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Paybacks Are A Bitch On The Young and the Restless! Watch The Latest Promo!



This week it’s payback time on The Young and the Restless especially for Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and Devon (Bryton James), as Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) vendetta against the newlyweds escalates!

Will Hilary buy into Neil’s announcement of Devon’s “supposed” indiscretion?  In the latest CBS Daytime Y&R promo, Neil tells Hilary, “I told you there was something you needed to see!”

Then, Harding (Chris McKenna) is the murderer everyone has been trying to identify, but will a vengeful Marco (Peter Bergman) snuff him out and then take Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) out too?

And, is it curtains for LANE?  Lily (Christel Khalil) asks Cane (Daniel Goddard), if he can ever forgive her for having sex with Joe (Scott Elrod)? Will he forgive and forget … or, will he have some sort of payback in mind for her?

Watch the latest Y&R promo from CBS Daytime after the jump, and let us know how you hope these stories resolve themselves, and which character or characters truly deserves some Genoa City brand payback!

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58 Comments on "Paybacks Are A Bitch On The Young and the Restless! Watch The Latest Promo!"

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I find so little about Y&R interesting. It’s a tough hour to get through. Most days I give up by the mid-way point. Then there are the days I just don’t have the mental energy to want to watch it at all. Bold and Beautiful on the other hand is a fantastic half hour of compelling soap opera. It’s the model Y&R abandoned and should really strive for again. NOTHING will ever be better than character driven story, rooted in history. Y&R is polluted with gimmicks, tales told off-screen and re-imagined history. It’s run by the most creatively bankrupt duo in daytime.


” Y&R is polluted with gimmicks, tales told off-screen and re-imagined history. It’s run by the most creatively bankrupt duo in daytime.” – Chris

You’re preaching to the choir, Chris – keep watching this week – it’s going to get worse and worse….

Kind of akin to watching the Coyote fall off the cliff and waiting for him to hit the canyon floor – ONE BIG LONG NOSEDIVE!!!


My FF button has gotten a good workout the last few days. Once I add up the bits and pieces I did watch, 10 min per episode…maybe. Bart, I gave up the show for several months. Started watching again after my mother visited in July. She watched it while at my home. It’s like crack. I became curious again, but in this short span, I hate that I caved in. Even when acknowledging what is working (and it’s not much at all), it bores me to tears. I’m perplexed how the ratings are up. What I see is a show that develops little, if any, character motivation. Stories with gapping holes in them. Absence of logic, even for a soap opera. It presents entertainment in a corny, cringe-worthy way. The dialogue as it pertains to the drug lord, Scooby-Doo murders nonsense, plays like soap spoof. It’s like watching a pig revel in rolling in it’s own feces. Perhaps it’s the train-wreck aspect that draws people in? Y&R was once a standard for which other soaps should aspire to be. But now it’s the most banal, insipid hour on television. Daytime and Nighttime.

Chrystie Delancey

I agree. I have it on out of habit. I find I am browsing the internet or doing things around the house while it is on. I get enough of the crappy storyline that way.


Well, I am still watching and I cannot say the same about GH (which I think might improve with time–right now it’s unwatchable, hence the lousy ratings).
Y&R is providing good soapy entertainment and at least the writers can adhere to a basic storyboard- (introduction, conflict, rising action, climax and resolution) which is more than I can say about GH.
I do think Neil needs to get over it. Hilary was too young for him and there is no fool like an old fool. I wish Hilary and Duh Yawn all the best and hope to never see them again as they bore the hell out of me. Cane needs to get over Lily’s one night stand as well. One can hardly compare Lily’s indiscretion with that of Duh Yawn’s and Hillary’s–the former slipped up one time in a drunken moment of vulnerability while the latter couple had sex over and over and sometimes right in front of blind Neil’s unseeing eyes!


I find it boring as well. I find myself getting sucked back in to Dawson’s Creek, which is beautifully written esp for late 90’s early 2000’s, which is on at same time! I have actually forgotten to watch Y&R! It’s not even so bad that I can mock it anymore. I did that for a while. It was bad but so bad it was kind of good. Now it’s just boring!

In regard to Neil, the peak of this revenge s/l would’ve been back in February when he found out & exposed Devon & Hilary on the plane! That still fell into “heat of the moment” defense! But no, the writer shelved Devon & Hilary for months and months citing budget constraints. Neil has had several storylines since then-forging signatures for Victor, intervening for Nikki, plowing down Christine & killing her & Paul’s unborn child, escaping a prison sentence (thanks to Hilary), beating the bottle once again..and now we are to believe he’s going way back to February & starting this revenge stuff up again? I always hated Devon & Hilary’s affair but Neil acting like a horny teen, trying to knock up his too young, trophy wife while she had to deal with him being newly blind, was gross to me! The man survived a plane crash, got his sight back, beat the bottle & helped a friend beat it since then, but 6 months later he’s gonna stalk them on their honeymoon? As usual, Pratt missed them moment & the mark for that! And why is this creep, Neil, still acting blind?? Can’t he recite lines w/o staring into space w/that dead stare? Maybe it’s intentional?


Good recap on Neil.


Yes, what Timm said. Laurie, great description of Neil indeed.
You’re right about Neil staring into space with that dead stare. It keeps making me think he went blind again!


Chris, you’ve summed up how I feel beautifully. The dreck Pratt is writing and JFP is producing is embarrassing. No originality. Based on spoilers of what’s to come, I will no longer support the show. Once Pratt and JFP are gone, maybe I’ll come back, assuming there’s still a show to come back to.


Neil’s actions are not a surprise. I saw the look in his eyes at the end of Monday’s, August 17th, episode. That was slow, deep, burring rage.

Harding being the killer was a huge shock to me. I hoped they would give Harding a life and make him a regular. That police department needs some regular employees besides Paul and Kevin. Besides, I really like Chris McKenna. I remember him as the last teenaged Joey Buchanan on OLTL and he did a great job.

I sincerely hope Cane is completely done with that nagging, harpy Lily. She has put that man through hell with her constant rage and bellyaching about his actions. How many times has she told him to get out? He has been nothing but gentle, loving and devoted to her. If Cane takes her back, he hasn’t got a brain in his head.


I hope he squashes Devon and Hilary. They’re scum!


i missed the episodes . Why did Harding kill them ?


Nobody got killed. Marco shot Harding in the arm.

Mary SF

Harding killed Austin by accident. The group was out, drugged by the punch, and while they were Harding came in to erase everything on Austin’s laptop. But Austin woke up, saw Harding, so Harding only meaning to knock him out, hit Austin over the head accidentally killing him. Later Courtney found footage at the park of “Jack” attacking Abby, she showed Harding, so Harding suggest they go together to arrest “Jack”. He took her to the cabin, and finding Marco there Courtney drew her gun thinking she was arresting Jack, Harding then hit her from behind with a fireplace poker— killing her. My hope is Harding “faked” these deaths, that he is secretly working undercover with the FBI to nabbed Marco after Marco approached him with that bribe. Fingers crossed, but for now that is why Harding killed those two, I think Marco killed Tobias.

Mary SF

If anyone deserves payback it is Victor, but the man will never get his for all his rotten deeds. I think Harding will take down Marco just before Marco tries to kill Jack. Harding will most likely have to die because unless Austin and Courtney are still alive and Harding has them in hiding to protect them, there is no redeeming him now.

I think short term Lane will be over, over time they might reconcile but I can’t see it right now.

Honestly I think Neil brain has gone to mush? Does he really think Devon’s so called one night stand with a hooker at a bachelor party is enough to make Hilary dump him? After all the stuff they went through to be together, even if he did sleep with the hooker, but he didn’t, but even if he did, the Hilary I seen with Devon would forgive him.

Neil is a grown man, he always knew deep down Hilary didn’t really love him. She is a child next to him. He needs a real woman, stop pairing Neil with women twenty years younger than him, and maybe the character can finally be happy, or otherwise recast Dru and put Neil out his romantic misery that he has had every since Dru went off that cliff


I am sick of Neil and his temper tantrums. Bring Gwen back for Neil they made a great couple.I was sooooo disappointed that they made Harding the killer. I love his acting and they should have put him in as a regular. I’m sure they will find Harding guilty and put him away so we keep the old vet’s. Victor has done so much wrong in that town and never gets caught or punished. Paul has been running around that police office for so long & now we have Paul & his son Dylan who will be in the office. This is so sickening. I like to see the younger ones and I would like to see Kevin be a cop and work along side Mark Harding. If all these old idiots can get off then leave Harding alone.


Harding and Fish as cops could have been a night time sitcom! They work so well together.


We keep losing the one’s we like the best. What a dam shame to lose Harding and bring back Gwen.


I am very disappointed that Harding is a bad guy. He should take out Marco. He”ll be the hero and no one will know what his involvement was. Dylan as a cop is ridiculous.


I agree 100% but it wont work because the whiner (Summer) is at it again. Yesterday’s show…she remembers seeing Harding and hearing his phone music. Maybe we can get lucky and he’ll take her out as well as Marco.


Harding’s Hall and Oates ringtone cracks me up!


BTW If Jack kills Marco then Harding will be free except trouble-maker Summer remembers something. Maybe they can convince her she’s crazy and she’ll leave the show and go to Shady Rest Inn for a few years. OK so I’m dreaming. It would be nice.


hopefully pratt gets a pair and cans cane s character along with his pop who have not worked since cane first came to town! i can only tolerate lily s valley girl character if she s paired again with tyler, they had so much chemistry!


Neil is crazy. Harding was the only reasonable choice and Lily should forget the gentle, loving and devoted :/ Cane. Joe/Lily seems more of an exciting wild ride.


Dylan as a policeman! LOL
Every police officer candidate must pass a background check to become a sworn law enforcement officer. This always includes a psychological evaluation to make sure that only mentally fit persons are hired as police officers.
Dylan is far from fit lol ..

Psych evaluations can create problems for some vets returning from combat zones who may have sought help for post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. If a psychological screening reveals a history of PTSD it’s a no no lol
The police hiring process, specifically the mental health screening, doesn’t allow much leeway for the varying degrees of mental health issues.
The psychologist simply says, “qualified” or “not qualified.”
Psychological testing is a necessary screening process for police officers, as nobody wants an officer on the streets who is suffering from PTSD.
Even Paul had to take or he tried to calm Dylan and keep the loose cannon away from people he went crazy on

((Dylan is a loose cannon at times irrational as with Joe..
He has been quick to the draw so to say lol
He is unpredictable and what he did to Joe is but one example of Dylan and his PTSD..
His kidnapping a baby and believing he was in a war zone, and Dylan as policeman, with his ”flashbacks” and high stress and gunfire is very explosive..
And he has yet to seek and get help (I may have slept through it if he is being treated)

A great thing would be;
Dylan the police man with a gun and firecrackers go off and he flashes back to the war zone and starts shooting up everything and everyone thinking they are the enemy and he is under combat fire LOL ..
Having a PTSD policeman could be a hoot!

So saying that- Dylan a policeman could be riot!!


Su…you may have finally lost any credibility with me on your “great thing for Dylan” closing to your comment. I’ve been slightly amused at some of your dogged defence of all things GH, but your idea of a “riot” and a “hoot” in the case of Dylan as a cop really escapes me.


hi Rose..
I look at it from entertainment side, it is entertainment.
And Dylan a cop going combat commando PTSD would be a great story.
besides.. Dylan hasn’t even has ”rookie” status, yet lol .. gotta be Rookie before first and that training takes a couple of years before one would even get his own police car lol ..
The whole Dylan being an instant policeman anything is crazier than him going combat ..


Rose, you have the patience of a saint. Welcome to the dark side.


Your right but it’s Y & R and the show’s favorites will always get front running stories. They will put Mark Harding in jail and we’ll never see him again but people like Victor who should have been put away a long time ago will always get off. You could make a list of things that people have done and got away with.


I think everybody who is honest understands that they are doing everything possible to make this character work. He is a plumber a war hero a construction worker a business owner the go to guy the wonderful half brother. Blah blah blah! Still no one cares! Suoo I am counting on you and Harry and others to keep things interesting going back to college this fall to finish a degree I always wanted to. I have pulled all the shows off my DVR just going to be busy you know it is harder for us old folks to comprehend.


Hi K/Kay Good luck in school. You’ll make it, you have a great sense of humor & a determination to get through & that’s half way there. However saying us old folks find it harder to comprehend made me laugh because I just retired this year at 59. I still like seeing the younger one’s on T.V. than that old Victor. Whenever he’s on I do things in the kitchen (peel potatoes etc.) They need to retire some of the older one’s or have them leave G.C. and come back once in awhile for a visit, like Nikki/Victor/Paul. There are others that have been there for a long time but there interesting. I guess I also think its greedy of the three I mentioned to take up space instead of giving the younger ones their time. Anyways again Good luck in school although you dont need it.


I’m assuming you meant the “harder for us old folks to comprehend” to be in quotes. I think it’s great you are going back to school, and trust you will do just fine. And since you are shutting off your DVD, all you need to do is read MF’s recaps to stay up to date. :))


k/kay, congratulations and best of luck to you on your pursuit of your degree! How exciting.


Police officers must attend an academy and qualify with a weapon. I know its a soap but can we get ANY realism here?


It also takes a long time to go from Rookie to working with a detective and the chief..
when Dylan was questing Victor and Harding like he was the lead investigator on case I laughed out loud!!
It was ridiculous!! to even be an investigator can take 15 years..
And Dylan was grilling them like he was head of the department.. ahh hahaaa!!


k/kay !!!
You get your degree, we will keep it going here LOL
How great for you!!!
wishing you the best! (its hard work)


I agree soaps are entertainment, and we accept a lot of crazy, controversial, even fantastical kinds of stories. One being Dylan becoming a cop in a day.

But I guess your idea touched a very sensitive nerve with me which is about all the shootings and bombings we hear about in our own country too many times in the news…some of which have involved military with possible PTSD.

I realize you have your own unique way of turning a phrase, but I think we should be very careful with our words, or what we consider as entertainment in a soap. And thinking a storyline where Dylan starts “shooting up everything and everyone” as being a “riot” and a “hoot” just doesn’t cut it, or show respect for these real problems. And sure doesn’t entertain me.


Kay, good for you. I have found that the older college students are the best students! They actually read the material and participate in classroom discussions making everything lively and stimulating. Some younger students, certainly not all, tend to be a little too apathetic–as if they take their education for granted. Going to college after age thirty keeps your mind fresh and young.

Chrystie Delancey

Oy vey!

Throw Harding under the bus, why don’t you Pratt? Total waste of a good actor and character unlike half the crap on the screen currently.

As for Neil … grow a pair! Be a man and get over it. Hilary is no prize and if your “son” really did this to you then disown him. I mean he doesn’t need your money, but publicly abolish him from your family.


Dylan becoming a cop may be the most ludicrous thing yet to happen on this sh*t show. He makes watching paint dry an art form! Seriously, there are not many viewers who care for this character but any friend of Jill’s…..

Harding should not have been the killer, it was just a lazy way out for Pratt.

I haven’t been able to watch a full hour in months, how do the ratings keep going up?


I do not and never have believed the numbers Y&R seems to have.
Y&R has been #1 since near day one.
During that time there were many soaps that one at one time must have been better, higher numbers than Y&R just one year out of decades..
there are odds and for a soap to never once fell to another soap, just once, is not probable..
Y&R has been bad, worse than other soaps in the 80-90-2000 at sometime.
CBS is somehow someway getting a number count for Y&R differently than other soaps through its international broadcasting around the world, Nielsen is world wide..
In big business there is always a way 😉


I wish Summer was the killer and she would be off the show FOREVER!

I wish Neil would have truly forgiven Devon.

Run Cane run!

I forgot all about Joe. Who cares!


Well, Timmm

Joe is great to look at..
Y&R studly handsome men are a rare find.. 😉

(more Joe!!!


Oh waitress! Su000 would like another cup of Joe!


Chris McKenna already has a new job in prime time. [Someone knows talent when they see it!] I would have given him a clean shave and hired him at GH to play Ned Ashton.


Oooh, that would have been great. We do need Ned back. I can think of a few characters GH could kill off to afford Chris McKenna as Ned. (Love Wally, but we need Ned.)


Yes there is nobody better than Wally but if he is at Days, Chris would be a great recast!




Y&R is in the worst shape ever… I think only one thing could change the direction of this show…KILL OFF VICTOR NEWMAN!
Please go for it!! He made so many people miserable, the possibilities are endless as to who could have a good motive. Done right, this could be the best thing to happen to Y&R. Eric Breadon retire, you deserve it and we need a break from Victor. I mean seriously!

Judy Powers

a. Eric Braeden just signed a new contract extension, so Victor IS NOT LEAVING the show!
b. Victor IS the whole show, so if Eric left there would BE no Y&R!


If they were to kill off Victor the whole Newman family would crumble..
Niki for sure would fall in the debris.
Y&R mostly revolves around Jack and Victor, Victor is the motor holding Y&R up..
You best hop Victor never leaves if he does the walls walls will crumble.


It revolves around them because that’s how each HW keeps writing it. Not that they aren’t talented, but if a show keeps firing & running off the next generation fan favs the show will die with Victor & Jack. Save us all because now there’s 2 Jacks. OK. They aren’t spring chickens. Honestly a 61 yr old man running around taking 20-something year old lovers (Marco & Marisa) & driving young, pretty, successful women like Kelly out of their minds over Jack is getting very, very old. This Victor crap about “I did it for my family” & “how dare you” is ridiculous at this point. How many decades is Y&R gonna ride this? They keep writing these guys like they’re horny, bully teens! It’s about time to put Victor into a retirement home because he is becoming more & more detached from reality day by day! And where is Jill? If Jeanne Cooper was alive she’d slap the hell outta Pratt for ignoring the character of Jill for 6 months straight!


I stand by my idea. Killing Victor would be suspense! No one lives forever, it’s time for a change. As for E.B’s contract, for me they sre all 13 weeks contracts, he can be let go like anyone else.


I would LOVE to see Victor killed off, but doubt they will go there. I would LOVE to see Jack finally come out on top and Victor pay for his crimes. Maybe EB would like a loooooong vacation after this contract cycle. Please, soap gods, make it happen!


Love it! Can’t wait.


It’s interesting how Bipolar & PTSD are similar in many ways-symptoms, triggers, results…1 illness in no way worse than the other, but Pratt calls Bipolar Sharon “crazy” & takes her fiance & kid away from her while giving PTSD Dylan a badge! Let’s ignore him tying Joe up & trying to beat that false confession out of him a few wks ago among many, many other illegal & irrational things Dylan has done & recently. Ludicrous!


Neil as the creepy stalker is just gross. I know Neil has a terrible track record with women, but I don’t remember him being this creepy. I’ve only been watching about 10 years, so maybe he was always this way and I just didn’t notice before. But what a stupid storyline. Total FFd material for me. Actually, any storyline with Devon is FFd for me.

Chrystie Delancey

I think I’m going to move to Genoa City where one can become a high-powered business woman with NO training and another can become a police officer with NO training and mental issues.

Show me the money!!

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