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Which Handsome Devil Will GH's Liz Choose?



This week, ABC has released a new promo for General Hospital focusing on the love life of Nurse Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst)!

After Ric (Rick Hearst) returned from the dead, sort of speak, and Jason AKA “Jake” (Billy Miller) did return from the dead, sort of speak, Elizabeth now has two viable suitors! Ric has been doing everything he can to keep “Jake” out of Liz’s life, while “Jake” struggles with his memories, and recently had surgery to remove the brain chip implanted by Helena Cassadine  (Constance Towers) to control him.

Meanwhile, this GH gal has another man that orbits her life in Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) …  and Nikolas knows the truth of “Jake’s” true identity! If Elizabeth were to get more involved with “Jake”, do you think Nikolas would destroy her happiness in an effort to win her back for himself?

Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump. Then let us know the answer to the GH burning question of the week … which handsome devil should Elizabeth choose? Weigh-in below!

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It wont matter if its Jakeson, Ric or Nik whom she picks because sooner or later she’ll realize she made a mistake just as soon as her next pick like Jason is with Sam…Jason will be thinking of Liz breaks up with Sam then a health crisis with Danny pulls Jason and Sam together and Ric moves on with Alexis after Julian and Olivia bonds over their baby and so Liz turns to Nik for comfort just as Britt returns claiming her baby is Niks…poor Liz…she’d be better off with The Three Stooges than facing all the stress Jakeson, Ric and Nik will be causing her…lol

EXACTLY! This character is sooo boring and wishy washy. She only wants them when they’re unavailable.

I forgot very judgmental for someone who is far from perfect.

Soooooo true about Liz…no happy ending for her!!!

Well then somebody better tell the writers because she wanted AJ and he was not unavailable. She wanted Ric and he was not unavailable. She wants Jake and as far as she knows he’s not unavailable.

Uh…who else wanted Ric (this time around?….) The ladies weren’t exactly queuing up for the sheer pleasure of his attention. (Ditto for AJ, save for his heat of the moment hate canoodle with Carly.) If anything, Liz tries to think with her head instead of heart, so she treads very carefully before she leaps….certainly not a bad quality for a conscientious and responsible single mother to possess! Having said that, her ongoing soft spot for Lansing makes my skin crawl…I was so happy to see her send him on his way…even if he will not be ignored. Should this loathsome character remain on the canvas for the foreseeable future, I’d put him back with his ex-spouse, the tiresome Alexis. They deserve each other. (And it would free up Julian for Olivia…or whomever. Seeing that man playing against the younger Sam and Kiki over these past few days has shown how much better he would be with a more junior love interest….he looked quite natural alongside these ladies. I swear that man is ageless! He must certainly have a portrait stashed in the attic ala Dorian Gray!)

I hope I get to find out. Did anyone’s GH get interrupted by Hilary Clinton’s e-mail press conference? Why oh why does ABC do this! Who the hell cares about Hilary, the Clinton’s, or her e-mails! This is breaking news? Why the hell does CNN or FOX exist. Put it on there, its so not important at all. Liz should end up with Michael. They can bore each other to death!

I was interupted by it too…i thought this is what those 24 hr news channels are for…im suprised they dont interupt the channel whenever a Kardashian changes their clothes…if its an emergency situation and about a missing child alert those i dont mind and should be reason for interuptions but stuff like HC email was news at its worse…imo!!!

Its BS! They dont care about the soap fans. They would NEVER interrupt Idol, The Voice, NCIC,, ect.

You’re exactly right, Timmm. Throughout a long soap viewing career, I’ve asked myself whenever they’ve done one of these interruptions whether they’d have interrupted for the same “news,” and only in 5 to 10 percent of the cases could I say they would have. And though these interruptions aren’t the direct cause, that kind of thinking—that it’s just a soap and soap audiences don’t matter—is one of the reasons they’ve lost so many viewers. It manifests itself in all kinds of ways, but the bottom line is contempt, and it shows.

they could just do the ole ticker tape at the bottom for non-news like this.

so for Liz, I’m thinking she’ll choose Jake. and then loose him again (at least temporarily) to Sam after they figure out who he is. If she ever finds out that Nic knew the truth, I’m afraid it will bury any chance with her… and then he’ll know what it feels like to be like the Britch and her lies and secrets she kept from him.

Nik is a hypocrite if he keeps Jake a secret…i only wish Britt was around to rub it in!!!

Yeah, Christy. Nik has been such a disappointment of late. He broke up with Britt because of his impeccably honest nature? I don’t understand why he would keep such a life or death (literally) piece of information from Sam, Jason’s wife. He has no right keeping that from her. It’s perverted and irrational. Did I miss something? Is it about ELQ? I missed about four episodes.
What is going on with Nic and Sloane anyway? What’s up with that?

I am just catching up…..rainy, overcast, lethargic Saturday…
Did you notice the sexual tension between Sloane and Anna when he opened his door with only a towel? Not bad….
I always had a feeling they would get involved in , ohhhh so, dare I say, torrid love affair? I like it.
It’s about time Anna is on the road to a fresh romance. So glad Pukey-Dukey is out of her life.

After watching Friday’s episode, today, ….I assume Nik is Sloane’s “undercover operative”?

I think I’m starting to figure out why Nik is not disclosing Jake’s true identity.
He is obviously working undercover for/with Sloane. The plan is to engage Jake as an undercover operative also…the three working together.
So, if Nik tells Sam that Jake is really Jason,….poof; the undercover plan would be discovered….it would all have been for naught. Cutting off Julian at the knees would be a bust. Yes?

I don’t believe Nic knows Sloane is using Jason (Jason is Sloane’s undercover operative…he’s using him to infiltrate the Jerome’s). If you recall Nicolad told Sloane to cut Jason free, not to press charges, ..that he should never have suffered at the hands of his grandmother. So, it appears Sloane is working without Nic’s knowledge…Who knows? Maybe Sloane is doing so under Helena’s orders..or, more likely, he wants the glory of busting the Jerome family. Either way Sloane’s underhanded.

To add to that, Nicolas wants to take over ELQ. Jason would work to keep the company with Michael and in the Quartermaine family…which is why he doesn’t want Jake to find out who he truly is.

Lol…actually, Clinton, who will probably be running for President…and her use of private emails IS a big deal/story. And as annoying as these interruptions are in the midst of watching a show…I don’t think the news conferences are purposely scheduled during soaps to spite or disrespect the soap viewer. I’m kinda thinking that’s not even a thought that even crossed their minds. However, if you must believe that the timing is deliberate, you should feel complimented…they must think soap fans, who would be tuned in…might be interested in the real world too…

As a lifelong Y&R watcher, I’ve only been watching GH for a couple of years so i’m not that familiar with the history of Liz with all her men but Ric now just comes off to me as pushy and needy and just forcing himself on Elizabeth. I’d prefer he just let her move on with her life.

I’m in the same boat as you, Mr. X.
I must say, though, that I love Liz….both her moderate temper and looks. This is such a hard call to make. From the little I saw, before Rick was MIA, I thought he and Liz were great together.
Nonetheless, the ease between her and Jake is tangible. So, I root for Liz and Jake. Spare me and Jake from a pairing with Sam or Carly.
While Sam/Kelly and Jason/Steve were the IT couple at one time, Jake/Billy is a completely different story. I just can’t see these two together…..Billy’s Jake has not fully blossomed…he is still in bloom. Once his hidden personality is revealed, it’ll be so easy to see how wrong Sam is for him… about boring!

I am hoping she picks Nikolas. I think that is who she truly loves and wants to be with. So give me Niz please General Hospital!

I Think Liz has chemistry with all these guys..The issue is are the writers going to actually give her any of them. I was hoping new jason and Liz would get together since they screwed over the jason and liz history. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to watch because I know the writers are going to do the other couple and none of them have Liz in it. She is the only character on the show that hasn’t gotten the guy in 8-9 yrs now

You said it! It doesn’t matter because she never gets enough airtime. She is only used as set dressing. 🙁

That is so true, Chrystie. I am a fairly new GH fan, but, even so, I have yet to see Liz in a gripping storyline. Why? I don’t get it. She is so good at her craft, but she is never given the opportunity to develop it or her , I am sure, multi-faceted personality.

I agree with you. I don’t know why they don’t give Liz a storyline. She is a great little actress. Guess it’s because she doesn’t always walk around with her boobs hanging out!

That would be SAM!

No, Timmm….That would actually be Sam’s MOM, the exhibitionist also known as “Alexis.” (Note that Sondra used the qualifying word “ALWAYS!” Sam does at least show some restraint on occasion.)

Sam shows restraint? When? I missed it.

I feel like they ruined her chancevwith Nik. They had a lot of palpable chemistry back in the day but the writers had her chose Lucky. They kind of did the same with Liz and Jason but she didnt have quite the same amount of chemistry with Steve back then. Now they are playing around with her and new Jason and she has just as much chemistry with him as she did with Nik but I’m sure the writers will mess it up some how. They always seem to. They don’t seem to like this character very much and i don’t know why. Becky seems just lovely and deserves a good sl with a decent ending.

I think there’s a lot of truth in what you say.

IDA about Liz and old jasons chemistry they had fabulous chemistry. The problem is the writers never write for her to come out the winner. it is always the other couple that get it all.

I agree too.

The character of Elizabeth has been on longer than Carly and longer than Sam yet those two always get ALL the guys and ALL the screen time.

I can still remember the scenes when Jason was nursed back to health by Liz at her loft. Then she painted “The Wind” for him and she started to ride on his motorcycle. Those were such sweet scenes. I loved watching their relationship blossom after Lucky and the fire aftermath. It was just what Liz needed to heal and, dammit, they were GOOD together.

Then they give them a child together only to have it killed? What the … It just proves they do not want Liz and Jason together. What a waste of a terrific talent.

The problem for me is that they gave her too many options at one time…or, like they do with several characters/couples…they have great chemistry…then they either break up or one dies, then they pair the character with someone new and you start liking them together, then the last love comes back and the character as well as the viewer is torn. Lucky and Liz were great together. They just seemed to belong together…from the early days when he helped her through her rape to the exchanged vows they made…then enter Jason. They, too, were great together…loved the above mentioned moments…the bike riding, his visits to her studio, painting..then re-enter Lucky, bring in Sam, break everyone up and put them back together again. I don’t know how, if she gets a choice, she’ll decide. I can’t!

So far who Liz picks is a toss-up for me, plus I’m a little ambivalent about her love life. I like her with Nickolas for certain reasons, and Jake for others. But the Jake thing’s going to get complicated. Then GH wouldn’t be GH if Elizabeth could figure it out. And make it last.

She bores me.

YES! Shes like a huge room with white painted walls!

Personally, I love the connection Ric and Liz have, but I want to see where things go with Jake. He and Liz have great chemistry and I want Liz to be by his side when the truth about who Jake really is comes to be revealed. It will draw Liz and Jason closer to each other, and prevent the one thing I REALLY don’t want to happen – Jake end up with Carly. When he realizes who he really is, Jake needs to distance himself as far as possible from Sonny and Carly. Also, Billy Miller is doing phenomenal in the role so far (as I knew he would), and I love what they are doing with the character.

I want both Ric and Jake to be awesome bachelors ..
I want them both to date hot sexy woman, lots of them, and not be stuck boring Liz..
For once- let the handsome men be bachelors dating lots of women having hot sex! they don’t need to be tied down..

FREEDOM for Jake and Ric !!

this is not the bachelor!

Liz is withy of a new love interest. I want her to move on. She is one of the last ties to the Webber/Hardy family still on the show.

Choosing Jake? Shouldn’t Liz be helping Jake find out who he is first? If he has a wife and kids out there before getting involved? Why get involved with someone who might be married and have a family. I thought she was smart…..I guess not.

Why is that Liz’s problem? she did her part when he first woke up to try and find out who he was. She also helped him get out of trouble. Jake does not seem to worried about who he was, not sure why Liz should be?

He is concerned about his memory loss and he’s mempntioned several times whether he has a wife and child out there. He’s also told Elizabeth he cares for her but is worried about getting involved because he can’t remember who or what he was…obviously flashes oh his past keep surfacing and he expressed his frustration that his latest surgery repressed his memory again. Like the JM that he was, he’s not overl expressive so he doesn’t rant and rave about it, .but he expresses concern.

The perfect man for Liz? Nikolas Cassadine. Come on Liz… go with what you really want, not with who you think you should.

Now that’s who I’m hoping she will end up with and I hope Nikolas don’t mess it up. He needs to tell Liz the truth.

All her choices suck. Siiigh, I still mourn Quiz.

Seriously? I think I have to go with Carly about AJ. Who wants to get stuck with some whining cry baby all the time and the rant he did on Liz about her being the reason little Jake was killed was through for me.

I love Liz so I’m always happy to watch her journey. I do hope this time she gets to be in a relationship for a little while. I’m enjoying Liz and Jake immensely, but will always hope Nikolas and Elizabeth fully commit to one another. They are so passionate and have the potential to be a little volatile, yet there is such a history of nurturing one another.

why can’t these guys find someone they could really be good with?

I might be the only one but I’m still hoping Liz will end up with Patrick.

I like Patrick and Liz as friends

I once did…now i want them just to be friends like Steve Hardy and Jessie Brewer were with only a slight flicker there could be an attraction between them!!!

I can totally get behind that too!

I am hoping she chooses Jake. They are so good together. GH needs to give them a real chance for once.

At one time, I wanted Liz and Patrick as well but I find him to be a shell of what he once was. He’s chosen to ignore any clues about Robin’s possible plight especially knowing Helena never died in the Crichton Clark explosion and was responsible for Jake’s mind control. Likewise, he’s been relegated to being Sam’s lapdog. Liz deserves better.

Hi, Elle.
I can’t get started on Sam…I have said it all (not a fan of Patrick either). Thank you for expressing my exact feelings.
I wanted to point out that my sister’s name is also Elle. But, she has only posted once. If she ever posts again in the future, which I doubt, she’ll add the number 2 after her name, to avoid confusion. LOL. Later.

@Elle….Sadly, the time for Patrick and Liz to bond as a couple has come and gone. They had the perfect moment to bond as a twosome, not to mention create a blended family, when Drake Jr. was mourning the loss of Robin and Liz was there as his initial support system… would have been a most natural progression into a beautiful relationship, but instead the show runners saw fit to impose that utterly ludicrous “Ugly Betty” nonsense into what otherwise could have been an uplifting and logical pairing of people with so much in common. As for Dr. Drake being a “shell” of his former self, it was those mind-numbing months with Sappy that completely sucked the life out of him, and he has never recovered…..God help Michael if he is the next dupe on the “Sapster’s” list to incur that same fate!

Mary, I think Patrick and Liz have great chemistry. And their coupling would bring instant drama seeing Lizzy is Robin’s best friend.
Unfortunately, Robin’s constant bungled arrivals and departures sort of ruined that idea.
I don’t see Sam and Patrick lasting–they just seem like blank buddies.

Honestly Billy could be any character and I would still want him with Liz. IMO, Becky and Billy have off the charts chemistry like no other couple currently in daytime. I don’t have high hopes for a wonderful lasting Liason love story but I do want Liz to finally “win” in a relationship and driving a meaty story line with her own point of view.

I agree with you. They have amazing chemistry.

I couldn’t have said it better.

I am hoping she picks Jake and we get to see a good complicated stour unfold!

Love Miss Elizabeth. I was never sold on the LiRic redo because really who should decide to get back with the guy who almost killed you twice and chained a pregnant woman to a wall? Hoping she will choose Jason. I love that deep down through everything, their connection still exists and that they both feel the pull to each other. I’ve loved Liason for a long time, and I’m hoping that the writers don’t just throw the same boring storylines at us and really give them a shot this time.

I agree, LiRic made no sense at all, when you consider Liz did not trust Ric at all!

i like both jake and nikolas so its hard to pick one, i just want Elizabeth/Rebecca front an center just like all the other girls. so as long as she’s in a storyline i’m happy for Rebecca.

Anyone but Rick. But SOMEONE. Liz deserves to be happy. Love her and Nic and her and Jake. Hated SB’s Jason, but found him tolerable with her–intolerable with Sam. Do NOT want to see Jake with Sam or friends with Spinelli or even Carly.

I know this is not going to be very popular here, but I just think Elizabeth is the most boring character on the show… I don’t ever remember her having chemistry with anyone….

I fast forward through just about every scene she is in..

Did you not watch when her and JJ were together?

Elite Advisors..
I agree with you 🙂
I see zero chem with her and Jake or Ric, she comes off as a sister or mother when she is with them…. Poor bland Elizabeth 🙁

So question if u all think she is SO boring and fast forward threw all her scene… How would u know if she has chemistry and why would u post multiple time to an article about her to repeat the same statement. “She is the most boring character.” She seem to have gotten your attention somewhere. When I dislike a character I may answer the question once but I don’t waste my time after that. I’m done! So she obviously isn’t that boring… Just saying!

Jake! And yes Nik would ruin her happiness with him

I wanted to throw something at my TV when Jake said Sam was not his type! I still feel cheated that they didn’t get the chance to be a family for even five minutes! I know it’s just wishful thinking, but I wish the show would recast Lucky and bring him back for Liz!

Of course Sam is not Jake’s type, he seems to have class!

There are no long term relationships on GH so it really doesn’t matter whom she chooses since it won’t last long. I just hope we don’t have to endure her with Ric Lansing. Maybe it is time for Lucky recast. Why not try her with Patrick, or maybe even Sonny. Liz is one of the few women in town Sonny hasn’t bagged yet.

I for one would like to see her with Nik, and see them make a go of a relationship.

I understand Rebecca is pregnant again. Has anyone heard how that is going to be handled on the show?

I don’t think she is pregnant. I believe it was a joke from her husband. They got a family pet. A baby bunny.

I don’t think she’s pregnant. She & her husband were playing around on Twitter and their “new bundle of joy” is a bunny.

Rebeca is NOT pregnant. LOL The “baby” her husband was Tweeting about was a new baby bunny they got for their kids. Michael is responsible for causing a huge uproar on Twitter with his tweet to Becky asking if he could tell everyone about the “baby”.

Liz is boring. In order to prop her up she needs to be with a guy who is a bad boy. One other way to make Liz interesting is bring back her sister Sarah and have them going after the same man. Sarah was kind of a rebel so she would flesh out some of Liz’s personality. Make her fight a bit.

Sarah was the saint. Liz was the one that smoked ran away and was hell on wheels until the rape…

Thank you. Its been so long since Sarah was on. I still think they should bring the character back and have her in a triangle with Liz.

Some call ‘Class’ boring. I call it Elizabeth.

What?! Liz is NOT always with some guy. Liz was single from 2010 up to when she slept with AJ in August 2013, and that was only ONE time before the dude was arrested. Liz slept once with Ric in May 2014, and the disappeared in witness protection! Liz has been single longer than most women on the show except for Alexis.

I love Becky Herbst and the character of Liz. I hope this time she choose her heart…Jason. Seems like he has already chosen her. Lets’s see if the writers will finally give her a true love story. BH, Liz and her fans deserve it.

Liz is one strong cookie ( dealing with Helena, a the death of her son) and she can handle everything, and everyone.
My choice is Jake/Jason blend.

Go Liz. It’s great to see Liz front and center. So excited to see Liz and Jake relationships progress. They have a amazing love story that has been waiting to come out. They have been friends for years. Can’t wait for some Liz and Jake/Jason happiness. They are both finally on the same page.

Liz would never have chosen to be with Ric in the first place IMO. Yes, being forgiving is not only one of LIz’s best qualities, but it is also one of her biggest faults. Ric will prove soon that he is still the same obsessive controlling man she married and divorced twice.

She and Jake have great chemistry and I really want to see them together. It won’t really matter though, if RC has them write their relationship to be told, not shown, like he did she and Ric.

Whether or not he actually remembers being Jason, or is just told that he is remains to be seen. The one thing we do see is that Liz and Jake have a connection, just like she and Jason always had.

Either way, Liz is strong, she’s a survivor, she has risen from the ashes of the men who she failed and who failed her. I will always root for Liz. and her boys, with or without a man in her life.

I had hoped that FV and RC would give her some new friends, put her in more compelling stories, and let the girl find some happiness for a change. I’m surprised she is even willing to put her heart out there at this point. But alas, they are too busy starting more useless mob wars & chasing ridiculous villains.

First I am a Sam, Carly, Britt, and Liz fan… None of which are boring. If Liz was SO BORING then why all the post? Why would anyone care? Why would she be at the top of the list of favorites every week.

Becky has been paired with JJ a multi award winner, RiH a multi award winner, Steve, Tyler an award winner. She herself is an award winner.

All characters on soaps have to be propped by other character or there is not a show..
The fact is we all have pairings we like and dislike but that’s what makes the show…
If you don’t like them do what are you the only one watching and people like you? No obviously not!! Cause she is always one of the favorite story or no story. That says something. She gets hardly any airtime and she never has a pairing but look at all the post. If I didn’t love her I wouldn’t even bother posting but here you are. Most of the she is so boring posters have posted the same words no less than 3 times in different post. I was laughing by the end of this…

The truth is Liz was not back and forth until tptb wanted to give Jasam angst in 2006. Then they want to rebuild Lucky’s character to sainthood when JJ returned… And they did it by trashing and getting rid of Becky & Tyler…

I was once a diehard Liason fan… Now I wish she was never apart of this return but here we are… So I hope they end up as friends like her and Patrick… Nothing more…

I would love to see her with Nikolas… They are stronger together… They have great chemistry… I hope she ends up with him…

But I love her and Rick they had one of the most soapy rides of any soap couple from him almost killing her to him knowing he loved her….

LL2 are possibly the best teen love story of soap history… And I hope tptb let it go!

I love Liz and Sam interaction no matter which you root for both women bring it… Carly and Liz just rock the screen!

I miss the girls nights out with Liz in the center… I loved her friendship with Emily and even more with Robin… I always want DrO to be Liz’s mother! Britt and Liz would have fought but found common ground!! I could totally see these two being sisters at the end…

So Liz is boring? Well let’s see she has had 2 miscarriages, been held in a crypt, kidnapped by Manny, feed poison by Helena, held captive by DrO, killed a man trying to kill Sam, save her baby from a fire, lost a son, is raising two others on her own… She has lied, cheated, made mistake, played the victim and the hero, faced down a rapist… Stabbed the guy she was in love with and had a breakdown… Yep she sounds So boring to me…

Love Liz, but she should have NEVER been any where near the family “jewels” belonging to Lucky’s brother! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

So does that include that Ewwwww… For Lucky when he and Sarah slept together?
Liz always gets nailed for being with Nikolas but people forget Lucky did it first…
And that is a stable in soaps…

Jason and AJ both slept with Courtney, Carly, and Liz…
Alexis has kids by both Sonny and Rick.

Carly slept with her Mom’s husband. Sam slept with her mom’s husband and Rick and Sonny…

Laura was with Stavros and Stephan…
I could keep going…
But only Liz gets nailed for it…
So what was Nik’s part in it I think he was attacked…

Did Sarah hold Lucky down when they were in bed?

I am sorry but Lucky was not a saint and his screaming at Liz that she was a whore and asking her where the girl he helped from the bushes was cemented my dislike for this character…
Liz was made to look bad to give Lucky sainthood here but let’s look at Lucky…
Lucky first slept with Sarah Liz sister in 2002…
Liz found Lucky in bed with Maxie 2 x before she slept with Jason…
Lucky then to get even for Liz sleeping with Jason the night she caught him for the second time in with Maxie, by claiming in bed with Sam..
But none of that compares with a man basically saying “Why aren’t you still that rape victim I saved.” No that isn’t his exact words and tptb had set it up to be ok for him to say something to that effect by Liz using her rape to keep him from finding out about the affair but that didn’t work on me….
1. I hated the way tptb always had it that Lucky saved her… He didn’t save her… He did what any human being with a compassionate bone would have done…
She had to survive it on her on. When u have been raped. People can be there for u talk to you help you but they can’t save you. Trust me on this…
2. What FV/Guza did in during that time to use the rape storyline to destroy a rape victim was sick, pathetic, and if there way to have them ban from ever writing about rape again… I would do it. Liz rape was one of the most realistic rape stories handled on daytime. It showed very real feelings that the victims go threw…
3. To have a man basically want to keep his x-wife, girlfriend, in that mind set or time or whatever you want to call it so he can be the hero, is just sad. It also shows a very small man that he needs a woman to be a victim for him to be “the man.”
So if you like him, them, or whoever u like or dislike …. I don’t care… My point was In 2010 tptb wanted to trash Liz and Nik to rebuild Lucky to sainthood… They did..
In point of fact TC himself said tptb told him he could not even defend his character at the time… Another point of fact what tptb did to GV….
And if Liz is “So Boring” why do people even bother with her…
Course I read Sam is “So Boring” I think the same thing… If she was that boring why bother with her…
I once loved Lucky but after 2010-2011 I was well over it… The only Lucky I want to see ever again. Is GV and Lusam one of the Best couples ever… And my all time favorite Sam pairing…

I loved LL2 teenage love but I wish they had never revisited it after the fire…

By the time Liz slept with Nik in 2009, she and Lucky had been engaged a couple of times, married and divorced twice, raised Cam and Jake as a family. Nik was around for ALL of it as a friend, Lucky’s brother, Liz’s brother-in-law, and lets not forget Nik and Emily allowed LnL2 to marry at Windermere, so the familiarity of Nik toward Liz was too much like bro/sis, and it was just plain old nasty for those two after a twelve year friendship / family connection to even think about having sex. Lucky sleeping with Sarah was icky after he started having sex with Liz in 2000 and their engagement to be married in 2002. The show destroyed one of the best teenage friendships in Liz, Lucky, and Nik since Emily was already dead for a sleazy Niz affair that trashed all three characters, and left a bad taste in the mouths of some fans.

I absolutely love Liz and Jake. I think they have the potential to be a supercouple. Nik lost his chance when he wanted both Liz and Britt. I was so proud of Liz when she said I will make that choice for you I am getting off this Rollercoaster and he went to britt. Ric lost his chance when he lied to her and let his control freak come out. Proud of Liz again for not making excuses for him and taking him back. Proud of Liz for putting her feelings on the line. She is really growing as a character. I really hope Gh goes with Liz and Jake in the long run because I see no chemistry with Sam and Jake. I see paint drying more appealing than Sam and Jake. Rebecca Herbst and Billy Miller are doing a phenomenal job with their characters. Can not wait to see the Liz and Jake story unfold.

I am so happy to Elizabeth in a promo. I hope she picks Jake. BH and BM have great natural chemistry not “acted” or “forced”. Just love seeing BH/Liz in the spotlight. She always does amazing things with her usual crap story lines. It’s about time she had a choice between guys. Ric did some disgusting things but man I love Rick Hearst. Can’t stand nik and really could stand that bore Jason. Hopefully we will see a new version of Jason. Of course haters are going to hate but let them. Elizabeth can’t be perfect like Carly or Sam who never do anything wrong or waffle between guys. To be so perfect would be sooo boring. Plus I don’t want Elizabeth to be perfect I prefer to watch someone with flaws, who stumbles and falls but picks her self up. Hey if she can’t have Jake can they bring someone who can act, is hot and tall (emphasis on tall) for her GH kinda lacks in those areas.

I know in the soap world, no one finds happiness long term, but it seems like Liz has not had an actual real relationship with any happiness for more than a day or so since Lucky got addicted to drugs in 2005/6. I’d just like to see her in a real loving relationship that may have its issues and ups and downs but something that lasts at least a few months. I mean heck, Sam has had Silas and Patrick the last couple years, Carly had Jax, then Franco until he went over the deep end and now Sonny, lulu has had Dante forever and Olivia had Steve Wevber then Sonny for a while. Liz hasn’t even had a relationship for more than 5 minutes, just ok we have a relationship…oops blink, now it’s done. Give her some longevity like Lulu and Dante where they have obstacles to overcome together for Peres sake

Dante has been stuck with Lulu since his arrival in 2009!

Liz needs a story and a romance with Jake/Jason!

Liz’s first love was Lucky. She was so young 16,when she was raped. Lucky
helped to pull her through the darkness,emotionally and spiritually. They
fell in love and were happy for a long time. Then came Jason, she helped
him after he’d been shot, she nursed him back to health and hid him from
his adversaries. They were the BOMB, the attraction between these two
was palpable. How they finally make love the night the lights go out in PC,
and when she tells him in the elevator she pregnant …. Among other earth
shattering moments between them. He’s the one that got away, the one she
never really got a chance with, her happily ever after… Maybe this time.

NIkolas, and only NIkolas. To be quiet honest she looks like she’s being controlled by Ric, and Jake sucks ther personality out of her.

she had so much personality in the scene with Nik the other day. there is something about their interaction. its so natural. and have great chemistry in every department. I love when they fight too. they look like a real couple.

General Hospital

Steve Burton’s ‘General Hospital’ Return Previews Jason Has Blood on His Hands

Monday, March 4th is the day that Steve Burton returns to General Hospital in the pivotal role of Jason Morgan. The story of Jason’s re-emergence on the canvas has been kept under wraps.

However, PEOPLE has a first-look photo, and in it, Jason has blood on his hand. Not only does he have crimson on him, but he is dressed in black and standing behind a dumpster.

When viewers last saw Jason it was back in November of 2021, when a tunnel collapsed on him as he was attempting to save his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison). For the past two plus years, every one in Port Charles has believed that Jason had died.

Photo: ABC

Burton’s initial run as Jason was from from 1991 till 2012. After exiting and signing on with Y&R to play Dylan McAcoy, the actor eventually returned to the daytime drama that was his home in 2017. Later, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was let go from the series by the end of 2021 for not adhering to the Disney/ABC vaccine mandates at that time.

While away from GH, he rejoined the cast of Days of our Lives in 2023, resuming his original soap role of Harris Michaels that he played in 1988 and the year prior on the Peacock limited-series Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter Two. With the tape schedule well ahead of streaming, Burton will be doing double duty for a short term, where fans can catch him on DAYS, and now on GH.

Photo: JPI

Previously, Burton said on his upcoming GH storyline, “I got to talk to the head writers. This story is going to be sick. It’s gonna be awesome. So, make sure you keep watching, because the pieces of the puzzle are gonna be fit for when I return.”

Fans should also make sure to catch today’s Friday, March 1st episode of GH as Jason’s return story begins to unfold.

So, what do you think will be how Jason returns to GH starting next week on all-new episodes of GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

‘General Hospital’ Reignites Scott’s Feud with Sonny Over His Past Misdeeds of His Late Daughter, Karen Wexler

In what now seems like many moons ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was a small-time mobster who owned a strip club in Port Charles. He enticed a young Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) to work as a stripper at the Paradise Lounge.

But things got worse from there! Sonny convinced Karen that stripping was her idea, and he eventually got her hooked on drugs and into his bed!

Karen’s father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has never forgotten what Sonny did Karen and for years wanted to take him down when he was the D.A. Fast-forward and on Wednesday’s February 28th episode of GH, Scott visited Karen’s gravesite on her birthday.


However, Scott had a visitor at the gravesite when John “Jagger” Cates also showed up to pay respects to his ex-wife.  This was the first time Scott laid eyes on the new incarnation of “Jagger’ on-screen as played by Adam J. Harrington.

Scott realizes he might have an ally to put the screws to Sonny after John reveals the pain and sorrow he still has over what Sonny did to Karen. Speaking to his former son-in-law about the break-up of his daughter’s marriage to him, Scott pipes up that Sonny, “walks around like he’s the mayor.” Then, Scott shouts to John, “Make him pay! Take him out!”‘

Photo: ABC

In Karen’s backstory: after getting help, Karen was reunited with “Jagger” and left Sonny. The two married and left Port Charles. Karen returned as medical student and had divorced “Jagger” in 1997, and the character landed on the General Hospital spinoff soap opera, Port Charles. Eventually, Karen was struck by a car and died. Three actresses played the role during Karen’s history: Cari Shayne, Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson.

Watch Scott and John talk about their vendetta against Sonny Corinthos in key scenes from GH below. Now let us know, do you think Sonny should pay for his manipulation of Karen Wexler many years ago? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Kate Mansi on Her First Scenes with Eva LaRue: “It Was So Tense and Uncomfortable, Which Was So Fun For Us.”

This week, General Hospital viewers have witnessed the arrival of Eva LaRue as Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia. When Natalia blew into her daughter’s life, she also caught Kristina (Kate Mansi) in bed. The next moment, Mansi and LaRue played the awkwardness of the scene.

In the story, and at that point, Natalia apparently didn’t have a clue that her daughter is gay, so finding Kristina is her daughter’s room was puzzling to her.

Kate Mansi spoke to Soap Opera Digest on her introduction to soap veteran LaRue, who has appeared on All My Children as Maria Santos and won a Daytime Emmy for her role as Celeste Rosales on The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

“She just came in like such a freaking pro,” shared Kate on LaRue. “She was so good. It was such a funny first introduction for our characters – it was written so well and it was so tense and uncomfortable, which was so fun for us.”

The two actresses instantly created a bond. As Mansi explained, “Right away, we were doing these funny one-liners back and forth (between scenes). Blaze said something like, ‘Kristina is more than my friend, she’s my partner,’ and then they’d call, ‘Cut!’ and Eva and I would look and each other and we’d be like, ‘She means writing partner,’ or she’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, she means producing partner, right?’ We were just dying laughing.”

Photo: ABC

On Wednesday’s episode of GH, Natalia learned Blaze was gay, but isn’t quite believing her, thinking she had been somehow influenced by Kristina.  In the key scenes, Blaze tells Natalia that Kristina is more than her friend. She’s her girlfriend. Blaze asks if her mother heard what she truly said, and Natalia claims she did, but then starts cleaning up the place as a method of trying to cope with what she just heard.

Things get testy when Blaze says, “Kristina and I…” Next, Natalia cuts her daughter off, firmly saying, “There is no Kristina and you!”

So, did you enjoy the tension-filled scenes between Kate Mansi and Eva LaRue? Are you liking where GH is heading with the story of a disapproving and religious mother, trying to come to terms with her daughter and her girlfriend’s sexuality? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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