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Morgan Fairchild To DAYS As Angelica Deveraux!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

One of soap operas best vixens is coming to NBC Days of our Lives when none other than Morgan Fairchild will be seen in the role of Angelica Deveraux.

The part of Angelica has been previously played by three daytime notables: Jane Elliot, Judith Chapman and Shelley Taylor Morgan. Angelica was last seen in Salem back in 1991.

Soap Opera Digest broke the news by teasing that Fairchild’s Angelica will enter the Salem canvas this summer.  In story, Angelica is the bio-mom of Alexander, who’s baby daddy is Justin (Wally Kurth).  In addition, Angelica was Jack Deveraux’s stepmom!

Morgan, who has quite the resume from daytime and primetime soaps from: Search For Tomorrow to The City told SOD of her DAYS role: “I was thrilled to get to work with great folks like Deidre Hall and Judi Evans on an iconic show like Days of our Lives. What a joy and what fun to come into work each day! We had a great time, I now have 2 new best friends and I hope the audience loves our storyline!”   So just how will Angelica mix it up in Salem? You will have to tune-in!

What do you think of Morgan Fairchild as a recast Angelica D?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mark Y

Best. News. All. Week! Have loved Morgan since Flamingo Road!


In my opinion Morgan Fairchild is way over rated as an actress. Donna Mills would have been a far better choice.

L.A. Cooke

Not to mention she looks absolutely horrible! What happened to her??

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Interesting…i wonder if they will have her crash through a sliding glass door-lol…(you would had to watch Search For Tomorrow back in the 70’s to get my little joke)


I remember and got Sear ch for tomorrow bring back when times good

John Gibson

She said “had a great time”. Is she gone already as of today? Thats what Days is doing now. Short-term stories that mean nothing. Like they just did with Anna and Carrie back for a few weeks. They need long stories with good actors involved. Sounds like they are making another mistake and it hasn’t aired yet. The current stories are unwatchable. I’ve been fast forwarding the dvr the last few weeks. Corday fired Higley after months of this crap. Too bad these stories will be airing into July. There will be fewer and fewer viewers then.


You are right, the current stories are unwatchable and uninteresting, IMO. I watch for a few minutes if I am home during lunch, and I am just so disappointed.


I loved the Angelica character so much and every actress who’s played her. Exciting!


Better than Farrah Fawcett?

Mary SF

Considering Farrah Fawcett is deceased, anyone breathing would be better than her–I know you were trying to do a 80’s icon comparison type of thing, but honestly, chose someone who is alive and let Ms. Fawcett RIP

John Gordon

That’s nice…..what is there to say? I’m sure she will be fine in the role – and frankly this show is (currently) pretty dreadful so any known actor might be helpful.


This sounds interesting! Can’t wait. I would love for her to have some great scenes with Kate.

James R. Poissant

Not sure why they’re bringing back the character after all this time but I’ll stay tuned and hope we get something good to root for.

4ever DAYS

Most likely to help introduce Justin and Anjelica’s son, Alexander, to the canvas. Sonny’s older half brother may complicate things.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Should had gotten Guy Wilson to play him,,,

James McDonald

First we get news of Chandler Massey returning as “Will”. Now we get Morgan Fairchild coming. I watched her in the movie, The Seduction (1982) and the “Loving” spin-off “The City”.
This is going to be a HOT summer and extended warmth when Chandler returns.

Now help me out here, When you say “Alexander” is the son of Angelica and Justin, are we talking about “Xander”, the one holding Nicole hostage on the island or is “Alexander” some one different?


No, Xander is not Justin’s son. Alexander is a different character who hasn’t been on in years.


This is the most bizarre post I have ever read! LMAO! First of all…only in the soap universe could one role be played by Jane Elliot, Judith Chapman, Shelley Taylor Morgan, and Morgan Fairchild. Notice the repitition of the name Morgan. Second….who is the writer who dug up thos character?? Lol. Why has Morgan Fairchild not changed in 35 years? I cant imagine Kate Roberts, that saggy old ho, being too happy with this arrival!! Lol. This is one time when I WILL tune in for stunt casting!!! This is soap opera!!

Mary SF

This is what Ron does, he mines a show’s history and creates buzz– over at GH, their taping schedule was more timely– at Days, Ron, your buzz turns to fizz when everything is six months away— so by the time her episodes air, no one will care— why can’t Days get it through their thick skull that one of the biggest factors to their show descend was that stupid schedule— takes too long to fix things, viewers know to turn out during that time until a new team stuff starts airing– spoilers and teasers are too far out to do any good— really Days if you want a fighting chance to stay alive– change that schedule


Ken says they have to tape that way to keep costs down. I don’t know what is different with Days than the others soaps who have a much shorter to air time.


I’ve wondered just how significant the cost savings are. Valentini is a budget wizard and GH is usually 4-6 weeks in advance.

Once Days made the switch, it might be too difficult to go back. Conceivably, they’d have to take 4 months off from taping — don’t know how that would work with studio and crew contracts.


Mary according to very reliable source Ron did not bring this character back I think she has come and gone this is Dena!


Why the reappearance? Even if Alex shows up, why would his bio mom?


Not interested. Never thought she was much of an actress since she’s always overly dramatic. Even for a soap.


cant wait to see morgan mix it up with wally! justin and adriene deserve a good story…they re acting is brilliant and they still have beautiful chemistry…as seen in adriennes cancer arc
it would be great if it turns out somehow ciara s new bf wyatt is really an adopted alexander as im enjoying this young new actor to the teen scene. its too bad ciaras leaving since this new romance with her and wyatt has been especially sweet and cute!
Marco Dapper( ex carmne , y n r) would make a hot alexander too!


It is not too bad Ciara is leaving. I can’t wait until this actress is gone. She cannot act!


Agreed. It’s a shame that they can’t magically de-age the prematurely aged characters, and bring back the original actress who played Ciara perfectly.


Love Morgan Fairchild.
Good Gawd. I had the misfortune of catching a little of Friday’s episode while home for lunch. The teen scene has ZERO talent! I feel like I am watching kids in acting class on stage in the cafeteria. They have ZERO chemistry with one another and ZERO talent. They filled a used to be “Cliff-Hanger” Friday with the teen scene, Ciara, Theo, and Wyatt? You’ve got to be kidding me? They can barely choke out their lines and make eye contact at the same time. What a travesty.

John Gibson

My DVR gets a work out these days on Days. I hit the Fast Forward button 95% of the time. Especially with the teens. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Jim Larson

Without question, this show STINKS on ice right now – they either need to do some major overhauling or call it a day – right now, the show is unwatchable, the writing is so dreadful it is pitiful –


I wonder if they approached Jane Elliott knowing she was retiring from GH? It would have been too strange to see her and WK play ex-lovers after 25 years as mother/son.

Fairchild will be the first non-former GH actress to play this role


Great choice and ABOUT TIME this character is back on the canvas, still plenty of connections in Salem. BTW, what the HECK has happened to Shelly Taylor Morgan (ex-Anjelica; ex- Lorena, “GH”)?! You CAN’T even find a recent picture of her to save your life.


Morgan is GREAT. Can’t wait to see her! A splashy return to daytime feels long overdue. now that she is old enough to play a soap matriarch type. But I am not sure how the taping/timing is going to work, since she has been doing a play in the Midwest since late April, and she is doing said play into early July? As another poster said, this means after they introduce her, she will likely be back OFF the canvas for quite awhile?


Very cool, I have always liked Morgan Fairchild and she was great on The City and as Chandler’s mom on Friends.

Sounds like she will be on short term, I wonder how long she will be on.


I felt that her talent was under-used in a story arc in “Roswell,” which could have been meaningful, significant and though-provoking, if better written.


correction: “thought-provoking”


I had to Google this Angelica. I thought it “might” be Morgan Fairchild, but then I thought, surely she hasn’t had that much awful plastic surgery.

My goodness! She was an absolutely beautiful woman and is now a
caricature of her former self. How sad.

I agree about Donna Mills being the better choice.


Jake Martin

The photo above depicts her from (I assume) a few years ago and she’s always been very pretty albeit a marginal actress. Whatever she’s been doing lately cosmetically however is a tad extreme. What’s wrong with being a more mature actress? No one stays 29 forever, what’s wrong with being naturally attractive as a more seasoned performer?


Exactly, Morgan was a beautiful woman and it is a shame she let herself go.

Joe LittleBear

When Morgan Fairchild was on Flamingo Road. ….she commented. ..

” Goody-two-shoes actresses are a dime a dozen. ..but a good b—ch is hard to find.” …I concur. …


Morgan Fairchild looks terrible in her role on “Days”. She was once a beautiful person but she is all puffed up in the face and does not look at all like herself. Only her voice is recognizable. Poor idea , comming back looking so bad.


Who played the parts of Alex and Alexandra Dev years ago? I cannot place the characters at all. I watched Days for all but 2 years and am lost. The writers of this show used to be so terriffic and in the past few years they have gone extremely down hill. I remember when Days used to be a great afternoon Soap. That ended years ago.


The first Bond novel was Casino Royale (1953).

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