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What Did You Think Of Today's Third Episode Of One Life to Live?



The drama continued on the third installment of the revival of One Life to Live on Hulu and iTunes today!  Dani (Kelley Missal) got the shock of her life when she saw Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John) was very much alive!  Todd (Roger Howarth) took Dani to task for turning to drugs, to which she in parts admits to him that it his fault along with Tea’s (Florencia Lozano)!

What was great about the episode is that in the writing the show they recognized Todd’s part in the baby-switch on General Hospital as well as Alison Perkins holding Victor Jr. hostage,  However, thus far viewers got limited answers as to what happened, as to how he got away in Victor Jr.’s first exchange with his sister Viki (Erika Slezak)!

Dorian (Robin Strasser) and Viki’s rivalry is coming on strong with the political scandal Dorian got herself involved in and Viki running “The Banner” and letting the American public in in on the wrong-doings in Washington!

If you have not seen today’s episode of One Life to Live watch it after the jump! Let us know what was your favorite part of the story?

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Well i think it is good. I love love it when Dorian is peed off speaking in french!

me too! lol!

I missed Dorian so much.

I love it. I have enjoyed every moment of all three episodes. It’s like having you long lost family return home.


Triple DITTO!

I love OLTL but I’m feeling like they are moving things too fast. I don’t want all the answers in the first week. Give me some mystery and intrigue. AMC is firing on all cylinders right now, and they are moving their story along at the right pace. I didn’t like how no one seemed shocked about Victor’s return, and although I love Dorian, this scandal at the Senate is really not gaining my interest. It’s going to be harder for OLTL because they were at the top of their game, when they went off the air, so the fans (myself included) have higher expectations. My advice….slow it down and give the fans something to look forward to.

What would you call Dani’s reaction if not “shocked”?

And what would you call Viki’s response or Jack or everyone else in the town? Victor affecting just about everyone on the show, and his reappearance seemed to just be glossed over, is all I’m saying. Usually when someone comes back from the dead on a soap, you get more of a reaction than was given. I mean Todd & Blair’s conversation the other day sums it up. Blair: “I know you want to kill him.” Todd: “I thought I already did.” I mean, what the hell is that? OLTL is better than that!! Like I said, I’m a die hard fan, and will never stop giving my support for this show, but I just think that this particular story should be handled a little differently. I could have gone with Victor creeping around for a few days and let the big cliffhanger reveal come on Thursday, since the programming is now M-Th.

I would like more of a reaction to Vic’s return too. I screamed out loud at the end of the first episode and again in the second when Vic stormed out to get between Todd and Tea, but the moment was too fleeting for me… I am struggling w/the pace of the show, but LOVE having my OLTL back. It’s like visiting w/old friends.

That’s exactly how I feel.

Interesting Torrey, that’s one of the things that I’m liking about this 30 min format. They are getting to the story. I feel like the whole Creeping around for days instead of getting to it, is one of the Soap Cliche’s that started to annoy me and many others for so many years. Plus we dont know the whole story yet. Victor hasnt said too much yet on his capture or his escape. Thats the story I want to know. And they haven’t tipped their hand on that yet. I think this reboot is about re-inventing the wheel and not repeating all the tired and true cliche’s that Soaps have become known for. I mean how many times in the past when people creeped around for days did we the audience lose interest because it went on for so long. Plus to me, Victor truly wanted to get back to his family which is the human thing to do, not hide around corners for days staring at the people you really wanna be with. I personally think this 30 min format is good because there wont be time to just linger or have filler scenes. Plus I think after seeing Danni’s “Shock” I’m happy everyone played their beats more reserved than over the top.

I agree Torrey…these shows are interesting but isnt moving slow enough and feels like there isnt much to look 4ward to. I still plan to watch and give it a chance too improve but only for awile. It seems the writers care more about how many ‘s..ts’ and other things they can get away with now that its online. I could let some of it pass if the drama picks up! I miss Ron C. writing this!

That’s my point….and don’t get me wrong Tthree, I’m not wanting months and months of Victor creeping around town unbeknownst to everyone in town, but I’m saying it all just felt a little rushed to me….and I don’t need over the top reactions, but there seemed to be little to no reaction from the rest of the cast. I do also feel like OLTL says shit a lot more than AMC does….I don’t want it to be gratuitous cursing, just because you can do it now. And I can go several days without seeing the club Shelter. Focus more on story and less on club scenes. But I still love OLTL and will continue to support it. I just want the best storytelling possible, because a year from now I don’t want us going through possible cancellation problems.

I loved it!!!!! Roger and Trevor are awesome. Everyone is wonderful ,been watching since 2nd grade and so happy they are back !!!

Very good TSJ and TW were both great. Dani just doesn’t feel like Dani I know she’s changed but idk she just doesn’t seem like Dani at all Kelley Missal is doing great but she’s playing Dani’s voice too deep. I already hate the new Matthew as a character and an actor. Viki is amazing and I am loving the new theme more and more every episode.

The theme song is great!! Love every minute of Vicki!! She is awesome! Struggling a little w/the new Matthew… giving it some time…

Enjoyed every minute of Viki also!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMC was SO good today! Even the young, new actors are great. The guy playing Petey is a natural. I, honestly, like AMC 2.0 better than the last decade of AMC 1.0. I also think OLTL is great. I appreciate that answers to viewer questions are being answered quickly, as storylines move forward. People have to remember that the internet attracts “binge watchers”. Shows have to engage, and move forward, in order to keep binge watchers hooked. I think Prospect Park has done an excellent job, thus far.

Wow, I totally agree with you. So many people keep saying they wont it slowed down, and thats what had me tuning out. I like beats and pacing playing out naturally, but I also hated things being dragged out too. This is a new format, and I can see they are adapting to a new generation. I think its gonna be hard for people to accept. Soaps always went through a generation change for so many years. From the early years on Radio to TV when it was about families and having a cup of coffee, then from the 60’s to 70’s when Women’s rights and taboo’s were becoming hot topics, then from the 70’s to 80’s when Escapism, adventure, and Supercouples became the rage, then the 90’s where it became all about Social Issues like Aids, Cancer, and just simple Human love stories. But then we got stuck in the early 2000’s and no one evolved. Every soap just kept telling the same stores over and over, which to me came from mismanagement and no one taking a chance and remembering to tell stories that were relevant to our generation like all the past era’s of soaps. I always felt if Soap writers just read the current newspapers like Agnes or Douglas did to see what was going on in the world they wouldn’t have a problem engaging us and staying relevant.

So far the best one! LOVED Todd and Vicki scenes…like old times. Loved Roger bringing back the good ole Todd…..banging the coffee carafe…spitting it out. Classic Todd/Roger!

ICAM! Loved those scenes!! 😀

Viki and Todd scenes are the best part of it!

Love Bo and Nora!! They are still my all time number one couple and I am so happy to see them happy like they used to be!! Go Bo and Nora!! (I am even digging the “new” Matthew – he seems to really gel with his folks!)

Loved it. My favorite storylines involves Tea,Victor,Todd,Dani,Sam and Blair. My only concern is that since they have been the main focus this week, that next week they will be reduced quite a bit. The good thing is since it is a smaller cast there is more chances to see your favorite characters/actors (I hope)

I lov the oltl stories and pace

I Have been really liking it, wish it was still on TV

Loved it! I think it is great and I am extremely pleased with the pacing of the show. I also watch AMC and while I enjoy it, so far the pace seems a little slower.

OLTL is just getting started so I cannot wait to see what they have up in store for us.

The only strong reaction to Victor back from the dead was Dani’s which was great. Why everyone else was so blase was just sloppy writing. ove watching Bob Woods and Hilary Smith’s grand chemistry. I would love if they would hire Pat Elliot to come back as Renee. She went missing long before the show left the air. Also we need to see Roxy! Glad Nigel is back, who else can run the Buchanan household?

I agree with you. Day 2 had most everyone looking blase by Victor’s appearance and day 3 has Vicki speaking with him two minutes, if that, before excusing herself. I found that completely out of character. Her presumed dead brother had returned after a year. Totally unbelievable for Vicki to leave like that unless someone was hurt or ill, and neither was the case. At first I thought it was sloppy editing, now I’m convinced it is poor writing. And before I hear that it is still early, AMC isn’t having these same issues. They’re doing it right with a big emotional payoff. Don’t bother telling me not to watch – I already have. I will continue with AMC and GH – shows with lots of emotional payoff. I actually found GH’S writing of OLTL characters more consistent and riveting. Why is TOLN suing ABC, again? They wrote a much better story IMHO.

Loved it. Dani’s reaction to seeing Victor was great. And I loved her answer to Todd, “I wanted to punch you but I was too wasted to drive to Port Charles.” Loved the Nora and Matthew and the Nora and Bo scenes too. I am so happy all these wonderful characters are back.

I found myself humming the new theme song too. I’m liking it more very day.

AMC appears to be moving slower than OLTL which I also like. I didn’t watch it before so whatever they do is new and interesting to me. I like that theme song also.

I give one life to live and all my children one year to last. it will be cancelled. 30 Minutes monday to thursday is not enough. a stupid recap on friday. We need roxy jessica starr and john back. i do like the new opening of what life to live. expand the show to one hour or it will be cancelled.

AGREE!!! Budget cuts will start coming in 6 months and then one will go and the other will go.. GH was great today!

I would LOVE to have Roxy back! Love her!… I hope it’s on for years to come!!!

I disagree on your comment about OLTL & AMC . Giving them one year & it will be
cancelled. Us soap fans went threw a lot to get our beloved soaps back for a little over a year. I am happy their are back. 30 mins. whatever it is better than nothing at all.

Susan I agree with you disagreeing with jeff. How could one even say they will be cancelled in a year if they don’t go any hour!! BS!! Trying to do an hour is part of what doomed PP in the first place. The 30min 4days a week is an intelligent move. This is a new approach to soaps. Just enjoy! Like so many, I am just happy to see the Llanview gang back. Naysayers – please quit griping and putting negative thoughts out. If you don’t like it – don’t watch.

Do what i do…watch two episodes back to back…seems better that way…the storyline needs improvement but im going to give it a chance first b4 i decide anything more about it. Both reboots have there good moments and bad like all soaps. However, i dont feel as addicted to them at the moment but that could change,and if not and i stop watching i still hope they succeed for those who enjoy them. Still prefer it on tv!

You do realize they are operating on half the budget. On ABC each episode cost 175,000 to produce. Now they only have 80,000 to work with per episode. They can’t afford all those people on half the budget. But I’m happy its a 30 min format, cause it lends itself to tighter storytelling and less bloated cast and filler.

Loved it! I actually think both soaps are a ping up quickly.

Just watched the first episode of OLT:L. SO disappointing. It doesn’t seem like Llanview and has a split personality. I liked the original OLTL music scenes, but this is TOO much. There is too much glitz and not enough soap opera. Also, the angles/filming are strange and it does not play well on the web. The sound is poor and is not synchronized with the movement — and both the sound and movement are disjointed. This doesn’t show well on the computer and it gives me a headache. I want to see it on the TV. It was great to see Viki, Dorian, David, Bo, Nora, and Blair again. Please, writers and producers, get rid of the glitzy music scenarios (and keep the music) and bring back the soap opera in it.

I suggest watching the subsequent episodes before making a final judgment. Each episode keeps getting better.

I agree! I have really enjoyed the first 3 episodes!

I have watched all of them and I have to admit, I am agreeing with Terry. There is a lot of things wrong. I just hope they can course correct before they start losing viewers (and not gain any new ones). Remember, they have to maintain 500,000 views a day. Will be curious to see if they can keep up the momentum in the coming weeks.

I agree with you…i love computers but i prefer tv viewing better. Lets give it a chance…im not 100% into it but waiting this long for its return im giving it a chance for improvement to see if ill continue or not. PP sueing ABC over storylines the latter used for its OLTL no longer matters to me …it seems to have helped, not hurt, OLTLs reboot!

its oltl characters on gh

You may want to check your internet connection and/or your computer. I watch via a DSL connection, which is not supposed to be as good as a cable connection, on a iMac and laptop PC. Sound and movement were not disjointed on either. The picture quality is excellent. I was concerned about frequent pauses for buffering and have experience none using either computer.

So far I’m just disappointed in the entire OLTL reboot. None of the characters seem like their former selves; I can only reiterate what I’ve written before and what some of the others have written…that the lack of reaction to “Victor’s” return was so beyond disappointing and stupid…that’s the only way I can say it…stupid. Vicki, who was the “core” of the ABC version…the smart, savvy yet maternal figure, didn’t react at all the first day Victor reappeared. When she finally did she has a casual converation like, “heard you were back, heard Alision had you….glad you’re back. I have to run to an important meetng, I’ll see you soon.” I mean…COME ON!!!! I don’t know if the actors are afraid to rock the new boat but I cannot believe that they don’t recognize how empty the scenes have been. And Blair? She slept with Victor/Todd…she was close to him, cared for him…the bond was formed even if it turned out he wasn’t THE Todd, the love of her life. There was still a close friendship. And so far, nothing! Barely a reaction other than what it means to her son to have Victor back. It’s ludicrous.

I watch General Hospital…I’ve seen Roger/Todd…Kristen/Starr…and Michael/McBain…the occasional visits on GH by Blair and Tea…so it’s not like I felt such a huge absence of OLTL while it was off. Watching these characters live on with GH was good. I also look at Twitter occasionally so I’ve read some of the comments, (which I’m sure many of you have as well) by Kassie and Robin, etc…so I didn’t “miss” the show as much as I might have had some of them not crossed over to Gh or they just disappeared.
That’s not to say I wasn’t looking forward to the online reboot. I was…very much so. But I was looking forward to seeing much of the original show…for me…at this point, it doesn’t have ths same vibe.
I also resent the whole…trying to reach a younger audience thing. If PP was reviving/continuing OLTL, then in my opinion it should have continued as much true to form as possible…bringing more viewers on thru marketing…big music names for the club scene…something that would broaden the audience but not at the expense of continuity and realism…I mean please…it seems so contrived. The word shite is thrown around about three times per episode…it just sounds forced and all I keep thinking is…”the writers think this will bring in a younger demographic, let’s throw in another.” It just sounds forced.

I think some viewers are just so thrilled to see the familiar faces again thet the lack of quality doesn’t even seem to matter. I’m hanging in there to support the show, the genre, and as I also said before I do hope it improves. As it stands now I just find myself shaking my head with disbelief that this is the best the writers could come up with.

I love it , i love the cussing, it makes it feel real. i said shit ten times yesterday, and called a co worker an ass hole! not everyone is prim and propper all the time. I love everything about the new OLTL! I guess I am in the younger demo they are looking for, so they did their job and got be hooked.

@trouble…LOL…”cussing” is not a young or older thing…some people do; some don’t. I’m not bragging…but I do. Espcecially when I’m pissed! But that doesn’t make televsion, film or a good read. If that’s all it takes to grab you then … well…’nuff said.

The problem with OLTL right now is the writing. A lot of the characters don’t sound like themselves anymore, especially Dorian and David. I think they had to rush the reintroduction of VIctor because they won’t have Roger Howarth for long and Victor is the device to get him to leave the show.

AMC’s writing is better, but the cast is too gutted to make it seem like Pine Valley right now. The new kids are good, but having Opal and DIxiw and David as the core of the new show is troubling.

I’ll continue to watch both, because I know they’ll improve. Didn’t OLTL fire it’s writing team already? SO they knew there was a problem.

I agree re: the profanity. It really is gratuitous. I like my soap characters to be witty and articulate. This kind of “realistic” language doesn’t enhance the shows. If anything, it gives them an air of crudity that wasn’t there before. And yes, it does seem like it’s being used for shock value. Where is the cut off point, btw? Will we start hearing characters refer to each other as MFers, etc? Ugh. If the stories, performers and characters are compelling enough, these sort of lazy, puerile devices just aren’t necessary.

I agree with you totally! Im not that old and the overuse of some words like s..t is more of a turn off to me. I want good well written stories to keep me hooked…not too much swearing and sex scenes…

I so agreee – especially in your last paragraph. Will be curious to see how the #s hold after the curiousity factor fades AND if they actually get new viewers. I would have preferred a brand new soap than what they have given us so far.

suspense, suspense, thrills, love, sex, music, drama, secrets, mysteries.
Happy, sad, revenge, schemes, reuniting, and David Vkkers..

Loved it! I think Dani so far has been the only character to have a realistic reaction to seeing Victor alive!

I’m happy to say I’m hooked on OLTL again.

I am loving it!! I liked the scenes with RH and TSJ. I liked the way Victor slammed the door in Todd’s face and said leave my family alone, that was great!!!!!!

For some reason I am not feeling Dorian and David this time around, seems like some spark died. I still enjoy seeing Tuc on the show and of course who does not love RS.

Viki needs Jessica back, hope she does come back in the form of BW and not a re-cast.

I think the whole new format is exactly that, all new. Although some of the characters are the same, a lot of time has passed and people change. Although Destiny seems to have changed a lot! I think its different with the music as well. I love the new Matthew over the old so good improvement there.

Patience, patience, patience–for a show that is looking for (and needs) younger viewers to survive, I think they are striking a nice balance of vets, vets interacting with the youngsters and the young crowd itself. Remember, when we first got to know vicki she was not long out of college (and with AMC tara, erica, phil and chuck were front and center from day one).
Lack of reaction to victor was a little weird and I hope they have some breakthrough with the two todds actually working together to protect their families–would be interesting to dig into some flashbacks of how they have both been brainwashed into channeling a natural resentment they would have for having contributed to stealing each other’s lives (Todd looked awful programmed when he shot Victor with whatever coma inducing stuff that fake victor’s death). We need Irene to swoop in and have a convaluted explanation of how both she and Victor were not killed, how Todd was programmed to sweep them off the canvas etc. Yes, that was one of the most ridiculous weeks in soaps of all time–and it was the best soapy fun I’ve had since Vicki’s first visit to heaven or all the way back to the original Dark Shadows. Maybe we can find out that Irene has been slipping them all don’t react pills except that Dani’s got pumped out with her oxi.
But they are trying and we are going to have to get used to some changes with the net and I think we should hold out for at least six months (with contructive suggestions of what we’d like to see) before getting too bitchy–I find the pace welcome–GH feels a little slow……in comparison

I enjoyed it. I thought the reactions were a little better this episode regarding Victor being alive. Even though the storylines were somewhat destroyed on GH, I do like how they are integrating the storylines into the new OLTL quite nicely. They didn’t miss a beat, though I do remember Tea stating that Dani was away in college, now on the new OLTL, I guess she took a trip to London,not sure if she’s in school. I have to get use to the fast pace of the storylines and have to remind myself that it’s only 30 minutes. I’m looking forward to future episodes and further explanation on how Victor was kidnapped with Alison Perkins and who she was working with. What’s the meaning behind the tatoo? So many questions, but I’m sure the writers will do an excellent job explaining the storyline. Very grateful that it’s back and love the picture quality and the design of the new sets. Great job Prospect Park. Looking forward to more OLTL 2.0 episodes.

OLTL is back from the dead without missing a beat. It’s so great to have this wonderfull soap back.

I haven’t watched it (#3) yet… probably won’t watch today’s either… not until the weekend. But I haven’t watched GH for a few days either! ha! I’ve been watching OLTL from 2008 and I’m more hooked on those storylines than the newer ones… I’ve got iTunes downloading the new OLTL episodes, so I’ll get caught up here one of these days.

I loved it! The return of the show is amazing!

I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of this lawsuit PP has with ABC, but in watching the new episodes of OLTL, it appears that the writers are using some storyline content from the writers of GH (i.e Tea’s baby’s death). GH seems to be okay with that..which makes me think that PP is the “petty” one in this case…just a thought.

I think it’s great that finally Victor has reappeared and that opens up the major
storylines for the Todd and Victor drama. Please keep them both there, battling for the wealth and the children, just as the Vicky and Dorian battles continue. I hope
Victor and Tea do have another baby and I hope Todd starts to grow up some
and you guys cut him some slack. Love the show, KK


AEW’s Tony Khan Talks Hiring of Soap Vet Jennifer Pepperman, Sting’s Retirement Match at ‘Revolution’ and His Well-Deserved Send-Off

On Thursday during a media call, AEW President, Tony Khan fielded questions from the press leading up to Sunday’s AEW: Revolution pay-per-view (8 pm ET). Khan spoke on a myriad of topics including: the hiring of former One Life to Live executive producer, Jennifer Pepperman, and that Sunday will be the final match of the iconic Sting’s wrestling career.

Pepperman, who made news last week when she jumped from rival WWE as Senior Writer/Producer to AEW as its VP Content Development, brings with her experience as not only the former EP of Prospect Park’s One Life to Live, but as a Daytime Emmy-winning director for One Life, As the World Turns, as well as the digital series, After Forever.

Khan addressed the addition of Pepperman and what she brings to the table for AEW, “I love the world of soap operas and I think it’s fascinating the work she’s done. She’s an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and it’s a very different medium than soap opera, but obviously there are similarities. It was a unique hire when she joined pro wrestling and now she’s learned the wrestling business. There are a lot of wrestlers that have great experience working with her and so she was a popular hire. I think she adds a lot.  She would add a lot to any women’s story. She can add ideas, but she also adds ideas to men’s stories. I think any aspect of it wrestling or television that you’re working on, Jen, can be insightful, and she’s very additive. I wanted to bring Jen in to help just with AEW all across the board.”

“Jen is somebody who’s got a really great wrestling mind,” Khan expressed. “It’s really nice to have somebody like Jen who has experience in pro wrestling but also a lot of experience in television.  A lot of the people who had worked with Jen previously, had really great things to say about her, and on my visits with her I really liked her a lot. She was very excited about what she’d seen in AEW and she’s fitting in great. We’ve done a lot of shows now, and she’s been doing a great job catching up on it. She brings a lot of knowledge of pro wrestling and television from outside AEW.”

Photo: AEW

It’s going to be a sad day for Sting fans all around the world, when he wrestles in his final match this Sunday. Khan shared how important it was to him, to AEW, and to Sting, for him to go out with one final historic match. “I’m very excited about AEW Revolution, first and foremost being Sting’s last pro wrestling match and Sting’s retirement,” Tony shared. “I think he’s been a huge part of pro wrestling for my entire life. He’s been a hero since I was very young and when Sting came into AEW, I was so excited. This is exactly where I hoped we would get – setting up an incredible retirement match for Sting this Sunday at Revolution. He’s an incredible pro wrestler and an incredible man, and giving him the send off that he deserves – these past few years has been really important to me and now having a match for the weekend with high states, a personal rivalry, a great story, it’s going to be a tremendous show. It’s got certainly something that nobody will ever forget and that is Sting’s final wrestling match.”

The Greensboro Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina is where Sunday’s AEW Revolution will emanate from. Khan believes, “It’s the perfect place to pay tribute to Sting’s great career in the Greensboro Coliseum. It was where Sting really first arrived on the national map in 1988.”

Sting appearing on Wednesday night’s AEW Dynamite was also special. Khan felt, “It was very fitting that he had his final appearance last night on TBS.”  Tony added, “Sting coming down from the rafters one last time I thought was a perfect way to cap off the final ‘Dynamite’ before ‘Revolution” and the final ‘Dynamite’ of Sting’s career. After 37 years on TBS .. and being so identifiable with it, it’s pretty special and pretty rare, and it’s befitting the great career and the great person that we have in Sting.”

While some feel Sting may be back in some capacity with AEW behind the scenes, Khan says anything is on the table. “When Sting came back in 2020, he did not need the money. Sting is very, very well off and has earned a lot of money in his career and is taking care of it very well,” Tony related. “He’s really a great person and he’s made great investments and he does this because he loves it. He loves the fans and he wanted to have a great run in wrestling and for these past three years, that’s exactly what we’ve done.  So for me, I would love to have Sting back in AEW anytime. I know he said he would like to come back. We won’t hold him or force him to come back at any point. Now is a great time for Sting to take time for himself and his family after this and whatever the result is Sunday, I think Sting can take pride that he’s had the most incredible final run.”

So, what did you think about the words Tony Khan expressed on the hiring of Jennifer Pepperman who brings both her soap opera and wrestling experience to AEW? We have always said that pro wrestling is a ‘soap opera in the ring’ and apparently Khan knows there is link to the two as well.  And, are you ready for Sting’s final match in his legendary career? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Sloan Recast: Natasha Hall Temporarily Fills-In For Jessica Serfaty

Sloan will have a new look for several upcoming episodes on Days of our Lives. Natasha Hall will step in for Jessica Serfaty the week of March 4-8

A spokesperson for DAYS confirmed to Soap Opera Digest, that Hall will take on the role of Sloan Petersen for three episodes.

If Natasha looks familiar she was seen on Netflicx’s The Kominsky Method and has appeared on The Rookie, S.W.A.T., Mom, HBO’s Entourage and the movie Game Night.

Photo: JPI

Serfaty began in her run as Sloan back in August of 2022, and has been heavily featured in the Nicole baby switch storyline where along with Melinda Trask (Tina Huang), Sloan is passing of Nicole and Eric’s baby, as her adopted chid, while Nicole continues to mourn the loss of the little bundle of joy.

Since Days had been taking 6 to 7 months ahead of streaming its episodes on Peacock, Hall taped her scenes filling in for Serfaty months ago.

So, interested to see what Natasha Hall brings to the role of Sloan, while Jessica is temporarily off the show? Comment below.

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Kathie Lee Gifford Reacts to ‘The Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Having ‘No Idea’ Who She Is On ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Let’s set the stage! Kathie Lee Gifford was previously mentioned by Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos as someone who would make a great lead for the upcoming dating-reality series competition, The Golden Bachelorette.

Then came the Wednesday February 28th episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, when the current ‘Bachelor’ leading man, Joey Graziadei was the guest.

During his interview, Kelly and Mark asked Graziadei what his thoughts were on Gifford becoming the first-ever ‘Golden Bachelorette’.

Photo: JPI

Graziadei’s response was: “I will be honest… I have no idea who Kathie Lee Gifford is.” That prompted some boos and some laughs from the in-studio audience. Joey added, ‘I’m only 28! I’m sorry!”

In a response to a post on X featuring the faux-pas, Gifford reacted by saying: “I don’t expect him to know me. I’ve got shoes that are older than this kid is!”

Photo: ABC

Gifford received the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has also been in the chair occupied by Ripa on ‘Live’. From 1985 to 2000, Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin were the co-hosts of  the morning talk show. She then went on to co-host the fourth hour of Today in 2008 and continued till 2019.

When E! News asked Kotb about Gifford potentially getting the nod as the “Golden Bachelorette”, she shared, “By the way, she would be a 10 plus, and she’d get her choice of all the men, and you know how she is all flirty and cute.”

So, what do you think about Joey not knowing who Kathie Lee is? Could it possibly be that ABC would cast Gifford as the ‘Golden Bachelorette’? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023