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UPDATED: 37th Daytime Emmy Nominations announced!

This morning on CBS”s The Early Show nominees were announced in major categories for the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations.  On-Air On-Soaps has posted the complete list of all soap related categories.  This year’s ceremonies, as previously announced will be held for the first time in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Hilton, and telecast live on CBS on Sunday June 27th.

The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards which honors the craft behind many of the daytime shows will be handed out  in Los Angeles on June 25, 2010.

General Hospital led all nominees in all categories with 18, followed by The Young and the Restless with 16, As the World Turns with 13, One Life to Live with 13, The Bold and the Beautiful with 11 and Days of our Lives with 9.  Guiding Light picked up 3 nominations all in acting categories.

Here are the daytime drama nominees in all categories:

Outstanding Drama Series

All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Crystal Chappell (Guiding Light), Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless), Maura West (As the World Turns), Sarah Brown (General Hospital), Bobbie Eakes (All My Children)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Peter Bergman (The Young and the Restless) Jon Linstrom (As the World Turns) Doug Davidson (The Young and the Restless), Michael Park (As the World Turns), James Scott (Days of our Lives)

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Julie Pinson (As the World Turns), Bree Williamson (One Life to Live), Arianne Zuker (Days of our Lives), Carolyn Hennesy (General Hospital), Beth Chamberlin (Guiding Light)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Ricky Paull Goldin (All My Children), Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital), Bradford Anderson (General Hospital), Brian Kerwin (One Life to Live), Billy Miller (The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

Molly Burnett (Days of our Lives), Shelly Hennig (Days of our Lives), Marnie Schulenburg (As the World Turns), Julie Marie Berman (General Hospital), Christel Khalil (The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Drew Tyler Bell, (The Bold and the Beautiful,) Dylan Patton, (Days of our Lives), Drew Garrett, (General Hospital), Zack Conroy, (Guiding Light), Scott Clifton, (One Life to Live)

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

All My Children, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, One Life to Live

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series

As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live

Outstanding Achievement for Casting for a Drama Series

All My Children, General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live, The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series

All My Children, As the World Turns,  One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series

All My Children, As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, the Young and the Restless

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration for a Drama Series

As the World Turns,  General Hospital,  The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless,

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing  Drama Series

As the World Turns, General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct To  Tape Sound Mixing Drama Series

As the World Turns,  General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control for A Drama Series

All My Children, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Direction in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series

General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Original Song For a Drama Series

“Captured”  Days of our Lives,  “Y.O.U”  The Bold and the Beautiful, “An Angel’s Lullaby” T he Young and the Restless

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series

All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless




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So disapointing:
1) Stacy Haiduk is not nominated
2) Guiding Light at its worst was light years ahead of All My Children and The Bold and the Beautiful
3) Tina Sloane had a great year on GL and deserved a supporting actress nod
4) Drew Tyler Bell?!?!? Really? How about Mick Hazen who can actually act!
5) Bergman can thank Haiduk for his nomination

What I Like:
1) Beth Chamberlin getting a nomination even though she had much better years
2)Crystal Chapelle and Mara West, love em both but I think Chapelle has the edge
3)Michael Park deserves a win
4) Billy Miller better find a place to put that statue!

Unfortunately some of my faves, like Grant Aleksander, didnt even submitthemselves, but this is a horse and pony show. This isnt a true reflection of the talent on daytime.



Rob, I agree. This isn’t a true assessment of talent.

When people like Christian Leblanc, peter Bergman, Adrienne Frantz, Justin torkildsen, Ron Carlivati and Brad bell are prior Emmy winners, then it’s a joke.

“Actors” like Teri Columbino and have nominations, and “actors” like Farah Fath and Austin Peck get prenominations, so it’s a joke.

While hunter Tylo, Kimberlin Brown, Eileen Davidson (circa Days), MTS, Victoria Rowell and Bobbie Eakes have either never been nominated or have never won Emmys, then it’s a joke.

Drew Tyler bell’s nomination is a complete joke. One of B&B’s worst actors is its only nominee. At least the panel was smart enough not to nominate Kyle Lowder and Brandon Beemer! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

No nominations for Nelson Branco’s overpimped faves Stacy haiduk, Farah Fath, Ron Carlivati, Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer, Kyle Lowder and OLTL! YAY! The voters get that he’s pushing his faves while bashing those he personally dislikes! All his pimping did not garner them nominations! LOL!

CLB had the common courtesy not to submit his histrionic, OTT acting on Y&R! Now he won’t have a chance to deliver his usual awful ramblings that he calls a “speech”. Maurice Bernard’s snub is great also, since Sonny berating Claudia was OTT bellowing. It’s great that Stafford got a nomination. Stafford for the win!


I am happy to see that Bob Guza was not nominated for writing. I would be shocked and dissappointed if GH wins for best show. GH is a one note with no character developement and the same actors putting in the same performances day after day. I hope they can step up their game and make GH a hot show once again. Get rid of the mob stuff and leave the godfather theme behind, its so old and tired!

John A
John A

I am a fan of Bobbie E’s and Krystal— BUT REALLY– leading actress??? What scenes did they submitt??? I am usually bummed with Krystal lately- as I feel like no one knows what to do with her and how to make her shine. They transformed her from trailer park momma bear to Ruth Martin– which is a HUGE disappointment.


While I’m glad that BK, BW, and SC all got nods for OLTL, I’m very PO’D that the Kish actors got snubbed by the final emmy tally!!!!!! At least all the GH nods are very much deserved this year, not so much for the AMC nods, though.


Congrats, Crystal Chappell !!! So glad she received the Emmy nod for her outstanding work on GL. Crystal is such an amazing actress and a fabulous lady. Her love and dedication to her fans is unparalleled by any other.

Thank you, CC !!! You are the true goddess of daytime television.

…and the winner is … Crystal Chappell


A well deserved nomination for Crystal Chappell. No one brings it like CC does. Not only did she hit it out of the park with her performance as Olivia Spencer on GL, she also revived our interest in daytime drama at a time when it needs it most.

Congratulations Crystal ! You are the best !


As much as I love Billy Miller, I hope Jonathan Jackson takes it because he’s gem on GH. I’m surprised he even came back. I also want Drew Garrett to win and then I want the camera to pan over to the GH crew who decided to let him go. LOL!


Love these nominations especially for Y&R. I’m glad they bounced back after last year of not being nominated last year which was an outrage!!!!!!! Stacy Haiduk………………….WHY THE HELL SHE’S NOT NOMINATED????? Hope Y&R wins Best Drama and Writing. Very happy for Y&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy for B&B for Drama, Directing and Writing but why is DTB nominated for Younger Actor when he hasn’t done anything? B&B could take Drama Series and if so, then GOOD; another win for Brad Bell!!!! I don’t think they’ll get Directing and I’m not too sure about Writing; the death of Betty White’s character was displayed pretty well but I honestly think it’s more Drama Series then Writing!!!! Sharon Case is another Stacy Haiduk…….WHY SHE DIDN’T MAKE THE LIST??????? ATWT did pretty good with MP & JL (Leading Actor), MW (Leading Actress), JP (Supporting Actress) and MS (Younger Actress). Only 4 acting nominations for DAYS, I was hoping it would get Best Drama but I guess I was wrong!!!!! JS (Leading Actor), AZ (Supporting Actress), MB & SH (Younger Actress).

Breaking News

Vinessa Antoine Reveals She And General Hospital Have Parted Ways; After Landing Primetime Series Lead

After the fantastic bit of casting news for actress Vinessa Antoine  (Jordan Ashford) over the weekend, today, via her social media accounts, Vinessa has addressed her future with General Hospital.

As viewers know, Vinessa has been cast as the drama series lead in the new CBC production of Diggstown, and it is groundbreaking making her the first black actress to star in a series on the legendary Canadian broadcasting network,   Originally it was presumed that Antoine would go recurring on GH, while she was away filming, but that is not the case as she revealed in her heartfelt message today.  She and GH have mutually parted ways.

Vinessa’s statement: “There are so many people that God put into place who are directly and indirectly responsible for my time at General Hospital.  You know who you are. I thank you. I came into this world as an artist. My job is to create and inspire. I hope that I did that a little in playing #JordanAshford.

I believe that I have taken her as far as I can.  To clarify, as negotiations for #Diggstown were underway, although I am open to stay and play in Port Charles, I was told by my reps that GeneralHospital felt that my character would be off the canvas for too long for me to continue playing her.

With that, we decided to mutually part ways.  It’s time to make room for more women of color in prominent roles on television. I’m grateful to assist in that by starting this new chapter in my journey. I hope you’ll all come along. I feel blessed. Be well. xo”

An ABC rep told Soap Opera Digest that the role of Jordan is being recast.

So what do you think of Vinessa leaving GH for good? Share your thoughts via the comment section below and let’s wish her much success!

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Breaking News

Lauralee Bell On Her 35th Anniversary With Y&R: “My Hope For Cricket Is To Smile The Way She Used To & Chill Whenever Possible.”

Congratulations are in order this Sunday to Lauralee Bell who is celebrating her 35th anniversary with The Young and the Restless.  Hard to believe, it’s been 35 years since the perils of a young Cricket became front and center and those young love stories with Danny (Michael Damian), Phillip (Thom Bierdz) and eventually, Paul ( Doug Davidson).

As Cricket matured, so to was the decision to now call the character by her birth name, Christine.  After all, she became quite the legal eagle! For over three and a half decades with time-off in between, Lauralee has shared memorable storylines with the amazing Tricia Cast, and the late Jeanne Cooper as Nina and Katherine, and let’s not forget Michael Baldwin, played by Christian LeBlanc, to name just a few/

In a few tweets on Sunday, Lauralee acknowledged the day stating: “We all couldn’t do what we love to do without the viewers so thanks to them!”  She followed that up with a tweet filled with photos of herself and her co-stars throughout the years ,and some self-effacing humor stating: “Wasn’t going to post for YR anniversary, because I’m not one to put attention on me but no denying these people have made my life better. Thanks to crew & fans and my hope for Cricket is to smile the way she used to & chill whenever possible”

As viewers know, Lauralee is the daughter of Y&R creators, the late, great Bill Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell.  We are sure Bill is smiling today for Lauralee and proud of this accomplishment.

Share your congrats for Lauralee on this milestone via the comment section below.  Then let us know your most memorable or favorite Cricket/Christine moment on the CBS Daytime drama series.

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Breaking News

GH’s Vinessa Antoine Lands Primetime Series Will Make Canadian TV History!

Fantastic news for General Hospital favorite, Vinessa Antoine (Jordan)! The talented actress had landed the leading role in the primetime Canadian series, Diggstown!

The legal drama is scheduled to air this fall.  In Diggstown, Antoine will play Marcie Diggs, a top corporate lawyer who decides to dedicate herself to a legal aid office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

This casting news will make Vinessa a part of Canadian TV history as the first Black Canadian actress to star in a prime-time drama on legacy network television, CBC.

Antoine spoke to the Toronto Star about her starring role, “When I first read the script I was really attracted to the notion that she was a corporate lawyer and she believed in the system. And when that crashed for her, life nudged her to do something extraordinary. And because I’m a woman of color, so many things connected. She’s complex, not stereotypical, and that’s refreshing.”

However as suspected, and according to the Toronto Star: “General Hospital fans will not be happy to learn that Antoine, who has been with the show since 2014, will no longer be a series regular when she starts shooting Diggstown in August.”

So, excited to hear Vinessa has been cast in a leading primetime series?  Comment below!

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