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What Were Five Times Soaps Went All Sci-Fi On Us? Think Clones, Aliens, Satan & Passions!



Now over the decades devoted soap viewers have been put through the ringer with some very implausible plots.  However, while some have been “out there,” some have been quite entertaining and memorable.  And yes, there are those that are remarkably unmemorable, as well.

In a hilarious tribute to the five times soap operas went sci-fi insane, SYFY Wire has posted a hysterical look into these storylines which include: The Reva/Dolly clone story on Guiding Light, Marlena’s possession on Days of our Lives, Casey the alien from Lumina on General Hospital and so much wackadoodle from the defunct Passions that you will have a great chuckle when you go through the review in the video.

So soapers, check out this video ditty to kick your 4th of July holiday weekend off after the jump!. Then in the comment section below, let us know which of all was the zaniest, most outlandish sci-fi stories of them all on the soaps represented here in this video, or not, is your all-time favorite!

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No Dark Shadows?

Dark Shadows was all reality – in the realm of Collinswood that is. Port Charles and The Edge of Night were in betweeners. Passions was a whole other world to itself. Regular soaps are more “realistic” for the most part…. Except when there’s a crystal lovin’ – not from this world – alien hiding in your garage that your child is secretly feeding and becomes friends with.

Or when you and some people you know go down under… And live in a place called The Lost Underground City of Enterna.

Or when you go thru a time travel vortex next to a ranch fence to Texas in the 1960s and people you know from the future and there in the 60s but they’re other people.

Or when you go back in time 100 years so the 1880s and meet your wifes great grandma who is the spitting image of your wife.

Or when you go to heaven and get to see and talk to all your old friends and relatives and you get to come back even if you were there for days. Oh, and you get to do this three different times in 1987, 2008 and 2012.

Or when you’re possessed and you levitate over your bed.

Or you control machines that do fantastically evil things – like a satellite that can brainwash people. Or a device that can freeze the whole world of at least downtown in New York state.

But otherwise normal.


And all that crazy, silly stuff that Passion was and is being laughed at now was the reason NBC cancelled one of the best all time soaps Another World for— Big Sigh

ANOTHER WORLD was always a pretty classy show but that Jordan Stark/The Lumina Foundation storyline was a real stinker.

You’re right. “Passions” was not worth losing “Another World”, my grandmother’s favorite soap.
As an adult I can laugh at “Passions”, but, in retrospect, as a thirteen-year-old, and through High School, it was so much fun. The ridiculous, unfathomable stories, made it all that more attractive.

Celia…more and more, Passions used to make me LOL…most of the time anyway. As far as I’m concerned, as a duo, Timmy and Tabitha were COMIC GOLD…MORE LOL!!!!! Liz (Eve’s sister) was clearly disturbed and unhinged…but ENTERTAINING AS HELL!!!!! Edna (the mother of that WHACK-A-DOO Beth) was (among other things) bitchy, cranky, foul-mouthed, mean and ornery…and a LOL RIOT!!!!! My dear, I could go on and on here……….

Later, my friend.

A colne- possession- alien- time travel- etc //
Now, that is fun great soap !!!

A1,0000 times better than than the crapola now, for sure..
Imagine– actually having fun watching a soap- AWESOME!
All we have is doom&gloom and 8 months of Morgan died !

I would pay for some outlandish sci-fi , anything but Morgan is dead..

my picks:

1. Marlena possessed by the devil DOOL

2. Casey the alien GH

3. Marlena kills half of Salem then they all are alive DOOL

4. Viki travels back in time to the Wild West OLTL

5. The Ice Princess freezes Port Charles GH

Oh, I remember watching Marlena being possessed, Casey the Alien, and Viki traveling to the Wild West.

Eterna! Eterna! Eterna!
The wardrobe for the lost city under Llantano Mountain added to intrigue. Add to that Viki’s prolonged heaven dream and Clint’s trip back 100 years were totally over the top!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE had some of my favorite sci-fi storylines: Viki goes to Heaven; Clint time travels back to 1888; the underground city of Eterna; Bo and Rex time travel back to 1968; Professor Delbert Fina uses his magical remote control to show Rex and Gigi what really happened in the basement the night “Gigi” died. The least successful sci-fi story on OLTL was Bo trying to find a way to extract the mysterious solarimite to power Georgina Whitman’s prototype car.

PASSIONS was unlike anything seen on daytime since DARK SHADOWS thanks to James E. Reilly’s wild imagination. The Vincent storyline that played prominently during the show’s last few years on NBC was totally original.

@Alan….Thanks for your “Ryan’s Hope” reply….Alas, “Aristotle Benedict White” came before my regular viewing days of this soap, but I’m sorry I missed him given that he was played by Dynasty’s Gordon Thomson!!! (I looked it up….) I think I randomly caught that Delia/King Kong thing simply by happenstance….and I recall reading about it, too! By the time I really began watching this show in the mid-80’s, it was mainly comprised of days filled with more down-to-earth Irish-American references like “Danny Boy,” and corned beef and cabbage, along with those second-generation characters of Rick, Ryan, Johnno, Katie, Ben and Maggie, plus that fabulous villain, Max DuBujack!!!! With plenty more of real-life NYC-style embellishments thrown in for good measure! As for Delia’s ESP? You know, that deliciously daffy dame was always such a hot mess with her many meltdowns that in retrospect they all sort of meld into one big incomprehensible impression in my mind…when did her intuitions actually start becoming reality???…Was there a major storyline attached to this particular talent or was it just sprinkled throughout the series???? Regardless,I truly treasure the inspired insanity that Ilene Kristen brought to that role—still love her!—although I can vaguely visualize GH’s Robin Mattson briefly portraying Delia when I first checked into this soap on a daily basis ala VCR. (P.S. I’ve always thought a tongue-in-cheek run-in at Port Charles’ Kelly’s between these two actresses would be a total treat….”Dueling Delias!”)

I don’t remember all the details of Delia’s ESP (we didn’t have a VCR back then so I would flip back and forth to the soap with the most interesting storyline) but I recall it having something to do with her playing the stock market and later it was revealed that she was reading the cosmic forces that she believed dictated Maeve’s likes or dislikes on any given day. I think the plot was dropped fairly quickly and never referred to again.

The Meritkara mummy storyline was a pretty atypical story for RYAN’S HOPE but I was a teen back then and was totally into the whole Faith was a reincarnation of Meritkara, the curse that was killing people connected to the mummy, and the seal on the tomb that was supposed to reveal the location of a “River of Gold” that the show never got around to pursuing.

And this type of plots are a part of the reason that soaps are in such bad shape these days. I rarely watched Guiding Light after Reva was cloned. Likewise, I permanently turned off Days when Marlena became “possessed.”

Cheap, gimmicky plots that insult the viewer’s intelligence.

I realize that all soaps have plots that really stray from day-to-day experiences. It is one thing to give us a plot where one woman has a relationship with every male member of a family. It is another to have the heroine kidnapped by aliens who take her to an unknown planet.

IMO, the main thing soaps have going for them are the relationships of the characters. By airing five days a way for decades, the shows have one advantage over every other type of show (or even a movie) —- The viewers can get to “know” the characters and want to keep up with their “friends.”

Clones, aliens, devils, “towering infernos”, etc. are the type of plots that only work in HUGE budget films that are gone in 2 hours of viewing. The soaps have no business pursuing these types of story lines as they don’t take advantage of the formats strengths. Moreover, the soaps don’t have the budgets to make these type of plots remotely attractive — They just look cheap because the show doesn’t have the huge budget to make it look even remotely “realistic.”

Mr. Fairman, I like your site and visit it frequently. However, we definitely have different opinions on the need to honor or celebrate these types of plots. The only way they should be remembered is as the type of story NOT to put on a soap.

I remember Casey, the alien. I’m a big sci-fi fan, but even this story seemed strange on GH at the time. But lets don’t forget vampires and Lucy as the slayer along with Caleb/Michael Easton, Livvie/Kelly Monoco, and Rafe. Another plus is that Anna Devane was in both.

All My Children was a very down-to-earth show (as much as any soap could be), but even they visited the Twilight Zone when they had Erica Kane’s previously-thought-to-be aborted fetus implanted in Greg Madden’s wife, where she gave birth to Josh Madden. What a disastrous storyline.

Casey the alien on GH was pretty out there, and I remember it well. I’d also add the Ice Princess storyline, which was out of comic books, not a daytime drama. It gave us great Luke and Laura and introduced us to Robert Scorpio, but it was way out there.

Erica’s unabortion may be the worst soap storyline of all time! Not sure if Agnes lost veto control at that time.

That storyline and those poisonous pancakes started a downward spiral the show never recovered from.

This clip was indeed entertaining! And I can’t argue with the choice of Passions, given its bizarre, unbelievable plots throughout.

As a soap purist, however, I am no fan of sci-fi plots as a rule because they defy logic and reason. Some would argue that soaps in general defy logic and reason. Great storytelling is no easy feat, which is why some soap scribes succumb to strange, suffocating scripts (including trying to make a hero out of an abusive, foul-mouthed crime boss/murderer) — yes, I managed to squeeze in an anti-Sonny rant! — and also why some writers explore science fiction. And then when the storyline has run its course, things go back to normal, almost as though the characters (and viewers) experienced a bad dream.

I am indeed a fan of some science fiction, but I don’t want the genres of soaps and science fiction intersecting. Put another way. I like chocolate and I like nuts, but I don’t like nuts in my chocolate (insert double entendre here). So no Snickers (or snickers) for me!

All that being said, I did enjoy the Eterna storyline (briefly mentioned in above clip) on OLTL!

“BAR BAR OF THE BLACK LAGOON” ON As the World Turns, when somebody sent Barbara, Lily, and Emily, (I think) to some place in Sweden where some mad scientist doctor did experiments on them to make them old. “DOCTA VESTON IS A CHEENIOUS!!!” As stupid as it was, we were glued to our tv in my house!!

Since I’m 90+ episodes behind on GH and testing the limits of my DVR, I can’t weigh in on anything current, but well said by a number of you already–no church and state and no sci-fi with my soaps! Having just binge watched 5 seasons of House of Cards, focus on great story telling and turn in strong performances and you’ll keep us watching. These shows are on thin ice as it is without another Ice Princess story line…although that’s about when I started watching. There’s so much savvy, enthralling television being done, so tap into that renaissance before you go all “Port Charles” on me and I wake up one day to find my show is now all about vampires. (Alas, I still hung in to the bitter end, but today I wouldn’t subject my DVR to that.) There’s just too much good stuff out there competing for our attention, so don’t you dare do it (going sci-fi), just stick to the formula! Sure, improve the wheel if you can, just don’t try to reinvent it.

Days of our lives was so good this week . please watch the replay and tune back in . This soap is finally taking a turn for the best .

Another World did a stupid story about a gorilla in love with Cass…it wasnt sci fi but just as dumb!

And how about when Ryan’s Hope went all “King Kong” with Delia (though not in the form of Ilene Kristen..) being kidnapped by a primate suitor??? For a soap that was generally quite rooted in reality, that storyline was truly out there….

Jim: The Carolyn the gorilla thing paled in comparison to the Jordan Stark/Lumina Foundation story that had 1880’s scientist Jordan Stark time travelling to 1990’s Bay City because the soul of his dead love was inside Amanda Cory and he needed to make love to Amanda in the secret garden on the Cory estate that housed a tear in the time/space continuum so that his lover could take control of Amanda’s body and they could be reunited.

Shay: Don’t forget Aristotle Benedict White’s search for the tomb of Meritkara, the mummy who was a previous incarnation of Faith Coleridge. Or Delia’s bout of ESP!

Poor James E. Reilly died not long after Passions was cancelled by Directv. He probably lost his will to live after not having a sci-fi storyline to write.

Too stupid for words! LOL!

LOL!!!! I thought the compilation was absolutely hilarious! And in the midst of real life drama, big or small, it only reinforced for me how such escapism, is, just that! Hahahha…to see these people, LOL, singing, dancing, talking to aliens in such wry, campy style is too fun. I really wish they had pursued Michael Easton’s Caleb on GH (I love a good-looking vampire!) rather than the stuff I find intolerable like Michael forgiving Sonny or almost every single person in AJ Q’s family putting him down when he was alive. Some of the emotions and reactions that are supposed to be realistic are just non-relatable to me.

I personally think there’s plenty of room for real life drama…friendships, family, romance…with a little alien (ala the gorgeous Casey) thrown in!

Kudos to SYFI Wire for taking the time to gather such “ancient history” and compile such a hilarious clip and “tribute” to the crazy soap genre, such as it is/was.

You just had to remind us of Reva’s clone, didn’t you? She also walked through a painting to a past life, and I think the other characters jumped in there too lol. Guiding Light really jumped the shark with Reva’s over-the-top stories. When they lost Cynthia Watros’ Annie they felt they had to make up for it, and it backfired. Even the replacement Annie was a bad recast and couldn’t pull off the crazy stories like Watros.

Soap Operas are fantasy fiction. end of story
When these stories are well written and acted they can be fully engaging and create the kind of drama you dont see much of these days. I like the stakes high.

Days Of Our Lives

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On Monday’s February 19th episode of Days of our Lives, viewers are getting closer to the root of the story of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris).  There has been speculation for months as to just how the talented Blake Berris’ new character would be … a good guy, or a bad guy. But, what if he is actually both?

In story, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Rafe (Galen Gering) are at the Brady Pub and she comes upon on Everett with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and freaks out. She reveals that Everett is her ex-husband Bobby Stein! Everett denies even knowing Jada and thinks she is mentally unstable or something. Jada even shows him a photo of her with him (sans his beard) from her phone. Everett throws it off as everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Jada accuses Everett of gaslighting her. She goes into the back-story of when she discovered he cheated on her, and she served him with divorce papers, but he turned into a “ghost.” Everett stands by his claim that the two of them were never married.


Stephanie flashes back to Everett revealing he had retrograde amnesia when he initially came out of his coma citing maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t remember Jada.  Next, Jada goes off on him saying she can tell by the look in his eyes, he knows exactly who she is.  Jada warns Stephanie to not get ‘sandbagged’ by this guy any longer. She then threatens Everett that he will be found out and get what he deserves. Next, she torms out of the pub as Rafe follows her.

Alone with Everett, Stephanie becomes upset having a few more startling realizations. First she asks Everett, “Are you really not Bobby Stein?” He admits to having gaps in his memory, but not years of relationships or marrying someone.


Then, in another flashback, Stephanie remembers Everett telling her he bought an engagement ring before his accident. Then, Stephanie recalls a conversation with Jada how she found a large credit card charge from a jewelry store and that Bobby hadn’t bought anything for her in several months.


Stephanie is shocked, and tells Everett if Jada is telling the truth, and he’s really Bobby Stein, than she’s actually the other woman!  Next, Stephanie decides to leave, while Everett says this makes no sense, and they should talk about.

So, what do you think of this story … that it appears Bobby Stein is also Everett Lynch? What do you think will eventually be revealed? Comment below.

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Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Back to DAYS

Look who’s coming back to Salem for another return! Next week, fan favorites Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) and Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant) return to Days of our Lives.

Circle the Monday, February 26th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, when Elani arrives in town to check on the health status of Paulina (Jackée Harry).

Previously, the actors left the show when they went off-contract in 2022. However, last year, in 2023, each made a return for a guest arc.

Photo: JPI

Now, on their latest visit, Lamon Archey told Soap Opera Digest,“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again.”

Photo: JPI

It will be also nice to see Eli interact with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), now that his grandmother is trying to cope with the loss of the Horton house.

Looking forward to seeing Sal and Lamon back in Salem? Comment below.

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Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith to Play a Young Tom and Alice Horton on Days of our Lives

Next week on Days of our Lives, viewers will get to see the back-story of the romance of Tom and Alice Horton through the lens of a trip down memory lane.

With the Horton home burned to the ground after it was purposely set on fire, there will be plenty of memories for Doug (the late Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) et all to speak of as they mourn the loss of the beloved staple of Salem.

For part of the story, DAYS has hired actors Zach Chyz to play a young Tom Horton and Sydney K. Smith to play a young Alice Horton as viewers will get a glimpse of what it was like when Tom and Alice first moved into their beloved home.

Photo: JPI

In real life, following the death of Macdonald Carey in 1994, the series killed-off the character of Tom, and Alice’s passing was written in the show after Frances Reid passed away back in 2010.

Smith has appeared on The Goes Wrong Show, while Chyz previously had a role on The Rookie.

So, looking forward to how Days of our Lives will tell the story of young Tom and Alice? Comment below. But first, check out next week’s promo where the young Tom and Alice are featured.

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