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The Young and the Restless Promo Featuring The Debut Of Jason Thompson!



General Hospital fans bid farewell to Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake on Thursday, but The Young and the Restless fans are ready to welcome him next week in his new role as the recast Billy Abbott.

To usher him in to the CBS Daytime family, the network and the Y&R producers have featured him in the latest promo acknowledging his debut on the January 13th episode of the number one soap opera.

In story, Billy has been fighting for his life after the beating he took at the hands of his gambling bookie henchmen. and then being run over by Noah Newman’s car (Robert Adamson) in the same parking garage the beating took place.

Watch Thompson’s first Y&R promo after the jump.   Let us know, are you ready for the next chapter of the life of Billy Abbott as played by this five-time Daytime Emmy nominee?

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Y&Rs Billy gets run over by a car and ends up looking like Jason Thompson.ex -GHs Patrick ..At GH…Jason/Jake got run over by a car and ends up looking like Billy Miller ex-Y&Rs Billy…was this all done on purpose as some inside joke at Y&R?…lol

Ha ha! Good point, Jim. Another parallel is that on GH, Jason Thompson’s father-in-law was played by Tristan Rogers and on Y&R, his stepfather will be played by Tristan Rogers.

Oh i forgot that…

And Michelle Stafford— Phyllis is in a coma wakes up on GH as Nina

I forgot that too…

There should be disclaimers after the show stating– Warning getting run over by a car will not make you more handsome any improvements in looks is coincidental and should not be attempted at home– LOL

I guess i better get out of the middle of the street then…just no hope for me!…lol

BAH! Mary!

Lol and you won’t wake up in a wealthy family with a model looking wife and three other hotties pursuing you

Not to mention that Phyllis as Michelle Stafford left Y&R in a coma and woke up on GH from a coma as Nina Clay.

Where is the originality?

What happenned to the old days of “the role of xxx will now be played by xxx”?

As a long time viewer of GH, it will be very difficult for me to adjust to this recast. In addition, I think that physically it’s too much of a departure from the previous Billys.

I think it just might work, Carol. Yes, the physical appearance is dramatically different but to me, it’s not about the external it’s about whether that actor can channel the mischievous, impish spirit of that boy man, Billy Abbot. I believe Jason can channel that spirit.
On another note, I have a question—since it seems apparent that Dr Simon Neville can save Billy’s life but is not allowed to practice at that particular hospital, can Neil kidnap Billy and store him at the boathouse where Dr Neville can perform his medical magic?

Co-sign Harry. It’s not about the external it’s about bringing the heat. NuBilly is going to be fine.

Sorry to disagree Cee, Gina has taken over and owns the role. Recasts are a way of life, Right Carly #3 and Jill #6?

I love your words to describe my sentiments, exactly, Carol….”…too much of a departure”. No better way to say it. I have no vested interest in Jason’s Patrick. I haven’t known him long enough…… but I get it….that is exactly how I feel about Gina Tognoni in the role of Phyllis. I have one specific image in my head of the perfect Phyllis…..Michelle Stafford. So, no matter how hard Gina tries to enter the character in the guise of Phyllis, it hasn’t worked for me thus far. Where is the volatile personality?
However, Carol, I must say that I feel good about Jason playing Billy. I am very excited about his take on the character…he is that good a talent!!


Actually that might be exactly what the character needs in order to free the character from the ghost of Billy Miller– a whole new look. I think JT will make Billy look more like Jill. Perhaps a whole new look will take Billy into a different direction and have him stop trying to live up to Abbott legacy and failing. Let him embrace his Foster and/or Fenmore side of the family, grow a pair and be as ambitious and scheming as his mother. I’m excited to see Billy reinvented and move on beyond BM.

You said it Mary SF. I want to see a strong, manly Billy-one that will not stand for being called “Billy Boy” a dozen times an episode by Victor. That has worn thin with me. Not cute anymore. Jason looks so much like Jill-your thoughts were right on. The first 2 Billys were too short/boyish/immature looking and/or acting & looked to childish next to Victoria-although the very last one was very attractive-but the way they write Billy is terrible. Let’s see Billy transform into a force to be reckoned with (look out Jack too)

I’m really excited for JT to debut. I never warned up to Burgess Jenkins’ portrayal of Billy, and Jason Thompson is an amazing actor, so hopefully he will work wonders in the role. Even if it might be a little jarring of an adjustment at first, I can definitely see this working out. I also hope that with a new actor stepping into the part, the role of Billy will change back to how he used to be, because I’m not liking the way he’s been acting lately.

I also really enjoyed the sendoff Patrick got on GH, a happy ending for the Scorpio-Drake family, as it was always meant to be.

looking forward to it. it will be interesting to see how he gels with everyone

I think JT will do Billy justice. I think he will be a better replacement than the current billy. JT is a great actor and was awesome on GH.

I can’t wait to watch Y&R on Monday I so love that show it is better than any other Soaps, I use to watch GH for Luke and Laura and Jason and Liz but not the show is all about the mob and people who doesn’t pay for what they do like they are the favorite but the good guys who does any wrong get stamp with a big red S on their back. So Jason I say thank God you left GH and came to the best show they will always be #1.

Y&R made a wise decision. Good riddance to Burgess Jenkins. Love gorgeous Jason Thompson. He’s got the acting chops to play Billy or, any role on Y&R and GH’s loss is a huge gain for Y&R.

Looking like he stepped right off of GH seriously they couldn’t lighting his hair or something I hate when actors/actress don’t differ the characters they play from one another ugh

I don’t know if he was the right choice, but I’ll see.

Many viewers were not happy with Clementine Ford’s portrayal as Mackenzie Browning. Yet Mac was front and center for 18 months as a major character on Y&R.

Funny-I loved her & had forgotten all about her!

If Noah became a black hair after being a blond for 4 year then we can survive this Billy recast. Also, I feel they recast Billy more than they replace Doctor Who. Finally, does it bother anyone else that it takes them one day to recast Billy but also a year to recast Adam?

Really! It took me a long time to get used to this Noah. I said he looked & sounded like someone from Goodfellas, ha. But he has grown on me. I find that I always resist recasts & usually end up ok with them.

I’m a first time viewer of Y&R because of JT. Will always watch GH as long as it’s on, but I think things are not looking good for the long term future of GH or Days. I figure with Y&R’s international following it’s bound to stay on for awhile, as long as Phelps and Pratt don’t ruin it!


That’s a horrible thing to say! With only 4 left, we need all of them to keep going.

Billy Miller will always be Billy Abbott to me, so it doesn’t matter who you put as his replacement.

Oh, come on.

I won’t be watching sorry but if I didn’t follow all the other ex gh stars that now work at YR Thompson won’t be the 1st so if I ever see him it will be in port Charles. If not then good luck.

So excited to see Jason on Y & R Yay!!! Now maybe they can get on with the story lines or get new writers 🙂

It will be interesting to see if Jason brings a sexy side to the role that would be a breath of fresh air if he did and I would like for them to explore a hot affair with Phyllis I am tired of the mooning over Victoria and the first time Victor calls him Billy Boy I hope he slugs him. Whatever JT has a challenge because Pratt doesn’t write for characters he writes for shock.

Jason Thompson will be terrific as the new Billy boy lol. The man is a wonderful actor and sexy too.

wish y n r chilled out on the new billy character for a bit like when phyllis was recasted. three new billys in two years is wild!…also it would ve given sony a chance to bring greg vaughan from days over to y n r! the stunning and charrming greg vaughan shares more of a resemblance to the abbotts than this new one does!

greg vaughan , eric from days would ve portrayed a billy with more of a resemblance to the abbotts!…. i wish sony waited a bit to unveil the new billy , four different billys in like two years is over the top!

He is daytime royalty and a refreshing change from the last Billy!!!! they are so lucky to get him!

I agree, he is so talented and if they age his kids anytime soon he will super shine because he was so good with little Emma on GH!

My god can someone help Noah with that hair! Anyway, Jason looks cool and I cannot wait to see how he measures up to the MUSTACHE!

Timm–why is eveyone in Genoa City getting hit by cars? Can’t Y&R come up with another plot point?

Good question Harry. It seems like on Y&R or GH they either get hit with a car or they fall from a “Tall” building and bounce to their feet!

@ Timmm.
Hi, my Timmm,
What about Pier 54? The infamous GH watery burial ‘ground’, leading to the River Styx, where all the Cassadine’s abide in unholy rest and perpetual agitation? Bye.

hey Timm..
Jason can play a really good bitch man, he will give ol’ Vic the death stare!

I hope su0000. David Thom looked like a kid going up against Victor and Burgess really never tried but was weak anyway. JT has a chance BUT I’m willing to bet Eric Braeden has a clause in his contract that NO ONE is allowed to hit him? Victor insulted Jack up and down the other day as Billy was fighting for his life and Jack stood there like a pansy and took ANOTHER tongue lashing!

Hey, su.
I agree with you about Jason. Also, Timmm is right about both David and Burgess with relation to Victor. Yes, Good ole Vic and Billy A were constant adversaries ….in everything. However, I, personally, think that, although, there was antagonism between Victor and Billy, the character, there was also a sort of a kinship between Eric and Billy Miller. I sensed the ‘vibe’ between them.whenever they got into it, it was always a sparring match….I found Victor exasperating but the exchange very entertaining. And, that’s the crux of it…….so did they. I could tell that Victor/Eric, especially, had the time of his life when dealing with Billy M………they had a certain camaraderie that was missing with both David and Burgess. If Jason passes the Victor ‘test’, then he is in for the long-haul. He firstly needs to pass ‘muster’……and Victor is THY name. LOL.

This is going to be really weird. But I love Jason Thompson and I wish him everything wonderful. Best of luck!!!!!

Days of our lives is the soap to watch right now . Has improved greatly in quality . Patch and Kayla are back on and Hope finally shot and killed Stefano in Friday’s episode . Everyone in my church community has tuned back into Days and some of them have given up for good on the other soapies ! You need to watch Friday’s episode on nbc’s website , it’s the one where Stefano is gunned down at the end !

Huge loss for GH. The only doctor on the show about a hospital, and the only nice guy left in Port Charles. They would rather focus on mobsters Sonny, Julian, and Ava. I am excited to see Jason Thompson on Y&R. This move has me moving to CBS as well.

Ha ha ha , Billy Miller exits Y&R to go play a guy named Jason on GH and Jason Thompson exits GH to go play a guy named Billy on Y&R.

Great insight!


I’ve recently started watching Y&R since several of my GH people have
made the jump…Steve B, Kelly S, Tristian R, and now Jason T…. Who I
believe will bring a refreshing spin to Billy’s character.

I feel like he’s gonna be the miscast of the decade in the role of Billy Abbott and won’t have a happy ending with Y&R. It doesn’t matter how good an actor is if the role is not right for them. Eden Riegel and Maura West have lots of emmy wins between them but they were fired by Y&R after a year cause they were badly miscast in the roles of Heather and Diane. This is the fourth different Billy Abbott in two years for crying out loud. Billy has never been a tall man and has never had dark hair/features so another problem with this. Some fans won’t accept anyone but Billy Miller so I predict a rocky road for Jason Thompson. I could’ve seen him as a EJ recast on DOOL or a Thomas recast on B&B but I can’t see him as Billy. Steve Burton and Kelly Sullivan haven’t worked out on Y&R with the viewers/critics. The majority of the fanbase calls Dylan “Dullan” and wants Sage to just leave town. I don’t think Jason Thompson is a big loss to GH (the character of Patrick ran it’s course and had few connections in town) and now GH will have room in the budget to bring back WK/Ned or GV/Lucky. Ned and Lucky, unlike Patrick, have tons of connections in town.

These are all good observations. ONE thing to remember is writing will have SOMETHING to do with JT’s success or failure. He is a damn good actor and I wouldnt concentrate as much on the physical part of the character. I member when Justin Hartley stepped into the role of Adam. The first thing I noticed is how much taller he was that the other two Adams. Also, he and Chelsea, face to face were kind of odd since she seemed to be acting too his chest but Justin is really good and I love him and Victor’s scenes so I’ve dismissed the height issue and even the fact that Justin isnt Michael Muhney. He wasnt coming back and either is Billy Miller. I want both of the characters on the show so I accept what they do and see if the recasts work. Jason Thompson is a really good actor and I think he will have chemistry with Victoria right away. They other thing is Patrick Drake ran his course at GH. It was time to move on and why not Y&R? Its the #1 soap! They will be patient with him if it takes time because of his talent. You are absolutely right about Steve Burton and Kelly Sullivan. They were awesome on GH and are horrible on Y&R. That doesnt make them bad actors, just bad roles or bad writing. They same could happen to JT but I will give him a year and see what he has?

Outstanding post, Timmm. You covered a lot of ground with one paragraph. Love it!!

Well said Newnamwins. Sadly, I agree.

Very true, Newmanwins. However, I do believe that fans will look at performance, looks, mannerisms and personality. We must also remember how a character enter acts with the other protagonists.
The hair color, height etc. may be an issue at first, but that will dissolve. Remember Heather Tom as Victoria? She was blond.
Nonetheless, I get exactly what you’re saying.

Interacts, not enter acts.

It difficult to say at the present. Jason wasn’t my first choice; however, he needs to be given a chance in the role.

Near death on Friday and stopping in for coffee on Wednesday? I want his doctors.

No one is as handsome as Billy Miller. That’s the one they need to bring back. The new guy is an improvement because the current one isn’t quite as attractive(sorry) and he sounds nasally. Just isn’t one of my favorites even as an actor.

You know I agree that Billy Miller is handsome, but now that he has assumed the role of Jason on GH, I can’t stomach him. He is so vanilla. He lacks that pizzazz that he had as Billy Abbott. Oh well, that is the choice he made.

Looking good, Mr. Thompson!

I cannot wait until you arrive at Y&R to make this a must-see soap again. I am sorry I did not watch you steadily on GH over the last few years, but the Patrick storyline was hard to stomach after Robin “died.” I saw the reunion and the Scrubs + Emma walk off into the sunset and am glad for that. But now I am ready for you to turn things around with Y&R with whomever you may be paired with. 🙂

I feel any actor worthy of their salt can act their butts off, if the material is up to par. So no matter how great JT will be in the role (and I think he will be), it will be up to the writers to supply the quality of said material.
Maybe get rid of Pratt.

Breaking News

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

Photo: JPI

Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Share your remembrances and condolences for Meg Bennett via the comment section below.

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‘Tracker’s’ Justin Hartley on His ‘Passions’ Soap Start, “They’d Have Me With No Shirt Walking Around a Hospital for Three Weeks. It Was Ridiculous, but I Loved It.”

While Justin Hartley’s freshman drama Tracker on CBS is a bonafide smash hit, the man who is now executive producing and the lead of the complex procedural drama, had his humble show biz TV beginnings on the cult favorite soap opera, Passions.

From 2002-2006, Hartley became beloved by young soap viewers everywhere for his performance of Nicholas Foxworth Crane, better known as “Fox.”

Throughout his run on the former NBC soap opera, Hartley’s co-stars now read as who’s who of the soaps including good friend, Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan, Passions, now Brady, DAYS), former real-life wife, Lindsay Korman (ex-Theresa, Passions), Brook Kerr (ex-Whitney, Passions, now Portia, General Hospital) and even the late, great Andrea Evans (ex-Rebecca, Passions, and ex-Tina One Life to Live).

Photo: JPI

In a look-back at some of the memorable roles of his career at TV Insider including as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, the feature has some notable quotes from Justin.

The one that struck us the most was when Hartley was speaking about his time on Passions, which for anyone who knows the show, saw him most of the time shirtless in a scene for absolutely no apparent reason. Looks like Justin agrees with that assessment too, sharing, “They’d have me with no shirt walking around a hospital for three weeks. It was ridiculous, but I loved it.”

Photo: CBS

Meanwhile, tonight on an all-new episode of Tracker (9pm ET/PT) titled “Aurora”, when a widower offers a reward to find his only daughter who disappeared three years ago and is presumed dead, Colter (Hartley) agrees to help track her down. After the missing girl’s father shows Colter a newspaper photo from a recent county fair he’s convinced is her, Colter’s search leads him into the world of amateur ghost hunting and paranormal activity.

“Aurora” is directed by none other than Hartley’s former This Is Us co-star Jon Huertas (ex-Miquel).  In fact, Huertas told TV Insider, he wouldn’t wait to direct Justin again, as he did on the former NBC drama in which they both appeared.

Photo: CBS

Huertas expressed: “I’ll be honest, Justin was one of my favorite actors on the show to watch, to work with, and to direct. I was able to do all of that on This Is Us. And so when the opportunity came up, Ken Olin was like, ‘Hey, you interested in directing on this show, Tracker?’ I was like, “Absolutely. I get to work with Justin again.”‘

So, do you remember Justin as Fox Crane mostly walking around plenty of times shirtless in story as soap hunks do, but for no particular reason? Are you going to catch ‘Tracker’ tonight which features a behind the scenes reunion and collaboration between Jon Huertas and Justin? Comment below.

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General Hospital

‘Knots Landing’s’ Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark Reunite for Los Angeles Ballet Season 18 Gala

The women from the the cul-de-sac at Seaview Circle, stepped out last week as the Los Angeles Ballet celebrated its season 18 gala with ceremonies at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The evening was hosted by LAB staunch supporter, Donna Mills (ex-Abby, Knots Landing, ex-Madeline, General Hospital).  The Emmy Award-winning actress met up with her dear friend and former on-screen rival and co-star, Joan Van Ark (ex-Val, Knots Landing, ex-Gloria, The Young and the Restless) as well as her daughter, Chloe Mills, on the red carpet prior to the start of the evening.

This year’s LAB gala honorees included: Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Emmy, and Grammy nominated composer and pianist Kris Bowers, plus accomplished attorney and Los Angeles Ballet Board Chair, Jennifer Bellah Maguire. The honorees each received Angel Awards for the extraordinary contributions they have made to the arts, LAB and the city of Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

Los Angeles Ballet is known for classical, contemporary, romantic and neoclassical ballets, for pioneering new works and for presenting relevant works by many of today’s most innovative dance-makers. LAB’s original production of The Nutcracker is an annual holiday favorite for Los Angeles residents and regional, national and international visitors.

Photo: Shutterstock for Los Angeles Ballet

Led by Artistic Director Melissa Barak, LAB performs in multiple theater venues across LA County including The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Royce Hall at UCLA, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Pasadena Civic Auditorium and Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. As part of its mission, LAB wants to expand people’s knowledge of and nurture a love for ballet.

Longtime fans of Donna Mills also know that when early in her career she was a dancer. In fact, when she got her first soap opera gig as a nightclub singer named “Rocket” on Secret Storm, Mills was shocked.

Photo: JPI

In a 2015 interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine Donna recounted, “I’m not a singer. I was a dancer. Why they chose me to be a nightclub singer, I have no idea, and I actually sang on the show.”

So, glad to see Donna and Joan stepping out together in support of the Los Angeles Ballet? Miss Knots Landing’s Abby and Val? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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