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Y&R’s Courtney Hope Talks On Sally Losing Her Baby, The Emotional Scenes, Adam & Nick, and the Story’s Profound Effect

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A mother losing her baby has often been told on soap opera. However, the aftermath as executed on last week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless, was, in particular, heartbreaking.

At the epicenter of it was Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), pregnant with Adam’s (Mark Grossman) baby, and with her current boyfriend and Adam’s brother, Nick (Joshua Morrow). nowhere to be found (he was off saving Sharon and Faith from the clutches of Cameron Kirsten), it was Adam who had to step up and make the decision … save the life of Sally, or their baby? He chose Sally, and the baby died, leaving Sally absolutely devastated and blaming Adam for his choice.

In magnificent performances by Courtney Hope, along with Mark Grossman, Sally’s pain and trying to cope with the loss struck a nerve in so many viewers, both men and women alike, who have at some point suffered the loss of a child, from whether a baby was stillborn to losing a child later in life.

Michael Fairman TV spoke with Courtney on: playing the scenes that were so emotionally-draining, working with Joshua and Mark in key moments in Sally’s loss, if she sees Adam as Sally’s true love, and some recent online theories that maybe the child is somehow alive. Hope’s work is also our choice for the Power Performance of the Week. Here’s what she shared on the moving storyline and more.

This performance of yours has been just amazing and gut-wrenching. I was looking on my site and I haven’t seen anything quite like this in a really long time. People are sharing their stories of losing a baby in the comment section after what you had written your Instagram story about portraying the loss of a baby. That’s what can be amazingly powerful in this medium, to know how affected viewers were on the portrayal and the story. I will share what one woman said: “I lost my baby girl.  She was taken from me, and my husband at the time made the decision for them to take my girl and save my life and I refused to let her go. I had the nurse being there to hold and sing a song to her. She’s always with me. This episode was so epic for me. I never forgave the doctor or my husband. I cried and left the hospital 70 pounds lighter. I wouldn’t eat, I didn’t take the drugs. I died inside. Thank you for your portrayal. This is a great story. You did a terrific job. God bless all mothers who’ve lost their one and only.”

COURTNEY: I’ve received so many stories as well. It’s just been beautiful to witness. Some women, they’ll post about it and then someone else will comment on theirs and then they end up in a dialogue. It’s just very profound.


At what point did you know that Sally was going to lose the baby? Did you know this from the beginning of the storyline, or did you find out when you opened your script one day?

COURTNEY: No, I found out about a month before it happened. When I found out I was heartbroken, and when I found out it was right before I was about to shoot some scenes. I remember after I got done, I was getting ready to drive home and I actually cried a little bit.  It was so sad. I wanted that baby for Sally for so long and with Adam.

In hindsight, you probably wish you hadn’t known about it, but they had to tell you.

COURTNEY: I know! When they called me to tell me she would lose the baby, I was like, “What? You’re kidding?” One of the producers is the one that told me. I was like, “Oh, my God.” Then, they told me how it’s going to happen. Not in detail, but like “this is the synopsis of how it happens.”  I just was immediately heartbroken. I am glad that I did find out because I immediately that night went to the drawing board and really started to gather other people’s stories and really sat with it.  I was able to have that month to really sit in that loss and what that would look like.


It was anguishing just for the viewers. How did you get through the actual taping and then how did you feel afterwards? Were you like, “OK, I’m going to go home now,” or were you so deeply affected and that couldn’t get back to your own life?

COURTNEY: My body absolutely went through it. I was exhausted. I know the last day when Sally says, ” I would like to see my baby now,” my brother and his girlfriend actually messaged me right before I went on set and said, they were at a nearby restaurant. They said, “We wanted to surprise you and take you to lunch because we know you’ve had a really rough couple of weeks at work.” When I got done with the scenes, I just like sat in the hospital bed for a second, and they moved sets and started to film at another set. I just had to sit there for a second.  When I went over to meet my brother and his girlfriend, I actually felt like I was going to pass out.  I eventually came home and slept. My body didn’t understand the difference. My brain knew it wasn’t real, but my body just didn’t. I definitely wanted to pay respects to the loss of a child as a whole, a stillbirth or losing a child mid to late term. Then, what it’s like and all the details of it, right? I wanted to kind of encapsulate it as a whole. I just really tried to, during those couple weeks, just anytime I wasn’t at work, take care of myself.  I knew that my body was going to go through it. That’s what we sign up for as actors and it’s what I love to do and that’s tell stories. Sometimes that means, me being that vessel. It’s not always an easy story to tell, but that’s life, right? That’s what’s written. When I wasn’t at work I was really meditating and doing breathing work, eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I was talking to myself like. “Hey, you know, I’m going to take care of you. You got this.” When it was finally over and I had taped all the emotional scenes, that weekend I just went to my parent’s house and just really vegged out.


There were so many hankie-inducing moments in your performance when Sally found out she lost her baby.  However, the one that really got to me was when she rang the call button and said, “I’m ready to see my baby now.”

COURTNEY: That was the hardest moment for me. I don’t even know if you can really see it in the shot, but my body was shaking so bad, that my chin started chattering and it was crazy. I don’t think my body’s ever been through anything like that. My chin is chattering uncontrollably out of this stress. I kind of just went into all those scenes going, “Whatever happens, happens. I know, I’ve done the work. I’m just going to allow myself to just be here and, and be open to whatever’s going to come.”  It was rough. Originally, I was like, “Are they going to write a scene where Sally holds her baby?” Afterwards, I was really glad they didn’t.


I was worried we were going to get that scene, too! I thought Mark Grossman was so great in this as well. In one of the scenes, you’re supposed to be there with your eyes closed sleeping, and Adam is at Sally’s bedside professing all of to her including the thought of losing her. Adam says, “We may not be together, but I can’t imagine a world without you.” He adds “You need to know that I dreamed of this baby, too. I loved who she would be, our spicy little girl.” Adam also admits, “I knew the choice that you would want. You would choose her because you love her, but I choose you because I love you.” So, here is Mark acting his heart out, and you’re hearing all this, but can’t really react. Although, later we find out Sally did hear what Adam said to her.

COURTNEY: It was heartbreaking. There were a couple moments when I had tears in my eyes. I thought to myself, “Please don’t have a tear fall from my face because I’m supposed to be asleep.” (Laughs). Mark is just brilliant and wonderful as an actor. To be there with him, and to know the story that we’ve created, and the relationship we’ve built around Adam and Sally and to also know that Sally does love Adam and she knows that he lost a child, too. Sally just can’t get past the reality that’s right in front of her, and so hearing him say those things definitely made it hard to not respond. I remember, there was a scene a couple weeks ago where right before we went to the hospital, where Adam kind of tucks Sally in bed and then he goes to walk away and I go and grab his hand. I kind of had that same urge to want to pull him close, but then also have that moment of just being still really angry at the situation as a whole, which is being reflected on him. So, there was a lot going on through it. I just kept thinking, “Please don’t let a tear come out of this closed eyeball right now, because they’re going to have to shoot it again, and I don’t want to have to do that to Mark.”


What was the rehearsal process like for you and Mark? How did you take it from rehearsal to the set? Were many of the emotional scenes shot in one take?

COURTNEY: We ran lines it a lot and we sat a lot with it, too. We actually got on the phone that week too, a couple times, before we would go to bed and just kind of FaceTimed what we were going to portray with it because we both knew how impactful this story was. We both wanted to do our due diligence about it. Both of us have experienced loss in our lives and we wanted to band together and figure out how we get this story across in the most authentic way possible. It was also important to work on the difference between a male and a female, a father and a mother and being ex’s, right? They’re not together. Sally’s with Nick. So, how did that look rather than being a husband and wife who lose a baby. There were just so many details. Then, when we got to set, we would run the scene, but we also spent a lot of time kind of just in silence, sitting in that moment. When they yelled “action”, it became about allowing whatever happened to come about. I found myself getting even angrier in those moments. I remember afterwards, Mark saying it really brought up in him this need to calm me down and wanting me to be okay. We didn’t do that many takes on everything. Mostly one take, maybe two tops on a couple of the scenes. Sometimes, the rehearsal was vastly different than the take because it’s different just every time you do it. There were so many emotions surging through you, and each time a different one might come to the surface. We were just kind of along for the ride.

The sad part is, Adam so loves her. It was so apparent that he loves Sally even though they’re not together. Do you think Sally really loves him, but she just can’t bring herself to admit that?

COURTNEY: I, personally, truly believe that she is still in love with Adam. That’s how I’ve been playing it. However, Adam did hurt her last year, and so she’s still kind of holding onto that. She then fell for Nick, and loves Nick. and knows of Adam’s history. I think that especially with the baby and in those moments, Adam really showed up and was there for her. I could see through time the deepening of her love again for him, but right now she has Nick there, and she really loves him too.  I think that, mixed with the hormones, there was this back and forth of sometimes she would just be really irritated with Adam, but some of it was just irritation within herself. I just truly believe that she really, really loves Adam, but she’s afraid. She’s scared. Now, with this whole thing that came about and with the baby and the choice, I think it’s just another deep pain for her to have to go through. But again, I do believe she loves Adam. That’s the way I see it. I don’t see how she couldn’t. They’re so similar, but she does love Nick and she wants to respect and honor Nick.  She’s in a predicament!


There was also a great scene with Joshua Morrow when Nick comes to Sally in the hospital, and tells her to please give Adam a break.  Nick tries to get her to understand that Adam was trying to be there for her, and he was defending his brother, while Sally shut him out.

COURTNEY: I thought it was great. I thought Joshua did a really great job and. Nick has his own drama going on with Sharon and Cameron and Faith. I remember he walked into our scenes, and we’d already done almost all the them, I loved that Nick got to support his brother and to show his vulnerability. His tears came to the rise instantly the second talked about the loss of a child. Everyone was great including Brytni Sarpy (Elena). They were really present and really there, and really committed to telling the story.

You heard the online rumors that Elena may have actually taken Sally’s baby?

COURTNEY: I did! I did read that and I was laughing really hard, but I also was like, “Actually, that would be great though.” I also saw another theory that Victor (Eric Braeden) sold the baby. You just never know!


I don’t love that kind of storytelling a lot of the times, because it does sort of unwind or then negate what we just saw. I kind of like the drama of, “Oh, my God. This is so heartbreaking.”  

COURTNEY: I completely agree with you.

You are one lucky girl. You’ve got Joshua and Mark as your leading men.

COURTNEY: I’m very fortunate. I think they’re both absolutely amazing actors. They’re both amazing men.  I’m beyond blessed and they’re both so fun to work with, too. They have a really great balance of taking their work really seriously, but are also playful and they make it fun to where we can go from crying to laughing in a heartbeat.

Sally wanted the baby to be Nick’s, correct? That is what she really was hoping for?

COURTNEY: I think she definitely did. I think it would’ve just been easier. However, I think in time, she settled into the realization and being okay with the baby being Adam’s, especially because he was so attentive. He was present and they had many moments of just really wonderful banter, especially, in the beginning. The last thing I think that she wanted at all was to have the baby be her ex’s, which is also this new guy’s brother, right? It’s hard when you’re having a baby with someone. What I witnessed through this storyline is you are going to gravitate to connecting with them. For instance, when Adam and Sally are looking at the ultrasound and Nick’s feeling uncomfortable as a third wheel. It’s hard to find that balance. I really tried to do that with Sally. It was definitely a tough and challenging triangle to play.


This week in an upcoming episode, Sally really unleashes on Nick and she also blames him for not being there for her when she lost the baby.

COURTNEY: I’m really glad that does happen too. I think Sally’s got such a history of not getting what she wants, being left out to dry, being left alone, abandoned, all of the above. I think there is a safety in Nick that she really was holding onto. She was afraid and scared, and the last thing she wants is to get it into with Nick because she does love Nick. However, he was gone dealing with Cameron’s return, and him always saying to Sally, “I’m going to be there for you.” I think it was also the harsh realization of he does have an actual family, an ex, ex-partner, ex-wife, a child. Nick has had to save many children in general throughout his life, and for her she kind of feels left out. I think it was just another core wound for Sally to have salt poured into, plus her hormones are all over the place. She definitely unleashes on Nick. In addition, Sally has always been like the underdog, the one that fights back. Even in the midst of chaos or trauma or whatever, she’s always risen above. Sally has definitely gotten the short end of the stick a lot of times. It was hard for me, at first, to see that fight kind of dwindle out of her in the midst of all of this. I think it was essential to kind of have her lash out at Nick and kind of have this moment of pointing fingers and, and losing that grounding and that chutzpah that she’s always had from her great aunt Sally and her grandmother. It was sad to see, but she’s human. It was different for her to lash out Nick like that because they’re always so lovey-dovey. They never fight.

What do you think the near future looks like for Sally? Do you think she’s going to be wallowing in the grief of losing her child? Is she going to want to get back to work to work and kick ass?

COURTNEY: Sally is slowly but surely going to find her way back to herself and that fire that she’s always had. This loss is only going to make her stronger. It’s going to ground her even deeper in her mission. Sally has become very dependent over the last year and not wanting to be alone. I think growing through this loss and this experience will really bring her back to herself. It’ll be interesting to see what happens; where she ends up, and where she doesn’t end up.

Did you watch back the episodes back of your performances that aired last week? 

COURTNEY: I did watch it, because the most important thing for me was that I just portrayed it as best as I could and people could relate. I had a few people in mind from my personal life that have lost children in different capacities and I just kept saying, “If I can honor these three stories of a child loss, a miscarriage, and a stillbirth that I know of, if I can honor all three, then that’s what matters most to me.”

Photo: CBS

Courtney, it was just amazing and beautiful and just touched so many people. I just have to give you just kudos.

COURTNEY: I appreciate it. I also have to say The Young and the Restless did a great job too of it too in the writing, and trusting me with the story. I also appreciate you sharing that story in the beginning of what that woman said. It makes me happy that people feel safe enough to be able to open up about their stories and feel like they’re not alone. I have to say too, Mark and I have had this conversation during our rehearsals. Both of us actually have lost our brothers and witnessed our families go through that. We were just saying recently, that it’s interesting that we both got this story because one of our main missions in life, in general, is derived from that loss when we were so young, and what it did to us and our families, and really wanting to make the most of life and to tell these stories when someone’s going through something, and being there. I said, “Isn’t it crazy that we both had this experience and then this is the story that we get?” Obviously, it just thrusts us even more into going, “We’ve got to do this justice” and for our families as well.  I’m glad that a lot of people’s stories are coming to light and that people are able to share it, because sharing can really bring the healing. I’m thankful to be a part of it.

What did you think of Courtney Hope’s performance as Sally loses her baby, blames Adam for it, and tries to come to grips with the harrowing truth? Do you want Sally to wind up with Adam or Nick? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first check out the scene where Sally asks to see her baby which was one of the most heart-tugging performances in the story.

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Courtney took it to a whole other level. It was actually a great week for acting on Y&R all around. All performance and such tough stories. I can tell you the run of Linden Ashby was just to short but brilliant. I’m definitely team Sally and Adam.

Adam and Sally are like dry paint total zero chemistry.

Are we watching the same show?

Good answer!!!!

Absolutely not… She and Adam completely belong together.. Sally and Nick are the paint drying.. lol.. they are to forced.. and just an odd couple..

Well said!!!

I agree

I’m sorry. Only a person that’s emotionally numb could miss feeling the chemistry between Adam and Sally. It literally jumps off the screen.

Definitely team sally and adam already . Team nick and sharon

Absolutely….Nick and Sharon ….Adam and Sally. But…..Don’t change the actor of Adam again. Please!!!Fake world why not have their baby alive????

Team Sharon and Chance

I love Sally & Adam together! Adam really loves Sally! They have been so much heartache together! Adam was very good to his mother and has alot of her qualities. Nick is much older & has had so many relationships & several children. I think he’s more of a protective father figure to Sally. Did everyone forget how many times Nick cheated on Sharon! He wasn’t a saint either. I’m for Sally & Adam together & hoping the baby is still alive!

She saw her dead baby how can it be alive and Elena is such a good doctor and trustworthy person. It would look bad on her part for a baby. She would need a good reason to do this crazy thing

I absolutely agree with you. It definitely would be a Y&R mistake to write a scene as that. Courtney Hope deserves a Daytime Emmy!

I agree, what would be her motive to do something like that? What could she possibly gain from it? If it were Victoria and Nate then maybe, but Sally and Adam???

Coming from a parent who lost my baby girl after 24 hours, please do not bring the baby back. Sally’s mourning was so real it would be disrespectful to bring Ava back for any reason.

I think Sally and Adam are 2 firecrackers waiting to go off. I hope she ends up with Nick and they can have a life like Lauren and Michael. I hope Nick and Sally will have the chance to be together and have babies of their own.

I love Sally but Adam needs a new love interest bring someone new in

Where was her best friend and partner Chole during all this you would think she would be there for Sally

I’m tired of this never ending triangle.

Courtney zhope and Mark were just amazing in those scenes. Spot on acting. I hope they when an emmy. I cried as my sister had lost a baby,and my niece recently lost her baby at birth. Very sad. Job well done!!

I have played the scenes over and over again and I cry each time. I lost a baby 40 years ago and the pain is still there. Courtney and Mark were remarkable! I definitely want Sally and Adam back together. They are meant for each other plus the reunion will be epic!

That baby was speculated not to be Adams since he was never tested Sally should return to B&B and start a romance with a returning Oliver Jones played again by Zack Conroy.

Her acting rock it! She was amazing !!!!! Keep it up, she a great actress!

I cried with Sally. Her portrayal of a grieving mother was brilliant. I lost my first child, a beautiful baby girl when she was nine weeks old. I also lost my 34 year old son 5 years ago. I felt every tear that Sally cried. Adam was also amazing. I would love to see Adam and Sally together again. ♥️

First and foremost, my deepest condolences in the loss of your children. I certainly feel Courtney Hope deserves a Daytime Emmy. Her exceptional talent came through with absolute brilliance!

Last edited 2 months ago by Claudia

Courtney was amazing. I felt her pain and cried for her forgetting for just a moment she was acting! Really hope Sally can forgive Adam and finds her way back to him.

I want Sally and Adam together and Nick and Sharon back together

Courtney and Mark did a great job. You could feel the pain. I felt they were friends of mine and I wanted to take their pain away.

This is some of the best acting I have seen in a long time! Courtney should be with Mark. They have been through so much and truly love each other. There could be some really good stories with the two of them together!!!!

If she does end up with Adam I hope it won’t be like an affair relationship, I would hope that she just lays it out on the line with Nick. But I’m still Nick and Sally together forever.

With adam

Sally and Adam was great! I want them back together!

Yep we needed another baby on this show JG shut it down now can we stop we stop with JM at almost 50 being thrown into baby triangles ! And let’s discuss the matter of Christian you know the kid that JFP thought we needed. The show is horrible address the issues write it off move on. Might not be smart to pair MG up with a new leading lady he has a problem with being professional has to carry on with his leading ladies

You know the old saying…it takes two to tango! Don’t just Blane Mark!!

How about Sally can’t forgive Adam or Nick so she focuses on herself & her business ONLY for the next year or so!

Miss the “old”Sally. She has lost all her spunk and vitality since being linked with the Newman boys.

I really think Courtney Hope did a really good job with the acting on losing a child I’ve been watching the young restless ever since it came on and I’m 70 years old and I lost a child when he was 8 years old he was hit by a drunk driver and didn’t make it so I know the feeling of losing the child that lives in a baby while it’s still inside you is totally different but I just want to say Sally did a fantastic job and I could not help but cry when all this happened so keep up the good work Courtney and Adam

That was an Emmy Award winning performance! Phenomenal job!

Brilliant acting! I’m hoping Sally and Adam get back together and have a successful birth.

I want Sally and Adam back together just loved their Chemistry together…I think they will be fierce as a couple and if they went into business together people better watch out..really was hoping their daughter would of Survive but had a feeling with all the stress she was going through she was going lose the baby.

The absolute best performances ever! I was hurting for Sally, yet I wanted to comfort Adam, such intense emotion and so well done. I also felt the struggle within Nick, as he tried so desperately to say the right things. VERY well done!!!

The performance by Courtney Hope in portraying a woman who lost her baby was realistic and riveting, I cried for her. Mark Grossman’s, and Josh Morrows performances were also wonderful. I hope Sally and Adam get together. Adam obviously loves Sally intensely, and sorry I think Nick and Sharon are destined to be together.

OMG! Courtney and Mark deserve Emmy awards. Having to play that loss, and both did it so well, no other performance on TV or movies have been acted as well. Not even Eliot losing Kathy-on SVU could compare.

Please go back to Adam!

I want Sally & Adam to have a second chance. I hope they will be able to have a baby!!

I really wish Adam would have walked in Sally’s hospital room while she was saying goodbye to Ava and the moment would have made Sally give into her feelings for Adam.❤️

Sally and Adam must get back together. They are a powerful couple and to witness Adam going through this;he and Sally are an amazing power couple…

I did not mention earlier that Courtney’s performance brought me to tears. Outstanding performance Courtney! Mark and Joshua were great as well!

I thought that courtney hope did such a great job and she deserves an award heck she deserves an oscar

I think Sally and Adam should be together because they truly love each other. And, she ðoes not need to move in with Nick!

I’m team Sally and Adam. They both we’re so committed to this and in my opinion nailed it. I know Adam loves Sally and in time she to will realize that Nick is not her world she once thought he was.

I think Salley deserves to be with Nick he has a genuine love for her and this will allow her to become her true self With Adam it will be more about himself and his life drama and constant need to be in opposition with his family. She needs to be her own person and Nick can give her the empowerment and love she needs to become the SALLY SPECTRA / NEWMAN who gets it all in the end 😉 !

Oh I 100% agree. Spot on.

I love her with Nick!!He balances her while Adam is too much like her. Nick is so caring. I love both the actors. Courtney is beyond lucky!

Yes yes yes ❤️

The acting was great but the baby wasn’t Developed enough to survive so blaming Adam for making those decision was stupid. Elena knew that the baby wouldn’t survive and for her to tell adam to make a decision that was so lame. she knew it wouldn’t have lived anyway. Someone messed up on that scene and to let someone that wasn’t her family to make that life and death decision could only be family. I love watching this show, but some of it was far fetched even though they did great acting.

I’m with you Linda
I like Courtney’s acting but the continual whineing and blaming was getting on my nerves.

I agree with you. I know losing a baby is hard. But blaming everyone else when really Sally body wasn’t strong enough to carry to term.

Right on! I was wondering when someone would come to that conclusion. Elena should not have been involved because of her own emotional upheaval of dealing with Nate and Vitoria, so how could she have given Adam the advice she gave him, to make a choice between Sally and the baby.

I’m sorry to ask this but how far along was Sally when she lost her baby? Thank you.

Thought the whole story line was HORRIBLE. the baby was no where near developed enough to live. So utterly absurd to play the blame game. I had a miscarriage in between my daughters and I never sought to blame anyone. I know the hurt and the pain but her over the top hysteria makes me cringe. Courtney blew the chance to make this believable. I will also point out that a Dr would never lead her to believe that the baby would survive that early.

I want Sally and Adam together. I want them to be the forever couple like Victor and Nicky. I want the baby to be alive but stolen or another clever storyline. One thing going on I do not like is all the drinking of alcohol. Everyone who has an unpleasant experience hits the bottle. With today’s mental health issues and substance abuse issues this is not smart. Everyone on the show except for Sally, Sharon and Summer are going to end up in a rehab and AA.

So true. I told my husband when does any of their work get done at their jobs.zyou also need a replacement for Summer and Victoria. They are horrible actresses.

So heart rending and touching with Sally as well as danger for Sharon and Faith! Edge of the seat for sure! My heart aches for Adam and I would love to see Sally fall back in love with him and Nick end up with Sharon, where he’s always belonged.

I balled my eyes out. I nearly lost my baby, spent months in bed to delivery day. I told my Husband before my 14 hr labor. “If there’s a choice to be made, I want the baby to live”! I honestly don’t know how a person faced with that decision, would be able to. Excellent acting Courtney & Mark!!

I really hope the baby is alive and some crazy nurse took her,not Elena. I am definitely team Adam and Sally.

I think Adam and Sally belong together! They were great together!!!

I think it was heartbreaking that they lost the baby but it wasn’t Adam’s fault he loves her that’s why he made the decision to lose his baby girl too but he still had Sally you can have more kids but it’s nothing like your first and to lose your first is still a bit hole in your heart I think she should forgive him and get back with him because he do loves her and I think Nick and Sharon should get back together

Team Sally and Adam all the way. Courtney and Mark brought so much depth to this storyline. I had a full term stillborn son Travis in 1975. I never got to see him, hold him or bury him. I never got a certificate of death, it’s like he never existed. I didn’t received a box like Sally did to take home. Just empty arms and a hole in my heart. I think of my son every day and wonder what life would have been like if he had lived. Courtney and Mark you did an amazing job portraying all of us who have lost a child. Bravo!!! I hope somehow Adam and Sally get back together again.

I think she did an amazing job of portraying such a very sad and vulnerable time in someone’s life. I think the cast that was involved in the telling of this storyline were very sensitive to the issue.

I think this will bring Sally and Adam to find closure and bring them together. They both have been through so much. Also, I think Nick and Sharon belong together. They keep finding their way back to each other.

This was so emotional for me. She did a perfect j performance. I lost a child 40 years ago & this brought back all of how I felt back then. It was like it happened yesterday. It was so sad She is a terrific actress. I feel for Adam & Sally. Thank you for such an emotional show

The acting was superb! Kudos to all. Respectfully, the relevant script was a bit long for me, however, that is easily overlooked considering the quality.

Respectfully, once again, for me, Sally’s fingernails dominated one of the most precious and lovely scenes. I fall into the category of feeling she was not far enough along for anyone to be asked should circumstances require a choice, which one should survive. Is it now proper protocol to offer gifts under such a delicate circumstance?

Comments are rather petty considering what a gift it was to watch and feel the presentation. Thanks to both Sally and Adam.

Replying for myself. The presentation by Sally, mostly, and Adam was outstanding. The overwhelming consensus has been for Sally and Adam to get together. I saw a chemistry between the two actors long before knowing a real thing was happening with both of them. That kind of changes my thoughts regarding what happens next.

Not to get too real here remembering this is a Soap, but the expense of Sally’s “room” must be at least $250 a day if dreaming. Nick could offer a space to live with no “ties.”

Everyone needs to decompress! Give this tim

Please finally put Sally & Adam together!! Nick belongs with Sharon! Also Kyle doesn’t deserve Summer. I hope Audra really screws him over. He deserves it acting like he’s never made a mistake. His mother did worse because he was just a child. At least Phyllis’ children are adults.

In all honesty, Adam and Sally should definitely be together….. Nicholas is just like his dad, he’s been with every woman in Y&R!!!

I agree most wholeheartedly, and he is also like his sleep with anything mother NICKY!!!

Courtney… I am just in awe of you.. Your beauty, intelligence and acting prowess.. I was bawling my eyed out and am still emotionally connected to your scenes..I love Mark and yourself together and wish it were true outside of Y&R.
Thank you for you xxx

Excellent performance from both Sally and Adam. So sad that they lost the baby. I was so cheering for them and hoping this brought them back together. I want them together more than Sally and Nick. Sally and Nick do not have chemistry at all. Such a tragic story they portrayed and they did it with such style and grace. I hope it was of help to others who may have gone through the same tragic situation.

I think Courtney did a fantastic job as did Adam.. it was so totally heartbreaking the day she lost the baby… i couldn’t believe sad.. I think I am still crying… And would also love for her to go back with Adam… They are meant to be.. her and Nick do not have the chemistry that her and Adam have..

I thought Courtney’s portrayal of losing her baby was so heart wrenching that it brought tears to my eyes. She is such a great actress but please Y&R put Sally back with Adam. Adam is always being cast aside while Nick and Victoria get everything they want. Spoiled little Rich kids

I agree

I hope Sadly returns to her spicy, bad ass self and lands with Adam! I hope they band together in love and business to make McCall Enterprises a HUGE rival for Newman Enterprises & take over Newman Media…. and more! But never split them up. They are on fire together, whether or not they end up being sincere & cunning or assholes is left to be seen!!

Great reply! The connection with the businesses is respected. To date, I cannot expand my thoughts that far. However, that is a great response! I too have been following the business possibilities.

General Hospital

(WATCH THE REPLAY) ‘A Tribute to Jackie Zeman’ Featuring General Hospital Co-Stars

Several of the late Jackie Zeman’s (Bobbie Spencer) former General Hospital co-stars gathered together last Thursday night, to honor the beloved actress during a special livestream event on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Joining in remembrance of Zeman, who passed away in May following a short bout with cancer, were several of the loves of Bobbie’s life including: Rick Springfield (ex-Noah), Brad Maule (ex-Tony) and Sam Behrens (ex-Jake).  In addition, Kin Shriner (Scott), Jackie’s longtime GH co-star and dear friend participated, as well as Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, GH, now Ava Days) and Tristan Rogers (Scorpio).

Throughout the hour, love was sent Jackie’s way, not only from the stars, but the fans participating in the live chat.  Each actor recalled their first meeting with Jackie, and in Rick Springfield’s case, how it was Jackie who told then GH-EP Gloria Monty, that he was her pick to play Dr. Noah Drake.

Later, Brad Maule shared heart-tugging moments when working with Jackie and how he was pretty much in awe of her throughout their time together on the soap.  When the talk turned to the iconic B.J. heart transplant storyline, Brad says it’s still difficult for him to watch even to this day, because of how emotional it was.

Tamara Braun, who was the second actress to play Carly, Bobbie’s daughter,  revealed how she tried to, and did find peace in Jackie’s passing, as Kin Shriner gave us the back-story of his over 45-year friendship with Jackie, and Tristan revealed his special connection to her.

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay below.  Then let us know what you thought of our tribute to Jackie featuring some of her GH co-stars, who showed up to give us some insights on their time working with Jackie, and to be a part of our special remembrance.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives’ Suzanne Rogers Talks 50 Years as Maggie: From Farm Girl, to Becoming a Horton, to Picking Up the Pieces After Victor’s Death

Days of our Lives enduring favorite, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Simmons Horton Kiriakis), recently chatted on some of the high points and low points throughout her journey, as she looked back on 50 years on the long-running soap opera.

Rogers was interviewed by Michael Fairman on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel during a virtual discussion, which covered a lot of ground including: her debut as a young farm girl who couldn’t walk and on crutches, to becoming a Horton, to more recently, losing her beloved husband, Victor Kiriakis (the late John Aniston), and everything in between.

Suzanne first aired on Days of our Lives back on August 20th, 1973. Throughout her time, she has been “killed-off” the show, only to ultimately return nine months later, after it was revealed her on-screen ‘death’ was part of an overall PR stunt and story arc.

Photo: JPI

Rogers has also had her real-life chronic autoimmune neuromuscular condition, myasthenia gravis, written it to the show, even though she was originally against it.  She has been married on-screen to two of the more complex men in the history of the show, John Clarke (ex-Mickey) and John Aniston (ex-Victor). As well, through the years, Maggie learned that she had more children that she thought! In addition, Maggie is an alcoholic, who has been known to have her battles with the bottle throughout the years.  It was her performance in Maggie’s original bout with alcoholism that won her the very first Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category back in 1979.

Here are just a few of Suzanne’s comments on some key subjects throughout her five decades on DAYS.

Photo: JPI


On filming the recently aired scenes, where Maggie learns Victor has perished in a plane crash, and how it brought back emotions of John Aniston’s passing: “It was hard. I think right back to the memorial service (for John Aniston). That was a hard day. All I kept thinking in my mind is he’s not in any pain anymore. I kept saying that. So, I had to play the scenes. It was all surreal. It really was surreal. The fact that he was no longer gonna be there. There’s a tribute to him on the set. I just look at that all the time and I’m right there with him.”

When addressing her fears and concerns about being seen with myasthenia gravis, and being asked to come back to the show: “The producers, Al Rabin and Wes Kenny, said, ‘We would like for you to come back to the show.’ I said, ‘I think you ought to see me first.’ I just didn’t want to shock anybody. We met at Du Pars (coffee shop). It didn’t register on their face that I looked any different, but I did. I really did. They said, ‘We’ll work around you, whatever you need. If you need to come in at noon, that’s fine. We’ll put a sofa in your dressing room so you can lie down.’ (Fast-forward) Then, the audience started seeing me on camera.  The first day I saw myself on camera, I turned off the TV, and I started crying. I thought, ‘Well, I guess God wants to see me, see myself like this. So, I put it back on and I forced myself to watch … and it didn’t look like me, to me. Then the audience, of course, got a hold of it, and they said, ‘What’s the matter with her? Is she drinking? What is wrong?’ So, they figured they had to write it (myasthenia gravis) into the show. I said, “Only if it has a happy ending, because I plan on beating this. That was the criteria that we went with – that they would write it in the show, but they had to have a happy ending.”

Photo: NBC

When recalling being killed-off the show in 2003, after Marlena clubbed Maggie over the head with a whiskey bottle, only for Suzanne to return to the show months later: “I thought I was gone and then to see yourself 10 feet tall. I mean, it was at least 7 feet tall that (movie) screen. It was more than I could handle. I really thought that was the end. I thought, ‘Well, this is a big sendoff.’  Marlena hit her with a bottle and smashed her in. I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness gracious’. It wasn’t a pretty scene.  And no, I didn’t know (I was coming back). I had brought my mother out here, and I had added on to my house, and I thought, ‘I’m going to lose this house.’ It wasn’t a joke, you know?  But then, we were all brought back on April the first. Hello!”

On the audience reaction to Maggie becoming an alcoholic: “Well, I think the first time, I knew the audience right off the bat, hated it. They didn’t like the Maggie character getting soiled in any way. But it led to the Emmy!”

Photo: NBC

On her working relationship with John Clarke (ex-Mickey): “Susan Flannery (ex-Laura) told me the very first day that I was on the show, ‘He’s (John) got to fall in love with you, or he can’t work with you.’ I said, ‘Oh, my.’  So, I remembered that in my mind. So, when we were off-stage, he would say, ‘Let’s go out to dinner.’  I said, ‘no’, because I knew Patty, his wife, and all of his kids. I just don’t mix business with pleasure. You just don’t.  That’s just not a good thing. I thought, ‘Let’s just keep the two separate, and that’s what I tried to do.”‘

Make sure to check out watch our full conversation with Suzanne below.

Now let us know, what has been your favorite storyline of Maggie’s through the years? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Kin Shriner and Marcus Coloma Chat On General Hospital Departures, John Stamos, Avery Pohl & New Season of ‘2D’s’

Two former stars of General Hospital, Kin Shriner (ex-Scott) and Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas) opened up about their exits from the ABC daytime drama series, their focus on the second season of their comedy series, the ‘2Ds‘, and more on their recent livestream conversation with Michael Fairman on his You Tube Channel.

The first season of ‘2D’s’ was posted to Coloma’s Instagram account, and it featured many of his former GH co-stars including: Finola Hughes, Jon Lindstrom, Carolyn Hennesy and other former GH cast members, Michelle Stafford, Billy Warlock with his wife, Julie Pinson (ex-Port Charles, ATWT and Days) and more.

During the livestream conversation, Coloma, who has Avery Pohl (Esme, GH) guest-starring in episode one of season two of the comedy series, opened up about his diciest plot point to portray while GH, that of Nikolas hooking up with Esme.

Marcus expressed: “That was a very interesting time, because I love working with Avery. She’s just a great actress and super professional. She’s also just a really fun person to hang out with.  And so, sleeping with Esme was very stressful, because for so long I set up this strong relationship with my son (Spencer), and this popped in (the storyline) that, ‘you were going to sleep with Esme’.  It would really stress me out to be honest with you, because I would try to play as real as I possibly could and I would try to justify it on how I would get to that place. On top of that, in real life, I’m 44 and Avery is 21. I’m like, “God, I am going to make out with this kid.” I was stressed about it. At the same time, I really enjoy working with her.”


The actor, who was finished at GH after his three-year contract as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, shared his thoughts on his exit after several months away from the soap opera.  Coloma said, “It really turned into that thing where you go on a date and fall in love with a girl . By the end of the three years, you fall in love with your castmates, you fall in love with the character. You fall in love with a lot of things about it, the fans.  And, I was surprising very sad, when I found out that it was going to end.  I wasn’t sad like, ‘I think we should make this thing work’.  I agree, I don’t think this should continue, but I was really sad about it. Now, I’m very happy because in this silly show the  I have found my happy place.”

Photo: JPI

Kin Shriner, who for six decades had played Scott Baldwin on GH, a few months back shared he was not coming back to the soap anytime soon.  However, as we have seen before, Scott has resurfaced.  Shriner weighed-in: “I don’t know what to tell you about that, and I am going to turn back up like a bad penny, and hopefully it’s going to be fun. My focus went from him over to this guy in the black trench coat and I’m having fun. So, I haven’t really thought about Scotty Baldwin … he’s in the closet right now.”

Photo: JPI

In the season one finale of the 2D’s comedy series, Shriner’s long-time budding, John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GH) made a cameo capping off the story.  Just how did Kin get John to participate? Kin gave the back-story: “I kind of pitched it to him a couple of different ways and getting John to commit to anything is tough, but I think in the end, he probably looked at a couple of episodes (before agreeing).  Stamos has been so busy with his book that I could only get him on this way (with iPhone video), but I think he is going to be willing to let me come to his house and shoot live. So we are looking forward to that and maybe he will be in the finale of season two!”

Photo: JPI

John and Kin first met when John started on GH in 1982. Kin recalls, “I took John under my wing when he was merely an 18-year-old kid that showed up eager and I taught him the ropes. He was from Orange County and he was raw, but he was tremendous at comedy. He was funny.  We kind of just had fun, and then we moved to New York and hung out, and then his career took off with Jack Klugman and then Full House. John had innate comedy timing, which Marcus has, and either they have it, or they don’t.”

This weekend starting on August 19th, Marcus and Kin are hosting several fan opportunities in the SoCal area.  Check out ticket info here.

In case you missed it, watch our full chat with Kin and Marcus below.

Now let us know, what did you think about the departures of Scott and Marcus from GH? Are you enjoying the 2D’s comedy series and all of the soap opera guest stars within it? Let us know in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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