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What Did You Think Of One Life to Live's Season Finale?



In the final episode of the season of One Life to Live, it was not a good night for many of the citizens of Llanview and that’s putting it mildly! ( SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the episode do not read on).

First, Clint (Jerry verDorn) had a drunken and drugged meltdown at the Man of the Year Gala and ends up in stretcher and in restraints and carted off to the Psyche Ward at the hospital!  A big old bad “thank you” would be in order to Carl Peterson (Ron Raines) and his protege Jeffrey King (Corbin Bleu), who set up Clint for interfering in their mission somehow with their cult, and their plans for Todd and Victor Jr.

Clint’s daughter, Natalie (Melissa Archer) came out of the night emotionally and physically tattered! First, the man she is dating and just slept with Cutter (Josh Kelly), turns out to be a scoundrel, once again!  Nat learned from bartender Nikki (Jenni “JWoww” Farley), that the bar keep had been having sex with Cutter for months. Meanwhile, Nikki is holding Cutter’s dealings over his head, so he stays away from Natalie.   But then, Nikki spills a drink intentionally all over Natalie’s white dress! Next, poor Natalie watches in horror as her dad is being put in restraint and taken to the hospital. Then she pleads with the rest of the family to help him, but  she ends up along with Matthew (Rob Gorrie) being the only ones from the Buchanan clan to go check on Clint in the hospital!

Blair (Kassie DePaiva) has a tough night too! She got all upset and in tears crying over Todd during a speech made at the Man of the Year Gala! And yet, she still did not tell Viki (Erika Slezak) what trouble, or where on earth Todd went too! Later, Jack (Andrew Trischitta) has a heart to heart with his mom, only he just got done having sex with his summer school teacher, Kate (Alice Callahan)!

Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Dani (Kelley Missal) had a horrible night for the most part too!  First, Dani gets a snotty mouthful from Michelle, who shows up in the exact same dress at the gala, and then Tea freaks out when she learns Dani is with the much older Arturo (Paolo Seganti) as her date. As Tea tries to protect Dani from what she thinks could be a sexual predator, Dani tells Tea off and leaves with Arturo. These two end up in Arturo’s hotel room … having sex!

And then … for the season final cliffhanger, as Natalie (who has now sent Matthew and Michelle home) is waiting to see her dad in the hospital, the doctor comes to take her to Clint, and when she gets there, she sees what appears to be that he has just been in injected with a syringe … and then Natalie screams in horror! Like horror-movie horror!  For whom does Natalie see? None other than evil lunatic Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick) who gleefully says with syringe in hand, “Hello Natalie!”

So OLTL fans, what did you think of the season finale episode? Were you shocked seeing Allison Perkins back for the cliffhanger?  How many characters do you think had a really bad night at the Man of the Year Gala?  Comment below! And if you have not seen the season finale, check it out below too!

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if it means we will see Victor ,then seeing Alison is great

I agree. I so want Victor to come home safely. Tea and Dani need him. So does Jack.


I agree. I like Victor and I was excited to see him back. What upsets me is that is the last episode and they leave you at an immediate cliffhanger and don’t choose to continue it. At least tell us what happens to Victor and Todd, Tea Arturo and Dani, Jeffery and Chris, and most of all Clint Natalie and Allison. Very disappointing.

I think a lot of us knew Allison was coming back, but not in such a graphic way! OLTL has always had a dark side and the tradition continues. I’m ready for the online OLTL round two!

my soap hairs stood up on he back of my neck when they brought a “stretcher” in to take clint away – i knew then we were in for a big finale moment………..i thought the finale was just awesome!

I hope the second season, if it ever really happens, is better than the first. It stunk!

I agree. Having seasons is a bit disturbing considering that season 2 has not been announced. IMO they made the same huge mistake ABC made, having a big cliffhanger on the last episode. What if it doesn’t come back? What happened to wrapping things up in the season finale? I hate these unfinished endings. They left more questions unanswered than ABC.

Unfortunately, for most of this season OLTL ran like those writing and producing it didn’t know what they were doing. Too many changes, new characters, unfamiliar places. It really stunk when all they had to do was copy what ABC did.

Except the last 4 episodes, they were great, more like the old OLTL. Except then it was the woman of the year go red ball. The best of this OLTL is the veteran actors like Viki, Dorian, Clint, Bo, Nora, they are truly talented. They carry the whole show and should have more airtime.

I was a big fan of OLTL & tried 2 watch the new stuff on line & it sucked. I don’t care who they have in it that was on it when abc had ’em. It still stinks, sucks,bad, very bad!!

New viewer here. Who is Allison Perkins (the FABULOUS Barbara Garrick) and why is her return so significant?

Allison Perkins first came on OTL back when it was on ABC back in 1986. She was a volunteer nurse at Llanview Hospital who joined Mitch Laurence’s evil cult. Mitch brainwashed Allison to kidnap Clint and Viki’s baby Jessica. Allison kidnapped Jessica, but later brought back to her parents. She was then hit by a car and fell into a coma. Allison resurfaced several years later in 2001 long after she awoke from her coma, and sent Natalie from New Jersey to Llanview to befriend Jessica in college. Natalie later revealed to Jessica and her family that she was Clint and Viki’s long lost biological daughter, and Jessica wasn’t really their daughter. A DNA test soon revealed that Natalie was revealed to really be the bio daughter of Clint and Viki, but another DNA test was conducted that also revealed that Jessica was still Viki’s bio daughter, and that she was also Natalie’s twin sister too! Mitch later came back from the dead (after he faked his death after Dorian “killed” him when she caught him trying to rape her daughter Cassie several years earlier back in 1986) to tell Viki that when she was pregnant with Natalie, that he secretly drugged and raped Viki, and that she became pregnant with Jessica, which meant that Mitch was Jessica’s bio dad, while Clint was Natalie’s bio dad! It was also later revealed that after Jessica and Natalie were born, that the doctor that helped gave birth to the babies Dr. Balsom (who was one of Mitch’s cult members!), took Jessica from her parents, while Clint and Viki went home with Natalie after she was born. Allison then kidnapped Natalie (while her family thought that they only gave birth to one baby and thought that she was Jessica), and later switched her and brought Jessica back in place of her, and then Allison took Natalie to be raised by Dr. Balsom and his wife Roxy in Atlantic City, NJ. Several years later in 2012 though, Allison confessed that she lied about Jessica being the bio daughter of Mitch, and that she was really Clint’s bio daughter after all, which was later confirmed by a DNA test that Clint had Vimal Patel conduct. Allison was also the one that faked Victor Lord Jr.’s death (after everyone in Llanview believed that Todd “murdered” him) and kidnapped him, and held him hostage for a year, before he escaped, but was later brought back into her captivity again!

I meant to type OLTL! Typo alert, My bad!

Allison has a long history.

I have always seen Allison Perkins/Barbara Garrick as a Cartoon Villian, a kooky kook silly villain in comparison to Heather Webber/Robin Mattson the queen of female villins who hold 2 pages of dark deeds done..

Carl is the new Mitch Laurence…Natalie pregnant by Cutter, and Alison plots to take the baby(twins) from her, Kate is an online porn star, and using an unwitting Jack in her movies… Ramas pregnant but is Vimal or David the father…Michelle is Carls daughter, and a drug dealer…Dani gets an STD from Arturo who is later found murdered…Did Tea kill him…Shelter catches fire(arson) leaving a drunken Blair trapped inside…will Todd rescue her? This is what id like to see happen next season…

Love your storylines…
How about The tattoo organization being run by the Living Victor Lord Sr.
And Viki and Dorian must track him down to retreive their family members
that have been taken… they are on the run and must depend upon each other to live.

And then they find out that Karen and Larry Wolek are involved too..
How delicious would that be.

BTW – I believe that Michelle is Alison’s daughter and Kate is a long lost daughter of Mitch Lawrence (Who might just have had a hand in the death and/or presumed death of Cole and Hope – in Port Charles).

Like your ideas too…maybe Victor Sr. could be holding hostage a much alive Cole and Hope…and even Tea’s thought dead baby Victor jr. They could write that all in and make it believable.

love your storylines EXCEPT Natalie getting pregnant with cutters kid.. we dont even c enough of liam.. she needs to take care of one kid at a time! lol

they should write a different type of storyline for natalie like something she hasnt been through yet.. an illness is something i would wanna c her go through being she hasnt had that happen.. I just dont want her to be killed off the show if they do go alone with an illness storyline.

You inspired me: maybe Nikki could put a dangerous drug in Natalies drink which causes her to have serious heart trouble and she’ll need a transplant just like her mother Viki…

You should write for the show!

love this fan fiction thread.

I wonder if there anyone on the new writers staff, that reads these.

Anyway – to bring these ideas to fruition they will need more that 50 half hr episodes. Bring OLTL back on a daily basis! (or minimum 4 days per week)

This is my third attempt to become a OLTL viewer as it was my favorite soap when it was on TV. But its just not hooking me yet. As a cliffhanger that’s supposed to have me dying to find out what happens, it just didn’t. Was there any doubt that Allison would show up? Hanging the episode on an actress of Melissa Archer’s abilities wasn’t a good thing.

it was B-movie acting, at best. I’ve watched all along, but have to say it was a poor ending in my opinion… so bad I like to think it’s just a bad dream Nat’s having while snoozing in the hospital waiting room.

Always think that perhaps this tat organization is Irene Manning, Victor Sr (can he still be alive?) and the evil Mitch Lawrence – even tho he’s been killed a time or two… there could be clones, you never know! ;-D

I was very disappointed in the final episode. I assume that was a regular episode that was cut short by the work stoppage in June and they just added the Allison Perkins part to the end……because there were no cliff hangers and no stories wrapped up. It was just another episode but with Allison at the end.
I’m a fan of OLTL for 45 yrs,. I stick with them no matter what. But that last episode was a huge disappointment.

I have only been watching AMC but this picture has me interested in OLTL! I plan to start watching today!

It was a good finale. However, I thought the Dani – Arturro encounter was way too much. Icky. ( That will not have me tuning back in – to see them.)

Jerry Ver Dorn stole the show. I wish we had seen more of RonRaines and Corbin Bleu. It was an easy guess for Aliston’s return. That scene was not good. It would have been better to see someone completely out of blue. It had already been revealed that Ron Raines character was her brother. Wish they had saved Corbin Bleu’s reveal as an evil character as the cliffhanger ( showing his tattoo on foot) – that would have been more intriging.

Perhaps, they know the show may not be back and this was a compromise btw cliffhanger and a resolution showing life will continue to unfold for denizens of Llanview off screen.

Loved it. Bring on Season Two !

It was good overall with some great acting by the cast but I must say the final scene was disappointing..We were promised a shocking return by a fan favorite, but in an episode prior to the finale, it was revealed that Carl Peterson sis is none other than Allison, so I am sure many of us figure out she was the “fan favorite” returning.

Loved it. They seem to be really pulling it together now


I honestly was not feeling it. OLTL re-started out very strong, but lost major momentum halfway through. Hopefully the new head scribes can pick the series back up from the rut it’s in once again, like it was when Ron had control of it.

I hope more previous cast members return, as well. Would love for Terri Conn (Aubrey) to return to cause trouble for Natalie / Cutter. And then, where in the Hell is Jessica?! Not a mention of her! Recast her if Bree Williamson is unavailable.

ICAM! Even though I’ve never been a fan of either Todd or Victor, I thought the first 2 weeks were really strong, but then everything just fell apart. I wish they’d explored Dani having a drug addiction more instead of pushing her into the arms of this older guy. For a show trying to build up a young fan base, I felt all the younger stories, including Matthew’s online girlfriend and Jack sleeping with his teacher, were just badly done and dull.

My main disappointment with the stories is how most of the show is now centered around this tattoo organization and what they’re doing to the Buchanans rather than the Buchanan’s working through their personal issues with each other and their lives in general. Clint’s breakdown could’ve been better imo if he weren’t drugged, but really had started drinking again due to Dorian’s plot against Viki and how it affected their lives. As for Allison Perkins, I couldn’t care less if she’s back. I stopped watching on TV when Mitch Laurence was revealed to be alive again because it was more of the same old nonsense. I’m hoping the new writers will end this tattoo junk quickly so the show can get back to basics again!

If Bree Williamson can’t come back, wonder why they don’t ask Erin Torpey to come back as Jessica since she is the one who originated the role and she was good?

Alison Perkns – perfect way to end the season..
What might she and Carl be planning next?

Whoi is puling their strings?

Will Natalie be taken too?

Where will this all end ?

When will OLTL be back?

It was good and I really hope that there is going to be a second season because so many questions need to be answered. I LOVE Allison but really, truly thought it should have been Viki walking into that hospital room and seeing Allison. Jerry verDorn stole the last couple of shows, hope to see more.

Michael, what do you mean by Nikki is holding Cutter’s dealings over his head so that he stays away from Natalie? Doe Cutter’s dealings have to do with Cutter’s shady dealings at Shelter (re: the drug and call girl ring), or their past fling together?

I took it to mean that Cutter is still into the con game. I still want to know how he got out of that prison in Kentucky.

She’s holding the drug dealing business at the club over his head. They are both involved.

I agree with the person who said once Carl revealed that Allison Perkins was his sister, it was pretty easy to guess that she was the former cast member returning so it wasn’t as much of a shock. I’d much rather have seen Starr walk in by Blair, or John to Natalie.

I am still having a hard time getting used to the Matthew and Destiny recasts (Desitny in particular was terrible casting) so I PRAY PRAY PRAY the show can get 1 or 2 more former cast members to return for season 2. Recasting characters won’t do it for me….too many new faces as it is.

I know it sounds like a lot of complaining but I will still watch every single episode that airs and will take this show any way I can get it.

Where the heck is Jessica???? Her name isn’t even mentioned!!!!

She was mentioned only one time when Clint was rushing Vicki to marry him and go to Paris. In my mind, she is with Ryder, Bree and Brody in London with her brothers.

I still like the other actor who played Matthew better(Alderson)!!! And the other Destiny too..

Original Destiny turned down the role to concentrate on college.

Can’t wait to see more of OLTL!!!!!!!

Like everyone else said in other posts, once Carl was revealed to be Allison Perkins brother, I knew she would return. It made sense. I was thinking it would have been nicer if she would have held someone else captive, like Starr or Jessica. This would have been a great way to introduce the characters we’ve been wanting to see since it relaunched in April. The last few episodes picked up and I like the Carl Peterson character and his interaction with Dorian. I would love to see he and Clint square off. Looking forward to Season 2 and do hope the storylines stay strong and we do see Victor and Todd. We all need clarification on how Victor and Allison cross paths, and how his death was faked, when all of us were lead to believe that Todd killed him? So many questions need to be answered, but it’s nice to see they are bringing back more of the original characters. Let’s bring on Season 2, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the premiere.

Heather Webber/Robin Mattson is the queen of female villains!!
She is suburb incomparable!! in a league of her own..

I have always seen Allison Perkins/Barbara Garrick as a Cartoon Villian, a kooky kook silly villain in comparison to Heather Webber/Robin Mattson..

I look forward the story, but geez I just can not take Allison Perkins/Barbara Garrick seriously as being a true villain, but she is fun to watch..

She is actually quite comedic herself


Yes, she is not scary…she is just laughable.

Not a good way to end the season, or whatever ended.

I was completely shocked to see Allison. I cannot wait to see what is in store for season 2.

What a GREAT season one cliffhanger!!! I loved it. Prospect park has done a great job with both shows. Many people complaining about so many changes the first season but all must understand we are in a new world of media and the networks do not want to put the money in soaps. Two days a week of both shows is great. They are about 26 minutes long so no much shorter than the one hour eposides on ABC. Acting is great, sets are wonderful, and I will follow them both into season two. GREAT JOB PROSPECT

I’ll second that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said, I agree.


This was a spectacular season one for the show. I hope season 2 will start soon, so fans can stay current with the story line and not forget about it. The writers have left so much stuff open and unanswered. I was very disappointed to not have my 2 new episodes and my update showing on HULU. Come on guys, get it in gear and the show back on for season 2.

i like dani with arturo its diff n fun!! she needs a real man, n mathew gf has got to go she is horrible!!!

Loved the whole season!! I think some of the actors that haven’t returned yet, will think about it now that they see it has a good following. Of course some of the actors are doing other projects but I think we will see a few more familiar faces! So glad TOLN brought it to us and can’t wait for Season 2…bring it on!

I LOVE OLTL, it was an awesome ending! Can’t wait for season two at the “unspecified date” .. what happened to jessica tessica bessica ???? vicky should get her red wig and flip out again because of all the stress! ahah love the show, keep up the great work!

I was a little surprised when I saw Allison but not totally since she had been mentioned but the surprise was in where we saw her. I totally loved the whole “season” and I hope Season 2 begins soon. I’m having withdrawals. I would love to see Todd come back soon also. Victor was a little too violent for me this time around so I’m not sure if I were Tia I would want to be around him. Has a date for Season 2 to begin been set yet?

I’m not convinced OLTL is coming back. The actors were told they could look for other work…Seems iffy…

And the actors have not even been contacted to prepare for production. Robin Strasser says she was told that TPTB are “strategizing” so there’s no word.
I don’t think that’s encouraging. I would imagine the employees are worried.
I am concerned because PP hasn’t been forthcoming and honest since this began. Playing the bait and switch…4 days down to 2 days….then saying it would be uninterrupted, then saying it was doing “seasons”…and adding “season 1” to all of the videos.
So my attitude now is ….I believe what I see. If and when season 2 comes to life, I’ll be thrilled.

Really liked the toln version of OLTL, and I didn’t think that I would. I stayed away from spoilers so that I could enjoy the story – so Allison’s appearance gave me the right kind of soapy jolt.

I have to admit that I thought the show was gone forever, so to get a few dozen more episodes has been a treat.

Not convinced though that it’ll be back. I kind of wish that if they didn’t have the money to do a full year’s worth of shows, that they would have just sold it back to ABC and/or let the characters live on at GH. I for one liked the GH/OLTL integration and wish Ron had been able to fully realize the whole Alcazar/Tomas story

Sadly, it’s now such a rights/financial mess, if TOLN doesn’t move forward with a season two, we probably can’t expect a wrap-up on TOLN or ABC.

Sorry to go right to the ‘bad place’ (of cancellation) but with all the things that are not being said about another season, I don’t see this ending well (for the show and for us fans).

I really enjoyed OLTL and all my children. The actors are great just wish the producer or whoever would get there act together and put them back on TV.i have watched them for years and I don’t think it’s right to all your fans to just stop our soaps.sincerly nellie

Would be nice to know if they are going to air again or not.

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If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

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