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Tricia Cast & Actor Michael Fairman To Return To Y&R For One-Year Anniversary Of Katherine's Death!

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Jeanne Cooper and her iconic character Katherine Chancellor will be remembered in upcoming episodes of The Young and the Restless when Genoa City has a ceremony for Mrs C.  at Chancellor Park for the one year anniversary of her death!

According to TV Guide, and arriving back on the scene for the episodes to air on August 26th and 27th, will be Tricia Cast (Nina) and actor Michael Fairman (Murphy)!

And finally, with all of that will come some resolution to the Music Box Mystery that Katherine sent Jill (Jess Walton) on over a year ago that has dragged out!

As previewed to us in this video interview below with Jess Walton at the recent Creative Arts Emmys Red Carpet, the Daytime Emmy winner shared with us  that the mystery would be revealed in short order, so this should be when it happens!

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One other major plotpoint has that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), who is teetering on the brink of dipping into the sauce once again, will apparently fall off the wagon at the same time of Katherine’s remembrance ceremony!  It’s all to much for the gal to take!

So, looking forward to the Music Box Mystery being resolved?  The return of Nina and Murphy and a boozin’ Nikki? And the series remembering Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper)?   Let us know your thoughts below!

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Of all the actors gone from the show, its the one and only Jeanne Cooper i miss the most…maybe the music box leads to an unknown sister or brother of Katherine…i might return and watch for the memorial!!!

Love Murphy. They should pair him and Ester! I really dont care about Nina. They need to find someone new in Genoa City who is older and wiser to take Mrs. C’s place. Its not Jill! Her and Colin suck! I say bring in Jeanne Cooper’s real son and have him play a long lost son who is an SOB who throws Jill out on her A.. and people keep mistaking him for Father Todd. This isnt Father Todd. This new Chancelor guy is a hell raiser!

Timm, I could not disagree with you more. Jill and Colin are the best thing going on Y&R. Yes, the writing is not up to par and these two are worthy of better storylines.
However, the actors have risen about the mediocre, boring writing–they are worth watching.
I am, however, disappointed with the writing being afforded to Tristan Rogers–he is quite a gem and deserves so much better.

Yes Harry your right, sorry, its not the actors, they are legendary, its the writing. Whats new!

I agree; I love Jill and Colin. And I agree with their tepid dialogue. If it doesn’t pick up we’ll lose Tristen again.

I always thought that tracy would be the perfect person to take Katherine’s place as the go to person for advice and love.

They need to bring Tricianina back and revive the rivalry between her and jill! I love Tricia!

Don’t really want to see Nikki hitting the bottle yet again for an extended period of time. Hope it’s not dragged out. Don’t care for this character at all.

Yeah, the character has been there and done that, sooooooo many times before! Let Nikki handle her problems without the assistance of booze or everyone coming to her rescue.

Music Box? Forgot all about it.

I suspect the music box story line was the brain child of Josh Griffith and went he left, the new writers had no idea what he had planned to do with it, so they have been scrambling ever since to figure a way to tie this thread to the new thread they started — and the result was this mishmash of a story as if the writers were making it up as they went along, changing their mind and starting over. And I suspect it felt that way because that is exactly what they were doing– but at least they finally figured out a way to end the thing which is better late than never.

There has to be a way to give Murphy and Nina air time and story. Murphy, tho now wealthy presumably, could work somewhere that keeps him engaged in the lives of Katherine’s intimates. Nina is a writer and could-be media person. I would like to see her in place, too. She was Christine’s best friend once upon a time. And friendly with Paul, right? If there is no front-burner story, then make these characters supporting roles, part of the daily lives of the leads.

I’m not really interested in seeing Nikki hit the bottle again either.
I don’t see it as a necessary plot device.
I am looking forward to a Mrs. C memorial tho.

Mac and the Phillips should be there!!!!!

Good Lord, this show has just collapsed since Ms. Cooper passed away. Y&R was a show that I never missed, now I might watch it twice a month. The stories go at such a slow pace that I know I’m not missing anything at all. Talk about boring. These writers and producers are running this show into the ground. Gee, Nikki gets drunk again? How many times have we seen that? UGH.

SO EXCITED to hear that my dear MTS is about to become a vodka swilling train wreck again!! 🙂 Must see TV, folks!!

So excited for the Kay remembrance episodes, too!

How much do you love Y&R!?!

Melody Thomas Scott plays an incoherent drunk better than anyone!!! Well…her and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen!! But I hope if the show does have Nikki bangin’ the booze back, I hope they remember that she has MS now…and how alcohol can affect that condition. The show seems to have had no real reason for giving Nikki MS and it hasn’t been prominent in story so far. It could be a very hard hitting true to live story about diseases and alcoholism.

Tricia Cast is so wonderful as Nina. Too bad they cannot find story that keeps her on board and dump some of the boring stories/actors.

I might DVR the memorial episode…first one I will have watched in 8 months. IMO, the ONLY decent thing that has aired since JFP took over was the Jeanne Cooper tribute show. Everything else has flowed downhill and not worth watching.

Michael, I’ve been dying to ask you this question. Are you related to Murphy? Michael Fairman? Just curious.

I think “mystery” is generous in regards to that music box mess but here’s hoping the resolution is more believable than a terminally ill woman in her 80’s climbing a ladder to hide a necklace in a chandelier.

Based on Colin’s reaction when he saw the photo of Rachel Berenson I thought she might be his mother and he was Kay’s half-brother as a result of Rachel’s affair with Kay’s father but long term plotting doesn’t seem to be this show’s strong point these days.

The show needs to bring Tricia Cast back full time and drop Austin, Summer, Avery, Dylan, Mariah, Abby, Tyler, Cane, Colin, and Stitch.

As for Drunk Nikki — ain’t nothing I love watching more than a self-destructive hot mess so bring it on! Melody Thomas Scott is far too talented to be stuck with this “my secret cult baby walks on water” nonsense she’s been given for the last several months. I only hope this latest fall off the wagon lasts for at least a year and results in a much deserved Emmy for her.

AMEN! Totally agree about MTS!!

I love Nina, Please bring back Tricia Cast Full time on The Young and The Restless. Get rid of Christine slash Cricket, I hope Phyllis squashes Cricket like a bug. LOL. I WANT Murphy to romance Jill or ESTHER. I want Elizabeth Hubbard to be Katherines, long lost sister. I loved Elizabeth as Lucinda Walsh on as The World Turns. She is a wonderful actress, imagine Jess Walton and Elizabeth Hubbard in scenes, they would kick ass. Love them both.

Ricardo…Y-E-S Y-E-S Y-E-S!!!!! Dude…I am TOTALLY ONBOARD with you on this!!!!! Nina is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Y&R character…EVER…HOLLA!!!!! I wish that Nina (and her VERY FABULOUS portrayer Tricia Cast) would come back to Y&R FOR GOOD (and not just for a short-term visit or whatever)!!!!! Also…that’s funny…Murphy romancing either Jill or Esther??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Or…how about a (get this) Esther/Murphy/Jill love triangle??? Can you imagine Esther and Jill fighting over Murphy??? Poor Murphy…LOL!!!!! By the way, more and more, Colin is WORKING MY NERVES…BLAH!!!!! Idiot. Also…I think that is a WONDERFULLY INTERESTING IDEA…the possibility of Elizabeth Hubbard joining the Y&R cast. EH could give Y&R a much-needed shot in the arm (or whatever). YES!!!!! And…finally…R-I-G-H-T O-N about that annoying Christine!!!!! I never cared for Christine all that much back then. I still don’t. To me, Christine is WAY TOO sugary, saintly and bland!!!!! More and more, I (emotionally!!!!!) get cavities whenever I watch that stupid chick onscreen…LOL!!!!! Yep. And…yes…I (also) hope that nuPhyllis (soon to be played by the FABULOUS Gina Tognoni), as you say, squashes Christine like a B-U-G…LOL!!!!! That prissy and self-righteous Christine is in serious need of a long and overdue SMACK-DOWN!!!!! And nuPhyllis is the perfect choice to B-R-I-N-G I-T!!!!! HOLLA!!!!

Take care, Ricardo. A-C-E-S!!!!!

Actually I would like to see Christine slap Nikki down a flight of stairs. This made up love story between Paul & Nikki is stupid never happened Bill Bell is rolling in his grave.

Excited about Tricia Cast’s return. Why isn’t this talented lovely on contract?

I LOVE Tricia Cast’s portrayal of Nina! That woman needs MORE SCREEN TIME!

I’m a huge Nina fan and really wish that the writers could find a better way to use her than has been done over the past few years. Besides Jack and Ashley Abbott, I’ve always thought Nina was one of the most interesting characters. She started out as young scheming girl from the wrong side of the tracks who ultimately grew into a very devoted mother who still has enough of her “street ways” to call a spade a spade when needed.

Besides Brock and Jill, Nina really is the only character with a true connection to Kay. She would be a welcome presence living in the mansion with Jill and Esther. It wouldn’t hurt if the show bothered to recast Chance and brought a younger Chancellor back onto the show. Besides his father, Chance really is the ONLY Chancellor left!

That being said, I’m ready for the unfortunate music box plot to end. Also, I really could do without Chancellor Park. It seems a trite soap way (Days did the SAME thing for Alice Horton and that Horton Square set) to honor Kay. Moreover, it doesn’t really fit with her. I would have put an oil painting of the woman in the living room for the folks to talk to or maybe given Chancellor Industries a set (no more merger with Newman!) and put the painting in a frequently used boardroom.

tricia cast is hardcore!!! nina is needed so badly at the chancellor mansion!!! she can keep an eye on colin since jill is blind when it comes to him. she should get up in pauls business about dylan and give nikki a seious smackdown for her stupidity about the paternity. y n r needs a diva desperatly right know since vicki by way of amelia ‘s interpretation has turned her into a princess with no backbone and nuKelly has turned into promqueen since cadie took over! even hilary has all of a sudden turned into the damsel in distress stuck between pop and son. hilary should be annoyed with devon for causing trouble for her and neil while fighting her feelings for him. instead we get neil acting like a lovedrunk jock, totally out of character for mega conservative neil. anyways i hope the ptb realize how needed nina is on the canvass.

I would love for Nina to return.
I would hate a SL involving Nikki drinking again!

It will be nice to see Nina and Murphy again but the music box storyline is not and never has been the slightest bit interesting, I couldn’t care less about it, and sadly we have two of the most talented actors on the show (Jess and Tristen) in this stupid boring storyline.

It would appear on the surface that Nikki, lost her balance, and her way without her loving dear friend, mother, supporter, and Victor cannot fill the void for his wife however , having her once again return to drinking,is clearly not in the vest interest of creative writing and story telling. enough of this please, I never understood the mystery box, will someone please explain it in derail. First there was the mystery woman during the war, and the picture that resembled Mrs. c,and the jewelry the necklace, etc……I love Murphy, and Nina can do no wrong in my book….I miss seeing her. I am tired of Christine,boring and annoying care for Paul…..

Carlos…YES YES YES!!!!! Murphy is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! And…to me, Nina will N-E-V-E-R do anything wrong in my book…AT ALL!!!!! Most of all, I TOTALLY AGREE with you about that self-righteous and bland-filled Christine…B-L-A-H!!!!!! I wish that Paul would see the E-R-R-O-R of his ways…as in…D-I-V-O-R-C-I-N-G that whiny Christine…and (from there) then get back together with Nina. To me, Paul was WAY MORE INTERESTING AND INTRIGUING when he was with Nina!!!!! With Christine…N-O W-A-Y, man!!!!! The Bottom Line (at least for me): TEAM NINA!!!!!!

Take care, Carlos. A-C-E-S!!!!!!!


‘Tracker’ Star Justin Hartley Reveals Melissa Roxburgh to Debut as His On-Screen Sister

Justin Hartley took to his Instagram this week, and introduced the latest cast member to his hit freshman drama, Tracker on CBS.

The former Y&R star where he played Adam Newman, now plays Colter Shaw on Tracker and in a few weeks time on the May 5th episode, viewers will be introduced to Colter’s sister, Dory.

Actress Melissa Roxburgh takes on the key role. Roxburgh is most-known for his role in Manifest. She has also appeared on Quantum Leap and Supernatural to name just a few of her other TV credits.

Photo: Gregorio Campos

In the episode entitled, “Beyond the Campus Walls”, the CBS series previews, “When a grad student goes missing after a house party, his friends and family believe he buckled under the pressure of his research grant. But, after consulting with his sister Dr. Dory Shaw (Roxburgh)— a professor at the school — Colter discovers a trail of explicit photos and messages that lead him to uncover a dangerous (and deadly) conspiracy on campus.”

Hartley’s post shared, “Colter finally reunites with his little sister Dory in the coming weeks. Join me in welcoming the lovely and talented @MRoxburgh to the @TrackerCBS family!”

Photo: JPI

The story of Colter Shaw’s family is a throughline throughout Tracker. We know from flashbacks, that Colter, Dory and their brother Russell had a not-conventional upbringing. Their parents Ashton and Mary were professors at Berkeley until something happened to Ashton. When his paranoia gets the best of him he leaves his family, but Russell went after him, and then later on Ashton is found dead, where all indications look like Russell pushed him.  Now in 2024, Russell contacted Colter telling him there is something he “needs to know.” However, Colter’s mom, Mary did not want her son engaging with Russell in any conversation and that was back earlier in the season after the second episode.

Intrigued to see Melissa Roxburgh plays Justin Hartley’s sister on ‘Tracker’? Comment below.

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B&B’s Sean Kanan, Heather Tom and Lawrence Saint-Victor All Had Creative Hand in Sheila’s ‘Ten Toe’ Reveal

Bringing it from the page to the stage is the actor’s job on any theatre, television or motion picture project. In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful, longtime soap MVP, Sean Kanan, has been delivering some powerful performances as Deacon has become increasingly freaked out and obsessed with the fact, that in the crematorium, he saw that “Sheila’s” (Kimberlin Brown) body had ten toes, not nine.

Deacon now believes Sheila might be alive somewhere (given she only has 9 toes), and especially after seeing the communications between Sugar and Sheila on her laptop.

Then, on Monday’s April 15th episode of the CBS daytime drama series, Deacon says to himself (as he pours himself a drink), “Maybe Finn’s right. Maybe I’m losing it.” He flashes back to the crematorium, saying “Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet.” He then utters, “Why Sheila? Why did you go to Steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?”

Photo: JPI

While Kanan has played the only guy in town who thinks something is off here, he was ably assisted by two of his castmates. First, six-time Daytime Emmy-winner, Heather Tom (Katie) directed the episode where it was revealed that the woman’s body in the crematorium had ten toes.

Second, Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), wrote that ‘ten toe’ reveal episode, and he took to Kanan’s instagram and expressed, “I had a lot of fun writing this episode. (Sean Kanan) killed it!!!!”

Photo: JPI

Coming up later this week, Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back from Genoa City and The Young and the Restless and gets into a heated conversation about Sheila with Deacon. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think of Sean, Heather and Lawrence all using their creative talents to make the ‘ten toe’ reveal come to life? Comment below.

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Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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