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Tuesday's Episode Of One Life to Live! Nervo, Riff Raff, Shelter Drama!


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On today’s episode of One Life to Live  on Hulu and iTunes, the action shifts to the underground and the underbelly of Llanview, when Club Shelter is the scene for a night of music!

Super deejay duo Nervo appears and spins some tunes, and then rapper, Riff Raff makes his debut as shady Miami art dealer, Jamie Franko who wants his money back from Cutter Wentworth (Josh Kelly)! What ensues is a night of dancing, and temptation of drugs and sex!

In other developments, Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) spice up their marriage, and we have the continuation of the Todd and Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John) story!  When we last saw Todd (Roger Howarth) on Monday’s episode, he began drinking a spiked liquor thanks to whatever Victor Jr. put into it … and from the looks of it, it’s lethal poison!

Watch the episode after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of a few of the sexually explicit overtones to a few moments in the episode! And, what do you think will happen next with Dani (Kelley Missal) and Matthew (Robert Gorrie)? Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Victor Jr.? And, will someone get to Todd in time?  Weigh-in!

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Not into rapp music. Never have been. This music seems to be for the younger crowd! Ilike the disco music from the 70’s & 80’s….

This episode was fantastic beginning to end!

Like music fom the 70’s and 80’s (BEE GEES, Soundtrack from Saturaday Night Fever)…

Bo and Nora were wonderful together as always. They have such fun being together. Seeing Victor and Tea united in their love for Dani was great. I so hope their marriage can weather whatever happened to Victor. I can’t image what is going to become of Dani, Destiny and Matthew. It looks like a real mess for all of them. I was happy to see Rama go home to Vimal.

Being an oldster, I have no opinion on the DJs or the guy with the tattooed face. They were there. I assume we’ll see them again. I loved the transition between the last song at Shelter and “I’ve Got You Babe.” That was clever. There is something for everyone.

OK, here’s a message to Thom Racina….I’m a hardcore, long time fan of OLTL, and I’m in my mid-thirties, so I still consider myself to be rather young….lol But let me tell you these episodes centered around Shelter aren’t going to cut it for me. Slow down the freaking pace of the show, focus on story development, and character development…just like AMC. And quit feeling the need to say shit in every other sentence. OLTL is so much better than this. If you have to, go back and watch what Ron did, because I’m not too happy with the direction this is going….and I know that OLTL along with AMC are on a short leash, so let’s not blow it, the first time out the gate. I realize the young actors are going to be the ones that carry this show on to the next generation….but I do believe they need to be more secondary, and you should build interesting, strong stories around Blair, Tea, Victor, Viki, Dorian, Bo, Nora Clint & Natalie….just make sure you take your time and tell the story right. I know 26 minutes is not a lot of time, but the fans are here to support the shows, so we will be a little patient and watch a GOOD story unfold. Just my opinion.

Torrey, I agree with you about OLTL. I’m hoping that we will find out what happened to Victor during the time he was held captive, but it’s just not being addressed right now for some reason. There are times when I do feel like a few pages of script must have been misplaced and they forgot to shoot a scene here and there. It just doesn’t feel like real reactions, to certain situations, are always being played-out. And I do believe and expect that more attention will be paid to the vets. Youth is fine – I was young myself many moons ago – but let’s not disregard those who built the show over the years. I am 100% behind OLTL and I will give it the time it needs to find its pace and its center.

Torrey, I don’t like the Shelter scenes nor do I like the riff raff, but I DO like the new young actors/actress and “I got You Babe” at the end. There’s alittle for everybody. Hope the younger generation is liking the show. I’m a 50+ viewer and still love the show and will support it everyday. I need some Natalie, Liam and a new John McBain, PLEASE!!!!

Oh yea……..What happened to RODI’s? Liked the atmosphere there better.

” If you have to, go back and watch what Ron did”
No no no no no. Ron was fun but too campy. His stories dragged on for years with very little variation, DNA this DNA that. DIDIDIDID until people had alternate personalities coming out of their ears. I’ve loved what Thom and Susan have given us so far and only in 5 hours! Each day we are getting more sets and with the reintroduction of characters they are laying the framework for the stories to tell.

To be honest, I’d much rather focus on story lines and character development that focus in on sets. And I don’t mean that I want the stories to drag on for years, I just mean that it would be nice to actually have some stories to actually get invested in. This weird open relationship with Rama and Vimel…the return of Victor that no one seems shocked by (with the exception of Tea and Dani screaming in the hospital), Not to mention Dani getting out of the hospital then heading back to the club the same day, the scandal of Dorian at the Senate that doesn’t seem to have any bite to it, And someone tell me who is actually taking care of Destiny & Matthew’s child since the two of them seem to spend all of their time dancing at Shelter?….be a little real and show the struggle of being a young parent….I know they aged them a bit, but they should still have some kind of struggle….Show some flashbacks or clips of Victor’s captivity and his struggle to get away from Allison…I don’t mind showing Dani’s struggle with drugs, just slow it down a bit ( I don’t mean drag it out for an eternity, but make us care about the character more by giving the story more body), cast someone to play John McBain and build some story for Natalie….get Vimal in Clint’s orbit ( I smell payback that could ensue since Vimal revealed all of Clint’s dirty doings.), and find a way to get Nora back in the courtroom – give her a chance to shine! There’s just too much that could be going on or developing…..and so far it’s been to much Shelter! And I don’t know about anyone else, but I love when Viki has DID issues….the woman is spectacular! Thom Racina doesn’t have to be a carbon copy, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to reflect back on some of those stories….OLTL was at the top of their game when they went off the air, so I don’t think Ron was doing that bad of a job.

I’m going to continue to give my support because I love OLTL…I only say these things because I care, and I want them to fix any issues now, so that a year from now, we’re not having to suffer through another cancellation.

Totally agree Torrey…its not as good as i thought it would be…shit seems to be Thoms all time favorite word. Its used too much…i knew these shows werent going to be the classy shows they once were. I have no problem with a few cuss words but now i feel they are just using it just because they can and the love scenes are dragging the show. I dont mind some love scenes but they need to shorten them and give us some story development. If they dont start explaining soon at least a little something that happen to Victor when Allison had him and give some story to Bo and Nora im checking out for good after watching for nearly 4 decades!

Agree with Torrey 100% on all accounts. Your post is on point. Couldn’t have said it any better!

Well said Torrey… and agree completely! I am older than you and I watched OLTL pretty much from day one and loved it for years. I am also a change agent and consider myself open to many things but… this OLTL and especially Tuesday’s episode is so disappoining to me and it hurts because I want to love the show… I am so happy the actors and crew have jobs… I love the new changes in exploring anytime and new media viewing… however this is not the OLTL I have loved for years and while I am going to give it more time and support… it’s hard because it’s not fun to watch… it’s painful and I think it is the longest 30 minutes ever. The Shelter stuff is horrible and not something I care to continue to see. The writing is really the next piece that needs so much work. The use of legacy characters on screen is important but… what they are doing and saying when they are on screen is much more important! I am also tired of all the darkness and angst and anger… absolutley no one is having any fun… with the exception of maybe Rama. I am really going to have a hard time when TSJ and RH are gone. I want to love the show… but I can’t without major improvements! I also have issues with the sets but that is so much more minimal in comparison to writing and character development! I also want to know why things have happened or are happening… especially with Victor and Todd. So far we are seeing episodes with Susie and Tom writing and I am not looking forward to when it is just Tom… when I think which pieces he may be currently responsible for… I hope I am happily surprised when that time comes. I miss RC… but am so happy he is writing for my fave GH!!!

I had stopped watching AMC so many years ago, but find it more watchable and I get less frustrated and waiting for it to be over.

HORRIBLE !!!!I If this is the kind of story-telling we can expect it will not last long.

Please, am I the only one who thinks that this isn’t hitting the mark OLTL viewers expect ?

The scenes are going on too long with no dialogue, just looking at each other, too many scene of people just dancing, and not enough story developing.

And Bo just finding out that Nora has a radio show in the collage days ?
I think these characters know each other better than that.

I won’t give up on OLTL yet… but if we don’t get some solid storyline happening soon….

Does anyone else feel this way?

Yes, there is something missing, Brian, I don’t think you are alone in your opinion. I think the shows, both OLTL and AMC need time to develop, and it’s a little hard to do with 26 minute episodes – I am trying to hold positive thoughts. The shows don’t look the same, not that I expected them to look the way they did on abc, but with all different sets and a completely different feel and pace, I don’t know, it’s interesting to watch them unfold but somehow it’s not quite as compelling as it ought to be.

Not me.

I feel the same way Brian…its like the show is working with half a script and strectching it out. It has some good moments here and there but its not as addictive as it used to be! Hoping it improves…im still watching and not ready to give up on it yet…its too soon. Bo and Nora deserve something better! It needs more story development that is certain. I dont mind some cursing and a few love scenes thrown in but being online it seems the writers and producers feel thats all they need and very little else to attract an audience…i wish Bo and Nora had a storyline involving Lindsey and mention that she was never captured and sent back to prison!


So is this a “catfishing” storyline they doing with Mathrew?

the show is finding their way–bo and nora’s sexy talk via cell phone was terrific–light, funny–hope they don’t blow the victor/todd potential with the brief time they have with roger howath–them getting what irene did to both of them would be what would move this forward–not just you tried to kill me, you tried to kill me–and jack and dani continue to be snotty jerk off kids. shelter is going on too much–show is too schizophrenic (but at least the twenty somethings act somewhat like twenty somethings rather than a romance novel version of teens on all my children (mysterious guardian? strange boarding school/governess, wuthering heights references need to be able to be better scripted

For me you actually made amc sound better than it actually is…ive stopped watching it for now! I might tune back if it improves!

AMC has been firing on all cylinders….I’m actually finding myself excited about watching the next episode! It’s a complete 180 from the Charles Pratt, David Kreizman & Donna Swajeski days…..where they committed a crime with horrible script after horrible script.

“I got you, babe” Wow. who ever thought that song could have such a playful and chilling effect all at once. The music on OLTL has been fantastic. And hahaha but doesn’t Riff have a real life tiff going with James Franco? Too much fun!

They really ought to knock it off already with the ridiculous amount of time wasted on stupid club scenes – if we want to see club scene we could all jump in my car and go to a club – more storyline, less inane dancing scenes – not necessary, and doesn’t do much to help plots move along.

Especially because the dancing is awkward at best. Makes me so uncomfortable to even watch…

LoL, yeah – that too!

At first I didn’t much care for today’s show but then started to see it as a way to move some stories forward. Dani is still a mess and hanging around with the wrong crowd. Cutter obviously had some underground dealings that will probably affect Blair as co-owner of the club. Rama started to see the caliber of guys out there and may start to appreciate what she has with Vimal a bit more. It is possible to be married and have fun. Just look at Bo & Nora. I think we need to look at the big picture and not sweat the small stuff. We are only 6 episodes in and the 1/2 hour format doesn’t leave a lot of time to fit everything in. Maybe they’re being too ambitious with the number of story lines.

Cutter doesn’t co-own Shelter with Blair! Blair owns the club all by herself while Cutter is the manager and promoter of the club. Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and OLTL associate producer Jared Kaplan confirmed that to me on twitter when I asked them both about the club.

I too, agree with Torrey and the others. Nervo and Riff Raff? Never heard of them. The younger actors are getting far too much storyline at the expense of the vets and I do not like the scenes in Shelter. Not interested in seeing young people dance.The music is mixed way too loud. Please OLTL cool it with the rappers and DJ’s. If you have the money to pay these performers, then spend it on Ilene Kristen and bring Roxy Balsam back!
One other thing that’s driving me nuts…Hulu’s numbering system. Why was Monday’s episode lableled #6 and that dreadful Friday show #5. Also, calling episodes ‘chapters’ with a part 1 and part 2 is absolutely ludicrous.

I wish the love scenes with TEA AND VCTOR were longer, they were surprisingly HOTTER AND RACIER on ABC far. It seems like they are just teasing us right now, hopefully they will get racier/longer soon. Miss the intensity they showed on ABC (surprised they got away with what they did on Network TV 🙂 )

I think Shelter picks up the feel of Blair’s old club (which I’m forgetting the name of at the moment) just fine. I’m thinking that it seems part restaurant/part club since she was at the bar area when Tea, Dani & Jack arrived, so perhaps part of the place is restaurant, and another section for the club.

I’m nearly 40, but on the rare occasion that I went to the local LGBT bar (within the past year), they had similar playing music at the club. Not usually my thing (clubs) but every once in a while I would go. Blair’s club several times had live acts, so this is just following up, though there was less of the drugs apparent on network tv obviously. As a gay woman, though, I thought the ‘two women kiss for a guy’ thing on today have been really annoying. That kind of salaciousness I could do without.

Both Nora & Clint checking in on Natalie – I liked that. Always liked Natalie, would like to see her get herself figured out post-John since Easton isn’t returning. Bo & Nora – absolutely brilliant. Loved the playfulness of it all.

Victor/Tea/Dani congo – good. She might be 21 but is exhibiting signs of bad judgement and her attitude needs taking down a peg or two. She could seriously use the help of Starr. I want more Tea & Blair interaction, too.

Blair’s old club was named Capricorn.

Not sure who they are trying to attract as viewers and I am not a big Rif Raf fan….I would much rather have had more Todd Manning.

Here’s my take so far. The intro is terrible as well as the theme song. The first episode was terrible and the second wasn’t much better. The third was OK and the fourth was really good. Yesterday’s was really good too. And then today’s was pretty lousy with the exception of Bo and Nora.

The show grinds to a screeching halt whenever the night club is a focus. And there’s too much Matthew, way too much. I agree about the language. The needless cursing doesn’t make the show hip, cool or edgy. Just comes across as childish and a bit desperate. And as for the writing, it’s not all bad. But come on, the return of this show should have been about a titanic fbattle between Todd and Victor and instead it’s been a wet blanket. We got some pushing and shoving and a couple of stares and then one gets poisoned. Kinda weak. I know they’re basically learning as they go so I’ll give them some leeway. But the show needs work!

This show was amazing – the perfect mix of new with the old! Bravo One Life to Live!

My favorite part was the two chicks making out! #Biancastyle

Thought it was a good episode, I love AMC and OLTL.. i’m hooked. I’ve been hooked on OLTL forever, AMC has brought me back in after leaving due to Babe; how she can do evil sh!t and nobody get mad at her drove me nuts(keeping Bianca’s baby, cheating on JR, etc).

Again, people want to complain how it’s not the AMC or OLTL they remember or whatever.. ask yourself, would you rather not have it at all? I know I fought like hell to get the word out to as many people that would listen to sign petitions, call the networks, harass/email local stations.

I miss alot of the core AMC characters, and OLTL seems to be all over the place, but if it’s ever gonna get better.. you have to watch and support the show. I’m sure the writing is going to improve, fan favorites will return if the internet-incarnations are successful, the shows will be expanded to an hour if they continue to make money. It’s not perfect, but I know it was miserable without them.

Even if I hated the shows, I’d still watch just to rub sh*t in ABC’s faces for cancelling these shows. Not just for me, but for my mom and grandma who watch these shows.. and hopefully my kids will get into it and one day if I have grandkids, but until that time.. I’m gonna support the shows to give them an opportunity.

I’ve been watching the show for decades and it was like losing a family member when it was cancelled. Considering that they’re starting from scratch, I think they are doing a fantastic job. Is it a little uneven? Yes. But the original show was uneven for months at a time. Just like real life. I’m happy!

If you are a very long time OLTL viewer, you have to admit that there were times over the decades where you LOVED it and times where you said WTH are they doing? That is what soap watchers do; have you seen how the GH viewers are pounding Ron Carlivati on twitter right now?

I agree with everything that has been said above but as a VERY long time fan, I will certainly give the new team the benefit of the doubt for now; there are glitches, room for improvement, etc but if history is any indication, I’m sure that all will be worked out in time……

Heck, today, Wednesday’s show already seemed more organized and seamless; better transitions etc….

well, I had read that this Riff Raff was trying to be kinda like Franco on GH — guess he didn’t read that Franco wasn’t well liked on GH, a little of him just went on and on ad nauseam

and “frankly” Riff Raff did the same for me and I fast forwarded past his scenes. I told a co-worker the only Riff Raff I could remember was the creepy guy from Rocky Horror… and he was more “pleasant” to watch and listen to. 🙂

Give OLTL a chance to grow and improve! I think it is doing pretty well but not perfect. But like any show never was! However I am so glad to have it back! It is wonderful and mostly good in my opinion. Love having them all back!! Perfect stories or not. I do agree there is too much at Shelter.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) also took to X and shared her sentiments on her time working with Harrison. Grahn said, “Was hard to say good bye to working with my friend, Gregory Harrison. What a treat to share the stage with this guy, and getting to know him was a gift. I truly love & respect everything about him. And I know he’s seeing this. He doesn’t post, but likes to read mine.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


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A post shared by Michael Easton (@iammichaeleaston)

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General Hospital

Lane Davies on Possibility of Extending His General Hospital Run: “I Would Be Totally Open”

This week, viewers are catching the re-teaming of Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn for the second time on General Hospital and the third time in their careers given their storied history as Santa Barbara’s Mason Capwell and Julia Wainright.

Previously, Nancy and Lane played opposite each other and shares scenes as Dr. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis back in 2002 on the ABC daytime drama series. Now in 2024, Davies takes on the role of Fergus Byrne, the brother of the late Neil Byrne, as Alexis tries to get her law license reinstated.

Speaking with TV Insider on his recent return to GH, Davies shared, “I know Nancy was wanting to work with me again. I ran into (former GH head writer) Patrick Mulcahey at (Santa Barbara co-creator) Bridget Dobson’s funeral and we had a lovely lunch together and a lovely visit and I think it was just the synergy of all those things coming together that did it. Patrick saw me and realized that I hadn’t completely deteriorated over the years and thought, ‘Well, this would be fun.”’

Photo: NBC

Lane also shared he isn’t closing the door for more episodes of General Hospital down the line were the powers-that-be to keep Fergus on the canvas.

The popular actor expressed,,”I would be totally open, but that’s all up to the writers and fans and producers and network people and I’m kind of out of that loop. But if it happens, grand.”

So, would you like to see Lane stick around Port Charles? Comment below.
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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Wraps His Run on General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, who has played Gregory Chase on General Hospital, has left the series.  As viewers saw, on the May 20th episode Gregory remembers his life, then seemingly went to asleep.

However, on today’s May 21st episode, is it revealed Gregory, who suffered from ALS, passed away in his sleep. Harrison brought with him extensive television and movie credits from Trapper John M.D., Falcon Crest and more before coming to GH.

Harrison joined the ABC daytime drama series in a recurring capacity back in November 2020 and signed a contract back in June of 2022.  A rep for the show confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Gregory’s exit was storyline-dictated.


Photo: ABC

In story, Gregory Chase was the estranged father to Finn (Michael Easton), as they had a complicated past. He also had a younger  son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory was also the grandfather to Violet (Jophielle Love). One of his last wishes was to see Chase and Brook Lynn (Amanda Set tie the knot.

Over the past few months before the character’s demise, he became close with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Tracy (Jane Elliot).

The death of Gregory Chase will certainly rock Finn and Chase’s world.

So, sad to know Gregory Harrison has departed General Hospital? Comment below.

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