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Y&R's Peter Bergman Talks On What's Up With The Two Jack Abbotts!



Many in the audience guessed it, but until today’s Tuesday April 14th episode it was mere speculation!  On today’s episode of the number one soap opera, The Young and the Restless, it was revealed that there are two Jacks! One a doppelganger and the real one, only you wouldn’t believe where each of them is at this point in the story.

This story twist from Y&R’s head writer and executive producer Chuck Pratt Jr.  has three-time Daytime Emmy winner Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) playing a dual role for the first time in his illustrious soap opera acting career! In a  new interview with the scoop on the soap twist, TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan spoke with Bergman on the plot and just who is this other Jack, or Fack!  Here are a few interesting excerpts:

Bergman on just who is the fake Jack and if he is an identical twin, or a surgically altered person to look like the cosmetics executive:  “I do not suspect that he’s an identical twin, though I don’t know for sure. I think he is quite literally a doppelgänger, that lookalike we all supposedly have walking around on the planet somewhere. We’re going to find out that he’s been in a lot of trouble and is kind of a loose cannon. He was found in a prison in Peru.”

Bergman on how Victor’s (Eric Braeden) plans may backfire and just who the fake Jack is into: “The best-laid plans! When you bring in somebody this unpredictable, unpredictable things happen, and Victor will find that he cannot control this guy. This new Jack is fascinated with Phyllis but he’s also going to find himself very taken with Ashley.”

Also on today’s episode, it was revealed that Kelly (Cady McClain) is alive and well, and did not commit suicide after all and has kidnapped the real Jack and has him stashed away and shackled on some island! While we learn that fake Jack married Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)!

What do you think of the doppelganger Jack storyline?  Excited to see how it plays out? Were you surprised by the reveal? Share your thoughts below!


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Poor Bill Bell…his work of art is a fake GH!!!



This is worse than an episode of wall-to-wall Dullan.

I, am very surprised but bring them down
Love the real Jack marry Phyllis not Kelly.
The fake Jack gone.

Could be, Jim but he is doing a better job of it.
However, as I stated last month–we should call the fake Jack “Flack” based on Fluke.

I really do think it is good but it is lingering along too long. Interested in the relationship for chealsey. Want to see Adam revealed soon. Hope to see conclusions to all situations soon.

Hey Harry, our FB group has been calling him ‘Yack’, like the St. Bart’s minister called him! Lol!

Jenny! Yack–even better!

Can’t understand what the writers are thinking…I religiously watched Y&R and recorded it at the same time so not to miss anything since it started. They got rid of the regulars, resurrected from the dead, brought in new people, started killing off the new people and now have two Jack’s. It’s really hard to keep up with who’s who anymore. Not sure if I’ll continue watching at this point. 🙁

This storyline is Awful! They are doing way too much and Victor is getting out of hand. They need to end this storyline and maybe Victor’s life in Genoa City!

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! These writers prove it!

Lol, jimh. We did say Fluke is all over this…ummm, I mean, Victor.

@Chris F.
I’m sorry, Chris,….But, why are you so angry? We are merely exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions.

It’s so far from what the show used to be and could be!!! So sad:(

Agree,..but NOTHING will EVER be as bad as the MR. BIG story line, watched before most of you were born.

It wasn’t a new soap plot twist when GH did it with Two Lukes. This has been going on forever in daytime, primetime, movies. Let’s see how they use this before we judge.

Right, Mark. And unless Jack turns out to be suffering from split personality syndrome, (which we now know he isn’t) there is no way we can say Y&R is replicating GH.
We thought replication might be occurring when we saw Jack acting out of character (boinking Kelly and then lying about it). But yesterday we were confronted with Jack honeymooning with Phyllis while at the same time the real Jack was being bound and gagged by Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. It’s not even remotely like the Fluke story.

Me was joking around…i know about doubles in soap plots…the there was Phil Capice and his double on The Edge Of Night in the 1960s and Search For Tomorrow used a lookalike in the 1950s plus old Hollywood done lookalike doubles before big deal!!!

Don’t like this storyline. So tired of things being dragged out for so long!!! Get rid of Phyllis.

Getting really tired of all the story lines being so dragged out. This double Jack character, I the show that hard up for storylines. Just please reveal Adam already. It is about time something bad happened to Victor, he seems to just get away with everything. Get rid of the new Billy, looks like a hair piece he is wearing as there is never a hair out of place. Also, if Neil gets set free for causing Kristine to loose her unborn child, then what is the difference when Adam accidently killed Delia, it was after all Billy left a 5 year old child in the vehicle unattended!!! Also, lets not drag out who killed Austen and Britany, lets move these story lines along. Also get rid of both the new Kyle and Summer.

Wait, wait, wait! I get a lot of the criticism, but I do not understand why folks are complaining that things are being dragged out. If anything, it might be moving too swiftly.
Kance, get rid of Phyllis? I never liked Phyllis but now thanks to Gina I adore her.

Been watching this soap over 40 years. Story lines just repeat with different characters in different years. Seem like writers have lost creativity. Victor is behind everything and is the ultimate overcomer/survivor. The story line of identical jack abbotts is again cliche. I don’t see soaps surviving. There is no creativity. No intrigue. Nothing that hasn’t been done again and again. I do do wish for the days when I was anxious to see what was happening.

I too have been watching since I was 16 years old. (now 53) I feel bad for the long time still there stars (in a way besides the $$ they’re earning) Just such ridiculous story lines. I guess after the old time exec Bill Bell passed all sense has left the room! Jeeze! I was lost this week with these 2 JACKS! Too many crazy story lines. Course we are living in crazy times look at our government!
I guess they’re trying to be so OUT THERE like all the other wild programs. Y&R was the only ‘normal’ soap out there. But no more. I agree maybe its time I STOPPED wasting my life watching this crap. Come on writiers! Get with the program!! or out I should say….

Yep. 40 years of viewing here and I remember when it took FOR-EV-ER for Jill’s pictures to be seen by her then husband, John Abbot!!! Same with this teenage murder victim crap. I fast fwd right through these PAINFUL teenage conversations about who did it. Get writing something new and different already. And, for PETE’S SAKE…bring back BILLY MILLER!!! The new Billy is L-A-M-E.

How is Phyllis going to react when she finds out that Jack is not Jack. How long will this double trouble continue.

Hate hate hate hate what Y&R has become everything said below is so so true!
Time for some new writers! I can’t believe the actors are
Putting up with these storyline a!

Love the doppelganger. So Stephen King like, 🙂

Horrrrrrible story line with 2 Jack’s. Victor getting away with yet another thing. I’m a fan of the show but can’t stand to wAtch the show and this new story line. I also miss the old Billly and Phyllis

Agree. Have been watching since the time of the Brooks family. Suddenly this not Y&R. bring back the quality shows and the old Billy and Phyllis. Do like the new Adam, much to my surprise, as I liked the other one so much. Get rid of Hunter King. She is a waste

Been watching this show forever,hate the drawn out stupid story lines they have on there now,and everyone having sex with each other.Too much craziness.What are the writers doing

Kill Victor already!

For real kill off Victor and because the new Adam is so hot I hope that is kept a secret for a while hate to see him go also PLEASE PLEASE bring back the last BILLY I’m sure u can do this

Hate it. After many years of watching Y&R, cannot tolerate it anymore. Get rid of Victor

ABSOLUTELY STUPID and boring. What are the writers thinking?

What’s up with Jack?
It’s Pratt stealing a huge story from GH .. (shameful ..

The 2 jacks is pure GH ..
It is a copy of the 2 Lukes but not done nowhere near a great as GH..
It’s sorta pitiful, the coping of GH ..

Oh well, Y&R was slipping and suffering and now copying a huge/great GH story to save it is indeed a huge compliment to Ron and Frank and writers ..

” a huge compliment to Ron and Frank and writers”

More like a huge insult to longtime Y&R viewers. Pratt and his crime story/shock tv writing has to go. What he is doing is far from saving Y&R. He’s ruining it.

are you kidding?… are they copying of GH.??……..Isn;t Luke one person with a splintered mind. There are clearly two men wo look like Jack Abbott on YR…….Not even close to copying the Fluke story. And by the way……shows have been doing look alike stories for years. Ron and Frank were definitely not original in this respect either. OLTL told a twin story in the late 70; ‘s for cring out loud. The tv universe does not revolve around the current GH regime.

You bet, Su.
As you can see, we are all having the same reaction…..dumb, dumb, dumb. I can’t say it enough.
Don’t the bosses read our comments? How much we had had enough of Fluke? Do they really think we want to go through that torture again with another soap? I guess they don’t care. LOL. I say MUTINY…nah…I’ ll keep watching because that’s what I do.

Actually the use of a double is a staple of soap opera writing, all soaps have done it before, even Y&R a number of times; by your logic if anyone does a love story they are copying GH because GH did a love story–but I will agree the timing of this particular story is suspect– I do believe because all the buzz of the Fluke story, Y&R is trying to create their story that will do that and it is shameful they are doing something similar to GH because it reflects badly on both shows to resort to this kind of playground competition

Y&R under the last three writing groups since BBell died have been two Phyllis, Patty, Lauren and Cassie. This is the third now that Victor is responsible for. Now I am sure when it finally comes out again Nikki will say in that little girl voice “Oh Victor I know you only did it for your Family.”

Exactly, Mary…recycled stories.

You are so right, Mary SF.

Wasn’t Pratt writing for Santa Barbara back in the day … years before THIS GH story? I remember there were TWO Mason Capwells (involved with the one and only Nancy Lee Grahn) and then there were the fabulous Roscoe Born twins of Robert and Quinn (boy do I miss Roscoe Born!).

Even i had a double on this message board…another poster named Jim H made comments and that wasnt me-i am the real Jimh…lol…You are right…the use of a double has been done before…back in the 60s the Edge Of Night did a double storyline for Phil Capice…a criminal was made to look exactly like him…the double was murdered and real Phils wife was framed for the crime…Dark Shadows used doubles too…its been done several times over the years with other soaps but it does seem suspicious Y&R would do one so soon after all the talk with GHs Fluke!!!

Mary is right–the double motif has been utilized in all of our soaps and Y&R seems to be taking more of a traditional approach to it.
Flack is not Fluke!

Y and R did it years ago with Ashley and Dr. Steven Lassiter– you think she might remember this sometime in the near future? And put two and two together? Nonetlheless, I cannot wait until Gabe/Adam unleashes his full fury on Victor! Today’s altercation has me finally interested in a story.

Oh forgot two John Abbotts and two Canes!!! Probably missed some more! Hard to keep track of repat stories!

And what about the old sitcom, SOAP. They had two Burts (one a human, one an alien) and that show was just about how cheesy soap plots were.

Ugh, sometimes I think I AM watching SOAP, or wish I were. At least that was entertaining compared to the steaming pile of you-know-what we Y&R fans have been served up lately.

Yes, remember Marge/Catherine?, Phyllis had a double and was kept captive by Michael, course, Mariah doubled Cassie. This is soooooo old!

all of you totally forgot Marge Nd Katherine Chancellor, lol

When I figured out there were two Jacks I was excited, wow, look forward to seeing
how it all turns out. It will be fun watching the fake Jack have all the fun while the
real Jack is tied up with Kelly. What will happen when everyone finds out there are
two Jacks? Wait till Victor unless he already knows.

OMG!!! Y&R has become campier than General Hospital.

Wake me when it’s over, along with a few other tales on Y&R. I am glad the ratings are up, because the last thing need are cancelation rumors. But, I am not a fan of Mr. Pratt’s writing = drama for the sake of drama. I miss the character driven storylines.

Y&R ratings might have to slide down to Days levels before we hear cancellation rumors. But they do need to slide if there is any hope for Pratt and JFP to be fired.

My was I ever surprised about Jack but knew that Kelly was behind it somehow….. I have to say that I sure enjoyed the Jack/Victor hospital buddies and even around the time of the bar collapsing on them. They were funny I hope they are getting along better now and would love to see even more of their buddy like bantor…. I just had to let you know that little tid bit.
Sure has been restless with all the storylines, keep it up!!!!
Nancy from MN……

Kelly is Victor’s pawn. He, she and Fack are working together. Why? Victor gets rid of Jack, replace him with Fack, keep Fack in his back-pocket to use at will. Kelly, in her sick mind, tames and gets Jack…the sky is the limit…
The problem is….who is Fack? Austin? Would a young man exchange youth for power?…..( plastic surgery to make Austin look old). I don’t think it’s too far fetched considering the clowning around going on at Y&R.

I am sick of all the new people taking over for the old (young people) on the show. I never can figure who is who. Like the old Phylis, she was more devious. Why does money bags, Victor always come out on top. Time he falls out of power. I have watched this show since day one and it is not as good as it used to be.

please get rid of the summer. Make Victor to pay for his crimes, why does he always get away with his mess. Do something about Neal, keep Lilly and her husband together. Write out Lauren, Kevin, and Moriah.
just plain sick of Victor, his wife, Summer, aand Dylan.

Jacks’s doppelganger isn’t human. It is a robot made from the parts of the crashed airplane!

I wonder where they put the cockpit…lol


Good one Jim!

Jimh, lol. You are as bad as I am.

Poor Peter Bergman.

This story is ridiculous and only promises to get worse (Bergman says in the full interview that the doppleganger will “find himself very taken with Ashley”).

Ewwww!! Bill Bell is rolling over in his grave! Pratt, this ain’t Melrose Place! Another show that he made beyond ridiculous! I feel so sorry for Bergman, LeBlanc, Tognoni, Davidson, Walton and St. John. Too talented for this type of writing.

But the Bells have always been a bit fascinated with incesteous storylines.
I like this story–it’s transitioned way better than that campy crap GH produced.

Pratt also did Models Inc. and look how well that show was…;-)

THANK U!!! Pratt needs to realize that daytime and primetime are DIFFERENT!!!! Those over the top plots he wrote for Melrose Place won’t work in daytime!!!! Geez!!!!!

…out of context, but…I see a continuous trend of recycling. I suppose the writers run out of ideas? ……or, they have a limited imagination. I get the feeling that Michael and Sharon will play house, especially in the bedroom. The courtroom scenario was a mockery of our justice system.
Also, Caine and Lauren are on their way down that seedy lovers’ lane ….so predictable, WRITERS!!!!

I must add that I wanted to reach in my TV set and squish Abby’s smug, spoiled brat face.
Ah, these Newmans need a lesson or two. LOL.

I can’t say I disagree with any of the criticism. However, here’s the rub–I am watching. Normally I watch Y&R two or three times a week. Now, I have to see every episode.
I suspect I am not alone on this.
I just want something GOOD to happen to Sharon!

I don’t even know what to say about this. Talk about shocking! Looking back, it does explain a lot of Jack’s odd behaviour recently (including hacking into the Newman and Jabot systems), but I really wasn’t expecting this. I wonder who the doppelganger will turn out to be, I just hope they don’t revise history AGAIN and make him Jack’s long-lost, unknown twin.

A side note, Kelly looked absolutely insane at the end there, the way she said “Hello Jack,” it reminded me so much of Patty. Hey, maybe we’ll learn that Kelly and Patty are secretly related, as they’re both nuts and share an affiliation for Jack.

Maybe they spent time in the same nut house? Good idea about Patty!

That would be quite a twist if Patty and Kelly were related. I’m not a fan of dopplegangers I just hope that this story line doesn’t last to long.
It’s bad enough that they are dragging out the Adam/Gabriel storyline.

Hi, Karen.
You said it. Everything just drags on; with all these other side-storylines so annoyingly in-between.
Until the identity of the the driver who really ran over Delia is discovered, Gabe/Adam will stay put. It’s the same old song, Karen. TPTB do not know who this person is yet. They have to invent one….either a cast member on his/her way out, or a complete stranger.


It is so sad that the whole show revolves around Victor winning all the time. Same game different approach. The Soaps as a whole are low class. Old women have unprotected sex, getting pregnant the first time and the young women lose their babies! Really.! No, it’s bad story line to keep hurting the other characters just because. No morality at all. That’s why stupid reality shows are taking over. Phyllis just woke up from a coma after a year and this is how you treat her, OMG! Stop watching, they are all BAD!

LAME. Y&R that is the last straw for me,

It is fun watching Cady play crazy and I KNEW her death was faked! The fake Jack is a little TOO convincing for me. But I love seeing PB get to do this arc.

You’re right about fake Jack being too much like the real Jack. On AMC when Adam was pretending to be Stuart or vice versa, you could see the differences. Maybe they had him be exactly the same until the reveal, and now they’ll have him start playing it slightly different.

Yes, it is fun, David. Cady is turning into Kathy Bates from Misery. She is Jack’s number one fan

What a rip off storyline from GH who is Fluke aka luke storyline. Come up with your own plots Chuck Pratt n Crew

I will be interested to see how this all plays out. I had a feeling their were two Jack’s. I wonder if the fake Jack is dangerous. Maybe the fake Jack is the cabin killer. Will fake Jack become obsessed with Ashley.

I think fake Jack killed Austin and Courtney. Austin was following Jack for his doc and in that park that night, he probably taped there were two Jacks, the fake Jack finds out about it, and kills Austin, then Courtney discovers the same thing on police camera that there were two Jacks in the park. If this is like MAB days, then fake Jack killed those two without Victor’s knowledge. Victor hired the guy, but the guy goes rogue and kills those close to Victor’s family. Most likely this guy will kill someone else close to Victor and when it all comes out — that Victor hired this guy, all his family will once again disown him and say they will never forgive him and Victor will leave town again to sulk— so if this Pratt wants to impress me, let me wrong and write a story that I can’t see coming a mile away.

done until a real producer and a real talented head writer who cares about the fans and the authenticity of young and the restless is hired and the current execs are toast!
jfp, pratt, and the just graduated college student in charge of music are pathetic.
this show resembles nothing inline with bill bells vision. furthermore the morons incharge of hiring jfp and pratt should also be canned
how arrogant for sony and cbs execs to insult longtime y n r fans who have endured more than a decade of y n r being set up to be cancelled!!! after lml, mab and now jfp we get …. pratt. ??
no, last year things slowly started to seem like they were headed in the right direction. jean pennasante and co were turning things around but no, too good to be true. we get this nonsense.
jacks doppleganger is the last straw. where s neil and hevons story?, jill? eileen left days as kirsten for this? a disgusting incestuos relation with a doppleganger? the real abby? dylan and the scooby gang on everyday? mariah being treated like a extra instead of her promising animosity with the mother who s dumped her twice, first as a child now because she wouldnt lie on the stand at her moms custody trial? lauren is going to cheat on michael again?…. with cane who is supposed to be head of chancellor and now fenmores with his bartending degree from the outback? nikki is no longer a acoholic or suffering from ms? victor is just a mad villian with no remorse or redeeming qualities who would threaten to out the real paternity of the woman he once loved for decades?
pratt needs to get off his shit dont stink superiority because the crap he s writing does

attention all y n r fans how can we organize a petition to get pratt and jfp and whoever hired them fired before y n r becomes destroyed ? this is serious….

with regards to starting a petition to getting pratt and jfp fired for this crap…. anyone live in the l.a area willing to drive a dumptruck infront of cbs studios in burbank full of shit? menuior? would that get the message across? a slogan saying y n r fans wont take anymore of this ‘ shit’???!!!!

aha funny..

Pratt and JPF will not be let go..
Only way they will be out is if the fans stop watching and the numbers drop significantly..
and– the fans do not and will not stop watching no matter how terrible Y&R becomes, they watch..
As long as they watch then a protesting is useless ..
People can bitch and whine all they want but as long as they keep watching CBC will not pay any attention to the complaining because ya still watch …

(some do drop out but not in a number that makes much difference)

Speak for yourself. Some of us like the drama.

If only. The actors apparently are too gutless to revolt.

I wont walk away. I’m a fan. Not that you are not, its your choice to quit watching BUT I would rather watch shit than a test pattern. It will get better. Y&R was always more classy rather than campy but you have to catch peoples attention now more than ever. Eileen walked away from Days but it was crazier over there to. That show is in trouble. These actors dont care much about the stories as long as they are employed. MF interviews them on this site and they run down all the crazy things their character has done and laugh about it. Its tongue in cheek entertainment. You make a lot of valid points, though.

I agree with you, and Nikki. I find myself, mouth agape, taken aback, murmuring and complaining under my breath ….I go as far as bitch on this site (and others) but I enjoy the drama, regardless of its ridiculousness.
It only means we are not indifferent. Love your post, Timmm.

April, every time someone uses the verb “revolt” I laugh. I laugh because it reminds me of when Lucy went up to Ricky and said to him as he read the morning newspaper,”Ricky! I am revolting!” Ricky responded,”No more than usual, dear.”

I completely agree …loved the old story linesAnd now it’s turned into violence and more like prime time shit … I miss the story writers of past .. Been watching since day one .. But I’m done … Y & R was something that I would never miss watching.. But now I dint care anymore .. Writers are disgusting


Enjoy, Judy!!

A couple of thoughts. Since there are a few million GH viewers, maybe many didn’t mind the Fluke story as much as many of us commenting on MF. It didn’t seem to hurt the ratings. And GH sure got a lot of press out of it, and even coined a new word…Fluke.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and possible ratings for Y&R. And it’s not as if they don’t copy themes all the time anyway. But this storyline is just so blatantly pulled from GH. The main reason I didn’t like the Fluke story was how dark and evil it was. And how swarmy Tony was. So far, Peter isn’t that disgusting, and the dark hasn’t gone over the edge like in GH. But it’s early yet.

It’s not like the doppelgänger is new recently. It was the same for Elena/Catherine in The Vampire Diaries. Maybe both GH and Y&R feel this is a door into to getting to the younger, most coveted demo. Granted, Peter is not Stephan or Damon, but he’s still has his looks and charm.

At any rate, here we go again.

It isnt just GH. They did this same with Patty just a few yrs ago. When Patty switched places to marry Jack.

And when Sheila got plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, and when her sister Sara Smythe got plastic surgery to look like Lauren.

I’m behind (still on the sweeps aftermath and on to last month)but just wondering how they are going to address the Adam issue?? There’s no way a fake Jack would know unless he was the one NuAdam confessed to..and since Victor’s hand is all in this…wouldn’t this be something “Fack” (lol..Mr.Fairman) have run and told or is this a leverage he has to eventually use against Adam…OH MY STARS AND GRAVY…I hope this wasn’t a rushed story that’s still writing itself in Pratt’s head and he can’t go back and literally re-plot story plots already plotted and played…OH WAIT..who am i talking about..PRATT!!

I think the switch was done recently even if Jack’s double might have been in town for longer. But the fact that fake Jack doesn’t know Gabe is really Adam, might be the chink in the plan, and Adam will figure out this isn’t really Jack and be the one to find the real Jack.

OMG Mary I never thought of that. The problem is if Gabriel tries to bring it to Billy or Ashley he can’t reveal himself so they would just laugh unless the fake Jack does make a play for Ashley or Ashley may bring up the fact that she’s not a real Abbott and he’ll be shocked. Oh I can’t wait.

And his identity (Adams) will be discovered in the process.. Makes sense to me Mary SF.

Yeah– I think Adam will save the day for Jack… here’s hoping it is next week, like every other story that takes place: we go from point A to point Z with nothing in between!

i dont think it was ruched at the last minute. Jack and Kelly having sex in the Underground storage room was a while back. Then we had Kelly’s “death.” Now we are seeing “Flack” breaking into the tech room. It is coming together. I like it.

Wow, what an excellent point, Dav. Until you mentioned it, that fact completely escaped me. Adam must have confessed to Fack…..unless, the writers messed up.
Also, I did not copy ‘Fack’ from you. LOL. I reply as I go along…I swear…..LOL. great minds…..

LOL CeeCee I got Fack from @MichaelFairman who aptly named him in his article above.. I just up and stole it.. LMAO…

That’s what Ron did with the Fluke debacle too.

The : F : stands for Fake in front of name ..

Don’t all soaps eventually do the same storylines? !?! That’s the nature of the business. At some point we have to become supportive of the last few remaining of the genre because if we don’t they will be gone. None of us want that. I think Pratt’s writing has given Y&R the shot of life that it’s needed for so long. Yes, it’s campy and silly and asks a lot of the imagination and for common sense to get tossed out the window but really for me this is all fun. It’s entertainment – it’s not supposed to be real life. That’s why we’re watching it on a box in our living/bed rooms.
Chill. Watch. Enjoy. Repeat!

I agree this is entertainment, just like it would be if you went out and bought a series of books to read on romance, wealth and rich people in small towns controlling everything. It’s fiction people enjoy it for what it is.

Yes it is fiction, but you must admit there is vast difference between a classic novel like Gone with the Wind and one in a series of trashy dime store romance novels that are crank out by the dozens every month. Soaps are not Shakespeare, but even within the genre there is still a difference between quality storytelling and mediocrity

I dread this storyline. Not liking all of Mr. Pratt’s changes.

Chuck Pratt is not copying GH.

THANK YOU. Fluke is ONE character, Jack is TWO!

I agree.

Anyone remember Victor’s first wife? How Victor locked up her brother in the basement for months on end?

It feels like the really bad Victor is back. Now, if the could hit the reset button on Jill and make her as devious as she once was….

Ack… Victor locked up her lover, not her brother, in the basement for months on end.

I don’t know if he was writing for AMC during the time period that there were two Erica Kanes but that story was not well done. I will see how I feel about two Jacks after I see how it all plays out. I like Cady much better as Kelly than Dixie(AMC).

This is what Chuck did to Erica Kane in the final years of All My Children, before he got canned by ABC he wrote for two Erika dumb, dumb, storyline. So what Susan Lucci said about Chuck being a horrible writer was so true.

As I said in an earlier thread this has all been done before — Katherine and Marge; Shelia disguising herself as Phyllis; Shelia’s sister looking like Lauren; Jack hiring a John look a like to gaslight Gloria; Cane’s twin brother– the last one being Victor paying for Patty to look like Jack’s girlfriend. Did I miss any? As I said deja vu.

And I wouldn’t mind as long it is done well, but right now that Kelly’s has gone all Kathy Bates in Misery on us, she looks like a pale copy cat to both Shelia and Patty. I might have liked it better if CW was still in the role, but Cady works my last nerve. Also it was stated in above that Jack’s double married Phyllis, I don’t he did. While in bed with her he didn’t seem to get the joke she made about the Swedish minister that married them, which leads me to believe, the switch took place after the ceremony while Phyllis was in bathroom.

I agree. the fake Jack didn’t catch the Swedish meatballs joke, and that’s when I knew it had to happen when Phyllis was in the bathroom– there was someone lurking outside their patio door.

U forgot Mariah/Cassie too…

Sick of this show! Need a new writer. I guess next will be a twin Austin.

Goodbye Y&R see it going down with all the other soaps ! Same old story linesover and over two Catherines remember ! Yes, Joe is faking all this with his friend the doctor ..really !!


I dont care what critics say about this twin thing or impostor angle, I love it! Jack and Victor never get old and this is a new trick up the Mustache’s sleeve. No one can pull this off better than Peter Bergman and I knew Kelly was alive and probably will be pregnant by Flack. [Fake Jack!] You heard that nickname here first! Either way, I hope that Kelly, Stitch and MBB all end up falling in a volcano! Dont look for Skye, its Sage!

I miss Skye ;-(

She was the limit!

Beautiful, seductive, crafty, and a great actress. Now I only get to see her in the Curel commercials. 🙁

Timm–I like it too.
I mentioned the Flack nickname about a month ago….speaking of copycats!
(kidding–you probably did not see my post).

Its your Harry. I’ll take credit for Flaul! Just in case Paul Williams ever has an evil twin!

When I was suspecting a Jack doppleganger, I thought of “Flack” as well. It kind of rolls off the tongue easier and reminds me of a flack jacket. I will give you the credit for putting it in print. 🙂

Ha! Ha! Timm, Paul doesn’t have an “evil” twin, he has a stupid one.

Does anyone remember the classic line in SPLASH when Eugene Levy had the two dimwits working for him on the boat and he says “It’s just me and the moron twins.” Then one of the guys says “Eh, we’re not twins.” I think Paul Williams has a “moronic” twin and HE is the one currently on the screen interrogating the Scooby Doo gang.

I think Peter could make reading the phone book seem interesting, but this copy-cat story ~ including the crazed girlfriend chaining the object of her affections in a cage ~ is sadly unoriginal. Sorry Peter is setting saddled with this.

Copy cats

Doubles have existed in soaps since forever. If Y&R is copying GH, then GH was copying OLTL, AMC and oh yes, Y&R.
GH doesn’t have a copyright on soap doubles.
Folks claiming otherwise are just being foolish with the “copycat” name calling.

Yes Harry I agree. Some people just want to come on here and bitch for no reason. All soap’s have love stories, villains,lawyers,doctors etc. We would have nobody left if we didn’t copy something but it gives the critics something to criticize.LOL

Oh good grief. Haven’t seen yesterday’s ep yet, but doesn’t sound good. I knew Kelly was not dead.

I don’t see why people are saying this rips off GH – doppleganger stories have been done for years on soaps. In fact there was a time not that long ago where Y&R had 2 dopplegangers going at the same time with both Lauren and Phyllis having them. So this is nothing new. Having said that, I can’t remember one that has actually been enjoyable to watch, they are always ridiculous and really stretch the believability factor, so I’m already ready for this one to be over. Not sure why, but the character of Jack is never allowed to be happy for more than 5 minutes.

Wow. This is pitiful. A lame storyline for some pretty amazing actors. This makes them look unbelievable dumb. I am truly convinced that Chuck Pratt was hired to sink this show. Along with JFP? That can be the only explanation. So unfortunate.

I love Jack Abbott and its all coming together now. I wondered how he could have slept with Kelly and forgot. As for people blaming Chuck Pratt & crew “Don’t get you’r undies in a knot” How can you say it’s a rip off story from G.H. Fluke/Luke? Did you forget how Victor brought Mariah into his warped games to play Cassie? Or how about when he brought Patty Williams in Genoa City and paid for her surgery to look different in order to attract Jack? AH AH Looks like the copy cat is G.H. I don’t care for all the story lines. I’d like to see Sharon found innocent, be with Dylan and bitch-slap Summer for walking in her house without knocking. (I absolutely hate that girl) even Victor knocks on the door even though the house is on his property. but she’s their too stay and do low budget movies on the side so we deal with it. As for C. Pratt I still think he’s a genius.

Recylcle, Recycle, stories over and over Again, Again ugh!!!!

That’s what soap opera’s do except with different characters.

PLEASE let Summer be the next victim along with this new suck ass Kyle!

Oh please From your mouth to God’s ear.

Bitch slap Sharon, tired of her always coming out on top regardless of what she does. She and Victor could rule the world with these writers. I hate to think this is the writers life and his mind is so messed up.

Ok, I totally agree about everything you said about Summer, but I disagree about CP being a genius. I can list three soaps that have had this story already, one of them being ATWT which was cancelled, another being Y&R!

But all soap’s recycle stories. Im waiting for one of them to copy B & B with this transgender story. Come on can’t you just see Victor playing the part of a transgender? Sorry Nikki I’ve been showing you how much I hate Jack Abbott all these years but it’s really been about fighting my feelings of love for him. I’ve scheduled an appointment with the doctors and after tomorrow I want to be known as Veronica.

OH OH Made a mistake that would not be transgender so on that note here we go again. “Nikki my darlin I must tell you something. You see I use to be a girl, yes my name was Veronica but as I made it in the business world I had surgery to become a man. Yes my darlin It’s true I am no longer Veronica but your love of life Victor.

dont forget Ashley’s husband Blane and his twin brother

That’s right I forgot about that. There was a good one and an evil one and I think she cared more for the evil one.

What about DOOL’s Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and her evil twin (Andrea Hall)? My grandmother told me to write that.

Really !!I just don’t understand this fan loyalty 2 Sharon I’ve always found the character 2 be as interesting as a wet mop. And the writing on the characters behalf is just sad I must admit never cared for the character, ms .Case deserves better and should have left eons ago! BUT 2 turn her into a bipolar, would be homicidial maniac doesn’t do her fans any justice! !

Shelby, we Sharon Case fans have been fighting for her to be tougher since she married Nick. She was always cast as a wounded bird since she was raped by Matt back in high school. Nick has treated her like garbage having affair after affair on her even with her best friend while they we’re married, Nikki treated her rotten since day one & so has Victoria. Victor was nice to her till he lost his marbles and married her (using her to save Nikki). and she always thought of him as a father. She fought him once & lost after he came back. They need to give her some backbone to kick Nick out, make up with Mariah, tell Abby to go to hell, call Nikki a drunk, tell Victoria she’s a slut, slap tubby(Summer) across the face and let Genoa City that miss Amazon while crying over Austin slept with Kyle.

I’m super excited!!! Adam will find out that Jack isn’t the real Jack and he will save Jabot from Victor and he will be forgiven by Billy and he can have Chelsea!!

He “had” Chelsea today.


He sure did. Those scenes were hot!

Your wording reminded me of MR. MOM when they are discussing Y&R and Alex says “… he sure got Nikki.” 😉

#team #Abbott , I wonder how this is going to play out.

You are kidding I hope. I CAN’T STAND SHARON! Nows their chance, get rid of her. Absolutely love Summer. She is a great addition to the cast. But I have had to endure Sharon for way too long. Let her take her crazy ass on.

Their both only playing characters Vicky.

You go, girl. Nick is scum…he finally cut his hair, but, he’s still scum.
What about Nikki, (not you, lol) always with her nose up in the air, looking down on Sharon. We all know from whence she hails. I have said this before….Nikki slept with her son-in-law….ewwww!!
I can’t stand Sage. I hope she really lets Nick have it. Perhaps ‘IT’ will shrivel up and fall off. It would be poetic justice never being able to chase skirts again.

Oh you made me laugh Cee Cee. To have it fall off would be something to laugh about. I still don’t get why they picked him on the soap for all the girls to go after Yuck. If this were real life he’s have some disease by now. I wish he would go see a hair stylist he always looks so grubby & dirty looking. Not just Nikki but Victoria too always with their nose up in the air and yet is their anyone left in Genoa City that they didn’t sleep with?

Sorry folks, I’ve got to call you on this. This is not a copy of the Fluke story. The evil twin/doppelgänger storyline is a classic soap story. There probably isn’t a show that hasn’t used it at some time or other. If we went down the stories of all of the shows right now I think we’d find that most of them have elements of being like some other show in the past or currently. Like a story, don’t like a story. We all have shows we prefer or don’t like. But the “stop copying me” is a little preschool, don’t you think?

I was not shock of the two Jack Abbott at all figure it out the night The Underground Collasped and at the Hospital I already knew where Victor was going with this. Always knew Kelly was not dead. If everyone remember at the underground Jack had on a tie and when Jack was under the rubber he had on a tie that was the real Jack. Kelly had sex with the fake Jack in the storage room. Now go back to the hospital when you saw the fake Jack leave the hospital he ad on a sweater and a jacket when the real Jack came home from the hospital he had on a suit. The real Jack was at Billy and Chelsea Party we knew this because Jack was real angry at Adam now this fake Jack don’t get angry because he don’t know how he is a time bomb waiting to explode. Victor has no clue that the fake Jack is an sex addict and TGVN will not beable to handle the fake Jack at all and as always Ashley will be another pond of TGVN games will they find out in time I hope so. I don’t watch GH so to me this storyline is just like the others storyline they have done with double characters. Now we have to see if TGVN knows Gabe is really Adam. Now Sharon is arrested for murder something she didn’t do and I hope Paul put his PI skills to work because we all know Sharon didn’t murder Austin and put him in the closet and she didn’t killed Courtney either there is no way that Sharon is that strong to pick up a dead body by herself and put it in the closet yep she is being setup but by whom. I say detective Harding is behind this because whom ever it is they have to within the police department to just walk in and go by an computer and give it an virous while other cops are there. Is Sharon still in danger I say yes because who ever it is think Sharon knows who they are now does Paul have an clue or he is still blind. Well we have to wait and see how all of this unfold


I’m thinking the “cop” is a good suspect, as you said, because he had easy access to the station computer…. with a flashdrive. But, I also think this is a vendetta against the Newmans: Nick’s daughter’s husband is murdered and then Nick’s son’s fiancé. Interesting…. and then to frame Nick’s former wife?
And, who really is Sage? I love the actress, most of the time, but yikes– is she also a suspect?

Been a loyal & faithful “Y & R” viewer since January of ’81 and after seeing this week’s shows, my stomach is churning so bad I can taste the bile!!

This plot-driven drek was why CBS/Sony decided on giving Chuck Pratt the Head Writer position – REALLY?!? Another doppelganger in GC – again?!?

Let’s see who in GC had doubles:

Katherine Chancellor/Marge Cotrooke
John Abbott/Allistar Wallingford (hired by Jack to gaslight Gloria)
Phyllis/Sheila Carter (thanks to plastic surgery)
Lauren/Sarah Smythe (Sheila’s never-mentioned sister)
Alex “Blade” Bladeson/Rick Bladeson (identical twin)
Cassie/Mariah (identical twin)
Ethan “Cane” Ashby/Caleb (identical twin)

So disappointed that “Y & R” would pull out this old chestnut of a plot-driven gimmick in 2015 – ENOUGH!!!

Quite a shock when the 2nd Jack was revealed but it will be a good story-line. This soap in no way compares to GH, even though GH is a good show. Many soaps over years have had doubles including Y & R on and off. The story-lines have been twisting and turning past weeks! Love catching them recorded. Y & R is indeed a different soap & has continued to prove it is #1 for a reason. Keep up the great writing & still a great cast. The new Adam is very good but do miss the other one. He seems to have moved on to some good projects plus has a wonderful family.
Have a splendid day…..

Who believed Kelly was dead anyway? Victor told her she would have Jack. The doppelganger story was telegraphed, especially with the fake fingerprints.

So soon after Victor found Cassie’s twin Mariah? Pratt has never really cared about a shows history

I’m reasonably appalled at this latest ‘Jack doppelganger’ storyline, but any story that allows the normally very talented Peter Bergman to exhibit more facial expressions that his now-customary and singular pursed lips look is fine by me! I agree with several earlier posters that Bill Bell would turn over in his grave if he knew about this kind of story being written about his much-beloved characters.

I’m also convinced that Victor is behind all of the Jack’s-double mess, including the Kelly angle. He had that page of fingerprints that Nikki got hold of before he could pass them to his henchman. I expect the doppelganger used them – somehow – to gain entry into the two computer rooms. When Victor’s wife and kids find out he’s been behind all of this – and they WILL find out at some point – will it be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Nikki and Victoria especially? Guess we’ll have to stay turned to see if any kind of justice for the Abbott family will prevail.

This story is not so much a copy of GH as it is a copy of itself from previous stories. Hmmm…let’s see…Victor secures the services of an emotionally damaged unstable woman to exact his “final” revenge on Jack….is it Patty or Kelly? And doppelganger and twin stories have been far too overdone in recent years on his show…..Katherine/Marge, Patty/Emily, Lauren/Sheila, Cane/his twin, John Abbott, Cassie/Mariah, Jeffrey/William, and I am sure I am missing some. It is especially disgusting when men are posing as someone else and they repeatedly rape the woman. Yes…sex with someone under false pretenses is indeed rape. When do they train these lookalikes to know everything a person would have to know in order to be someone else?? Who pays for the vocal lessons so the fake can sound exactly like someone else? Due to an extreme lack of creativity soaps have become self indulgent parodies of themselves….claiming that the genre is unique and the audience accepts the outlandish conventions. We only accept them because what is the alternative? Having said all that…..I am not as down on Chuck’s work as everyone else is. At least the show is not mind numbingly boring as it was under Griffith. There are shocks and surprises and twists and turns. I am not saying I like every story but the canvas is tightly woven and episodes move with a point and purpose. As a sidenote what does JFP have against characters named Courtney?? Courtney on Another World was murdered. Courtney on GH contracted some sort of virus and died after giving birth. And now Courtney on Y and R was also brutally murdered.

Only one solution…send Victor to the Bastille…off with his head !!!!!!

Y&R done this same Story line before. Katherine has an Evil Twin. So has Cane. Lauren had a lookalike & so did Phyllis. Even Patty was a lookalike to her Dr. How many times do they Y&R think we fans are going to put her with this crap?

Do we have any viewers who remember the villain David Kimble? He was paid by Jill back when she was wicked fun to romance Nina he went on the run and was going to have plastic surgery to look like the actor David Hasselhof who had played Snapper on Y&R so it was a wink to the audience. He goes and at gunpoint to the surgeon wants him to change his face well the surgeon carves Killer in his forehead and then later of course David gets killed in a trash compacter. That was some of the fun and brilliance of this show under Bell. RIP Mr. Bell you are so missed!

Also Kay/Marge and Rick/Blade were done on Bill Bells watch so they all do the doubles it is just a worn out plot for me!

Michael Corbett… I followed him from Ryan’s Hope.. to Search for Tomorrow where he was with Lisa Peluso.. And on to Y&R..hated when he left..

I think its pretty dumb myself. So many of the soap thru the years have done this.

I hope this new Jack gives Victor hell.

Yes!!!! What a great thought, Rebecca Barnes. Just imagine if Victor’s creation, Fack (or Flack–whatever) turned on his master? Not only would the storyline take a different spin, but, Mary Shelley would turn in HER grave…LOL.

On GH this story would be fun on Y&R it’s pure dreck. Pratt does not fit with this show.

This has been done once too often. I’m sure that the actors will do their best but this is, at best, a gimmick. Give Jack a genuine story that builds out of his past. Involve the other characters, keep your audience interested. Not alienated.

So Victor Newman has officially become Stefano Dimera. Im so DONE with The Campy and The Recycled. This show has become a Shyt Show, and for those of you enjoying, power to you. But Im not buying into this Victor Newman has found ANOTHER doppleganger. What does GC have some undergound lair where every character has a doppleganger. I dont mind dopplegangers, but someone should have done their HW to realize this show has had more than FIVE in the past few yrs. Ugh.

And again, if ur enjoying this great. But I dont see myself talking about the Jack Doppleganger SL 10yrs from now. Remember the pain of Ashley’s abortion, Neil’s alcoholism SL, the Winters Aids SL, the Daniel/Lilly SL, Nikki’s crazy maid, the Danny/Phylis/Christine SL, and the entire Sheila/Lauren era. I mean THOSE were Storylines. With a beginning, middle, and end. They made sense, and I could relate to them.


I wanted Jack and Phyllis to have a happy ending for a change. He never have good luck in relationships. Its tune for Adam to be revealed to someone. I am sick of Sharon always getting the bad breaks. I wish you guys send summer to college somewhere she is nerve wrecking. And Victor need to get his for a change. I’m sick of how he is always on top. Let someone bring him down… Let him suffer sometimes.

I think you should add some drama. Let Lauren and cane be attractive to each other. let sage tell Nicholas about Adam. Let Hillary be pregnant by Devon. Bring back devons mother so Neil can fall in love again. Bring another man that lily is attracted too.

Oh yes Sharla. I love how you think. As for Summer I agree I think there is about one person on here that likes her but looks like she’s here to stay so we just hasve to deal with the mutt.

Dumb and getting dumber!!!

Breaking News

‘Santa Barbara’ Episodes May See Light of Day Yet; Will the Beloved Soap Opera Come to Streaming?

For decades, soap opera fans around the world have wanted a chance to see Santa Barbara episodes again. The soap, which first aired on NBC back on July 30, 1984 aired for only 9 seasons until the network pulled the plug after diminishing ratings and multiple changes in writing and producing regimes. The show last aired on January 15th, 1993.

Santa Barbara was co-created and initially produced and co-written by the legendary team of Bridget and Jerome Dobson. At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmys, Jerome was honored with the Gold Circle medal for his over 50 years of work and accomplishments within the medium. Sadly his wife, Bridget passed away earlier this year in January at the age of 85.

The show featured an all-star soap cast throughout its run which included, at times: Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Dame Judith Anderson, Robin Wright, Justin Deas, Eileen Davidson, Lane Davies, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Jed Allan, Louise Sorel. Judith McConnell, Roscoe Born, Sydney Penny, Todd McKee, Terry Lester, Justin Gocke, Nicolas Coster and many more.

Photo: NBC

During a livestream conversation on Friday, June 21st, Jerome Dobson and A Martinez visited the Michael Fairman Channel to reminisce about the success and ups and downs of Santa Barbara and much more.

Many people in the live chat and many around the world (Santa Barbara was very popular internationally) have wanted to know with the legal issues it appears had plagued the show for years, if there would be a chance that fans could ever see Santa Barbara episodes again, and if they could become available or streamed?

Photo: JPI

Dobson shared exclusively, “Well, there’s some legal footwork being done right now about that kind of possibility. There’s been so much demand to see Santa Barbara, and so it’s not totally out of the question.” Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) reaction to that possibility was that of “Wow!” That was also the same reaction by several viewers watching the live conversation in the chat, because that would be a soap dream come true for many.

Photo: NBC

So, do you hope that the legalities can finally be worked out and you could relive the seasons of ‘Santa Barbara’ all over again? Let us know in the comment section below. You can check out the live chat with A and Jerome below, the moment happens around the 56:18 mark.

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Ryan Paevey Makes Statement on Why He is Stepping Back from Acting While Being ‘Grateful to General Hospital for Giving a Green Actor a Chance’ and ‘Hallmark for Changing My Life’

GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

Photo: JPI

Here is what Ryan shared: “Hey everyone…so first and foremost, I am a bit apprehensive that I even have to make a statement like this. I am certainly accustomed to a certain degree of gossip, but the past few weeks in particular have gotten out of control with speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning. I have always been an open book, and one who speaks his mind truthfully and directly, and it is unfortunate that we live in a world where social media makes it very easy to twist one’s words; I am often unaware it is even happening until someone from my team messages me in a panic, and so I feel it best to make a formal statement through HEAVY.”

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives New Gabi, Cherie Jimenez, Debut Date Revealed; Shares She First Auditioned for Role 15 Years Ago

In a not-then-but-now real-life story, Days of our Lives incoming Gabi Hernandez, actress Cherie Jimenez took to Instagram on Friday after it was revealed by Deadline, that her first airdate as the recast Gabi is next week on June 27th!

Jimenez has replaced longtime DAYS star, Camila Banus in the role. Previously, Banus made the decision to step away from the part after taking on the role in 2010. Camila was with the series on and off through 2023. To facilitate her exit, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin, only she didn’t commit the crime.

Cherie shared her emotions on finally being able to talk about being the new Gabi Hernandez DiMera. She expressed, “WOW ✨🎬 My heart is filled with immense gratitude over the opportunity of a lifetime. I am GABI HERNANDEZ DIMERA on the iconic DAYS OF OUR LIVES ⏳❤️‍🔥 It has been an absolute dream working on DAYS.”

Photo: JPI

As for her time so far at DAYS, Jimenez added,”These past 7 months I have worked harder than I ever have and now I get to share it with the world. Everyday I walk onto set I am in awe that I’ve been given the opportunity to live my dream. I get to work with the most phenomenal & hardworking cast and crew I’ve ever had the honor to work alongside.”

Photo: JPI

Jimenez, thanked among others the series producer, director and writers for trusting in her including: Janet Drucker, Noel Maxam, Ron Carlivati and Ken Corday, and her agents for helping her along the way in her show business journey.

She concluded with the most ironic twist of all, Cherie recalled, “At 22 years old an audition for the role of Gabi on Days of our Lives came into my life. It was not meant for me then. Now 15 years later at 36 years old the universe told me I was now ready to step into this role…Thank you ✨ …I am just beginning ✨”

So, are you looking forward to the debut of Cherie as the new Gabriella Hernandez DiMera? Comment below.

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