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Which Daytime Drama Served Up The Best Thanksgiving Episode: DAYS, GH or B&B?



On Wednesday, three of the four daytime dramas served up Thanksgiving themed episode while The Young and the Restless continued with their story, and did not deviate from it and embracing Turkey Day drama.

However, on Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beatiful, they delivered some touching and emotional familial dramatic moments throughout.  But which one satisfied viewers most for the turkey day tradition?

DAYS viewers and the characters of Salem were reeling from the sudden death of the beloved Bo Brady.  Now with Thanksgiving already upon them, the Bradys and the Kiriakis’ tried to endure it by sharing it with loved ones, but with a huge hole in their families.  In perhaps the most touching moment, Caroline (Peggy McCay) delivered a heart-tugging speech about her departed son and a toast with the entire Brady clan present.  This was also the episode that saw Martha Madison return as Belle, who delivered a bombshell to John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) that her and Shawn (Jason Cook) are getting a divorce.  John and Marlena toasted to both Bo (Peter Reckell) and Will (Guy Wilson), who were no longer with them.  And at the Kiriakis house, a grieving Victor (John Aniston) lashed out at everyone before finally coming to his senses that he is upset over losing Bo.


GH fans watched as the annual Quartermaine Thanksgiving tradition was honored, and it was especially touching since Jason (Billy Miller) returned home for the first time knowing who he is, although he doesn’t remember anything! Monica (Leslie Charleson) was thrilled to have her son back, and so was Michael (Chad Duell) who made a toast to Jason (Billy Miller) towards the end of the episode.  When the power goes out, thanks to Paul (Richard Burgi) frying the food,  Jason suggesrt ordering pizza leaving everyone to pause.  Did Jason recall this annual family turkey day food debacle?  Jason says he doesn’t.   Elsewhere, the Drakes had their dinner, and the Jeromes/Davis clans celebrated together; including a visit from Ava (Maura West) and baby Avery that was wrought with some tension.   Later, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Patrick (Jason Thompson) came to the Q’s where Sam overhears something said by little Jake (James Nigbor), which raises her suspicions about Liz (Rebecca Herbst), Helena (Constance Towers), etc.  The episode ends with Tracy (Jane Elliot) telling the group that they must honor Edward’s Thanksgiving tradition, “First we sing, then we eat.”  While everyone is celebrating Turkey Day, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Valerie (Brytni Sarpi) are having their own celebration by hitting the sheets… again!


B&B viewers had what seemed like the entire cast present for their holiday episode at the Forresters with the visiting Spencer and Avant clans. The episode starts with Eric (John McCook) recalling memories of his beloved late wife Stephanie.  At the table, Eric upholds his tradition of everyone saying something nice or about the person on their right.  Clearly, the placecards were strategic.  Drama unfoldes when Julius (Obba Babatunde) , who was seated next to Maya (Karla Mosley), discussed his daughter and his acceptance of her.  Througout the table-said sentiments some lovely moments between characters were shared.

So, which Thanksgiving episode striked your fancy? Which moment was the most emotional for you? Did DAYS, GH or B&B deliver best this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Since we, in Canada, had our Thanksgiving in October and it is not mentioned or celebrated on the soaps I am able to be objective……I think lol. Days, after weeks of murder and killing off some great characters sat down the day after their beloved Bo died. Not ever being a Bope fan the death was a non event for me. The TG gettogethers were brilliant; I hated and loved Victor in the blink of an eye. The Brady Pub gang’s table was the right amount of sadness, giving thanks, return characters and peeks at what is to come……brilliant writing for the holiday. Kudos to Josh and Dena.
GH I did not watch yesterday.
Y&R … favourite soap of all totally ignored the day. To compensate I wish there would have been some completion of storylines. I am ever the cheerleader of Y&R but t was just ok the past few days.
B&B is my fill time show at 3pm in the west. I loved that the families were all there and Julius’s words to Maya were touching…..time will tell. Thomas is an ass but it takes two to wreck a relationship. I was just getting back to liking Ivy after what she did to Steffy but that like won’t be around for long. She and Thomas deserve each other. The table talk was wonderful. Good episode.
So as much as it pains me #1 goes to Days…..#2 goes to B&B……..#3 to GH because they celebrated the holiday. For shame Y&R.

REALLY??? Y&R skipped Thanksgiving? That show used to be all about family, friends & thanks. Holidays were some of their best scenes of each year. How sad they did this!!

Yes, unless they play it out on Monday I was really disappointed Y&R turned their back on Thanksgiving.

In Canada we have seen the Monday ep. No mention of TG.

Certainly NOT #GH!

Unless you watch all 3 soaps how are you suppose to rate or say which one was better? I watched only GH and it was good, only disappointment was Dante agian sleeping with Valerie, it proves he is a weak pathetic men and he’s more like his dad then he realizes, I mean talk bout no boundaries, what real good excuse can he come up for sleeping with his wife cousin for the second time?

i cant stand Valerie and i no longer can stand Dante…and you are right…he is a weak pathetic man…Lulu will be no different…she will sleep with Dylan which proves she is no better!…i hate storylines where one cheats the other has to sleep with someone too like some silly if-you-can-do-it-i-can-do-it-too contest!

Well, a lot of us watch all 4 soaps so his question is valid.

Anywho, I liked Days the best. I thought Bold had a good vibe to it, but Days really pulled at my heart strings. The focus on family and return of Belle and Claire was great.

I hated GH’s because it made me realize how much they don’t nurture familial relationships throughout the year. I loathed Michael’s toast at the Q’s. It was horrible. He doesn’t care about that family, if he did, he wouldn’t be under Sonny again. Also, there was no mention of AJ. Last year, Michael was so distraught that he couldn’t even have dinner with the rest of the family. Yet, this year he doesn’t even say his name? Nor did Monica. Because it was all about Saint Jason. Ugh.

Olivia being at the Jerome/Davis dinner was a good idea in theory for Leo’s sake, but she was annoying as usual. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like Ava, that’s Julian’s sister. Deal with it. You lied about a baby being dead for months. You’re a despicable person too. Kristina getting on Ava but not Kiki for all the bull she pulled with both her brothers? Girl, bye. And the idea of Kiki being so far up the Corinthos’s butts and forgiving Morgan even after he assaulted her? But they won’t mention that because bipolar. No one pays for anything on here. SMH. The show was just awful.

Definitely not the actions of someone who wants to save their marriage. Dante gives up to easily. “Well, this is what Lulu wants.” Pfft. Nathan fought harder for Maxie. Spencers need partners who won’t fold like a house of cards when the going gets tough.

What good excuse does Dante have? NONE. The bum.

Amen to that notion, Aria! Dante is, quite simply, a pig…and what that makes Val-Chops is left to one’s own interpretation!!!!! Their wholly predictable and disgusting tete-a-tete was hardly an inspiring or soul-satisfying addition to what should have been an episode celebrating gratitude for God’s blessings. It was totally unnecessary….the least that could have been done was wait until next week for Mr. “Woe is Me” to plunge back into the same self-destructive behavior that destroyed his marriage in the first place instead of having Jezebel stop by to ply him with turkey and her feigned football fandom.. Ugh!

Also since when does Olivia break bread with Julian and not be with Dante?? I love this show but the writing lately seems to be lazy….

@Elite Advisors…Olivia should be disowning Dante for his appalling behavior with that “putana.” No more of “Mama Celeste’s” eggplant parmigiana for him…from now on, let Val-Chops do all of his cooking for him! LOL…..

If she EVER takes him back I will forever look at Lulu as a LOSER! Dante is scum, period! Once you cannot trust someone it is VERY tough to give them another chance and he thumbed his nose at Lulu TWICE!

Dante ‘s a good guy. He’s always been a good guy.

People complained that Dante and Lulu were too perfect. Now that that they’re being portrayed as a couple with problems…they’re criticized again.

Dante has been faithful from the day he walked into town. This is the story of the unraveling of a relationship between two people who still love each other…and how secrets, miscommunication, outside influences, betrayals, hurt…all contribute to their destruction.

Luke and Laura, Lucky and Elizabeth, Lucy and Doc, Sonny and…lol…everyone, Carly and Jax, Franco…Spinelli, Ellie, Maxie…Its a soap! It’s all about the tangled webs we weave…

Exactly, Timmm!!!! Dante is tainted goods….why should Lulu ever take him back or even want him now???? He made his bed….and sadly, now it’s Val-Chops lying in it!!!! They deserve each other because they are both disgusting adulterers……

I don’t watch B&B because from what little I have seen of it, it’s pretty horrid.
GH’s Thanksgiving was anti climatic and dull so I am going to have to go with Days,
Days is hitting it out of the ballpark.

I second the emotion re Days–lol.

Actually, JFP told Pratt he could write something holiday-themed and it went something like this: Sage decided to deep-fry a turkey but got distracted by her grief for the “death” of preemie Christian … Faith, wanting to help-out, went into the kitchen just as the fryer EXPLODED leaving her face scarred for life!! (The ranch house caught fire and Nikki went back to the bottle. Wandering aimlessly, Nikki (…finding out Victor had yet ANOTHER convenient off-camera, out-of-character affair with a lunch lady) didn’t see a spooked horse come charging at her and fell unconscious in a ditch near the main road, etc.) You get the gist …

Geez, i wish it had been that good…lol

GH was campy sappy BORING ..
It was way too much of a lackluster love-in.. Nothing unexpected happened..
I had a chuckle at the singing to eat, lame.
Jason standing there blending into the wallpaper hardly noticed during a Q event was blah..
Jerome’s- Ava invited in with little problem holding hands in prayer, ridiculous stuff no way lol
Anna and Doc were good.
The Dante Valerie stuff was way over acted by Val… her overkill jumping and screaming at a football game, it was stupid but it gave me laugh.

It was just for a day (thanky god) so it was ok, no big deal..

Thanksgiving is celebrated in America & Canada.. America is a melting pot of cultures and peoples who don’t do Thanksgiving who may also watch soaps and wouldn’t care about it.
I, do not like the traditional thanksgiving dinner, yuck, I’d rather have BQ ribs and fries.. lol And dinner here is at 7-8pm, not noon..

((I can only hope for a Krampus Christmas… 🙂

oooh Y&R did well, it spared us the boredom of handholding and the phony stuff .. .

Wait a minute, Su00. Unfortunately for you, I have a really good memory.
I recall that many many times you called GH”s writing “campy” when Ron was the headwriter. However, back then you hailed the camp as a good thing and something to celebrate. Now while you continue to call GH “campy,” you express said sentiment as if it were a bad thing.

hi Harry ..
GH was fun to watch..
It’s ‘campy moments’ were usually humor based, but never ”sappy” ..
GH is now campy sappy <— the worst kind of campy.. I refer to now GH as campy sappy, not campy..

I miss the subtle humor, the good campy that would give me chuckle or laugh..
GH was not always campy but when it was it was fun 🙂

Harry, Harry, quite contrary….how goes it, my friend? You know su and I share very little common ground on all things GH, but to have a brief moment of bonding over the Krampus during this holiday season is not necessarily a bad thing, now….is it????? (Alright, I can already picture you vehemently nodding YES!!!) Fair enough….just saying! ; )

I guess you will be in line for the new holiday theme horror film call Krampus opening soon in theaters– yes it is a real movie, no joke– enjoy.

Yes, Mary!!
There are the traditional Krampus organization here, most likely in all the sates.
The Krampus is always popular during the Germanfest fest parade and Christmas parades.
December 5th is Krampusnacht, parade through town scaring the bejeezus out of children. Many Krampus roaming the area.. lol
The parties are really fun..


I really hope Dr. O, bring us the Krampus, again.. She was delightful!!
Thank you, RC !

I’m coming to your house next year for Thanksgiving!

hi Timmm..
You are welcomed to come, nothing fancy..
A table full of awesome BQ ribs, homemade fries, corn on the cob, fruit salad, dark Heineken and a pile of napkins..
If you want dinner wine you gotta bring your own..
Be ready to sing & dance– after all it is a celebration 🙂

Hey, su0000! Just saw that “Krampus” is already on the loose in Salzburg! Guess the Austrians are a bit ahead of the States when it comes to this sort of revelry!

hi Shay.. Hope your gifts will be safe LOL
I know! When the Krampus appeared many many many had not a clue as to the Krampus, the boards were full of- what was that thing!
At Christmas parades– the children wave at Santa Claus and beg for gifts..
At the Christmas Krampus parades the children are so happily frightened and running screaming giggling loving every minute of it!!
Krampus puts the zing in Christmas fun ..

Can Suoo ever answer a question? Once again, and I repeat– you said GH was campy under Ron and made it clear you thought it was a good thing.
Now, you are calling GH campy under the new writers and you have made it clear that you now think it’s a bad thing.
Can we all stop acting like Suoo is some cute little exhibit one invariably finds at the country fair and call her out on her crap?

Well, su, since we have no “Krampusnachts” in my neck of the woods, I think my gifties should be safe…at least, that’s what I hope, as I have entrusted the care of my copious Black Friday/ Cyber Monday online purchases to the guys at FedEx and UPS for delivery. (And despite their sometimes dubious reputations, I must say mine have never done me wrong! Fingers crossed that they maintain their superb record this holiday season!) But by all means, do have fun at your local Krampusfest….maybe you’ll run into Dr. O.!!!!!

Hi Harry..
reread my answer to you..
I did indeed answer your question..
— there are different types of campy..
GH is now ”sappy campy” the worst yawn kind..
RC’s campy held humor..
ie( Dark Shadows was campy, but never was it sappy campy..
There is dark campy, humorous campy, slapstick campy, sappy campy.. ect..
I said.. GH is now the horribly dull ‘sappy’ campy- love-in..
RC’s campy held humor, I would chuckle and laugh and ‘wow’ it was entertaining/fun..

my 1st reply to you was;
”’hi Harry ..
GH was fun to watch..
It’s ‘campy moments’ were usually humor based, but never ”sappy” ..
GH is now campy sappy <— the worst kind of campy.. I refer to now GH as campy sappy, not campy..

I miss the subtle humor, the good campy that would give me chuckle or laugh..
GH was not always campy but when it was it was fun :)''

Hi Shay..
I will tell the Krampus of you and ask him to visit you if he has the time to bring you some very exciting Christmas moments! lol ..

Thanks, but no thanks, su! That’s not necessary…..truly! Instead, just send some of that lovely snow eastbound and we’ll call it even! (The weather has been too warm and unseasonable for my druthers, thus far. After all, it is December now!) However, perhaps you could direct some Krampus cheer to our Harry….he seems to need some! LOL….

I watch all 4. B&B was an “up” TG with all the correct things said to the characters. Days was a TG that had to react to the death of Bo and was heart wrenching and depressing to watch, but well done and GH was the usual pizza debacle and also had story going too. Y&R was wrong to ignore it. Totally. In all, B&B did Thanksgiving best. Days had so much going on that it was hard to celebrate Thanksgiving.

I watched all three and I think GH had the best Thanksgiving theme show. It had it all, some heartwarming moments, some drama, some humor, and a nice mix of theme and regular plots going. I thought Days was okay, but because of the death in the family it was too depressing. B&B had a traditional soap Thanksgiving. Here in Canada I had the chance to see the a repeat of 2015 show on the same day they showed the 2014 repeat of last year’s Thanksgiving. That was a hilarious to see within a year how many of the 2014 couples were now with or married to different people. I can’t believe all the stuff that broke these couples apart happened all in one year.

I watched B&B and GH and thought both were great! Happy to see Thanksgiving celebrated on the soaps!

You must watch the one on Days of our lives. In fact Days of our lives in terms of writing and quality is really good right now . You will love Days . It’s on NBC.

Seems Black Friday is becoming Thanksgiving..
Mall of America since early morning til evening was bursting with shoppers, not turkey eaters but shoppers. Stores are open are ready to get you into the store shopping and away from your table.
People are in block long lines to shop, not have Thanksgiving dinner.

I think the soaps should go Black Friday excitement it seems to be more so what Thanksgiving is becoming. Show it like it is..

I saw both Days and GH. I was thankful that Days finally turned the Salem clock to a new day. Months of actions occurred in a 24 hour span in Salem time and it was beyond ridiculous. Abigail giving birth to a clearly full term baby was ludicrous. However, Victor was hysterical yesterday, especially his BYOH line.
I found GH to be highly disappointing. There was no fighting or arguments at the Q mansion. I’m tired of Lulu’s drama which she brought on herself. Highlight was no Sonny in this episode — major plus.
In my opinion Days came out on top of GH yesterday.

I agree, Paul. I really did not like to see Julian, who ordered the hit on Duke, to be allowed to sit down happily with his entire family including Baby Leo.
Then it gets worse and Olivia is sitting down with her best friend’s murderer, Ava, who for some unfathomable reason is not only not in prison, she has full custody of Baby Avery ( feel the same about Sonny, however, we did not see him on Thanksgiving).
Meanwhile, Anna continues to mourn Duke.
Dante and Lulu have been presented to us as romantic couple–the next generation’s answer to Luke and Laura. But how can we root for them when they barely can fight for their own marriage? Luke fought for Laura and in turn, Laura fought for Luke. Dante suffers from impulse control disorder and gives into Valerie’s advances at the drop of a hat. He also should have fought the separation agreement instead of simply signing it. But Lulu needs to stop playing these immature, middle school-girl games. Ultimately I do not care about Lulu and Dante and I care even less about Valerie now that she has hungrily sunk her big choppers into Dante yet again.
And I am yawning at the prospect of a baby story line.
The Jason reveal continues to be anticlimatic. Ron blew this opportunity big time and the new writers continue to follow in his tiny little footsteps.
I am so tired of damage control writing.

Harry, I hated Julian’s get together and like I told CeeCee before, once we finally get Jason in the right direction and fall in love with Billy Miller’s version, you watch, he will leave the show and we ALL would have wasted two years of our lives on this story!

The Qs holiday will be never be the same since most of the family are gone. They can fill the house…but without Edward, Lila, Alan, Emily, AJ, Ned…by the way..,where was Alice?…they’re all just fillers…with the exception of Monica, Tracy and Dillon (who I hope isn’t leaving).

Until, if…they start making the Qs a central family again, with some ties to the past, they’re just a memory. Would have been heartwarming if they had used some flashbacks of Thanksgiving at the Qs… incorporated it into the story…explaining to Jason all the past dinner fiascos…THAT would have been a great use of the past…

I did like seeing that Michael hasn’t abandoned this side of his family entirely…

Harry…just a reminder…Connie was Olivia’s cousin.

“GH” The only soap i watch, not fair to judge the other Three lol

Considering the circumstances, I thought GH served the best ‘dinner’. I liked the idea that Julian welcomed his sister and his little niece ( I just want to gobble that baby up…..cutie pie). Olivia was acting a bit too stuffy for my taste…that holier-than-thou-air really gets to me.
Days was just too sad, but everyone acted accordingly.
I must echo Aria here. I never forgave Dante, and, I have sung this chorus before……”like father like son”. I cannot express it better than Aria. Dante is a pathetically weakling whose crotch-hunger desires means more to him than his wife and kid. And, the Jezebel, little long in the tooth (pun intended), needs her itch scratched…oh, so very long overdue. I am all for passionate trysts and rolls in the hay on these soapy suds, but not when it involves hurting other people.
It is very clear to me that the almighty ‘narrators’ want Lulu and Dante to go their separate ways for the sole purpose of keeping Valerie as a useless, permanent fixture. What other reason is there? Couldn’t ‘they’ have thought of something else to keep her on? …..sort of shortsighted, I say.

Correction…hungry desire; sudsy soaps, not soapy suds. Sorry.

Im not an Olivia fan but it was strange having her and Ava sit down to a holiday dinner after Ava had killed Olivia’s cousin Connie!

Hi, Jimmy, my friend.
I understand what you’re saying, Jimmy. I am talking about the hypo racy that runs rampant in PC. It wasn’t too long ago that Olivia was living and sharing Sonny’s bed…yet, he is a murderer who shot their own son. So, this huffing and puffing on her part mean pittance to me. Not only that, but she is sharing a ‘revered’ meal at the table of another ruthless mobster whom TPTB are using a powder-puff to paint a rosy aura around him.
I think I should adopt Avery. I will make a much better parent than all of them combined. LOL. I am in love with these twin girl-babies.


@jimh….Not surprisingly, we share the same Christmas wish! LOL. However, as for Dr. O. and her beloved “Krampus?” I wouldn’t expect a return engagement for that grotesque creation. Despite the fact that you and I—as well as su, and of course, Joss!—found last year’s appearance to be a right hoot, most people were appalled and aghast at the beastly character crashing GH’s normally traditional yule fete….plus, it had Ron C.’s fingerprints all over it. Ain’t gonna happen again. That’s not to say that Liesl cannot do something equally as outrageous and camptastic at the Nutcracker Gala….in fact, I’m totally counting on it, and will be simply crushed if the show runners fail to deliver another big surprise for Dr. O. to pull out of her medical bag!

Yes, jimh….We will take whatever our beloved Liesl has to offer this Christmas season, but I sure hope it includes a repertoire of both the sublime and the ridiculous. Kathleen Gati handles each with equally-adept aplomb! And while we’re at it, may we please see her beauteous, “britchy” Britta back for a holiday visit, too????

Hey, CeeCeeGirl! You forgot the thing for which we should be most thankful from this GH Thanksgiving episode: Alexis finally discovered the extra buttons on her blouse and actually used more than just the one of them! YES! (Although, alas, it would seem that she has passed her penchant for plunging necklines to Miss Molly, who is apparently now carrying on the family tradition….and here I was truly expecting it to be the demurely plum lace-clad Kristina to be serving it up on a Thanksgiving platter! Oh well, it’s all the same Davis DNA driving those “décolletage on display” genes…as long as one of her gals struts her stuff, then all is well in Port Chuck! LOL….) Speaking of fashion, I did Liz and Sam not look absolutely smashing?….Nurse Webber’s autumnal-toned turtleneck was so apropos for the occasion and Ms. Morgan’s holiday-themed ensemble was also most festive! Both were just beautiful! As for “Val-Chops,” yes, she really seems to have no other purpose than serving as Dante’s infernal concubine, i.e. his downfall….don’t you just love women who have no scruples? How proud her sainted mother would be! I wish they would both just leave…Though my reaction to Olivia isn’t quite the same as yours, I must say that the whole scenario with her really beggared belief….as if!!!! It’s bad enough that she subjected herself to spending the day in such close proximity with her romantic rival Alexis, but then to have to break bread with the woman who slaughtered her beloved cousin Connie, to boot? Ummmm…no! (I did like the way her culinary efforts bested the phony “home-cooked” dinner Alexis tried to pass off as her own though…..nice touch!) And whilst you are so right about that little crumpet, Avery, being simply scrumptious, I am having a really hard time handling Ava and her ongoing evil ways….she learned nothing during this past year’s vicissitudes and just keeps getting off scot-free with everything. Me thinks she should finally be eliminated for all of her rotten deeds so Julian will get custody of his niece—Sonny’s paternal “rights” be d@#ned!—that way she can remain on the canvas, but only if Julian finally comes to his senses and marries his babymama Liv and be one big, happy family with Leo and the little cherub. (At least those kiddies will be nurtured and well-fed!) Lastly, it was nice to see “Anna Unhinged” taking a brief break from her angst, although I’m not sure if it’s worth the sacrifice of having to put up with the slovenly Carrrr-LOS! lurking about again….he’s like a bad penny! (Unless, of course, he’s only back for a brief spell to reclaim his Sapster moll and unborn bambino. and spirit them away from Port Charles……forever!) Later, mia amica!

Carlos taking Sabrina away is on my holiday wish list…i want to have a Merry Krampus with our beloved DR.O!…lol

Hey, Hey, Hey, Shay. Hope your Thanksgiving was the best ever and not too stuffing. HaHa!
No , I haven’t forgotten Alexis red, ‘buttoned-up’ shirt. She must be reading these posts. She looked so pretty. Red’s her color. There’s not much to say about her in this episode. She acted the perfect hostess….demure as heck. I was waiting for her to start stripping and jump Julian’s bones. Too many kids around? Seriously, I thought it was a nice affair. Of course, nothing can top an Italian Thanksgiving meal; which is quite ironic in itself. A Thanksgiving dinner is as American as apple pie. So, introducing lasagne (yes, it is LASAGNE, not lasagna, as generally spelled) or any other untraditional dish sounds a bit ridiculous. But, variety never hurt anyone.
Shay, have you ever had a Scottish dinner? Or an Icelandic one? Golly Gee…that’s all I will say on the subject….LOL.
To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Olivia and Julian together. She’s so beautiful and he’s a hunk; regardless of the fact that he’s approaching fifty. Alexis looks her age; that is, much older than he. But looks aren’t everything. Other than the bed, what is it that Julian and Alexis share? I wish we would see a lot more of interaction between them and family members, as we did today. Show us diverse sides to their personalities.
Do you think Anna will be involved with her shrink? Hmmmmm. Something to think about. I thought I saw a certain ‘something’.
Also, what are the odds that Carlito and Paul are working together? I had a flash of a thought about them.
I, too, have a sneaking suspicion, that Sabrina’s nino/nina ( not bambino/bambina; please…lol) is Carlos’s. It is evident that Sabrina and he will be leaving together. I’d like to see how the bosses will manage that. How will she exit? A piu’ tardi, cara.

ill settle for anything this Christmas as long as our marvelous mutter is a part of it!

As for Alexis, I do concur that the color red absolutely suits her….the best I’ve ever seen her look was on one occasion this past year when she wore an extremely modest merlot sweater….it was stunning in its simplicity, and I made sure to say so! Of course, it was not so expedient for stripping off for a quickie with Julian, but hey baby, it was cold outside! LOL. I also agree with you that their “relationship”—-and I use that term loosely—-is only based upon the physical and that’s why it seems so very immature and superficial despite the chronological age of Ms. Davis! I would loooove to see Jules bond with not just baby Leo but his mother, as well….that would be something much more substantial and realistic, and yes, Liv and Julian would “make such a pretty pair!” (And I hope he would never leave….ala Beatty!) In terms of Anna and her headshrinker??? Ummm…me thinks not. Her “type” has always tended to be one of dashing men of derring-do capers, like Scorpio and Duke, or at least someone with a more international flair like Rick Springfield and his two characters. I really loved her with both of them! Oh, and I’m still on the record that Frisco would be so right for Ms. Devane if a Robert reunion is not in the cards. Know who I can see that psychiatrist dude with? Carly! Just think about it….she is going to be in his orbit due to Manic Morgan and I’m telling you, if Sonny doesn’t hop to it and get out of that wheelchair, refreshed and restored to full romantic capacity, then Carly is gonna need to find some comfort elsewhere…just saying! Lastly, I’m praying that Sappy’s offspring (okay, “nino/nina”) is courtesy of the “Loins de Carrrrrr-LOS!” It would make sending her off for good a lot more logical with no messy ties to keep her in Port Charles, and let’s face it, regardless of her best efforts, she and Reee-verrrrr-aaahhh have always been the true and obvious endgame. They simply belong together. Why prolong this torture any further than necessary? Especially since I believe Carrr-LOS! is only a foot soldier in the underworld….he’s too much of a hothead to run anything. Paul’s boss has yet to be decided….I suppose it could be Johnny Z since he is set to make a comeback in December, but there still must be someone even bigger at the top, as Paul’s history dates back to the cartel days with Faison, et al. (Valentin Casssadine? One of these years he has to surface in Port Charles…..unless he and Hornsby are in actuality one and the same! Anything’s possible—although I would love to see Michael Easton back as a nasty new Cassadine! He does evil very well, as his vampire days can attest!) By the by, I like Paul’s adversarial chemistry with Anna…they sizzle!—-and he could also prove to be an interesting beau for Laura, too. I’m just not digging his rumpy-pumpying around with Ava….too predictable! He needs a less obvious “lady friend!” What say you, bella? Later….

Yes, bring back Britta for a visit…Brad is at his best when in scenes with his old pal…i like those rare friendship moments!

Hello, Shay,
You know that I am never at a loss for words when it comes to Alexis. But, I truly was so pleased to see her as I would like her to be….a mother, a lover and friend to Julian; an intelligent, mature professional; cordial and welcoming to both Olivia and Ava. Kudos to the writers for showing the character in this light!! This was a normal Alexis….no lisp affectation, lol.

Carly will never be the fantastic, altruistic mother for me…but, oh, can she act. Every day, she impresses her talent upon me more and more. She and the shrink? Maybe. I need to see them together first….the body language; the vibe….

Sonny? Never mind the wheelchair. Is it just his legs that are paralyzed or something else? If so, it serves him right. That thaaang has been so overly-used to the extreme; across the four corners of the world, it does have the propensity of falling off. One can only hope. Yucky! Spoiled brat that he is…like Morgan. Speaking of which….as usual, plots and themes are being ‘created’ and ‘built’ as the story is sewn together. Has Morgan ever manifested any sort of euphoria before? I don’t ever remember him doing any flips in the air, or acrobatic contortions as a saltinbanco, where one would question why he were acting so ecstatically out of the ordinary. Did I miss something? I never saw any odd behaviors except as that of a spiteful little boy. Nor has he ever displayed overwhelming paranoia before….with a shotgun, no less. That was just out of left field. Say what?

I hope Carly does follow her nose and ‘mingle’ with the shrink. It’s no big deal for her, right? What’s one more guy? Lol. Besides, i would looove to see Sonny’s fake Vito Corleone-type of reaction.

Michael Eason…AHHH, Shay! My heart bleeds each time I think of Silas’ sad demise. Boy, oh, boy….do I wish him back, as well.

I have lost all my liking and respect for Paul. I have no interest in this character any longer. I still hold to my premise that he and Carlito are working together. I would never want a man such as Paul to be involved with either Anna or Laura. He will only bring pain and disillusionment upon their heads. I can see that glaring sign on his forehead so very clearly: “BEWARE–I AM I VERY BIG BAD WOLF, LITTLE RED”.
Thank you, my lovely Shay….my grandfather-in-law always calls me ‘bella’ or ‘Brigitte’. You are too kind. We are all belle(i) in our own way. In my mind’s eye, I can see everyone on these boards. I like what I see. Later, cara.

A husband and a wife, two adults, whatever happens, they can recover over the heartbreak of marital dishonesty. [Cheating!] BUT, when there are kids involved, whomever the guilty party, they are scum of the earth! Hurting your spouse is bad enough but when kids are involved your cheating on them to! A little heavy for the holidays but I hate dishonesty!

You and I both, Timmm. Dishonesty is one fat thorn I could never abide. I truly admire your sentiments about when a spouse cheats, he/she also cheats on the kids. I love that, my Timmm.
Nonetheless, I am one of those women who would never forgive her husband if he ever cheated. My will is stronger than my urges. If I can do it, so can he….otherwise the door’s right there. No excuses, no nothing! Plus, I have too much pride….no way, no how, would I allow my husband to touch me after having touched another woman. No absolution!!!! EVER! Just sayin’.
Dante’s excuse was the lamest. Oh, yeah; he thought Lulu was cheating on him, so he cheated on her in retribution? How immature! Where was the moping? The heartbreak? But, as I said, the PTB do not want this marriage to work, ergo the reason they turned Dante into a perv and Val into a nympho. Later.

Hands down the winner is DOOL.

Days was the best.

….last but deserving….Yawn/R.

no doubt. speech Caroline’s to Ridge was very touching and sincere. such as Ridge to Steffy. everything else was all a carousel of hypocrisy

Good gawd what has become of my GH..
It is sappy pathetic..
The Queens of Snooze gave the worst November sweeps I have ever seen= total uneventful lackluster.

1- they have Jason being dull dull dull not even a hard drama twist and turn reveal.

2- they have the dysfunctional dark Corinthos family coming off like the Walton’s.
Sonny is all whimpy in a wheelchair being a love guru.
Morgan is all messed up, Michael a nothing much, and Laura being mother of the year.
the once vibrant electric dark Corinthos have lost their hellbent edge and are now like offspring of the Cleavers.

3- Patrick and Sam are very weak go nowhere do nothing interesting.
Liz and Jason are total uneventful.

4- they have the great Constance/Helena back.. The most dangerous villainess ever.
And they put her in bed all weak and withered with tubes up her nose – what a waste of a great one, they put out her fire.

5- there is not one couple of any substance to get into. The couples are void of any drama or romance, just dullness.

GH is lackluster.. no mystery, no suspense, no twist & turns, no surprises, it is empty of intrigue, and nothing even captivating, no on the edge moments..

J&S are a horrible match for GH… GH needs a hard hitter as head writer someone to light a big fire under GH and who can put the life back into GH..

The sweeps are important.. and the head writers need to put out their best. Sweeps is when they are to bring out the big guns.
The ratings during sweeps will set the payout for the advertisers.
The higher the ratings the more the network can charge for their ads, and that is what will keep GH going.
J&S’s November sweeps was awful, not even one big wow moment, not one.

((where is Guzza when he is needed)

Hey, i watch The Waltons and Leave It To Beaver…dont down grade them by comparing them to the Corinthos…lol

Watch Days of our lives on NBC ; this soap has improved a lot . Writing and quality of this soap is very good right now .

I like your post, Su. Just one little thing. Helena’s ‘mise en scene’ is just that; STAGED. No weakling, she. And if she , indeed, were? There’s no way she would show that incapacitated side of her persona….. Definitely not in her DNA. This is why I firmly believe we ‘ain’t ‘ seen the last of this sophisticated virago. Later.

@CeeCee…..How right I hope you are, mia amica! The prospect of an Helena-less GH is simply too sad to fathom….”sophisticated virago,” indeed! I adore your vividly-apt description of the diva of darkness! Complementi!!!!

su000o, I love your posts BUT the “Queens of Snooze” have done well, so far. Its early but they are piecing stories together, bringing back some of the veterans or taking them off the back burner and adding some story telling and not just doing things off camera. For one, I never though Sonny boy would still be in a wheelchair. We know he will rise again but at least they are giving Sonya some screen time. I cannot stand Morgan BUT his scene when they drug him out of the cabin was pretty darn good!

I am not even remotely agreeing with SUOO, here, Timm. To do so, one would have to wear a foil hat.
That said, simply put, GH is offering no pay off for the viewers and has not offered one in a long long time.

As much as I’ve been enjoying DAYS lately, I found it ridiculous that Caroline and Victor were in good enough shape to host Thanksgiving right after Bo’s death. Too unrealistic IMO.

A pet peeve of mine when shows do this. Talk about bad timing! Only saw parts of it-Thanksgiving preparations interrupted some of mine. Will have to watch again but did anyone MISS Abby yet (besides Chad?) Surely somebody did seeing as she also just missed Hope’s wedding & now Thanksgiving!

How right and sensitive you are, Joel!! That’s not even the half of it.


Haven’t watched Days’ ep yet. B&B was good, but where was Donna?

GH had the best episode and honored the holiday in the most beleivable way.

All of the core families had their own thanksgiving moments. Corinthos, Jeromes, Davis, Quartermaine, and Patrick/Emma/Anna and Lulu/Laura. There were heartfelt and funny moments throughout the two episodes. We also had some storyline progression and a successful chemistry test between Anna and Dr. Andre Maddox. Dante sleeping with Valerie yet again was the only thing that didn’t work but I’m not gonna harp on the one negative when the rest was quite positive.

I am just not a fan of B&B having their entire cast all crammed into the Forrester mansion every year. They should break it up like GH does and let the Forresters, Spencers, Avants all have their own thanksgiving. I just thought that so many people looked way out of place and many haven’t interacted in a year and the being nice for one day mantra comes off phony.

Y&R is a show with zero heart, constant darkness, and nonstop chaos so they really could’ve used a day of some light happy moments. The fact they didn’t even mention it was Thanksgiving just proves further this is not the Y&R that I use to know and love.

Days did absolutely nothing for me.

This is shocking to me. No mention of TGiving on Y&R, who used to thrive on family, friends & holiday gatherings???? Astonishing! What a nice break this would’ve, could’ve, should’ve been from the OTT mayhem that ‘s taken over this show. It’s reasons like this that I stopped watching it recently. I hate folks that comment on shows they don’t watch but I only say it now because I stuck w/it for a long while under new HW. Not afraid to tell Y&R WHY I stopped-they need to know good and bad reviews. I feel that Katherine was the heart & soul of Y&R. Victor Newman used to be interesting, strong, stoic & devoted to family even if it was misguided. He’s gone from all of that to a clown. A super-villain that hurts others just because he’s bored. He should’ve stepped up to fill some of that hole Katherine left but he has lost all of his power as a patriarch. Y&R seems to have not written anyone else to step up to take over as matriarch & patriarch. Paul, Michael, Lauren, Traci, Jill-where are these folks? They were a huge part of the heart of Y&R. Ashley’s too busy being jealous over her daughter’s nasty “fiance” that ‘s not even worthy of shining her shoes. She can’t even run her own life let alone move toward leading or inspiring others in GC. Once again, can’t believe they skipped Thanksgiving but spent wks on a fire at NE where nobody died or even suffered smoke inhalation. Zzzzzzzz

John Abbott should have NEVER been killed off. Secondly, I loved Jeanne Cooper BUT after the legend died, they should have recasted her. No one role is bigger than the show. Eric Braeden is a legend but when he goes, it will be damn tough but it would be stupid not to recast Victor. The Abbotts, Newmans and Chancelors should always be strong and featured and THAT was their problem with Thanksgiving, other than the Newmans, where are they other families now? Jack needs to grow a set and Tucker, the original Tucker needs to return and take over Chancelor industries!

I only watch GH. One thing I have to say is that there is no way Olivia would have had dinner with Ava, the murderer of her cousin. The flimsy excuse of the two babies bringing the families together did not fly with me.


But Olivia has never been really selective about which murderer she sleeps with or socializes with. Sonny has murdered countless people, including shooting their own son, and Olivia was okay with that. She got knocked up by another murderer Julian, but he was bad, so she had to lie about him being the father of her son. She slept with Johnny, who murdered his own father (well, grandfather). So, why wouldn’t she do lunch and nails with Ava? And, in her defense, since almost EVERYONE on the current canvas has killed someone, you’d be hard pressed to have any friends in that town if you judged them by the criteria of having killed someone.

“Do lunch and nails….” Oh, that was just perfect, Dylan!

Days of our lives yes it was sad and it showed that people can lose some one around the holidays and that empty chair was so sad. General Hospital needs to go back to how the used to have it am not fan of how they did this year

Days is just too dark. It needs to lighten up. It has too many psychopaths. There are way too many Criminal Mind shows already. I want to watch it because David I. will be on there soon. Not sure if I will be able to watch if it stays this dark. Y&R still the best soap for me!


Days of our lives of course..

I only saw GH. Judge how you wish BUT to see Jason at the front door of the Q’s and for Monica to say “Jason, you came”, brought a holiday tear to my eyes! Thank you GH.

Well, that was good, Timm. I also was happy to see Laura but sorry to see her continue to advise and console stupid, squat Lulu.

Harry, I’ll give them to the new year, if Laura isnt written to move on, have her own story line that involves her own drama, hopefully a brand new love, if that doesnt happen I consider her return a bust! Now I do like that she is there for her kids now but its high time she carries her own story.

Days Of Our Lives hands down!

I only watch DAYS, but it’s hard to imagine another soap having more heart!

Err, perhaps a soap that doesn’t unnecessarily murder a much-loved core legacy character, and then invite us all to celebrate?

Err, perhaps a soap that doesn’t publish a gorgeous 374 page photographic coffee table book celebrating its 50 years on air, which has just ONE SMALL MISERABLE picture of an extraordinarily talented and brilliant young actor who won 3 Emmy’s for them in a row, and who led in one of their most celebrated storylines, and whom they dumped like trash – I mean, it is literally a small miserable picture – of his character looking miserable at a funeral ffs. Do you think THAT was by chance? And is that “having heart”?

I think that they had heart once, they really did, but I think they buried their hearts in the ground a while ago!

Any “heart” they have now is limited to heterosexual characters – and they certainly don’t extend any “heart” to the people who are fans of Will!

Stop right there.

My statement was in the context of the Thanksgiving episode. DAYS showed alot of heart. Their were several different emotions played out in a realistic manner.

Stop turning every damn thing I and others say into Will and his fans being wronged.

Days of Our Lives themselves decided to kick off their 50th anniversary season with the deeply upsetting murder of Will, and the broadcasting of some startlingly anti-gay messages within that story, and subsequently.

Days of Our Lives THEMSELVES created THAT CONTEXT for their 50th anniversary story-scape and celebrations, (which are continuing through Thanksgiving). Fans did NOT do that! Days did!

Days, and only Days, did that – and it is entirely reasonable for any one commentating about the 50th anniversary season to talk about it in *that* context – for that is the context in which Days themselves created for their anniversary, and it is the context in which we have experienced it.

I hold my head up high, and talk about what Days have done and are doing – for that is the moral thing to do. It would be heartless to do otherwise.

Some of us were upset, at not just that the iconic character of Will was killed off, but was killed off in such a degrading manner. Some of us are upset… and you are not. As a gay man who also has a biological daughter like Will, I was proud to be represented in such a positive way. After all I have supported plenty of heterosexual fathers on Days and other soaps through the years. I will never watch Days ever again!

Chandler left the show of his own accord. He was not dumped like trash, as you so melodramatically put it. He sprang it on the powers that be very suddenly, so they had to make a quick casting decision. Although I personally loved Guy Wilson in the role, not many other viewers did, based on these types of message boards. Fans were brutal and vicious to him. They hated his Will and wanted him gone, or fired. So, that’s what the show did. It LISTENED to the fans! Same with the murder of Serena, and of Paige. General consensus had Serena (Melissa Archer) as great actress, but WRONG poorly written role. Fans mercilessly attacked Paige as being boring, and useless, and so the show listened, and killed her off. That’s a shame, because she was just becoming interesting, but due to DAYS’ advanced taping schedule, her fate was already sealed. There was nothing homophobic about Will’s murder anymore than there was redhead phobia about Serena’s. Ben is an equal opportunity psychopath. Men, women, midwives, it doesn’t matter. He’s nuts. Maybe the FANS should have been nicer to Guy Wilson, and then Will maybe would still be alive. In probably the FIRST time in soap history, this killer storyline was COMPLETELY seemingly based on the writers actually reading fan sites, looking at message boards, seeing who was causing vocal fan discontent, and creating a story to deal with the sources of fan angst, which for months, were Archer, O’Brien, and Wilson. Fans can’t have it both ways. If they are going to be nasty and vicious on line, and wish people to be out of jobs, they can hardly sit and complain and cry foul after the fact. And to tie it to some sort of agenda is just absurd.

OK Stephen, yes, you have a right to express your opinion, as do we all, but when a thread is about Bo&Hope, or some other storyline we’re enjoying, you don’t have to keep dragging Will into it. Yes, I love Will because he’s Lucas & Sami’s son and I’ve watched him grow up on the show. It’s when he suddenly turned gay, to fulfill the show’s agenda of wanting a gay story, and then suddenly every other leading man on the show had a gay son .. and you just KNOW Derrick was also going to turn out to be somebody’s long-lost son .. that I started to feel like these guys were all strategically placed “symbols”, ham-handedly connected with core families so we’d care, but I could see right through it and it was a turnoff. But I understand you loved the story and are frustrated because everybody else isn’t as upset as you are. I’m sorry for being hard on you, and you are right, DAYS’ treatment of Will was heartless.

@ Dylan.

Chandler was on a four-year contract, and he was publicly open from the beginning about his intention to return to university after four years. And Days were, of course, well aware when his contract was ending, and it was there responsibility to plan for that – which they did!

Days then decided to abandon those plans, and dropped Chandler without any notice at all.

“Heartless” strikes me as a fitting term.

Chandler, to his credit, has been very diplomatic about it all. And quite right too! After all, his predecessor was dumped when he took on the role!

However, Days story about the incident, to this day, has never added up. And that single small miserable picture of Chandler’s Will at Alice’s funeral in Day’s 50th anniversary 374-page celebration book – says more than a thousand words about their attitude towards him!

4EverDAYS, thank you! This guy’s been following me around, trying to make me feel guilty for loving DAYS. I’ve got news for Stephen, there’ve been lots of other characters in DAYS’ 50-year history besides Will. Jack Deveraux was killed off unceremoniously, he didn’t even rate an onscreen funeral! I WAS upset enough to quit watching for a year or two. But I didn’t expect everybody else to follow suit. I happen to love Will and I was very upset when he was killed off. But he’s not the only character to get a lousy sendoff. Far from it.

Yes, maddie, loving DAYS doesn’t mean we agree with everything the soap does, but a walk in the park is more interesting if it sometimes involves shootings, stabbings and strangulations!!! Will’s death was to let viewers know anything can happen. Viewers are definitely more engaged! The excitement can last…4ever!

One hundred cheers for you, maddie!!’ And, 4ever? What can I say? I, too, thank you!


Perhaps they didn’t give Jack an on-screen funeral, because they didn’t want to fully close the door on his return – again! He’s very popular isn’t he? Lots of people want Jack back!!

As to your accusation of me following you around – it is, er, well, I shall be polite, and say you are quite mistaken! Actually, I am just reading threads that I am interested in, and responding to Michael’s invitation to make comments – just like you!

Why on earth would I be “trying to make [you] feel guilty for loving DAYS”? I don’t even think in those terms! I am just here to express myself.

I am here on Michael Fairman’s site just like everyone else is – to read people’s points of view, and to express my own.

Part of the deal here if you place a comment, then it can get a reply from someone else!

But most of my comments here are unconnected to yours!

It is true that some of your comments have attracted my attention, and that’s because the things you have said in them have stood out. For example, where you said that : “Will, Sonny & Paul were not really characters to me. They were iconic SYMBOLS”. ( ). It’s a striking statement!

And now, here, above, you say you “love Will” and “was very upset when he was killed off”.

How you can “love” a character that you also consider “not really a character”?!

Actually, I don’t care!

I reply here because you are sniping at me, and making thoughtless accusations about me. And I have something to say about that!

Hello again Maddie,

I hope that you are aware that our mutual comments on different threads kind of “crossed in the post”, due to them all being held up in the moderation queue.

Now that I have been able to read your other comment, I see that you have said that you “mis-spoke” when you talked of Will as a symbol – and that you say that you really do “love Will”, and would indeed like to see him back. That’s something we agree on then! 🙂

Unfortunately, Ken Corday made it clear that anyone killed after September will stay dead – which rubs salt in the would for those of us who loved Will, and have followed him through the years.

And my comments above about Jack proved right on, because Jack is now coming back! Hah!

The *vast* majority of my comments here have been on the threads about Will and gay characters, where everything I have said has been of direct relevance – and much of that has received an antagonistic reception there as well!

It seems to me that people are laying into me here and expressing all their displeasure and disapproval about every comment ever made by anyone on these boards about anti-gay messaging and the killing of Will. Even CeeCee, who I had a very pleasant exchange with before, has jumped on that bandwagon! I heartily suggest that we address our replies to each comment to what is actually said in that comment.

“4ever Days” talked about Days-the-show having “heart”, and I think I made fair comment about that, as I explained above – because it was DAYS THEMSELVES who set the context of their whole anniversary season in the killing of Will, and that, in my opinion, *was* heartless. I suggest people blame Days for that, and not the fans who were upset about it, and who want to talk about it, and who feel, as fans of Will, they weren’t welcome at their party, or as viewers. We were looking forward to the Anniversary too, and we had the rug ripped right from under us!

Maddie, you say above, that when Jack was killed (in Daysaster) that you were “upset enough to quit watching for a year or two. But I didn’t expect everybody else to follow suit.” You say that with the clear implication that that was exactly what I have been doing around here. But I have never said that, never, and it is unfair of you to jump on “4ever DAYS” bandwagon of bashing me.

It’s an interesting admission though! If you *had* continued to watch, I believe you would be *much* more invested in Will and Sonny – for they had *great* story throughout that time. You would have been there for the birth of Arianna (who was delivered by Sonny), and for the consolidation of Will and Sonny’s relationship, and the beginning of their family together. And perhaps when you came back aboard, Days were already writing Will and Sonny out-of-character so that they could tear them apart and destroy their family! Pretty much *everyone* has complaint that in the last year Will and Sonny were written out of character, and that the infidelity storyline went on too long. The real problem was in the WRITING, and certainly not with the characters being gay, which makes very little difference in story-telling terms. I, and many others, didn’t like that Paul was retconned into Sonny’s life, and then John’s life, because it changed the past, and it really didn’t fit, and was not at all credible. I think that Days would have done far better to have introduced a new and unattached character from scratch. But I don’t think any of that was done as an “agenda”, rather it was a story-writing decision, in order to put more pressure on Will. So I think your idea that they were “gay symbols” is very mistaken.

Making a new character’s a core-families lost relative is longstanding tradition of Days! As I’m SURE you know! And yes, Maddie, I am therefore going call out this particular comment of yours, where you attach this phenomenon to “the gays” and the program’s alleged “gay agenda”, as **!!LAUGHABLE!!**. I mean, come on, how many characters in Days history, have been retconned into its core families – there is Lucas Horton for a starter!!!

It seems to me, that often things you don’t like about the show, you attribute to the gay aspects in the show. I hope that in this case at least, I have given you pause to think that this might not actually be so.

Before my above comment becomes misconstrued, maddie…..I like Stephen’s sensitivity, and I appreciate what he has to say. He is very passionate about his convictions. My thanks to you above, maddie was about your loving expression towards Will, as did 4ever.
We cannot dismiss what Stephen is saying. Dylan said it best…..Will was killed off because of the lack of tolerance some viewers had for the actor, not the character. In my opinion, Will could have been recast; for that, Days’s actions are unforgivable. I agree with Stephen for being ‘hurt’ to a certain extent. I am also, because I loved the character; not so much the actor. The premise of a married, gay couple was welcomed by many….TPTB built that premise where we fell in love with the couple, regardless of being gay or straight. I looked past that fact….what I saw was Sonny and Will and their love. So, it was such a let down and a heartbreak to see that marriage; the gay characters, and any gay storyline destroyed.

Days did very well.

Yes. And Stephen needs to settle his kettle.

This a thread ABOUT Thanksgiving, and you 4ever Days, volunteered above, that Days had a “LOT OF HEART”.

Bo (naturally) *was* remembered at Thanksgiving by the Brady’s. Will (very very unnaturally) wasn’t – and Will was always more of a Brady than a Horton. Bo had a good innings. Will, on the other hand, was savagely murdered at the young age of 23 (or 19 if you want!) just a few weeks ago- but apparently he isn’t in their hearts at all at their first Thanksgiving without him. They actually treated him like he never existed!

Caroline Brady, the matriarch of the family, made a toast to those not present, but she *didn’t* mention her beloved great grandson Will! And also Will’s grandfather didn’t mention him! And his uncle didn’t mention him either.

Also Gabi, his “BFF”, and mother of his child, and Rafe his one-time step-dad didn’t say a word about Will.

It’s not credible at all, and IT IS REALLY **HEARTLESS**, and it fits with the show’s whole don’t-mention-Will, and don’t-mention-the-gay routine. (Which is also very evident in Abby and Chad’s remarks about Ben killing “those people”, and lots of other stuff).

This is a RELEVANT comment, and PERTINENT to this thread, and 4ever Days, your orders to me to “Stop turning every damn thing I and others say into Will and his fans being wronged” tells me THAT YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!!

Happily for you, is that very soon, me, and probably all the other die-hard fans of Will, will be vanishing from these threads like the leaves vanish from the trees in autumn.

But I, at least today, shall protest against the dying of the light.

The most pressing matter at that time was the death of Bo. Bo had the mentions because he just died. Bo was up front and center for most of the 32 years the character was a part of the show. There was a mention of “all” the loss in the family.

Will had a larger mention by Marlena at her home.

I hope you and all your family and friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

I will no longer speak of Will. He’s dead and buried and life goes on, especially in a soap.

I got Will’s sorassed age wrong!

I had to find a picture of Will’s gravestone to check (you know, that gravestone that notably DOESN’T say “Beloved Husband and Father” – poor Lucas probably couldn’t spare the change!)

Will was killed at the young age of 22 (sorassed), and 19 (real time). He had had a wee small jump when Darian Weiss took over from the original twins.

Alison Sweeney said in Soap Opera Digest, “A lot of us like Sami were aged. She was born in the 80’s and was around for a while as a kid, and then they skipped 10 years. Will wasn’t like that .. he was always on the canvas. I feel that makes a difference; the audience grew up with him”

Alison also said :
“… this particular story point [the killing of Will] is something that I just don’t agree with, and I didn’t from the moment they told me. And I don’t understand why they did it”

Days didn’t convincingly explain it to Alison Sweeney! That, I humbly suggest, is because if they had told her the real reason, there was no way in hell that she would have come back for it.

Hi Stephen, I’ve just read your comments, and CeeCee’s, and I realize that I probably HAVE been unfairly attributing other people’s negativity to you. For instance, as you pointed out, expecting everybody else to quit watching. That’s not what you said, you’re right. You simply want all of us to be as outraged as you are. Not necessarily to the point of quitting the show, but you’d like it if all the fans would flood DAYS with calls and letters. Maybe you’re just trying to drum up support, and I was unfairly categorizing you as “just another whiner”. But I can see now this really lies heavy on your heart. I’m sorry for being dismissive, and hopefully the show will address your concerns one of these days. 🙂

I was wondering why Valerie wasn’t with Bobbie and Carly (since they ARE family) on the Tuesday episode rather than stopping by Dante’s on the Wednesday episode. Also, it would have been nice for Bobbie to make mention or reflect on being thankful that she and Luke had the opportunity to reunite with their sister Patricia earlier in the year before she died. It’s the little things like that which make all the difference in an episode to me. Also, I understand that Laura is in town for two of her kids, but it would have been nice for her mother Leslie to join for Thanksgiving.

Lol, Liam. As I said, TPTB want Dante and lulu done. For all intents and purposes, Jezebel went to Dante’s for one reason only. You guessed it. And, of course, Lulu finds out. I am scratching my head trying to figure out why this marriage is being destroyed? Why would a perfectly good, honorable husband and father suddenly derail? Not enjoying this one bit.

They very rarely mention Luke anymore.

Not that I miss him, Timmm, but I do have to say that it would have been interesting to see Luke’s reaction to Dante cheating on his “cupcake.” One would certainly think that it would not have gone over at all well, but then again, were Spencer to judge Sonny’s boy too harshly, wouldn’t it have been the proverbial pot calling the kettle black? Hmmm…

Well I have to give it to GH because they’re bringing folks back from the dead: Jason, Carlos. DAYS is dropping ’em like flies! Not much to be thankful for in Salem just now. More deaths coming! Goody Goody Gumdrop!

I must have missed this part but did I read that Molly or Kristina tells Julian the baby looks like him?
1-the last time I saw Leo he looked like Shawn’s son, not Julian’s, just sayin’
2-Julian needs to get DNA test ASAP if he does look like him because this is not Julian’s real face-he had plastic surgery!!

I loved DAYS’ serving of turkey & dressing with sides of mashed potatoes and mourning!

DAYS is proving death can be delicious!!!

I’m hoping for cranberries and carnage at Christmastime!!!!!

Sorrow served on a silver platter…Days of our Lives

LOL. Awesome observation!!!! It is so amazing to me that writers can’t keep track of details like that, but fans can.

Days was the best for me

Days of our lives had the best thanksgiving episode . The other soaps were torture to watch . I am so impressed with the quality and realism on that soap bearing in mind this is a soap . The writing is very good on Days right now . Was not always that good but boy has it changed and for the better !

For me it was Days,I cried when Caroline made her speech at the dinner table oh what the heck I cried when Bo died In Hopes arms,I can relate.

I’ve never been a Lulu fan. Never really liked Dante either, but I especially hate them with that awful Valerie forced in the mix. Hate them all, but Valerie is unwatchable. I don’t know if it’s her face or horribly forced terrible acting? Don’t know, don’t care. Just ugh!!! Fast forward to the rescue!

Glad Carlos isn’t dead. Love him and happy Anna didn’t kill him.

Not many characters to root for on GH, but Anna is one of my faves.

Mine, as well, MB. Anna does not deserve this cat and mouse game in which Paul is playing.
Valerie? Where shall I begin…..Ummmm. Her face, you say? Her acting? How about everything? Lol.

That Y&R rerun of Nick and his many wimmin (gag) was terrible the first go round and even worse in rerun. Nick. Newman. Is. The. Worst.

Right, MB? But, of course, the Newmans’s mantra is to assume a holier-than-thou attitude. They are all saints, don’t you know?

I used to like Nick before the Phick years. It was all downhill after that for me. No wonder Sharon is so vulnerable after dealing with the Newmans all these years.

I really wish the writers would fix the mess they’ve made Sharon.

No turkeY&Rolls!

HaHa, 4ever.

lol .. c’mon..
Most everyone was standing in line at Best Buy, not eating turkey..
The malls were full with shoppers Thanksgiving day..
Mall of America which is a large city in itself, was bursting from shoppers.
Y&R might be right, no big deal LOL
All the millions of peoples, some seen on TV. where celebrating bargains not blessings of turkey’s and family..
Many people in America of different cultures, and the young, don’t do Thanksgiving with the exception of food when they return home after shopping and too tired to eat.. lol

i usually dont like thanksgiving episodes (except for ghs!!) but the best one ever was a couple of years ago on B&B when Katie and Bill had broken up and she is seated next to him at the table. Everyone had to go around and say what they were thankful for or something and Heather Tom just ROCKED! it was just incredible. I am not even a big Heather Tom fan but she was just great. I have never forgotten that episode!

The one they showed on Thursday?

Definitely GH. DOOL was once my favorite but not enjoying at all! Killing too many people and then having Thanksgiving like nothing is going on! WTF! Days just keeps getting worse IMO

B&B because they managed to get everyone at one table. Poor Belle relegated to another table on Days.

Days without a doubt! B&b has been an affront since they discarded Thorne and Allie like they never existed and propped two self centered horrid people as leads

Only watched bits of Days.

The charity dinner in HTS made me LOL because it’s one of the pivotal scenes in the movie Soapdish.
Nice to see all the departed were missed, just happens some a lot more than others obviously.

That not so innocent nuCiara speech about the validity of some weddings should set them up for some Family Values award next year.

I hope Dante and Valerie both get fired for their affair. Most professional PDs wouldn’t tolerate such behavior. We know Valerie will run to blab to Jordan ASAP.

Did you see the self-satisfied look on Valerie’s face, MB? Like the cat that ate the canary. That was pretty good acting, for once.
Regardless, I am seething. These two have joined the Sonny club, in my book. As Shay said, Valerie is a puttana….. I wanted to straighten those fangs with one swipe and scratch that smug smile right off her face.
I suppose the set-to Jordan gave Valerie when this dirty mess began did nothing. And, you are right; this behavior should not be tolerated……what will Jordan do once Valerie does, indeed, blab? Nothing!! She will probably tell her not to do it again, and that will be that.

The Sonny Club, so true.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Favorite Sal Stowers Debuts in New Role in Tyler Perry’s BET Series ‘Sistas’

On Wednesday night, November 29th, Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant, Days of our Lives) joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s BET dramedy, Sistas.

In it, Sal debuted as Penelope , the sister to Jordan in the episode titled From the Blindside. Additionally, in story, Penelope finds herself romantically involved with the character of Gary played by Chido Nwokocha.

Sistas, which premiered back in October of 2019, tells the story of a group of single black women as they navigate the modern challenges of life, including careers, friendships, romances, and social media.

Photo: JPI

Stowers recently made a return to Days of our Lives back in July of this year, when Lani came to the rescue of her father Abe (James Reynolds) who was being held hostage by Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles).  Sal has always said she is more than open to make more recurring appearances on the show, if she is available and if there is story for her to play.

Soap fans first noticed Sal in 2013, when she played All My Children’s Cassandra during the 43 episode run of Prospect Park’s streaming version of the beloved soap opera.

So, looking forward to catching Sal on Sistas? Hoping Lani will return to Salem soon? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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Morgan Fairchild, Nicollette Sheridan & Donna Mills Visit ‘Tamron Hall’ to Talk ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’

UPDATED: Monday November 27th, soap opera favorites, Morgan Fairchild (GH, ex-DAYS, DFT, The City, Dallas, Falcon Crest et al), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing) and Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing) visit with Tamron Hall on her syndicated talk show. (find times in your area here).

The trio is set to give some inside intel to Tamron on their highly-anticipating holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas, set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 2nd (8pm ET/7Pm CT) and streams next day.

As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

Photo: Lifetime

Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ starring Donna, Nicollette, Linda, Morgan and Loni below, followed by the Tamron Hall Show segment.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to watching Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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