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What did you think of the season three finale of Venice?



A letter burned beyond recognition, a marriage proposal, an unexpected lip-lock, a daughter in search of her parents, a split personality, a conniving cousin, a woman who is desperately trying to crossover to the afterlife,  a startling revelation and a pool of blood, were all elements of the season three finale posted for the first time to Venice the Series subscribers, yesterday.

If you have not watched the final episode of season three we won’t spoil all the soapy cliffhangers, but needless to say there were some standout moments in particular from Nadia Bjorlin as a drunken and possessive Lara, and Dot-Marie Jones as a single mom who is trying to cope with life after  the death of her late partner, and raise her child who is being bullied in school.

Crystal Chappell who never fails to illustrate to viewers why she is one of the genres greatest treasures, and Jessica Leccia, who is always understated and pure in her acting choices, along with the supporting cast of daytime favorites: Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf, Jordan Clarke, Hillary B. Smith, Peter Reckell, Molly Burnett and Liz Keifer who all provided plenty of drama throughout the finale.

So now we throw the question to you? Did you enjoy the finale?  Were you caught by surprise? Was there any shock and awe moments?  Let us know your thoughts, as we have to now wait till season four to see how this all plays out!

If you want to check out the final episode and the entire season go to the Venice the Series website and subscribe to see the show!

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I loved the finale, and thought it was a fantastic ending to a stellar Season 3….. I cannot wait to see how things continue to play out in Season 4!

I’ve read the weekly recaps but I’m waiting for the DVD to be released. Watched S1 online, S2 on DVD. I prefer it on my big screen….just have to be a little more patient to get it. Next season I may do both!

Loved NB’s acting.Excepional.But so disappointed that they are wasting Lara on Giani.There is so much more to do with this character.Let someone else prop boring Giani.That said,obviously Lara is head over heels i love with Ani.Flawed with issues but madly in love.And Ani is just using her.I hope once Lani break up,Lara won’t waste her time pining for Ani.

Loved NB’s acting.Excepional.But so disappointed that they are wasting Lara on Giani.There is so much more to do with this character.Let someone else prop boring Giani.That said,obviously Lara is head over heels i love with Ani.Flawed with issues but madly in love.And Ani is just using her.I hope once Lani break up,Lara won’t waste her time pining for Ani.

I loved the finale. As always terrific acting, and writing. Looking forward to Season 4.

My heart stopped!!! Like… literally stopped at the end. I was like WOAH WTF%*@&$(@&$ LOL. It was AWESOME! All I gotta say… Is it Season 4 yet???

I thought the finale was great. It set up some good soapy stuff for season 4. I have a lot of sympathy for Lara, but am looking forward for some great romantic gesture from Gina next season to stop Ani from making a mistake and marrying Lara.

This finaly was great and a tease, I just can’t for season 4 to start.
Well the burning of the letter was really like a knife through my heart, the unexpecting kiss between Gina & Stella was really an surprise ( it was a friendly kiss). Amber secret is another revelation, Owen been stabb by his former gf was a suprise a lot of surprises in this finaly. What a way to end S3. I will say Vteam bring on S4 and sooooon please.

little disappointed, I think there is too many character in the show we dont see enough of our favorite character. The storie of Owen (and I like him) takes to mutch time in every episode.

I’m obviously watching something different than most people, because I was hugely disappointed in this season. The simple fact that I haven’t felt compelled to rewatch a single episode tells me this season just fell so flat for me. I felt like so little happened up until the last episode. Giani/Lani just sort of spun around and went no where, the whole Van being a jerk for whatever reason (I’d like a little more motivation than Mommy wasn’t there for him as a kid as to why he’s such an arse) story just kept going on and on, Sami’s sudden total character change (which I guess gets explained by the big soap cliche) was confusing, etc, etc. Except for the Guya/Katie storyline I felt like nothing much happened. Not to mention the fact the danged season started and basically ended exactly like season 1 (first scene and last scene were really reminiscent of it…whether intentional or not). And then the final episode could have been subtitled “how many soap cliches can I fit into 26 minutes”. I loved season 2 (and season 1), and had such hopes for this season (I even paid more than the basic subscription fee), but overall I was just incredibly disappointed. The writing was largely muddled, a lot of the acting was wooden or awkward in my book, and so little got accomplished. The cast is getting too big (I guess Crystal wants to have all her friends come play with her but there isn’t time to do it all justice) and it’s really distracting away from the core stories that have been around since season 1. I’ll stick around next season for Jessica and Nadia and to see where that love triangle goes, but I hope something actually moves on that storyline or even my love of them won’t keep me subscribing after that.

A terrible finale to cap a terrible season. I thought there were a couple episodes in the beginning of the season that were decent, but it completely lost its way throughout the course of the season.

The main issue I see is that the focus of the series has lost it’s way. Instead of being a show focused on Gina and her relationships with her family and girlfriends, they decided to make it an ensemble. Ani should have been the second lead, but this year she was middle of the pack, if that. They put tons of focus on the nowhere plot of Van and Owen, Sami, Lara’s alcoholism, and the Colonel’s recovery. That should have been mildly addressed, not dominating episodes.

Although I do think that in small doses each can be slightly decent, we instead were drowned in it. The storylines are not strong enough, and the acting isn’t good enough to sustain being a focul point in the series. Gina got completly washed out this year. She went from lead character to “just one of the bunch”. Same with Ani.

I don’t like the similarity to the DOOL storyline, but I appreciate the Gina/Richard storyline in that they didn’t bombard us with Richard, he came in, left, then popped up a few times. Same with Michele, to a certain extent. It was a thread in the storyline but not too focused. I’m sure Richard will be more focused next year with the addition of the daughter. Which lies another problem.

Too many characters. There aren’t enough episodes and enought time per episode to have this many characters. Next season we are seeing the addition of the daughter, more Richard, Logan and Ani’s brother. Plus everyone we saw this year. It’s too much. There is a saying “Less is More” for a reason.

This show has lost it’s way. They never should have made this show into an ensemble piece, that’s really what it comes down to. I don’t care about more than half of these people. Van, Owen, Sami, Adrienne, Jamie, and Stella. It’s sad that it’s come down to this, it really is.

Season 3 Finale was unexpected.. not in my wildest imagination I expect a lot of what happen. NB really what a last moment cast for Lara… JL she is so genuine in her acting, HB love her as well LK..and the Colonel.. there is a lot of drama and new interesting storylines for Season 4, 5,6,7 ect,..

The season 3 finale was sorta uneventful just as the season 2 finale of Venice. But then again I have to be honest and say that season 3 of Venice has been pretty dull. First of all there was NOT nearly enough of Jessica Leccia and her lovable character Ani Martin. Jessica Leccia is why myself and loads of others are continuing to still support and watch Venice. So Jessia and her character Ani should have been featured in every episode. And the episodes she was featured in she should have had way more actual screen time than she ended up having. Ani Martin is the most likeable, lovable, and consistently portrayed (and written) character on Venice. So its baffling that she was not featured more or given a real story in season 3. This was one of the main reasons why I just could not muster up much interest this season. The character of Ani deserves to be MORE than just someone who comforts or holds Gina’s hand or a person who is constantly duped by her girlfriend Lara with no way of ever getting justice(or standing up for herself). Ani can still remain a kind, generous, and loving woman even if she stands up for herself in her relationships. The introduction of Ani’s brother Jake is a good step. Ani needs to have a story of her own with her brother as well as many more interactions with other characters on the canvas in season 4 of Venice. Just finally give Jessica Leccia and her character Ani Martin more STORY and real meaty material on Venice. Jessica has worked magic with the material she has been given and so we all know she would work miracles with even better writing and story in future.

My main bone of contention with season 3 of Venice has been the backburning of the best story on the series which is the love triangle between Gina/Ani/Lara. This season has shown NO movement at all with that vital and interesting story. In fact this season has derailed and ratcheted down Lara/Ani and Gina/Ani as couples which has been a detrimental mistake since there has been no real romance, love, angst, longing, conflict, or unpredictability on Venice this season. This has rendered V3 to be extremely boring, mundane, and run of the mill with no entertainment factor. The Gina/Ani flashbacks have given the audience almost next to nothing as they are random and don’t fit the current story being played out on the canvas. We never saw how Gina and Ani met or have gotten a real understanding of why they completely fell apart as a couple. Gina and Ani should have been together with much more screen time.

There is NO need to rush a Gina and Ani reunion as that would be a huge mistake, but there should have been conflict, angst, and uncertainty coupled with some romance to keep the audience going. Also it was a huge mistake to have Lara and Ani be sidelined as a couple as well. We saw Lara at the bar away from Ani more than she was with her which frankly sucked since they as a couple have had the most chemistry and the most build up through the seasons while also having so many issues that needed fleshing out. Ani forgave Lara too fast and gave Lara her complete trust too soon. Lara was written very badly and even as a villain with no real motivations for her lies, cheating, deception, etc towards Ani. Lara has not been likeable or root worthy which has been a mistake. We should have seen Lara and Ani having more drama, conflict,angst, romance, and sexy times as a couple. We should have seen Lara try to stop drinking and try to change for Ani. Even if it did not work we should have SEEN Lara doing all she could for Ani. We should have seen Lara and Ani try to work on their issues as a couple and see them being written as a priority. Instead Gina/Ani and Lara/Ani have been a complete afterthought which ruined the season in my opinion. It does not matter if Gina/Ani or Lara/Ani break up, make up, or remain a couple, but the audience needs to SEE this love triangle story play out to the fullest in every way.

The best part of the season 3 Venice finale was Lara proposing to Ani. It added tons of angst, drama, romance, and unpredictability to that story and sets up V4 very well with loads of possibilities. It moved story forward. There needs to be more focus on the Gina/Ani/Lara triangle in season 4 of Venice. We need to see Ani being really confused and torn between her feelings of love, loyalty, and attraction for both Lara and Gina in a real manner during the present time. It should not be an easy and non-dramatic love triangle. The audience also needs to be torn and to eagerly anticipate every episode. The audience needs to be able to root for either couple or any outcome. The audience needs to care. And that can only happen if there is good writing and actual SCREEN TIME and focus given to this story on Venice. The audience can’t become or remain invested in a character or couple if they don’t have logical and entertaining story and screen time TOGETHER. The audience has to SEE the JOURNEY. V4 needs to ramp up the romance, sex, passion, angst, longing, conflict, entertainment, drama, and unpredictability factor. Every episode needs to be an event and something that brings excitement so the audience will be readily anticipating each episode.

Here’s what was difficult for me.

After episode 2 – which I felt was fantastic and set up so many exceptional storyline opportunities – particularly in the Ani/Gina and Ani/Lara and Lara/Gina realm – I was panting for more. DYING to see what was going to happen. And then weirdly, they dropped the ball and didn’t really explore any of it.

It was TEEMING with possibilities:

They could have followed Lara’s struggle – why NOT see her at AA and how she responds to it. Does someone challenge her on her BS there so she doesn’t want to go back?. See her at least TRY to stop drinking. And then fall off the wagon when some ACTION spurs her slip up, followed by her desperation to hide it from Ani.

See Lara have REASON to feel jealous re: Ani, (Gina’s continued interference?) even if in her own mind, or obsessing about the letter, reading it over and over so that when Ani even glanced at Gina, she fell into needy worry and self doubt. (speaking of which, that whole crying/burning letter scene would have made more sense with better build up. Why now? What motivated it that day when we’ve ignored the letter for 10 episodes?) Yes, drinking with Sami could be part of Lara’s journey…but there was so much MORE interesting & far juicier things to explore other than that. Including her background or family.

And Ani – the taking back of Lara so quickly was odd and we didn’t really get to see why or how she decides to do this.

And for god’s sakes, if Lara was drunk all the time, have Ani start to suspect, otherwise she looks like a total idiot. At least show us HOW she keeps herself in denial. Show her struggle with her feelings of obligation to help Lara and her feelings for Gina. Ani practically did nothing this season. AND have GINA run into Lara and suspect that she’s lying to Ani and try to expose her, building on the animosity between them.

And Gina and ANi….don’t get me started. The flashbacks are nice enough, but didn’t REALLY advance story OR show any indication of why they broke up or why Gina became such an ASSHAT to Ani and kept cheating on her in the first place. Or how they even first met, for that matter.

I don’t want GIANI to be together yet. I really don’t. But I DO want to see a JOURNEY of struggles and heartache, and misunderstandings, and angst, and coming to each others rescue, and pining for each other, and Lara’s jealousy and machinations to keep Ani, etc etc, the list is endless. I want to SEE that!! And I want to see some of it in EVERY EPISODE.

Other than episode 2 and then briefly when Ani stood up to Logan (which to was a great opportunity to follow up on, but they never did). Ball drop. Gina does cry on Ani’s shoulder about her love child and says “I need you” – which was great. But still, it was a drop by, and never addressed again between them. Ball drop.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for 3 seasons to see the journey even start! People need to take action toward what they want! Passive characters create filler episodes.

Once in awhile we get scenes that seem to start a journey, but then they’re dropped or ignored, and episodes go by with little advancement. I mean, really, the entire letter thing was dropped until the last episode. Why? It’s great stuff and lost potential.

I could think of 100 story arcs and subplots they could have explored and they spent an entire episode on a dead hookers funeral instead! THAT is what is frustrating.

Slow journey doesn’t mean, absence of journey. And S3 felt much like absence of any substantive journey.

I’m just really puzzled. Like a poster said above, I think Venice has lost it’s way. It may be that after it was shot, and the finale edited, that CC knows this. But then, what’s she going to do, it’s in the can. But I think they DO need to start really thinking about what their format is and how best to utilize it. I can kinda see how they might write a script and then read it in 1 sitting and think it’s cohesive or moves along. But maybe they need to read the first episode one day, wait 3-4 days and then read the 2nd episode, etc – to get a true feeling of the pace and story arcs as it will play out to the audience as a weekly drama (ie spread out!). The traditional soap format simply DOES NOT work for a webseries format. I think that’s apparent and needs to be considered when writing it.

On another note: Guya is a wonderful character with comic relief, but she’s just that….comic relief. I too felt a majority of this season was Guya and the hooker, which while amusing in doses, doesn’t hold up as a main storyline.

I actually like the Richard / Molly B story line. I think PR does a fine job in that role and again, as someone posted above, that storyline has been doled out in appropriate pacing.

Don’t even get me started on the Van/Adrienne/Sami/Owen crap. I think that storyline is so god awful that is made even worse by some poor acting – most noticeably by NuSami and Owen. (sorry!) It’s just terrible. Seriously Venice, dump this entire storyline and characters. And replace them with the far more interesting storyline potential that could be created with the new characters like Logan, Jake, and Molly B. I’m not a fan of adding new characters at this point, but at least these have potiential particularly because they are connected to what SHOULD be their CORE characters of Ani & Gina.

As I have always said, the heart and soul of Venice is Gina and Ani, together and/or apart. The other stories and characters are subplots and should tie into them somehow as well. I think this would provide Venice with some much needed structure and direction.

But likely CC doesn’t see it this way.

Of course, I will continue to watch. But I will admit, my enthusiasm has waned. All I can say is, I’m not getting what I want from Venice, and that bums me out.

I was totally disappointed in the whole season. For it to be so hyped it was a major bomb to me.

“Wow, Crystal you have really started something great with Venice, the final episode was just fucking Awesome thats how you end a wonderful soap with a great cast. Ready for season4 well done.

I really enjoyed the finale. There was so much good stuff and a lot packed in. I can hardly believe we’ve got about 10 months before season 4. At least we’ll have The Grove in the meantime. 🙂

I Thought CC knocked it out of the park again.So many intense moments and the cliffhangers are awesome. Kudos to Crystal for her amazing show. Great performances by the whole cast. Cant wait for season 4. Crystal you are the best.

Crystal Chappell did not disappoint!!!! She has brought all those daytime elements we fell in love with to the web. You’ve got angsty love, secret love child, questionable paternity, a proposal, manipulations, relevant social issues and of course the split personality crazy chick! We were left with cliffhangers all around and anxiously awaiting Season 4. If you havent seen Venice it is well worth $9.99!!!!!

I thought the finale was excellent and cannot wait for season 4. Such good story telling with believable stories. It’s what I’ve been missing in Soaps for quite a while.

Was a surprising season ending episode. Crystal Chappell brought back the good daytime drama that’s been missing for some time. Love all the cast, Nadia was brilliant and as always Hillary B Smith brings it yet again. So excited for season 4. Venice is proof positive why Crystal is an emmy winner! Michael Fairman you said it best “Crystal Chappell who never fails to illustrate to viewers why she is one of the genres greatest treasures”

Absolute crap on a stick.

Venice has now turned into a bad generic soap and those are free on network tv. Venice lost its way and its focus. Way too many characters.

Episode 2 was the highlight of the entire season, there were so many places to go and it went nowhere.

The surprises in the last episode were poor only because they weren’t built throughout the season. It takes really masterful writing to lay the ground work and still surprise. This was not Venice.

You want to surprise me? Kill off Owen and get rid of all the characters surrounding his soul killing storyline.

Lastly, you have your greatest asset, JL and CC together. Chemistry wasted, yet again. Disappointing finale. Disappointing season.

Wow i see all five leccia fanatics have moved from crystals twitter to here,lol.

Do you stalk the JL fans seems you always find and comment on their post rather its twitter,FB,VComm are here.People are giving their opinions on their likes and dislikes so that makes them a fanatic this is one of your many aliases you like to post under what does that say about you.JL has five fans… to funny… keep telling yourself that Jim…Mel…ETC.JL is a main draw for Venice sorry that breaks your CC loving heart….This season was good some interesting storylines some not so much.I’ll keep subscribing as long as JL is in the series just like CC,HBS,PR,NB and LK fans and any other fan favorites.

Hi Jim! I see you’re still blaming ‘leccia fanatics’ for everything,lol.

There was a third season?

Loved Venice! I realize not everyone is happy with everything that happens in every epi, but if everyone agreed on all wouldn’t be fun now would it lol.. I love all the actors involved with Venice and I’m enjoying the story that CC wants to tell. I will say tho, that the only thing i wasn’t to thrilled with was the baby s/l..but it happened and we’ve moved onto other things.
I’m enjoying Gina and Ani’s journeys and can’t wait til they’re together again 😉

I thought season 1 was FANTASTIC and it’s all gone downhill from there. Didn’t Kim Turrisi write season 1? For the love of all that is good, please PLEASE bring her back and get her writing again. Crystal, I love you. I do. But step away from the keyboard.

I have watched Venice from its creation and loved it from the very first episode. Crystal Chappell has brilliantly cast this show. I feel like she has brought back good solid daytime drama . I appreciate the use of family and personal relationships she has brought to the canvas taking us on a journey to get to know Gina and what makes her Gina. As I am sure we all know most of us have or have had relationships and life changing experiences that shape us to be who we are, makes for great layers of storytelling right? I know some viewers are upset that Gina and Ani aren’t together yet, or some viewers want more Richard/Gina, wanting more Ani /Gina, Lara/Gina or more Richard/Gina just proves great drama has been achieved! All of soap fans who rooted for Otalia or Carbo wanted them together immediately! We fell in love with these parings because we followed and stuck it out with them on the journey and in the end they got together and we have great characters we all will remember. Crystal has done a great job showing conflict, angst, and uncertainty in these storylines. Venice season three was well worth it, looking forward to season 4!

Overall, it was a great season. Would love to have seen a little more of GIANI, but enjoyed the season nevertheless. Totally appreciate all the hard work put in by the entire VTEAM. So looking forward to
Season 4!

This season started out with such promise in my opinion. Epi 1 was a great recap of S2 and setup for S3. Epi 2 was tightly written with compelllingly tight story and great acting. It was just great soap. After that it started to unravel for me. Too many characters and too many disjointed storylines I sadly found myself not caring about. The finale was a disappointment to me. I felt like Gina and Ani were further apart than ever before. There was no real forward movement in that story. There were so many WTF moments that weren’t set up very well. I found myself cringing at the Sami reveal and not caring at all about what happened to Owen. I could do without the whole Owen/Sami/Van/Adrienne quad honestly. I like Stella but Gina/Stella felt forced. I love the transition The Colonel has made and I enjoy the sisters in small doses but not as the A story. Overall, I just want Venice to live up to it’s potential. I would love to see a smaller cast and focus on fewer, more compelling stories. More focus on the triangle would be appreciated. I want to see Gina and Ani’s journey back together. I have a desire for Venice to thrive. I hope they take their successes and constructive feedback and run with it.

You know when you watch a movie that has won all the big awards? Like motion picture of the year, and it has been hyped as brilliant? You are excited to see it, to be involved in the whole experience? Then you watch it, and you realize half way through that you don’t get it and find it kinda boring?

This is how I feel right now about Venice.

My concern though, is despite the fact that I really don’t understand, others are raving about it, which leaves me wondering….is it just me?! Am I missing something?! Makes me feel a little unintelligent.

It’s too bad though, because all of the necessary elements are there; the abundant talent, the dedication, the scenery, all of the pretty. But somehow it just doesn’t come together properly for me.

I feel guilty saying it but; if I have to convince myself something is good just because I think it should be, well, it probably just isn’t.

Perhaps next season they’ll take a closer look at the execution; consistency of story line, reassess where things are headed and bear in mind their audiences and what it is they are paying to enjoy; then we’ll all get a better finished product to discuss.

Appreciate the significant effort but still leaves a lot to be desired.

Part of my problem is what I am actually seeing on my screen and the other part is that what I am seeing doesn’t match what I am being told, by CC, about V3. CC had said that in V3, Giani go in separate directions(which happened), that they are connected but not together(which I have to think about), and that the season ends with them in a better place than ever(which I disagree strongly with). From what I saw, on my screen, they are not in a better place. They spent two epi’s sharing scenes alone. In epi 2 they fought and Gina walked off thinking Ani was being abused and didn’t want her interfering. In the end, Gina walked away from Lara thinking Ani had shared the letter with her. In the other epi, Gina went to Ani to talk about Richard and Sarah. They never addressed their previous issues. Let’s set aside the fact that not much if any longing was shown on Ani’s part and that Gina has basically given up on a chance of a relationship. Even just from a friendship perspective, how can anyone say that Gina and Ani are in a better place at the end of S3? They seem more emotionally and physically disconnected than ever. Like others, if I was watching Venice for the first time, I would have thought they were old friends going through a rough patch. Nothing more. How does this set them up for what CC is now saying S4 is , The Journey Home?

CC has also said that S4 will be the beginning of the road back together for them. What a waste of 3 seasons. Why are they just, in S4 at the beginning of the journey. Shouldn’t we at least be in the middle by now? In my opinion, Giani doesn’t need to be rushed back together but they need to be making forward progress, sharing scenes and story. You can’t shove them in a corner for a season and then say it was necessary to get them to a place of reconnection. Nothing about this season moved their story forward for me, including the flashbacks. The flashbacks, while nice to see Gina and Ani in scenes together, did nothing in my opinion to clarify Giani’s present or past relationship. Frankly, they conflicted with what we have been told and shown in past seasons and I found them confusing and disjointed.

S4, in my opinion, needs to focus on action. I don’t want to have to be told what the characters motivations are. I don’t want to be told they are supposed to be in a better place or on track. I want to see it.

There are things I do like about Venice and there are other stories I have problems with but I am focusing this on Giani because, frankly, they should be the A story and the money couple. They need to be the center with a B and C story revolving around them. There is too much going on, too much filler, and not enough of what I and apparently others want to see.

Tina, do you know the definition of plagiarism? You lifted my post word for word from the Big Purple Dreams Site. Maybe you should work on your own ideas instead of cutting and pasting other people’s. Michael, please remove this post. It is already posted under my login (bookchick) at the BPD site. “Tina” did not write this.

It was awful. The whole season was terrible. The show is terrible. So much promise and CC basically just wasted it all. I have to wonder if this was say Ken Corday;s show if everyone would be praising the work. It’s complete rubbish. I just find the praising all comes from CC die hard fans. There was absolutely no follow through on any scene. First off the cast is way too huge for a web show that sometimes has shows that are less than 20 minutes. There is no way you can get a story out. I have to laugh that CC thinks Ani and Gina are emotionally closer and have a more honest relationship or are friends. What did I miss? They shared hardly ANY scenes and Ani has just been proposed to by Lara, how are they closer? And where is the honesty??? Why didn’t Gina tell Ani about the letter, her encounter with Lara?? Why didn’t we hear Ani talking to Gina about her concerns about Lara, Lara hitting her, if they were friends with this beautiful honest open relationship finally, then why didn’t we see it. And don’t get me started on the shamozzle of a storyline being the baby daddy one. It’s ridiculous. And I don’t know why people think Peter was outstanding, if I hadn’t seen Peter act on DOOL and Venice was the first time I’d seen him, I would think he couldn’t act. He looked bored, out of breath and the scenes were shocking. So he drops the F bomb talking to Gina, seriously??? Not his best work, not by far. Whether you love or hate DOOL Peter’s had some awesome scenes with his father, mother, Hope, children that were better than those scenes. I’m getting off track and ranting too much, but DISAPPOINTED. Didn’t like Venice AT ALL and won’t be subscribing to season 4, I’m done now. Also tired of the CC merry go round, not Otalia, don’t watch, okay watch, it is Otalia. She wonders why some fans don’t get it, well how can we when you continue to give mixed messages.

CC has brought us what no one else has or would…..a story centered around 2 amazing women in love. CC and JL are both stunning and their chemistry undeniable. If admiring this makes me a CC and JL die hard fan…..I gladly accept the label. Love the series…loved the season….can’t believe I have to wait 10 months for more.

I’m happy with the size of the cast of Venice. Having several storylines seems very soapish to me. As a lesbian I love seeing a soap that has a main story focused on gay women, but I think after a while it could be a little boring if it only focused on those three women. I like seeing the other stories too. I loved Otalia, but I’m glad the Venice is not trying to repeat that story and that Gina and Ani are very different from Olivia and Natalia. From other soaps I’ve seen, where they have tried to bring in actors from a different show and recreate the same pairing, it seldom works. The way the story is going, it still looks like Ani and Gina will be endgame, so I don’t have to see them together right now. Venice imay not be totally perfect, but when I think of some of the awful stuff I’ve had to watch in the past (AMC breaking up Bam for Bianca/Zoe and the awful Zach as baby-daddy storyline, the last episode of the L Word) just to see lesbian characters, Venice seems pretty good to me.

CC should have kept Venice as the lesbian niche soap web series. And then made an entirely new web series about straight folks. She should have never tried to mix the two.

CC should have NEVER chased the elusive straight soap viewers with Venice. Straight soaps fans still have Days, B&B, Y&R, and GH to watch if they want very badly written straight drama and romances. Plus the straights have plenty of well written and entertaining prime time soaps to watch heterosexual romance and stories.

CC was foolish toalienate her core audience who would have kept Venice profitable for many years to come if she had just kept Venice centered around Gina/Ani/Lara and gave the audience some real lesbian romance, longing, drama, conflict, etc. Also CC making V3 revolve solely around the terribly unlikeable character Gina was another huge mistake. V3 should have also fleshed out Ani and given her a story as well. Ani definitely should have had more story and screen time. It should have also fleshed out Lara and given her real motivations for her behavior. We should have been rotting for all 3 of these characters. There should have been more Gina/Ani and Lara/Ani as couples in V3. All of this would have greatly served the triangle and kept the audience interested.

Instead we got NONE of that except beyond horrible and boring stories about ghosts, dead hookers, Brogno family drinking scenes, paid to get laid, a fucking funeral for a hooker takes up an entire episode, lesbian having old boyfriend, long lost love children, multiple personalities, and a dull heterosexual quad that ate up the fucking show. It is just fucking ludicrous to the maximum. You know things are very bad when V2 and even V1 are more entertaining by comparison with the sheer awfulness of V3. Only CC could royally fuck up such a sure thing by letting her ego and narcissism run wild.

Don’t assume that only lesbians watch Venice. I am straight and a diehard Giani fan. I loved Otalia. I think it is worse for me because I want to see the soulmates, Gina and Ani come together and do not enjoy Ani and Lara scenes, they are great acting together, but I don’t want to see them kiss. I often see them referred to as the “pretty”. I don’t watch for that, I watch for Gina and Ani. I also love Gina and the Colonel scenes and Owen and Gina and Owen and the Colonel. Hilliary is great and funny but too heavily featured. I too think too much focus was placed on Van, Sami, Adrienne and Owen. I like them but they shouldn’t be the focus. Gina and her relationships [with Ani and with family and friends and business associates] should be the focus. I would like to see Ani and the Colonel interact and her brother Jake. Gina and Ani’s relationship still should be the center with the supporting characters around them but not because it is a “lesbian” show, but because they are the focus couple for the “Venice” show. I don’t think that Richard and Sarah will take away from their storyline, I think it will create more angst and more reasons for Gina and Ani screen time. Maybe Gina and Ani will be Sarah’s two mommies. LOL –their new love glue. I think CC is amazing to have created this entity with such committment and heart. It is endearing to see her friends surround and support her. Also, actors want to be apart of Venice.

I can understand that not everyone is going to like all the stories or all the characters on a soap. But to me, it’s like some comments give the impression that there’s something wrong with Venice having straight characters as some of the main characters. Like Venice is supposed to be the Soap equivalent of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Fest and somehow S3 is some big betrayal of this pure ideal. I don’t think that that was ever the intention of this show. I thought Venice is supposed to be for everyone. Well, maybe soap opera style story telling isn’t for everyone. But I really liked the show. I can’t speak for other lesbian fans, but I don’t see a problem with it and have really enjoyed watching season 3.

I started watching because of Jessica and Crystals old characters on the tv soap. The first season was very good and promising but since then, a big letdown. Crystal is way off of the bad girl she used to be and Jessica is being a fool, not the strong woman from their relationship on tv. Too many characters and too many story lines. Try to focus on the main characters Crystal and Jessica and build more slowly for the rest.

I thought the storyline pace for Season 3 was much too slow. The writers are used to writing for soap operas that are broadcast every day for an hour. Outside of the last episode, nothing new. At this pace, Gina and Ani will finally be together in a Nursing Home. Someone needs to persuade Kim Turrisi to return to the writing staff as these are her characters and her input is needed. That being said, I do think the story is good and the acting at times is great. I just think all web series not only Venice have to move faster.

I find it offensive to see some people leaving personal attacks and throwing tantrums, simply because the show is not being written the way that they want. The idea behind leaving feedback is to give your opinion of the content of the show. I’m astounded to find that a community that fights for and deserves unconditional love, acceptance and equality of all people, knows how much words can hurt and affect someone would be the first to sling the mud. In any show there is always room for improvement, its one thing to provide constructive criticism. I can’t think of any show written where they just automatically write the characters together immediately. So much need for instant gratification. As I am sure we all know most of us have or have had relationships and life changing experiences that shape us to be who we are, makes for great layers of storytelling right? I know some viewers are upset that Gina and Ani aren’t together yet, or some viewers want more Richard/Gina, wanting more Ani /Gina, Lara/Gina or more Richard/Gina just proves great drama has been achieved! All of us soap fans who rooted for Otalia or Carbo wanted them together immediately! We fell in love with these parings because we followed and stuck it out with them on the journey and in the end they got together and we have great characters we all will remember. You may not like the way the show is written or don’t like waiting for Gina and Ani to get together or may not like other characters, ok. Crystal her cast of talented actors, the crew and IT have worked very hard to put this show together for us. Please, please remember to post commentary with respect and constructive criticism to help better the show.

VENICE SUCKS!! LOL that this show gets “press”

I LOVE CC and am so thrilled that she has continued on with Venice. I loved season 1 and 2. They left me begging for more. I was so excited at the beginning of season 3. Unfortunately I was really disappointed in season 3. With once a week 20 minute or so shows, there are too many characters and too many gaps in all of the character’s stories. I found myself really only loving Guya this season. I thought there should have been some growth in the Gina/Ani situation. There wasn’t. I thought there was so much potential for a story about Lara and Ani dealing with the alcohol. There wasn’t. Crystal – If you read this, please scale down the cast. Please get back to some sort of relationship with Gina and Ani – even if it is merely angst. Something because this season left me feeling as if they were the least important members of the cast when to be honest they are my reason for watching. I really appreciate Crystal for creating and following through with this show, but Crystal please, you and I know this season was NOT the quality of season 2. I think of Olivia Spencer who I so loved. The strength and weaknesses the character had. and her struggles within herself. I felt this for Gina in season 1 and 2. Season 3 left me with nothing sadly. Crystal – Please get with your writers and steer them back. I’m not saying I want Gina and Ani happy and married. I would like to see them conversing about their relationship in more than two episodes though. They are your money couple, and regrettably I feel they were ignored this season. I will be back for season 4. and will forever be a CC fan. Thank you.

I feel there should have been more of Lara/Ani. There is so much chemistry between them, that it got lost in the small puzzling clips we saw of them. Why did Lara not decide to try AA, why did Ani decide to forgive her so fast.

Obviously Lara loves Ani and she is ready to go great extent to have her in her life, but most of the time the two characters just never got justice in CC’s storyline as she tried to introduce too many characters.

I loved the idea of Venice when it first came out.. I too am disappointed in the fact the story line, which brought most of us to shell out $10 for season one has totally dissappeared.. I mean really, I wanted to see a love story between Gina and Ani and one or two supporting characters. But with season three and all the “new” people, I think we only got to see 10 minutes of actual screen time between Gina and Ani (including the flashbacks) .. Its disapointing to want to watch a show that represents a large community of people (of which I am one) and to do that I have to spend way to much time watching someone talk to ghosts… please come back to the reason you started this show..

Would I subscribe to V4, probably. I love CC she is an amazingly talented and beautiful women that also has great thoughts and ideas and her writing skills are not to shabby BUT she needs to focus on the reason why she started this show. S1 was the best series for me with S2 leaving us with the angst and excitement for S3. In my opinion S3 fell short, far to many characters and so many story arcs that could’ve should’ve and fell flat. The main characters got lost in the back of the pack. There was also far to much emphasis placed on the ‘hoe’ that wouldn’t die and as much as I love Guya and her comedic ways but then what! and way to much energy wasted on a struggling spirit. JL is an amazing actor dedicated to her craft and to the love of her friend CC but she’s so understated. She’s one of the main characters with the least amount of lines, puzzling at best! Just like the previous post suggested for a good story line moving forward the characters of focus should be in Gina.Ani.Jake.Owen.Logan.Lara and the rest is a build up around them and not the other way round. I hope KT returns, bring her back please!!! Love her writing Love her character build up Love her period! Would love love to see JL n CC work more together in V4. Not necessarily as a couple-at least NOT YET but as friends that care for each other and have each others back on screen not just for the imagination. TY

I loved the whole season and I loved the last episode! So much packed into one episode and it caught me by surprise and that is good writing. Can’t wait to see season 4. I love all the real subject matter and I especially love the comedy. So well done. I just finished watching Season 3 on DVR and I am grinning from ear to ear. So fun! The acting is emmy award winning. I know you are enjoying it as a WeB series but it is a shame the world cannot see it on regular TV. Thank you for your great stories. It would make a good book!
Jeanie from Sonoma Ca.

Thought the last episode was great! Can’t wait to see what Ani will do when she finds out about the letter that Lara burned. Loved the way it left you hanging and anxious for the next season.Sending all of you a BIG Texas yeeha!!!!

I cant wait for season 4.. I´m like dying to see it 😀
I loveeee the lines of season 3, and the diversity..
CC and her friend are doing an incredible job on it.. and all the cast too..
But I have to say somethings:

1. this change of Sami made me a little “WTF, who is this girl”? But I like her story line, and her crazyness 🙂
2. Too many characters in this season 3. This web serie is not a soap, there´s just 25 minutes to tell a history.. I´m glad that CC is creating The Grove, so she can use her ideas in that show, and stop putting characters in Venice and work with what we have.
3. I like the history of Sami, GIANI, LANI, the dead girl, Colonel and their sons. Ok, ok, the bad guy [Van] is HOT, but there´s too much scene of him. And now there´s this ex lover of Gina and that girl. It´s too much for a feel minutes, and we gonna end up watching too many things of nothing b/c the history don´t go forward or go too slow.

Any idea of When season 4 is gonna came out?

I may be a stick in the mud, but I had never heard of Venice the Series until a few
weeks ago, I came across it by accident I was on YouTube and it came up, so I took
a chance and watched. I must say this is the first drama of all times that I have taken
an instant liking to, I like the characters, there’s humor, diversity the bottom line just
a great series to watched. I like the Ani and Lara characters my favorite two, they are
a cute couple and the chemistry they have is awesome. Since I am new to the series,
I have watched season 1,2, and 3 it’s an exciting show. So I await for season 4, it should be more powerful than season 3, I can truly say
Venice the Series has gotten my attention. Please continue the good work..

I want to hold up a beacon for a show to take emotional maturity seriously. This is strong writing. This is what keeps me engaged. For myself, all the daytime soaps seem fake. The acting may be fantastic and win awards yet there is a quality missing. This is where webseries or other formats can reach for the higher bar. For example, Owen kept the fact that he was laid off from his movie gig. It is very unbelievable, to me, that Sami would break off the relationship because of this. Sami is a world traveller and peace corps volunteer. She will understand humanity a bit more fully. She will be grounded with a strong sense of self. I don`t want the kind of script writing where she reacts with such hurt and the need to push Owen away. They have only begun dating. I want the writing, I want to see the acting in which Sami is completely unfazed because she knows Owen must have insecurity and self worth issues. She has the maturity to say how silly of you to hide this. Lets work on these issues or maybe you need to do some solo soul searching. I like you, I like you a lot but this is not how a relationship will survive over time. Let us watch adults working out relationship and self issues in this style. It`s so rare to witness on screen; however, I tune out if it“s anything less. Why not show Lara giving the letter to Ani, clearly showing she opened it and regrets doing that. Why not show true gritty, raw issues being worked out without unbelievable drama. Show the difficult dialogues between Ani, Gina, Lara. The new Sami and her transformation is so unbelievable just get her off the show immediately. Bring back the authenticity. People may not be champions at emotional intelligence but let the actors be people who try in all sincerety. Stop thinking that that kind of drama sells. Not for me. Lets have, lets see people who are not completely emotionally stunted in their personality. Watching mature, healthy sense of selves having real life problems and interpersonal issues is the sweeter drama. Raise your level, Crystal. I know that is why started all these offshoots in the first place.

When are we going to get to watch season 4, can’t wait!!!!!!

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


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A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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All My Children

Chrishell Stause Stars in New Lifetime Thriller ‘You’re Not Supposed to Be Here’

Selling Sunset star and soap alum, Chrishell Stause (ex-AMC, DAYS, Y&R), will star in a new Lifetime thriller, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here dropping on  November 4th.

In the thriller, Stause, along with Diora Baird, play a lesbian couple, enjoying quality time together before the birth of their new baby in a remote mountain town. Zoe (Stause) is pregnant and along with Kennedy (Baird), are offered a break from their stressful lives when Kennedy’s boss gives them a key to a cabin in the woods. Watch out!

According to The Wrap, “When they arrive, they are met with less than welcoming arms, prompting Zoe to sound alarms of homophobia, which Kennedy attempts to tamper down. ”


The official loglines from Lifetime share on the story: “Just as the two let their guards down, their nightmare begins. They realize they are completely unprepared for what is in store, and that the townspeople want something the two have.”

Photo: JPI

In real-life, Chrishell is currently married to Australian singer and rapper, G Flip. The two tied the knot in May of this year.  Formerly, Stause was married to This Is Us and ex-Y&R star, Justin Hartley (ex-Kevin, ex-Adam). Their marriage ended in 2019 and their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Stause has been featured in the current season of the reality/real estate series, Selling Sunset which streamed its sixth season on Netflix beginning in May. A seventh season is said to be on the way.

So, will you be checking out Chrishell’s new thriller on Lifetime? Comment below.

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Breaking News

Writers Strike Comes to an End; Leadership Votes To Conclude Work Stoppage

It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

Photo: JPI

However, SAG-AFTRA still remains on strike. So, even with the writers returning to work, many productions can’t move forward without their principal actors and performers.

So soap fans, how do you feel about this news for your favorite shows? Glad that the head writers and their writing teams will be back at work as soon as this week from Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful? Y&R’s Josh Griffith, who previously had gone Fi-Core during the 2008 strike, remained at the top rated show during the last several months.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

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