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Tristan Rogers Returns As Robert Scorpio This Week On General Hospital!



The excitement is palpable with General Hospital fans who will get their Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) back in action later this week on new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series Rogers reported his first airdate back is Wednesday, December 17th!

Today, ABC Network Current Series Executive Nathan Varni tweeted, “Excited to welcome back @tristanrogers to #GH! You’re not going to want to miss this story! Later this week on ABC!”   Next, Tristan Rogers enthusiasticlly responded via Twitter with a response: “Nathan. Thank you so much for the support. I am looking forward to getting back with the ABC family.”

Last week, Rogers teased: “Just finished todays work. We are getting more into the Anna and Robert as a team. This is fun. Have just finished the days work. It gets better and better.”   Tristan then intimated what fans will see this week:  “Next weeks shows are a continuation of what we set up this week. It goes on.”

Today Tristan added:  “On set today. And the adventure continues. Just taped my last show for 2015. Be back in ’16. The adventure continues.”

So are you happy for Tristan’s imminent on-air return?  Do you think Robert and Anna (Finola Hughes) will help save Robin (Kimberly McCullough)?  Do you think Robert will also help her unravel the mystery of Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise?  Is Faison (Anders Hove) not far behind?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Finally….what everyone has been wishing for, is happening!! Three Cheers, y’all.
I will get to see the Robert Scorpio version of Mr. Rogers; lol. Colin leaves me with much to be desired; so, my expectations are great. HaHa. Do your thing, Robert. Pair up with your daughter’s mother and, fly away; slay the dragon and together rescue Robin. Let’s see ‘whatcha’ got…..

I wish I could be as enthusiastic but the bottom line is that Tristan’s return is nothing more than a ploy and Varni’s tweet is extraordinarily disingenuous.

Robert Scorpio is coming back for a “visit.” Why a visit? Why isn’t Robert Scorpio on contract and a mainstay on General Hospital, you know HIS show?

Nothing has changed. Bring back popular vets like Robert to bring eyeballs and then dismiss them and hope people stay for Franco & Nina. It hasn’t worked yet.

How exactly does Frank and Varni sell this to Sherwood and Lee? If you were running the network wouldn’t you ask the obvious question of why aren’t favorites who you promote for ratings on regularly, instead of all these new characters and actors? If Robert Scorpio can draw viewers, why isn’t he on full time doing just that? Minboggling.

But now we get into groundhog day territory. Robert and Robin return. Mac too, maybe even Felicia. Ratings improve a bit. They leave just in time for some polar vortex and weather so cold that more people are home so the ratings do pretty well in February anyway.

Then people realize they’re left with Franco, Nina, Kiki, some contrived ship called Julexis with Julian Jerome playing the family man and people tune out. FF to the Nurses Ball that might improve things again, then a summer in the doldrums and so on.

So let’s bring Robert Scorpio on for a brief stay and maybe we can keep GH afloat for Franco, Kiki, Nina, Julian, Ava and all those other great and well loved GH characters. Ridiculous.

Tristan got a great deal with CBS/Y&R..
He rarely works yet he gets paid..
CBS/SONY has the budget to do that ABC doesn’t..
Actors will go where they get the sweet perks and the most money..

With a contract, which Tristan had, he is guaranteed a set pay if or if not he works..
I’m not sure if he is still under contract or recurring which is paid by the scenes..

Oh, my, AJQ. you sound soooo depressed. I have never met Robert Scorpio. But, I have heard so much about him, I await with bated breath. Are you trying to rain on my parade? LOL ( please do not take me too seriously). I do sympathize, though. I complain all the time….Yet, I come back for mor. Why? I love my soaps.
The doldrums are kicking in?…only a little bit?…well, only for a couple of storylines for me. Actually it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the good storylines….you know, the ones we all love; with a plot that makes sense, or one that does not cater to adults acting like children?
I love my Nina and my Roger. Oh, yeah, add Kiki to that. I think she’s doing great. I also know that I am in the minority….
So, you feel that Tristan’s appearance will be to assuage/quench some of the fans’s thirst for GH vets or to boost the above characters’s acceptance? Are you suggesting GH needs these vets because it is on its last leg? You must realize, AJQ, that there are many new fans , very, very many, who are not familiar with these vets. Life goes on. Vets age….I must have repeated this ad nauseam; some of these great thespians are retired or semi-retired. Perhaps they do not want to work every day. I respect you, your opinion and any other fan who feels the same way as you. Of course, it is a given that I respect the vets, but, it is what it is. This is reality. The younger generation needs a chance to venture into this business, no? We cannot constantly bemoan the vets’ absences. Cheer up, AJQ. You may be pleasantly surprised.

As usual, so very well said, AJQ! I could not agree with you more! However, I am still going to savor the much-requested return of Robert Scorpio and celebrate his apparent “Christmas escape” from “Wisconsin!” It’s been an age since I’ve felt such anticipation for anything GH-related, hence I shall not look the Varni gifthorse in the mouth, regardless of whether his is simply a short-term ploy to placate those who recall those heady glory days in a gone-by Port Charles! (Plus, more Robert, Anna, Robin, Mac, Laura, Monica, Tracy, Johnny Z., et al, equals less Nina, Franco, Sappy, Val-Chops, Hayden, Kiki, Ava, Julian, Alexis and all the rest of their tiresome ragtag-team…..including Sonny and Carly, too!)

Franco and Nina are hardly featured on the show anymore, they’ve definitely been de-emphasized under the new writers, which is a good thing. So I wouldn’t say they’re wanting people to tune in for them. I think they’re wanting people to tune in for what, in my opinion, is a better show overall since Altman & Passanante took over. Less nonsense, more character driven stories. I know I’ve enjoyed watching more in recent weeks than I have most of the year to this point.

I do totally agree that Tristan should be under contract. That was a major blunder by FV to not sign him the last time he was on the show, and instead let him walk out the door to Y&R in the middle of a major story. But rather than worry about that behind the scenes stuff, which will take care of itself in the long run, I’m just gonna enjoy the all-time great character Robert Scorpio being back home where he belongs, for as long as he’s around.

CeeCee your argument has absolutely no basis in fact, that GH vets are retired, older, don’t want to work, vets age.

Somehow this ridiculous narrative has emerged on social media that GH vets are not on GH because they don’t want to be. It couldn’t be because of Frank. Genie wasn’t on because she had personal issues, her mother, she disproved that. Leslie Charleson is retired and spends her time taking cruises, well amazing, when they ask her to work, she’s on now.

Vets get older? The younger generation needs a chance? Lol! Who are you talking about? Jonh J York, John Lindstrom Rick Hearst are in their 50’s, your Roger is pushing 50. Genie, Kristina Wagner early 50’s, Lynn Herring a couple of years older. Michelle Stafford is 50.

There are many new viewers? Well the ratings suggest not many and if there are more than I think it just means more long time viewers got fed up and they are the people most likely to watch and improve ratings. And you don’t have to know the vets and their history to enjoy them. The characters are better, more well defined and that gives better story potential, a more connected canvas and that comes through to even new viewers. And they are played by excellent actors, those that don’t need to be propped.

I agree AJQ. I would like to be excited about his, but unfortunately, GH no longer remembers the actors/history that saved GH from cancellation all of those years ago. Robert should be there now, all the time, driving story like he always did. That said, so many other vets should be there as well…..Lucy, Felicia, Kevin, Mac, Monica, Bobbie…….

Awesome post AJ! So true about them trotting out the vets for these short story arcs, while leaving us with a bloated cast full of newbies that we don’t give two hoots about. Solid plan for long term ratings success.

If you would put your anger aside, you would see that I was generalizing and not talking about any particular person. Furthermore, I was including all soaps, not just GH.
Perhaps I have misinterpreted your comment? But, the main theme of your argument seems to be that it is futile to bring in vets just for a short stint. You would like to see vets stay permanently. Is this not what you meant? If I have irritated you in any way, I apologize. But, I cannot control whatever angst controls you. We try to respect each other on these boards. When we happen to disagree with another poster’s comment, we try to express our disagreement with civility…..or as Harry does; he puts a very diplomatic spin to his sardonic opinions.
There is no need to insult my intelligence by saying that I have no basis for my argument? I thought I did, and I brought it to light without insulting you, sir.
Do you take me for some kind of brainless twit? By the younger generation, I am referring to not Roger or Michelle or any of these older actors. I am specifically talking about ‘up and coming’ dilettantes such as Haley Erin, or any other actress/actor just starting out. By the same token, this does not negate my appreciation for the vets. I do have my favorites……from Jeannie Cooper to Erika Slezak to David Canary……without enumerating all of them.

You sound like someone who is given a Porsche as a gift and complains about the color! Enjoy the ride while it lasts my friend!

CeeCee, I’m not angry and I haven’t said you were a twit. I’m not sure why you need to make it personal and not just stick to the facts.

I’m tired of the made up narrative that Vets are not on GH because it is their choice. No you weren’t speaking about a specific person and neither was I. I gave several examples. The narrative is not supported by other soaps either. I watch Days sporadically and I see Victor, Maggie, Caroline, Marlena, John, Roman. It is sort of telling that when you mentioned three of your favorite vets not one was from GH.

And Dan, you’re right Franco and Nina haven’t been featured much as of late, not since August when they were dominant and the ratings really took a dive. They’ve been limited and ratings have improved.

But wait for it. They’re creeping back and really my point is that after the Jason stuff dies down and Tristan and Kim are gone, they will be right back, front and center, and TPTB are hoping that with enough people coming back for Tristan and Scorpios, they’ll stay for Franco and Nina.

Franco is creeping his way back. He’s going to be prominent at the Holiday gala, there are pictures of him drinking champagne and smiling with Maxie, the young woman, now much younger woman, that he targeted, stalked, seduced and then tormented after. And since he’s been back he’s been nothing but lewd and disgusting toward her. But he’s not Franco, he’s Roger right?

Today Franco is now in Liz’s orbit. But it’s not Franco, it’s Roger. He’ll be back at the hospital working, he’ll be around Crimson, he’ll be all over. They will do everything to make him work but without having the character earn it or create a story the audience can really buy, because he’s Roger and Frank thinks that most GH fans are OLTL fans who love Todd and just want to see him.

He is mistaken. Has been mistaken and will be and GH will continue to suffer as the former OLTL EP bends over backwards for his former OLTL actor while so many great GH characters and actors are MIA or brought back sporadically to keep the show afloat for actors like Roger who can’t do it themselves.

Why indeed, AJQ? Why is it so hard to get TPTB to give viewers what they want? Ratings plunge when such players as Nina, Franco, Ava, Paul, Kiki, Morgan, Valerie and Sabrina are featured but rise when vets such as Robert Scorpio returns. In fact, there was a collective, audible sigh of relief coming from the viewers when Mac made a surprise appearance. That collective sigh said,”We didn’t even know how much we missed Mac until he came back.”
See? I think we lower our barometer of expectations when served a big steaming pile of crappolla every day and hence, when something good is served up, we eat it up with enthusiasm.
Here is the truth–we soap fans are not that hard to please. Honestly, if we were we would not be watching day time drama to begin with. If we are engaged in collective complaints and the ratings fall, you can bet your bottom dollar the writing, direction, production and acting are not up to par. Just listen to the viewers and give them what they want–they want Robert and Mac Scorpio and they don’t want Nina and Franco. It’s that simple.

He was his best when he was a police commissioner. His sex appeal and his confidence were at an all time high! Now this could all return because even though he doesnt carry the badge, his sweet Anna who is available but got herself into trouble needs Robert and his little Robin needs her daddy, he will be great! Remember one thing ladies, just because a guy ages, he doesnt lose his sex appeal OR his charm! Think Clint Eastwood to! Talk to you later Love!

Thank you for the info, Timmm. Luv-ya, always.

Wow! Timmm. What a great analogy about the Porsche. I appreciate your comforting comment, my love.

AJQ–I hear ya. The other day on Twitter some Twit (no one here) posted that Nina is the new Lucy Co. This bugged me. For one, why do we need a new Lucy when the old one is a classic? Just like New Coke was a disaster, so is New Lucy–bring back classic Coke, hence, classic Lucy. When I told this Twit on Twitter the aforementioned, she responded, “But Lucy is not available.” Say what? Lynne Herring would very much be interested in coming back to GH but she has not been asked! Moreover, Michelle Stafford is about the same age as Lynne Herring so it’s not an age thing. And what irks me is can’t Stafford find her own niche as an actress rather than ride on the trail winds of a classic? My feeling is Stafford is trying so hard not to be like Phyllis from Y&R that she doesn’t know where to turn as far as fleshing out her character is concerned. And it shows…Nina is very awkward to watch and an assault on my nervous processing system.

Hey, CeeCeeGirl! Although I can certainly understand your exasperation in what you perceive as a slam on the younger generation of GH players—and their corresponding fanbase—I can honestly say that for me…and what also seems to be the basis of contention for most long-time viewers…the issue of newbie characters is not in the quantity of their years, but the lack of quality in their creation. Many of these new roles over the last few years—no matter the age category into which they fall—were not at all well thought out in relation to the historical nature of the happenings and citizenry of Port Charles….they were simply tossed into the mix in a willy-nilly fashion to accommodate the whims of showrunners who proudly desired to put their latest “soap refugee gets” into the spotlight, front and center, or to redefine the show with their imprint—ala players of their own inspiration—-often without fealty or deference to a majority of those beloved legacy characters who came before, most especially the precious few who still remained on the canvas at that time. (Often to be mirthfully mocked and destroyed at the pen of Ron C., no less.) The state GH was left in due to the monumental changes with “Cartini” at the helm was nothing short of disastrous…they made this soap practically unrecognizable to loyal fans before the current writing regime came in to try to repair the immense damage which was done to the heart and soul of the show. Whilst I shall definitely give credit where credit is due in the respect that our wishes for the return of our favorite characters—and a marked emphasis on them—have at least been attempted in the short-term, the point is that many of those other poorly-conceived, marginal beings left hanging at loose ends around town for no compelling or apparent purpose still need to be let go. It’s as simple as that….trying to conjure up further rhymes or reasons for keeping them around is for naught. For the most part, these characters were long ago soundly rejected as viable Port Charles denizens and continuing to toy with them in hopes of finally making them acceptable and palatable to a majority of the viewing audience is merely an exercise in futility. And yes, I do mean Sappy, Carrrrr-LOS!, Val-Chops, Hayden, Jordan, Nina, and maybe even Franco, Ava and Julian. The last three could possibly survive with enough revision and change of direction, although I’m not sure if any of them are worth it at this current juncture. (However, I must note that RoHo and Rebecca Herbst’s Liz made for an interesting and unexpectedly fresh twist of an acting duo this afternoon. And I’m loving the increasing dominance of the luscious Olivia in Julian’s orbit….it would be utterly delicious if he dumped Alexis-At-The-Ready for his latest babymama—Christmas sweater and all! LOL. As for Ava? Something major has to happen with her….she cannot continue in her totally rotten ways and expect to be tolerated simply because she birthed that adorable little crumpet, Avery! Time to think outside the box in terms of redeeming that one!) At any rate, I do so hope that you discover and enjoy the delights of Robert Scorpio’s charms like many of us who have already reveled in them for years….Tristan Rogers is a leading man of the first order, and like a fine wine, he has aged accordingly. You are obviously in for a real treat. Perhaps once you see him in action along with Anna, Robin, Patrick, et al, you shall comprehend why the new crop of GH characters cannot hold a candle to these vets for so many of us. Oh, and for the record, I have no problem with the introduction of new characters, as long as their entrances onto the canvas create interest and excitement. Take Johnny Z, for example! I recall his debut brought an incredible energy to Port Charles. Same for Patrick, Frisco, Anna, and yes, Scorpio, to name just a very few that come to mind. (And more recently, Britt and Dr. O.!) There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie, as long as the character and portrayer are worthy of that honor, and can carry the day with distinction and personality! Later, mia amica!

Superb post, Shay!

Hi, my lovely, Shay.
Trust me, I understand perfectly and fully what the message is. My contention is how said message is delivered…any angst towards me after my jovial comment about finally meeting Robert Scorpio, was unexpected. I was expressing my joy, nothing more; nothing less. The reply could have been made generally……not affixed to me. That made it personal. To be honest, Shay, sometimes a handful of fans make me feel less than; that I need to apologize for my age; that I am not worthy of GH simply because of my young age or that I am a new viewer.
Everyone has been a newbie( actor, actress) one time or other, albeit your argument holds true about how talented or not these newbies are, in today’s GH. I get it. You know how critical and catty I can be, Shay. By the same token, and to be fair….this is probably the best the soap gods can do. Perhaps the dregs of aspiring actors is what is offered now. But, Alexis is no newbie, is she? I do not like her acting…it is forced….soon she’ll declare her pregnancy. Well, Kris Jenner thinks she may be pregnant at 60, why not Alexis?
Lamenting about the vets and why are they not back is getting old, Shay. I merely made a general statement that some of these fine thespians are done. They want to enjoy their retirement. Some have health issues. However, I was unceremoniously blasted, naysaying my words. No one knows why the vets are not all here. I don’t really care. That is my point. To add to Timmm’s very appropriate analogy with the Porsche, lol……”Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”
So, Shay, what if none of these actors/actresses can rise to the pinnacle of honor? Do we stop watching? It is definitely a catch 22. We all age, including actors. However, even the aging process was brought into question. I did not make up the phenomenon. It does happen…lol.
Furthermore, Shay….thank you for talking to me as an equal. Not as a nuisance; not as an imbecile; not as a child.
Right back ‘atcha’, amica mia.

Shay…Finally had a chance to play catchup on the comments. So some ramblings at 3am…

Well said about the vets vs the newbies. I’m all for newbies, and have been around for many who are now considered favorite vets, like Anna/Robert, or Felicia/Frisco, etc. There were also casualties, but for those that made it, they seemed to have way better stories to work with than the current crop, and just a bit more flair.

Love the positive feelings about Tristin’s return, however brief. Hope it’s much longer if the writers can do him and Anna justice.

Guess I’m more tolerant towards some characters than you, but that’s par for fan preferences. However I do feel bad when they bring in A-list actors to GH and give them questionable storylines/roles…like Roger, Michelle, Ava, Julian. I’m not going to include James Franco because I’m not a great fan, it was one of his temporary experiments, and his Franco was just too perverse and bizarre.

Wish age wasn’t such a touchy topic. Don’t know why it even has to be mentioned since soap characters and fans are a community of all stages/ages and experiences. Depending on what end of the spectrum you are on (or tolerance for violence like Su, who many of us have a kind of “affection” for, and then there’s JimL spinning his offshoot stories) , some comments can be read as negative. Shouldn’t be this way because I don’t think they are meant that way, but I guess it boils down to how things are said, and then heard.

I am having issues. Shut up! I mean, computer issues!
Suffice to say, Shay’s post is a brilliant thing of beauty. Thank you Shay for saying it so much better than I ever could.

Honestly, I don’t want to BE that person who dwells on the past. But circumstances dictate that I be that person. No team of brilliant engineers can replicate the pyramids, no writers from Oxford’s MLA Writing program can come close to Shakespeare, Hemingway or Fitzgerald, and no rock group can even begin to dwell in the same hemisphere as the Beatles.
Check out Anna and Robert on the Beach, Part 15, Youtube and you can add to that list–no current soap opera couple can come even close to their intensely erotic love scenes. And before some whipper snapper tells me that the aforementioned is before their time, allow me to prematurely snap back,”Well, Shakespeare was before my time too!”
The truth is many things were just better in the past. I wish this were not true.

Cee Cee–I agree. Robert Scorpio is cooler than the other side of the pillow.
I just wish the cooler side of pillow could last longer.

Harry, I responded to you below, re: wedding on the beach.

Faison needs to show up at the Christmas show disguised as Krampus…lol…Robert and Anna rescue Robin who leaves town with Patrick who leaves in a witness protection program…he shows up in Genoa City calling himself Billy Abbot…Robin flies south for the winter. for all i care..Carlos hopefully escapes and takes Sappy with him…then i can start singing, ‘Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!’…lol

I have to say;
… Ron Carlivati , brought Krampus to life for the very 1st time in soap, never done before.
RC has a great imagination and he was a brave writer..

I would like if Krampus stayed active at GH Christmas…
And need Dr O. to sing!!

“Santa Claus,” indeed, jimh! That last bit of wishful thinking is just what I put on my Christmas list, too! “St. Nick” had better deliver….LOL!

Its all i want for Christmas…lol

Well, it may not be ALL I want for Christmas, jimh, but it certainly rates near the top of my list! I simply desire for this “Q’s Your Daddy?” paternity nonsense to be over with before Sappy drops that little Sapster….she looked absolutely ready to pop the other day….I thought she just might have given birth on that barstool at the BBQ joint! Of course, it still would have been an upgrade from her previous “roadside” delivery! LOL….

Hope he sticks around longer than just a short story arc. Always loved Robert & Anna as a couple.

Been waiting a long time for this. Robert and Anna are the best team. Their chemistry has only grown in intensity over the decades. Robert returning and possibly staying is the best news in a very long time in regards to this show.


What a great Christmas present to have Tristan back as Robert Scorpio. The icing on the cake would be to have Mac Scorpio stick around, too.

Rose – I agree with you a 100%!!!!

Hello, Rose! How lovely to hear from you….Buon Natale! So….it would seem that we are both “nocturnal creatures” when it comes to prowling the MFSoaps threads! Your keen observations about the “newbies of the past” were quite spot-on. As you said, many became our “old favorites,” yet the difference between then and now is that those individuals who debuted in roles that didn’t make an instant splash and bring on the necessary excitement or simply failed miserably were not kept on the canvas, month after month, year after year, in the false hopes of making make them finally “take.” They were let go to make room for hopefully better, more well-accepted players. That was the way of soaps as far back as probably either of us cares to remember. As far as I’m concerned, this mass “force-feeding” of certain characters on GH became much more prevalent with the arrival of “Cartini.” I’m not saying that all soap showrunners don’t have their special pets and bend over backwards to keep them in the spotlight, but not on the grand scale that was so apparent with this former team! It seemed particularly unprecedented to me….and even with Ron C. gone, it appears to be continuing to this day. There have been so many failed experiments that just forever endure in Port Charles, whilst those popular characters with huge fanbases have been either written out (Michael Easton’s Silas) or their actors allowed to go elsewhere because TPTB won’t fight to keep them with good storylines or monetary incentives (?) (Jason Thompson)…yet, there always seems to be enough in the budget to add another insipid newbie or grab a big name refugee from another soap, which has shown little indication of making for successful integration into the existing Port Charles landscape. It’s frustrating….to say the least! Of course, we differ upon whom is an asset to the show in terms of the current cast of characters, but we can certainly concur that Robert Scorpio’s return to the fold was a truly positive one! I should love to see him remain this time around, for a possibly rekindled relationship with Anna, and just to restore some order in town as a member of the “old guard!” Let’s face it, the man has both charisma and gravitas…in spades!!!! And his promised resurgence is one of the things that lured me back to the series….I took a nearly solid three-month hiatus from the program in late summer and through most of the fall….every once in awhile that happens for me. I get so disgusted, I just have to tune out….it was actually reaching the point where I wondered if there would ever be reason enough to resume watching, but I will admit there has been a move toward the positive over the last month or so. (Alas, it’s still not “there” for me…..many annoyances continue to exist, but the nods to the traditional aspects of the show have been duly noted and appreciated!) It’s odd that you should have mentioned James Franco’s vanity foray into daytime as one of the off-putting moments for you, because the last time I took about a year-long time-out from GH was when his character of Franco became his most maniacal and disturbing…it was just too much to tolerate, so I gave up my daily habit for the final duration of his tenure. (Needless to say, I have very mixed feelings about RoHo’s version….there have been instances, especially at the start, when I could find great amusement in his interpretation of the character, but his romances with Carly—and now, Nina—-just left me cold! He’s at his best when mixing with the equally quirky likes of Dr. O….and even his unexpected recent scenes with Liz proved to be a real treat!) At any rate, you are also correct when you mention that we have opposite notions on the subject of age. Perhaps it’s because I have always been a very image-conscious person and involved in businesses that reflect that way of thinking…it’s rather ingrained in me, so naturally I would be prone to honing in on the more superficial details of GH when I am viewing…it’s not a conscious effort, just simply the manner in which I am wired! (As are many of my friends who watch the show….both in real life and it would seem, here, as well! Hence the kind of catty, saucy remarks that we so often gleefully relish!) We all see things from our own personal perspectives….that’s what makes coming here and sharing our thoughts so very interesting, fun, and sometimes, vexing! Having said that, I always enjoy our “conversations,” Rose…even when you are mildly taking me to task! (Heck, maybe those are the ones I like the best!) So….keep up the good work, don’t stop being your own sweet self….and have a most joyous holiday season!!!

Shay…I’ve often wondered on why they’ve kept some cast and stories on to such mixed reviews. Heard a really good interview with members of the Star Wars movie…all without spoilers. Liked Harrison Ford’s take on what he thinks is the success…good story, universal concept, good vs evil, one being stronger than the other at given time, continuity, relationships, how they are passing the torch. Some of the new cast members said they were proud to be part of an on-going, forever story they grew up with and loved. Sigh!!! Just the things I think most of us GH and, even Y&R fans, have been asking for.

It’s not that I don’t see some of what you might call superficial details of my own. In my working careers, compared to the businesses you say you’ve been involved in, these kinds of details might have been mentally noted but not discussed.

I am giddy with joy!!!!!! And I don’t care if that makes me sound like I have a schoolgirl crush. Love TR. Love TR with Finola. Love both of them with KMc.

Does anyone else remember that this is the thirty year anniversary of Anna’s and Robin’s debuts on GH? This adds a poignancy to the reunion of the three, which poignancy is reinforced by the fact that 30 years ago they had to rescue Robin, during the “Asian Quarter” storyline. Thirty years later teamed together to bring their little girl home again!

It seems as though TR’s stay is going to be longer than originally conceived. It was first supposed to be a 10 day arc. Now, with him coming back after Xmas for more adventure, hmmm…I’d love him to stay and have a triangle with Anna and Laura. Because Paul has been turned into a gun-running murderer, with clearly a short “shelf life,” he has no viability as a long-term romantic interest for the actresses in this age range.

Come on ABC. Get TR on contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show needs an unambiguously good and heroic male lead, a male moral center.

I am a huge fan of the Scorpio family as well! Wow, you’re right, Anna and Robin both debuted in 1985! Seems to me Robert & Anna teamed together to find Robin a couple of years ago, and when Anna & Robin first saw each other we got a flashback of the Asian Quarter reunion. I am thrilled to see that Tristan is returning in 2016, he tweeted something along the lines of “what storyline would you like to see for Robert if you could have your wish?” Wow, I think most of us want to see Robert & Anna, working as a team, just like Tristan said. They have always had magical chemistry, whether as friends or lovers. And you are correct, GH needs a hero. Remember Robert, Frisco and Sean? Those were the days .. (sigh)

2015 was special milestone for all the members of the Scorpios Its the #35 YearsofRobertScorpio in Dec, #30YearsofRobinScorpio in Sept and #30yearsofAnnaDevane in April..

I love me sum Scorpios and I so hope Tristan Rogers and Robert Scorpio is back to stays..Port Charles and I need him.

Thank you, Tristan!


Tristan, do you remember Anna and Robert’s beach wedding montage which featured Stevie Wonder’s “All is Fair In Love”?
Oh my God.

Harry, oh yes I do remember. That whole introduction of Anna, by Gloria Monty, was masterfully done: beautifully filmed on location, superbly acted. The story was told in flashback and was exceptional. Gloria Monty never started a story — in her 1970s-1980s heyday — that didn’t already have a predetermined arc and conclusion. They were like novelas. And the drama came not from plot points, but from clearly defined character motivation. When she needed to make Anna a heroine, to fill the gap left by Emma Samm’s departure to “Dynasty,” it wasn’t immediate. It was built carefully and led to the introduction of Robin, thirty years ago. Do you remember how Robin used to call her dad “Robbie,” before she knew Robert was her father? Those were the days. GH’s golden age, with the Wendy Riche/Claire Labine years the silver age. What substance can we use to label our current age? Is it the coal age, the cow chip age?

Excited to see where this will go. I love Anna Devane but she appears lost with no one to relate with. This tortured Anna is wearing thin. I want her strong side showing again. I love GH and am excited to see where things are headed.

I’m worried that Robert Scorpio will not be in character as long as mobsters are the heroes. On his last visit, he said he was the one who made sure Julian didn’t leave Witness Protection, and that Julian was only able to escape because he had been in a coma … then he just skipped town and let Julian kill 3 more people. That’s hardly the RXS I know and love. I am also concerned about the on-again, off-again, off-screen-again, relationship with Holly. RnH were GH’s second supercouple and they kept the show interesting when LnL left, yet GH has treated them terribly since their 2006 returns.

Have no fear, Michele..
there are no monsters on GH..
Sonny is a crime lord and has invisible someones under him, he is 1 man not a mob.
Julian is grandpanized..
Paul is Cartel , not as a mob, he is crime a crime lord..

Scorpion, Anna, the Cassadines, Jax are not of a mob and have never been mobsters.
They are in a different league than mobsters..

I’m right with you Michele. I loved Robert and Holly and the former regimes of the past 10 years have ruined the character of Holly as well as the potential for a revisted (real) Robert and Holly reunion. While I enjoyed Ana and Robert, Ana was brought on as a Robert/Holly spoiler and became a placeholder after Emma Samms left. Because Finola Hughes is a very talented lady, she evolved Anna into a true soap heroine. Yes, she was magical when paired with a man (whether Duke or Robert or David on AMC). Yet, she was (and is) able to hold her own without being paired with a man.

I was a huge Robert and Holly fan, I remembered rushing home to catch GH just for them, they were SO romantic and amazing chemistry. but they’ve ruined Holly with Ethan, they boy should’ve been R&H because it was only thing that made sense but they made him Luke and ruined R&H, Holly is so strange and way too much about Luke that I don’t want Robert with her anymore, unless they really fixed Holly otherwise? I don’t want her with Robert..I was thinking if Tristan stay on? They could do romantically Robert and Laura, they had excellent chemistry on Y&R, plus Laura and Robert are old friends…

Ethan sucks!

Oh I loved Ethan!

Super excited Tristan is returning as the great Robert Scorpio! I hope the writers keep him in character. And I would love to see Emma Samms return as Holly. Robert and Holly were GH’s second supercouple and they seem to get forgotten. I would love to see them share some scenes together!

Tristan Rogers is wasted on Y&R..
He is seen once a month for 5 minutes, he has no story, ever.
He does nothing with Y&R, I wouldn’t even know he was with Y&R except he is seen once a month … LOL
Tristan Rogers is Scorpion! he was at his very best as Scorpion..
Y&R must pay him very will that he can get by $ with sparse appearances, good for him!!

I really really hope the new writers can write well for him with Patrick’s exit, I mean-
intrigue, mystery, ACTION, and on the edge ”WOW” moments..

(god knows J&S totally wasted him at Y&R, he was writen as a silly old man in an attic, and looking for a music box… sheeeeez.. ))

I wrote ‘Scorpion’ to be Scorpio .. ohh shame on me!!

Yes, ITA, he’s totally wasted on YR, I like Colin and Jill and yet the writers never write for them, personally they’re wasting those two talent actors, therefore Tristan should be at GH where he’s needed.

Sadly, when Kathrine died, Jill did to!

Exactly, Leah. I always considered Colin as great comic relief. I thoroughly enjoyed that scenario about him getting frisky with Esther. I also that he and Cane would make an entertaining tongue-in-cheek investigators, lol. And, he and Jill are perfectly paired. But, as you say, he is wasted. So, I trust all of you who say Robert is a far cry from Colin, who is portrayed to look like a donkey’s arse.

And its not like Tristan was stereotyped when he signed on as Colin. The character sucks and it will only be memorable because of that! How can you not write for that handsome devil!

Timm,my fear is that they are starting to do the same with Michael E Knight’s character.

well, I’ll be watching GH again, if there any character that would get me watching this soap again it’s Robert Scorpio…

I miss the adventure so please bring it back.

I dont know how they did it BUT, who cares, Robert Scorpio is back on GH and he is doing Y&R and GH BOTH a favor! Y&R will not write anything for this mega talent AND GH, well, his history and talent writes itself! Welcome back Tristan and I LOVE that you mentioned 2016!

YES!! Right where he belongs on GH. NOW sign him ABC…Now all we needs is Emma Samms back as Holly, so we can get a meaningful, heartfelt R&H reconnection that happened on screen, enough of the off screen for Robert and Holly.

I love Emma Samms but lets forget her for now. She isnt coming on. Tristan’s return is all about Anna and Robin and it should be! How many times have we waited for these three to be on camera together when it makes perfect sense and they are not. Well, now they are and lets embrace this. Holly, perhaps another time?

Well said Timmm!

Tristan Rogers is woefully underused at Y&R, as is Jess Walton, which is a damn shame because they are both very talented actors who can drive front-burner story no problem. But to be honest, without Genie Francis’ Genevieve in Genoa City, I don’t see a point to Colin. When Francis left, Rogers should have stayed gone, because his story dried up.

Plus, Rogers is MUCH more needed at GH, and Robert Scorpio will always be his best role. Hopefully the execs realize that soon, and sign him to a contract, like they should have done when he was on the show last. Y&R doesn’t use him nearly enough, nor is he needed for story. GH is a much more suitable place for him and his talents.

I’m really looking forward to this story.

GH needs to put tristan rogers on contract, they need someone in his age bracket on contract. Robert needs to help Anna clean up port charles. That doesn’t mean get rid of Sonny either, Sonny is the shows anti hero for better or worse, yes he’s in the wrong side of the law, but he still the shows top leading men. plus, every show has their top hero and villain so there you go. the balance of villains is to hi, how is Anna suppose to get Paul and Julian and Carlos? theres no way paul and carlos can be redeem, no matter how much fans like/love them, or for that matter julian, to me he’s a weasel and he needs to pay for putting the hit on duke.

I will never be able to warm up to Julian because of his role in Duke’s death. In fact, I can’t stand him. It says little for the character of Alexis that it doesn’t bother her!

Oh, Tristan, don’t you know that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, all that really matters to Alexis is her own physical gratification, be it from the likes of Sonny, Ric, Jerry, or Julian???? As long as her nearly-constant itches are being scratched, she is more than ready and willing to put up with just about anything from a man, all sanctimony and faux high standards aside!!!! That’s why I find her character to be so repulsive….in addition to her teenage-like conduct and tacky, revealing wardrobe, of course.

What happened to Robert. One second he was there and the next he’s gone .He didn’t even have a final scene. Just Anna on the phone mentioning him going after Carlos. I really believed that Robert and Anna working together like the old days. I guess Frank Valenti has a cruel sense of humour. But there’s a glimmer of hope.. I guess I’m an optimist. With my head stuck in the sand. They are making Paul good so he can be a love interest for Anna. ugh

Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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Breaking News

David Gail, Former ‘Port Charles’ Star, Cause of Death Determined; Mother Speaks Out on Dangers of Pharmaceutical Addiction and Fentanyl Epidemic

David Gail, who played Dr. Joe Scanlon on Port Charles (1999-2000), and who also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, cause of death has been revealed. The actor passed away on January 16th at the age of 58.

According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

Gail’s mother, Mary Painter, spoke to Deadline on the findings and opened up to what led to David’s ultimate passing. Gail was found unresponsive by emergency personnel who attempted to save his life. Eventually, he was put on life support where he remained for several days till his death.

Photo: ABC

In her statement, Painter shared, “It breaks my heart to learn that my son died this way. David became reliant on medicine many years ago, after multiple surgeries on his hands and wrists. He lived in enough pain to prevent him from working for almost a decade, with relief only achieved through full disability, physical therapy and pain medicine.”

She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

Gail’s other TV credits included parts on: Savannah, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Perfect Opposites.

What do you think about the poignant statement offered up by the late David Gail’s mother, Mary Painter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spinelli Serenades Maxie Then They Kiss! Are you in Favor of a ‘Spixie’ Reunion?

Spixie fans finally got their wish, sort of, on Thursday’s February 22nd episode of ABC’s General Hospital.

While Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) have been each others orbit and married to other people, have had children, and been each other’s best friends, it’s apparent that they belong together, or do they?

In story, Spinelli took to the stage on Karaoke night when he, Maxie, Cody (Josh Kelly) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) went out together.  When Spinelli sang, it featured a touching solo performance by Bradford Anderson, where Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve for Maxie.

Maxie is all smiles watching Spinelli sing, and afterwards he walks towards her. The two talk about his living situation and how he would do anything for her. Maxie says she always knows she can count on him. She admits she loves listening to him sing to her, and she loves having him around. Spinelli says he considers her more than a friend. The two eventually share a kiss, but Maxie runs away.

Photo: JPI

The pick-up of the story happens on next week’s Tuesday, February 27th episode when in teasers, Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Looking at the history of Spixie: they first got together from 2008-2010 when they were engaged. Then, in 2013 the duo had a one night stand. Next, they dated again in 2015, and flash-forward to 2024, and it looks like Maxie and Spinelli might be willing to try their romantic relationship one more time.

Photo: JPI

So, do you hope Spixie gets back together, or do you want Maxie and Spinelli with some other characters on the Port Charles canvas? Let us know. But first, check out the scene where Spinelli sings to Maxie below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023