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All My Children

Where To Find The Stars Of AMC & OLTL On TV Promoting Premiere Episode!

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photos

Starting today many of your favorites from One Life to Live and All My Children will be on a full court press promotional tour on many popular television shows and networks to get you revved up for Monday’s online premiere of the return of these two iconic soaps.

First up this morning on ABC’s The View, when the ladies of the panel welcome One Life’s Erika Slezak and AMC’s Thorsten Kaye and Vincent Irizarry at 11AMEST/10AMCST/PST.  Then tonight, BRAVO’s Watch What Happens Live has AMC’s Darnell Williams as special guest at 11PMEST!

On Friday, April 26th, NBC’s The Today Show will feature OLTL’s Erika Slezak and AMC’s Julia Barr at 9:30AMEST/8:30AMPST/CST!  On Saturday look for special soap guests on Access Hollywood. Make sure to check local listings for time in  your area.

For more on One Life’s new bartender, reality star JWOWW, check out MTV Hits and mtvU for news pieces and segments on her debut in Llanview. Check local listings.

Finally, on Monday, One Life to Live’s Tuc Watkins will help cook up a storm on ABC’s The Chew at 1PMEST/12PMPST/CST.

So soapers, what do you think of the promotional line-up for One Life and AMC’s return? Will you be watching?  Let us know!

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Why on ABC talk shows…fans and actors complain about talk shows replacing soaps but then hypocrite actors appear on them and the hypocrite fans who claim to ban watching talk will turnaround and watch using excuses that they are supporting the actor on them? Im not going to stop watching any network…all shows get cancelled on any network and so will online shows. Besides AMC and OLTL had amazing long network runs and there were other cancelled soaps that never lasted as long: Another World, The Doctors, Ryans Hope, Passions, Santa Barbara and Edge of Night. We all want shows we like to last longer but we should enjoy them while we can and move on when they are over! Lucky for some, they do get second chances but will they last as long as they did when they first aired? Cable networks shouldve aired AMC and OLTL because not everyone can get internet or even know how to use it, especially older soap fans!

Try reading the lawsuit you would understand why ABC is doing that!!! Stop calling ppl hypocrites when all you do is look like an Uninformed fool!
BTW Jim maybe if the fans of those shows stood up and did what WE did they might still have their shows!
Jim you really need to quit with the “Older ppl don’t know how or they don’t have internet” Most older ppl do KNOW how to use the internet to keep in contact with Family that lives elsewhere!
If they go on cable at sometime in the future GREAT if NOT that is fine too cause I will watch no matter the format and I’m sure I am not the only one!

Some of us did try to save those shows to no avail…if most of us had internet back then it might have helped. And i wasnt talking about all older people…i was talking about those who dont have internet who still would like to watch these shows but cant…and i have nothing against watching these shows on the internent…my suggestion to hopefully get a cable channel to air the soaps as well, ive contacted several, which if works out could help PP even more in the long run.

I would like to watch these shows just like you can but unfortunately my browsers too old, i cant afford to change my computer, and it doesnt support hulu. Im disabled, and i cant go do bowling or golf, and thats why i stay home much of my life watching these soaps and i hated to see them cancelled. I wasnt saying they shouldnt be on the internet…i was suggesting more possible outlets for people like me to enjoy them. Ive mailed out a half dozen letters to different cable places hoping to convince them to air repeats shortly after their original airings on the internet…i see nothing wrong with me wanting a bigger audience for these shows!

Actors sign contracts and they include promoting the show that pays them, no matter what the venue. I don’t blame the actors for appearing, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be watching those shows.

ABC is only doing it because of the lawsuit anyway and I’m sure they will do as little advertising as they can get away with.

Because why not promote the show on any venue they can?

And I hate the complaint “They should have put it on a cable network!”. Obviously a cable network wasn’t interested. So in a choice between the soaps on the Internet and no soaps, I vote Internet.

This wasnt a complaint…i wasnt saying it should be on cable and not the internet…i was suggesting cable also carry the show for those who cant watch on internet for whatever reason. The more outlets the better. Im writing to cable stations to see about them airing the repeats shortly after airing on the internet. So whats wrong with wanting more outlets for these shows!

I am one of those boycotting abc/d. I don’t watch those other shows even when my soap stars are on. That is my choice. I don’t fault anyone else for choosing a different boycott strategy. I don’t fault you for not boycotting at all. I am glad you ‘moved on’ from these shows. I chose to fight and am going to enjoy their return. PP is trying to find a cable channel that will air them…maybe you know someone who owns one that will do this? And there are many older soap fans who know how to use the computer just fine. Why don’t you offer to help one learn instead of just griping?

I wasnt griping…i was trying to make suggestions to help those who cant watch on the internet…i am one of them. My browser is too old to support certain things like hulu! And ive written to several cable stations hoping to convince them to carry these shows for some of us not lucky like you who can watch on the internet! I cant afford to update my computer…i just dont have the spare cash…im not young anymore and unfortunatly disabled…i miss these damn shows just as much as you and anybody else and i keep working on ways to increase possible viewings for these shows!

P.S. i wasnt talking about moving on from OLTL or AMC but the shows that got cancelled and werent given a second chance no matter how much we tried to keep them on the air!

Okay Jim, thanks for responding.

You say your ‘browser’ is too old. What do you mean by that? Are you talking about internet explorer?

Jim – You’re right, many of us have fought to get these shows back. But we DID win. We wanted them back in any format and we got it. We’ve been fighting for 2 years and were well aware of (and happy with) the possibility of these shows going online. A cable channel can’t just air repeats. They have to pay PP in order to do so. Considering no cable channel wanted these shows to begin with (yes, they were all asked/begged), I doubt it’s going to happen unless these shows are very successful. The problem is these shows were already cancelled on network TV because of low ratings. If they had low ratings for first run, what would they receive in syndication? Unfortunately for some, shows like this are the future. Changes had to be made to make these shows profitable and viable. Like it or not, PP has made those changes and is giving us the chance to watch these shows again. FYI – if you can afford cable these days, you could afford a roku with Hulu plus AND Netflix instead. It’s much cheaper.

Thanks 4 reply. Cable comes with my rent fee and if cable goes up so does my rent…internet i pay extra for thats not included in rent, and my internet charge has gone up as well. Hopefully when i renew my lease agreement in 2015…i just signed a 2 year one in Jan. ill be able to work out some changes with my landlord!

To Jimh,

I read your comment about your browser not supporting Hulu- this is likely due to a plug in within the browser. Try downloading ” Google Chrome” or “Mozilla Firefox”. Just type in the name of one of these browsers in a search, both are free downloads. You can use any of the browsers for the internet. All you need to do is follow the prompts during the download. Hope this helps!

Good line up. Will watch them and will get the word out to family, friends, and colleagues to make sure they get the word out.

Thanks for the update, Michael, so we can set our DVR’s. wondering why the national promos have not surfaced on the major networks; only on CW, etc…….anyone know? Or did ABC (or the others for that matter) put the Cabash on promoting soaps elsewhere?

I am still running into people who have NO idea this is happening……

I actually saw a promo for the new soaps on ABC DISNEYS SOAPNET this a.m.
wondered why it was on there, of all places, and why at this last minute?

OH MY! I hope you are telling everyone who doesn’t know!

They are pulling out all the stops to make sure these shows do well! I think they are very smart on everything they are doing.

HOW come we got nothing from the amc and oltl party i looked at this site son soc sod and i got nothing only we love soaps that i saw something on with less than 4 days to go i think the soap websites should have been all over this it was a big night and we got nothing.

I completely agree Ladylove! I just said that to a friend of mine on how these sites including this one have nothing about the last 4 days before the airing of these 2 BELOVED and ICONIC shows! You think they would be all over this but I guess if it is not about GH it’s no big deal!

I will look again, because I thought I saw some….

I did see one today that has an actual countdown clock, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, It was cool!

I have read so much stuff from all soap sites and bloggers about the premiere party that I feel I was there. I will be watching the view and the today show.

I CANNOT believe they are going on The Chew! WTF! Doesn’t anyone else see this as WRONG!

This woman is repulsive to look at. Fake boobs fake eyelashes fake everything. How she can pose with Erika is beyond me.

I’m confused as to why ABC is having any of the soap stars on their shows. Especially the Chew which replaced AMC. I won’t be watching The View or the Chew because I have banned ABC. I will, however, catch all the other network shows. I can’t wait for Monday! Hulu here I come.

Well, I just watched the View for them, but don’t watch the show otherwise. ABC is promoting these Online versions as they get a piece of the pie. As far as Tuc Watkins being on The Chew – there’s no way in hell I’d watch that, but I know he has to it’s part of his job. Bring them on – can’t wait til Monday!!

Watch all but the Chew. Never have & never will. Thank you Michael. Some of this I had not heard. I saw Erika-you know she is my favorite-on The View. I broke my pledge not to watch ABC except GH. Nothing can keep me from watching Erika. Again thank you for the info,

I won’t be watching Tuc Watkins on The Chew Mon. Never watch it at all and I am Not starting to not even just once! Everything else I will view…

i do not understand the actors…going onto shows on ABC when this company was responsible for the demise of AMC & OLTL….I am still boycotting the replacement shows that ABC put on in place of these soaps. ABC has screwed the loyal viewers of the soaps & now some of the actors r going to do these shows, like the Chew. I am not impressed by the thought process some of the soap stars r showing…why would u help out ABC….the actors should NEVER APPEAR ON ANY ABC PROGRAMMING, ESPECIALLY THE SHOWS THAT TOOK THEIR PLACE ON THE DAYTIME ABC PROGRAMMING LIST.

It isn’t up to the actors which media outlets are used to promote the shows. They have no say in that. Also, it’s been the ABC viewers who have supported them for all these years. Why wouldn’t they want to tell them the shows live on and have moved to a new home since it’s that EXACT audience that watched them for over 20 years?

Don’t you just find it funny they don’t have anyone from AMC on the Chew? I mean imagine how awkward that would be.

So excited for Monday, love the Pr but sorry, WILL NOT EVER, EVER, watch Tthe Choke & Puke cooking show.

Won’t watch the Chew interview, sorry one of the reason our soaps are gone.. Can’t wait for 12:00 Monday to watch the shows.

Thanks for keeping us informed Michael! Glad to know TV Guide is behind this venture and helping get the word out too!

Can’t wait for Monday!!!!!

I can only say I can’t wait till Monday!!!! So excited and happy. Hopefully they will do awesome online and in time be picked up by a station and back in our homes for 2 hours everyday!

For anyone who has a slow internet connection or who’s computer and or operating system/browsers or etc. cause them not to be able to watch these show… please check your libraries. They usually all have computers and you can use headsets and they may have sufficient bandwith to see the shows on Hulu. Remember on Hulu you can watch them whenever. Head there any day of the week and catch up on them.

Maybe there will be some viewing parties in various cities,,, people could meet-up and watch together. Also there might be some internet cafes that the shows could be watched at.

Let’s get some ideas flowing on how anyone can watch their favorite shows in a tough economy with various constraints… we are a community here… right?

Personally, I think it is brilliant having some of the actors appear on ABC shows. It helps reinforce what a stupid move it was by the network to cancel the shows in the first place. Whether or not ABC profits monetarily from these appearances is small potatoes compared to reaching potential viewers and helping build an audience for both shows. THAT will keep them filming and alive.

I don’t normally watch The View, I am not home at the time it airs, but did record it. I watched the segment and then turned it off. Erika Slezak looks fabulous. Dare I say that the 18 months off refreshed and revitalized her?

Anxiously awaiting Monday!!!

There seems to be alot of interest in the OLTL and AMC’s new start and new format. Please people quit your bashing of ABC/D and be glad 2 of your beloved Daytime programs are returning at all. ABC/D started the mess but may reconsider if there is enough viewers. The number of viewers was not the problem it was that certain People at ABC in the Executive role (If I remember correctly) did not want to do “Soaps”. Actors have to do what they have to do in promoting even if it is on a program that ABC/D re[laced them with. Wishing success to all of the people that were unemployed because of the networks aactions. Hoping many of the actors can return and that the new versions of OLTL and AMC will be a great success. May GH continue to be on ABC and to thrive and be on for many years to come. A Soap Fan Forever esp. OLTL!! Love it!

what time will they be on?

All My Children

Maurice Benard Reveals All My Children’s Lee Meriweather and Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

At the beginning of the latest episode of General Hospital star, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) State of Mind series, he delivered some heartbreaking news with a purpose.

Kyle Oldham, the daughter of former All My Children star, Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), who previously made a guest appearance on Benard’s show, returned for a new interview which will be coming soon.

During their conversation, Oldham shared that her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s. Sadly, according to Benard, Kyle also revealed she has been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Photo: JPI

Maurice expressed, “We talked about her mother and having Alzheimer’s and it was an amazing interview. And then Kyle said, ‘I gotta tell you something. I have Alzheimer’s.’”

Apparently, Kyle has agreed to come on State of Mind, periodically as the effects of Alzheimer’s take a hold of her to help educate others. “We decided that she was gonna come in … she was gonna call me and tell me as she progresses,” Benard shared. “She was going to come in again so the audience could see with their eyes what Alzheimer’s does to someone.”

Benard’s guest for this current episode of State of Mind was Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who along with Maurice, was part of the Alzheimer’s storyline on the ABC daytime drama series that saw Mike Corbin (Max Gail) eventually pass away.

Photo: JPI

As for Lee Meriwether, not only is she known for her role on AMC, but also for her roles as Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and for the television series, Barnaby Jones, the New Andy Griffith Show and The Munsters to name only a few.

In soap operas, Meriwether was cast in The Young Marrieds years prior to her time on All My Children where she replaced Mary Fickett in the matriarchal role in the Martin family. She played the role from 1996-99, 2002-03, and 2007-11.

Meriwether’s daughter, Kyle Oldham, has been an actress and spokesperson herself through the years. She appeared on The Price is Right for over 14 years until she couldn’t anymore after going through multiple surgeries in her adult life.

You can check out the full episode of State of Mind with Maurice an Vernee below.

Share your thoughts on the sad news of both Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle Oldham, battling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the comment section below.

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All My Children

Soap Favorites Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young Visit the Michael Fairman Channel

On Wednesday night, February 28, Four for Fun, the movie written and directed by former Days of our Lives and General Hospital star, Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas; ex-Matt, respectively), which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, Lucky, GH, and Rick, B&B), will have its premiere as part of The Golden State Film Festival.

If you’re in the Southern California area, tickets for the festival and to see Four for Fun showing at 7:30pm PT can be found here.

In the premise of the film, a dinner party between two couples experiencing eleven different endings, all of which points to the same conclusion – the best possible life comes from the one lived the most in the present. Sarpy and Young play one of the couples and actors Donovan Patton and Annika Foster, play the other.

Photo: FourforFun

After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

It all begins on Thursday night, February 29th beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Make sure to join us in the live chat, so you can ask your questions and share your comments with this talented trio.

Photo: FourforFun

Check out the trailer for Four for Fun below, followed by how to watch the livestream interview.

Then, drop any questions you would like us to pose to Jason, Brytni and Jacob in the comment section, and we just might ask it live on Thursday night.


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All My Children

Kelly Ripa Shares on Husband Mark Consuelos: “My Funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 Years of Love With This Guy”

Ah, we remember them when, right? Hard to believe that 29 years have passed since Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tied the knot when they were mere young adults on All My Children on May 1st, 1996 and portraying Hayley and Mateo, respectively.

But, look at them now! Kelly and Mark are happily married with three children and co-hosting the top-rated syndicated morning talk show!

On Valentine’s Day, Mark took to his Instagram and Kelly took to hers, posting pics and snaps of their love for one another. Consuelos shared: “My forever Valentine…You make smile♥️♥️” to which Ripa replied “Ten Hearts.”

Photo: MConsuelosIG

Kelly posted a plethora of great shots of the duo through the years, captioning it all with “My funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 years of ♥️ with this guy 😍”

The photo album included: Kelly and Mark in matching blue and white outfits standing in front of a red sign that spells out the word “love.” In addition, Ripa chose some moments from their red-carpet appearances and some of their favorite vacations.

Photo: Live with Kelly/Mark IG

Meanwhile, the Live with Kelly and Mark social media account featured a shot of the couple wearing matching t-shirts that said, “Find someone that loves you as much as Mark loves Mark 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So, what do you think? Are Kelly and Mark the best example of a Valentine’s Day couple we know and love? Share your thoughts in the comment section and Happy Valentine’s Day from Michael Fairman TV!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa)

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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