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UPDATE on Frank Valentini's GH Casting News – "Crossing the T's and dotting the I's"


On-Air On-Soaps let our soapers know late last week that super exec, Frank Valentini, who brought so much life to Llanview and is now doing the same over at General Hospital, followed up today with another tweet regarding his mysterious bit of casting news he said was coming.

As many of you know, Soap Opera Digest then reported it could come as early as today.  We have been overwhelmed by your passionate responses to our post and thoughts on who could be coming on to the Port Charles canvas in the near future.

However, this afternoon there was an update from Valentini on his Twitter page when he tweeted, “Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, the casting news will have to wait for now… keep your fingers crossed!”

So we know everyone wants to know, but in the best interest of making sure the business end of things is sewn up, Valentini let everyone know the status.   So hold on GH fans!  Something clearly is in the works here!  But what?  That is the million dollar question!

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That would be so fantastic!

That would be nice.

IMO Ron and Frank OWE IT to all soap fans to wrap up the bombshell they droped on the very last minute of OLTL and tell us what happened to Victor before ABC axes GH for Katie. She needs more money. IMO They and TSJ lied to us when both said he would not return and its time to make it right.

yes, i agree. They left us hanging wanting more, and this is the perfect opportunity to wrap things up…but keep both Todd and Victor on so we can see them interact as brothers…i definitely think that TSJ is a good possibility

The reason for the big bombshell was that everyone thought we were going to the net to continue with one life to live when they found out that pp/abc/disney,killed the net idea it was to late to change the story,and those Rats at abc/disney told everyone to get out of the studio to make way for another dopy show.Imho I dont think that Ron and Frank owe us anything they were deceived to and they are trying to put a few of my favorite characters on general hospital,I would love to see the story of 2 todds continue to find out what will happen. something has to be done because todd will be in port charles in may and a murderer cant be running around ,oops I take that back Killers have been walking around port charles for years poor matt couldnt keep them in jail,Thats ok John mcbain knows how to keep people locked up for good.I thought the ending of one life to live was well written, beautiful ,sad ,It was brilliant and ended with class .go to e mail and tell them you want general hospital to stay and to bring back one life to live or just give agnus nixon the rights to her shows back,Better to give them to her then just throw them in the trash thats what abc/disney did.So to say that ron and frank lied is wrong because they didnt they thought one life to live was to live on ,blame the rat channel there the ones that screwed our shows up and put those stupid shows on for dumb people and for them to line there pockets with more killed our soaps because of greed nothing more nothing less.

I am going to have to disagree. I blame Ron & Frank for the lousy end to 43 years. They owe the fans an ending. The prospect park deal never came together and Ron & Frank have been in the business long enough to know what it takes to produce a soap. I wrote on this site back then that pp did not do the things necessary to get OLTL online. Ron & Frank had nine months to wrap things up and they failed. Actually, there was time to make an alternate ending and it was discussed. IMO they owe us and now they have one last chance to make it right before GH is cancelled.

Vincent Irizarry! woot

I agree, Vincent Irizarry’s David bringing the “near dead” back to a full life again. He would be the perfect person behind the new “Robin” sighting!!!!

Vincent is not going to GH. I met him at a meet and greet recently and he was asked this and he IS NOT going to GH. He is doing other projects. I have other fans who were there that are on facebook who can confirm this.

would love Dr. David to come over to pc!!!

I’ll only watch GH if VI is on it! 🙂

saw robin today….was home so i watched…love sonny scenes.

Vanessa Marcil and Jonathan Jackson-neither have a T or an I so I’m still hoping for LexI AinsworTh.

Oh darn,and the mystery deepens ,who can it be?I do love a good mystery ,guess we have to wait a bit longer.

Just want you to know that I answered your long standing weekend question this evening about 8pm, and LOST it…. It just clicked off, and went FADE to BLACK…! I was pissed bc I had put much thought into it. I was looking at a program and writing it at the same time between commercials., I couldn’t start it all over again. I will answer it again soon. Good Night. They talking its going to be 29 degree’s tonight, and 30 sumthing tomorrow. Oh well, the Bible says at the end of time we won’t be able to tell the season apart. The tree’s started blooming here in early March and flowers sprouting on March 12th. I took care special care to take notice. I will rewrite it tomorrow or Wednesday.

Its warm here in florida ,went in the pool yesterday,I wonder who our mystery person is ,Hope we find out soon,Im not good when it comes to waiting for something I want it to happen now,I wonder if you will get to read this post something is going on here ,wont let me submit anything I write ,had a hard time even getting to this sight kept saying ERROR.we will see now,here it goes.

If helena has robin she could have deep fried her own daughter before the switch, she did kill her, remember that patrick left for a split second how could robin be taken in that short of a time ? who knows ,It will be interesting to find out who has her at least some one does and she is not dead ,Ron and frank must have listened to my pleas that robin cant die.hey if you do win the lottery we can have our own soapnet I will chip in if I win I play 2 times a week,we will show them how to keep a soap channel going .but first I would have to buy one life to live and all my children and give them back to agnus where the stories belong.I guess Frank is still crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s ,Waiting for our mystery soap star is making me nuts ,I hope we hear something soon.Good luck with your lottery ticket I dont play till tomorrow night.

Oh maybe its the one holding Robin captive…Maybe that is the mystery person… They just showed you the nurse…

They didn’t show the person in charge.. Who is she getting her orders from?????

Oh Wow! U got my response very quickly!!! We usually sometimes have to wait hours OR a whole day and some. Hey, U see I added Debi to my list. Hey Debi, give me a shout out! lol Give Debi my regards and comments.
Thanks Michael for any improvements that have been made to the site.

I just left michaels facebook page and someone said that maybe Dr. David haywood is keeping robin prisoner ,I nearly spilled my tea all over my computer lol .

Oh man the anticipatiion is killing me! 🙂 Hoping this is some really special when it finally is released.

So help me if it has something to do with Morgan Corinthos and a certain actor everyone has been speculating on…I won’t be happy. I love this actor, but I’ve got my reasons for not wanting him on another soap.

who? which actor are you talking about that has to do with the mob? only guy I can think of that would give all the mob guys a run for their money, would be Carlo Hesser!

I like carlo hesser ,He did play a mob guy good ,Those were the good old days on one life to live .what was good about the mob stories on one life to live was they didnt take over the whole show like general hospital did it was overkill in port charles.

omg!!! i loved carlo hesser & asa hated him in the worse way…..


Oh my I have practically lived on Twitter and Facebook waiting for word . I am so hoping that General Hospital will remain or better yet; AMC and OLTL and GH have been
bought by new network.I would so like to hear a definate ruling on all this. GH has really soared lately and I am, like glued to the television; I love it. My fingers and toes and eyes remain crossed for good news we are all longing for!!!

Please please let it be TSJ.

Please can you tell me who TSJ is ??????????

Never mind I know who it is………Victor Lord Jr.

i just hope it is kassie depavia. she deserves a contract as much as roger howarth and what is todd without his true love blair!

I am still holding out hope for it to be Trevor St. John, but if it were Lexi Ainsworth, Rick Hearst, or someone like that, I would be thrilled! I rather it not be Vanessa Marcil simply because I don’t see a need for Brenda on the screen especially since Sonny has enough drama. I wouldn’t mind if it were Jonathan Jackson because he is very talented, but Greg Vaughn was my favorite Lucky so I’m not praying for it to be JJ.

How about moving someone big like Erika Slezak over to GH, say as it’s new top administrator? Would love to see her in a soap again. She was such a big part of the backbone on OLTL. I miss seeing her and so many others. Like Rex and Gigi. I waited so long for them to get it together and get married and then the plug was pulled on us fans.

Something else I wanted to say – I have drifted away over the years from GH because of it’s heavy focus on violence as a way to make a living, guns, the mafia. Sonny’s storyline just keeps getting recycled under different names (one year this kid is shot, the next year, something happens to another kid because of his mob life and on and on). GH has lost it’s heart, love is not a primary theme of it anymore. GH needs some more humor (bring on Roxy from OLTL, let her move her hair shop there!), needs some forces of strength and integrity like Victoria Lord’s role had… Incorporate some of that into the story and that might help viewership increase.

I love all your suggestions. You are right about GH’s violence and repetitive storylines. I would love to see Roxy’s humor and Viki’s integrity integrated into GH. Most of the characters on GH seem ethically challenged or already compromised. I can barely remember that GH used to be about family drama and romance.

So true! It’s the same old mob crap they had in the 1980s! I’m giving it a try because of the OLTL actors but it’s so boring! If they combine OLTL & GH it would be better.

I agree with you 100%…I miss Viki … She holds everything together……..She was the heart of the OLTL…

John McBain needs Natalie! I hope it’s Natalie! Blair, Victor and Tea would be great too!!

Here’s hoping it is a few actors and one of them is Melissa Archer and the other is Genie Francis!

Jackie Zeman??!!! Genie Francis!?

It’s not Genie. She signed a 3 year deal with Y&R. Which ABC don’t deserve her now anyway. They didn’t respect her enough to treat her the way they should have when they could have gotten her. I still can’t believe they used her to appear on Oprah when she wasn’t even working for ABC. Then when she said she wanted to basically play a stronger person, she wasn’t offered a job. Would you go back?

ITA Jill. I spoke to Genie on Soap Central live. She said she would go back GH if it were cancelled for the finale if the Y+R brass would loan her out. But she said she was very happy at Y+R and she loves her new role. I love her new character as well despite the fact that I grew up watching her play Laura. ABC never truly respected her. Im glad she’s happy at CBS.

It wouldn’t be Genie. She’s in a multi-year contract with Y&R and I’m fairly certain she’s happy there. Plus, the Spencer clan is little to nothing.

at this point almost anyone is icing on the cake, and i’m loving it. Did anyone see GH today? omg, those seen between Liz and little Emma were so beautiful, I don’t know the little actress name who plays emma but WoW she’s turning into some little actress, I was very impress.

Hope that “T” stands for Trevor St. John!

Did not think of the T’s and I’s as a clue… totally agree with you!

Hopefully it will be 2 more people one from the classic 70’s or 80’s GH era Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin would be 1 I would like to see again. Trevor St John from OLTLwould be another great choice. In my opinion which other may not agree with but that is ok.

David Heywood PLEASE!!!!!!!

Love to see dr. david haywood work for general hospital,he would fit right in.they do need a heart surgeon.

I believe that’s David Hayward but we get the idea 🙂

I hope so much that its Natalie.. John needs his family. I also would love so much to have Blair and Tomas. Maybe Tomas was undercover as Alcazar….

My wish is for it to be Trevor St. John, OR Venessa Marcil, OR Dr. David Haywood/ Vincent Irizarry, OR Roxy. That’s it….!! People are going to tune in for these folks with the QUICKNESS because they come STORYLINE READY, with drama left over from their last appearance, OR leftover from their former role. We know about Brenda and Victor’s STORYLINE READY ROLE, but the hospital would be a buzz when the doctor who has brought back the dead shows at up General Hospital, on a new lease on life in another town. Vincent Irizarry, would be EXCELLENT as an addition to General Hospital and all its dark character types.
I don’t think it will be any of the above, but it’s nice to wish. : )

I hope it is Trevor or Vincent.

I like your wish list ,I would like to throw kassie depava in there to.I really liked her short visit ,blair and carly were good together they could be great friends or enemies .Dr david would be great they need someone like him at general hospital.I wonder who has Robin glad they didnt kill her off now she can come back if she wants or stay.If helena has her she put cassandra in Robins place there was a burnt up body hope we find out more today and also find out who our mystery soap star is.Almost forgot I would love it if finola hughs sticks around,Ive always loved anna.

Isn’t the person Robin?? By showing her yesterday confirms what most of us thought, she was still alive. Why else would she still be on set taping??

I took from the article casting is on hold for now. They to busy dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s of a new contract keeping GH on the air!!

I don’t see Trevor coming. I WISH. But I don’t see it. Would love to see Rick Herbst return as he is so talented, but something tells me it will be someone from AMC.

we were waiting for the big news today. now we have to wait longer. i had a strange feeling in my stomach that the big news would be delayed. i was right. please just make the big annoucement tomorrow. i think its kin shriner as as scotty baldwin and faison. i think helena or fsison have robin.

Don’t automatically assume it’s a OLTL actor or actress – it could very possibly be a GH star from the past like Anders Hove, Rick Hearst, or Kim Shriner, Lynn Herring or Stuart Damon.

Someone “spoiled” on Twitter a little while go that it is someone from OLTL. Not sure how I feel about that. I LOVE OLTL, but I think who they brought over is enough for now. Someone from GH’s past might better serve the show right now! It is on fire!

DAVID HAYWOOD, let’s going something going for David Haywood on this site…… What a Hellava fine actor and character he is, and also give a SHOUT OUT to cast of AMC.

David Haywood…………………………. PLEASE!!!!

I swear if it is anyone OLTL related, I am boycotting. I think it’s unfair how FV/RC (as I said they would) just cater to their past cast/crew and put GH cast into a damn corner. If ABC knew what they were doing, they should have hired JC/LB from AMC to bring AMC’ers over. But they played favouritsm. Let the show die fellas.

Hopefully it’s a GH cast member, an actual good one. Or else I am boycotting the ABC soap. And no one can tell me otherwise. The show has been a disgrace since FV/RC came in. People whined and complained about the mob being the forefront and with fake Todd/McPain coming in it’s come back and yet people are loving it? That’s bull. If they had to come over, which none of them needed to, they should have been placed in as B-Listers, not A-Listers we should even pretend to care about. FACT.

Slam me all you want my normal slammers but when the cancellation comes next month, I reserve the right to laugh in your faces and say “I told you so!”

hey scott,Im not going to slam you <But I think that general hospital has been better then it has been in years and I love the way all the stories are playing out .Sonny cant just quit the mob over night I dont think its done that way and take my word for it I hate the mob stories but ron and frank have to fix that problem and it wont happen in 5or is it 6 weeks, john mcbain is there to find out who shot the tires out of anthonys car and killed hope and cole, new cops come and go in port charles all the time so what if he came from landview or buffalo ny.why is that annoying you ?Michael easton is a good actor And the one life to live characters have not taken over general hospital, and the one life to live characters will not be what kills general hospital , If its canceled It will happen because of the years of abuse it has taken from the use to be writers that turned it into the sonny, carly ,jason ,mob fest ,again, I am not slamming you for your opinion Im just telling you that I think general hospital is finally for me watchable again.Arent you happy that Robin is alive?

I’m sorry but I see nothing but the horrific trainwreck that OLTL was when it was on. Horrible writing and bad filming technique. Michael Easton is not a good actor, he cannot enunciate his words. It sounds like he had a stroke and can’t speak. I don’t get how people whined and complained about it being dark, Wolf made it lighter and now Carlivati is bringing it dark again and yet people are now praising it like it’s the best thing to happen to the show? That’s bull.

And I’m insulted the Robin storyline. As someone who lost their child at a young age, I think of Emma and what she now has to go through emotionally. GH is not watchable for me. I cannot stand anything happening right now, besides Kate. And it annoys me because FV/RC act like we care who they are. WE DON’T!!

SCOTT: I love you!!!!!!!! You are NOT AFRAID to speak your mind contrary to popular opinion on this board. U have a bit of OBJECTIVITY, and ” IS NOT EVERYTHING, OLTL. Yes, it’s you Scott (the other guy-when I posted earlier) I said, I would join in my venture of a new soap network if I hit the lottery tonight.
Ok, (reader’s) I loved, loved, OLTL, BUT I become annoyed when I see people write: Bring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, people over to GH. (Why don’t ya just put the cast of GH out of work, why don’t you?) Just because I stick up for the cast of GH, doesn’t mean that I love OLTL anyless. We don’t need Blair, Carly is enough like Blair and the camera loves Carly. If GH is to accept any cast from OLTL or AMC, it should be a character of VAST difference UNLIKE any GH has on now. That would be Roxy, TSJ, Vicky (who don’t seem right in Port Charles (long term), David Haywood, David, or that BEAUTIFUL beautiful black cop woman police officer from AMC, that was involved with the War Hero (on the show) that won Dancing with the Stars’s, last season.
What I don’t understand though is this statement :
” If ABC knew what they were doing, they should have hired JC/LB from AMC to bring AMC’ers over. But they played favouritsm. ”

*Please explain why ABC didn’t know what they were doing by hiring FV/RC, when OLTL ended with such a HUGE following? That’s the 1st question.

2nd: What is the difference between ABC hiring FV/RC to bring OLTLiver’s over, oppose to your suggestion, “If ABC knew what they were doing, they should have hired JC/LB from AMC to bring AMC’ers over. ” Wouldn’t that be favoritisium either way? That’s the only thing that confused me… Please share.

And oh, yes, everybody complains about the mob, but it is ok now, bc Todd, and McBain are on Gh, thanks for pointing that out! Everything U said made sense bc U defended your position. I just don’t understand how bringing JC/LB from AMC and AMC’ers would of been any different, when calling out ‘ favoritisim ‘.

And yes, agreed, let OLTL move on! The show had it’s ‘movement in time’, and General Hospital STILL hasssssssssss THEIR’s, and I KNOW U have READ me POST this before.

This is funny you and I leave a post for Scott,I hope he does not get mad at me.But I think general hospital is good again and There is nothing wrong with John Mcbain in port charles what if ron called him billie bob or something like that would he be acceptable then?and I agree about your 2: comment I didnt understand what he meant I was afraid to ask.And about moving on from one life to live your right its gone ,but not forgotten,The reason I bring it up all the time ,One life to live was my favorite soap of all the soaps Ive watched it was the one I loved the most . and If I had a choice of one show a day that I could watch,bring me all my favorite characters from landview they had more heart and soul and class unlike any other soap that I have watched and I dont see it In general hospital even though I am enjoying it once again.Thats why I get upset when I hear that the one life to live people are hurting g h and that is not happening,someone tell me that blair ,star todd and john have taken over all stories in port charles ,because there not .When was the last time starr was on?When I see pieces of one life to live on general hospital I will know it and now I dont see it .Characters come and go in soaps all the time ,there is nothing wrong with a little piece and I mean little,piece of landview in port charles.they will not be the reason the soap gets canceled ,If general hospital gets canceled that stinking rat channel has known one way or the other they are through with soaps they wanted to save money and now because of there greed there daytime programming is biting them in the ass ,hell even the business magazines are calling abc/disney stupid that they killed 2 classic soaps for dopy shows for idiots they lost a very huge fan base, oprah made it big because of the soaps katie wont if there is no soaps left for her lead in.good god am I rambling again?I just came here because I think its funny you and I have a few words to tell scott.O yeah I agree scott should join us in our soap adventure ,thats if he is not mad at me again,I hope not,But it keeps the conversations interesting.

To answer your questions:

1) If OLTL was such a ratings show, they would have kept it. But they didn’t. GH had the stronger history and cast. And hiring FV/RC destroyed that.

2) You’re not following my comments. In hiring FV/RC, they neglected AMC fans, which is insulting. Bring both shows in or let them die. I lost GL/ATWT and dealt with it, OLTL fans are being greedy to the core while ruining one of my soaps.

Kassie DePaiva or Melissa Archer – PLEASE!!!!!! Or, maybe Erika Slezak will guest star to assist in the Kate storyline. Does anyone think Carly is a major PITA!!!

Please bring back nurse Bobbie!!!! Carly needs her desperately! Votes also for Vincent Irrizary and TSJ! OMO, but I think it’s a little strange that John has taken an extended trip to Port charles, after such a long separation from Nat and Liam. How about a visit?

Oh and btw, that little kid who plays Emma is fabulous. I swear I’ve never been mesmorized by any kiddie soap actor (they mostly just show up as scene candy after the parternity tests and before the trip to the magic boarding school) Twenty years from now we will be seeing her on the Oscar stage. Just saying.

I read that Bobbie and Lucas are both supposed to return.

I take away from those comments that tptb are ‘dotting’ I’s right now to keep the show on another year. jmo
Casting comes 2nd. jmo

Debi ,That is what I am hoping for ,but longer then a year, make it 2 ,3years would be nice.

Vanessa was on set last week. She and Kelly Sullivan were tweeting pics. Maybe he decided to bring her back and right the tragedy and joke, they made of her last return. What the did to the memory of Sonny and Brenda and the strong, vivacious character of Brenda Barrett was a CRIME. I’m still bitter.

The smartest move to make on Gh would be for them to bring Vanessa Marcil back with Sonny’s child. She’s a historical figure and GH . She’s the reason why Sonny is no longer sexy and charismatic. She puts the fire back into the men on GH and we need her pronto! If Brenda comes back Jax is sure to follow.

I agree we need Brenda back, but only if she isn’ the weak, pathetic woman they made her out to be this last time. I want the OLD passionate, firey, kick ass Brenda I know and LOVE!

I really want Trevor St John!!! But… after Monday’s episode and seeing that Robin is still alive… it must be someone else! Possibly Faison. Can’t wait to see who and can’t wait to see who is behind Robin’s apparent death! GH is getting so good except for the Kate/Connie storyline.

oh just make the announcement already & stop stringing us along………..

The suspense is killing me! Can’t wait! Must be someone really, really good! Whoo Hoo!! Hurry up already! LOL!!

Loved reading all the comments and speculation on this page~
Who’s coming to GH? Now that my OLTL was been cancelled by that darned ex-ABC Daytime President Dennis Frons, who single handled promised to TRANSFORM ABC Daytime, and did by destroying 2hrs of it cancelling AMC & OLTL). I’ve been DVR’g GH everyday to watch every evening after a full day at work.

Is it one of the old star from back in the 70′[s when I was a frequent viewer of GH during the Luke & Laura days or a newer returnee?

Perhaps someone else from my beloved cancelled OLTL (ie: Kassie Wesley DePaiva / Blair… plusr Erika Slezak/ Victoria Lord or Téa Delgado Lord/ Florencia or David Vickers or fabulous Dorian Lord/ Robin Strasser? Someone mentioned Carlo Hesser.. Maybe?? )
Perhaps someone from cancelled AMC as well?

I want ABC to tell us the future of GH. Stringing us along is not welcomed here and it is really making me more mad at them. If they even think that the Revolution will improve they are very mistaken. GH has now become the best of all the soaps. I cannot wait to find out who else is coming and pray that it won’t be for the finale. I really don’t think I can handle another finale.

I sent a email every day annoying them ,wanting to know one way or the other ,Is general hospital staying or is it gone ,They dont care they want to make us wait ,who knows maybe they dont want there daytime ratings to sink even lower then they are now,At this time they are canceling and renewing all there prime time crap there just playing head games with the soap fans the faithful fans who for decades watched and supported the abc soaps Im with you I want to know now one way or the other and I also dont want another finale.

I read that Katie Couric would rather take The Revolution’s time slot than GH’s for her show. Let’s hope she gets her wish.

That one, or The Chew.

OLTL and AMC were canceled on April 14, 2011. The decision will be announced shortly. The Revolution will be canceled because ABC cannot develop a show to replace it by the time Katie starts. Furthermore, if GH was canceled, the backlash against Katie and ABC would be bad and they know it after what happened with OLTL. GH will survive until ABC develops something less expensive as a replacement. GH will survive, or at least be broadcast, into 2013.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s usually means they are finalizing the details of the contract – I don’t think anyone is “stringing us along” – just that they have to lock in the legal details.

I would love to see Trevor St. John. Florencia Lozano. Robin Strasser. Melissa Archer. Tuc Watkins. All of them would be amazing additions. Can’t you just see the needed comic relief of an Alexis/David Vickers affair? 🙂

Maurice Benard would love to have Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane on GH as well.

I don’t want David cheating on Dorian unless Dorian cheats first.

Ok, so Robin is alive….is Kimberly actually leaving GH and just fulfilling her contract or is she staying?

That’s what I want to KNOW…………………………………………!

I hope she stays because I honestly can’t see Patrick with anyone else and to portray him as a widower with a small daughter….don’t see that storyline going anywhere fast.

She giving hope to the viewers that Robin is alive and can eventually return to Patrick and Emma when Kimberly feels like returning to GH.

I don’t know who it will be hopefully many, I just read a whole article about Faison and his connection and storyline to Anna; so it could definitely be him or is crazy Lisa still alive or Franco ? So many options and I like many of the suggestions on here.

To add my two cents, I think it is VincenT Irizarry. (T and I covered). I heard he was playing a new doctor.

However, and not meaning to hijack the thread, but since others have commented on Robin, was that Irene Manning’s voice in the scenes with Robin today? I know I recognize that voice from somewhere!

Considering Dr David was keeping other characters alive on AMC, that doesn’t sound unreasonable at all.

I also wanted to add, I have also heard other names as coming back:

Vanessa Marcil for a Nurses Ball in honor of Robin; Jonathan Jackson for Elizabeth and/or Luke; and Rick Hearst for Alexis, though I have to say it is too bad they wasted the time she had with Mac. They could have been something.

Next time, Frank, don’t bother announcing anything until after you have the signed contract in your hand, instead of wasting our time.

Yup, yup, and “Hello ! “

I hope Everyone from OLTL is coming over! TSJ, Roger, Kassie , EVERYONE!! I want OLTL back, and this is a perfect way to do it, Move them all to PC!

P.S) Lets not forget Rex, Roxy, Tuc Watkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (David Vickers!!) I just want them all back on My Television, I miss them all! Funny Stuff great writing!

Barb T…DON’t be GREEDY. If they give us a year of good writing lets take it and enjoy it!!
Didn’t Robin look orange today?

Yes, she did look orange. Maybe Robin was a little toasted in the fire or Kimberly went on vacation or the lighting was off?

I think she was orange from the explosion. lol

Ok, shall we go from speculating on who’s coming to speculating on the hold up???
Had a real rough day & the news could’ve been a great pick me up.

Soon please!!!

If it’s not Kassie I’ll continue my boycott of ABC and GH. Not interested in seeing Todd without Blair.

Yes but I want to see Todd with Carly!!! Anyway, it is a women, NOT a man. It could only be Blair or Jessie….Jessie was rumored to be coming to Pt Chuckles to take over Kates business.

I hope to God it’s not Vincent Irrizary ( David). That ridiculous Orpheus project story was a laughing stock on AMC and we dont need that drivel on GH. That would definite kill the show! I truly believe that Cartini will def hire Trevor St. John at some future point.
That also gets on my nerves because once again Cartini are abandoning GH history in favor of another gimmicky plot to continue the OLTL storyline.
Id much rather Cartini rehire Johnathan jackson, Kimberly McCollough, Stuart Damon or Sean Kanaan.

I agree with you. As much as I loved OLTL, they shouldn”t try to re-create the show at GH’s expense. GH has a great group of actors; they just need to be given good material to work with. Frank and Ron in a short amount of time, have improved GH and we should give them credit for that. Now is not the time to start the boycott chant. Do we want another CHEW or Revolution? I certainly don’t!

The orpheus project was stupid but it wasa good way to say goodbye to the characters from pine valley ,but keep in mind that they were going to freeze port charles years ago and wasnt there a alien from another planet on general hospital ?good grief I think marlena on days of our lives turned into satin.Sometimes the writers get desperate and I dont like when that happens but soaps do continue.I dont think that the writers are going to abandon the history of general hospital,and alot of times the soap fans dont want to come back so its not easy getting them to stay or come back they move on.

I just read at GH2 that the person is a female, and she is coming from OLTL.
My guess? Blair or Jessie.

Hopefully blair,I like Jessie but blair belongs with starr and todd.

Come on Frank its wednesday W E D N E S D A Y ,How long does it take to cross your t’s and dot your I’s.THe suspence is killing me.

General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

Photo: ABC

There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Soap Stars and Notables Participate in the 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (Photos)

Sunday night in tinseltown, it was time for the 91st anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has become an annual tradition featuring soap stars and other celebrities from primetime, movies, music, and sports as thy drive down famed Hollywood Boulevard amongst floats and musical performances.

While many attended the live event, viewers around the country will be able to see the taped version of the parade on Friday, December 15th when it has its first airing on The CW in a two-hour special starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Taking part in the festivities were: General Hospital’s Tajh Bellow (TJ), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Denise Richards (ex-Shauna), and Naomi Matsuda (Li), Days of our Lives stars, then and now, including: Deidre Hall (Marlena), A Martinez (ex-Eduardo), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Brant Daughtery (ex-Brian), and Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa), The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder (Esther) and former star Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne), The Bay’s Kristos Andrews (Peter/Adam) and Maxwell Caufield (Sir Thomas Kenway), plus As the World Turns Ming Na Wen (ex-Lien) and more.

In addition, iconic dancer/singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year, while Dean Cain, Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Montel Williams along with guest host, Elizabeth Stanton, called the Sunday-after-Thanksgiving tradition from different locations around the parade route.

Now below, check out some of the snaps from the 91st annual Hollywood Christmas Parade featuring some of your soap favorites.

Photo: JPI

Wow! Marlena and Sheila together for the first time! Imagine if Marlena as the MarDevil met up with Sheila Carter and caused all sorts of havoc from Salem to Los Angeles? Crossover? Here’s Deidre Hall and Kimberlin Brown getting into the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

Reunited and it feels so good? Remember when Daytime Emmy-winner, A Martinez came to Salem to play Eduardo Hernandez, father to Gabi, Rafe and Dario? Now, A can be seen in The Bay. Meanwhile, Stephen Nichols continues to keep on keepin’ on as Salem’s “Patchman”.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tajh Bellow with his lady love actress Lauren Speights.

Photo: JPI

Giving us some Christmas wrapping vibes, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Naomi Matsuda (Li).

Photo: JPI

Always ready for the holidays is former Days of our Lives star, Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa).

Photo: JPI

Former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star, Denise Richards (ex- Shauna) dressed in the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

There is no doubt! Our pick for ‘Best Dressed’ has to go to General Hospital’s Josh Kelly (Cody). I mean, how can you top that for being in the ‘Christmas Spirit’?

Photo: JPI

Humanitarian of the Year recipient, Paula Abdul.

Photo: JPI

Former As the World Turns Star Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes) ready for the holiday season.

Photo: JPI

Brant Daughtery brought along his young son, and wife Kimberly, who is expecting their second child.

Photo: JPI

Maxwell Caufield who will soon appear in the latest season of The Bay, looking ‘Christmas’ dapper.

Photo: JPI

Ready for winter, and dressed in holiday white, Y&R’s Kate Linder.

So, who’s holiday outfit from their appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, did you think was the best? Let us know via the comment section.

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