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Thaao Penghlis Previews His DAYS Return As Andre DiMera! Watch Out Salem!



Next Friday, the incomparable Thaao Penghlis arrives back on the Salem scene for the sixth time in his soap opera career! But this time when he returns he will be back as the evil Andre DiMera, not Tony DiMera! Penghlis tells TV Insider why!

When viewers last saw Andre  in 2007, he switched off his own life-support system and committed suicide and framed a Salemite to make it look like they murdered him!  But how did he survive?

The answer to that and more will be revealed in an upcoming episodes.  What we do know from Penghlis’ chat with TV Insider: Andre returns to town because of his ailing father Stefano (Joe Mascolo)! Yes, father! It will turn out that Andre is really the son, not the nephew of the DiMera partriarch.  That will put him in a Cain and Abel story with his brother – Chad (Billy Flynn)!  But there’s more, including when Andre shows his face to the rest of Salem during a funeral for the third victim of the Necktie serial killer!  Here are a few intriguing excerpts from the interview below!

Thaao on how come the writers chose to resurrect Andre: “I think they were looking to bring on a real villain, to not only create big conflict in Salem but to build up the dynasty. Stefano has had a heart attack, and it turns out that Andre is Stefano’s son [rather than his nephew]. Andre’s return to town is a very European thing to do. In the old world, the children always take care of the aging parents. Andre may be Machiavellian but he takes care of his own—and he’s very unhappy with the way some people have treated his father.”

Thaao on what happens when all of Salem finds out Andre is alive and well and in their backyard: “Stefano doesn’t want anyone to know Andre has returned, so he makes him stay in the house for a couple of weeks. But, eventually, Andre gets bored and can’t stand it anymore and so he crashes a memorial reception for [the third] victim of the serial killer. Everybody’s like, ‘Whaaat?’ There’s a lot of screaming and horror and panic that Andre is alive and people want to punch him. [Laughs] You could not ask for a better welcome!””

So, are you looking forward to the return of Penghlis as Andre DiMera? Do you think he will taunt and terrorize Marlena (Deidre Hall) and the returning Sami (Alison Sweeney)?  Do you think he could be the Necktie serial killer? What do you think of him turning out to be the bio-son of Stefano’s?  Comment below!

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Looking forward to Thaao’s return. Don’t remember too much about Andre, so it’ll be interesting.


Same here, Mo. I don’t know Andre, at all. But I look even Thaao. So, I’m always glad to see him anywhere.
Everyone on the Days sites has such great ideas on plot lines. I repeat…I just love all of the interesting input and way of thinking. I truly enjoy these sites.
Thank you Mr. Fairman!

Thom Boise,ID

You didn’t see the Salem Stalker where everyone thought Marlena was the killer when Andre had everyone alive and well on an island called Melaswen?


Sorry, no I did not. I don’t think I was born yet. What year was that? I was born in 1986.


2003-2004. You were alive but probably not watching brutal murders on soap operas, thank goodness! The whole storyline was stupid, typical James Reilly pointless nonsense, as all the characters turned out to be alive. And no one can convince me that that was not the plan all along! I know showbiz execs can be ruthless, bUT most of the people killed were senior citizens….and I doubt Ken Corday would have been so heartless as to make his long term veterans think they were losing their livelihood! I also doubt that they all would have eagerly come back to play the rest of the story! Calculated risks do not pay off that way!! I am certain each victim was told that they would be off the canvas for several months until they were all revealed as alive!

Jack Burke

Sounds a tad inane but whatever.
If he terrorizes Marlena she will react with her usual non expressions…I mean she didn’t seem too horrified when Kristen fell out the fake window with the painting of Italy in the background.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Of course Marlena wasnt horrified…she knows Kristen will just come back from the dead anyways!!!


Lol, Jack. I love the way you think. I see exactly what you mean. Marlena’s composure remains intact, even when the skies are falling. BTW, listen to what jimh says. He’s hardly ever wrong….LOL.

4ever DAYS

Stefano is getting old and Andre is a great addition/replacement!

Thaao is an exciting performer and great on Twitter!!!!!


yeah, it’s a pull at the heartstrings…. achingly so… how much these characters have taken


god! how I love this

aside from McDonald Carey and Francis Reid…

these three are huge to me

it seems like…

Thaao Pengllis.. Andre
Vincent Irizarry… ties to the Kiriakis

are in place to reign

not taking any away from your time

it’s all still giddy and shell shock and momentous each and every DAY

I’m going to so miss Kassie DePaiva and Daniel Cosgrove…. respectfully so…

Eve and Aiden

this is a snowball and stratosphere take off


Hi, 4ever, my friend.
So, is Thaao staying for good? Between him and Camilla staying; well, I’m over the moon. I love it!

4ever DAYS

Thaao, Stephen and Camila are said to be longterm, CeeCee!


Thanks, 4ever. I don’t read any captions or follow anything pertaining to soaps except to be on these sites. I rely on all you guys to do that for me. LOL.


Congrats Days you have Stephen now you got Thaao. GH’s loss!


Thaao Penghlis is my favorite Cassadine !
I want all the Cassadines back, I’m gonna have to kidnap him and bring him back to GH!


i’m going to gleefully cheer on, mine (Days of OUR Lives)

and boastfully salute…. two ex-Cassadine : Thaao and Stephen

add champagne blitz… ex-Santa Barbara gold… A. Martinez

Emmy Winner : Tamara Braun… ex-Carly, GH

saw Gabs.. in the most recent SOD ! dang it.. she’s the bee’s knees… cute as all get out!

my lady loves are frontburner and full steam ahead : Kayla and Hope!

I just have to tip my hat off to Peggy McKay’ Caroline… I cried… when she saw her late husband in the mirror… as she called out for him… “Shawn”

the momentum has stirred and ratings are in the plus for Salem’ites


Su..and how lucky to have Stephen Nichols (Stefan) as well. I might not like all the mob stuff as much as you, but I do love the evil Cassidine’s.


You know he is alive! Him and Lisel were great together!


Agree Timmm. Loved Thaao on both shows for years. GH should not have killed him off.


The magic of the Cassadines-
they are immortal, they do not die 🙂


I know, right, Ces?. Victor should have remained ….be a father to Nathan….father and son; the two extremes. Some storyline that! But, there remains Liesl’s cryptic words…” Oh, not Victor. Nathan’s father is much worse.”
I think those words were just a deterrent. I love Thaao in any shape or form. Later.


Yes CeeCee, would have enjoyed some Victor/Nathan scenes or Victor battle it out with Nicholas. Thaao was too sexy & dynamic to be let go. Foolish GH for that!! On the flipside, I spent the 80s loving Andre/Tony so he’s home there too. I just didnt want to start watching Days again. Popping in to see what all the fuss is about


Amen to that thought, Timmm! Loved both Victor and Stephan Cassadine on GH. Both would have added so much to the current canvas. But hey, we still have Sappy, Val-Chops and Alexis, so we can rejoice, right? (Just kidding, but of course….)


I know Victor is alive! Stephan would have hit the roof knowing Helena knew what she did for all these years. Can you imagine those three in the same scenes together! BUT, instead of three daytime legends we have Nathan chewing up scenes at the PCPD the the TEETHINATOR!


I want Marlena to be poccesed by the devil again, that was a great storyline in 1995.

Jack Burke

Oh c’mon David, honestly? Once was enough.


Haha!!! a lot of people hated it, but I loved it too. Hated seeing that damn yellow comforter still on her bed once she was exorcised though. Days had huge ratings during that storyline though and I think Dee loved it.


respectfully, to both, Deidre Hall and Eileen Davidson

DAYS was #2…. number two !!!! at and should have been #1

can any one justify why Y&R is #1 ? expletive

for those 5 years that ED starred… and loving my Marlena for always and forever

these two ladies STARRED

the possession
and Susan plus




I agree Partick, I will never understand how Y&R was #1, hell, I can’t figure out why the Bell shows ever rank high, they are boring!!!! Loved DH & ED during that story. Days took a chance and it paid off.

Tim S.

I agree.. but who will be the third murder victim???


Yes it was David, I enjoyed the storyline with Marlena being the devil. I remember when Marlena was Poccessed. I loved her lines, she said girlfriend you are a mess, you need some rest. I wouldn’t count on getting it. Lol. I am a big Days fan. I hope Days gets renewed, rumor is they want to to pick up Days until 2018.


I loved it, too. I am also very excited to have Thaao Penghlis back. I hope he stays for a long time!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I dont think Andre would waste good ties on the people of Salem…Clyde would…he has programed Ben to do all these killings to frame the Dimeras whom he hates and because Ben isnt really his son so if Ben gets caught it wont be a big loss to Clyde!!!


I have another suggestion. Clyde has found out that Ben is the serial killer. That is why Clyde visited Marlena after Chad left her office. In order to protect Ben from being arrested Clyde needs to find out what she knows.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Thats good…you could be right…but i wonder now if Ben is the killer itll end with him murdering his father?


So, Ben has embodied Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? And, Kelly, to go a bit farther, he doesn’t remember a thing.


Whoa, there, jimh. Ben isn’t really Clyde’s son? I thought it was Jordan who wasn’t his bio daughter. Ben too?
Nonetheless, I love your scenario….Ben is under Clyde’s influence and does the murders. Hmmmmm, interesting.
Now that Chad is suspicious of Clyde, I hope he handles his own investigation delicately and diligently. And, POW! Chad will emerge the hero of Salem when he nabs the villain.

Dave Netherton

No Andre is not the killer. I’ve got my own theory on who the killer is. Somebody posted that we find out who the killer is next week on Wednesday Sept. 23rd??? Several months back Matthew Ashford’s (Jack) twitter page status said something like “I’m Back…Sept 23″…NO WORD OF A LIE NOT MAKING THIS UP…Could Jack still be alive & he’s framing Chad to get him away from Abigail. Could they have kept Jack’s return to the show under wraps all this time??? Now THAT would be a shock!!! Remember Jack’s father Harper Devereaux was a serial killer back in the 80’s so like father, like son. Now of course Jack might not be in his right mind committing these murders since we can assume he’s been held captive (the Jack that died in the elevator might have been an imposter). I think Jack’s return for the 50th under these circumstances would be the biggest shock ever. I know Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) said awhile back that she couldn’t wait for September’s storylines to start playing out, maybe this is why. Thoughts???

Tim S.

hmmmm interesting.. sounds good to me…


all i have to say thus far in to

as long as it’s not : Aiden, or Justin, or even Andre, posts are even speculating that it could be Bo… at this point.. even tho I have yet to see Thaao… as Andre… just wanting the DiMera and Kiriakis fam… to remain solidified in any form

dang it I don’t want Aiden MIA…

it’s riveting and key to tune in how much the actors are just giving due respect and accolade to how much the energy levels have risen and the excitement for all of DAYS production and audience alike are anticipating


Hi, Dave.
Of course Jack could still be alive. I, for one, would not be shocked. I like the way you think.


Matthew Ashford has been jerked around by Days enough! I hardly think he would return to play Jack as a serial killer!!


in July Ken Corday was interviewed in SOD and made it clear that Jack would not be returning to Days. Corday said he again said fans saw Jack die after falling down the elevator shaft and coming back from the dead would be an insult to the viewers. In any case, die hard fans of Jack and Jennifer will NEVER ACCEPT the idea that Jack could be the serial killer. I still think the serial killer is either Clyde or Ben.


Not impressed with this story line. It really is so ”Really, come on” when people return after death. It has happened so many times.


Thrilled to see Thaao return to DAY$. He is a master !

Josephine Vetter Winters
Josephine Vetter Winters

I love the story so far, But was going nuts trying to figure out how Andre was Stefano’s son instead of nephew,Now that clears that up for me, But now I’m confused how Justin goes to the DiMera Mansion and oddly doesn’t seem surprised at the presence of Andre,Considering that he is suppose to be keeping a low profile. And Justin doesn’t say anything to anyone before Andre shows up at the funeral. Hopefully this is explained as well!!!

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