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NBC Executive Jennifer Salke On Ron Carlivati Writing Regime: "We're Feeling Really Great About The New Team In Place …"


On Thursday morning at the NBC TCA (Television Critics Association) Summer Press Tour executive session, the network’s President of Entertainment, Jennifer Salke said the network brass is behind Days of our Lives under new head writer, Ron Carlivati.

“We’re feeling really great about the new team in place and we’re evaluating it as it goes,” Salke told the media. “Right now, we’ve been so focused on the fall and making all these new shows.  We love the new DAYS and we hope it stays on the schedule forever. Everyone’s feeling really good,” she added.

So what did you think of Jennifer Salke’s comments on DAYS? Comment below.

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37 Comments on "NBC Executive Jennifer Salke On Ron Carlivati Writing Regime: "We're Feeling Really Great About The New Team In Place …""

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Wow wonderful news, It seems that Days is here to stay. The ratings will go up, I am sure this will happen.


When looking at the now available soap writers ( an endangered species ) there is only one that could turn DOOL and very possibly rise over GH and that is RC,
RC writes out of the box and he is a brave writer. He will be bring his A-Game to Days..
I am envious that days has RC .. (and that Days has Tyler)


You’re incorrectly thinking that only someone who has already written for soaps is eligible to be a writer for soaps. And that is the whole problem: they just keep recycling the same ol’ same ol’. That’s why all these shows are going the way of the dinosaurs: that’s who is running them.


Seriously!!! Good post! Doppelgänger plots are the cheapest laziest most sophomoric of all soap plots. That’s all Ron knows how to write! If DAYS is pinning their hopes on this….um….buh bye.


So true..mab n pratt both wrote ridicuolous doppleganger stories on y n r during their tenures. pratts with jack n marco probably the worst of the bunch. Mabb wrote not one..or two. .but three..catherine n marge, lauren n sarah, sheila and phyliss. Wat a waste of my viewing time

nancy dillingham

Su, obviously you haven’t seen any of the episodes RC has written.
Watched today–and it’s like a totally different show. Kayla and Steve were a just-remarried, sweet couple. Today, they were shouting at each other and Kayla was slamming doors. Overnight, “Adrienne” is an impostor as is “Marlena.”
And Morgan Fairchild is suddenly front and center. I could go on, but why? It’s all so cliche and predictable. Ho hum–and jeepers creepers!
Wow, what a difference a writer makes, huh??????


Words sound good but i wont get all giddy goo ga until i hear it once again is renewed…then and only then i can be happy and sigh relief!!!


I agree jimh read between the lines. A statement that reads this is truly the last shot for DAYS. If the numbers don’t project a significant rise by the early months of the New Year..IT WILL be cancelled. All the negative posters on various sites and twitter and facebook could quite possibly end DAYS days. People were negative and tuning out of Y&R over Pratt..they listened and brought back Sussman and within months the complaints and tuning out have now led to Mal Young in full charge and already on the sites people have started their negative campaign. He’ll surprise THE WHOLE DAMNED LOT OF YOU..TRUST THAT!! I WANT LOVE NEED MY DAYTIME DRAMA PERIOD!! The choice is four and I watch them ALL. STOP whining and crying and add your voice to the many reasons they should stay and your viewing/dvr to the reason why they are guilty pleasure appointment TV. Voice your complaints but at the same time voice your enthusiasm for never leaving daytime drama less. THAT IS ALL!!


Yes, too many complaints and not enough enthusiasm. I watch all four shows ,also ; not because everything is going the way I desire, but to help boost ratings. Believe me, I’m not overjoyed with every storyline ; however, if I / we continue to voice my/ our opinion and keep watching , hopefully, the powers that be will listen and do the right thing.


i think it is always great to have support from a top nbc executive . i would say to jennifer salke evaluate Days way beyond nielsen , you need to look at figures through streaming platforms not just the official ones but the non official ones , the traffic on facebook and twitter , through facebook and twitter the product is also being consumed , in a different way but it is being consumed , their is also communication from the fans through social media . Yes the market is more diversified on a multitude of platforms and consumed in different ways at different times .


Excellent point. I find it hard to believe the ratings are accurate. When DOOL stars appeared in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee two years ago, more than 5,000 showed up for a book signing. I am hoping that DOOL is turned around and that the show gets back to “can’t miss daytime.” It has NOT been that way since Ben was the serial killer.


great point!


I hope it stays on the schedule forever too.

4ever DAYS

My username says it all…



Mary SF

Okay call me a cynic here– but saying we hope it will stay on forever means nothing. No show stays on air forever— although Ron is great at kick starting the engine, he is not very good over the long haul– it happened at GH when he took over, but eventually, his style of writing cannot be sustained– so her statement sounds good, but when I am on holidays I hope my vacation will never end– but it does– and so will their support for the show if the numbers don’t go up or if something comes along that they think will bring in more viewers–


Mary!!! You said it best! His writing style cannot be sustained!!! It is short term, high impact, zero believability, emotionally void writing. There is absolutely no character development, or motivation, or people to root for.

Lew S.

Unfortunately this is true. I truly hope he can do it. I want the remaining four soaps to succeed. Can’t imagine daytime tv without the soaps.

nancy dillingham

His “engine” just sputtered–big time. Everything on DOOL is suddenly at sixes and sevens and UNRECOGNIZABLE.

James R. Poissant

I love that Ron is being appreciated for his work. He really is the best in the business.

nancy dillingham

Come again? I can’t hear you!

James R. Poissant

You might not appreciate his work but i do. We all have our own opinions. If you like someone better, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with you.


Sounds great. NBC & Sony seem to really support Days and want it to stay on the air.


What execs say in public and what they discuss in their conference rooms are two totally different agendas.

nancy dillingham

Didn’t ask you to! 🙂 🙂


Call me cynical here, but I’m just calling it like I see it. Ms. Salke’s comment “…we hope it (Days) stays on the schedule forever” means zero. “Hoping” it will stay on the air and it actually staying on are two entirely different things. The ratings are beyond putrid. What network executives say publicly and what they say behind closed doors are very often two different things as well. Folks, television is a business, not a nostalgic photo album. Networks have to answer to their advertisers and shareholders, and they can’t be happy at all with Days’ status. The fact is that TPTB are always going to publicly support a show in front of the media– until that show is cancelled. Remember ABC/Disney with AMC and OLTL? I rest my case.

Days has only been renewed by NBC through September 2018 (13 more months), so the next few months are undoubtedly do or die time. If the numbers don’t show any kind of upward trend, you have to think that the sand in the hourglass will finally run out. And if I’m a fan of Days, I’d be scared to have my show’s fate rest in the hands of overrated “Re-Ron” Carlivati’s nonsensical, cartoonish brand of writing (How does this man keep landing head writer jobs at daytime soaps?!?!) Talk about desperation.


Agreed, I wonder if she said this with a straight face, LOL. The “new Days” is an embarrassing hot mess.

She’s honestly feeling “really great” about falling under 2 million total viewers, 300K in W18-49?? The show being moved out of its longtime 1 pm time slot in many key markets??

nancy dillingham

Be afraid–be very, v-e-r-y afraid, Nick. I saw the show and your adjectives apply in spades.


Keep the faith!


I love Ron C


I think it’s a big mistake for Ron to start off with this double doppleganger story. I’ve been fast forwarding more than ever before… Sometimes I just delete the entire episode when I read the episode summary. Can we get some fresh stuff. Don’t want dopplegangerw, DNA switches, couples in love for 5 minutes and then they’re on to the next one ( Chad, Abby/Gabby/Abby/Gabby and now back to Abby…sucks. I’m waiting for Sami, Will, Vivian, Kristin and whoever Tyler Christopher is playing. Hopefully we’ll get something new and exciting. Until then it’s fast forwarding and skipping entire episodes for me. Beyond ridiculous and boring.

nancy dillingham

“Beyond ridiculous and boring.” Spot on. And that ol’ double doppleganger story–how unoriginal and fantastical. Verisimilitude? Say what? Lost in the shuffle.


So far not enjoying the new storylines, fast forward through most.


First thing out of the gate, Ron breaks out the lookalike imposters. At least it’s not the endless latex mask parade like it was at GH. But we really NEVER needed Bonnie Lockhart back again for any reason. Or any other member of her trailer trash family.

Hattie is at least amusing, in limited doses, but it’s a 666 mile stretch to claim that she would be associated with Angelica Deveraux, who had been gone for decades before Hattie was ever seen.

And locking Marlena in the nuthouse?? Is this a sign that eventually Ron will change the whole story and turn Hattie into Marlena’s other personality….. like that “Fluke” dragonshit rewrite on GH (even though we saw Luke Spencer physically locked in a rubber room while the wannabe ran around Port Charles stealing his life)

nancy dillingham

Yeah, sounds like! (Snore!)

The fact is…Ron really doesn’t know how to write anything other than look alike sandbox doppelgangers and plastic surgery fake outs. His entire 3.5 year run at GH was exactly the same…first Faison and his masks, Obrecht and hers, Julian coming back surgically altered, Kate and Connie as alters, the notorious Fluke, Jason returning with a new face etc etc. Even going back to his OLTL days, he had the luxury of multiple personality disorder for core favourites Viki and Jessica. That was any combination of 10 characters right there! He did Stacy and Gigi…the Tale of Two Todds, and more. This is just more of the same because the man doesn’t know how to write genuine human interaction. He is fantastic at umbrella plotting! He does not Lack all the good things that make a soap headwriter great. It’s that his writing style is so jeuvenile, so predictable, so uninspired, and so cartoonish. What I would love for this show to do (or any show)…is on Bonnie’s first attempt at being Adrienne…is for someone…ANYONE…to hear her say “Hi” and to have that character say “Oh hey Bonnie, what’s with the Adrienne get up?” To sell whatever major plot point he is pushing, Ron makes all his characters look stupid! He completely underestimates his audience. We are NOT stupid! Put yourself in any of these characters’ shoes. Your significant other comes home one day and acts completely different, sounds different, kisses different, doesn’t understand or appreciate all the little inside jokes you have between you. No one can replace someone like that. It’s not entertainment anymore. That two senior citizen off their rocker loons and a 50 something trailer park trash would be so deluded that they could even begin to pull something like this off is absurd. To suggest that Anjelica…charitably 70… would be lusting after a young man she had a fling with 30 years ago and thinks she can “get” him is demeaning and disgusting. Where is the character motivation in that type of writing? The realities of psychosis and dementia and obsession are not pretty, and to have all these women on at once who are all clearly diminished in their mental capacities and should be locked in the loony bin does a real disservice to those who do suffer from mental disorders. The fact these women would willingly and gleefully destroy the lives of countless people around them is scary! Marlena is a trusted doctor with mentally ill patients! What if one of them committed suicide on Hattie’s watch? What if she prescribed wrong medication that killed someone? Doppelgänger plots are done. They are irrelevant. They are not entertaining and have been done to death! I know that in Soapland, not everything is realistic and kids go from 5-18 in the span of a day. I just don’t appreciate stories that completely insult my intelligence. When there is no emotional core of truth in the writing, no logic, no motivation, no character development…there is little… Read more »


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DAYS Preview – Week of May 28, 2018

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) returns to Salem after murdering a man, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) overhears that a company Stefan (Tyler Christopher) owns is developing a bionic eye that can restore Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) vision.  She asks him for help. Did she make a deal with the devil?

Rob Scott Wilson makes his return as killer Ben Weston.  How will he impact those that he once terrorized, and those that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf for?

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives.

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Brady is ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he can give an answer, he’s thrown a curveball.

Wednesday, May 30

Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities.

Thursday, May 31

Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side.

Friday, June 1

Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

Watch the latest promo for Days of our Lives here.  So, what storyline has piqued your interest the most for next week?  Let us know via the comments section below.

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Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

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