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Tyler Christopher Addresses GH Exit: "You're The Best Fans In The World. I Will Miss U!"

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It’s been confirmed to On-Air On-Soaps via a GH rep, and now Tyler Christopher himself took to Twitter to address his legions of fans following yesterday’s breaking news that he has indeed vacated his 2o-year-role as Nikolas Cassadine.

Christopher, who left the show back in June and was temporarily replaced by Nick Stabile, was in lenghy contract talks with the series that fell apart. Thus Tyler will not be returning to the daytime drama that made him soap-famous.

Late Wednesday night, Tyler put out a touching ‘thank you’ tweet to his fans for their continued support and well-wishes, stating: “Thank u all for your kind words. You’re the best fans in the world. I will miss u! #whatarun”

And what a run it was! Tyler completed his tenure with GH with a Daytime Emmy as the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series earlier this year in late April.

As to what GH plans to do with the role of Nikolas remains to be seen.  Will they leave the character off the canvas for the forseeable future since he is believed-to-be-dead? Will Nick Stabile come back as a permanent replacement?  Several questions yet to be answered from the ABC soap.

For now, let us know your thoughts on Tyler’s heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the fans in the comment section below. and what you hope GH does with the character of Nikolas moving forward?

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Id rather Nick Stabille come back as AJ…

Lulu wants another child-she can raise Spencer…

that’s a great idea… and/or it would be refreshing to see Laura and Kevin raising her grandson

what are the odds of that one embryo taking ?

we’ve got to have another spencer…. wink wink … why bother with Luke

Bring back Nick Stabile immediately. Sad to bid Tyler farewell.

Agreed, he breathed new life into the role. One of the few temporary replacements I loved instantly. They need to grab him. I think he could do well with Nick Bechtel, aka Spencer, and we know he has great rapport with Ava…..Frankly, it would be nice to see Ava (and the actress) paired with a real man.

This is sad…….. I was looking forward to him returning to the show. I have been a fan of his from the beginning. 🙁

me too.. So many of us have been awaiting his return for Sept. ,and now to hear that the people over at GH could not negotiate with him on his contract is horrible.. He has been a part of GH .. Nicholas Cassadine forever it seems , and is one of our beloved legacy actors.. I am extremely upset … They need to find a way to get him back . what are they thinking, .. WHAT ARE THESE WRITERS TRYING TO DO TO OUR BELOVED GH, AND ALL OUR BELOVED ACTORS.. SERIOUSLY

If I have my wish, Stabile will be back taping already and it will be announced of his return!

So he wins the biggest accolade an actor can win (in April) and two months later, walks because he feels he deserves more money for winning that trophy.

Typical of some of these actors. School teachers are struggling to make $40,000 a year, while these guys quit their shows if they don’t get $40,000 per episode.

omg!!! i feel the exact same way – that emmy went to his head!

Does put it in perspective. The first year I taught, the principal handed me the check, patted me on the back and said: “Don’t spend it all in one place.”

The check was for $380 for a month of teaching Language Arts and NC History to 7th graders! Try it sometime! 🙂

Nancy, my dear…your head is in the RIGHT place!!!!! And, I SALUTE YOU!!!!! RIGHT ON, NANCY!!!!!!

Have a good one, Nancy.

Michael…not only do I agree with you, as far as I’m concerned, a BUNCH of actors and actresses (in the entertainment industry, in general) and their EGOS are W-A-Y TOO OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! Bottom Line Here: The ‘bunch’ all each need a SERIOUS REALITY CHECK!!!!!

Have a good one, Michael.

I’m so torn about this. Part of me is deeply disappointed because I’m such a huge fan of Tyler’s, but another part is grateful that he will no longer have to try to justify Jelly’s moronic, destructive writing. Thanks to this current regime, GH is truly horrible right now, and all indications are that it’s only going to get worse. And if the show actually recasts Nikolas, this viewer will be tuning out (just as I did in the early 2000s). Tyler’s Nikolas is the only version I care to watch.

This is really too bad. he was excellent in the role, and Nicolas has relationships with so many on the show.
I hope they do not kill off Nicholas “for real.” I also did not like his replacement. No offense to Nick Stabile. I’d like to see Nicholas eventually return to his old personalty and be played by someone a little more enthusiastic, for want of a better word than Mr. Stabile, and someone, quite frankly, better looking. Since he’s Laura’s son, I’d like him to come back. And of course eventually Tyler Christopher may return.

Nick Stabile please!

Bring back Nick Stabile, we was wonderful. Sad to say I rather have him in the role.

Sorry to see Tyler leave and what is GH thinking letting him go. The guy just won an emmy in April. If it’s really money I can think of a few places GH could get some

No please gh bring nick back we miss him

Ten thousand up votes!

What is unfortunate is that he & Nicholas Bechtel were shorted on having a special exit scene written just for them, along with saying a real goodbye to Genie Francis. TC participated in the GH Fan Weekend back in August. So, I think he was expecting to return. He even said as much back then. Good luck to him!

From what I read he’s still going to be appearing in whichever fan events he already committed to.

This is terrible news for GH. I was really looking forward to Tyler’s return and seeing him work with Genie Francis again. I hope they leave the character ‘dead’ until Tyler can revive him. Stabile was passable but there are too many recasts and soap opera refugees. We need more people who make the show feel like General HOspital, not this super soap of fine actors but — who cares. GH would do well to bring back Tristan Rogers and Wally Kurth full time. They were stupid not to pick up Greg Vaughan when he got let go by Days.

Great post. Tristan and Wally should be on contract, along with Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos.

Tyler is the only Nik for me. I tune into GH to see Liz, Anna, Laura and NIk. I really hope ABC brings him back and dumps Frank V, Nathan V, and Jelly.

Hating that GH couldn’t work out a contract with Tyler. Such a bloated cast yet they couldn’t afford to give a long-time and popular actor what he wanted (and probably deserved).

Yes, couldn’t they let some of the “newer” cast members go and hang on to the legacy ones?

Aw Tyler, good luck but you will be missed.

Yippee-yippee-ki-yay. Bring Stabile on board!!!!!!!

I will really miss his interactions with his son Spencer. And those with his Mom Laura and sister Lulu.

I love Tyler I would leave it open for him to come back or make appearances

Wishing him well in his future endeavors. Thank you for all you did on GH! I enjoyed it.

he’ll be back someday I bet. Maybe when the EP changes to one that will give him a better deal. In real life, if you ask for a raise and don’t get it…it’s a signal to move on. I’m sure he felt that since he had won that award that added prestige to the show, he deserved to be compensated. Which is a strong argument. Valentini keeps a tight grip on the budge so the show stays on the air. There are only so many pieces of the pie to give away…

Frank V could have paid Tyler what he is worth easily if he would just stop hiring so many actors from dead soaps, most of whom are playing characters that have nothing to do with GH core families and who still feel like outsiders.

Amen and Amen!

Sorry to see TC leave, however, I thought Nick Stabile was great in the role. I’d like to see him offered the part permanently.

Morgan, Sabrina, Tyler. Anyone else leaving? The canvas is clearing out and (to me) focusing on new characters with no or last minute ties to historical characters. I hope they hold off on recasting Nic though.

I think he is going to be happy negotiations fell thru saw a picture of him in a scene with this movie he is doing looking fit looks great in a cowboy hat! All the best TC!

Hey k/kay, think I read that he has made one independent film and is working on another.

he d make a hot adam on y n r!
bring morgan who s leaving gh over too as kyle!

I’m VERY disappointed that they couldn’t work it out for him to come back!

I really hate he is leaving! I didn’t really like his temporary replacement. Find a different actor to play the role and someone who looks like Tyler (handsome) and has same build and height.

i wish him.the best will.miss him but hope the nick stable will come back liv him with ava!!

This talented actor has always had his eye on a primetime gig or a movie career. Being Laura’s son should keep the character of Prince Cassidine around.

This should also loosen some change to hire other talented actors.

Every actor says their fans are the best fans– LOL– but I guess what else can they say- it was gracious of him to acknowledge the role his fans had in his tenure at GH–

And his acceptance speech at the Emmys was one of the most heartfelt and humble ones that I’ve ever heard.

Frequently amazed by the support and acclaim of Christopher. I’ve found him to be extremely deadpan and one-note throughout his two decades of service. He has the same expression and delivery for every emotion. Sayonara.

Nick Stabile was fantastic in the role. If TPTB are smart they’ll snatch him up!

I think nick stabile is being tacky going on Twitter saying he’s available, I’m not one of the fans who think he did a good job, I rather Tyler come back and since he’s not let the character take a break for now since he’s already considered to be dead, let’s move on with other storylines and let time be a factor . After all, they could go back to negotiate down the line, nothing is written in stone, as for nick stabile, your no prince Nicolas, so stay away..

Another stupid move by ABC.

Not real smart of him to leave the show, whatever the contract negotiations were. A tiny minority of Hollywood actors are on contract on a network tv show.

So true.

good luck Tyler. You were great as Nick.

Nick Stable needs to come back as Nicholas. He was fabulous in the role and had chemistry with Maura West who plays Ava Jerome!

Peace out, dude! You’ve cleared the way for Nick Stabile to return. He injected new life into Nikolas Cassadine and I want to see him back on my screen yesterday!

I hope nick stabile comes back. Him and Ava played well together.

I am literally gobsmacked… ire here

GH / Disney / ABC let go one of the best staples and qualities about Port Charles

be still my heart… he has a sense of his own being

he did not relent .. he was that striking and caused affect

je ne sais quoi : smoldering

The Cassadine Empire is forever lost…. so is GH

I would love to see Nick Stabile come back since it seems that he would appreciate playing the role. Another soap actor leaving, thinking he’s going to be offered big roles somewhere else. I guarantee he will end up on some stupid sci-fi movies like the rest of those actors who thought they would make it big.

I loved Tyler when he did his first round at GH (no puns intended) and his name was Tyler Baker back then. He breathed life into the show, and made Nikolas his own, and he was well written for. Then he left after 3 years and came back about 4 years later for another 8 years plus as Nik and also Connor Bishop. He had great chemistry with his peers. Then came the deconstruction of the Nik character when they had him bed his beloved brother’s Elizabeth. I’ts one thing to develop all aspects of a character i.e the light and dark sides, but it the case of Nikolas Cassidine whose character was steadfastly written as a hero from the get: he save baby sister Lulu’s life, he was was infused with great nobility, honesty, and integrity, kindness and goodness; the only light in and from a family fraught with darkness. If the writers had in mind to make him a tragic hero, his archetypal journey should have been made clear, built up slowly and at least have given him a transforming realization or epiphany in the end, rather than deconstruct and do complete reversal of the character in a matter of two or three episodes.
I for one missed the original Nik and did not take well to the new one. I would have bought some soul searching regarding some dark side tendencies but not the Nik who lied, cheated, stole and philandered. I read that Tyler was okay with it because as an actor it gave him something more to work with.
I dont think we have seen the last of Tyler, but I could be wrong.
One thing for certain is that I don’t want Nik Stabile to replace Tyler. He seems like a nice guy, but his voice comes off too feminine to play Nikolas Cassadine, and I personally didn’t care for him even as a temporary replacement. Oh well jmho

I’m on board the Nick Stabile train!! Talk about jumping right in when he was substituting in the role! This guy lit up the screen! And I’m usually pretty jaded, LOL!
Some one in the above comments (sorry don’t recall who) had an idea for TC to be the next Adam on Y & R. Love that suggestion! Sounds like a Win/Win to me!

No offense, TC is No Adam Newman. He doesn’t even compare to Michael Muhney or Justin Hartley. I personally felt Nick Stabile was great in the role of Nicholas. Wish Tyler all the luck with his future roles.

toscanti…I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! Tyler Christopher is N-O Adam Newman…PERIOD!!!!! NO, NO AND MORE N-O!!!!!!

Have a good one.

No need to bring back the character at this time (cast bloated), but would love Stabile to come back, if Nik comes back from the dead

Tyler seems to be trying to make it in movies & primetime again. He’s left and tried a few times before. Maybe with the Emmy win, he feels it will help him get more auditions for bigger roles. Glad to see him go. I still am pissy(yes, years later) that he ruined the Robin/Nikolas reunion. You know when Nik finds Robin in the lab. He slept walked through that whole scene.

I will miss him! One of the reasons I watched GH. Tyler Christopher was Prince Cassadine! I’m hoping he will return.

Christopher was great as Nicholas, but I need to admit that I really loved Nick Sabile with Maura West !! They had great chemistry. He’s a more mature Nicholas. Hopefully, he will take over the role .

I don’t believe anyone else can replace him. He is the true Nick!

Please abc and general hospital bring Tyler Christopher back to gh please the fans want him on gh and miss him he is a good actor on gh .

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Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out the scenes from her arrival below,

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General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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