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THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: What Is Up With Claire? What Is Her Plot Against Nikki About?

Photo: JPI

The latest Newman Media employee, and Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) assistant, Claire Grace (Hayley Erin), is about to ramp up her plan, and Nikki is smack dab in the middle of it and is set to be completely blindsided. Who is Claire Grace, really? What could be her vendetta against Nikki be about?

Well, in the latest video teaser for this week’s action on CBS’ The Young and the Restless (see below), it looks like Claire has put Nikki in something that resembles a horror movie including kidnapping and drugging her!

It all comes to fruition, because Claire is able to convince Nikki to make a trip to Oregon with her to see Claire’s Aunt Jordan.  According to teasers from Soap Opera Digest, Jordan is a real fan of all that Nikki has accomplished in her life, and per Claire, Jordan took a terrible fall and broke her leg and she needs to go check on her.  Claire somehow convinces Nikki that if she came with her, it would lift Jordan’s spirits.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Nikki was planning a trip to Denver to see her sister, Casey. She hasn’t seen her sister in a very long time.  Nikki tells Victor (Eric Braeden) she thinks she should stay put in Genoa City after all the family has gone through with Victor faking his illness. Victor tells her to go see her sister, because she has been waiting a long time.

Eventually, Niiki surprises Claire that they will take the Newman jet to Oregon so Nikki can meet Jordan, and then Nikki will head to Denver to see Casey.

Photo: JPI

What happens next is shocking! In the preview, Nikki is in a dark house with a dead phone line …. Claire injects Nikki’s neck with a syringe filled with who knows what! Probably, sedatives.  To which Claire snipes, “Sweet dreams, Nikki. Enjoy them while you can.”

Y&R’s executive producer and head writer, Josh Griffith teased to SOD, “Nikki’s world is about to be turned upside down as Claire’s true agenda for the trip is something she never imagined.”


Now weigh-in below, what do you think Claire’s true relationship is to Nikki? What is her vendetta all about? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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What’s up with this show Claire is psycho all about eve in 3 episodes honestly who even knows the character yet and even worse is how summer has gone all crazy over chance in what feels like one episode and don’t get me started on strange tucker Audra the beautiful nobody and mamies boring return the show is written very haphazardly it’s a complete bore Kyle has gotten more obnoxious and entitled people go on about Adam but he’s one of 4 tolerable characters at this point Nate is unlikeable devon and Abby are sleep
Inducing they are a negative five on the chemistry scale Victoria is an ice princess outside of Phyllis Sharon and sally and Adam i don’t know what to say even Nick whining about sally she was adams girlfriend first and Adam did save faiths life Someone over there wake up

Y&R is not the show it used to be. Mr. Griffith has this show in an odd place (I know, he’s been handling the writing duties on his own) but the characters no longer jump off the page, they just kind of sit there. And yeah, this Claire storyline came out of nowhere, no buildup, no back story. It’s like Sheila Jr. Honestly, I look for days when Traci Abbott is on, to bring some level headedness to the proceedings. But now I’m worried because Claire who knew Traci was and was gushing about her, hope she’s not the next person on the hit list.

i agree with you 100 percent

The Young and the restless.SHOULD GO OFF THE AIR

Yeah—I pretty much said the same thing—Who is Claire—I’ve already mentioned this—could she be Victoria’s and Cole’s dead baby come alive? And, who is her aunt? Nikki’s sister? We shall see. I am actually interested in this storyline—takes me away from the doldrums of the rest of the plots.

Me, too, Celia. At least for now. I’m so fed up with the ongoing crucifixion of Adam and the absurdity of Sharon and Summer both staking claims on Chance.. he just unloaded one spoiled heiress who’s still hung up on her ex and now he should go for another? I didn’t like Danny and Christine years ago and NOTHING has changed (snore) and Daniel and Lily aren’t lucky this second time around. If not for Phyllis, I’d be catatonic by now.

LOL—my Soaphound—missed you and your entertaining comments—I’ve never been a fan of Danny and Cricket either. Why does she always play the martyr? And, Danny is too good to be true. Sharon and Nick used to be my idols—now? I don’t know where to put them —C’est trés patetique.
Nate is the one who bugs me the most—but, I agree with every couple you mentioned—no excitement. No passion—those days are gone gone gone!!

Sick of all the crap going on. Victoria makes me sick.such an idiot. Adam deserves better treatment.

Can’t stand Victoria

Victoria thinks she’s Victor in a skirt. She’s not.

and what with daniel’s hair? It has no body and never looks clean… Reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where all the showers were low flow and no one could get soap out of their hair! Supposed to be such a hunk that two women are competing for him it seems to me at least he should have decent looking hair…. He looks a little unhinged

I am so disappointed..soooooodisgusted I gat I turned to in the heat of the night……

Agree % Young &The Restless has lost it’s way long time ago!

I agree with all you said lol what is going on there?? Mamie is boring! The whole Summer/Chance thing is bizarre….all of a sudden she’s in love with him?? Makes no sense it’s too soon. I expected something weird from Claire….Are we on a “Misery ” trip now? & don’t even get me started on Kyle!! Thank goodness the writers strike is over you all need to fix this mess!!

Her mom is nuts, so is she. Anything goes where she is concerned. Lol

I think her mother’s craziness is really hereditary. I never really liked the Summer character anyway. Can not believe she is Nick’s daughter too. . I cringe everytime they call her Supergirl, ugh!

Right on the money

Push the button.

I’d love to see an doppelgänger of Nikki. Like Marge and Katherine.

Evidently, this girl has been being fed erroneous info by her Aunt Jordan over the years, leading up to all this stuff going on with Nicki and possibly her sister Casey, whom they think did something to Claire’s parents, whatever. She was too nice, should have known this character was too good to be true.

I don’t like Claire but this sounds fun Nikki’s my favorite

Her and Victor are why I watch.

Yes Y&R is nothing without Nikkie and Victor it is no show at all!!!!

This show needs a new EP & HW. Claire is a new character and we know nothing about her. Now, we find out she a psycho with a vendetta against Nikki. Wake me when it’s over. Also, tired of whiny Kyle, this crazy triangle between Summer, Chance and Sharon, crazy-ass Tucker and I will do anything for advancement, Audra!

Seems that a bit too much is going on! Just seeing previews of the “Nikki” episode has made me uncomfortable. Things don’t appear to receive a proper introduction. The Chance/Sharon/Summer triangle does raise an interesting issue regarding age, but the background is missing.

On the corporate lever, there are so many companies that it is difficult to recall who has been where.

However, I keep recording and hope no one else gets the idea to fake dementia. It is far too serious of a condition to take lightly.

I enjoy seeing Danny back and his son. Please have some positive relationships that can last. I am one who never knew what Diane did to everyone and think she and Jack make a great couple. However, sometimes there is a certain look she has that makes me wonder. She is a great actor.

Hey, Tani—long time. You see everything with clear vision. Great synopsis. I am not into these older actors getting involved with younger characters. I said the same for Nick and Sally and Victor with all the string of young lovers he’s gone through—including Nikki.
Diane is a baddie and so is Jack—regardless of the fact that ye gods are propping him up—I still see the old bad, spoiled, unscrupulous Jack.
Nice “seeing” you here, Tani—stay well.

All I got is this Show SUCKS ANYMORE!!!!! BORE CENTRAL!!!! I don’t watch it for weeks then binge it, hoping smthing good happens but NEVER does!!!!

Hello Celia, it has been a while. I have always seen Jack as more of a rock regardless of his ups and downs. For the last couple of years, while not so traveling, he appears to have been a rather weak character. I wanted to see what I recalled as his strength and stability return. However, this is a Soap, and I say that with great respect.

I don’t know why Diane is so hated and why you see both Jack and Diane as you do. Must have been when my life took me elsewhere.

Best —

Hey, Tani—The only Diane I remember was played by Maura West—-and she was evil. But, she was not the original either—-“Jack and Diane” —John Cougar—as per my grandmother-
Also, Jack was a bad guy—my grandmother said he was a cheater and a backstabber.
He witnessed Victor have s heart attack in his office, and left him there to “die”. He has been redeemed and now they’re trying to do the same with Diane❤️

I think Claire is Nicki’s grand daughter…Nick’s daughter from Grace. I may be off base.
I guess we’ll see.

Yeah, I think Claire is related biologically to Nicki through a character about whom we have no current back story. Claire is furious with Nicki, but why? Is she related to a child Nicki had with Paul while in a cult? I don’t recall grandchildren she may have “lost”. Or, is she related to Casey, who isn’t seen regularly.
I watch for Nicki/Victor and like the “old characters” like Lauren, Michael, Traci, Ashley stuff. I love Phyllis’ stories.But, I never liked sanctimonious Christine either, and Danny looks like he had a face lift(?) Ugh. I also enjoyed seeing wonderful Nina for a few moments.

I like a few younger actors, like the new Faith. But, wish Kyle/ Lola had worked out. And her brothers? Great additions! Chance/Abby were okay. Devon/Elena were adorable and I enjoyed their storyline. Billy/Chelsea’s MH storyline and relationship was great I don’t like the Audra, Tucker, Diane characters. What happened to Jack’s grand daughter? Great character.
The shows stories are so disorganized from the height of the Katherine Chancellor/Jill/Esther days, long ago.

I wonder if back in the day when Nicki was a drunk if she was the one who killed Claire’s parents in the car accident.

Yeah—Nick’s or Victoria’s and Cole’s baby Eve—it’s the first thing that came to mind when Claire showed up. Cole’s appearance in the last scene today is a BIG hint.

I’m not sure how the “tea” had any affect since it was nothing but hot water! At least through some food coloring in it or something

Yeah, that wasn’t just tea. Nicki is acting too name re: Claire, who should’ve undergone a background check!

I meant “too naive”.

I agree. I wondered if anyone else noticed it was just hot water! Lol

I don’t like the Nikki and Claire story line. Can’t stand Claire. Just put Adam and Sally back together already. Sick of that back and forth. We need to see more of Beth Maitland and Elizabeth Hendrickson. Tired of Tucker too. Put Nick and Sharon back together. Not sure what Ashley is doing and can’t stand Diane. It would be better if Diane’s true agenda was revealed. I don’t trust her. And Phyllis is all over the place. Give her a good plot line! Michelle is an excellent actress! I feel like there is a lot of open ended story lines: Phyllis, Diane, Ashley, Summer, Adam, Nick, Sharon. Everyone is company hopping and taking new jobs. They need to tie some things up and get people working on some solid story lines.

Claire is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. LOL
Hoping that someone will rescue Nikki ie Nate, Victoria, Victor, Adam, Nick, etc.

I hear that Nicki will be rescued by the one person everyone loves to hate and thinks the worst of.. Any guesses yet? Don’t want to give it away altogether.

Ian Ward? I mentioned him a few days ago. I can’t think of anyone else.

Oh, wait—Adam? Now, you’ve got me picking my own brain. LOL.

Everyone will rescue Nikki—it’s going to be one heck of a family meeting—Cole is already there. Surprise!! I think I was right. Claire is Eve.

I am disgusted with Diane’s return miraculously from the dead it’s so stupid how many times do I have to pull that track? So I fast forward everything she’s in. I’ve been watching this show for 50 years. It’s very irritating that they keep repeating their selves. My guess is Claire is her long-lost daughter and Claire is pissed that she didn’t get to grow up to be a Newman very predictable.

When claire came to Newman’s to work for Nikky, she mentioned she lives with her aunt because her parents were killed in a car accident. So I am wondering if Nikky caused the accident that killed her parents.

WOW—That’s a great suggestion!! You could be right.

General Hospital

THIS WEEK ON GH: Austin’s Murder Begins to Reveal Its Suspects (Preview)

It’s been a minute since General Hospital left Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt shot dead on the floor, which also signaled the exit of fan favorite, Roger Howarth. Now, in the latest promo for the ABC soap opera, it looks like the story will finally pick back up the week of November 27th.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is on the case and trying to go through the list of potential suspects who wanted Austin dead, and there are several. Look for Dante to confront Sonny (Maurice Benard) about Austin’s murder and in turn, Sonny to hightail it to Ava (Maura West) and ask her if she pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Cyrus, Mason, Nikolas and others could have fired the shots.

Since Austin is related to the Quartermaines, will his death make an already potentially messy family Thanksgiving even worse? When we last left the Q’s, a smoke alarm went off as Gloria (Ellen Travolta) and Lois (Rena Sofer) were putting the finishing touches on the Turkey. But as we know, Gloria is seemingly tormented and keeping a secret about a mysterious caller.

Photo: ABC

Check out the teasers for the action this week on General Hospital below, and then the weekly promo.


Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles. Sonny senses something off between Anna and Nina. Marshall is worried about Curtis.  Gloria shares with Lois that she is in some trouble. Stella and Portia make a realization.


Dante gets some disturbing news. Alexis has a meeting with Laura.  Sam is concerned about Drew’s recent behavior. Elizabeth tries to reassure Finn. Molly and TJ have a disagreement.


Sonny confronts Ava. Martin helps Finn with his legal issues. Maxie opens up to Felicia. Dante and Chase collaborate on an investigation. Gloria gets some help from her family.


Dante has questions for Ava. Dex relays a message to Sonny. Portia gives TJ some advice.  Sonny makes plans for Christmas Eve. James enlists Cody’s help.


Carly has an interesting encounter at Kelly’s. Sonny gets a proposition. Ava makes a confession to Nina. Brook Lynn panics from family pressure. Kristina consoles Molly.

Now let us know, who do you think the smart money  that will be revealed to be the culprit that killed Austin? Comment below.


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THIS WEEK ON Y&R: Aunt Jordan Ramps Up Her ‘Attack of the Newmans’ (Preview)

Viewers of The Young and the Restless won’t have to wait much longer for the action to pick back up after the Thanksgiving holiday break, to find out just what Aunt Jordan (Colleen Zenk) and Claire’s (Hayley Erin) vendetta against the Newmans is all about.

As has been previewed for this week’s episodes of Y&R, the Newmans arrive in Oregon to Aunt Jordan’s house, as she informs them, they are each about to suffer a heart attack, thanks to the poison they drank in their water bottles – that would be Victor (Eric Braeden), Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Meanwhile last week, viewers saw Cole (the returning J. Eddie Peck) entering the house calling out the names of Victoria and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Now. in the latest harrowing preview for the series via Y&R’s social media accounts, Aunt Jordan tells Victor it will be her pleasure to watch him die, when he asks, ‘Where is my wife?”

Photo: JPI

Then, in a scene, Jordan is going up the stairs, while Nick tries to catch-up with her. However, he is sliced in the stomach by a knife. Upstairs, poor Nikki is still trapped in the bedroom having been hooked up to an IV filled with booze, and then drinking the bottle that was left behind in Jordan and Claire’s efforts to have her fall off the wagon … which she has.

Photo: JPI

According to the official teasers for the story for the week of November 27th, look for the following key moments to go down.

Monday, November 27
Victor demands answers on Nikki’s whereabouts, while Nikki receives a painful reminder about her past, and Jordan and Claire reveal their motives.

Tuesday November 28
Victor leads the Newmans into battle as Nikki fights for her life against Jordan.

Wednesday, November 29
Victor defends Nikki at all costs, while Jordan and Claire stand their ground.

Now, check out the harrowing teasers for the action on The Young and the Restless below.

So, who do you think Aunt Jordan and Claire will turn out to be? Is Aunt Jordan actually “Eve Howard” who had previously died? Is she her sister? Is Claire, Victoria and Cole’s daughter, who also never really died? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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The Bold and the Beautiful’s Eric Forrester to Throw Family Gala as He Gets Closer to His Imminent Demise

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have been wondering if an eleventh hour reprieve will save the life of the patriarch of the Forrester fashion dynasty, Eric Forrester.

This has also raised concerns that Daytime Emmy winner, John McCook (Eric), might be exiting the show as one of the only two original cast members – the other being Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke).

Now, McCook took to his Instagram to share an article that appears in the latest edition of TV Guide Magazine, which previews that Eric is going to throw a party for his family with the intent of saying goodbye to them, since he believes most of them are not aware that he is dying. Problem is, many of the family do know and are gut-punched, but haven’t let on to Eric that they know.

Photo: JPI

As previously announced, Winsor Harmon is set to return to B&B on December 5th to reprise his role as Thorne Forrester with Ashley Jones to follow on December 6th reprising her role as Dr. Bridget Forrester. Thorne and Bridget return to Los Angeles in anticipation of the family gala, not knowing what it’s truly all about.  No airdate was given in the article, as to when the party episodes begin.

McCook shared to TV Guide,“There’s something wonderful about having these relationships that we have as actors on the show. It’s very special for us to all be in the room together.”

Photo: JPI

Back on October 30th, The Bold and the Beautiful’s supervising producer, Casey Kasprzyk, posted on X ,”Filming 10 shows this week, and let’s just say it’s going to be very emotional for everyone.” This was attached to a photo of Eric Forrester’s portrait over the Forrester mansion mantel. Could it be that these upcoming party episodes were what Casey was referring to?

One key point thus far, is that while the doctor has told Eric (and secretly Brooke and Ridge) that he only has a few months left to live, there has been no definitive diagnosis that has been given for what ails Eric to the audience. We know he is coughing up blood and having tremors.  The doctor had revealed to Eric and Donna that Eric was having TIA’s (transient ischemic attack, AKA mini-strokes) but it was part of a bigger picture that he was trying to get to the bottom of.

So, with all that said, and with this heartbreaking ‘goodbye’ party that Eric is going to throw, do you really think he is going to die, or will a cure be found …. or misdiagnosis be revealed? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by John T McCook (@johntmccook)

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