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UPDATE: Contrary to Misinformed Tweet That She Passed Away, Y&R's Jeanne Cooper is Still Alive!

Photo Credit: Charles Bush

On-Air On-Soaps wanted to update our site visitors on the latest on the developments in Jeanne Cooper’s  (Katherine Chancellor ) medical condition, which we know fans have been following day to day showing their love and support of the iconic star of The Young and the Restless.

This afternoon, rumors began swirling that the 84-year-old Daytime Emmy winner had passed away.  The original offending tweet apparently came from @bravomaxine who related to her followers, “RIP Jeanne Cooper (1911-2013) Dead”  It was then reported at Jeanne Cooper’s facebook page that a tweet went out from former Y&R star, Victoria Rowell (Ex-Drucilla) who had misinformation.  Cooper’s page said, “Despite @victoriarowell’s previous post #JeanneCooper’s passing, she is still very much alive. Please disregard this misinformation.”

Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R) also quickly took to his Twitter account to rally around his long time beloved co-star Cooper, relating: “Contrary to some statement, Jeanne Cooper is doing better and sitting with her daughter Caren by her bedside!!”

Jeanne Cooper’s family also clarified the rumors on her facebook relating:  “We have been read some articles that report Jeanne as having passed away. And while it is true that she is indeed still in the hospital and undergoing care, she is still with us and we are grateful that she is. We do not yet know what the future holds, but that is the nature of life. We know that updates have been less frequent, but that is because we are focusing all of our energy on her at this time. We continue to thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. Thank you! Love to all!”

On-Air On-Soaps moments ago spoke to a family representative and confirmed that Jeanne is said to be holding her own and doing somewhat better today, and yes, she is still very much alive!

We will keep you updated as information warrants on the developments in Jeanne’s health situation, but wanted to make sure, you, her fans, had the latest correct information.  Share your thoughts here on the latest developments and keep sending your thoughts and prayers Jeanne’s way.

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She would love this. It’s starting to turn into a real-life soap opera! Go Jeanne! Your fans love you and are pulling for you. 😉


The part I like best is the dates 1911-2013….that makes her 102!!!
haha funny how people are so quick to post these days! Let the family be, let them care for her and let them inform the public (if they choose)
Everybody has to be in everybody else’s business these days! makes me sick!


That’s good! I actually found Corbin Bernson on Facebook last night and I copied and pasted what I wrote on his website. His brother was saying that where she was in pain, they had to let her go (or something to that effect). Anyway, I’m just glad that he didn’t just “let her go” until God had a chance to do HIS part; I’ll just have to keep praying and hope she keeps improving


I do NOT believe Victoria Rowell did this. I think she was set up by haters! MY GOD will they ever leave poor Victoria Rowell star favorite actress alone!!! So sick of it! So sick of these Sharon haters and Dru haters. Yet they love that Chin Chelsea troll and that Avery boring Betty Crocker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the old days you had studios and managers that protected you but now that facebook and twitter which my family is not on just for this reason are out there it makes me uncomfortable. Personally I do not think CB should have put it out there what hospital his mother was in. These are not fans sometimes they are stalkers just ask Andrea Evans/Tina on OLTL she was stalked and in fear of her life for years. All I need to hear from the family is a simple request we keep her in our thoughts and prayers and the rest is none of our business.


You sound like you’re on the same meds as Rowell. Either that or you (both) forgot to take them.


It is highly unlikely that she was set up by haters. If she did not write that comment, she would have quickly made a statement. Besides it makes no sense why a hater would go through the trouble of hacking into her account just to tweet that Jeanne Cooper died, most would have posted very cruel and hateful tweets which that comment was not, it was just in poor taste. Victoria wrote it, some fans seriously need to accept that their favorite stars are not perfect and make mistakes like everyone else in the world.


I do not know or care if you are yelling at me but stop the madness all I was saying was keep your life private. Personally I could give a shit less about VR privacy would be what I wish for this family. So no one at this house is on meds just butt out of a soap star or whatever JC business god privacy please!


I pray for her recovery according to Gods will. We have enjoyed her and surely if you are a fan as I am, she will be missed but until then, “God’s Speed Ahead” and may God continue to bless her and all of us today and everyday.

robin fletcher

🙂 This gal will recover. Just watch!

Jennifer Debus

YEs she will. I have faith she will overcome this


I’m so glad to hear that Jeanne is doing well; been keeping prayers going her way and she’s such a strong-willed woman with a strong heart and beautiful soul. I’m only in my early 20s but she’s absolutely amazing. <3


Thanks for the update Michael.


omg it scared me to death. I love Jeannie Cooper.People shouldn’t get rumors flowing all over like that. I have been trying to keep up on her health problems in real life and the rumors is just not right. Jeannie I hope you are feeling better and doing real well. I will always watch your shows and like you as a person, I sure hope you are doing a lot better


as of Friday her son Corbin didn’t think she was doing very good after the second round at the hospital, she was in critical condition again. That’s what we read anyhow, So that is probally why she thought that she had passed. I’m so glad to hear she is still her, I just love her to watch on the Young and the Restless. I’m sure she meant well.

Y&R Fan

NO ONE should be putting out info about Jeanne but the family and one certainly shouldn’t ASSUME she passed because of a comment “that she wasn’t doing well.” It’s the family’s responsibilty or a spokesperson designated by the family.


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear she is doing somewhat better. Continued prayers for her and her family!


nothing but love for jeanne.

Jennifer Debus

Thank you for putting this rumor to rest. May God give Jeanne healing and bring her back to her family


jeannie is a fighter and i beleive she will pull thu this. i am praying for her. the y&r needs her and so does her fans


I am praying for her! I have been a fan of the Young and the Restless for the last several years, and I doo look forward to seeing her on the show!. There will be extra special prayers said for her by me tonight when I pray!

Pamela Remmers

Bless you for making this clear to all who love and are praying for Jeanne’s recovery.


Good news!!! My thoughts and prayers are with Jeanne and her family! Please feel better soon Jeanne!!!


Praying for Jeanne, her family, friends and countless fans around the world. Sad that someone would post such a heartless rumor… and very happy that Jeanne, the feisty and classy lady that she truly is, is still with us.

<3 from Florida <3


thank you for posting the truth michael………………still praying!


But…what is wrong with her?!?!?!?!?!

Melody carter

I gotta admitt…I’d like to know what’s wrong w/her too ???


It’s not been said what’s going on. I don’t think she has a terminal illness, though. But….she IS an ex-smoker, and has been getting pneumonia over and over again over the last year or so. Each each, she really gets the stuffing out of her and it’s just making her weaker and weaker and (therefore) more difficulty to bounce back/recover. IMO, she really has not seemed the same since she was off the show (almost two years ago now) when they had *Ma Walton* substitute. Of course, I’m just going by what I see on the show.

tina barnes



she has an infection of some kind…took its toll on her…


Get well soon. <3

Adrienne Radio Becker
Adrienne Radio Becker

May.5 2013 Good afternoon michael i dont know u personaly from the bottom of my heart thank u for telling all of us about corbin caron and colin mother update.this os 1 beautiful and classey and much more person inside and out god bless her and her entire family always and god bless u always and doing such amazing job for leting us know how she is doing .hope to meet u sometime in the near future.Love adrienne radovich. becker

Eileen Hargis

Victoria Needs to stay out of this. Jeanne’s family have been doing a wonderful job of keeping fans in the loop of her conditiion. Daniel Goddard, Doug Davidson, Jess Walton and Eric Braeden too. She is NOT a part of Y and R and needs to not misinform!!!!!


That was really rude! You don’t know these’s people, for all you know Victoria is very near and dear to Jeanne, regardless if she is a cast member or not.

Eileen Hargis

Which of these people are u talking about? I happen to know Jess Walton very well, I used to work for one of her best friends. I know just about everyone in the cast but i sure wouldnt take it upon myelf to post something like she did! A simple phone call or two, if she IS still friends wirh them to check out Jeanne’s condition before posting is all it would have taken.She didnt, because she isnt. It is widely known how most of the cast feel about Ms. Rowell and she knows it.

Eve Bash

Victoria may have been misinformed but that’s not her fault. And she was a part of Y&R for a long time, even if you may not remember that. She used to play the part of Drucilla Winters, Neil’s wife before she “Died” on the show. Anyway, I believe she loves Jeanne as much as her fans (us) do & she meant well. Don’t be so hard on her. I really hope and pray that Jeanne will be able to come home to her family really soon. She is an Amazing lady & a fabulous actress. She is still very much needed here on earth. My payers for her and her family are still very much here. Please God, heal this Wonderful woman & allow her family to bring her home…. where she belongs. Thank You. Amen.


Shout out to miss Victoria! I don’t appreciate being given false reports from FOX news and I don’t appreciate your lies either. obviously your not in the know so unless you hear it directly from the family, check your bad sources and worry about your own snatch!

Eileen Hargis

Eve, I very well remember who Victoria is and the role she played. I also remember WHY she left and why she is no longer a part of Y and R, do you?

Mary Carroll Lalonde

Victoria Rowell hasn’t been on the show in years!!! Her comments and remarks are unwarranted!! She should know better and check her information before posting !!! This was unnecessarily hurtful to so many. Jeanne’s family and friends have been doing a marvelous job for her, and of keeping us informed!!!


I do not understand how so many can defend VR and her misinformation. It was wrong and her responsibility to ensure the information was accurate prior to posting. If that were my parent she posted had passed away I would be irate. VR is nothing but trouble, sorry to those who continue to make her excuses. What she posted was inexcusable and is definitely her FAULT!


Matthew, you don’t have to be so nasty. Seriously. Chill out. we all have a right to our own opinions. I’m not blaming her for being wrong. and it doesn’t matter whether she’s no longer a part of Y&R or not. She knows Jeanne personally…. which most of us don’t. and yeah, she could’ve checked with the family before she posted what she did. Everyone makes mistakes. no one is perfect. the Important thing is that Jeanne is still with us and that though she’s not in the best of health right now, everyone who love’s her is praying for her… and her family is with her. I just pray that she is well enough to go home soon to her family. 🙂


Eve I’m not being nasty. But if your being fitted for your black funeral dress and ready to embalm somebody before they’ve even expired-that’s what’s nasty and its a mistake you just don’t make. NOT OKAY. VR owes that family a big apology. With everything they’re going thru right now the last thing they need is Victorias daytime DRAMA!

Lifelong Y&R viewer

VR was only looking for ATTENTION. Because of her hateful racist actions against Y&R this is why she was booted out and barred from coming back. She continuously begs for attention because it eats her alive that she will never again be able to interfere with the #1 top soap. That was certainly a low blow posting lies.

Mary Russell

It sounds like Jeanne Cooper is doing better. So glad to hear that. Prayers are with the family. Hope she gets out of the hospital soon. GET WELL SOON JEANNE COOPER!!!!!

Nancy E. Dunn

Thank you Michael for giving all of Jeanne’s friends the truth about her condition!! I have prayed for her complete recovery all weekend, & hope it helped some. Tough lady & I believe she’ll be with us for a long time. Hang in there Duchess, & God bless you & your family! Sending all my love!!!


I am so encouraged to see so many people praying for Jeanne Cooper! Social networking can be a cold place sometimes with destructive words, hate, bullying and other negative chatter, but in times like this I regain new hope for the human race when so many people unite with prayers!

Barbara Duvall

Our prayers continue to be with Jeanne. I just read Corbin’s post from yesterday and I know how hard it is on all her children, but God is always with her and with all the family. There are so many praying for Jeanne and my prayer is God’s will be done. None of us are ever ready to let our loved ones go, but we have to believe in God’s wisdom and infinity!!!!

Kimberly McBride

Prayer works miracles. Happy day!!!


Love, Love Love this woman…Prayers are with her and her family.


micheal, thank you for the hate to think victoria rowell or any one else in that matter would start a vicious rumor like that just to be spitefull,,,on a brighter note how sweet it is to hear miss cooper is doing a lil better…so many of her fans out here are rooting for a recovery for her,,not easy to let go of someone who has ben a part of your life for over 30 years even if through a tv screen..i met jeanne cooper and jess walton bout 20 years ago..the two of them were delicious together going in and out of character,, wel wishes to you jeanne cooper and her family…im just a fan who cares,,,

Anita Segraves

Prayers for Jeanne, we love and appreciate her very much, prayers to the family. Looking forward to seeing her again soon on Y&R.

mimi kitchen

I am so glad to hear she is still with us, i am praying for her and her family, i have watched her on the Y/R from day one and have also seen her in many movies, she is a great actress and a beautiful person. God Bless her and her family..


I don’t think GOD is ready for her yet.I think he has something else for her to do.Hang in there Jeanne,we love you.

Diane DeRousse

I Knew You were still Around Young Lady!! So Much Love and Tons of Prayers Go Out To You and Your Family!! You Keep getting Better Okay?! Love Always Diane


thank you for the update..I have been following with Corbin since the beginning.just went to Jeanne’s fb page and saw someone said she passed when in fact Corbin said otherwise.thanks for the prayers continue for a full recovery and how encouraging to hear she sat up with her daughter.Mrs C (Duchess) is a very strong woman I have watched her since day hang in there keep fighting My prayers continue god bless

Trudy Usey

I love to see Mrs. cooper on the Young And The Restless .I will be praying for the Lord to heal her and be with all the family.


Glad she is doing better. Continued prayers for her and her family.


Positive thoughts and Prayers Jeanne to you and your family!!!!

Leah Wright

Glad she is doing better and I continue to pray. I know that our prayers and the outpouring of love from all over is a profound blessing to her. Get Well Soon Jeanne Cooper!

Debi Dowdy

I love you Mrs. C! Please get some rest so we can have you back on Y & R! Please know you have a lot of fire in you and I want to see some more! I want you to really tell Jill off! Sorry Jess. I love you too. We want you back in the saddle! Much Love and tons of Hugs from the right coast~ Debi


I’m hoping for a quick recovery and return to the Y&R family….Duchess you are the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Still praying for this beautiful young lady to get better real soon. I hope she dosent read all the negative comments, she dosent need to get upset! We love you MRS C…Please get better real soon!


Jeanne, I am rooting for you for a speedy recovery. I know you can do it. Surprise us all and appear again on the Y&R with your smiling face.

Beverley Acres

So Happy to hear that Mrs.C. is doing better, yous are all in my prayers.Please get well soon Mrs. C. we Love you. xox 🙂

jill schmuck

Again Victoria Rowell has to steal the limelight. She doesn’t seem to understand this is cruel to upstage a drying woman’s last few days. So shameful words can’t descibe it.

Roberta Bodemer

I am a 70 year old fan of Jeanne for many years. She is one in a million..a great actress and person. I purchased her book and got to know much more about this lovely lady. Even though we have never met..I love her dearly. I will keep her in my prayers.
I thought I saw pictures of her at home..How come she is again in the hospital????
Please inform….My 46 year old son and myself send our love to a very special regal lady ! Jeanne..We

Roberta Bodemer

we love you!!


I think what Victoria Rowell posted was pure malice and uncalled for. I only believe her son, Corbin and Jeanne’s updates. Praying for a complete recovery.

Doris Sprouse

Thanks for clearing the rumor, my prayers are still with Jeanne and family. She is a very strong person and a heck of a fighter. We love her and she is gonna’ be up and back on her feet before we know it. Hang in there Jeanne, love you.


Thanks for the update….❤❤❤ her n pray that if n when god calls she will be at peace and us as fans will be that much better to have her in our lives! Bless her family too!


Praying hard!!!


Oh good! Thought I was gonna pass out but after looking at this, this is good!

Gay Cole

Jeanne Cooper was my Mom’s favorite my mom and I have been watching Y & R since 1973 Jeanne will always be in our Prayers.


We need to know why she is sick!!!!!!! Its not hard to just say it!!!!


Unless Ms Cooper would like you, -Thunder-to know why she is sick, no, you do NOT NEED to know. It’s no one’s business but hers. USA has confidentiality laws -HEPPA- protecting Ms. Cooper and everyone else.

Hope to enjoy her great work soon!!


Its important, cuz it didn’t happen within her. Its an enviroment/bacterial/virus issue..whatever it was. It killed one of her neighbors, so yeah, we have the right to know to better protect ourselves. She would have no problem telling us. Its just that….Corbin….her son….doesn’t want to protect the public. 🙁


I;m glad Jeanne is doing better…my prayers are with Jeanne and the family…to the one that posted the false information I hope your happy with yourself.

Linda Patrick

YWe love you so much Jeanne.We know that you will recover you are a strong lady.To let you know we lit a candle and are praying for you.It will stay lit till you recover.We love you Jeanne.

Melody carter

I know this sounds selfish but, Please get better & come back !!! You are the Root of the Y & R …We all love you so much !!! I don’t watch soaps as much as I once did but, anytime I do it’s always Y & R …and I always look for The Dutchess 😉 I love her eyes ….I could always tell what was gonna happen next (sort of)…kinda like Betty Davis Eyes. Anyway, my thoughts & Prayers are with you more lately than ever !!! I check everyday on your progress…<3 ya Dutchess !!!

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