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Y&R Recap – May 23- May 27th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios


Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Ashley becomes irritated when Michael begins to pry about what she remembers from the accident. Abby offers to take the blame for what happened. Colin sits with Caleb praising a job well done on their plot to make Lily appear crazy by thinking he is Cane’s ghost. Caleb threatens to take matters into his own hands to get the twins back to Australia. Neil arrives to assist Kay in developing a statement addressing the stockholders at McCall Unlimited. Sofia is surprised to learn that Tucker has a son. Kay instructs Neil to reverse the course of acquiring Newman stock. Lily becomes defensive when Jill questions how she and the twins are holding up. When the doctor arrives, she expresses concern for Lily due to her missing their last few meetings. Kay refuses to let Ashley near Tucker after learning that she is being charged with attempted murder. Lily arrives back at home and finds “Cane” there. Caleb expresses to Lily he is worried that soon her family will learn of their meetings. Lily assures Caleb she will risk everything for him.

­Jack and Traci discuss their concern over Ashley’s lurking charges attempted murder. Jack has an uncomfortable run-in with Victor. Kay explains to Ashley that she is taking every precaution to ensure Tucker’s safety, which includes keeping Ashley away from him. Kay adds that she believes it will be best for Jabot if Ashley resigns. Chance is surprised with a trip to Los Angeles, courtesy of Nina. He breaks the news that he has already reenlisted for a military position overseas. Heather greets the two of them and is startled when Nina explodes, exclaiming Heather is the reason Chance is leaving. Daniel arrives at Phyllis’ penthouse with good news of Lucy’s homecoming from CPS. Phyllis briefly leaves and Daniel checks a voicemail from Victoria, who spills her heart to him. When Phyllis returns she finds that Lucy and Daniel are gone, and he’s left a note. Daniel arrives at Billy and Victoria’s with good news. Victor pulls for Victoria to head up Jabot, and Kay acknowledges her capabilities. Jack also makes an interesting and captivating offer to Kay.

­Phyllis bursts into Billy and Victoria’s home demanding answers. After a heated confrontation between her, Daniel and Billy, Phyllis threatens that she will be back to get Lucy. She later unleashes her anger on Daniel about leaving without as much as a phone call. Daniel informs her that he and Lucy are moving.  Heather is rattled as Nina accuses her of being the reason Chance reenlisted for duty. Chance does his best to defend Heather and his choice to reenlist. Kay is heartbroken when she runs into Sergeant Louis Goldman, who has come to bring Chance his deployment orders for Afghanistan. She informs Paul she needs his help to search for Tucker’s son. Sam pays a visit to a distracted Sharon in the barn. She accidentally makes a comment about Cassie and explains to Sam that Cassie was her daughter who passed away. Sam offers to make her dinner up at the main house. Adam approaches Faith and Nick becomes furious when he notices. Diane approaches the two feuding men and slyly slips her arm through Adam, smugly smiling as she greets a confused Nick.  Phyllis begins a blog with an unfriendly headline.

­Lily informs Sofia that it would help a lot if she could explains to Neil, Jill, and Colin that she just needs time to heal on her own. Colin informs Caleb that he feels that the Winters are beginning to worry about Lily’s mental state. The two continue their discussion of their devious plan. Rafe stops by Billy and Victoria’s house, and is startled to see Lucy in her playpen. He advises that it’s not a wise choice to have Lucy at their home before the adoption is finalized. Billy and Victoria become furious as they read Phyllis’ latest blog post. Phyllis opens her door to Billy’s pounding fist. Billy abruptly makes a shocking announcement to Phyllis. Lily returns from checking on the babies to find “Cane.” She expresses that she wants to feed the twins and then make love to him. Cane reveals he wishes they could get away from all the prying eyes and build their little family, but Lily becomes slightly panicked. A concerned Neil finds Lily beginning to slowly unravel. She confides that she feels like she is losing her mind and asks for his help. Caleb gets one more pat on the back from Colin for a job well done. As Colin leaves Caleb whispers to someone.

­Caleb is still fuming about his hatred for Colin to his mystery female ally. Colin approaches and informs Caleb that he just got off a call with Neil, who is concerned about Lily. Lily begs Neil to take Mattie and Charlie away, and he suggests that she and the twins move in with him. They agree to meet back at his house. Nikki is stunned to see a remorseful Abby speak to the group at her AA meeting. Victor and asks Kay discuss her impending decision about who will head Jabot. Nikki approaches as Kay leaves, and confides in Victor that she is fearful Abby was the one who ran down Tucker. Doris brings news to Nick that due to Sharon’s cause of death, the insurance company is withholding the money she intended to use for a scholarship fund. Nick and Adam partner up to make a televised announcement. Nick gets a call from their contact at the Forensic Sciences Institute of Albuquerque, who has news for him

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Great rundown, Michael.I still believe that the real Cane is alive and pretending to be Caleb instead of vice a versa. I know it’s far fetched, but I’m sticking with it. And why does Colin want the babies? That still has to be addressed.. Chance left before and I say ,goodbye, I won’t miss you. Now, we should get rid of Heather. To many uninteresting characters floating around. But, I still am invested in Y&R……………..


A little off-description. There is no dinner in the main house — Sam brings it to the barn and that is where they eat.

Also, why no mention of Sharon breaking the glass with the mention of “pasta primavera” — a complete throwback to her first Thanksgiving dinner with Adam. And further why no mention of Adam’s very emotional description of his feelings for Sharon, wherein Diane comments that he has a lot of his mother, as well as his father.

Sounds like selective description to me. That is why I watch the youtubes for myself.


B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Delivers The ‘Power Performance of the Week’

This entire week, Daytime Emmy winner, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) has been acting her heart out as viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful watched Steffy’s quick descent into drug addiction take complete hold of her, thanks in part to a “gift” from Vinny!

What the story has allowed the writers, Wood, and the daytime drama to do is play the beats of what may have felt swept under the rug – the devastation of Steffy having “Phoebe” (who was actually baby Beth) taken from her and returned to her biological mother, Hope (Annika Noelle)- and it was then Hope who also got the man Steffy loved, Liam (Scott Clifton), back in her life –  leaving Steffy feeling alone, abandoned, and vulnerable.

Throughout this week’s airshows, Steffy tried to hide and deny her pill-popping from Liam who found her passed out on the couch, unresponsive, and their daughter, Kelly, unattended to, which began the series of scenes pitting them against each other.  But where Jacqui hit the home run, and is certainly now a front-runner for the Lead Actress trophy come next year’s 48th annual Daytime Emmys competition, was on Friday’s heartbreaking episode.

In story, after Kelly was taken by Liam, Steffy has come to get her child back and take her home, while strung out.  Liam, Hope and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) try to reason with Steffy to let Kelly stay with them while she takes care of herself and then she can have Kelly back.  However, Steffy gets further agitated that she doesn’t need help or therapy; she just needs her daughter!

Steffy demands Hope get out of her way as she is going to get Kelly… but just then Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) enters.  Steffy pleads with her father to help her through her tears saying that Liam and Hope stole Kelly, and are keeping her in the cabin with Donna. Ridge is annoyed at first and wants an explanation. Brooke tells him there’s a lot going on he doesn’t realize.

Liam pipes up and tells Ridge that Steffy’s been abusing pain pills and he hopes he will listen to him and help Steffy now.  Ridge doesn’t think Steffy would lie about taking pills but Liam explains how he found the bottle of pills. Now cornered, Steffy breaks down and admits she took a few pills, because she has been in so much pain and going through such a difficult time since the accident, and even before that!  She also tells her father how the Logans are once again destroying the Forresters, and how he chose Brooke over Taylor, and how Liam left her for Hope.   Ridge says they will get her help, but Steffy is not interested, and won’t have it, and pulls a switchblade on the group demanding Kelly be returned to her.


It is then Ridge asks her now that she has the blade out; what is her plan? What is her next step?  Realizing what she is doing, Steffy cries and drops the knife. But not before saying that she’ll never forgive Ridge or any of them for what they are doing to her.  She runs out, while Ridge goes after her, leaving Liam devastated.

This performance by Wood was so gut-wrenching that Michael Fairman TV names Jacqueline’s work the Power Performance of the Week.

Watch the final seven minutes of Friday’s episode of Wood’s tour de force performance.  Then let us know what you thought of Jacqueline in this week’s episodes on B&B via the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Who is DAYS Gwen Really? What is Her Vendetta Against Abigail All About?

We have a new psycho in Salem, and she is played to perfection by Emily O’Brien who has been bringing her brand of quirky evil to the NBC soap opera as Gwen.  Soap fans, of course, remember her as Jana Hawkes on The Young and the Restless from 2006-2011.

Ron Carlivati and his DAYS writing team certainly have some tricks up their sleeve where Gwen is concerned as viewers recently found out she was behind slipping Abigail (Marci Miller) the drug months ago causing her hallucinations.

Photo: JPI

But Gwen is even much darker than we think, when several key clues and moments were revealed on Friday’s episode of DAYS when she went to visit her conspirator in prison, Dr. Rolf (William Utay).

During the exchange, we learn Gwen has been getting the mind-altering drug from one of Dr. Rolf’s concoctions.  She reveals to him that their plan has hit the proverbial snag.  The drug did not dismantle Abigail as she had hoped.  We also learn while she was in the mental institution – Bayview – that is how she tracked Rolf down by researching the drug he had created.

And it appears, Rolf hates Abigail too, citing he always saw her as  thorn in Stefano’s side.  It is then Gwen says he wants another dose of the drug to “melt Abby’s brain!”  Rolf says without anyone else to take the fall for it, he can’t come up with it.

He suggests to her to alter her plan and to instead destroy Abigail’s life piece by piece … and go for the long game instead of the short term – take everything that is near and dear from her including her husband, children, home, everything.

But, what does come to light is that even Dr. Rolf does not know why Gwen wants to destroy Abigail.  That is when Gwen shares she has very good reason to hate Abigail, and he, along with everyone else, will find out why when the time is right.

So, what are your theories?  Who is Gwen?  Is she a character with plastic surgery?  Could she be a sister no one knew Abigail had?  A former mental patient who Abby knew when she was getting help a few years back? And what is her gripe with Abigail all about?  Comment below!

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Dancing with the Stars

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Chrishell Stause Has a Comeback, Kaitlyn Bristowe Overcomes Injury, One Couple Is Eliminated

On Tuesday evenings second night of competition in the new season of Dancing with the Stars, three former soap stars took to the ballroom dance floor in a night which also featured for the first time this season … the viewers vote counting for 50% of the total score, and one couple being sent home.

The “drama” of the episode was if former ‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe’s ankle would be OK enough for her to dance her routine.  With her being placed at the end of the show and then “wowing” everyone – it was hard to know how bad the injury was, but, as she detailed on the show she did receive a cortisone shot before performing and changed shoes to help her get through.

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Chrishell Stause, the former AMC, DAYS and Y&R star, currently on the reality hit, Selling Sunset, showed improvement, while ex- Passions, Desperate Housewives and Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe continued to bring the heat – although the judges want him to dance with less use of his facial expressions – and Daytime Emmy winner Anne Heche (Ex- Vicky/Marley, AW)  continued to be having the time of her life from her performances.

Here’a what went down…

Kaitlyn Bristowe and partner Artem Chigvintsev (Foxtrot): Performing to Leann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” and with the uncertainty of if she would dance at all, Bristowe, who wanted to be a dancer, got major kudos from the judges for her dramatic lines and moves fluidly through the dance floor and closed the night – combined total score of last week and this week 42 out of 60

Photo: ABC

Anne Heche and partner Keo Mostepe (Foxtrot): Performing to One Republic’s “Counting Stars”,  Heche revealed this was one of her favorite songs, and she also revealed this dance was to honor her two sons.  Although the judges did not feel Heche delivered as strongly with this performance than in the season opener, Anne still looked like she was enjoying every second of being on the floor – combined total score 36 out of 60

Chrishell Stause and partner Gleb Savchenko (Rumba):  Stause showed her vulnerability including sharing a story from her childhood past.  Then then duo danced to “This Is Me” from the Greatest Showman.  During the performance, Stause looked more fluid on the floor than the previous week and was praised for her improvement  – Combined total score 31 out of 60

Photo: ABC

Jesse Metcalfe and partner Sharna Burgess (Foxtror): This duo performed to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and played up their chemistry on the floor. The critique from the judges had more to do with Jesse not looking so intense, and also his posture, but all told they did well – Combined score was 38 out of 60.

Now to the first elimination:  Carole Baskin and Charles Oakley were the celebrities in the bottom two.   It was up to the judges to decide which celebrity would be saved.  Bruno picked Charles, but Carrie Ann picked Carole, leaving Derek to cast the deciding vote … and he saved Carole.

So what did you think of how Chrishell, Anne and Jesse did on last night’s DWTS?  Did the right celeb get sent packing? What did you think of Kaitlyn’s dance and ankle injury? Comment below, but first check out their dances.

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Video du Jour

B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood deliver the Power Performance of the Week as Steffy’s drug addiction leads to a confrontation and intervention by her loved ones with dire consequences.  Here is the last seven minutes that featured Emmy-winner Wood at her best. Leave A Comment

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