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Would Susan Lucci Consider Being A Co-Host For The Revamped THE VIEW?



The press has been all abuzz over the last several days at the changes going on over at The View! First, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd announced their exits, then ABC announced that Rosie O’Donnell  is returning to The View. 

Next, another former The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck slammed Rosie by saying: “I know Rosie very well. We worked together quite closely.  Talk about not securing the border. Here in comes to The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and really in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there.”

Then former co-host Joy Behar, fired back at the comments of Hasselbeck!  And today on The View, Whoopi Goldberg made this statement: “I will do my best to respect the audience, to make sure that we bring you The View that Barbara Walters wanted you to have, which is women talking about issues. We are not little kids. We are grown-ass women.”

So who else will join the panel comprised right now of only Goldberg and O’Donnell … perhaps Devious Maids and former All My Children Icon, Susan Lucci?  In a new interview out today from Smashing Interviews Magazine, writer Melissa Parker asks Susan if she would ever be interested in hosting a talk show and suggested to her that one of their ideas for her was to be a co-host on The View!  Lucci replied:  “I love you, Melissa! You are fantastic (laughs). Thank you so much. Well, I’m sure I would enjoy that.  Yeah. That would be spectacular. I think I could do it in New York, yeah.  When Melissa responded,”That would fit right into your schedule!”  Susan responded back, “It would. Yes.”

So what do you think?  Would it be a kick to see Susan with Rosie and Whoopi?   Do you think ABC should or could be considering Lucci?  Is Susan giving us a hint? Weigh-in on this … and the soap opera that has become the revolving co-hosts of The View!

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No. Susan Lucci is Genvieve on the great Devious Maids. She has moved on. She has plenty of things to do and she’s paid her dues over the years. ABC did her no favors in the last 3 years of her employment. The View needs a diverse cast of WOMEN with a FEMALE Executive Producer at the helm.

Agree.. She is great on Devious Maids and she is gracious and passive to be in “The View”…I love La Lucci but not in this talk show…She should host a Miss Universe show.

To stir the pot reallly good and to get big ratings, why not sign up Ms Sarah Palin..Imagine the drama, LOL.

Or maybe bring in a dude..Maybe Mr Michael Fairman..Talk about ratings.

A gay man who is grounded and loves daytime drama, a lesbian with serious disturbing issues, a black Hollywood/NYC liberal democratic actress, who is set in her ways and its just “so” uncool to imagine life being not to her liberal likings and a republican Alaskan lady who is still stuck in 50’s with her narrow-minded and hateful views.

GO “The View”

Not a right choice for The View… … nooooooooooo

I agree with you, Susan Lucci needs to stay at devious maids. The view no no no.

No. As much as I adore Lucci and her work, the fact is that by my standards….this is beneath her. Don’t get it twisted, I love Rosie and Whoopi too but there’s a difference here. We have seen Rosie and Whoopi do this for years and let’s face it, “The View” is not what it used to be and it is desperate to return to the powerhouse it once was. You can see it this week alone regarding Sherri and all of a sudden her witty banter and cracking jokes at her own circumstance when for the last 6 months she remained the hypocritical wannabe she always has been. Susan deserves a better platform than what The View can offer at this point. This is why they went back to Rosie, they realize they made a huge mistake having her leave and Elisabeth bashing on her return is a clear sign of sour grapes regarding her own dismissal from the show. The only one to truly exit on their own accord was Behar, the rest of them were fired. Susan, gurl stay over at Lifetime and deliver us a season 3 of “Devious Maids.”

Why don’t they cancel the view and bring back LaLucci on a new soap all about Erica!!! I hate the view so much !!

Amen to that.

I’m SO over The View. It would be a miracle if they could get me to watch again. ABC Daytime needs work. I’d love to see la Lucci–IF they also bring back AMC and OLTL. And if she could actually be herself–real.

I do not watch the view nor any talk shows..
I have seen it and found it very hard to tolerate those cackling old hens, gawd they are loud..
I read; lonely people or homebound people love daytime talk shows because they feel involved in conversation, like having company ; sounds logical ..

And if Lucci would go to the view, well that would just add to the noise LOL ..
Nope, the great Lucci could not get me to watch…
But her AMC fans would like it, I’d imagine they would love to listen to her..

I am a big fan of AMC but I would not watch the View even if Susan Lucci was on it. I miss my soap and I miss SL but nothing would get me to watch ABC daytime. There is nothing that would make that show interesting. I don’t know how anyone can watch that show.

No. her voice alone… is too sweet and sickening

she doesn’t speak with a natural ease

she’s histrionic

and she’s actually quite good on Devious Maids

I tend to agree with you Patrick. She always comes across as very forced, very rehearsed, and very…..almost unnecessarily humble and grateful. And maybe she is….that’s something I don’t know. But yes I agree….wrong person for the wrong show. One thing that has defined her throughout all her 40+ years in television is that she always has presented herself with class, grace, and never incited controversy. That doesn’t match with The View, where the hostesses are generally loud, abrupt, often abrasive, and attention seeking. Can you imagine Susan butting in to someone’s conversation, stating her opinion over top of her colleagues, shouting things about politics which she has no knowledge of…etc? She is too genteel for the show…to use an old fashioned word.

I agree, and I love Susan Lucci. I don’t think a talk show is a good idea for her.
You know what former day time drama star would work? Linda Dano. She would be terrific.

saw a blip on a gossip show today… and they were throwing out names on who’d join Whoopie and Rosie

Ta-DA !

Rosie Perez…. fabulous

my other choice… Jennifer Tilly ! Sex


Whoopie : African American
Rosie Perez : Puerto Rican
Rosie : Lesbian
Jennifer Tilly : Chinese/American


I would so tune in

I will preface : I will ALWAYS “love” Ms. Susan Lucci

when my hometown first got television

AMC and GH were the first Serials that caught

Thank the heavens Erica Kane enlived our lives

There’s that, plus her own nature is to be very controlled, prepared, diplomatic and non-confrontational. She doesn’t seem like the type to be comfortable in a freewheeling, often unscripted environment for over an hour.

WELCOME back Rosie O’Donnell

Amen to you Patrick. I love Rosie. The ratings on the view will now go up, because of Rosie. Susan Lucci. stay on devious maids,

Lucci, Lucci, yes, yes!

No, The View needs to go. It is so over and would not be a feather in Susan’s cap. Not the right platform at all.

Maybe it is time for the view to go bye bye.

This week’s announcement boosts your opinion, Lew! ABC and Rosie will part ways soon enough. Or Whoopi will go. THE VIEW is not what it once was.

Why not hire RuPaul…lol

Or Chaz Bono! The ratings would go through the roof with a televised sex reassignment surgery!!! Remember Katie Curric’s televised colonoscopy on the Today Show? Of course, Chad would then be relieved of her/his duties because the genitalia would be different then that of the rest of the panel, I think. Talk about the view!!!

Jim, RuPaul has her own talk show.
Wait, I’m wrong. That’s Wendy Williams.
And 4 Ever Days? I don’t know quite how to respond to that except …..eewwwwww!

I thought rupaul and wendy williams are the same person…lol


No way, she doesn’t come across as real, she’s a safe talker, they would eat her alive on the view, beside the view needs to call it quits, enough already.

Probably not a popular sentiment but, every time I see Susan Lucci as “Susan Lucci” during an interview or something where she isn’t acting a part it still comes across like she is acting a part. I never get a sense of sincerity from her. I doubt she could handle being on The View and having to be real 5 days a week.

Not that I watch THE VIEW anyway, maybe a few moments here and there – but I don’t see it as a proper vehicle for Miss Susan Lucci.
If ABC-TV ever wises up and combines One Life to Live with ALL MY CHILDREN, then I would love to see her return as Erica Kane – but the way things are going, I’m surely not holding my breath for that miracle to happen anytime soon.
I know I’m a broken record but ABC should have NEVER cancelled ALL MY CHILDREN.

If people didn’t watch talk shows, then we wouldn’t be losing the soaps. And people should not feel it’s safe to watch a talk show on a competing network of their soap. The networks are wise to what’s going on with the competition. Wasn’t the one time success of ABC’s The View the inspiration for The Talk?

Nothing will ever get me to watch The View. I love Susan Lucci and miss not seeing her on All My Children. I do not watch ABC anything. The only way I will watch ABC is if AMC comes back. The View is beneath the talents of Susan Lucci. It is time that these stupid talk shows end. Bring back the soaps and give us quality daytime again.

The View I watched in the beginning was new and different. It showcased women from different backgrounds and ages discussing intelligently a wide range of current affairs and topics. But over the years it turned into typical daytime talk,— a mishmash of gossip, celebrities promoting whatever, with beauty, fashion, cooking, cleaning and child rearing tips, which network brass think are the only thing women at home in day care about. The show Ms Walter envisioned and show the network turned into are two different things– at this point it wouldn’t matter who the hosts are because whatever they are talking about for me is no longer worth listening to. And if Susan is smart should would stay away from that show that jumped shark seasons ago.

Huh??? I am SO OVER The View!!!!! I started to lose interest in The View after Joy Behar left. Also, Jenny McCarthy had no business being on The View…AT ALL!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Jenny is so tacky and EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!!!! I’m sad about Sherri Shepherd leaving, though. I’m sorry but Susan Lucci needs to stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from The View. Bottom Line Here: Susan Lucci is WAY BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!!!!! Case closed.


I don’t watch The View anymore. Plus wouldn’t fit on the view. Out of her element.

Maybe once upon a time, Susan Lucci would have been perfect to grace THE VIEW. not now. Ms. Lucci remains ideal. THE VIEW is in shambles and would be beneath her. I would not like Susan Lucci with Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell. They are of different worlds. And ABC Daytime stabbed Ms. Lucci and ALL MY CHILDREN In the back. Tho she is always a team player, Ms. Lucci needs to pursue her acting. I would love to see more of her on television and on the stage.

This show needs to be canceled! I quit watching years ago because of Joy always screaming (Talking) over everyone! Can’t stand loud rude Rosie so I won’t start watching again

ohhh yes! they are loud!!
I can not have that cackling on in my house ..
The View wimmin sound like a hen house at sunrise..

I like Whoopi and Rosie, but really think The View has become obsolete. I know they are cancelling Katie. I think they ought to cancel The View and bring back AMC and OLTL as half hour soaps.

I think Elizabeth’s comments are a desperate attempt to draw attention to her Fox News career. I think Susan has always been wonderful and gracious in every interview. I know she would not get in the middle of any type of argument on that show. I believe having Whoopi and Rosie on the same show is a ticking time bomb. Rosie will just be a panelist, not the moderator. Her ego is too big to handle it.

I think having a male or gay perspective would be nice. – Jesse Palmer and Ross Matthews would be a good choice. How about Ali Wentworth? Linda Dano?

Susan Lucci is too classy for the trash on The View. Glad to see loudmouth Sherri Shepherd go. Not sure about Rosie’s return. I think Leah Remini would be a good fit.

I like Susan Lucci but I still won’t watch the view if I am going to be subjected to Rosie O’Donnell. I am not at all interested in hearing the ultra liberal views of Rosie O’Donell. That’s part of why her own show didn’t last. She’s too far left and shoves her view down everyone else’s throat! Bad pick ABC!

While she did a great job co hosting Regis and Kathie Lee and then Kelly as well as the many Daytime Emmy’s I think i would rather see Lucci work on Devious Maids, Deadly Affairs and hopefully more of Hot In Cleveland and other comedies. she is actually kind of shy in real life as we saw on Dancing with the Stars; very gracious, humble and kind and somehow that may not be the View.

NO…….Susan would develop carpal tunnel syndrome and neck problems from continuously flipping her hair..

I think The View has run its course. For women’s talk shows, The Talk is much much better and less polarizing. Maybe let it go and bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

That show gives intelligent women bad press… women screeching their “views” over one another is terrible t.v…. the few times I am actually home to watch a morning show I actually turned to KL& HODA over the view! That’s how pathetic this show has become…

The ignorant rude crass Rosie is the end of the View…they are desperate and just want to stir the ratings pot a bit. They will for a few weeks maybe months perhaps, but it won’t survive. People will tune in just for curiosity for a while.

Who in their right mind would even sign on to that show now?? No one of any substance….

Their first guest should be Donald Trump if they really want fire!!! What a massacre…

Wow, Susan Lucci is shockingly really good in Devious Maids. ABC should hire her for a sitcom. She is doing an amazing job and really steals the scenes. Nothing wrong with cable but it just does not reach enough people. Come on tv world bring on Susan Lucci to comedy.

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New numbers were just released by ABC that share that during the week of January 15-19 2024: Live with Kelly and Mark hit series highs in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). Interestingly enough, former GH star, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah Drake) appeared on the show that week performing with friend and musician, Richard Marx.)

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Photo: ABC

Overall the Live with Kelly and Mark is up 4%  from the the previous year averaging roughly 2.4M viewers across all of its episodes. ‘Live’ also stands as the season’s No. 1 entertainment talk show across all key Nielsen measures.

Consuleos arrived officially on the season on April 17th 2022 taking over for the departing Ryan Seacrest to co-host the show with Ripa. While many voiced concerns that the on-screen and off-screen coupling might make for lower ratings if they were not entertaining, just the opposite has happened, the series seems in a very healthy place; given the constant downturn in linear ratings and viewership in daytime TV.

Are you enjoying Kelly and Mark as co-hosts compared to Kelly’s other co-hosts through the years? Comment below.

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