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Y&R Recap – March 12 – March 16th



Sharon agrees to take Victor’s job offer, but has concerns about working closely with Nick. Meanwhile, Nick tries to convince Phyllis that he’s no longer connected to Sharon. Later, Victor informs Nick that he wants him to head up the new cosmetics line with Sharon. Daisy informs Daniel she wants to raise Lucy together as a family. Phyllis tries to see Lucy, but Daniel asks her to leave. Daisy approaches with a social worker, who demands that Phyllis hand Lucy over to her mother. The social worker advises Daisy to take out a restraining order against Phyllis. Jack and Paul meet to discuss their desire to get justice for Victor and Adam. Jack makes a phone call that launches their plan against Adam. Later, Spencer informs Adam that he’s wanted for questioning about Patty Williams. At the police station, Spencer informs Adam that he has signed statements from people who heard Adam admit his guilt. Paul and Jack reveal they’ve reported everything that Adam confessed. Later, Victor arrives and informs Adam that he’s there to help him.

Spencer releases Adam without being charged. Victor offers Michael’s legal services to Adam, but Adam refuses. Ashley informs Tucker about Jabot’s battle against Beauty of Nature for the Mitsukoshi cosmetics account. Later, Sofia informs Tucker that she has decided to return from maternity leave. Jill and Cane meet up with Ashley to discuss their strategy to beat out Beauty of Nature. Cane suggests that they attend the upcoming Mitsukoshi convention. Ashley agrees and decides to send Jill to Japan – tomorrow. Nikki expresses her frustrations with Victor to Katherine. Katherine suggests Nikki plan something for Victor’s birthday tomorrow. Genevieve reveals to Victoria her determination to defeat Jabot in the battle for the Mitsukoshi deal. Genevieve proposes asking Victor for advice. Victoria warns her that Victor can’t be trusted. Sharon presents Victor with a birthday gift of tickets to the Lyric Opera. When Nikki arrives, Nikki and Victor get in a fight over his actions.

Sharon starts her first day at Newman and overhears Tucker, Lauren, and some other board members complaining about Victor’s decision to hire her. Meanwhile, Chelsea informs Adam about the emergency board meeting. Genevieve informs Victor that she plans to pursue the Mitsukoshi contract for Beauty of Nature. She offers to have Davis Holloway vote in Victor’s favor at the board meeting in exchange for help with Mitsukoshi. At the board meeting, Adam supports Victor’s new idea. With Davis’ vote, Victor’s idea passes. Nikki informs Victoria, Nick, and Abby that she’s hosting a birthday party for Victor at the club today. Nikki is annoyed as Victor arrives at his birthday party with Sharon. Later, Nikki informs Victor that they need to take a break from each other. Victor becomes angry and storms off. Genevieve brags to Victoria that she made a deal with Victor and now knows the secret to defeat Jabot in the Mitsukoshi bid. She reveals that she is leaving for Japan. In Japan, Genevieve waits in a tea house to meet her contact. She’s surprised when Victor enters. At the coffeehouse, Adam notices a sudden flash of light. He visits an eye doctor, who is impressed by Adam’s progress. Adam asks the doctor not to reveal he is regaining his sight. At Billy and Victoria’s, Chelsea is surprised to find Nikki is moving in while they are away. In Los Angeles, Victoria surprises Billy for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.


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I am a bit sick of the show lately..MAB has been ignoring writing a good story for Lauren and Michael ever since she started..They can take this show and shove it cause its just the same people who get the stories and the same old crap over and these people have any imagination at all.

kay killgore
kay killgore

Well can you really say you would miss this show if it got canceled?


THE BACHELORETTE: Katie Chooses Her Final Four

It got pretty “serious” on Monday’s key episode of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.  For Katie had to choose the men who would move on to the all-important ‘hometowns’, where Thurston meets family members/parents of her suitors.

There was the predictable and the unpredictable within the two-hour installment.  As predicted, Greg, after finally getting another one-on-one with Katie, cemented his spot in the ‘hometowns’, but of course, you can clearly see emotion and conflict within him.  He has seemingly become more uncomfortable with the fact that Katie is dating other men, and that he could be left heartbroken in the end on top of recently losing his father.  Katie reassures him that their connection is real and attempts to tell the producers in her testimonial that she is “falling in love with Greg” but can’t say or get the order of those words right.  Freudian slip?

Brendan takes the bulls by the horn and goes to Katie’s room after once-again not receiving a one-on-one date with her.  Since he took the initiative to stop by her hotel room unannounced, she also lowers the boom on him and says she is just not there with him and she has stronger connections with the other guys, so he is sent packing.

In another one-on-one date, virgin Mike P. and Katie were put into a cringeworthy cuddling session with a “cuddling expert”, while laughing through their unease of the situation.  Mike compared Katie to his mother, which probably gave Katie some weird vibes.  Later, instead of finishing the date, she sent Mike home.  Another one bites the dust.

During the group date with Justin, Michael A., Andrew, and Blake, it was Blake who said to Katie that he was not in love with her yet.  Meanwhile, Justin aced the group art date competition.  Michael A. loved that Katie said all the right things about having his son in their lives and in the equation, (although you can see Michael struggling to be away from his little boy) and Andrew said he still had dreams to play football and reminds her of their bond with nice, over-the-top gestures.

Photo: ABC

At the group date finale, Michael A. was awarded the rose.  With two guys in for the ‘hometowns’, it was time for the last two to be picked from the three remaining contestants at the rose ceremony.  Katie kept Justin and Blake and sent Andrew home in a gut-wrenching emotional goodbye scene, ‘Bachelorette’-style.

Katie seemed uncertain and torn up by her decision to ax him, while Andrew was blindsided as was driven away in tears in the limo.  Fast-forward to the next morning, Andrew comes to visit Katie in her room! Happy and surprised to see him, Andrew says he did not want their final moments together to be the way it ended at the rose ceremony.  As they say their goodbyes, Andrew leaves Katie a card.  She opens it when he leaves.  It reads “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.”  Katie becomes frantic and emotional and goes running after him in the hotel.  She then offers Andrew a chance to stay in the competition, and he turns her down, for Andrew, did not want to put himself at another rose ceremony and go through that again, if she ultimately eliminated him from the competition.  They hug and have one final kiss, and Andrew makes his final exit.

So, did Katie choose the right final four for her? What are your thoughts on Greg, Justin. Michael A. and Blake? Who will get the final rose? Comment below.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill Learns the Truth About Justin’s Deception

On Wednesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, longtime soap vet, Don Diamont (Bill) turned in one of his best performances as Dollar Bill Spencer finds out the depth of Justin’s betrayal, and Aaron D. Spears (Justin) also delivered in these highly-charged moments.

In key scenes, after being released from prison and back at his office at Spencer Publications – while reuniting with his son, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and his beloved Katie (Heather Tom) – Bill learns from Thomas of Justin’s (Aaron D. Spears) machinations.  It was those machinations that kept Liam (Scott Clifton) and Bill in the slammer, and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) locked in a cage.

Until Justin had a last minute change of heart and did not delete all the messages and recordings from Thomas’ phone from Vinny that was the evidence to clear both Liam and Bill; things would have gone even more horribly awry.

Once Bill is informed of just what Justin did, he confronts him and clears out of his office to leave the two longtime friends, and business associates alone for a massive showdown.  In the scenes, Justin tries to make Bill understand he wanted to grab the power that Bill has always had.

However, in the end, Bill tells Justin he is ‘dead’ to him and their longtime relationship appears to be fractured forever.  But will Bill somehow, someway, come to understand Justin’s motives as something he might have done once in a his life?  Time will tell.

Watch the performances featuring Don and Aaron below.

UPDATED as of 7/18, Don and Aaron took home the Power Performance of the Week honors for their work here.

Now let us know, what did you think about the confrontation/showdown between Bill and Justin in the comment section and what will be the fallout?

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Austin Reveals His True Identity

Leave it to many GH fans who guessed right as to just who Roger Howarth’s new character of Austin will turn out to be!  On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama series, we learned the last name of the character who is related to the Quartermaine’s.

For weeks, Austin has seemed to be fixated on Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and the Q’s and now with this cliffhanger of a reveal we know why.

At a key family business meeting at the Q’s, Scott (Kin Shriner) who now seems in cahoots with Austin for a piece of the Quartermaine pie, brings Austin to the gathering.


When Austin arrives, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) looks none-to-pleased!  She clearly knows the guy.  When Michael struts up to Austin asking who he is and what is he doing here … Austin introduced himself as Austin Gaitlin-Holt.  Michael and everyone else look a bit perplexed as we fade to black.

However, GH history buffs know that Jimmy Lee Holt was the son of Edward Quartermaine and his mistress Beatrice LeSuer.  Jimmy Lee did some pretty reprehensible things while he was in Port Charles.  When he left he married Charity Gaitlin.  Upon the death of Edward Q. back in 2012, Jimmy Lee was left out of his inheritance.  Therein must lie some of the story…. and now Roger Howarth fans eagerly await to see how this new doctor in town and Quartermaine turns out to be.  Will he be a bad boy, or a misunderstood good guy?  We shall see.

So, what did you think of Austin being revealed to be Austin Gaitlin-Holt? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and also cast your vote in our poll on Roger’s new character below.

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Video du Jour

GH’s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) chats with Michael Fairman about Britt being on the run with Jason, their burgeoning romance, working with Steve Burton and her other co-star and Britt’s diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease. .Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Don Diamont as Bill & Aaron D. Spears as Justin

The Bold and the Beautiful

Airdate: 7-14-2021