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General Hospital

GH's Maurice Benard named On-Air On-Soaps "Power Performance of the Week"!



If you tuned into see Sonny and Brenda’s wedding on General Hospital this week, you were privy to watching one of the great actors of the genre at the top of his game.  We can only be talking about Sonny Corinthos himself, Maurice Benard. First, in the scenes when the couple finally are set to say their, “I do’s”, Brenda confesses her lie about Dante and her baby as sort of an intervention before Carly does!  And as Brenda turns and starts to walk out of the wedding, Sonny stops her. It is there, that Maurice Benard was at his best, delivering a powerful, emotional, and heartfelt speech to his beloved Brenda to stay and marry him while drudging up the scars of her childhood with her father, and their past together to illustrate to her that in the end that he loves her, and can past her deception. Later as the couple goes through the ceremony, even without saying many words, Benard was strong, caring, and loving to Brenda.   It was “grab a hankie” time for sure.

But this was a more than a one episode performance for Benard; he was great all the rest of the week too! And it culminated on Friday’s episode after Brenda is “supposedly” blown-up in a car eerily similar to Sonny’s late wife, Lily Rivera who suffered the same “fate”.


As Sonny is rocked to the core that Brenda was in the explosion, Benard showed us Sonny’s pain, rage, anger, and helplessness. Who could not help but seeing the little boy in Sonny when he desperately needed hugs from Jason and Robin! Then, when Jax told Sonny to pull the trigger and shoot himself to spare everyone more death and destruction, Benard showed even another layer to his subtle performance.

So, with all that mentioned above and more, On-Air On-Soaps names Maurice Benard this week’s Power Performance of the Week. Below watch the video clips of Sonny and Brenda’s wedding clips from Tuesday’s episode and then Sonny moment’s from Friday’s episode! Enjoy and we reiterate, ya better grab for your hankies!

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Agreed! A phenomenal performance and should be an Emmy winner!


I agree with you,Michael. Maurice finally got a story where he he could prove how great he is and has been for so many years. The writers finally gave him the dramatic moments where he showed every emotion possible . His senstivity, and horror to relive what happened to Lily was unimaginable. But, he did not go off the deep end. He was grief stricken and yet controlled. In other words, he was brilliant. I can’t wait for Mondays episode. There is defnitely more to come. We know the body found was not Brenda, but Sam’s. He she still alive?? Hold on, fans…….

General Hospital

GH Preview – Week of June 18, 2018

This week on General Hospital, as Carly (Laura Wright) is being drugged up with anti-psychotic meds at Ferncliff, it’s Jason (Steve Burton) to the rescue.  Carly’s bff finds a way to infiltrate the state mental institution. Meanwhile, Carly had been talking to Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), who says he will help her through her ordeal emotionally.  But is Carly really seeing Kevin, or is it just a figment of her imagination?

Elsewhere, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) seeks out her ex Julian (William deVry) as she tries to come to terms with the root cause of her issues with the men she chooses to be in her life.  Julian, who has gotten closer to Kim (Tamara Braun), now has a chance to try to help Alexis and make up for the ways in which he hurt her.  Could this be the beginning of the patching up of Julexis, or the final straw?

Sonny (Maurice Benard) has just learned that Mike (Max Gail) moved the body buried at Croton. Where did Mike take it?  How will this have future implications?

Here are more teasers for the action coming up on  GH:


Obrecht covers her tracks.


Nelle reflects on her past.


Michael confronts Chase.


Nina demands answers.


Valentin’s romantic gesture back fires.

So, what story point are you looking forward to playing out this week on GH? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Breaking News

Dominic Zamprogna Confirms He Is Done At GH

Another General Hospital favorite has left the building.  After much speculation and rumors, it has been confirmed on Thursday afternoon by Dominic Zamprogna that he has left the ABC daytime drama series, and his role of nine years; that of Dante Falconeri.

In a tweet, Dominic shared: “So you’ve been asking. I feel I owe it to you awesome fans to tell you that I’ve taped my final scenes. Going to miss you all and my GH fam. Good things happening tho. More to come ..”

Zamprogna actually had taped his final scenes last month in May.

The character of Dante came on to GH, and it was revealed that he was the biological son of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero).

Benard posted a touching photo from on set of himself and Zamprogna on his Instagram account stating: “Always very sad for me when great actors and great friends leave the show Dom was definitely at the top of that list was always looking forward to working with him didn’t happen enough.”

Dominic’s on-screen lady love Emme Rylan (Lulu) shared these thoughts on Twitter:  “I am utterly heartbroken to see you go but also very excited to watch what is coming next for you. I believe in you! Go get em!”

So, are you sad to hear that Dominic has left GH?  What do you think will happen to the character of Dante? Share your thoughts on his departure in the comment section below.


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Breaking News

John Stamos Visits His Old Stomping Grounds At General Hospital

Social media was abuzz yesterday when photos surfaced on Twitter of none other than John Stamos (Ex-Blackie Parrish), who got his early career start on General Hospital, apparently making a visit to the set of the iconic soap opera.

Stamos posted photos of himself, along with Steve Burton, Maurice Benard, Josh Swickard and Kin Shriner.  He stated: “The studs of ! Visit to my old stomping grounds – thanks for the hospitality boys.

This fueled rumors that perhaps, just perhaps, Stamos was making a guest star visit to the ABC daytime drama series, yet there is also the fact that John has been developing a series about fame and excess of daytime soaps in the 1980s based off his time as a young teen star on GH.

So, what do you think John visited GH for? What did you think of the pics by Jim Warren that appeared on social media?  Is Blackie coming back, or is John shooting or doing research for his series in development? Comment below.

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Video du Jour

This week, Nick lost temporary custody of Christian leading to a defiant and emotional turn by Joshua Morrow (Nick) as he has to say farewell to the little boy he has come to love as his own son, and give him to his father, Victor, who wanted and was granted custody of the child. Watch the hankie-inducing moment! Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Joshua Morrow as Nick

The Young and the Restless

Airdate: 6-14-2018