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Video Interviews: Kathleen Gati, Gordon Thomson & Michael Caruso Preview WINTERTHORNE!



The highly-anticipated online series Winterthorne is set to have its debut tomorrow (Aug 27th).  On-Air On-Soaps caught up with cast members: Kathleen Gati (Liesl, General Hospital), Gordon Thomson (Ex-Dynasty, Santa Barbara), and Winterthorne creator and actor, Michael Caruso for some quick red carpet interviews at the Winterthorne premiere held just over a week ago.

After attending the exclusive screening what we can tell you is – that if you are a fan of Kathleen Gati’s work on General Hospital – you must see her in this tour de force performance in Winterthorne! After the screening, those in attendance and her fellow cast members were a-buzz about her portrayal.  You will see how Gati figures into the equation as the story of Winterthorne begins to unravel.

On the red carpet, Kathleen did share this about her role: “I play Valentina Winterthorne, the aunt of Miranda.  It was a lovely project and I enjoyed working on it, and I am very excited to see the end result.  I worked a lot with Martha Madison (Miranda), and she is incredible and lovely to work with.”


Those expecting Gordon Thomson to play some backstabbing manipulative black sheep character, which has been a staple throughout his soap career, may be somewhat surprised by the role he plays in Winterthorne. Thomson revealed: “I play Max Winterthorne, and he does one bad thing for a very good reason in the show.  It’s actually a brilliant piece of plotting.  He’s actually very kind and a good man.”

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Michael Caruso, who created Winterthorne and has a key role in the series, discussed with us how the entire project came to be: “I met Martha Madison at the Daytime Emmys two years ago and I thought she was absolutely incredible.  There was something about her that stuck with me.  I had kind of been thinking about this show for awhile and so my wife and I had a lunch meeting with Martha.  I pitched the idea to her.  Martha loved it, and so the rest is history, and we went from there.  Winterthorne is about a bunch of powerful women that happen to run a candy business, and it’s a little more complicated than that!


As to what Caruso hopes the audience will take away from the much-hyped series: “It’s not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – it’s candy, but it’s really a female family-driven drama.  The show is a fantasy that I want people to just enjoy.   Don’t try to make sense of it.  Try to give yourself over to the characters.  Just follow this crazy family on their journey, and just enjoy all of the candy, all of the crazy, and all of the characters.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a little Winterthorne.”

After the jump check out our video chats with Kathleen, Gordon & Michael.  Will you be checking out Winterthorne ? Let us know!

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Great advice from the creator Michael Caruso-

The show is a fantasy that I want people to just enjoy.
Don’t try to make sense of it.
Try to give yourself over to the characters.
Just follow this crazy family on their journey, and just enjoy all of the candy, all of the crazy, and all of the characters.
Just sit back, relax, and enjoy —– .”

That ^^^^^^ is how daytime soap watchers should watch the ”fantasy” and relax and enjoy the journey/stories..
As I always say (I’m with Michael) Don’t try to make sense of it. ”’ … lol 🙂

I am ready to enjoy Winterthorne !!!
A really great cast !!! ,, I’m gonna like it, looks like fun , yuppers ..


I didn’t think that Gordon Thompson was acting any longer. I though he had retired.

Lou Piikes
Lou Piikes

I am enjoying the show so far. I can’t wait to see the episodes with KG and KSt.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco Looks In The Mirror … And Believing He Is Drew Kisses Kim

This week on General Hospital, viewers have seen that when Franco (Roger Howarth) awoke from his mind-mapping implantation  (thanks to Shiloh and Dr Cabot) he woke up saying that he is “Drew Cain”.  Thus, as far we know, Franco now carries the life and memories of Drew from 2012 and back, and as of now, has no trace of Franco’s memories.

When Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Drew (Billy Miller) try to make Franco understand in his confusion what transpired,  Liz brings a mirror to Franco to see his face, which makes this all the more terrifying for him.  Liz insists to him that she is wife, but he tells her that he is sorry but he does not recognize her.  Franco insists he is going to leave town and Drew asks him to please stay put, as Liz promises that they can reverse what happened to him.  But can Liz really promise that?

Later, Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) fills Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) in on what happened and how Franco now was implanted with Drew’s memories, which leaves them stunned.  That means Franco, who is one of the people Jason loathes most in the world – now believes he is Jason’t twin brother.

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Meanwhile, as Kim (Tamara Braun) and Julian (William deVry) prepare to leave Port Charles for Manhattan and start live anew, (so Kim can not be haunted by her life in Port Charles from the recent death of her son, Oscar) things are about to make a shocking turn … for her.

Back at GH, Liz is upset when Franco decides he must get out of his hospital room.  Liz is scared he will just skip town knowing he feels he has no ties there.  Drew reassures her that because he is a version of him, the pull will be way too strong for him to exit Port Charles.


Kim is now at the hospital getting ready to turn in her resignation letter and runs into Franco.  He recognizes her and calls her “Kim!” You can tell he is quite smitten with her.  Kim is not sure why Franco is acting that way.  She announces she is leaving Port Charles to which he says he is going to come with her. She sees he has a hospital ID bracelet on, so she thinks something has happened.  Just then, Franco tells her about the first time Drew Cain and her met up! This shocks Kim  … and the next thing you know … he moves in for a major kiss and lip-lock as Drew and Liz look on.

GH's Rebecca Herbst Chats On 'Friz', Her On-Screen Sons & How Liz Has Grown-Up

So, what do you think of the story turn thus far that has Franco now with Drew’s memories and with no trace of Franco? Share your thoughts on the twist via the comment section below!

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Breaking News

Constance Towers Returns To GH As Helena Cassadine … But Just How Does She Appear?

Now, any General Hospital fan knows that if there is skullduggery and evil going down, Helena Cassadine (whether dead or alive) is usually somehow involved when it comes to the lives of certain people in Port Charles.

And … some major storyline news from TV Line reveals that on next Monday’s August 19th episode of the ABC soap opera, Constance Towers reprises her role as the evil one herself … Helena!

Apparently, look for Helena to appear in a flashback with none other than Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) and about Drew Cain’s time in Afghanistan.  That scene might hold a key to just what Shiloh wants now that he has implanted Drew’s memories into Franco (Roget Howath), thanks to Dr. Cabot’s work.  But could what is revealed also relate to the story that will see Billy Miller (Drew) exit the canvas later this month? Stay tuned.

Viewers last saw Helena alive in story until November of 2016, but then she was part of Jake’s hallucinations that were a part of the chimera storyline that climaxed at the Nurses’ Ball back in May of 2017.

So what do you think Helena’s presence in a flashback will reveal? And, who is ultimately having that flashback? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Kelly Monaco Addresses Billy Miller’s Departure From GH

In a post via her twitter account, General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (Sam) shared her heartbreak on her longtime scene partner, Billy Miller’s (Drew) exit from the ABC daytime drama series.  This was the first time that Kelly addressed the situation in a public forum.

Miller came on to GH back in 2014 as Jason Morgan, following the departure of Steve Burton, who then wound up on Y&R.  When Burton returned to GH in 2017, Miller’s part was then turned-in-to, Jason’s twin, Drew Cain.

Through a great portion of Miller’s run on GH, he was paired romantically on -screen with Monaco and the duo were, and have remained, one of the most popular duo’s in daytime.

Monaco expressed the following in her message: “I feel like I have to address this situation. #BillyMiller ‘s untimely departure from #gh. Honestly, I can not come up with the words to describe how I feel about this decision… a decision that may not be what our audience thinks to be true. I’m heartbroken… more to come.”

Share your thoughts on Kelly’s message via the comment section below.

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Video du Jour

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

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