be great if Brenda Dickson and. Deborah Adair ( the 2 former Jill Foster Abbott)could make cameos as former Chancellor employees in scenes with Jess Walton discussing Katherine.

A grand dame deserves to go out in grand style…entire episode dedicated entirely to her. Still sad.

Because of Katherine’s advanced age it seems like she could have a unexpected Heart Attack…..or A Stroke..After all she has had a stroke in the past.. Of course Everyone will be Shocked with her untimely Death….But she has had a lot of Stress lately….& She’s not getting any younger……….

I’m sure there won’t be a dry eye in the house. They did a wonderful job with the tribute show and this memorial for La Chancellor will make everything so real and final. I think it’s really going to hit everyone on both sides of the camera hard. She was a great lady and character.

Was the character of Katherine ill prior to taping of Ms. Cooper’s final scene? I thought that was why Jill asked Katherine if she needed assistance.

I don’t watch Y&R. I have nothing against the show. I did watch when the show began airing. I was watching when the characters of Philip and Katherine were added. But I stopped watching after a while, so I am not familiar with any of the storylines and I don’t know most of the characters. However, I did watch the tribute (well done) and that’s why I thought Katherine had been ill.

Katherine has had a stroke in the past and I believe her health wasn’t 100% good. Her character had recently had surgery!

She’d come home from the hospital after having had surgery to remove a tumor in her brain, I think, right? That was her last scene, going up the stairs to rest. Clearly she’s been up and around since then off screen, but yes, she had a big health issue.

Katherine has been mentioned many times by other character’s over the past few months. While it might have been a very quick one in the dialogue, it has been stated that she and Murphy were off on a vacation/trip by both Jill and Cane. I think the show is doing the best that they could under the circumstances and at least came together quickly to put on the fabulous tribute episode for Ms. Cooper only a few weeks after her passing. What other soap has ever even done that when one of their stars has passed? I’m sure the memorial episodes and the story dealing with Katherine’s passing will be just as top notch and emotionally satisfying for all of the fans!

When I watch The Young and the Restless I keep looking to see her and now reality sinks in. I miss her already. I do believe that the Y&R will handle the storyline with grace and dignity and she will go out the way she came in (With a Bang) as well as having the final say as always. I can assure you that I will be watching it and having a box of tissues on hand too !!!!!! I will be crying !!

As a big fan of Y&R, I am already in tears on the emotional upcoming airing of the loss of Katherine Chancellor. I am sure everyone feels the same way. I know Y&R will do her the justice that she so richly deserves.

We’re looking forward to the ‘memorial’ episode(s) – – however long it takes the cast and crew to put it/them together. We think Ms. Cooper would approve because she always believed in ‘getting it right’ throughtout here incredible career.

It’s sad that we are going to have to see Mrs. C being written off of the show. Part of me wishes that the show could pull a Sally Spectra and just keep her alive on a hidden island with young men. But that wouldn’t be true to Katherine. I know that CBS and Y&R will truly honor the legacy of the character and the late Jeanne Cooper!

The tribute that they had for JC in June was my swan song for her it was very lovely! I can see her on You Tube. With her gone &MS leaving and SC probably soon no need I have my memories of her fine work.

I think it is way pass due she was on the show all these years and loved by many !!! I am glad they are not re casting the character of Mrs. Chancellor no one could do it justice she is still missed every day on the show!!

I do not like the fact that the memorial will not be aired until September. She passed away at the end of May and by now there should have been a memorial, actually in June. Its not going to make Y & R any more popular and again I think the writers are playing with the fans emotions. Since May there should have been something said in the stories leading up to the memorial and I think they are doing it all wrong. Quite a bit happening is not making this soap very popular and in fact boring…………..

Y&R took a day’s time out, and the actors did a truly lovely memorial episode for Jeanne Cooper. I hope you saw it. As for the passing of Katherine Chancellor, I would guess the episodes are written and taped well in advance, making a quick turnaround difficult. And unlike some of the grand dames of soapdom who have passed in recent years, Cooper’s Katherine was a core and integral character. Katherine’s death will have storyline repercussions and those I am sure needed to be thought through. Family, business, relationships, a husband, an estate… some much that could pivot on Katherine and her death. It needs care and thought to do right. I only wish they had not the faux funeral a couple years ago which was so rich with history. I hope JFP and team do not scrimp now that this is the real thing.

The EP and writer were BUSY figuring out Katherine’s exit and how to write it………..It takes time and hopefully her exit will go out in style. I do have faith in JFP and JG!!!

Actually they’ve been BUSY writing for Steve Burton and his completely pointless and boring character Dylan. Complete with *flashbacks* of his time in Iraq! Seriously, unless you are a HUGE Steve Burton fan (which JFP regrettably is) who CARES???

Murphy & Mrs C come home from their vacation as Mrs C became ill and the story goes on. ❤ You Mrs C

Not certain how Y&R will handle Jeanne Cooper’s (Katherine’s) passing. Certain they will do a great job. The reality of her death will REALLY hit us! She was such an integral part of the Y&R. She is missed!


ive heard they are not having thom bierdz return for the funeral…this is utterly so disrespectfull to the characters..i for one will not watch…i stopped watching when they fired genie francis and was actually looking forward to tuning in for the characters funeral,,but if they are not going to respect the hystory of story telling and the characters,,ill pass,,,rest in peace mrs chancellor….

I hope they do Jeanne/Katherine’s memory in the way she deserves. She has been the backbone of Y & R forever. I’ll admit that because of the timing I am disappointed Phyllis/Michelle will not be a part of it and apparently neither will Katherines son Tucker. I hope they have managed to get the rest of her family together. We rarely hear McKenzie mentioned these days and she is Brock’s daughter, Katherines granddaughter. Brock will surely be there. He and Katherine loved each other so much. I think I have read that Corbin will be a part of this. It will be hard for him but he is his mothers son. She has taught him well.

I hope the show doesn’t whitewash Katherine being a major antagonist on the show in the 70s, how she ruined Jill’s innocence and made her first born son with Phillip a bastard by having his name thrown out. My point is, Katherine and Jeanne became pretty much synoymous in the last decade wheras when Bill Bell was alive, Katherine was a very provocative and even grotesque character, especially in the early days. There’s a lot of trauma she inflicted on Jill which can’t be turned into some kind of sitcom rivalry. It was an ugly feud, a hatred.

It was a bitter feud for so many years. And while I understand the healing that took place between Jill & Kay due to having the same loved ones, family interests & years of the mom/daughter experience, they shouldn’t’ forget how it all started by a man being killed. No matter how much someone has grown or improved through the years they would never forget killing someone, but Kay seemed to quickly forget that soon after Bill Bell stopped writing. I guess I’m looking for Katherine Chancellor to take responsibility for her own actions in Phillip Chancellor 2’s death and making sure his heirs are given the chance to carry on his legacy upon her death. I doubt that will happen since she’s been made a martyr the last number of years & the Phillip’s aren’t cast, but it’s Chancellor that was in her gut for decades I don’t associate her with Devon at all, and never will.

I think they should have the two days only about Mrs. C and her passing. I hope all the old timers come back young and old.

i have only heard that katherine’s name has been mentioned once since her passing. i am glad that they r trying to figure out the best way to write her out of the story line and i hope it is a good one

Katherine’s name has been mentioned MANY times since her death.

This is going to be beautiful and sad………….JFP and JG will do a remarkable job writing out her exit!

Hope to see some of the classic vets return!

What evidence / storyline backs that statement up? Is a FOJ going to play Tucker Mc Call? Highly doubtful,as FOJ are expensive. Will she “woman up” and write a good storyline for the only one of Mrs. C’s children that can run C.I. (and has) ?? I don’t think she can… come on JFP, prove me wrong, I dare you.

JFP is NOT the writer, JG is. I do wish you guys get your facts straight! She does give JG ideas but doesn’t write it!

Her death hasn’t been shown yet and you guys are fussing already!

Derrick with all due respect you were the one to first say/imply that JFP was a writer with your sentence, “JFP and JG will do a remarkable job writing out her exit!” This makes it sound like they are penning the episode together.

Just sayin’.

Her ideas and JG’s writing! 🙂

That’s even worse. Her ideas suck.

The better not blow it.

Considering the very slow pace of the YawneR storylines, the memorial could
last 18 episodes!

I sincerely hope both Josh & Jill are thinking of this character & the characters who was in Katherine’s world and not to use Steve BurtonDylan or Cane somehow to further their story! This is a real test for myself on if I will once again continue to watch YR with this elephant in the room. The half hazardedly botched Summer’s paternity by rushing the outcome because MS’s departure but the performances with PB, MS, HK, JM were outstanding but the story ended up a big thug. Josh needs a co HW as Jill needs a Co-Ep.

I could care less if *Tucker* is there. He was Katherine’s *son* for about five minutes. The only son that matters is Brock/Beau Keyser, and he needs to be there.

I think Murphy will be written out with Katherine. There’s really no point to him now.

I am with you on that one– there should never have been a Tucker in the first place. MAB’s dumb invention. Neither should Jill have been made a Fenmore– But even if they wanted Tucker at the funeral, SN was a recast- why not simply get the guy who played Tucker in the first place if SN won’t or can’t do it. As for Murphy, I think the decent thing to do if they aren’t going to keep him around is to have the character die with Katherine in some kind of accident on their way home from vacation.

I would love for SN’s Tucker to be one of the returnees. He was Tucker for three years whereas the other actor was in the role for a month. SN and JC had some amazing scenes that could potentially have been used for flashbacks.

I would also love to see Beau Kayser, Tricia Cast, Michael Damian, Patty Weaver and many more return!

Add me to the list of who cares if Tucker is there. He was the worst chapter in the Chancellor story because he was never a part of the Chancellors, or anyone else who was close to Kay. I wish they would find him a fraud as Kay’s son. If crazy Sharon can pull off a DNA switch I’d think Tucker with all his shell corporation and billions of dollars could manage it. LOL

If they want Katherine to have another son, have a new man arrive at the reading of the will. They should start from scratch & build a decent character.

Tucker should be there, it makes no story or character sense for him not to be. Same with Brock and Phillip. I mean, it’s absolutely abhorrent from a character perspective to not have these three people from Kay’s life there. Keep the integrity of the characters we know. I am crossing my fingers that JFP gets this right.

It would be great to see a lot of the former characters come back. I know that some may not be available but they should try to have as many as possible. I have not seen anything on Thom Bierdz’s twitter page that indicates he is part of this. In my opinion, that is a shame – for both the character & the actor.
No lame excuses that her family cannot attend …. like Mackenzie, Brock, Philip, or Ashley (her god-daughter), even Amber who became very close to Katherine.

Ultimately, I am sure no one will be 100% pleased with how it is done. haha

Are you saying Ashley Abbott? If you are, Eileen Davidson is having too much
fun playing Kristen on Days of our Lives. They’ll have to get the other actress.
BTW, are you Chaz Bono?

I have heard her mentioned recently on the show. I think they should have her being out of town on vacation, or something, and she decides not to come back. I don’t think they should have her die in the show!!!

I’m sorry, but that’s completely ridiculous. Nobody would have any closure. People don’t go on vacation and never come back. Unless they DIE while on vacation.

Katherines son Brock and granddaughter McKenzie really have to be there. Then the Chancellor ‘s Philip (the real Philip, not Cane the wanna be Philip) Chance and Nina. The long time cast that have been the backbone of Y & R for years who’s lives have inter twined with Katherines.
I don’t mean Cane shouldn’t be there. Simply not as close family.
Just do a great lady and actress proud.

i think she should pass in her sleep and it shouldnt be anything big… she is no better than any other actor so it should be as plain as anyone else…she had fancy from her family as it should have been… but sure have older actors come back for the memorial but i woulnt do anything wow big

It should be the best daytime ‘send off’ ever with storylines developing post memorial….whats with the Mrs C tributes on holiday weeks?- first it was Memorial week, now its Labor Day week….I

Ever since JFP arrived, the Dylan Avery hour became nauseating.
I cannot watch a so called memorial to Katherine that ends with Cane usurping Chancellor. Katherine had 2 sons. Both of whom should be in attendance . It should be responded to that Tucker already owns 49% of Chancellor. Jill and Tucker should be the one’s to throw con man Cane out as is needed. Short of that and a real tribute to Katherine, her family and relationships Y&R is a waste of time now. The stories are pathetic and the character focus is all off. JFP killed GH and now is busily destroying Y&R. I can not be amongst the audience for any of this. It is so wrong.

I have been watching Y & R since the first day it aired (March 24, 1973), and Katherine Chancellor has been a solid pillar since that time. I have been expecting and looking for some type of recognition of Katherine’s passing for some time. The memorial that was aired on behalf of Jeanne Cooper was very touching and well done. I was very proud of Y& R on that production. All of the actors seemed very sincere. It was very nice to see Beau Kazer in the mix to be with the actors. I was wondering why Brenda Dickenson was not there, as she was the initial Jill Foster. But maybe that would be inappropriate. LOL We sure do miss Katherine. Genoa City will never be the same.

Brenda Dickenson the original Jill claimed she had an affair with Bill Bell and he blacklisted her so I do not think they would touch that ever. Who knows people always claim stuff when somebody passes away and they can’t give their side of the story.

If it were me calling the shots, I would write the stories all up to a great tense climax and then as Katherine Chancellor slipped into the great beyond, everything would seemingly stop as everyone in Genoa City, one by one, revealed their reaction and their response as they learned about Kay’s death. It would be “The Day Katherine Chancellor Died” – and explored in a way like when people learned about JFK, Princess Diana or 9/11 – and for several days after that, it would seem as if life in Genoa City had stopped as everyone reflected on her life and legacy. Just my 2 cents.

At the time of Jeanne Coopers death shows for Y&R had been taped into July air dates. The delay in airing and writing her death story line came from it not being possible to re shoot and re-write two months of episodes. Scripts for the next four weeks had already been written . They also wanted to give the cast and crew time to heal before having to film what would be very difficult scenes. I believe her son also stated that she had planned to take some time off when her then unknown last scene was filmed. That she had never fully recovered from her previous medical leave where Michael Learned filled in. That she had planned to take some time off and rest.

Remember most icons have long since retired from a show when they pass. With Ms. Cooper being an active cast member it makes it difficult to react to her death timely.

So happy that something is finally going to be aired!! Jeanne well deserves it and so does the cast and fans. She has been greatly missed for me on the show. I have been watching for 30 years and still can’t believe that she’s gone. I hope that the Y and R gives her a peaceful passing with the dignity and class her charactor deserves. I will be watching in september and be thinking of the cast during what I’m sure will be very difficult tapings.

I miss you Katherine. The show stinks without you and Phyllis

what did Beau Keyser die from? He played Brock so well. Why wasn’t he on the show more? everyone loved him.

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