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General Hospital

Who is holding Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake hostage on General Hospital?



Surprise! Surprise! (well, sort of ) Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) is indeed alive!  And, with the obvious – that no one in Port Charles ever truly saw her body – nor did any of the viewers after the lab explosion – the door was left wide open for this beat of the story to be revealed!

On Tuesday’s episode, we see Robin being sedated and drugged in a pseudo-hospital room, complete with a nasty nurse and the imposing mystery figure, who when the camera went to a close-up of Robin’s eyes, she immediately seemed to recognize!

So who is the mastermind behind this plot and why?  Cesar Faison? Helena Cassadine? Lisa Niles?  Some other blast from the past?  Let us know your thoughts.

And we might add, it was quite a little nifty piece of juxtaposition today watching poor Patrick ( in another beautiful performance by Jason Thompson) dump Robin’s ashes on the ground that would have become their new home, while saying to himself, that he still feels her with him!  Ah, the soaps!  Are you glad to know that one of the most popular characters in soapdom is still out there …  somewhere?

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Grant Putnam…..I think would be perfect


It would be fantastic if Frisco came back to tell Anna that Robin is alive. It unfolds that Frisco is on some mission and overhears a conversation about Anna and Robert. He continues listening and then hears that Anna and Robert are in the worse pain now thinking their little girl is gone. Frisco makes he way back to Port Charles were he realizes Robin is gone and his daughter is blaming herself for Robin ‘s death. Oh how this could be the best story line ever!


Oh, I would LOVE Frisco to be back. And Robert and all those old characters.

kara anderson

me too I whated them back


I personaly can’t wait for robin to be found alive. this is driving me crazy. I think it would be a cool idea for lisa to come back we never saw her body. besides that none of lisa’s relatives ever showed up in port charles to find out what happened to her. if it were my relative i ‘d be on the first plane. Or how cool would it be to have lisa an identical twin cousin named leslie to get even for her dead cousin’s death that would be something good to drag out for awhile.

barbara t

Thats a long time ago.What ever happened to sillia ?the girl he was married to.I forgot how and why they left town.

kara anderson

I don’t know


If you want Frisco to get back to Port Charles, you’ll have to wait until Jack Wagner finishes his stay on DWTS. In the meantime, I think that Faison and Helena are partnered to Robin’s kipnapping. Faison has a vendetta against the Scorpio clan whereas Helena might need Robin’s R&D expertise to ressurrect her son. What do you think?


did all of you forget about franko she is someone important to Jason


It can only be… the one… the only… Dr….. David Hayward. He’sss backkkkk !!! }-)


I hope so! That would be so awesome!!!


Thinking it has to be David. He couldn’t save their daughter Lenora but he will nurse Robin back to health in his own time.


Dr. David Hayward of AMC – he had that storyline happening on AMC with a number of characters that were thought to be dead. And only he can pull off such a storyline! When GH can get it together, make the smart move and get Vincent Irizarry to join their cast, just think of the new blood that can be introduced into the show. He brought back some interesting characters to life on AMC before that show was sadly yanked off the air by ABC.


This story line is really stupid. If Patrick couldn’t get to Robin because the lab door was locked then how did robin get out, someone else get in to take her out. there was only one door. Really GH don’t you think you are carrying this a little to far?

kim yarris



Let heather take the blame for.the babyswitch. Let Todd day she was.threatening starr or something. Don’t let.Todd be.found out.again


I agree,with Kim and debbie!
Bring back Robin as well.


I agree ! Todd should blame it ALL on Crazy Heather . I adore Todd and don’t want him to get whacked by Jason or sent back to jail !


bring Frisco back bring Robin back get rid of Star and Todd need some new story lines love the story line with Maxie being pregnant i am excited hopefully Frisco will make up for us missing Jason so very much

Gina Wulff

Faison. It would be brilliant to watch Patrick, Anna and Robert ride to the rescue .


so so wrong – Faison kidnaps people and brings them to a ship or cave like he did with Anna or Robert not a hospital. You haven’t watched past scenes with him.

kim delmotte



That would be a great storyline to really make use of Robert and Anna, but I have my own theory.

Susan M.

I think it might be Fasion.. He is Anna’s & Robert’s old arch enemy from years ago when they were in the WSB….


I think it’s frisco! He found robin on another case maybe tying to duke and helping robin now.


Why would it be Frisco?!? He has to do with Felicia, not Robin. FAISON ALL THE WAY!!

Enrique Buenrostro

It’s got to be Faison, he pulled this with Robin’s parents and with Lucky, and with that history it must be him. Then again it could also be Helena as a way to flush out Robert and Ethan…


Hello does anyone not know how Faison works. Think about it when he kidnaps someone he sure as hell wouldn’t take them to a hospital. When I saw him on previous episodes in the past it would be a cave or a ship not a hospital. It is not Vincent (David) either because I saw him at a meet and greet recently and he said he is not coming to GH. Many fans asked him that. He is working on other projects. Come on Helena – Helena is after the Spencers not a Scorpio. Lisa Niles is dead and left the show. If it was Lisa – Robin would of freaked out and we didn’t see any of that.


I say it’s Faison – Robert & Anna’s favorite psycho. But what I don’t know is whose charred remains did Robert see in the morgue and whose ashes did Patrick scatter???


Helena’s daughter Cassandra, whom Helena killed a week earlier.





LOL lmao! Because I can just HEAR it, sarcastically being said. How about this?

True lol


Hoping for Faison. Butt Grant Putnum would be cool too.


I say Grant Putnam would be awesome since his original plan was to kidnap Robin and Anna merely got in the way of that! Regardless of if being Faison or Grant or someone else, Robert needs to be in the mix and until they write Robert correctly I won’t be watching!


Well I’m finished watching until Robin is back with Patrick and Sam has her baby back. This show is REALLY STARTING TO SUCK!!!!!!!!


wow we knew robin was alive. but the surprise happened sooner than we thought. so what does this mean. is kimberly heading back to general hospital or is the big news that they have a recast. a new robin. nobody can replace kimberly but if she doesnt want to come back. please have rebecca buddig ex greenlee from all my children be the new robin scorpio just a thought. general hospital is really getting good now. i love the new writers. lets pray and hope gh gets renewed.


If the ex-Greenlee from AMC is recasted as the new Robin,I will never watch GH!!! She is a self righteous *****


I hope it’s Grant Putnam,and I hope he has a black rottweiler with him.


I was hoping the same thing. I want to see Robin kicking his butt in her living room (just like her mom Anna) *fingers crossed*


Faison makes the most sense. He was obsessed with Anna, I think, and he would be a way to keep Anna (and maybe Robert) around. Helena would have little interest in Robin, and we have had more than enough of crazy Lisa.


I think its Faison it does make the most sense, but here’s something everyone else seems to be forgetting although it was Luke who actually killed Mikos Robert was a huge part of it. I dont think it was Helena though.

Elizabeth Thompson

Now that we know it is Dr. Ewen Keenan, what does that mean, why would he do such a thing to the guy who saved his life, Patrick?


Could it be Lisa? But I would only want it to be Lisa if Brianna Brown played her and it seems like she’s been really busy with other things…


God please NO! And NO Franco either…just want to get that out there!

barbara t

I know I dont want to see either one. Lisa should stay dead and franco the last thing I want to see is him finger painting all over port charles again .dumbest most stupidest stories were with franco and lisa .Waste of time,G h’s and mine.

Mary Lou

I am a couple days behind..if this is true, then my wishful thinking happened and she is alive..awesome..she will return to find maybe Patrick and Elizabeth cozy? good to hear..

kim yarris



i think helena & faison are working together on this……………

Susan M.

Good possibility!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m thrilled that she is still alive! I hate to loose Kim but at least I know there is hope that maybe someday Robin will be back.

Michael S

Agreed…I think it’s Faison. Should make for some interesting storyline. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Susan M.

I agree with you…..Michael S….


It id Faidom who has Robin


The only person that hates Robin and Patrick to put them through this sort of hell, would be that uber bitch, Lisa Niles! I’ve had enuf of her though. The BEST surprise and casting would be Vincent. Irrizary as Dr. David Hayward. I think he was also married to Robin’s mother, Anna.


Exactly!!!!!!! That’s what I beleive……David Hayward has Robin. We OLTL viewers beleive this is possible. GH is slowly slipping in OLTL characters


I’m sorry, I meant AMC

kim yarris



I think that it’s going to be Faison or Lisa Niles…. Faison cause of Robert/Anna & Lisa Niles cause she wants Patrick…


What about Franco? He knows how much Robin means to Jason.


People, People……….come on, it’s got to be Franco! He is not dead either. Let’s not forget was a masterful artist he was. Do you really think he is going to rape sam and then just be standing calmly in his apt. when Jason walks in? He staged the whole thing! The blood on the wall was something he cooked up. The sicko then got up after Jason left and took pics of the scene or had someone else take the pics, and then he split. Now he has Robin because of how much she meant to Jason! Watch and See!


Well done! Please do not have it be Lisa Niles!!! She is dead and we would all like to leave it that way… no offense BB… because you were great …but Lisa was there too long and it was beyond a good story. I hope for Faison or Helena. Just glad to see she will be able to come back when she wants.


I thought she was leaving the show for good? Did she change her mind? I mean Kimberlly McCullough.

may may

But I thought it was Kimberley’s idea to leave GH.


as far as we know, she has left the show,so i think they just wanted us to know that the character isnt dead, but as to how it will play out, your guess is as good as mine, if Jason Thompson ever decides to leave then they would probably reunite the characters, or kim could come back, nothing is written in stone so who knows.


Jason already is taping his last show.He is leaving.


Jason Thompson(patrick) performances have been fantastic. Until Robins “death” his character never did much for me but in this story line he knocked it out of the ballpark! He should be remembered next year at emmy time. He deserves at least a nomination if not a win for his performance!


Faison would be my guess.


GH beat the lisa niles story to death, so please no return of lisa!! helena has lost steam as a Gh villain, in my opinion. so i’m rooting for faison, who simply looks like a psychopath AND is a great actor. i hope we see more of kimberly that simply her being held. michael, do you know if kimberly is really gone and done shooting??


I am quessing either Faison or Helena. I can see Helena saying something like one child for another child! Trade off Robin back for her to kill Ethan.

Faison, is the rumor that I heard months ago, I remember him, but then again not really! I am glad she is alive, but already knew she was going to make an apperance, just thought it was going to be in August, before the show ends.

Jennifer E.

Fans of “All My Children” are hoping that Dr. David Hayward and his miracle-working Project Orpheus are behind Robin’s rescue!! I’d love to see Vincent Irizarry land in Port Charles to rekindle Dr. Dave’s romance with ex-wife Anna Devane.


Dr. Hayward was involved with Anna’s twin sister Dr. Alexandria Devane-Marick, not Anna. It could leave a lot of doors open. Finola could pull the twin roles off as well as Mr. Kanary pulled off Adam and Stewart. Anna could have her sister Alexandria caring for a sick Robin, it could also be David. There is half a million ways this could play out but I truly believe Robert and most likely Anna do know where Robin is and that is why Anna is staying close to Emma.. In order to pull something like this off with the locked doors and Patrick in plain sight it would take the skill of WSB agents. Kind of why GH was so big in the 80’s great story lines and awesome actors your love…The Robert who took off and skipped the funeral would never have left Robin like that.


Actually, David was married to Anna, not Alex.

Jennifer E.

Jon is right. Alexandria was revealed to be Anna. Robin even came to Pine Valley to be reunited with her mother, whom she thought had died. It was a great storyline and a fantastic scene because Finola and Kimberly have sooooo much chemistry together as mother and daughter.


Well, you’re half right as well, lol. Alex was Alex, but when she started digging into her background she discovered she had a twin. That’s when they revealed that Anna was alive and you’ve got it from there. Alex is still living in Hungary with Dimitri.

Tina RObert may have known?

barbara t

I need more clues its to early to tell ,Hopefully Anna (Finola Huges) is crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s ,then we can say faison, maybe,Helena is to obvious then again you never know ,this is what I love about Rons writing ,He is the master soap writer so happy he is with general hospital.I need to see more before I take a guess all I know is Robin is alive and that is a good.


I hope it is David Hayward




ok i know this a little bit outve left field…but if my daugter died..and i was robert scorpio i would b at my daughter funeral..and if u remember when he left he said the reason he had to leave was….he needed to attend to someone…y not robin??? if she died and he knew it he would have been at funeral..but if he knew she was alive…y would he? what about her best friend brenda…she could have her..? she didnt attend the funeral either…2 of the most important people in her life and they didnt attend funeral….my guess is one of them…would b cool if it was david tho


It better be me!

Dee Vee

We never saw Lisa Niles body either as I recall! This feels like Lisa to me.

barbara t

Hey Michael,Even though I cant stand deadline hollywood because of that vincent hanna guy,anyway ,There is some interesting news going on about the revolution and general hospital,Do you think abc/disney is finally getting a clue that the revolution is a dopy show and no body watches it?I hope so.Could mean good news for general hospital.

Susan M.

I hope they finaaly get it also(ABC) about their CRAPPY show The Revolution….And that no one will ever watch it.. Like NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

barbara t

Abc/disney’s daytime programming is filled with trash.Dont think there lineup will ever be Number 1 again ,and Im hoping that I am helping to do that.


I think it’s Heather Weber and she saved her from someone else (don’t know who) that actually is the one who died in the fire. Maybe the person she saved her from is Lisa Niles?


I am weary of such story turns as sometimes people die and those who loved them must deal with drama and obstacles in moving on. That is good story, too.

That said, this development may work for this GH reboot but please — please! — allow it to play out to a satisfying conclusion. Please do not leave Robin captive somewhere or in limbo.

anna freeman

Faison and Helena working together would be better, that way you could have the Scorpio’s and the Spencer’s team up to save Robin.

La Veta

Love this idea about having the tag team of Helena & Faison being the kidnappers. Then the righteous tag teams of Spencers, Spencer/Falconeris, Sxorpios, and Dr. Drake could all help to rescue Robin. this would be a wonderful storyline, one that GH could really use.

La Veta

NOT LISA NILES! She needs to be most sincerely dead!!!!

barbara t

I know she was a bitch ,I never liked ,I was so mad at anthony for waking her up from the coma she was in.But she hates Robin enough to pull something like this ,but I hope like you said she is dead.


I agree with everyone else above, it would be a brilliant move to bring Faison back onto the canvas. I just truly hope it is NOT Lisa Niles, I am over that character, but that woman has more lives than a cat. I do like the mystery of it all though.

Another thought – I think it would be funny if it were David (Vincent Irizarry) from AMC, who is a great actor, but I am not so sure doing another crossover (of sorts) is a good idea at this point. I would be fine with it, but I have watched all three ABC soaps for many, many years, and I am not sure that those who have only watched GH all along would like that, and I certainly respect that. All I say is, whatever it takes to keep GH on the air, works for me!!!!


I say David/Vincent Irizarry, because he was at the helm of a storyline of this nature on AMC.


And he has a past with Anna….


The past was with Anna’s twin sister Alexandria, a doctor not Anna.


I think Lisa might have taken her and someone did away with Lisa. Thrilled to see Robin alive and Patrick somehow knowing she isn’t dead. Patrick needs to trust his instinct and go find Robin. Would be great to see Lisa really dead this time and Scrub fans get the payoff they never got with Lisa story. Then her parents enemies could have Robin. It was just so good to see Robin/Kimberly on screen again. Patrick, Emma and Anna are empty without Robin with them


I really dont care who has Robin and i think this storyline is stupid because the actress that plays Robin wants to leave GH and the other reasons how did the kidnapper get Robin out of a room that is locked down which was also was on fire and how did they known just when the room would catch on fire because of a gas leak that Maxie accidently caused.


Exactly, I wrote about that in my post yesterday, I think on yesterday’s page. And there was only one entrance in that lab, the door Robin and Patrick were speaking at. Patrick never left the scene, and not long enough to get Robin out and a burnt up body in. Plus, a convient burned up body (just on hand) that they got in and out of the hospital. It’s all ridiculous and a waste of time with all the banter being talked about it. The storyline isn’t worth the time that it’s being spoke about.


guys, let it go, this is not csi, your not going to get an explanation, or who knows, you might, for all you know, the scenes were cut down, and maybe theres a longer scene where everything gets explained, regardless, i’m just glad the character isn’t really gone, now the issue will be how and who is doing all this and for what?


Her parents are both WSB agents. If they took her to help her get better or because they felt Patrick didn’t deserve her it could have been pulled off…..In the months leading up to Robin’s exit she did appear sick, maybe she is in Switzerland being treated for complications of the AIDS, maybe Anna’s twin sister is the doctor treating her, who knows at least the door is open for her to return!!

ashley z

What if it’s Franco?

barbara t

I hope not he is the last person I want to see in port charles no no .

Toni D

Why ROBIN?! Why not Georgie, Emily, Justus, Alan or someone INTERESTING?! HECK, I’d even go with Jake even though I LOATHE Elizabeth… And to think for once I was actually HAPPY about a “major” character death… WHY MUST YOU TOY WITH ME SOAP GODS, WHY?!


I LOVE the idea of recasting Rebecca Budding as the new Robin – she would be a perfect match for Patrick.
And I would love to see Dr. Hayward (Vincent Irrizary) return to PC.


Nice Picture of you.

I don’t see Rebecca working as Robin. She could fit in at Port Charles very well, BUT I just can’t see her as Robin., even though she would look GREAT with Patrick. Kimberly was a staple and her character was so strong and unique, which I liked bc she is short and her voice is very little girl like sounding.


I don’t care WHO it is…as long as it is good story! And so far, this has been good story for me. 🙂


I think Robert Scorpio is involved. He was the only one who went into the morgue and “saw” the body. He left town quickly and did not even attend his own daughter’s funeral. Something doesn’t add up. Maybe he’s trying to protect her from one of his enemies.


I’m not really “glad to know” she’s alive it was kind of obvious she would be. The story is playing out a lot like Lucky’s death in the late 90’s I didn’t expect to see her so quickly though, which I am glad about. Kimberly is still leaving though so how much of this story will play out? I like it so far.


Dr. Hayword!


Honestly, I don’t know about Fiason… Can someone explain the history to me??

Anyway, I don’t want it be Lisa.. I want her GONE!!!!!


This is pure imagination talking, but what if it’s Maggie? She is a doctor so she would have the medical know how to keep Robin and she would have access to the morgue to put another body in the lab. She also seems a little crazy (anyone remember the syringe wielding clown?). What if she is Lisa NIles long lost sister and wants revenge?


I think you are on to something! First thing I thougth when I saw Maggie was that she reminded me of Lisa and her story was so similar… coming in having a past with one of the current doctors and seeming a little bit ‘off’!


i hope it is faison and not lisa can not go through seeing her again but it would be good if robert and anna figured it out and rescued her
what about anthony zacarra if you remember he had lisa niles in a hospital


I think it is Faison for sure. We will not know for a long time though and they will keep it under wraps for sure. Frank and Ron do not like these types of spoilers to come out and they keep everyone tight lipped about it too.


I think it’s Faison – Anna and Robert’s old nemesis.
It would be a refreshing change from the same old mob stuff.

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Valentin walks a fine line

Tuesday, May 22

Peter feels deceived

Wednesday, May 23

Dante has had enough

Thursday, May 24

Alexis quickly regrets her actions

Friday, May 25

Sonny is tormented

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