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WWE’s Roman Reigns Delivers the ‘Power Performance of the Week’


Yes! You read that right. There was one performance that stood out among the rest last week, and it is that of none other than the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

If you have followed the story of The Bloodline for the last three years on WWE programming, you know that Reigns is the “Tribal Chief”, he runs the show, and everyone else in the family, his cousins, The Usos and Solo Sikoa, have been there as puppets to be manipulated and to keep Reigns in the top spot.

Since Reigns became a heel a few years back, he has added layer after layer to his character.  In every match and every promo or segment, he can play the villain to the crowd, double cross his family or anyone that’s in his way, or pretend like he’s changed for a fleeting moment.

However, the performance Reigns gave on last Friday’s WWE Smackdown on Fox was epic.  In fact, fans on social media and in the arena were touting, “He deserves the Best Actor award” or “Give that man an Oscar.”


So, what was all the praise about? Simply this: after Reigns was put on ‘trial’ by the Usos for his mistreatment of them, and following a video package of Roman at his meanest, he turned the tables and said to the Usos that everything he did was for them.  He went on to say, that the burden of working so hard to support his family and prop them up was becoming to heavy for him to shoulder alone anymore.  He pointed out that they needed him, more than he needed them.

Then came the turn. Reigns stated, that if they didn’t want his help, then they can take it on, because he doesn’t want the responsibility anymore.  Next, when talking about his position as the ‘Tribal Chief’, he told Jey Uso: “I don’t want it anymore. I’m done. Do you want it? It’s yours.”

After that, Roman goes down to his knees in the ring, bursts into tears with a few perfectly streaming down his face.  He takes off the lei around his neck to put around Jey’s and anoint him the new “Tribal Chief”.  In addition, for maximum impact, Reigns ripped off his championship belt and put it on the mat beside him.

However, all of that turned out to be just another master manipulation from the abusive, power-crazed leader of The Bloodline.  Reigns was never going to unburden himself of keeping the family all together, he wants it all selfishly for himself.  At that point, he gives a low blow to Jey Uso and then a vicious attack ensues against Jimmy Uso from Solo and Reigns. All of this ultimately will lead to Jey vs. Roman at SummerSlam.

But we have to say, Reigns was able to make everyone believe, if even for a millisecond, that he had a change of heart, only to sucker us all in with his tears, and show the WWE universe and Hollywood, why he is one of the best performers on television today.

So with that said, Michael Fairman TV names Roman Reign’s work on WWE Smackdown this Power Performance of the Week.  You can check it out below in the video package from the 20-minute opening segment on Smackdown featuring Reigns and the Usos, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman.

What do you think about Roman being our pick for the ‘Power Performance of the Week’? A bit of a departure, we know! Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Why is wrestling on this site? Time to move on I guess, that’s absolutely weird.

Sally…Good question I have been asking myself since wrestling showed up on MF site. Not even close to a fit with soaps. So I figured they paid $’s for the space. I’m finding wrestling also appearing on a mostly music network I like…AXStv. Again not a fit for the network. So I expect it’s $’s they pay.

Hi Michael…Thanks for explaining your reasons for wrestling on your site. Sometimes I think the whole world is a soap opera…both good and not so good. :))))

It just started appearing though what seems out of nowhere. I used to be a wrestling fan back in the good ole days of Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy, Hulk Hogan, and even followed it up to The Rock, lol, so I get it, just doesn’t fit here to me. Just my opinion, but thanks for all the soap news and amazing interviews. Who you need to report on here is Vanderpump Rules, lol. I only binged it because of Scandoval, and guess who’s now caught up in that mess, lol.


WWE Clash at the Castle: CM Punk Costs Drew McIntryre Title Victory in His Home Country

On Saturday, the WWE visited Glasgow, Scotland for the first time in company history for the PLE on Peacock, Clash at the Castle. Five matches took place inside OVO Hydro Arena, and each one had a title on the line.

There were four wrestlers on the card from Scotland, making this even more dramatic, and the crowd in attendance was electric throughout singing, chanting, booing and cheering for their favorites.


The man of the hour in Glasgow was supposed to be Drew McIntyre. This was to be the Scottish warrior’s opportunity to win the WWE Championship belt from Damian Priest. Things looked like a McIntrye win was on the way, but when the referee accidentally got knocked out and Drew hit a Claymore on Priest, he clearly won the match with over a three-count, only with no referee there, it could not be made official.

Photo: WWE

All of a sudden a ref was seen running to ringside and when he slid in the ring to do the official count, he stopped at two! Drew looked up and the camera revealed it was McIntyre’s arch enemy, CM Punk. Next, Drew started to attack Punk, but the “Voice of the Voiceless” gave him a low blow, costing him the match as Priest went on the offense while the original knocked out referee got back the ring just in time for Priest to pin McIntyre with a three-count.

Photo: WWE

It should be noted there was a major botched move and scary moment within the match.  riest tried to jump off the ring but he got his foot caught in the ropes and could not easily be extricated. After minutes, McIntyre was able to flip him up and over to get him out of the ropes. It was clear throughout the match that Priest was injured as he hobbled around for most of it.

Photo: WWE

CODY RHODES VS. AJ STYLES “I Quit” match for the Universal WWE Heavyweight Championship

Has there ever been a babyface as over as Cody Rhodes? We don’t think so. His popularity continues to soar and on this night in Glascow, Scotland, there was nothing but chants of “Cody! Cody Rhodes!”

In the rematch between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for the Universal title, it was an “I quit” match, where the only way you can lose is by saying the word “I quit!” when the referee puts a mic in front of your face, so everyone can hear the words.  That means, it would be an often brutal match.

Photo: WWE

One of the key moments occurred when Mamma Rhodes slapped AJ at ringside, which allowed Cody to recover and throw a chair at Styles who then went backward over the top rope and landed on a table and crashed through it (it was the table strategically placed there earlier in the night that most forgot about during the match).

At that point, Rhodes landed three Cross Rhodes and handcuffed Styles to the ropes as he relentlessly hit him with the chair. Styles didn’t quit yet but when Rhodes brought the steel steps into the ring, Styles all of a sudden uttered, “I Quit.” Cody retains the title. For good measure, and to show he can be a badass too, we guess. Rhodes threw the steps at Style for a punctuation point ending their feud for now.


As Rhodes walked back from the ring, he was accosted by the Bloodline – Solo Sikoa, Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga. However, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton came to “The American Nightmare’s” defense. It was not lost on the WWE Universe, that “The Viper” looked like he may take aim at Cody’s title with some serious looks captured on social media. Could SummerSlam in August feature Randy vs Cody for the title? Stay tuned.

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill vs. Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the Women’s Tag Team titles.

The champs, Belair and Cargill have looked unstoppable and unbeatable with their sheer strength and ability to overpower their opponents. However, on this night, the crowd was firmly behind Scotland’s Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn. In a three-way for the title, the belts can change hands even if the current champions are not involved in the pin. That was the case here. In a shocker, as Belair and Cargill looked like they were about to win after their power combo on Shayna Baszler, it was Isla Dawn who snuck in and got the pin.

Photo: WWE

Cargill and Belair are stunned outside the ring, and Alba and Isla celebrated their massive victory in their home country in front of their families who give them bouquets of flowers at ringside. It should be noted, that Alba Frye tragically lost her mother, less than a month ago when she was hit by a driver in Florida. During the post-show press conference, Triple H said Alba and Isla winning the titles had nothing to do with the loss of Frye’s mother; in terms of the timing of the decision to have the duo win the belts. Now, could this be the end for Jade and Bianca? Will Jade turn heel on Bianca?


Sami Zayn defeated Chad Gable to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship – the main takeaway coming out of the match is the continued disfunction in the Alpha Academy and Otis walking away with an ‘injured’ Maxine, and not helping Gable out when he needed it to win the match. Will Otis now officially turn on Gable?

Bayley defeated Scotland’s Piper Niven to retain the WWE Women’s Championship – Niven gave it her all for the hometown crowed, but Bayley’s in-ring savvy and finisher were too much for her.

What did you think of WWE Clash at the Castle? Let us know in the comment section. 

Make sure to catch the Michael Fairman Channel’s latest episode of ‘What’s Up? Wrestling’ with our ‘Clash at the Castle’ post-show streamed immediately following the PLE below.

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WWE King and Queen of The Ring 2024: Cody Rhodes Defeats Logan Paul to Retain Title; Liv Morgan Wins Women’s Title, Gunther and Nia Jax Crowned

On what seemed on paper as a probable underwhelming Peacock and WWE premium live event, was far from it.  Emanating from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and streaming early in the day or morning the U.S., the 2024 edition of King and Queen of the Ring set up some major storylines heading into SummerSlam in August and even before then.

The main event saw the Undisputed Universal WWE champion, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes battle United States Champion, Logan Paul. But here was the catch, after manipulation by “The Maverick” and his “team”, only Rhodes’ belt was on the line.

Photo: WWE


In the lead up, Paul surrendered his brass knuckles to ring announcer, Michael Cole, so he couldn’t use them, but as predicted, there was more than one pair and more than one way for Paul to get the knucks into the ring, thanks to his entourage, led by Jeff his manager at ringside.

Paul punched Rhodes in the ribs with them. Later, Rhodes accidentally knocked the referee out thus when he had Logan beaten with a three-count following a Cross Rhodes, no one was there to count three. Next, Paul delivered a low blow and was just about to use the brass knuckles again. All of a sudden at ringside, guest announcer, Saudi Arabian actor Ibrahim Al Hajjaj held on to Paul’s foot and kept him from punching out Rhodes.

Cody then had the opening he needed to deliver three Cross Rhodes and after the final one, he says to Paul, “I’m Cody Rhodes, Bitch!” and the rest is history. Rhodes retains the biggest prize in the WWE.

Photo: WWE


The opening bout saw “The Man” Becky Lynch defend the WWE Women’s Championship against Liv Morgan, who has grown more nasty of late. After coming in second on three various occasions which would have led her to title shot, she has managed to secure one here. But not before, injuring then champion, Rhea Ripley and sidelining her.

However, Dominik Mysterio played into the outcome of the match. Earlier in the show, Mysterio revealed he flew to Saudi Arabia to ensure that Morgan didn’t leave with Rhea’s championship.

Photo: WWE

During the back and forth match between Becky and Liv, Mysterio suddenly appeared at ringside when Lynch had Morgan in a Dis-Arm-Her submission hold which ultimately distracted her. Later, he throws chair into the ring for Lynch to use. However, she started arguing with Dirty Dom, and just then. Liv took advantage of the situation and hit a DDT on the chair and then her Oblivion maneuver and it was lights out for Becky. Liv Morgan became a WWE champion for only the second time in her career.


With the Q&K winner’s getting a title shot at SummerSlam, Gunther bested Randy “The Viper” Orton in what was a grueling match. However, the ending is marred in controversy. Gunther pinned Randy Orton after kicking out of on RKO because he punched the “injured” knee of Orton, which happened at the hands of the Bloodline on Friday Night SmackDown.

From the camera angle, it was clear that Orton’s left shoulder was not down on the mat, so it appeared like a mess-up. However, it seems odd that Gunther made no effort to ensure the other shoulder was down, leading one to believe a rematch or a fatal three-way may be on the horizon. Triple H took to social media afterwards and said the referee’s decision stands.  So where will this lead? Stay-tuned.

Photo: WWE

Nia Jax beat Lyra Valkerie to become your new ‘Queen’, even though the young upstart delivered a strong performance. However, Jax was just too big and too savvy. When Lyra attemped to flip under Jax for a powerbomb off the top rope, Nia was able to gather her footing on the second rope and slammed herself upon Valkerie, butt down, onto her chest  When Jax sat down on top of Valkerie it was with arms-folded for the victory.

Photo: WWE

After Triple H gave Jax the ‘Queen of the Ring’ crown, Nia taunted the crowd as did Gunther when he was crowned ‘King.’ Looks like it could be Nia vs, Bayley at SummerSlam, and as for Gunther, he said he wanted to go for the WWE Championship which is currently held by Damian Priest. But for how long? Triple H announced that Drew McIntrye is medically cleared to face Priest in Drew’s home country at Clash at the Castle in just a few weeks for that very championship.

Photo: WWE


The hometown crowd in Jeddah was all about Sami Zayn who hails from the Middle East.  Zayn was defending his Intercontinental title against Chad Gable with Otis at ringside and Bronson Reed. The match had plenty of heat from the crowd. Things broke down late in the match when Gable wanted Otis to clothesline Zayn. Otis hesitated, so when he finally decided to do what Gable said, Zayn ducked out of the way and Gable got the brunt of it, leaving the former tag partners at massive odds. That allowed, Zayn to pin Bronson and retain his championship.


The matches were solid. So, we are giving this PLE an A, with the best match of the night Cody vs. Logan, and Gunther getting a title shot he deserves, shoulders pinned down of Orton’s, or not!

What did you think of the 2024 WWE King and Queen of the Ring matches, results and storylines? Comment below.

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WWE Reveals WrestleMania 41 Host City as Las Vegas in April 2025

It was seemingly down to the tale of two cities, would it be Minneapolis or Las Vegas that would host WrestleMania 41 next year? On May 4th, following WWE Backlash in Lyon, France streaming on Peacock, the official announcement was made.

Opting for the warmer climate, the WWE in conjunction with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, revealed that Las Vegas will host WrestleMania 41 at Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20, 2025.

“Las Vegas is the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World. Allegiant Stadium has proven to be even greater than the A+ venue Las Vegas guaranteed it would be,” said Nick Khan, WWE President. “We look forward to bringing WWE’s biggest event, WrestleMania, to Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium so we can collectively make WrestleMania 41 on April 19 & 20, 2025, the most successful WWE event of all time.”

“Bringing the iconic global brands of WWE and Las Vegas together will create what is sure to be an unforgettable event and weekend,” said Steve Hill, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority President & CEO. “As the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World, hosting WrestleMania 41 is the perfect addition to our events calendar, and we can’t wait to welcome the WWE Universe to Las Vegas in 2025.”

In addition to the two-night stadium event, WWE will bring RawSmackDown, NXT Stand & Deliver, WWE World and the 2025 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony to Las Vegas, as well as a variety of community outreach events designed to give back to the local region.

This past April, WrestleMania 40 took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, and had a combined attendance of 145,298 for the two-night event. WrestleMania 40 became the most successful and highest-grossing event in company history, and the WWE will aim to break that record next year in Las Vegas.

The last time WrestleMania was in Las Vegas was back in 1993 when it was held at Caesars Palace and was the first WrestleMania event to be held outdoors.

So, what do you think of Las Vegas becoming the host city for WrestleMania 41? Do you think this year’s cold climate in Philadelphia swayed the decision against Minneapolis? Will The Rock return as “The Final Boss” to battle WWE Universal Champion, Cody Rhodes, next year at WrestleMania? Stay tuned.

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