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What Did You Think Of The Daytime Emmy Telecast? Thumbs Up? Or, Thumbs Down?


Last night for the very first time, HLN  saved the day for daytime and soap fans everywhere, by bringing the Daytime Emmy telecast to their cable network for the first time, especially when the Daytime Emmys could not find a home with the major networks, or anywhere else, after months of trying to secure a deal by NATAS.

So finally in late May HLN and NATAS sealed their deal and executive producer Gabriel Gornell was brought into breathe new life into the ailing Emmy ceremonies which saw its darkest days at last year’s Las Vegas-oriented ceremonies.   So now we ask you, the loyal viewers and lovers of daytime and the soaps, what you thought of the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys that was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills?

Here is what we had on the plus side:  We liked that the Younger Actor and Actress nominees presented to the Leading Actor and Actress nominees.   We liked that the award show was just that; an award show with many categories presented on-air.  We also liked that the producers wised up and put the Outstanding Drama Series as the final award of the night when it was previously announced that the primo slot was going to be given to Outstanding Morning Show. And we liked that it felt more like a community coming together for a night to celebrate each other with dinner tables and such, much like the Golden Globes does.   On the acceptance speech side, we were most moved by former GH-EP Jill Farren Phelps passing of the torch to GH’s new EP Frank Valentini to help keep the genre alive , and Heather Tom’s endearing love and support for the daytime community with her first win as Lead Actress, and GH”s Anthony Geary for his comments on the replacement shows for canceled  soaps,  and thanking his Spencer family co-stars with his record breaking seventh Daytime Emmy victory.

Here is what we had on the minus side:   The AMC and OLTL Tribute.  Anchored by Susan Lucci, who then brought out former cast mate Cameron Mathison, and OLTL’s Erika Slezak, their speeches and “thank you’s” lacked emotional punch.  And of course, we all missed the tribute clip packages.   And while we understand and must recognize that HLN and the production team, came in with just over three weeks to produce the show, so timing to pull something like that off may have been issue,  it is sad that once again One Life to Live  couldn’t for whatever the reason, get the tribute they deserved, while AMC’s tribute seemed to be mostly about Susan and her portrayal of Erica Kane. This may not have been the intent, but it sure did seem like that to many viewers.   It was also odd to see that in many of the nominee clips packages that clips from several years ago where used instead of nominated clips, especially the one we saw pop on with Timothy Gibbs and Erika Slezak for a One Life to Live Directing Team  clip.  Once again, perhaps timing and the last minuteness of it all, was the culprit here.  We could also have done without the award for Best Viral Video Series, which was voted on by users of The nominees seemed mostly unrelated to daytime television, but then again, it just all of a sudden popped up in the middle of the proceedings.  And while it was a good effort to drive the telecast into 2012, and the times we live incorporating an online video winning series or program, this seemed like an odd choice.

While we loved the idea of kicking off the show with a big bang like the Lead Actor category, it seemed like GH’s Tony Geary, and perhaps many in the audience, didn’t know when their categories were being presented, since the show tried to offer up a refreshing new order, which many times seemed to work.  We also didn’t mind the play on and play off music theme of the Daytime Emmy show.

Now we ask you, did you like that their was no host, and that it was presenter to presenter?  Some told us they dug it, and some say the telecast needed a host.  What worked for you?  Were you happy with the show?  Give us a thumbs up or thumbs down!  In the end, perhaps HLN and the production team with more time can continue to make tweaks and restore the Daytime Emmys to its former glory.   But as many have told us last night at the ceremonies, it was a 100% improvement from last year! Weigh-in!

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To start on a positive note, it was great that we got to see the winners receive their awards via our tv sets than just read about it somewhere. For that, thanks goes to HLN. The music theme really didn’t get on my nerves and seemed lacking without the show themes. Like most everyone else, I’m really disappointed in the lack of tribute videos. I miss the days when we got to see a short montage of each show (at least those up for Drama of the year) and at least a short clip of the actor’s nomination videos. It also seemed that the presenters were lacking energy and at times made it rather boring in my opinion. Perhaps a good host would have helped that. The lack of OLTL and AMC was the real downer. To end on a positive note, it was good that the winners felt that they had proper time to give their acceptance speeches. You have to take the good with the bad I guess. We wanted an award show and we got one!

I think HLN did a FABULOUS job and I thank them tremendously for bringing the Daytime Emmy Awards to HLN! It was awesome, and every one of the HLN show hosts were really into it for the 3 weeks prior – LOTS of great advertising, clips, interviews and all sorts of things to attract the audience. They were really psyched and really gave us , the viewers, the idea and the sense that they were truly excited to be hosting this Emmy Awards. I was thrilled and as an AVID HLN viewer, daily all day and night, I was super excited! They also replayed the entire show, immediately after an twice on Sunday as well. HLN sure did their share in contributing to giving daytime TV the place that they deserved and I so hope that they will be given another chance next year to do it again. With more time to prepare, and learning I’m sure after this, their first go at it, I would venture to bet it will be 100 times better, and there was nothing wrong with the job they did this year… so just think what we have to look forward to! Hats off to everyone at HLN!!!! Great Job!

I am extremely grateful to HLN for having aired the Daytime Emmys. It was a very classy show! I enjoyed that the show was presenter to presenter and that it seemed to flow seamlessly. However, a host might be fun! Hopefully, HLN can be better prepared for an AMC & OLTL tribute next year; they have plenty of time to gather the appropriate clips and music needed to celebrate our fallen soaps. HLN did a fantastic job!

It’s pretty much over as far as AMC is concerned.

But I heard that we might hear again from OLTL on the next year’s Emmys because OLTL went off the air after the qualification period of this year’s Emmys

Yes! This is true! OLTL went off the air in January of 2012, so OLTL is definitely eligible to nominated for Emmys in 2013! It is likely that OLTL will get a tribute & it would be nice if AMC would be included, as well due to this years’s ‘tribute’ without clips. This is probably unlikely, though, but we can wish!

I hope you are right about AMC because I never want to see “queen” Lucci and “prince” Mathison or hear the name “Erica Kane” again.

Much better than last year. This year: too much time given to winners speeches. We dont need to hear them thank everyone they ever met on the road to their Emmy. There should have been clips of the nominees. There was no mention of webseries, a big oversite. The tribute section was a joke, it was all about Susan/Erica Kane, why not have Robert Woods on stage with Erica S.? All they said was we would miss those shows, duh!!!! But at least is wasnt a Vegas ad, I live in Vegas but I dont want Vegas showgirls on my Emmy show. Maybe a lack of time to prepare is a valid excuse for HLN, we will see next year.

The tribute to the cancelled soaps was not good. If Susan Lucci did not write speech, I felt sorry for her. She came across as washed up and self-centered. Exactly how many times did she say “Erica Kane”??? AMC had many other characters besides Erica.

They stated the purpose of the tribute was to honor ALL of the cancelled soaps over the past few years, including Guiding Light and ATWT. I’m not sure that the CBS soaps should have been included (they did get some form of tribute in prior years). However, if they meant to include the CBS cancelled soaps, they were barely mentioned.

The ONLY good part of the tribute was Erika Slezak. However, she was given so little to say after minutes of Lucci’s “Erica Kane” diatribe and Cameron Matheson’s remarks, that Slezak’s remarks were too little.

I can understand if a time crunch prevented HLN from getting the rights to show clips. However, it seems that someone could have spent more time putting the tribute together. The written remarks did not appear have much thought behind them and left Lucci looking pretty bad.

The fact “queen” Lucci went through with it with such gusto for “Erica Kane” made her look so bad she can’t blame anyone but herself. Who in their right mind would pay tribute to any soap opera by mentioning only one character, as if only that character mattered? Lucci is a legend in her own mind, while slighting Slezak who has six times as many Emmys.

I am sorry one of Viki’s alters–Niki, Tommy, or Tori–didn’t appear and beat the crap out of Lucci. That would have been entertaining and a more fitting tribute to OLTL.

david, are you a comedian? LMAO, To bad Niki, Tommy, And Tori didn’t show up on emmy night and punch ERicka Kanes lights out, I would pay to see that happen. Remember when Susan lucci played double roles? She played a person who had plastic surgery to look like Ericka Kane never said anything before but I thought the acting sucked, How many personalities did Ericka Slezak play? Every character she played I seen a new person that’s how good of a actress Ericka Slezak is. How she was cheated and so were her fans. One life to live was far superior over all my children. I remember when Debbie morgan left All my children many years ago, I remember her saying something like, All my children was the susan Lucci show, well she was right way back then. Also when pp was going to take the soaps to the net and susan lucci wasn’t signing? every one kept saying how can all my children go on without Ericka Kane? Well I don’t think for me that she would have been missed she was not the only actor on that show, I could care less if I ever see Susan Lucci again, Because I can’t forgive her for taking away that precious moment I wanted to see and spend time with ERicka Slezak. She has more class and grace then Susan lucci will ever have.

Susan Lucci has always been all about herself! I’m glad HLN put the awards on but they were boring just like last year! The AMC & OLTL tributes sucked! Where were the clips? We have one more chance to get better recognition next year for OLTL! Susan Lucci won’t be included so she won’t be able to take over! The total soap awards, like Soap Opera Digest, were the best!

Your right about the soap opera digest awards, they were great why did they stop having them? Next year at the emmys Susan Lucci shouldn’t be there and maybe we can have a proper tribute to One life to live because the tribute they had last week was only for Ericka Kane, What a selfish, self centered woman that Susan Lucci is.

Playing that game show elevator music when the people would come up to accept their awards was very lame. Is it that hard to play the show themes? That’s the way it’s been done at the Emmys for as long as I’ve been watching. That’s what people look forward to hearing.

The issues with the lack of clips and the poor tribute to AMC and OLTL can perhaps be chalked up to a lack of preparation time. Hopefully that can be rectified next year, by whomever does the show. If there is an Emmy show next year.

Overall, it was a thumbs up, and much better than the Las Vegas infomercial garbage the past two years.

IF soaps will exist next year.

i am very grateful that hln televised the daytime emmy awards – i enjoyed the fact that there was no host – the tribute to amc & oltl stunk because that was really not a tribute to oltl & bob woods should have been there with erika slezak plus the amc tribute was all about erica kane which really pissed me off – i would have rather seen clips from oltl & amc because to me that is what a tribute is all about………….

Finola Hughes would have made a wonderful hostess–she looked lovely and spoke from the heart in her pre-show interview. The show needed her to punch it up and make the time lapses between presenters and winners’ speakers less obvious. I, too, think the nominees in best actor, supporting actor, and show deserved to have clips of them shown.

Wish music was better. Didn’t like Susan Luccis tribute , it did seem to be all about Erica Kane. Was so disappointed the tribute didn’t include any clips. I tuned in hoping to see a lot of my favorite actors so I was really disappointed the audience was barely shown. I think it showed that HLN really had no experience with this kind of broadcast.

Yes, Yes, the show was better and excellent effort for being quickly produced. Thanks to HLN.

My big hope is to reverse the reality show trend and help daytime drama thrive–I don’t know if the awards did that. I’m glad to see the actors and others recognized, but, really, it’s all a political game. The best shows were cancelled or unrecognized–OLTL!

Writing award to Days? Come on. I love Days but the storylines reflect the show’s total confusion. Plots get started, go nowhere, end abruptyly, take preposterous turn-arounds. Characters are added, then dropped. Many individual scenes were well-written. I would recognize Days for most poorly conceived storylines in one year award. The actors deserve better.

I thought Susan Lucci’s segment was just an attempt to acknowledge fan support for AMC and OLTL. Better than nothing.

I hope the ratings were good!

As I have said, they, HLN didn’t have time to put this award show together so I am cutting them a break and thanking them for letting me see my favorite stars, Aside from my general hospital friends who won, and One days star. I didn’t get to see my favorite characters from landview because for some strange reason that I can’t figure out, it was neglected again, The soap, the characters, Hell even the tribute was ruined for me because of all people Ericka KAne had to show up, And When SHE did SHE made sure that when SHE was on camera and yacking that SHE was the queen of daytime t v and SHES not. Susan lucci, we fans miss All my children not just you. Now that that’s out of the way, Oh my lord that music I hope I never under any circumstances have to hear it again, Where did all of these people come from that got awards for things I never heard of? You know if the soaps are gone no one will ever watch the day time emmys to see if barbara walters stupid show wins, the show that pretty much started all the networks infecting the airwaves with talk shows and killing our soaps. The time that was spent on that greatest life achievement award was boring that time could have been spent on One life to live and all my children the guy that got the award I do not know, Except that he and barbara walters created a show that I can’t watch because its to loud and I can’t stand all the hosts screaming at each other, and if I had to take a guess all those ladies hate each others guts. anyway, Oscar the grouch gets the award from me because his attitude and his garbage can pretty much says how the evening went, and left me feeling, Very grouchy and most of the awards that were handed out belong in the trash. It was a cheep, boring evening, And that is not hln’s fault, At least it wasnt a 3 ringed circus although I still would like to know why a alligator showed up, a reality idiot, and debby gibson. I could not wait till it ended, But good for our General hospital and Tony Gerrys speech That made my day.

The pace was excellant. But was disappointed at supporting and lead actress winners. The tribute was awful but I understand that ABC would not allow clips. ABC continues to make it clear that the fans will not have soaps in any way, shape or form. Sad and pathetic Disney-ABC daytime.

I have to give it a thumbs up just because it was nice it got on air. I too liked younger leads presenting to leads. Liked that it seemed to be about the awards and daytime and not promoting a destination or filled with frivolous stuff.

Didn’t like no clips shown with audio and video. Didn’t like the music played. It was the same. At least get a couple different themes. And what about playing winner’s show music when they won. Didn’t like the no-shows who won. Didn’t like Bethenny Frankel presenting. Didn’t like the viral award either. What was that? Didn’t like people moving about during the broadcast. Thought Susan Lucci gushing about herself was strange. I actually was out of the room during that and just heard. But when I saw Cameron with her, I thought that odd. Would have liked to have a host. I’m available for next year. Call me.

Improvements can be made. I hope they are already looking for next year’s broadcaster so they have plenty of time to make the show great.

On the whole, I thought it well done and classy. I’d rather have it untelevised on the broadcast channels if it meant proper respect and due was given to the daytime genre. I’m hoping that if they air on HNL next year, they’ll fix the music and video clips problems.

The biggest misstep was the Erika Cane/OLTL & AMC tribute. While I understand they weren’t able to secure the rights for clips to give a video tribute, the producers could have done something truly special by bringing up the cast and crew of OLTL and AMC for a proper goodbye. Susan Lucci had a lot of hubris to make that speech about herself and her character, whether she wrote it or not. No character is more important than giving proper due to the combined 84 years of 2 shows.

It was the best of a difficult situation. Kudos to HLN for stepping up. I liked seeing many stars and little of the Vegas tackiness. Maybe next year, we could have those clips from the soaps and all shows as there will be more time for planning. Is Neil Patrick Harris available to host?

I am more than disappointed with the AMC and OLTL tribute segment. It was not their intention btu the writers made Susan Lucci look self-centered and I know she is not. It is good to say thank you but we needed a genuine and honest presentation to remember these series. I liked the in memoriam segment. I know the daytime emmys are a real mixed bag of categories but I do feel the soaps got their due for the first time in a long time.

Boring! Predictable! Same shows win & actors repeatedly…Y&R & DOOL never seem to be in the running. MAaybe with 2 soaps gone they will have a chance to get some winners in there next year.

FYI Days has only one best actor award the late great McDonald Carey a man of PURE CLASS only one Best Actress Susan Flannery .Days has only won one Best Drama award in 1978, the show has been on since 1965.That’s why I did not watch too predictable to me it has become like going to a restaurant and the only dish they serve is hamburger. It is no more than a popularity contest and that is sad there are a lot of good actors and actresses that have been overlooked simply because they were not in the clique.

Also OLTL began 1968 won only one emmy also for Best Drama 2002. See a pattern here!!!

It was classy of HLN to do the show since other passed and I will give them a two thumbs up for that alone. I am a bit hyprocritical because I did not watch the broadcast and after learning of the winners, I am glad I did pass because although HT is a good actress, I feel ES should have gotten that 7th Emmy as well as TG. The popularity and politics continues and until the daytime genre rein this process in then I will be passing on any airing of the Daytime Emmys.

I enjoyed the show very much. I was so happy that no one was rushed in their acceptance speeches, but at the same time the show didn’t feel like it was dragging on too long. I thought there was a great mix of soap representation, and non soap people to appease the more mainstream media. Also, the fact that they had a red carpet segment was also great to see. It was a classy, dignified ceremony that properly honoured daytime…that’s all you could really ask for.

What I didn’t like- Anderson and Oscar (so silly!), and the crappy segue-way music! Gosh it got so annoying! I didn’t see the final half hour or so, so I didn’t see the tributes to AMC or OLTL but I’m sorry that most were disappointed by it.

I agree with a lot of the comments here. We are so grateful that HLN agreed to broadcast the Daytime Emmys and they certainly promoted them with much enthusiasm in the preceding weeks. There seems to be three areas that most fans are saying needed improvement: clips of nominees (actors and shows) with show themes used, the lame opening with Anderson Cooper and Oscar the Grouch, and most of all, the sad tribute to AMC and OLTL. It was poorly written and I felt sorry for Susan, Erika, and Cameron who were decidedly awkward. Show montages and more of the cast from these shows would definitely have helped. Overall, I feel HLN did a decent job for the amount of time they had to prepare. Hopefully, there will be improvements and they will agree to broadcast this show again next year!

I will acknowledge that Susan Lucci did not write that ridiculous overflow of crap about herself and her character…..BUT….I am sure that she could have turned around and refused to say it and instead “suggested” that she & Erika Slezak be allowed to appear together, just the two of them, to speak off the cuff and express their feelings about their shows, castmates, crews and fans. People will say she has been unfairly maligned for her “tribute” speech but in reality she could have pushed for a little more equality or even stepped aside to allow Erika Slezak to get to the microphone. Sorry, I think La Lucci enjoyed the adulation too much to be a team player in this case.

I just want to say that the post barbara t. left on june 25 at 10:52, it’s above, I agree with everything you said, however I am barbara t. so who the hell are you ? CAn’t you use your own name?

I thought it was OK for an awards show. Most award shows are dull — as long as there aren’t any embarrassing musical numbers or comedy, I’m good LOL. I liked that it got straight to the point and focused on the awards and soaps weren’t ignored or played down. My one major criticism was the ‘tribute’ to AMC and OLTL — that wasn’t good and it seemed more like a tribute to Erica Kane aka Susan Lucci than anything else. Other than that, HLN did an adequate job.

from what I’ve read about it online, they should have called this the HLN Daytime Akward Show! hurts to know they really missed it on a proper tribute to AMC and OLTL. terrible gafffe!

aside from that, I’m really not seeing video for the show on you tube or such, except for people coming in to the building… anyone know where you can watch it in whole?

Very Classy

I just heard that HLN broke records for their viewing of the emmys, Maybe they will have the emmys on next year and we can give them Ideas on how to put on a good show, Anyway that’s good news for them and us so we maybe, have a home for the daytime emmys. that would be nice.

It was the WORST emmy show I have ever seen………………..OLTL was ripped off again with the awards…………

That’s because Ericka Kane showed up and whoever is in charge of the emmys are idiots who don’t know a good soap when they see it.

As much as I appreciated HLN for taking on the Daytime Emmys, all in all, I was disappointed. For me, the whole show was basically about the shows that are replacing our soaps…talk shows and court room shows. It’s like they sucked the life out all of the over top dramatics of the last two programs and we were left with this year’s show. The highlights for me were all the soap stars winners speeches…especially Anthony Geary’s…
Besides that, the rest was a bore.

if i win a the mega million, i will buy the rights to All My Children and hire everyone back. i miss the show a lot!

I agree with so many of the comments already posted.
I’m a huge Days fan so I’m always annoyed when some of the best acting on Days goes completely unnoticed.
Also, why does the Daytime Emmy’s always turn in to The Susan Lucci Show? Enough already!
Oh yea that music was dreadful. Enough said.

Better than last year and better than nothing, but that isn’t saying much. How about the people who are nominated showing up? How about music and clips from the shows? Next year should be better because there will be more time to prepare and there should be no excuse to mention AMC and include “queen” Lucci.

That Agnes Nixon couldn’t mention OLTL, that OLTL was ignored, that Erika Slezak was slighted, that OLTL’s “tribute” was a shocking farce pretty much ruined it for me. But I am impressed HLN was bold and brave enough to do the show.

I wonder if Agnus nixon realizes how much we love One life to live? And that we aren’t that crazy about Ericka Kane.

Okay I guess there is two barbara t’s

I am the real one. I hope this works.

yes… but are you the real “Barbara T” or the real “Barbara T loves one life to live #1”? te he he

be nice if HLN put together a fabulous tribute clip video on their website – the show is over, but they could sure drive up the traffic to their website if they put a bunch of stuff for us on there.

HLN has nothing to do on saturday and sunday except to show murder mystery’s, to bad they couldn’t go into the soap business and bring back one life to live, and all my children. I watch HLN every evening Monday thru Friday, They did a good job in advertizing for the emmys, I know all the soap fans would bring their ratings up because HLN is not doing very good now except for nancy grace, who I watch every night. Good news today, abc saying that general hospital will move to 2 o’clock.

well, their ratings would go up some… a lot of soap fans don’t have HLN channel. Be kinda like the difference in how many people watched their ceremony vs. the one on CBS. (under 1 million/over 5 million) some, like me, don’t even have cable!

I think it would be better if they could have them on a regular broadcast channel – even if they play them at midnight!

Your right Christy how will anyone ever know who the real barbara t is? lol.

It would be better on a regular network I agree. they were at one time for a split second, going to go on the net, a lot of people couldn’t watch them that way either. It’s a shame that abc screwed up the soaps something I never would believe they would have done, They sure messed things up , didn’t they ?

I am grateful to HLN for broadcasting the event, while many others passed up on it, and they did only have a short time to put it together, so I get some of the mishaps due to this, but the biggest disappointments to me were the following:
– The tribute to OLTL and AMC was not a tribute at all, it was an Erica Kane/S. Lucci
lovefest hosted by Susan Lucci. That in no way was a tribute to two wonderful,
longstanding and outstanding soap operas with many wonderful actors, writers,

– Where are all the clips that we used to see in years gone by of the actors
submissions in each category, as well as the clips of each of soaps nominated
for Daytime Drama???? That would have been a great way to honor those
nominated, as well as a good advertisement for every soap still out there.

Bottom line, I am thrilled about GH’s wins, and grateful to HLN for airing the show, and I would love to see it next year, as I am sure with more time, the show will have so much more to offer. Any way to promote all of the remaining soaps is a plus in my book.

it was not the best but it was not worst my leading actress did not win but i was thankful that i was able to see it

I was appalled by the lack of a tribute to OLTL and AMC, expecting one of the quality that GL got in 2002… so to rectify this, here is one for the fans:

HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the last few years when the Daytime Emmys were turned into nothing more than a commercial for the venue! HLN did an excellent job promoting it also. Given the short time they had to produce the show, I really enjoyed it.

On the downside: OLTL and their fans deserved a REAL tribute and so did their fans. A clip montage for AMC & OLTL was expected. Also, shots of the nominees was expected. If they weren’t present, head shots would have been fine.

Hope HLN will do it again next year & OLTL gets the recognition it deserves. It did air in 2012, and they were some of their best episodes! I still miss it 🙁


On the minus side for me, there was no host to anchor the show this year, plus the tribute to the cancelled soaps, like AMC, & OLTL was very half-ass! They should have also included ATWT, & GL, plus showed clips of these shows too. I think it would have been nice for fans of all these shows to give them the proper send-off they deserved. On the plus side, I thought it was nice that HLN repeated the live broadcast 3 times that weekend, to give those who may have missed some or all of it, a second chance to see it again. That’s something that the 3 major networks wouldn’t have done.

I love the daytime emmys, but I have to admit that I had a hard time sitting through this years show. I was incredibly bored. I felt that the show NEEDED to show clips from the shows – not all the shows, mind you, just the soaps. And instead of just having Susan Lucci (how many times did she say her own name and Erica Kane’s in her speech that night?) talk about All My Children and One Life To Live, there should have been video. How do you give a tribute with no video or clips? I also think that too much time was devoted to other daytime tv instead of the soap operas. I mean, 5 awards? No, show needs to cater a little more to soap fans. After all, it’s the genra we are trying to save.

I found the Daytime Emmy’s a nice try. THey tried to be different. They tried to have innovation and then did it with few resources and a lack of time. Withotu proper clips or any clips it really hurt the show. I don’t blame Susan Lucci at all. They clearly wrote the stuff and Susan just said it. I would have like it had they gave Erika Slezak and Lucci same 3 minutes each to talk if they couldn’t show clips. And Cameron Mathison has no rights being on there. Robert Woods, David Canary, even Tad the Cad. Lucci will be loved or hated – though I think the hate is really Erica Kane. Lucci herself is rather boring though sweet. I hear she is the least diva and you can tell in some ways – she is hard hitting the pavement willing to do anything find a job. She knows she is over 60 and it won’t be easy. Her character is so convincing we hate Susan sometimes. And I disagree about her acting which is often criticized; I think the problem is everyone hires Susan to be well Erica Kane and that’s the problem. If she were such a horrible actress I don’t think she would have survived so long and had so many opportunities. Both soaps deserved a far better send off. I am not sure it is proper to have acting awards for daytime now with only 4 soaps – it really dimminishes the value of such an award.

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Chrishell Stause Stars in New Lifetime Thriller ‘You’re Not Supposed to Be Here’

Selling Sunset star and soap alum, Chrishell Stause (ex-AMC, DAYS, Y&R), will star in a new Lifetime thriller, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here dropping on  November 4th.

In the thriller, Stause, along with Diora Baird, play a lesbian couple, enjoying quality time together before the birth of their new baby in a remote mountain town. Zoe (Stause) is pregnant and along with Kennedy (Baird), are offered a break from their stressful lives when Kennedy’s boss gives them a key to a cabin in the woods. Watch out!

According to The Wrap, “When they arrive, they are met with less than welcoming arms, prompting Zoe to sound alarms of homophobia, which Kennedy attempts to tamper down. ”


The official loglines from Lifetime share on the story: “Just as the two let their guards down, their nightmare begins. They realize they are completely unprepared for what is in store, and that the townspeople want something the two have.”

Photo: JPI

In real-life, Chrishell is currently married to Australian singer and rapper, G Flip. The two tied the knot in May of this year.  Formerly, Stause was married to This Is Us and ex-Y&R star, Justin Hartley (ex-Kevin, ex-Adam). Their marriage ended in 2019 and their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Stause has been featured in the current season of the reality/real estate series, Selling Sunset which streamed its sixth season on Netflix beginning in May. A seventh season is said to be on the way.

So, will you be checking out Chrishell’s new thriller on Lifetime? Comment below.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to Kick Off Season 36 of ‘Live’ with New Show Opening

The new season of morning talk shows begins this week, and one of them, Live with Kelly and Mark, is starting things off with a new show open starring the hosts and married couple, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, formerly of All My Children fame.

Make sure to circle Tuesday September 5th, when Kelly and Mark begin their first official season together as co-hosts of the long-running show now in its 36th season.  As many know, Consuelos joined the show back in April of this year, after Ryan Seacrest made the decision to depart the series and move back to Los Angeles full-time, since the talker is shot in New York City.

In the concept of the new opening, the husband and wife duo are seen brushing their teeth in their apartment, then going through a couple of outfit changes/looks, before they settle on what they wearing as they are driven to their New York City studio where ‘Live’ emanates from, and arrive in its corridors.

Photo: Disney/ABC

In addition, this season will have a new trivia game segment called Stump Mark.  In it, Mark will try his darnedest to keep the coveted Live mug away from trivia callers trying to stump him with their two statements — one true, one false.

Scheduled guests for the week: Derek Hough, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Etheridge, Josh Gad, Shinedown, Phillip Phillips, Nikki and Brie Bella and more.

Take a look at the opening title sequence for Live with Kelly and Mark below, and then let us know what you thought of it in the comment section, and let us know if you are looking forward to the new season of the talk show.

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All My Children

Kelly Ripa Teases New Season of ‘Live’ with Husband Mark Consuelos: “Our Show Is Best When It’s Going Off the Rails”

Since Mark Consuelos joined his real-life wife, Kelly Ripa on the morning talk show Live with Kelly and Mark, the ratings have never been better.  In fact, according to the Nielsen ratings, the former All My Children stars came in second behind The View for the 2022-2023 television season in total viewers averaging 2.293 million.

Now with the new season upon us come September, Ripa spoke with the Purist about what fans can expect now that Mark is coming into his own as her co-host.

Kelly shared, “We’re going to provide the same sort of humor and irreverence that people have come to know and love. Mark has taken the trivia game, where Ryan (Seacrest) and I would just give away coffee mugs to the audience, and decided that he’s not going to do that any more. There are no participation trophies in life, he says. If they want to win a mug, they’re going to have to stump me. I don’t really follow the ratings, but from what I’ve been told that since Mark has taken over, people stay with the show all the way through because they want to see whether or not Mark gets stumped.”

Photo: JPI

When asked what favorite segment on Live is her current favorite, Ripa expressed, “I love talking to the trivia callers. Our show is best when it’s going off the rails, when our audience gets to see the slip-ups. It is not this highly polished, Hollywood thing. It is two people meeting, having coffee, having just read the paper. We never cover actual news, we cover absurd news. When you factor in a person calling from their cellphone in the parking lot of a grocery store, what have you, it is rife with the ability to derail very quickly, and I think that’s what I love the best. I also love our viewer feedback at the very end of the show, where we take our viewers.”

So, are you looking forward to more Live with Kelly and Mark? Enjoying the duo on-screen together on the morning talker? What are your favorite staple segments from the show? Comment below.

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