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Days Of Our Lives

BREAKING NEWS: NBC Renews Days of our Lives For 2016-2017 Season, With Option For Additional Year!



It’s a done deal! Days of our Lives has received their renewal pick-up from NBC.  According to Deadline, the daytime drama series has been renewed for the 2016-2017 season, which will make it the long-running daytime drama’s 51st on the air. The pickup may include an option for an additional year.

Reports over the last several weeks had DAYS, Sony, and NBC were hammering out points for the new deal moving forward, but with DAYS garnering a a 20-month ratings high, averaging 2.721 million viewers for the week of November 2-6, and another big week ratings week during January 4-8 of this year, involving Maggie’s decision whether Brady or Eric would receive Daniel’s heart, the series showed it could indeed have a ratings surge.  As of now, DAYS is ahead of its total average viewer count from the previous season at this time.

As for more terms of the deal revolving around if the production model will stay the same has not been made public at this time.  On-Air On-Soaps will keep you posted as developments come to light.

So, excited to hear there is more life in Salem? Are uou relieved to know DAYS is staying put on NBC? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Yes Yes wonderful news, I just heard the breaking news on the radio. Now the haters can shut the hell up LOL.


yeah… !!!!!! YES ! Yahoo !


Just wondering, what radio station breaks daytime soap opera news?? LOL

There’s no need for you to start picking a fight with anyone who comments here. And I can’t stand anyone who uses the term “haters”. That is the most tiresome term on the planet, imo. All that tells me is that you’re incapable of tolerating anyone with a different opinion than you or different tastes than you. Please grow up. You’re not so far above everyone else, Ricardo.

4ever DAYS

I agree with Ricardo, Chris. Because the topic is about DAYS’ renewal, I will say anyone who wishes DAYS to be dead, or any soap for that matter, is a hater.

Emma, who has posted in the past is clearly a “hater” and she’s still hating further down.

I’m a lover of DAYS and know some people are haters like Emma. But their hate should be kept to themselves during a time such as this renewal.

If people dislike something so much that they have the need to constantly say it should die, then I and anyone else has a right to call them haters.


You are a newbie here, and very rude as well. You like to fight and attack people. Ricardo was not attacking anyone. You are the problem. You should be blocked from this website.


Dino, get a grip. Just because my above response was not all 100% balloons and lollipops, I was being “rude”? Gimme a break. You have zero right to make a blanket statement that I “like to fight and attack people”. That’s totally false. You don’t know me. I’ve hardly ever commented here (Chris must be a common screen name), so cut it out! Geez, are you that thin-skinned in real life too?

Just because my response did not come across like I was waving Days pompoms I “should be blocked from this website”? Really? Grow up.

FYI, I like Days, I’m very happy Days was renewed, and I have no problem at all with anyone expressing that here in a classy, upbeat way here. But I have a big problem with initial comments like Ricardo’s being used to attack anyone with an opposite opinion. You have to realize that in this world, just because YOU like something, a certain show, etc. not every other person does. That’s just the way it is. Unfortunately, attitudes like this unfairly give soap fans collectively a bad name and cause mainstream people to roll their eyes at us. That’s what I’ve found and it’s a real shame.


We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief!


collective, Indeed… RIGHT ON !

cause celeb for this dynamic best of show


So happy love you days!!!!

Willa Sargent

it’s about freaking time to a done deal!!! YAY for Days, Ken Corday, NBC, all most wonderful CAST & CREW!!!! I AM doing a very Happy Dance right now!!! i am #50yrs DaysSuperFan from day one Nov 8, 1965 at age 11 yrs old!!!! i love Days OF OUR LLIVES more than any tv show!!! big hugss, love, Thank you Michael Fairman for breaking news!!!


LOL… uproariously… doing with;

“…I AM doing a very Happy Dance right now!!! “


Me too Patrick LOL.

Willa Sargent

are you laughing at me because i said i was doing a happy dance lol…..i hope you said it in fun way ):…thanx


without doubt: doing a Happy Dance…. with;

even on QVC w/David Venable

it’s just great to exhale and celebrate…. cheers to another year of Salem’ites


Mazel Tov! 🙂 Glad they were renewed. Hope they keep focusing on romance,mystery, adventure. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and production team!


“OH, Thank God ! Hail Mary “


Yes Patrick, we are all relieved, no more stress. We can leave the drama to Days. lmao.


Massive sigh of relief ! This is great news for all the fans of the show .


Yes thank god, Days got renewed. Great news.


Good to hear this! Hey, it’s better than nothing. No matter what this whole time, I just could not see NBC getting rid of Days just a few months after its 50th anniversary. But I’d feel a lot more comfortable/confident about its future if it got a multi-year renewal like last time.

Honestly, the cynic in me sees this as sort of a band-aid deal so that NBC can bide its time to evaluate all of its options for that hour over the next year and possibly give itself more time to purchase and/or develop a lower-cost replacement. After all, this is the same kind of deal that CBS struck with P&G for Guiding Light in 2008, roughly one year before it was axed. Just sayin’. I still really miss GL.

Hopefully, history won’t repeat itself, it won’t come to that, and Days can keep on going well into the future. Let’s cross our fingers and hope so.

Mary SF

As a fellow cynic ITA, a year is better than cancelled and lots can happen in a year, but I would have felt better if the deal was for two years instead of one with the option for a second. It does sound like they are buying some time, considering Days has already taped shows that will take them to August, what to do they have to lose to let them shoot another six months of shows before making a final decision if they should pull the plug for good or not. But no network offers many shows huge commitments anymore, so perhaps this is a glass half full situation after all


We think alike, Pat. I fear NBC is just buying itself some time to develop a cheap replacement. Like you, I was a big GL fan and still miss it. I hope “Days” fans don’t have to go through what we did!


Very happy to hear this news! DAYS has its problems, but it is much improved over last year. I love that Steve&Kayla are on my screen again.


Who the hell cares, Days should have been cancelled period. More talk shows and cooking shows please. Lisa Rinna will get her own talk show soon. Days will be cancelled in 2 years, this is the last long term contract for Days.

Lou Piikes

Lisa Rinna already had her own talk show. It was called Soap Talk.


Emma you sound like a miserable lady, Days is here to stay. enough with the negative attitude


A while ago you said Days was going to be cancelled and that Lisa Rinna’s show would take it’s spot. Now you are saying it will be cancelled in 2 years LOL. You must be pissed right now.


Blake Emma is cray cray LOL. She is pissed with booze LOL. Emma has a wild imagination. she hates Days, and loves trashy Jerry springer talk shows. Emma is a lost lady, but she likes to stir the pot.


Emma you need to go away, please go take your meds. Days got renewed. We soap fans will dance all day, but you will cry cry all day. Now go watch your cooking shows, you might learn something and watch your trashy talk shows too . Emma you are a mess and we soaps fans stick together. But you trash all the soaps, on this website. You are not a soap watcher, but your big mouth is full of hate. Lisa Rinna is very annoying just like you.

4ever DAYS


4ever DAYS

My post is in reply to Emma.


@ Emma- sorry you feel that way. If you don’t like DOOL then you are free to watch another program. No one is stopping you.




Hey spread the word to try a good shot at getting one live to live back by actually searching for the show in the Netflix search engine the more pings the show gets let’s them now how much people have an interest in a show or movie. Full House was brought back this way. Also you can call Netflix and request one life to live and tell them it has a huge fan base. I called and they have been hearing others ask about this since the online petition which must be sighn along with searching for the show on Netflix spread the word and show the voice and power of the soap fans


So very happy for the Days cast and crew. Doing a phenomenal job and the ratings have surpassed those of 2013/2014. Days never tanked as those specific fan bases wished and predicted it would. Apparently the show is about all the cast and not a chosen few. Congrats and hope for many more years to come. High five to the new writers and their their vision


Great news (would’ve been even better if they had announced new head writers were part of the deal).


Well at least now, i feel better if Rebecca Hearst comes to Days… But im still hoping she stays at GH

Carolyn Yuill

I’m really glad that Days has renewed it up to 2017.Days is the only soap that I watch.Please bring it back for longer than 2017.Thanks.


I am surprised that it was picked up but am happy for the cast and crew. They were smart to have the big stories and events happy around the anniversary and in January to get those numbers up for NBC to notice right at the renewal time. Let’s just hope they now film closer to real time.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Good news…i sigh with relief…i guess NBC realizes with Days doing better than several of their talk show flops, its best to keep it around!


happy it’s been renewed. the show does have creative issues that needs to be addressed. the new teen scene is a dud,and the show is way too dark


The talk shows are nothing much.
Glad for the renewal BUT hope we get better writing ! More in character less plot driven and less driven to promote just newbies.
A new character is ok BUT not at the expense of loved characters and now when there are too many introduced at once!!!!!!


This is the best news, congrats Days. Let’s hope that Days brings back Carrie, Austin, Anna Dimera, Eugene and Calliope Jones in the near future. Now let’s hope GH gets renewed.

Brittany Ceballos

thank god I’ve been Waching Ever Since I was 5 1993


Thank you NBC for renewing Days Of Our Lives. I have been watching Days for 30 years. I am 44 years old and I hope they change the taping. Reasonable would be 3 to 6 weeks ahead. If storyline is not working, they can change it right away.


Amen yes Days finally got renewed. What a blessing and relief. Now bring back EJ and Leann hunley Anna.

I love gh

Great news!

Mellisa M

DAYS has had a wonderful run these past few months. I hope they can sustain this new level of excellence in the coming year. If they do, I’m sure NBC will pick up a second extension.

tim S

glad to hear, but will be MUCH happier if they get rid of this 6 months of pretaping…. They really needs to have faster control to take care of casting changes and storylines that are not working.. I fast forwarded through all of the young actors except for Claire…


Yay! so Glad they are sticking around. I have watched the show since I was a child and I am now 46 and I love the show. I even record them to watch when I cant be home to see it. I NEVER miss a single one..

Sally Cohen

NBC would be foolish to take off the one afternoon show that so many of us enjoy. Not to mention, the only soap so many of us watch.

Marilyn Perez

Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been watching since day one, my sons watched it, and my husband and I DVR it. LOVE DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eileen dunham

I love this show so much that i also watch it at nighttime also. A friend of mine turned me on to this yrs. ago and do not miss it. I am stage 4 cancer and it gives me something to live for, The actors are very good in there roles. the funerals this past yr. had me crying harder than at a real funeral. you can get so involved in the roles the actors play, I give a standing ovation to Days of our Lives. Great job. actors.

eileen dunham

Congrats love the show , actors are doing a great job. watch twice aday.


I’m so glad Days gets to stay on. Love the show. I have watch it for 50 years and I hope for another 50 years. The actor’s and actress are doing a great job. Everyone behind the scenes are doing a great job. Thanks for keeping Days on.


A great friend turned me onto Days about four years ago, and I’ve not missed an episode yet! (Well…not true because of the occasional “breaking news” interruption!)
I find myself looking up info online about characters who a different actor the next day or come back playing a different character. Or this recent five-year maturation of Ciera, Theo, and Chase? Wth? And killing all these GREAT characters just kills ME! Despite these irritants, I can’t miss Days! I LOVE IT!
I don’t know how anything works, but I do know of two other daytime shows that renewed with five-year contracts. So why are “they” not giving a longer term renewal to Days? I will have some massive grief (and I’ve experienced enough lately with Bo and Daniel) if Days ends. Days is excellent! Acting is all-around exceptional, and it will be around for a long, long time! ❤️


Im so Happy days has been renew longer pick ups would be appreciated and make the actors and actresses more at eas to to put more into there cart. I so miss the story line of sonn any will if yo can bring Sonny back even find a way to bring will back those characters gave days a Emmy any one hell of a story line with good writers they could have done something and to see Lucas heart break the way it did was horrifying and some great acting not to mention loseing Bo to hope bring him back as a evil twin or something Demera had him whho know what evil he work on him fancy face lost so much. death is a part of life but days dooes go over board some times. Loseing Alice, Tom , Micki hurt us long timers to the core I know Im one of them its time for healing even for the Demeras. Reopen Dougs place music and see what evil lurks between the under ground caverns still. I LOVE AND MISS YOU WILL AND SONNY!!!!! Im glad this ewnewal gives days time to clear the air with some characters. HUGS SONNY N WILL LOVE DONNIE ROCHESTER NY


Yes, Im extremely happy as soon as I read it! Been watching Days since i was 11. 30 years!

Millie willis

What about the rumor that Megan Kelley from Fox is moving to DOOL time slot on NBC? Hope this is not true.


The news on social media is that they are canceling Days Of Our Lives – 2017 If this is done we fans will completely Boycott NBCChicago and all NBC channels. We love Days and do not want to see it canceled – are they renewing ?

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