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Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland Back To Y&R For Indefinite Run!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

After their return visits to Genoa City, Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland who reprised their roles as Mackenzie Hellstom and Brittany Hodges, respectively, are now coming back to The Young and the Restless for an indefinite run.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Brittany is now a top-notch attorney, something her portrayer, Lauren Woodland knows plenty about in that after leaving Y&R years ago, she became a legal eagle in real life.

Brittany will be back in Genoa City participating in a high-profile case. As viewers know, Mackenize was back with the key background information as to how J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) treated her during their marriage, which caused her to file for divorce, as Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was being abused by her ex.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Now that J. T. was murdered, how will Max figure into the equation moving forward?

Both women were back taping at the CBS studios starting a few weeks ago. Look for their scenes to begin to air sometime in June.

So, glad to know their is more Kelly and Lauren to come on Y&R? Comment below!

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43 Comments on "Kelly Kruger and Lauren Woodland Back To Y&R For Indefinite Run!"

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Sooo glad to have Brittany back in ‘our’ midst—-much, much happier to have Mac—-nothing against Kelly, but I wish it were Ashley!!


Having Mackenzie back tells me the women will be upfront for a long time..
Y&R has been running woman stories.. from Hillary to the gang of 4 ..
The men are getting the backseat, the women are driving.


Interesting way of putting it, SuzieQ….and very effective: Woman Power…about time!!


I love Y&R. I love the cast. Usually I love the stories BUT there is no reason for either one of these ladies to come back. Zero reason. A bloated cast leads to boring stories and useless scripts. I worry that after the Phelps run and then the Pratt run that Y&R could run the risk of losing their #1 status. Their stories have been limited. I am ready to see DAYS creep up on their coat tails. Keep in mind that many cast members from Y&R left a ways back for other networks. Many left to work with Ron Carlivati. And now — ahem — Ron has an Emmy under his wings. Send those characters into a week stay and get back to writing for characters that need a story.


You do have a point about plots losing both stamina and interest, Mateo. I suppose we get carried away when hearing that favorite characters are returning.
There are enough stories to focus on, I guess….
….I have this weird feeling, after Kyle’s neverending-soliloquy about his Herculian ego and all its trimmings, that he is Victor’s grandson……Did Dina do the dance with Victor all those years ago? Is Jack Victor’s son? Kyle is a viper. Everyone should watch his/her back. He has no honor; no integrity and no love for either family or friends ( if he even has any).
That’s a pursuable story, albeit Y&R will rock to high heaven…..change the entire face and premise of both the Abbots and the Newmans.
I, for one, do not know if I can handle it, LOL.


You can not change the history of the show for the sack of a storyline. Do not get Tracy involved either. She should remain an Abbott just like Jack should be.


Hi, Cathy,
Oh, I agree. That’s why I said the history of Y&R will rock in a bad way…..every fan will be up in arms, including myself…..however, it would not surprise me if TPTB would go do far as to ‘rock the cradle’, as it were, making Billy the only true Abbott.


Makes sense to bring back Mackenzie as she is Katherine’s granddaughter and has history with other current characters. There are many possibilities for this character and I hope the writing team maximizes her.


Yeah, Iakovos: let’s see a wrong being righted, at long last……Mac, as the true Chancellor heir—no pretender to the ‘throne’. That’s what should happen….I can almost taste it.
Devon ( sophomoric ‘executive’, at best), the interloper gaining power, money and control has never sat well with me. Plus, Neil and the little Winters ( by Malcolm—let’s not ever forget that), and indirectly, Cane, reaping and enjoying the fruits of another.



Mark Y

i’m am SO with you in regards to Devon. So hard to believe he’s sitting on a fortune and playing businessman.


@Mark Y.
Yeah, Mark….good to hear from you….
Go figure….Devon comes from the gutter—-a drug-addicted mother. Yet, instead of thanking God and his lucky stars, he looks down is usurper’s nose on Hilary.
Now, there will be heck to pay, since there is no baby.
Where, oh, where did he get his business education and savoir-faire?


Happy to see both young ladies back on the canvass. Hoping they have a great storyline and Mac, Katherine granddaughter, should shake stuff up a the Chandler house.



James R. Poissant

I sure was glad to see Brittany back. Even more glad she’s coming in for a good run. I always liked that character.

Karen R

How about bringing Ronan Malloy back, he could work for Paul or Take JT’s place as head of security at Newman. We need a new hot guy for , Mac or Victoria or , Mariah. Seems like her and Tessa are going nowhere.
How about bringing Scott back for Abby.
To many women, not enough guys to go around.
What about Raul?


With Nina , not far behind i hope. Bring Nina, Chance or Ronan back to fill up the Chancellor home. Throw Jill in once in a while to mix it up too. Maybe a Chance/Mac/ Billy/Phyliss story.?.. Jason Thompsons currently being wasted!


Oopsies, Damien….I meant Chance, not Lance. Thanks!!


Oh, yes, Karen…be still mine heart !!!!! But, I can only see Michelle Stafford with him. I, actually, want nuPhyllis to disappear….
How about Lance coming back? Gorgeous.


Never liked Scott. The actor did not fit the role.

Martha McKinney

I have been a long time viewer but this JT killing and cover-up is ridiculous who is writing this???? Almost embarrassing to watch and Victor and Nickie in an open marriage is disgusting. May be forced to quit watching..


Have to agree with you – to a point. The fact that “the four” don’t think that the cops and Victor’s men won’t trace him back to her house is ridiculous! PLUS… each one of those women are the WORST. LIARS. OF. ALL. TIME! Every time someone confronts them about J.T.’s whereabouts, they totally freeze… especially Sharon! She looks absolutely terrified… like a deer in the headlights!!! Nick is a dullard for being duped, once again!!! So funny and fun to watch, though! Guilty pleasures abound in Genoa City! 🙂


Oh, Kalamity….how right you are!!!!! I made such a comment with Harry, no sooner then when this idiotic travesty started….Phyllis’ brainstorming is/was dumbstorming. Nikki was defending her daughter. She stopped a would-be-murderer from hurting her. Plain and simple….stupid plot, stupid script, stupid characters.
This is like THE COMEDY OF ERRORS….funny to watch, indeed.LOL.
Another ridiculous factor? Who is Tracy’s father? Is it John? LOL.
Well, how delicious would it be if Billy turns out to be THE ONLY legitimate Abbott??



Tani Sterling

I wrote a couple or several weeks ago; apparently under the wrong topic. Were the writers trying to remind us all we were watching a SOAP!. The whole thing regarding JT’s death was offensive. Although I am not through viewing all my recordings, the writing for Phyllis as been ludicrous and an embarrassment. It had better be a transition not possible under any other circumstance or the writer’s had better hold their heads in shame.

On the other hand TJ held an edge balance from the start. Possibly he could have moved either direction. Victor is displaying that, indeed, he can still act. Although it seems the escapades of Nikki and Victor may be coming, thankfully, to a halt, his disability felt real for me.

The woman who walked in as Mackenzie struck home for me, although, was there not another Mackenzie some years ago?

Still up in the air with new Jack’s son.

Mariah, for me, is kind of a glue that can hold things together. I hope she can stick around.

Best to all!


What…no Raul?!?!?


Heard Raul has been placed on recurring status.




I guess Brittany will be back to defend Victoria. Don’t know why Mac will be back.


Witness, maybe, Mo? Mac could enumerate all of JT’s ‘misdeeds’.


AMAZING! Loved that Brottany returnsd and is successful! While her talks with JT with Raul sounded more CONCEITED than “this is us”, Im hoping the story with Brittany leads to staying on show. She could partner with michael and maybe once his law firm will win somethjng.

As for Mac.. shes stronger this time around. The actress is stronger as well with acting. It would be fun to see Mac stay in GC as well and possibly interact woth more than Victoria or sidelines with Lily.

The show does need more friendships like the one abby has with Lily.


I hope Mac hooks up with Nicholas. Sharon is a bore.


Actually, I hope Nicholas hooks up with anyone other than Sharon.


Are they sure J.T. is dead? I half- way expect him to come out of the grave.


I think JT is dead however there is some big twist coming.


I have been saying that since this imbroglio started, Boop….he will appear, like a fantasm and scare the living caca out of Victoria? Nikki? Phyllis? Sharon?
Cathy is right, there will be a twist….but, it doesn’t mean JT isn’t it.


I think the twist will involve a loophole that–sadly– gets the women off the hook for his death. The seed was planted months ago when we saw JT had a “routine” check-up at the hospital. Then, it was just dropped. I think he’s been truly dying all along and ‘whatever it is’ made him snap. He’s been at death’s door– Nikki just pushed him through it sooner.


Hi, Ron,
I think you may be right….needless to say, there was no need for all this subterfuge, as Nikki was within her rights, to defend her daughter.
The writing, as it is, complicates ‘things’ for the sake of a prolonged plotline which serves no purpose….not as far as I can see, not unless TPTB have a surprising ‘agenda’ going on.
And, yes, Ron….I do believe that JT’s heart medication had a role to play with whatever was going on in his head. Perhaps he was in pain and possibly mixed drugs?
How does one make such a complete turnabout? Not the JT we knew and loved. Yet….we’re on Planet Soapland where black is white, yes is no, and vice versa.

Tani Sterling

Hi Celia —

Perhaps like “DALLAS” — JT’s dream?

Or, if it were Christmas like Scrooge’s dream? Victor did that once.

It would be painful for Paul to once again charge one of his friend. As loving viewers, we put up with a lot and give a lot back to the actors and writers that let us have such fun!

It has been seldom, over the years, when anger reigns. From this viewing point such anger arose when Jack was captured and tortured.

Stupidity is better than the above.

Going to finish my weekly viewing tomorrow, but this storyline was in the painful category without your idea for a retrieval!

Best —


Hey, Tani,
How are you, my friend? I would love for this stupid mess to be a dream. It seems that every character who is involved is not herself ( the women)….. a bit tetched in the head.
Amazingly, Nikki has become one frightened, burgeoning damsel in distress. Since when? What about Victoria…..a sheep?
And, why is Sharon slipping into her netherworld of horrors—yes, I do understand her guilt ( thanks to Phyllis and her lack of wisdom); however, TPTB are writing her down the path of digression, not progression.
Jack, as a captive, his torture, his returning as Marco ( LOL, was that fake Jack’s name?), was another farce.
I think I have lost count as to how many times I have said it, Tani……I can digest and willingly suspend a modicum of disbelief; but, too much of the same thing upsets my stomach. A dash of reality, once in a while, does the mind and body well.
Happy watching,
Stay well….until next time…..


Wait!!!!!!!!!!! JT WAS MURDERED?!?!?!? We got rid of cable and I haven’t been able to watch Y&R for a while now! I stopped being able to watch about the time Chloe was knocking people unconscious for finding out she murdered Adam. Wow. I’m upset.


Hi, Ashleigh,
How are you? I think the last time I saw your name was just before you had your baby…..boy or girl? Much happiness!!
You have so much on which to catch-up, Ashleigh.
Everyone, except Kevin and Victor, thinks Chloe is dead. She and Kevin have left GC……Did you know thar Bella turned out to be Kevin’s? Well, everyone thinks Kevin left with his daughter to escape the pain of losing Chloe….but, they are all together….forgot where.
JT returned; got back together with Victoria….In a nutshell, he turned out to be a wife-beater; tried to kill Victor and Victoria ….Nikki clocked him over the head when walking in on him trying to strangle Victoria…. and following Phyllis’ distorted advice, Nikki, Vic, Phyllis and Sharon stupidly buried him in ‘Catherine’s Park’.
A few of us think JT isn’t dead…..we shall see.


I really feel sorry for Sharon. She is once again lying to Nick about the night of JT’s death. I do think that Sharon will eventually confide in Nick and he will not blame her for hiding the truth because his mother can be charged with murder. Just hope this story line does not drag on. I for one am disappointed how they handled it. I did not mind the domestic violence storyline but they could of handled it differently.

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I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

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With gratitude,



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