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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Aunt Jordan and Nikki Newman Headed for a Showdown


The Young and the Restless left viewers during the Christmas break with some time to ponder on just what will happen after Thursday’s episode of the top-rated CBS daytime drama in climatic scenes between Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

In the plot twist, Jordan has apparently kidnapped Claire (Hayley Erin), and is using it as leverage against Nikki who appears to be the twisted Aunt’s ultimate victim. Cole (J. Eddie Peck) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) previously ran a DNA test that they believe proves Claire is their baby who they believed died, but was stolen at birth by Aunt Jordan, who they named “Eve”.

Meanwhile, Aunt Jordan is continuing to drive Nikki to drink (and don’t we love MTS portrayal of a boozing Nikki?). Now, she really rattles a drunken Nikki with her latest phone call, in which she tells her to listen up, because she has Claire and she will give her back in exchange for Nikki. When Jordan predicts that Nikki is about to take another drink, Nikki says, “Yeah, I’ve been drinking. I’m drunk right now. What’s it to ya?” Best line of the week!

Photo: JPI

Coming up, a drunken Nikki enters a a worn down shack, while slurring her words and calls out, “Jordan?” Next, Jordan, appears holding a gun and says, “Hello Nikki! I’m so glad you could make it.”

The official teasers for the Tuesday, December 26th episode of Y&R shares, “Nikki faces her demons and confronts Jordan in an ultimate showdown.”

So, how do you think this ultimate showdown will wind up? Will Victor save Nikki? Will Jordan get killed? Will Jordan escape? Will Nikki wind up in dire medical straits from consuming too much booze? Let us know your theories, and if you are enjoying the scenes thus far between soap vets, Colleen Zenk and Melody Thomas Scott via the comment section below.

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Ok, maybe I am in the minority, but I don’t like a drunken Nikki. Melody T. Scott is talented enif to handle anything that is thrown at her. Why drum up the same ole storyline? Good to see Colleen Zenk though!

Well, this story line is turning out to be a flop. Ratings ticked up a few weeks back, and are now going down weekly. Poorly constructed story. Not that any of the storylines have me wanting more, but this was the story that Griffith was hoping to make a name for himself, and it’s just stupid. Again, why anyone would continually answer calls from “unknown” is beyond me. Please don’t say that the alcohol has fogged up Nikki’s mind. Katherine taught her better than this.

Stupid story line. I don’ like it at all. How long will this be dragged out?

What is Jordan’s obsession with Nikki? Why is she so hell-bent on ruining her life? It can’t just be revenger for Eve, because otherwise her vendetta should be targeted against Victor. This feel much more personal, so I’m hoping there will be a twist that makes this story make more sense.

When your smartphone rings and it says “Unknown caller”, YOU DON’T HAVE TO ANSWER THE PHONE!!!

What are the writers not thinking. To bring Colleen Zenk to Young and Restless for this stupid story line is laughable.

I think for once they used their heads. COLLEEN is the shot in the arm this show has needed for years and Ms. Zenk is providing that admirably , just as they shot Nicki up with her Vodka drip , who took that ball and is running with it until she ultimately carries it over the finish line, which I have no doubts she will.These two women are fantastic!

You did it Nickii, I knew you would! There was no disappointment in your acting, the finesse you used to get to your goal was fantastic and so rewarding, seeing you rescue your granddaughter and ” slay the dragon”.They will probably put Jordan in a vicility for the criminally insane. It’s just too bad that Victoria didn’t get to see her mother in action.

So much was made of Colleen Zenk’s return to daytime – but she has little if any air time other than the hostage scene at her house, after that, she walked into a room once in a while, never said a word, put on a blond wig, we don’t see her “take” her “daughter” from the room and she sends text calls.
Memo to retired actors – don’t expect much air time if they bring you to Y and R – just ask “Josh Lewis”.

I don’t even want Adam and Sally back together I have lost interest they should not have let it go on this long I think Adam and Sally should get new love interest Mark and Courtney broke up that’s got to awkward btw them I think the writers should pair them up with somebody else

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Susan Seaforth Hayes on the Horton Home Set on Fire: “This Was the (Home of the Family) Matriarch and the Patriarch. And Then There’s Tom’s Chair. What Will happen to Dr. Tom’s Chair?”

Coming up on Days of our Lives, what has been teased months ago, will finally stream on the Peacock soap opera. The beloved and iconic Horton house is about to burn possibly to the ground, after it is set on fire on the Friday, February 9th episode.

The story will pick up starting on the Monday, February 12th episode, which will find Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Chad (Billy Flynn) coming upon the scene as the living room is engulfed in flames.

As it will be revealed, a major vendetta against Chad, is the cause when viewers learn the the fire was no accident. In the major scenes, Doug (the late Bill Hayes, who was still taping episodes at DAYS several months before his passing), Julie, Chad and his kids, all go to safety outside and watch the iconic home burn.

Photo: JPI

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Susan Seaforth Hayes previewed the devastating moment and just how hard it hits Julie. “Everybody has come and gone and had experiences there,” Hayes begins. “This was the (home of the family’s) matriarch and the patriarch. And then there’s Tom’s chair. What will happen to Dr. Tom’s chair?”

Hayes adds there is a touching scene when everyone makes it to safety, “There’s a nice sequence outside the house watching the house burn.” She elaborates,”It looks quite hopeless. There are ashes, smoke and filth… It’s a sad heap.”

Photo: JPI

This will wind up being a rebuilding project for Julie and the Horton legacy, as Susan shared, “Julie’s take on it after is determination to not lose the sense of the house, to not lose what was there emotionally.”

Photo: JPI

Look for Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) to step up and provide temporary roof over the heads of her beloved friends and relatives.

Will you be sad to see the iconic Horton home set on fire? Did the set need a face-lift? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Tabyana Ali Warns on Upcoming ‘Sprina’ and Esme Scenes for Fans to “Make Sure Their Blood Pressure Will Be Down”

This week on ABC’s General Hospital, it looks like a major showdown is coming between Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Esme (Avery Pohl), and then the question of how will the series address the exit of Spencer played by Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) as he takes time away from tto film one of the lead roles in Ryan Murphey’s anthology series Monsters.

In story, Sprina have begun their time together in Paris – where the plan is for Trina and Spencer to have quality time together during Trina’s semester abroad.  But, of course, Esme is hot on their trail, especially given that her memories are all intact, Spencer handed her baby over to Nikolas, etc.

Tabyana Ali told Soap Opera Digest on a preview of what fans can expect, “It’s emotional, it’s high-stakes and you can’t miss it.”

Photo: ABC

Then, in a tease for what sounds like a potential massive catfight confrontation between Esme and Trina, Ali expressed, “In some ways and to some degree, I have been looking forward to a specific moment that happens. And I think everybody is going to feel very satisfied by this specific moment. And I can’t wait for people to see that.”

However for GH fans, the actress also teased that the drama could have fans blood boiling, adding, “I also want to tell everybody to please take their blood pressure pills. People need to do whatever they need to make sure their blood pressure will be down.”


Now in the latest promo for GH, Sonny (Maurice Benard) is heard saying, “Esme has a lot to lose. That may make her unpredictable.” Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) is seen gut-punched and in tears. Could it be she received some terrible news about Spencer?

Official teasers for the show share that on today’s Monday, January 29th episode, Spencer and Trina enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris. Next on Tuesday, January 30th, Spencer makes a discovery. And on Wednesday, January 31st, Spencer and Trina find themselves in a precarious situation. As previously reported, Nicholas Chavez last airdate before his hiatus from the series is Wednesday, January 31st.

So, what do you think will happen to Spencer? Looking forward to an ultimate showdown between Esme and Trina? Weigh-in via the comment section below. But, first check out this week’s GH promo.

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General Hospital

GH’s Adam Huss on Preparing for Nikolas and Spencer’s Reunion: “I Watched a Lot of Scenes of Tyler Christopher and Nicolas Bechtel, What a Beautiful Dynamic They Had”

This week on General Hospital, the long-awaited reunion of father and son will happen and when it does expect fireworks and plenty of drama. With Adam Huss back as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan and with Nikolas weaving a web to trap Esme (Avery Pohl) for all her misdeeds, he finally shows up in-person to see his son, Spencer (Nicholas Chavez).

It marks the first time the father and son have shared a scene together since since February 3, 2023, that is almost one year ago! So much has happened since that time. Is there any way the two can still forge any semblance of a relationship?

Previewing. the moment the two come face-to-face, Adam Huss told Soap Opera Digest Nikolas’ mindset: “I believe what transpires between them is sincere, and there is a sincere want and need from Nikolas to reconnect with Spencer. Which is why he is ready to face whatever he is going to face when it occurs. I also believe he would be willing to do whatever it takes in that moment to get what he needs. It’s definitely interesting, the direction it goes in.”

Photo: JPI

As for Nikolas’ bio-son. baby Ace, who has been raised by Esme and Spencer, Huss reveals; “He is not going to forget about his other son, especially if this other relationship (the one between Spencer and Nikolas) isn’t redeemable. If he cannot fix the strain that is between him and his other son, guess what? He’s got another heir.”

In preparing to slip back into the role of Nikolas and in particular for the big reunion, Huss shared he watched the classic scenes between the late Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) and Nicolas Bechtel, when Spencer was younger. “I watched a lot of scenes between Tyler Christopher and Nicolas Bechtel. What a beautiful dynamic they had, especially in the scenes around the fire when Spencer got burned and Nikolas was at the hospital.”

As to the scenes with Nick Chavez, Huss added, Nick and I were really able to have a journey together, I feel, in the work, and when I think about these scenes, I’m excited to watch them.”

Check out this week’s promo from General Hospital below.  Then let us know, are you looking forward to what goes down when Spencer and Nikolas come face-to-face? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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