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Yvonne Zima OUT at Y&R! But is Someone Else Being Shown The Front Door Too?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Many soap fans, and in particular those who watch the number one soap, The Young and the Restless will be pleased with this bit of news courtesy of Nelson Branco of Soap Opera Uncensored!   The most hated character probably in the history of the soap, Daisy, is finally being written out!  That means her portrayer, the also heavily maligned, Yvonne Zima is out!  According to Branco, “Insiders confirmed that Zima has been let go from Y&R,  and she won’t be back.  The actress filmed her last scenes this week!”

However, that is not all folks!  Branco also reports that another controversial actor has been let go at Y&R!  But he cannot reveal whom, as it would spoil a major story twist!”   However, he did give a hint!  “The actor in question will finish filming his last scenes next week.”

So soapers! Are you glad Daisy’  and Yvonne’s days in Genoa City are finally coming to end?  Who do you think could be the actor that is also  reportedly leaving the series?  Let us know! And make sure to check out the latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored!


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47 Comments on "Yvonne Zima OUT at Y&R! But is Someone Else Being Shown The Front Door Too?"

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FINALLY! And I bet the other is Ricky!


YES! Not entirely sure how she landed the role of Daisy but she should count her lucky stars … she is a terrible actress and would be lucky to find another role..




Oh wow! Finally! This should have been done SOOOOO many years ago, but better late than never!

This must mean Maria Bell must be losing some control since Zima and Daisy are pets of hers. Wonder if this also means the celebrity revolving door will be coming to an end also. Guess they are finally paying attention to the horrible ratings lately.


Say good-bye Ricky! (Maybe??)

Lori H

Oh, one can only hope!

David Larsson

Am I glad she’s gone? Yes. Does this mean I will watch Y&R now? No.

There’s still too much that needs to be fixed with this show, starting with the character that is Sharon Newman.


Oh, totally. Sharon’s (and Ms. Case’s ) departure is long overdue


I don’t watch Y&R but I am curious to know why is Daisy the most hated character?

kay killgore

Who gives a shit Y&R cancelled put it out of it’s misery!!!


LOL….! Who gives a Shat! I love it… your soap box is in control. LOL… while most of us are fretting… walking on egg shells… for our “beloved” who dis, and who dat… where’s my serial…. LOL…. oye! Y&R, is titanic-ed in my book… till Eileen Davidson is back at the Jabot Empire. DAYS! PLEASE! Kristen and Susan are missed. I wish i was too beautiful for all this action.

kay killgore

I know Patrick it was not a very nice thing to wish actors being put out of work by cancelling Y&R but if you or anybody else can tell me ONE good storyling on this show I would like to know what it is. It is nothing like the show I have watched forever and I can not beleive no one seems to care!!!


Truth, I do not watch Y&R. I’m a DAYS Watcher! and GH… so, that doesn’t give me time to watch Y&R…. however, when Eileen Davidson, Kristen on Days, left Days, and went back to Y&R, i followed. the only 2 story lines, that i liked… and i seem to be the minority on this one… is how much i liked Sharon and Adam together. it’s certainly better than Victor… and it gets kinda old.. when it’s they belong together… supercouple…. sharon and Nick. Sharon and the “bad” guy…. i thought they had so much chemistry… ooh la la HOT. the other story… is when, Nikki was drinking… she can ACT! She deserved an emmy nomination this year. i wish, they’d re-hire, Sean Young. These two together, were Funny…. the body language… the looks they gave each other… was campy classic serial… at it’s best.

p.s… i’ve been watching soaps for 30+ years… started with All my children, then, my all time favorite, “AS THE WORLD TURNS”… God, how i Miss these actors!…
The Snyders, and the farm… then alas, DAYS… since i don’t watch night time tv… i make time for GH.. which is smokin’ hot these days… i’m distraught and torn up about Patrick and Matt… with “Robin” gone… and Matt… “killing” Lisa Niles…

also, i’d include another world on my list of shows i watched…


Do we really need to talk like this on Michael Fairman’s forum?

One of the reasons I come to this site instead of ones like Daytime Confidential is because of the clean language and the nice atmosphere.

kay killgore

Sorry Christine you are right I will try to refrain from the S word again!!!


Ha! Ha! I was afraid I was going to get flamed, despite what I said about the site. Glad I did not … so far.

In any event, Kay. I LOVE reading your posts.

I think I can understand how you feel about the state of Y&R these days. I used to have no problems with it myself, but even the wardrobe and hair/makeup is terrible. I hope if there is a good house cleaning coming that it is for the best, though I have my doubts because they need to start with the producing and writing departments and not the talent.


I think it is ricky that is leave the show it woiuld be good to see what would happen when ricky killed daisy and to see daniel get lucy.


What couldn’t he reveal if it was Ricky and be able to reveal Daisy’s exit? Nope, I don’t think it is him. Are we sure it’s a man or is he using “actor” for both?


Ricky kills her and off he goes to jail. Saw this coming………


Me too.


well finally my prayers have been answered. a few days ago i wrote that i want daisy gone. yvonne zima is a horrible actress. i am sure she is a nice lady in real life. buy yvonne needs to go back to acting school. she can’t act at all. my dog can act better than yvonne zima. my dog is a german shepard and his name is ricardo. hopefully ricky is fired too. that would make my day. please maria arena bell you need to quit or she needs to get fired now. please rehire eileen davidson now. she is a wonderful actress. we need new producers on the young and the restless so they can write better storylines.


Daisy is to Y&R what Irina Cassadine (lady in white) was to GH.

I say good riddance Daisy.


Bye Daisy. Please take Ricky and SORAS Kyle with you.


I don’t like the nuKyle either. They made him too old and too much of a jerk!


I think the actress who plays Daisy is a very good actress. She sure can make people dislike the character so to evoke such distain is called acting. Now I don’t think the Daisy character should get her way as she has so I won’t be sorry to see her go but that is the writers fault. Ricky is a joke Kyle is as well. Can’t stand either one of the characters. Why is Eden even there? To service the men of GC. Stop bring in so many new actors and write for the ones already there would be my suggestion.


About time! Hot dog, YES!


Glad this s/l is coing to an end..not fond of this character. As to who will be leaving..I can only hope..there are several I would like to see leave. But it looks like Ricky, as I think he killed his wasn’t suicide. And he will be going to prison.


Glad to see the character Daisy leaving for good! Take Ricky and the new Kyle with her!


Please let the next exit be Sharon.


Thank god this girl will be off my screen. She was an embarrassment to the name (and yes, my maiden name is Zima).

Seems like the writing is on the wall that Ricky will be the other one to go. Paul will figure out that he killed his former girlfriend then Ricky will kill Daisy and we’ll be done with the two worst characters currently on the show.



I think it’s Ricky.


I will not speak ill of Yvonne Zima, as she was hired to do a job and did it. I will not embrace any of these Sheila legacy storylines. That character was great, her stories compelling, but they are over. Develop a new villain! Or maybe allow Tracy and others some new obstacles to overcome. Maybe Tracy is lured back into performing thus putting a strain on her family? Will there be conflicts with a suddenly grown and more independent son? Might she decide to become involved in a cause (hunger, mentoring women in crisis) that leads her to a new awareness in life? Could she and sister Jill form an alliance or partnership and perhaps build a non-cosmetics business in Genoa City? Tracy Fenmore is too strong and smart to be a constant victim. And the rest of Genoa City touched by sheila, Daisy and the rest of that ilk should just move on.

It is a shame Ricky is a misfire. A storyline of father and son finding a way would be good. Why is redemption such a bad word in soaps? Why can’t Paul Williams have a normal family and build a relationship with newly recast Heather and Ricky? He does not have to be a doormat!


Ricky kills Daisy and frames Phyllis.

Thank God they are finally getting rid of her, I do feel Yvonne Zima deserves some credit for creating a character that EVERYONE hates. But I couldnt be happier to see her go and hopefully Ricky. He never caught on and this show needs to stop focusing on the newbies. Maria Hack Bell needs to get on her knees and BEG Eileen Davidson to come back.

B.J. Reese

I am delighted Daisy is leaving, The last time she was here was quite enough. As for the other character leaving, Ricky certainly seems most likely, because he appears to have no scruples and is heading for another crisis in his life.

Although I know it would never happen, I would like for it to be Kyle… Adam’s junior clone. 🙂 It appears now that they have reformed Adam, they felt they needed a replacement in “looks” and old personality.


You see that too, B.J.?

I hate how they dress and groom the new Kyle to be just like Adam. And that first week when they were both on the same episode was torture. I think I much rather prefer Michael Muhney and Adam over Blake Hood and Kyle. I don’t see him lasting long either.


Yes, she is out the door! Never did like the character of Daisy…and the actress wasn’t that great for me to dislike the character. There are characters on other soaps that I don’t like but the actress/actor are sooo good that they made me believe the character they played/ Not in this case…sorry Yvonne Zima, you should keep taking those acting classes and practice using your voice and delivery of your lines to be more believable. Please take this as ‘Contructive Criticism” not insult.



Now they need to get rid of one Executive Producer/Head Writer and we will all be grinning from ear to ear!!


Thank God, my Ricky follow!


Billy Miller is not resigning his contract, SO the male could be Billy. Sharon tells Victoria a secret about Billy’s past. Is it something Victoria can’t forgive him for this time?

I wish Ricky and Daisy would kill each other, so we are rid of both. Spoilers list other males headed for the door. So who knows which male it is that leaves now?


I hope the other character to leave is Ricky Williams …..he’s just too evil.


I really like the character of Daisy. I hate to see Yvonne Zima leave. I think she could bring alot to the show. I think she deserved a second chance and I had hoped Daniel would have eventually fallen in love with her. I d be glad to sock it to Phyllis with that one. I for one will miss Daisy!


I have been watching Y&R for almost years and I like her character,,,its a soap people!! i think getting rid of her role is lame and the writers are just not talented to keep her role going, boo for letting her go Y&R !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rawhead Rex

Daisy leaving is gonna suck.
I like her character now. Not so much during the kidnapping and whatever, but her dueling with Phyllis, aka, An Older Version of Herself…
Was nice!
Plus, she’s REALLY easy on the eyes!
Again, BOO!


I liked Daisy character now that the whole Sheila/Aunt Sara saga is over. She and Phyllis are great at duking it out. Also, what is with the whole cocky Sharron? Not to sure about that but the cat fighting is reminding me of Falcon Crest!


Bring Daisy back ,she was the only reason I started watching the show


Its only been a week and Iam already having Daisy withdrawals ,PLEASE BRING HER BACK


I was just getting to like the character of Daisy when they fired Yvonne Zima. I hope they bring her back. You were always left wondering if she was changing or if she would have some redeeming qualities. Kept you guessing!!

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I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

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