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38th Annual Daytime Emmy Reactions

Colleen Zenk – Lead Actress:

“I am so thrilled I can’t tell you, and I am over the moon. I had my computer all set at 9AM on nomination day to push the button and download the nominations, but I had to get ready to leave my house to go see my cancer doctors for a checkup up at Yale. When I found out, I was tears, and I called my mother. It was just amazing. I had over 200 emails, and I had 300 different messages from people on facebook. I think there has been a tremendous fan support for ATWT and for me and my journey, and it has been overwhelming.

I loved the episode that I submitted. And in fact, I went round and round on which show I should submit. It was between the one I went with and another one, and a lot of industry people thought I should have submitted the other episode, which I call the “red dress episode”. That is where Barbara was doubting herself, and she had just seen Henry with Vienna. And, she returned the red dress he had bought for her after she has this fantasy of myself as this 100 year old woman. Later, Henry does make love to her, but ends up returning to Vienna. However, I just felt so good though, about my work in the wedding episode. I just felt it was uplifting and it resolved in the episode. I thought it screamed, “Leading lady”. And that show was a love letter that the writers wrote to me and was just a beautiful show. I had a bunch of different viewings with different girlfriends of mine. And, only one of them is in the business. All my girlfriends who watched had never watched ATWT, and they all picked the wedding. I thought that was interesting. They were moved, even though they don’t know the story and that is when I made my decision, because you have to go with what feels good to you.

It would be extraordinaire to win, but I wanted the nomination to happen, really badly. And I was frightened too much to hope for that, even though I know what people were saying to me. If by chance, I won this… I would be a basket case on stage. The last couple of years have been so emotional, and the highs have been high, and the lows have been so low. And, to have this wonderful high thrown my way at this point is really something. I am going to have my son and daughter with me and Vegas for the ceremonies, and I am just so excited about that, too.”

Emily O’Brien – Younger Actress:

“I found out very early. I see a text message as always from Tracey Bregman (Lauren, Y&R) she is always the first to let everyone know. And I saw “Congrats Sweetie.” And I just smiled and it always so nice to hear from her, and I thought, it is always so nice to hear from her. So then I thought I would just go back to sleep, but I was wrong. My phone kept ringing, and it is always so nice, this day is so incredibly exciting and all your friends are out supporting and just a dream. I am no longer on the show, so now I have this opportunity to see everybody again. I also got this call from Maria Bell, which was so special. She had told me how much she had like my work the last few weeks, and it was so touching and it meant so much to get that phone call from her personally.

At first I was going to submit where Jana confronts Chloe and she speaks to her in coffee shop and sort of breaks down in front of her and afterwards, Kevin presents her with the divorce papers, and it was soft and nice and a good one. But then I ended up changing it at the last minute to an episode from the cage where I am pleading with Ryder to let me go and he puts me in that awful crate. So I thought a bit of action my lure the judges in a little bit. I felt really great about the scenes when I did them on set. So I went with my extinct. It makes me nervous when I know there are only three nominees in the category, so people think I may have a better chance, but honestly, I get knots in my stomach thinking about it! I just want to digest the nomination first and this is my third time.

Now when it comes to picking out the dress for the Emmys, honestly I have to tell you I am a very casual person. Normally, I like anything that looks like it’s from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, but I can make big mistakes sometimes! (Laughs) Luckily, I have my sister who is a stylist, and she actually does wardrobe for The Bold and the Beautiful now too. She is kind of out there with fashion. She has dressed Rihanna and Lady Gaga, so I hope she will put me in something a bit more subtle for this year. (Laughs)“

Christian LeBlanc – Lead Actor:

“On Emmy nomination morning, I lay there and I went through all the anger, denial, bargaining, and I did the stages of grief. (Laughs) By then it’s 5:30am, and I am laying next to my phone with it clutched to my chest. I said, “This is doing me no good. It’s time to move on with my life.” So I plastered a smile on my face, and I said I was just going to congratulate other people until I believe it. And all of a sudden I get a call that the nominations were online from a friend, and I saw it on twitter. Then I called Michelle Stafford, and told her. What was great is while I was calling Michelle, Maria Bell called me, and she was lovely. And Maria heard it, I believe first from Tracey Bregman who is like the CIA (Laughs) Then I was so excited about Tricia Cast getting nominated, and so I called her. She was expecting a call from the window repairman, and I call her and she goes, “Can you please tell me your name please?” And I go, “Tricia. It’s me. Christian. You’re in.” And I got a great reaction from her. I don’t think she thought she would be nominated. Even me with my laser-like self-involvement, I thought to myself, “This could happen. Everyone else could have had a rotten, rotten year, and I could get a nomination,” (Laughs) The next person I heard from was James Scott. He sent me a long text that was so sweet and so elegant. I am very proud to be nominated, because I know at this point, what amazing reels these people submitted and to be in that group with them.

I barely had time to celebrate myself being in the five, let alone anyone else. (Laughs) I was like, who? Ricky Paull Goldin? In my immense self focus, self-absorption and laser beam focus on myself, I didn’t realize who else was at first in the group of actors nominated in my category. (Laughs) Later that day, I was sitting with Michelle Stafford, as we usually go for a celebration after the nominations, and Michelle had written herself off. After the awards, we commonly wash the stink of loserdom off ourselves and go to the after-party, and give ourselves ten minutes to bitch. I thought, “Good God Michelle, you skipped celebrating ourselves and went right to the stink of loserdom.” Check the handbook. (Laughs) We do go out and rehash. But, you have to take the moment and go, “You got a nomination and that is really great and not a lot of people get that.” So we were both so happy. Look, in the end, I was proudest of the episode I submitted as an example of my work last year. I liked it because it was hard; I have never had in 16 years of being on Y&R having the woman you love tell you, “I don’t love you. I cheated on you.”

Heather Tom – Supporting Actress:

“I was hiking my dogs and it was really earlier in the morning and my cell phone was ringing. I thought, “Who the heck is calling me this early?” Then I see that work is calling me and I thought, “Oh my God. Was I supposed to work today?” But where I was walking my dog, there is bad cell reception so I did not pick up. Then, when I listened to my messages, Brad Bell was actually the first to call! It was so special to get a call from him telling me the news.

I thought I had a really good tape this year, but I thought that before and was not nominated. And some years, I think I have total junk and had been nominated. But, I submitted the show where Bill and Katie had this knock down drag out fight, and she goes to her sister’s house. The thing I liked about it was it had an arc and told a story. I think that is important for someone that may not watch the show when they are judging. That way they can clearly tell there is a beginning, middle and end to it. It fit those requirements and I thought my work was pretty honest. I was happy with it. There was anger and crying and all the emotions within it.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to win. But I like being part of the party. And you can be part of the party just by showing up and being supportive. I am just so happy that daytime has this celebration and to celebrate everyone’s great work. Honestly, I would be happy for any of those girls in my category to win. They are all wonderful actresses and truly, I would vote for any of them. As far as the red carpet, I like getting glammed-up. But this year it is a little crazy for me as I am going to Monte Carlo to represent B&B at the television festival a week before the Emmys. So I have 12 different looks for that! And then a week later I have the Emmys. I am starting now to decide and narrow it down for that, but have not settled on anything. So we shall see.”

Ricky Paull Goldin – Lead Actor

“I was cuddling with Gretta in bed, and I got up to go to the “loo” at some ungodly time. Then, I noticed on my phone it had a bunch of text messages and emails. I saw the first seven letters of the words, “Congrats” a lot in the title line, and so I knew I had been nominated. Then, I ever so gently went back to bed. (Laughs) I then had a little secret that I knew, that nobody else in my house knew for a little while. I told Gretta eventually. When she woke up she said, “When are we going to know?” And I said, “I already know. (Laughs) And, since I am a Daytime Emmy nominated actor in all of the United States of America, the best country in the world, I think I deserve a cup of coffee in bed.“ (Laughs)

I was pleased at the nomination, and I was kind of shocked also. I put in some humor this time in the reel I submitted, and you don’t usually get nominated for that. I wanted to put something in that was unique with no fist pounding, no melodrama, and no sobbing. I wanted it to be something where you could actually detect some very scary real moments, even if it’s just about every day relatable behavior. Sometimes that gets lost in our medium. So in my reel, I did not have a speech at anyone’s bed as they were dying or coming back to life. I think that people pretty much by now know I can do the drama, and some might say I can bring the humor. I just wanted to really bring something that just represented the humanity of the character of Jake Martin, before we turn off the lights on it and darkness falls on Pine Valley.

What I turned in for the nomination was picked for me by the producers. I am notoriously known for not picking very well for myself. And I don’t like that job, to be honest. I have decided I don’t really like watching myself. So they picked the episode, and I said, “Sure.” It was asking the gal, Amanda, to marry me. Jake kind of throws her a surprise engagement party. It’s an odd choice, but I wanted it to be something fresh and unusual, and out of the norm and out of the box. Maybe that is why the paradigm shift of this newer breed of nominee. Speaking of the other nominees…Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) may hope I win, but I hope he doesn’t! (Laughs) I hope Michael Park (Ex-Jack, ATWT) takes another one, because he needs a pair of them. (Laughs). But it actually was my mother who had the best reaction on nomination day. She said to me, “Who else is in your category?” So I go, “Well this one and that one.” And then I said, “…and also Maurice Benard, Sonny from General Hospital.” And my mother goes, “Oh, he’ll win. I really like Sonny.” (Laughs) I think Greta turned to me and said, “As darkness falls on All My Children, it is a nice way to go out no matter what happens.” She said she was proud of me, and that was really all I needed to hear. Gretta’s show is almost nominated, The Rachael Ray Show! So we are going to go to Las Vegas, and it’s also the anniversary of us meeting. We met at the Emmys three years ago, when Greta stalked me! (Laughs) There are so many lovely people I never get to see, so it’s great to see them at an event like this. I will throw my arms around Laura Wright (Carly, GH) who I adore, and I will get to see some of the folks from One Life, but it will be strange and bittersweet.”

Jonathan Jackson – Supporting Actor:

“I got a phone call at 6AM and I was fast asleep. Mitch Messinger, our publicist called. I was trying to get my bearings on the day, and it happened to be my birthday too. So this was a fun little birthday present when he told me I got nominated, and that was cool.

I always knew that the episode I would choose to submit would be when Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Nikolas about their affair. Years ago back in the 90’s; they used to have us send in two shows as opposed to one. There were other shows I was really happy with that if I could I would have put in along with it I would have, but that episode was a perfect storm situation. Nothing culminated like that episode. We all knew the scenes went great. When things like that click, there is something in the air and bigger than the individuals that are in the room. You can feel it and you know it. One of the things I have learned over the years, probably because I started acting really young at eleven years old was; actors can be very self-critical and it can make people very self-conscious. That is something that I really have been intentional about over my acting career, to not be overly self-critical, but to do my best and give it my all, and to leave it at that and not try to judge it. For me, that is where I like to stay. And so afterwards, I felt really positive about the scenes. I was completely drained for several days. It is one of those episodes that takes a lot out of you. I really was hoping that Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) would get nominated. I thought she did really incredible work over that same arc and storyline.

In regards to how people have said this is one of those all-time memorable performances, it is amazing to be perceived like that. I am young punk still. I had to be educated about the famous Judith Light (Ex-Karen, OLTL) courtroom confession scene. So for me, I don’t have much of a context for that. It is like when I started working with Tony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Ex-Laura), I had no idea who Luke and Laura were. But, it’s amazing to be considered up there with Judith. I am humbled on how it’s been received. Honestly, it has been insane the amount of intense work I have had over the past year on GH. I have literally been on my knees praying to continually get through it. There was the Elizabeth tragedy that happened last year, and then Lucky was drunk, and then he was at the edge of everything for four months. Then, this year it has been Jake’s death, and the Luke’s intervention and one thing after another. So it has been really crazy and a lot. I am grateful that the show believes in me, and that they want to give me that work to do, but it is a balance of trying to find those places to recoup. I try to take it day to day. We are always in dialog that it does not go far.

I was also very happy for Jason Thompson (Patrick) getting a Supporting Actor nomination. I think Jason is an incredibly powerful actor and I have told him that, on a few different occasions. I don’t get to work with him very often, but recently when we did the Jake storyline in the hospital when he passed away, Becky and I had a scene with Jason and Kimberly McCullough (Robin). I remember feeling a strong presence from him as an actor in the room. It really helped me in my performance. I felt that he has that leading man presence and has a depth there that is real and unique. The episode that Jason sent in for the Emmy, I was extremely impressed with. We are all really supportive of each other here. I was excited for GH as a whole getting 21 nominations.

My wife Lisa and I will be at the Emmys. I have said this before that in daytime you don’t get an end to a season where you get a three or four month hiatus. It just keeps going and going. That can wear on you. So for me, the Emmys are like a marker for the year where you can go, “Ok. We are celebrating what is last year. We get to get together over the work we have done, and especially in this time we are in.” It’s fun to see people from the other soaps. I have such great respect for how hard everyone works in this medium. It can be insane to pump out this much material all the time and I want to see them get celebrated. For me, I am prepared to not win, or win, and it does not matter. Being nominated is a great honor. I have experienced enough things in life to know that things happen for a reason. If it not meant to happen, I am totally fine with that, and if it is meant to happen, then there is a reason for it. I just want to be in place of gratitude and humility through it.”

Michelle Stafford – Lead Actress:

“I found out I was nominated when a friend of mine texted me, who is not even in daytime and my friend texted me, “Congrats!” Christian LeBlanc and I usually get together later if we are nominated and we usually sit and talk about how fantastic we are. (Laughs) But you know what? We didn’t do that, because I went right to, “Well, I am not going to win.” (Laughs) I went right to do it. I went the other way. (Laughs) We have really great gals in the Lead Actress category and they are all amazing broads. I think the annual ladies lunch will be great!

In regards to picking out my Emmy reel; you know, picking out our Emmy reels it’s not much of a party, because all we are doing is criticizing ourselves. So it’s a party no one would want to attend. (Laughs) It’s usually Doug Davidson, Christian LeBlanc and myself, who look at each other’s reels to decide what we are going to submit. Other actors are probably smarter because they don’t do it by committee, because all we do is go, “This is crap. Why am I an actor? Oh my God. I thought this was good, it wasn’t.” It’s those types of things we do to ourselves and not only that, Doug Davidson is also brutally honest! (Laughs) And I also conferred with Nancy Lee Grahn and Nancy conferred with me. (Although, I did not choose the one that Nancy picked for me, so she may have been the smarter one here!)

In the end, I submitted the episode when Phyllis broke up with Nick. It was a two year storyline that was a two year break up. Oh my God. (Laughs) I think there should be a nomination just for that, as I had personal investment in that break-up scene, because not only was the character doing it, but Michelle was ending a storyline that went on for a very long time. You know, it’s very hard to play that someone does not want you for two years. (Laughs) I remember the day we shot those scenes it was during the World Cup, and Joshua Morrow was like, “Argentina is playing Chile! What are we doing today?” (Laughs) Joshua’s motivation was just to get it over with. It’s true!

Next, I have to pick out a dress for the Emmys. Last year, I really was a relative new mom. I was kind of a shut-in and my child was six months last year, and she did not sleep through the night till seven months. I was working a lot and coming home and taking care of my baby. So I was just like, “I want to go to Vegas and get my groove on.” So I went very tight and short and things were cut out of my dress, as that is how I was feeling last year. (Laughs) I think its fun to find a dress. We are girls. We like to dress up, it’s in our blood. I have lost more Emmys than I have won. So I always say, “If I go next year, and if I am going to be nominated again, I am not going to put so much into it.” And then of course the year comes around and I am fortunate to be nominated, and then you kind of forget that and get swept up in it again, and go into the whole thing and its super fun. With the climate of daytime and what is going on, my gosh, let’s celebrate it!”

Chandler Massey – Younger Actor:

“Yes, the video on the Internet of me shirtless being woken up and finding out I was nominated was real. It was not a set-up. It was my apartment actually, not my dressing room and my publicist and friend Jeff, came in and was knocking on the door and woke me up! I did not even know Wednesday was the day the nominations were coming out or anything. So he shows up at my door with a camera, and I go, “What is going on here?” And he told me I was nominated, but it took me a second to compute what he was saying! Then I just started freaking out. It was early for me, around 8:45am, so when I am off work that is early for me. I did not get dressed immediately after finding out the news either. I went to get my phone and I had all these text messages and missed calls. Then I called my Mom and she actually knew and then I called my grandparents and talked to everyone for awhile. It was a great day. I saw Alison Sweeney (Sami) at work the next day and she congratulated me.

I chose was an episode that had one scene in it! It was like three minutes long and it was a scene with Will and Sami, where Sami was upset because Nicole found the evidence that Sami shot EJ. And she was worried, because now Nicole was using it to blackmail Sami and Rafe to spend time with Sydney. She was worried that Sydney was going to think Nicole was her real mom. Will was just trying to calm her down and make her feel better, actually it was not dramatic at all. I remember I decided on that episode because when I watched the scene again and it sort of hit me as being very real scene that a mom and son could have, but of course under extraordinary circumstances. Of course, Alison Sweeney is phenomenal to work and it felt right. As far as my competitors, I saw Chad Duell’s (Michael, GH) episode that he submitted and I was impressed. It was a great story that they have gave him and that he could sink his teeth into.

I am flying my mom out from Georgia to be my date for the Emmys and that will be great, but I am going to have to keep her away from all the gambling. (Laughs) But I think it will be a fun night regardless of what happens or who wins.”

Nancy Lee Grahn – Supporting Actress

“On Emmy nomination morning, I got called from a friend in Minnesota, who told me I got nominated, and what was the nicest thing about this for me is that I get a lot of good will. Susan Flannery called, too. People were telling me that they were happy to see my name on a ballot, since I have not been for awhile. And as one of the considered, “divas of daytime”, I think they think of me as their sister. They are happy I am in there, and they think I deserve to be, and that is the part that makes it so very special. Of course, I am happy. When isn’t it nice to be acknowledged for what you do? It feels like it might be the last Emmys, but probably not, but it will get easier and easier to get on that final list! (Laughs) When you get nominated everybody calls you and people are so genuinely supportive of me from friends, family, twitter followers, and the fans saying, “Good job.” It’s also a great excuse to party in Vegas and get together with people who you know and love you. My friends and my family are using this as a silly excuse to meet in Vegas, so I will be spending most of my time with them.

You know, I barely had anything to submit this year. And I was hoping there was a guest-star category, but there wasn’t. General Hospital had automatically put me in a Lead Actress category, and I looked at them and said, “I am a Lead in my own mind, clearly, but not according to the way I am written on the show.” (Laughs) They wanted people to play and I want to be supportive of the industry, so I said, “Sure, but put me in Supporting and take me out of Lead.” As far as how I chose my reel: this year I had some scenes, but they were not all in one show, so that made it a bit disjointed. I am not big on picking a scene where you are crying. I know very often that is what wins an Emmy. I can’t do that. I had one show I liked where I didn’t say one word, and it’s all reactions and I thought, “I don’t know if anyone is going to like that.” (Laughs) So, then I picked a show that I felt I had a really good scene with Maurice Benard (Sonny). It felt very real and it came from a very authentic place. It was a good scene that showed two people listening and responding to each other and reacting. This was where I yelled at Sonny over the situation with Kristina. There was another show I contemplated where I had a lot of exchanges with Kristina that was very nice. So I gave it to Michelle Stafford and Jill Farren Phelps, and I gave to a really good friend, and they all agreed on the episode I eventually with.

Regarding what to do about a dress to wear, we should all have such terrible problems. Things don’t get donated to soap opera actors, especially since soap opera actors are considered the kiss of death right now. If I could just show up in my jeans I would be really happy. So it’s this part that becomes a “thing”, whereas I would rather be focusing my attention on something else. Now my daughter Kate, she is completely into this, maybe I could just send her and stay home.” (Laughs)

Tricia Cast – Supporting Actress

“Yes it is true. I was waiting for the glass guy to call on Emmy nomination morning, and it was Christian LeBlanc on the other end, and since if I had a free morning I am usually in bed sleeping away. So he did kind of wake me up and he told me the news. But when I found out, I was very excited. I was kind of surprised because it is a very talented category. It is unbelievable; I don’t know how it happened. (Laughs) The writing was phenomenal though this past year, and a great gift for me. It was a joyous day, I was very pleased to here from Maria Bell and she was genuinely excited. I got emails mostly because my husband bragged about me and sent out an email on it. . Lauralee Bell and I emailed back and forth. Doug Davidson, Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford, we all sort of congratulated ourselves. I love what I do and it is something I take very seriously and prepare for, but it doesn’t consume my life. It is a passion. So when something like that is held up, its cream on top of cream. I am in a great position. I go in and practice my craft and see the people I love to work with. Then at some point, I get to leave and leave the airport behind kind of thing. It’s a privilege.

The reason I chose the episode I did was it had a lot of levels. It was where Chance got shot. There was the show immediately after and it kind of picked-up right when he got shot. So there was all this type of high emotion going on and then it allowed me to play a bunch of levels. It had anger, confusion, and hurt. It just was chocked full of range which was lucky for me. I knew this was the one episode that would be useful to anyone sitting down for the first time and looking at my work, or any actor deciding if this moved them. It had the elements that every actor should be able to submit come Emmy time.

Regarding what to do about an Emmy dress…I will tell you what was happening yesterday, because my husband brought it up and we were both rolling on the floor about it. (Laughs) It was a really hot day here in Nashville and I was working in the bathroom, as I am remodeling it. So, I was chipping tile with a crowbar and he is at the computer looking at dresses for me! (Laughs) He is like, “You are in their sweating your ass off, building a bathroom for us, and I am on the computer looking at dresses, going, “Oh no, I don’t like that style.” (Laughs) He is scouring the web for dresses and I am doing the plumbing. (Laughs) But, I do like dressing up for an event. My husband will come with me, so we shall see what we end up wearing on the red carpet!”

Laura Wright – Lead Actress

“I was floored! I was in bed asleep at 6AM and I saw the caller ID was the GH publicist, Mitch Messinger and I thought, “What the heck?” And he goes, “Laura? I am calling you to be the first to tell you that you have been nominated for Lead Actress.” I am like, “Are you sure? Are you serious?” And as I was on the phone with Mitch, the text messages starting pouring in from work. Before I knew it was 1PM, and I was still in my pajamas because I was still on the phone! It was thrilling, and the only disappointment I had was that I was not working last week to be at the studio to be with everyone. So by the time I come back this week to work, they will all be over it! (Laughs) So that would have been great to work this past Thursday or Friday, when our show just got 21 nominations. It could not have come at a better time. I have had messages from Maura West and Michelle Stafford. And a phone call from Susan Flannery, and a message from Colleen Zenk. I have yet to talk to Debbi Morgan, who I love and know well. Then, Kim Zimmer at 5AM Friday morning sent me a text message. Now some of it I can’t repeat, but it went something like this, “Bleepity Bleep! It’s about Bleepity Bleep time!” (Laughs) It was in true Zimmer fashion. And my only response to Kim was, “What the heck took you so long to send the message? She said, “I have been totally out of the loop. But Oh my gosh. Congratulations to you!” Also, in true Christian LeBlanc form he called and left me a voice message saying, “It’s your first Daytime Emmy nomination, and you can’t even pick up the phone?” (Laughs)

The episode I submitted was the judge laying down the verdict that Michael was going to be sent to prison, and he was taken out of the courtroom. That episode picks up with me running out of the courtroom and Jason slowing Carly down and then her going to the PCPD to go say goodbye to Michael before he is sent away to Prison. What was interesting is it was maybe Chad Duell’s third day as Michael and my first day of working with him. I did know him then, and I had to say, “I am going to be physically touching you and hugging you, because you play my son, and in the scene I don’t know when I am ever going to see you again, so I have to hold your hand.” And he was like, “Ok, Ok”. So now after working with me for a year, he knows me and how I would play these types of scenes with him. But back then, we did not know each other so it is very weird to have someone pawing on you like a mother would, when you have basically said, “Hi. Nice to meet you. I am playing your Mom.” (Laughs)

Honestly, I have to tell you a big reason I chose it was the opening scene of that episode with me and Steve Burton (Jason); I felt it got your attention. I have judged these reels before for Emmys. I know I want in the first three scenes, for the performer to give me something or I am getting bored. I watch them because it’s my job to watch them and give these actors the respect they deserve, but I am like starting to pay attention to things in the scenes I shouldn’t or going, “Oh that is weird lighting” or I start paying attention to the other actor in the scene going. Instead, I want to be sold a story. And actually I went through all my shows, and my husband actually told me the one I picked was the one he also wanted to watch. My only concern about the tape was at the end of the episode. I walk into Dante’s and pick up the gun. But, there are two reasons I did like that about the end. A) I believe any mother would have wanted to walk in there and kill the person who was responsible for sending her son to prison. I felt motivated with that scene. I think it was kind of justifiable. I think it also did not come off hokey because I bought that she would do something like that in that situation. B) I thought I could submit this even with this ending, because every daytime actor watching my reel, everyone has had to do something like that. (Laughs) So instead of them judging that part, perhaps they had empathy. (Laughs) I also picked that scene because it wasn’t about me trying to cry it was about me trying to pull it back.

This next part of the whole Emmy process is exciting, and my daughter is actually having more fun with that aspect. She had been on the computer looking for a dress for me. I am fine with going to J-Crew and finding a cool dress, but I did get hooked up with a stylist, so I will see what ideas she has. And, I am the kind of person who could get to Vegas walk through a pretty dress store, and go, “I like that.” And that will change everything because for me, it’s all about being comfortable in what you choose to wear. Now the Emmy dress diet and work out regimen starts this week! It is very much clean eating, and that is very tough to do, when you are at a time when people are like, “Let’s go out and have champagne and celebrate!”(Laughs). It’s all about getting red carpet ready and anyone who says they are not going to do that are liars! (Laughs) I am a rookie nominee, and I did get a call from Susan Flannery to get invited to the annual ladies lunch and I told her, “That is the reason I wanted to get nominated!” (Laughs) And this year, I believe, Kim Zimmer and Erika Slezak have been invited as well. For me, it would be perfect to be there with Zimmer, she is like a sister! It’s going to be a lot of fun and my kids and my husband are going to come with me to Vegas. I told them if I am ever nominated, they will come with me.

I am really am a person who believes that everything happens for a reason, so I believe the nomination happened when it is supposed to, and this coming June it will be 20 years in Daytime for me. I started in 1991 when I walked onto the Loving set. So you know what? What a great anniversary present this is to be nominated. There was a long time I did not think, or mentally put myself in the same playing field at the Lead Actresses. That is not a put down. It was not something that was my reality, or that I would win something. Then I thought after five years on GH, I am the only Carly that had not been nominated! (Laughs) I did laugh last week because I had so much dialog that I thought to myself, “Now I know why no Carly has lasted more than six years.” (Laughs)

Michael Park – Lead Actor

“I had no intention of submitting myself again, and it is all the brainchild of Maura West and Scott DeFreitas. They were the catalysts in getting me to submit, and Maura told me what episode I was going to submit and everything. She is my little angel that Maura West! I knew the nominations were coming out, and I was sleeping in. The phone started ringing and I didn’t answer. I had an inkling then as to what it was about and then my wife, Laurie was the first text I got, and she was very excited, again. The rest of the day was spent doing yard work! (Laughs)

The episode that Maura chose on my behalf was about Jack deciding he is going to get back together with Carly. In the end, it turns out he couldn’t leave Janet because Liberty had cancer. So Jack had to then put things on hold. I remember taping those scenes because I remember running lines while I was doing “The Burnt Park Boys” at the same time with a fellow cast mate of mine Steve French. He was making fun of me the entire time. And, I remember when we taped them. Everything was done in one take, even though we were scheduled all afternoon, we were done in 45 minutes. I always, always, always feel safe with Maura and do my best work when I feel safe. Those scenes were really well-written and the scenes prior with Julie Pinson, I was surprised to see how well they turned out also.

Again, getting another nomination after last year it’s a testament to the faith Maura and Scott had in me, and its nice to be noticed again in a world that I have been absent in for almost a year. If I were to win a second one, I won’t even talk about that! James Scott is very deserving and quite the gentlemen. Ricky Paull Goldin, another exit Emmy would be fantastic, or a farewell Emmy would be terrific for his work on All My Children. Christian LeBlanc is crazy and quite frankly he doesn’t need another Emmy. (Laughs) Maurice Benard I have never had the privilege to meet, but he always has great material and he gets to play a great character. There are just powerful performances from all these guys, so you just never know who might win. I have to tell you that my kids designated the spot for my Daytime Emmy from last year. It is in the living room next to my Jack Snyder name plaque from ATWT. It is also alongside Annabelle’s soccer trophy, Kathleen’s basketball trophy, and Christopher’s baseball trophies. It is almost over taken by the family trophies! (Laughs)

And speaking of Maura… I know she is doing just fine and I know we miss each other. I miss all my friends at ATWT, and the people in the hair and make-up department and the crew! Oh my goodness, the crew. You are going from seeing them every single day to not seeing them at all for almost a decade and half and that is completely gone. Thankfully, my agents were steadfast in working towards another goal and that is getting me back to where I am now. I have them to thank, Martha Byrne, Maura West, dear friends, and my wife and my parents. I have all these wonderful people in my life. I am a very blessed man. Now, I am doing “How to Succeed…” on Broadway and I am having a blast! How can you not? It’s a great show and Daniel Radcliffe is intelligent and charming and so uber-talented and everything you want from the leader of your cast, and he is only 21-years-old! There are lovely people there too. I am very fortunate.”

James Scott – Lead Actor

“I am not complaining about two nominations back to back! (Laughs) I was certainly very surprised. I thought what I submitted this year was nowhere as good as what I submitted last year or maybe it was! (Laughs) I had no idea that the nominations were last Wednesday and I hadn’t slept very well. So I was driving into work early. I got an email that I had been nominated, and you know me, I have kind of a funny relationship with this kind of thing. It was very nice and surprising to me, and I put in a call into the acting coach that I had worked with on the scenes that I submitted. Then I got Christian LeBlanc’s text message, which I think said something like, “You have two bookends, a doorstop, do you really need something shiny to poke your fire with?” (Laughs) Well, if the competition was about just being tall and having a British accent, I would probably do OK, but Christian can act the pants off just about anybody I have ever known so, I don’t know really know about my chances here. But it does feel good, and there is a part of me when I was first nominated last year, that for whatever reason, maybe some felt I just got lucky, or I made a few excuses in my head, because it was very odd to see my name up there with all these real true heavyweights of the industry. But, this year to be nominated again solidified it again in a positive way. So I think I felt the second nomination, is more rewarding than the first.

I did not really feel I had a tremendous amount to choose from last year, when deciding what episode to chose. I shot a lot of shows. The previous year when it came to picking an episode, it was pretty obvious to me that the scenes were Grace died seemed to be the obvious choice. This year, I think I probably watched 15 shows to consider, and me being me, I didn’t end up liking any of them. So, I got a couple of friends to pick the reel for me, and so that is what I submitted. The one that they went with was the show that starts out with Nicole on the peer, and I as EJ am kind of drunk and angry with her, because I feel she is responsible for Samantha finding out that she kidnapped Sydney and taking her away. Then, I was in the wedding with Sami and then Rafe came in and busted it up. Finally, I go back to EJ’s house and have scenes on my own, where I pick up a gun and walk upstairs and I toy with the idea of shooting myself. It had some range. I thought the show was good, but the last scene in the bedroom with my gun, I did not care much for. However, the rest of the scenes I thought were on-point and I was really happy with them. So we will see and we will find out on June 19th!

As far as the red carpet and all, I am not a big fan of it, not really my thing. If I had my choice, I probably wouldn’t do it, only because it’s not really me, and I am just not that comfortable with it. But at the same time, if you are nominated and you are one of only a couple of actors from your show and the network that is nominated, then the responsibility is being there and doing part of your job. But I will be there I promise, smiling and enthusiastic!”

Susan Flannery – Lead Actress

“You know, the first time I got nominated my publicist at the time said, “You know, you should hold a luncheon for the ladies,” and in the years in between someone else has hosted it. And I went over to Y&R the day of the nominations to find Michelle Stafford, to tell her, “Hey babe. Congrats. This is great.” But, I could not find her And all of a sudden, I hear “Flannery! We’re going to do the ladies lunch right?” And I said, “Well I hadn’t thought about it.” She goes, “Well you came up with the idea! We better!” So I decided that it would be nice to do that. I called all the nominees in the Lead Actress category and Alicia Minshew was so funny. She picks up her cell phone and I hear, “Hello.” And I said, “Alicia, it’s’ Susan Flannery.” And she screamed, and she said, “Is there going to be the ladies lunch?” And I said, “Well that is the other reason I am calling.” And then she said, someone interviewed her six months ago and said what do you think of your chances on being nominated? She replied to them, “I don’t know, but if I am, I can’t wait for the ladies lunch.” (Laughs) This year, I also invited Crystal Chappell and Bobbie Eakes and I called Hillary B. Smith and emailed Erika Slezak. I thought; this might be the last time we do this with only four soaps that are going to be left starting in 2012, and who knows if they will even broadcast the Emmys again. I hope so, but you never know. I felt we should have someone from every show represented and people that have won before. I think we should just sit and tell lots of silly stories and drink. (Laughs)

The episode I submitted began when I am riding up the Angel’s Flight in downtown Los Angeles. It was beautifully shot! Then it goes all the way through to the end when Stephanie walks with the baby in her hand with the scarf through Skid Row. And the scarf was my idea. I liked it because it was equally balanced with Kristolyn Lloyd’s character, Dayzee. I also thought it was edited so beautifully. It enhanced our two performances. It was the tug between this kid and this woman who was prepared to die. Stephanie had said to herself, “I have had it all. What more do I need?” Then, there is the gift of the child, and it’s the cycle of life. I am just thrilled we told this story and it’s a story the audience needed to see. I know we have gone through such horrific stuff in this country both socially and economically in these past two years with so many people unemployed. I think we are living in desperate times. But I think Brad Bell made this story and executed this story without it being preachy. I had said to Brad that I really appreciated him telling this story and how he trusted us all with it here at B&B.”

Jason Thompson – Supporting Actor:

“I was sleeping basically when I got a call from my manager and agent who gave me the good news. It was really, really nice. It was a great feeling. I have never had a nomination or anything like that before. My manager said to me on the phone, “In an industry where you are told you are not this, or you are not that, or do this, or do that, it is nice to get a pat on the back and just kind of accept it.” It was good advice, because sometimes you can feel guilty about it, a little bit.

In the episode I submitted, all you have to do is watch this one scene. It was Patrick’s confession about his one night stand with Lisa in the Drake living room, in which Kimberly McCullough (Robin) was just amazing in. There was no way I would have gotten this nomination if Kimberly hadn’t been in those scenes. So it is kind of bittersweet in that way, and that is what I was alluding to earlier, as feeling a bit guilty about the nomination, but it is the way it goes. Kimberly and I continue to support each other on the set and off. It is a great friendship that way.”

Scott Clifton – Younger Actor

“The day the nominations came out it was my dad’s birthday and father’s day is the date of the Emmys! I may end up severely disappointment my father if I lose by telling him, “Well, dad. You didn’t do to good of job, clearly.” (Laughs) But, I called my dad to tell him the good news and he was so happy for me, and he told all of the people he knows.

When deciding what to submit; I had done the crazy breakdown as Schulyer on One Life to Live. I thought that was good at the time, but since then I have had much sweeter and more internalized material that B&B gave me with Don Diamont.(Bill) So then I had a choice. But actually you could do that and submit yourself for two different roles on two different shows in a category. But, I did not want to be competing against myself. I was concerned that last year I may have been a little over-the-top and ‘shticky’ in my submission. I just wanted to get away from that, which is another reason I did not go with the OLTL material.

The episode I submitted was when Bill and Liam are at the hospital waiting for the paternity test results, and they find out that Bill is Liam’s father. Then, the subsequent scenes are at Bill’s office where they are alone and recapping going, “What do we do now?” The two of them discuss that, and it goes into Liam’s mom and her cancer and that ends with Liam punching Bill. And then Bill goes, “Well, you may be a Spencer after all!” So that was the whole arc. Way back in the day on GH, Tony Geary (Luke) would tell me, “If you are going to submit episodes, you should make sure it tells a whole story and is not fragmented.” I thought my material was more subtle this year. And I think times are changing and subtlety is kind of where it’s at in acting. It’s the new ‘flave’ man! (Laughs) As far as the other guys in my category, I know Chad Duell’s (Michael, GH) work and it is solid. I am becoming the Susan Lucci of the Younger Actor Category, as I never win. At this point, I hope I don’t win because I don’t want to screw up my record!” (Laughs)

Brian Kerwin – One Life to Live

“I am completely humbled and honored by this nomination but I would gladly give it back to keep the show on the air. Who is to say that I deserved a nomination more than Jerry or Bob? I am thankful to have been a part of One Life to Live and to have worked with the truly talent cast and crew.”

Debbi Morgan – Lead Actress

“I found out the nomination when I turned on my cell phone this morning, and there were about ten text messages congratulating me. The nomination is sort of bittersweet. While I am over the moon to be represented in this way, it’s also a sad reminder that the character of “Angie Hubbard” that I brought to life almost 30 years ago is coming to an end. I will be forever grateful to our beloved All My Children for given me the opportunity to play this endearing role.”

Alicia Minshew – Lead Actress

“I found out at 6:15am this morning on my way to work in the car! I had no idea the nominations came out today! I was on no sleep, tired and bummed I had to leave my baby so early. My producer Nadine texted me! It was such a surprise! Made my whole day! I am still in shock that I am nominated in the same group as all of those amazing ladies that I look up to! Feels surreal and fantastic! I am so honored. I may have peed myself a bit! Yay!”


Bree Williamson – Supporting Actress

“I am, of course, surprised and humbled by the news of my nomination. Considering the talent I’m up against, I don’t like my chances, so I’ll just enjoy the party!”


Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet Interviews

Last Friday, the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were broadcast on CBS and streamed on Paramount+, but before the ceremonies many of your favorites from daytime including the stars from: Days of our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and The Young and the Restless walked the red carpet and stopped to chat with the press in attendance.

Michael Fairman was on-hand reporting for Michael Fairman TV, and his You Tube channel, The Michael Fairman Channel  and now all of the video interviews can be viewed there.

From the nominees, to the presenters, cast members and executive producers and writers, daytime came together for the first time in-person since the Covid-19 pandemic changed all of our lives and halted live events for over 2 and a half years.

Check out these red carpet interviews and moments by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Nancy Lee Grahn

Laura Wright

Cynthia Watros

Cameron Mathison

Dominic Zamprogna and Lisa LoCicero

Nicholas Alexander Chavez

Sydney Mikayla

William Lipton

Kelly Thiebaud

Days of our Lives

Deidre Hall and Galen Gering

Greg Vaughan

Eric Martsolf

Ron Carlivati

The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Lawrence Saint-Victor

Tanner Novlan

John and Laurette McCook

Naomi Matsuda

Matthew Atkinson

Cassandra Creech

The Young and the Restless

Mishael Morgan

Cait Fairbanks

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Alyvia Alyn Lind

So, who was your favorite person we chatted with on the red carpet at this year’s Daytime Emmys? Let us know in the comment section below.

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(WATCH) 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Winners Interviews: Reactions and Heartfelt Moments

Last Friday night at the 49th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Michael Fairman was in the Winner’s Walk and had the opportunity to get real time reactions and thoughts as the night’s big winners chatted for a few minutes following their Emmy victories.  All of the winners, as well as the red carpet interviews will be posted all through this week on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Talking with Michael, immediately following taking home the gold, were General Hospital winners including: Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series winner, Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer Cassadine), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series winner, Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series winner, Jeff Kober (Cyrus Renault), Outstanding Drama Series winner (Executive Producer, Frank Valentini) and Outstanding Directing Team for a Drama Series winners, Allison Reames Smith and Phideaux Xavier.

Sharing in her historic Emmy-winning moment was The Young and the Restless’ Outstanding Lead Actress winner Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair), as well as Outstanding Lead Actor winner The Bold and the Beautiful’s John McCook (Eric Forrester).

Days of our Lives head scribe, Ron Carlivati and writer, Ryan Quan also talked with Fairman on their win for the Outstanding Writing Team for a Drama Series, as did talk show host, Tamron Hall, who took home gold for the Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host.

While Kelly Clarkson was not present to pick up her awards, her series executive producers, Alex Duda and Kareen Gunning spoke on winning Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show, while the cast and producers of The Price is Right stopped by to celebrate the game shows 50th anniversary milestone.

You can check out several of our 49th Annual Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.

Let us know what were your some of your favorite moments from our Emmy victory chats via the comment section.

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49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Circle (Photos)

Friday night at the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the night’s big winners in daytime drama, talk shows and more, shared their first moments of their victories in the press room where they were greeted by the paparazzi, journalists and electronic media outlets from around the country.

Getting their first snaps with Emmy gold were General Hospital winners: Frank Valentini (Drama Series), Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Younger Performer), Jeff Kober (Supporting Actor), Kelly Thiebaud (Supporting Actress) along with Allison Reames Smith and Phideaux Xavier (Directing Drama Series).

Days of our Lives was represented with a win for Ron Carlivati and his writing team, while The Bold and the Beautiful long-running cast member, John McCook finally received the Lead Actor top prize, while The Young and the Restless’ Mishael Morgan made Daytime Emmy-history taking home the gold in the Lead Actress category.  Talk show host, Tamron Hall celebrated her win as well.

Take a look at some of those moments in our ‘Winners Circle’ Photo gallery below.

Now, let us know, which of these winners were you most happy to see receive a gold statuette? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Photos: JPI

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DAYS Billy Flynn (Chad), Greg Rikaart (Le0) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) talk with Michael Fairman on the series move to Peacock and their latest storylines.. Leave A Comment

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