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43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Revealed! Ceremonies Will Not Be Televised!


Nominations were announced this morning on The Talk, and then by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on their website for the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Leading the nominations with 27 was CBS. The Young and the Restless, followed by General Hospital with 24, and The Bold and the Beautiful with 23.  The awards ceremony will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, May 1st.   The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards will also be held at the Bonaventure on Friday, April 29th, 2016.

However, this year’s press release on the awards came with some not so good news, as of today, it looks as if the event will not be televised after last year’s successful production that aired on POP:  “After last year’s critically successful Daytime telecast, it is with great disappointment that The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announces that there will not be a broadcast of the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy  Awards,” said Bob Mauro, President. “After months of negotiations to find show sponsorship, the NATAS Executive Board has decided that the current climate for awards shows prohibits the possibility of a telecast this year. With that said, we will be putting on a world-class awards celebration honoring the best and brightest of Daytime television and look forward to an exciting show. All efforts regarding returning the annual gala to television in 2017 are underway.”

“We are especially grateful for our passionate Daytime fans and are looking forward to producing a grand gala that honors the talents and artistries of all the professionals that represent Daytime television,” said David Michaels, SVP, Daytime Emmy Awards.   Last year’s Executive Producer, Michael Levitt of Michael Levitt Productions has, again, signed on as Executive Producer of the 43rd Annual ceremonies.

Here now are the nominees! Congratulations to all the hard-working men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Outstanding Drama Series


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Justin Hartley, The Young and the Restless

Christian LeBlanc, The Young and the Restless

Tyler Christopher, General Hospital

Anthony Geary, General Hospital

Kristoff St. John, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Photo Credit:

Tracey E. Bregman, The Young and the Restless

Mary Beth Evans, Days of our Lives

Kassie DePaiva, Days of our Lives

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Maura West, General Hospital

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Jessica Collins, The Young and the Restless

Linsey Godfrey, The Bold and the Beautiful

Melissa Reeves, Days of our Lives

Peggy McCay, Days of our Lives

Lauralee Bell, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Photo Credit:

Jacob Young, The Bold and the Beautiful

Dominic Zamprogna, General Hospital

Sean Blakemore, General Hospital

Steve Burton, The Young and the Restless

Bryton James, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

Hunter King, The Young and the Restless

Brooklyn Rae Silzer, General Hospital

Ashlyn Pearce, The Bold and the Beautiful

True O’Brien, Days of our Lives

Reign Edwards, The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Bryan Craig, General Hospital


Nicolas Bechtel, General Hospital

Pierson Fode, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tequan Richmond, General Hospital

Max Ehrich, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series

Obba Babatunde’, The Bold and the Beautiful

Anna Maria Horsford, The Bold and the Beautiful

Adam Leadbeater – Days of our Lives

Frank Runyeon – The Young and the Restless

Dee Wallace – General Hospital

Outstanding Actress in a Digital Drama Series

Elizabeth Hubbard, Anacostia

Lilly Melgar,  The Bay


Mary Beth Evans, The Bay

Patsy Pease, The Bay

Kathleen Gati, Winterthorne

Outstanding Actor in a Digital Drama Series

Kristos Andrews, The Bay

Van Hansis, EastSiders

JD Pardo, East Los High

Kevin Spirtas, Winterthorne

Rick Hearst, Youthful Daze

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

General Hospital

The Youg and the Restless

Outstanding Directing Team in a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series

East Los High


The Bay the Series



Outstanding Casting for a  Drama Series


Christy E. Dooley, The Bold and the Beautiful

Marnie Siatta, Days of our Lives

Mark Teschner, General Hospital

Judy Blye Wilson, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Costume Design for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Hairstyling for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Makeup for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo Credit:

Days of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Day of our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Original Song – Drama

“Dreams” General Hospital


“The Gray” The Young and the Restless

“Lost In Time” The Bold and the Beautiful

“Love’s Masterpiece” The Bold and the Beautiful

“This Time” Days of our Lives

Outstanding Promotional Announcement – Topical

Dr. Phil: The Co-Eds and the Catfish

General Hospital: GH is Live

Today Show: ROKERTHON 2

Today Show: Halloween on TODAY

The Young and the Restless DISASTER

Outstanding Technical Team for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Photo Credit:

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Stunt Coordination

Days of our Lives

Odd Squad

The Young and the Restless

So, what do you think of the nominations? Did your favorites make the cut? Are you disappointed that the Emmys as of now will not be televised? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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These nominations…………………WOW! A Travesty!

As far as not being televised, THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF ANGRY FANS when they hear about this!

Shocked over some of the choices in the supporting actress/actor categories. Is there anyway we can see what was submitted? Something is not right.

I wish;
The actors would stop submitting themselves.
If I were a soap actor I would keep my dignity and never enter myself into the dog and pony show, the emmys.

The way the program is run, the judging, the whole stink of it all, I would never submit myself to be judged ..

If they want to know the true winners, let the fans vote.. not a judge that sees a clip, but fans who see every scene through the year.

I am not an Emmy fan, not at all.. more so after the huge emmy scandal that just passed.. judges found to voting but never even looking at the submissions lol sheeesh

I am curious. Why do you call these nominations a travesty? The pool of actors is not really all that large given that there is only DOOL, Young and Restless, General Hospital and Bold and Beautiful to choose from. I will agree that there are going to be angry fans because the awards will not be televised.

Mary, a few of the nominees left me scratching my head!

I DON’T CARE ABOUT GH………………..And I hope Tony Geary DOESN’T win Lead Actor for the 9th TIME!!!!!!

Mary Beth Evans was more Supporting last year than Lead.
Tracey Bregman got nominated over Gina Tognoni and Melissa Claire Egan???
When will Eric Braeden get nominated for Lead Actor?????
Lauralee Bell got nominated over Kelly Sullivan for Supporting Actress??? The only thing I can think of what Lauralee did was when she lost her baby! This is probably why she made the finals.
Not digging Melissa Reeves so I don’t know how she made the finals for Supporting Actress.
Why in the HELL didn’t Casey Moss make the final for Younger Actor.
Max Ehrich was barely on screen last year but I’m not SURPRISED that he got nominated.
Pierson Fode??????? I was wondering how he made the final but then I found out that he submitted the scene where he punched his dad!
True O’Brien’s acting didn’t wow me last year so I don’t know how she made the final for Younger Actress.
Why didn’t Aly Lind made the final for Younger Actress. A lot of people are wondering why Hunter King made the final……….We know why she made the final and she’s going to do a 3-peat with Austin’s death!

that was my first reaction !!!!

I’ll take an online travesty… I’ve got to see… should my Kassie DePaiva WIN !

any thing

i cant beleave their not showing the awards that is crazy.waite all year for it .

I look forward to this!!! I guess if we devoted fans quit watching then…. there will be no emmy awards.

“Y & R” received a nomination for “Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series”?!?


I can’t be the only one tasting the bile at this time….!

Its unbelievable.

Yes, I ams o bitter I can taste the bile in my mouth.

You are not alone!


same here!

I’m guessing she DROOL writing nomination was for the story of two elephants, on which held diamonds.

Bart…YOU ARE SO RIGHT ON!!!!! To me, lately, in terms of storytelling (in general), Y&R has been constantly both UP AND DOWN like a damn yo-yo…good one minute, and then EVEN WORSE the next!!!!! W-A-Y TOO WEIRD!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me why Laura Wright wasn’t nominated???

Because not enough of her peers voted for her. 🙂 Seriously, I take your meaning. She had a great year and was as deserving as the women who were nominated.

These nominations are a travesty. Wow, just awful picks in so many categories. That being said, here are my choices, faced with what we have.
Show: Bold & Beautiful
Actor: Justin Hartley, Y&R
Actress: Finola Hughes, GH
Supporting actress: Jessica Collins, ex-Y&R
Supporting actor: Jacob Young, B&B
Younger actress: Ashlyn Pierce, ex-B&B
Younger actor: Bryan Craig, GH
Guest performer: Obba Babbatunde, B&B
Writing: B&B
Directing: Days

they are using the politically incorrect word ”actress..

Outstanding Actor <- correct
Outstanding Actress <- not correct

Both are Actor <- correct

I'd like to have ''Dee Wallace – General Hospital'' bring home the gold.
Kathleen Gati, Winterthorne
Anthony Geary, General Hospital

These 3 ladies, all of them deserve the gold;
Finola Hughes, General Hospital
Maura West, General Hospital
Kassie DePaiva, Days of our Lives

And why in heck is Bryan a ''young actor''? he is a man.
Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Bryan Craig, General Hospital

There should be a special category for;
Hunter King, The Young and the Restless lol

Ever notice;
Eric Braeden
Maurice Benard
never submit themselves.

I disagree about actor/actress. We’re all mankind, but there is a distinction between men and women. Frankly, if you wanted to go there, it would just be one category. That would be fine with me. At the end of the day, it’s semantics, but I get your point. I just think calling women actors and not actresses steals their feminity, and that is something to be celebrated. It’s why Wonder Woman was my hero (heroine?) as a child. She represented women’s strengths and virtues, something this world needs more than ever. But again, I wouldn’t mind including men and women in the same category. We don’t give out awards for best female director vs best male director, etc. In any event, I hope Netflix or someone picks up the show so we can see it.

Agreed. I never refer to a female thespian as an actor….always as an actress.
Good turn of words, Sprite: “….calling women actors and not actresses steals their femininity”. Amen!!!!!
We, as women are all heroines.

Maurice Benard and Eric Braden did submit themselves, they both received pre-nominations, but didn’t make the final cut.


is it not…. saying, some thing

that Maurice Benard and Laura Wright (celebratory) DID NOT… (giddy)

deserve a nomination

ugh! same goes for tired ole Victor

HOWEVER : Y&R DUDS : Hunter King (Summer) and Bryton James (Devon) ???? !!!!! REALLY gobsmacked with dumbstruck… they are the definition of DULL

Hunter is going to need her large “rack” to hold all her Emmys!!

Now, now, 4 ever. We cannot make fun of what is God-given. I KNOW!!!! It’s not a good feeling. It’s as bad as a man being ridiculed for his tiny ‘feet’. LOL. Happy Easter….

LOL, Happy Easter to you too, CeeCee!

Agreed on all counts, su.
I did notice the categorically misplaced actors/actresses ….I did mention that children , in particular, should have their own category. Hunter King is a young, grown woman, not a young girl, as someone said…..just as you say, Bryan Craig is. Strange.

I’m pretty darn pleased for DAYS OF OUR LIVES,

Melissa Reeves is killing it!
MaryBeth is just delicious.
Kassie will WIN!!!
True O’ Brien, I miss Paige!
No Emmy love for Judi Evans & Christopher Sean? I know they were both pre-nominated.
Good for Peggy McKay, this year she really deserves this nod.
Very grateful that none of the ‘new kids on the block’ on DAYS were recognized.
Happy to see Brooklyn Rae (Emma), from GH made the cut! And, Dee Wallace!!! Some of the other GH nominations are the usual suspects, but I’m grateful, too that they got recognized, again. A bit surprised, Hayley Erin didn’t make the cut, she’s really ‘owned’ the role of Kiki. That’s all… for now.

Oh no… I just realized NO KATE MANSI????
No BILLY FLYNN??? Perhaps, submitting for Lead category was too ambitious? That’s a huge let down for Kate Mansi, what a big bummer. I’m hoping she will be eligible next year?!?!

I know, right, Jeremy? But, Bryton James, is a go?

It is terrible that this show wouldn’t be televised for all the fans to see and it is not fair to the actors and actresses who work so hard for their fans not to be recognized and honored in the right way that they should. We as fans watch the soaps for years and enjoy seeing them receiving their awards just like some fans enjoy the music award shows and the movies and other Tv shows awards. I hope someone will do something about this and change their minds.

If it’s Dr Malcom it’s Adam Leadbeater not Leitbetter. I think everyone nominated is deserving but there were a few actors that were even more deserving that didn’t even make the first round (PR and KA from Days to name a couple).

It’s horrible that they will not be televised, it makes me so angry – There are so many other awards shows being televised that are stupid and unnecessary.. these actors deserve their recognition and the fans deserve to watch it… very disturbing…

Piss The Daytime Emmy’s won’t be on TV. Sucks big time.

I am very disappointed that this will be televised, watch it every year for so many yrs

I would like to see the Daytime Emmys televised, so disappointed, it is not, been watching it for many yrs

Ummm Lauralee Bell? Peggy McKay? Really? It’s bad enough seeing Hunter King nominated again but those two no talents are not lead actresses. PIcture me with the Caroline Brady confused look as I have a premonition of vomiting on her clam chowder. How do these three do it? Well I have an idea but it’s not based in fact so I will have a moment of angry silence like Lauralee Bell when she realizes she has lost yet another baby and court case. Sometimes I just don’t get it.


Mateo…dude…I get (and agree with) what you’re saying about both Lauralee Bell and Peggy McKay. But…for me, the difference between both of their on-screen characters is this: At this point, DOOL’S Caroline (for some reason) annoys me. And…Y&R’S Christine has ALWAYS ANNOYED ME!!!!! Oh…and y-e-p…it TRULY SUCKS that Hunter King is being nominated…AGAIN!!!!! Truly dreadful.


Too bad it won’t be televised. The academy should use periscope. Won’t cost a thing except a phone/tablet battery. Also where is Jason Thompson’s nod?

The quality of the broadcast of this award show has gone down so much over the years that it is probably for the best they don’t air them rather than slap together a half ass effort. I know POP made a valiant effort last year to improve the ceremony for the viewing public, but it still pale in comparison to the ceremonies given during daytime golden days. I hope they don’t decide to live stream the ceremony on the web. I respect those working in daytime but I have zero interest in watching they be drunk and vulgar on stage, like they were a couple years back when there was no network standards holding them accountable.

As for the nominations themselves. I’m not surprised. The only one that have a real issue with is Max Ehrich getting a nomination for Y&R; the guy was on the show maybe a few times last year– during the Scooby Doo murder mystery–I thought there was some rule that you have to be on the show so many hours to be considered for the supporting or leading acting awards? I guess he just squeaked by and it is a real shame because in my mind he doesn’t deserve to be in that category and he has stolen the spot that an actor who actually works in daytime deserves.

Okay, he is in the younger category, not supporting, my bad, but still he was on the show for about a minute last year, doesn’t seem fair–

their is no respectibility left of the daytime emmys. so many people that were more deserving got nothing. a majority of these nominees are people that are rarely seen. i like Tracey Bregman,but getting a lead actress nomination for only appearing in so few episodes doesn’t make much sense. Chuck Pratt who is terrible got a writing nomination. i can’t believe their not gonna air on tv again,do they not remember that online disaster two years ago. i have very little interest in watching this year

I’m sure the actor who plays Nathan on GH remembers. That was truly awful.

The actors and actresses in the Young and the Restless have dealt with the worst writing in the history of the show.. I hope they all win in their categories for making bad writing look good…

I’ve watched all 4 soaps (not much GH tho’) and I feel Days’ actors and actresses were quite slighted! Very disappointing…

So four actresses nominated from DAYS wasn’t enough for you, Christie? Wow.

Tyler or Justin for Lead actor though they may give it to Tony Geary unfortunately
Finola for GH, though Maura West and Kassie Killed last year too
I’m excited about Brooklyn Rae being nominated for emma
Bryan Craig or Tequan for younger Actor but with all the GH noms I wonder if the votes will split for them.
Jacob Young will Probably win lol but Dom did great work last year as well.
Jessica Collins as Avery

I cannot believe that our Emmy’s are not going to be televised! What a load of crap……………………….. Anyway, congratulations to all the nominees. So many wonderful actors from my soap General Hospital, and my other soaps that are gone now. Big shout out to Kassie DePaiva, Days of our Lives,Kathleen Gati, Winterthorne,Nicolas Bechtel, General Hospital,Bryan Craig, General Hospital,Tequan Richmond, General Hospital,Dominic Zamprogna, General Hospital

Sean Blakemore, General Hospital,Brooklyn Rae Silzer, General Hospital,Finola Hughes, General Hospital,Maura West, General Hospital and good luck to you all! GO GENERAL HOSPITAL!!! YOU ROCK……

I forgot to say congratulations to Anthony Geary, and Tyler Christopher also!!! General Hospital Rocks!!! Good Luck to you all.

I don’t think this is fair , so many soap fans look forward to this it should be on TV

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just witnessed a virtual crap on daytime! NOT GOING TO BE TELEVISED? You have to be kidding me! This shows that daytime is basically treated like a dishwasher in a five star restaurant! [No offense to dishwashers!] Really, I see CBS being the last network to televise soaps within the next 2-3 years. What the soap industry should do, ALL three networks, have a dinner AFTER the awards, even though we know who won, televise an after party hosted by soap people and have all the winners take the stage and say a couple words, show a scene they were in and then walk off blowing kisses to the fans. Really, the soap community has to do something for themselves because the networks could give a virtual crap!

You would think since The Talk promotes anything CBS all of the time, they were already doing the announcements, the “head” lady is married to the head of CBS they could at least have had at least a mini-soap presentation with red carpet day-time event. Could have been fun. I’m sure there could have been some sort of reciprocal arrangement with ABC and NBC…just for the day.

Rose, always the voice of reason! I like your idea. OR, broadcast the awards right here on Michael’s site. He has all the big soap fans already clicked in place and it gives his site a ton more traffic he may not be getting?

I’m sure someone there will be running around with their smart phone airing it on Periscope.

It is meaningless when there are four soaps on and each one is nominated in many categories.
No one must have watched last years telecast or they would have found sponsors. Daytime drama is on life support.

This is bull that there will be no broadcast

Can’t believe Laura Wright wasn’t nominated !!! Was glad to see Kassie DePiava listed, she should win!!!!!

Very upset it will not be televised !!! I’ve been checking over and over and waiting for the announcement of, NOT IF” but “when” it will be televised and on what channel!! With all the senseless reality shows on tv, surely someone could televise the Soap Opera Awards…….just once a year !!!!!

No point to telling us all the grand hoopla and fabulosity of an event we can’t watch how silly

How about a nomination for an actor who played more different roles on one soap in a short time-the WINNER by a landslide-Micheal Easton-he takes home four trophys…lol…ok, Millette Alexander played three on Edge Of Night…on Dark Shadows most of the cast played two or more roles in less than a five year period…lol

It’s nice that online series are now being recognized…and a lot of the nominations for them are very recognizable, like Kathleen Gati & Rick Hearst from GH. I wondered what he’s been up to since Rick fell off of GH’s canvas.

not televised?! gimme a break!

Lauralee Bell for Outstanding Supporting Actress???? I can understand why this won’t be televised.

I like LauraLee she’s a good actress

ROFL. I can’t wait for the acceptance speech! Cricket, your long wait is over!!

I happen to like LauraLee…


I forget… who was it… Nina’ Mom

she was talking to herself… or Nina

“what’s her name… sounds like a bug”

Well folks I guess this is proof that the daytime Emmy’s have hit rock bottom. They are in fact the step-child of Network Television.

I am satisfied with the female/male lead nominations. My faves were nominated….as were supporting and younger.
One question: why Tyler C?.., oh, ok, three questions: why Bryton ; why Hunter? What is it about these actors performances that makes them unique? I do not see it.
A couple of nominations here and there are baffling, but, oh well !!.
What I don’t understand is why the small kids are lumped in with the younger adults. Just doesn’t make any sense to me. There are enough younger children to hold a category of their own, yes? No? That’s not how it works?
Not televised?!?!?! That stinks. I want to say something else, but I shall refrain. LOL.

Oh, yeah. What about Ryan Paevey? LOL. that one’s for you, Timmmy. Ha!!

Kisses CeeCee!

Right back atcha, my Timmmy.

I’m guessing Tyler C submitted the scenes after Spencer was burned. He was quite good in those scenes. I actually don’t have too many issues with the noms this year. I’m more happy about the people that had pre-noms that didn’t make the cut like the teen set from Days.

Eric Braeden as Victor Newman killed it this year. Him not being nominated is like the awards show not being televised, an insult to the actor and all soap fans.

I agree. Victor is the King of Daytime!

He really is the “misunderstood” guy you can have a deserved love/hate relationship with. Well at least Eric is setting himself up for next year with the courtroom/jail scenes.

I despise anyone that even comes inches to Victor’s twisted mentality. But, Timmm….he is admirable as an actor. He is so good….soooooo I-did-a-double-take kind of actor, he leaves me breathless; but, never speechless, LOL…since I have a lot to say.
So, I agree, Timmmy.

i think the sponsors who refused to sponsor televised Emmy’s should be posted so us angry fans can UN-SPONSOR THEM…if they can’t think of us, why should we buy their products


Very disappointed! !!!

Who is Adam Leibetter from Days???

He played the evil Dr. Malcolm who tortured Bo and was subsequently tortured by Hope, Jules.

An absolutely ridiculous nomination. Another cartoon villain from that show. So happy they didn’t get a nom for Outstanding Writing.

No supporting actress nod for GH? Really???

Morgan has to win on General Hospital..his scene’s are awesome and brings information about Bio Polar that is very important..Don’t let politics take over the awards let the good soap win..General Hospital of course..And why are they not on TV? Someone has to air them on TV..what is up with that..These are important shows to be honored. We should be allowed to see them on TV.

Michael,,Do you think someone will tape the event and post to YOUTUBE?

LOVE that Tyler Christopher got nominated. He is an excellent actor

I really think Laura Wright should have been nominated… Tough race this year for lead actress… I would give it to Finola Hughes or Kassie DePaiva though I love Maura West. Days was so good during the anniversary, sucks now, but good then… Why no writing nod? Tyler Christopher us a decent actor, but nothing Emmy worthy IMO! Nic is so boring.

Tyler Christopher… all of last year… was a phenom… LOVE his bad boy MANLY reel


not so much this year… not that it’s bad at all… just… long winded

ie: when it was shared… that GH scenes…. are… much longer… more dialogue.. and have more depth and characterization….. ??? hum? REALLY ?

take for example… Wednesday ep (3 – 23)

Carly and Dr. Finn : REALLY ? was it that necessary for Carly to bring Dr. Finn a bottle of champagne… LOL because he has an open CHECK… his stay is indeterminate ? and TWO… because she wanted to prop her hotel from getting another bad rating from the Port Charles mayoral office . Carly and Finn spent so much TIME chewing up scenery for nothing ??? it went nowhere ! it ended up being all about Roxie the Lizard ??? OK that was meaningful… once again the GH production trots out Carly for what? glitz and high yield drama . whatever

same goes for : Hayden and Liz… when Liz overheard Hayden mention Naomi Dreyfus…. Hayden went on and on and on and shot herself in the foot… as in you lose girl…. hayden spouting everything under the sun about … whatever… LOL and told Liz that either she or HER husband will kick Liz and her three boys out of their… Liz isn’t going to let up… get a grip writers… Hayden character is ruined and all the drama that Hayden has… with Liz and Sam… are just that… not moving anything….

Nicholas… : every since the new writers… have started… giving and handing the character of Jason… win after win in any and all dealings between these two… has become yawn and snore… yet again… there goes Nicholas… repeating the same ole stuff… with both Hayden and Laura… about Helena… alright… I get it…
Now… Nicholas is being dumbed down about his wife machinations… REALLY ?

OK GH… you have a huge cast… at this point… may as well trot out the cast as a whole… and just see them all delivering lines

PS: same goes for Franco TELLING anyone who’ll listen… including telling Nina AGAIN .. just as she was about to be in stirrups… that HE IS NOT FATHER material… argh! ??? doesn’t follow… because he sure has a thing for Liz and her family. which is where he needs to be any way….

IS there gonna be red carpet? Also will lb there be a fan section bleachers for fans at awards? Howv do i get free tix for fan section?

If this wasn’t so sad it might be funny. No wonder they can’t get sponsorship. With this list I wouldn’t sponsor it myself. I would love to know what” Lauralee Bell, Steve Burton, Bryton James and once again Hunter King” did to even get nominated. This is nothing more than producers giving their pets a prize. Where is Sharon Case or Melissa Clair Egan? We already know the so called winners .


Well, my dear Nikki: it’s like this…..
Lauralee Bell was nominated because her character is always angry; because she tell her husband, Paul, how to talk, how to walk etc. nothing impressive about this character except that her name is BELL.
Tracey Bregman (sp) was nominated because her character wants to be twenty again, cheated on her husband; and was such a great mother her son turned to drugs.
Steve Burton was nominated because his character responds to, ‘sit’, ‘fetch’, ‘walk robo-cop’. And, of course, due to his extreme military experience, he became a cop overnight…no Police Academy, and no acting to speak of.
Bryton James was nominated for Devon just being a dufus; being led by his ‘unmentionables’ by the greedy hands of his bedeviled wife, Hilary.
Hunter King was nominated because Summer is the belle, the summer breeze of all soaps put together; past and present. Oh, let’s not forget she’s grandpa’s little cuddly she-cub.

DAYS of OUR Lives : ???? I acknowledge the nominations… as they ; are, in fact… heavy hitters… as in longtime veterans

that being said: DAYS of OUR Lives… Kate Mansi ( 5 years) and Billy Flynn (debuted Sept. 12, 2014)

AS YOU CAN SEE… these two are relative NEWBIES… and are riveting !!!

Abs and Chad have been knocking it out of the park… and giving us nonstop serial recipe of ole… and have been supercoupling their characters

I commend them… and laud their performances

whomever is behind the scenes in the prenom process… NEED to start acknowledging the underlings… newbies… in order to make this genre ??? competitive and worth it’s gold

Chad and Abs have been carrying DAYS through all it’s upheaval

Justin Hartley… sure seems like a newbie…

he was on Passions… from 2002-2006

He is so fine… once again… the panel of voters need to acknowledge surefire hit and give out gold to newcomers

I first saw Justin as the Green Arrow on Smallville, a show I really liked. Not so much for his role in a Revenge. It never seemed to go anywhere.

Days is horrific. If there were more than 4 shows on the air, I’m certain they’d have only 1 nomination. That being said, Go Kassie!!!

So many questions…

How did Christian LeBlanc and Tracey E. Bregman snag leading actor and actress noms with that mess of a cancer storyline that got played once a week at most?

How did sainted secret cult baby Dylan who was front and center (and sadly a part of nearly everyone’s storyline) wind up in the supporting actor category?

How did Lauralee Bell garner a best supporting actress nom for what was probably two weeks worth of work when Cricket lost her baby — her only real “storyline” — yet Becky Herbst, Melissa Claire Egan, and Kathleen Gati received nothing for a full year’s worth of screen time? (And yes, I know Melissa Claire Egan is lead material but the Y&R noms seem to operate in reverse.) If there’s no minimum amount of airtime needed to land in this category then Ilene Kristen should’ve been a lock for her role as Delia on GH.

Why can’t the ceremony be shown on an Internet live feed?

Only angry fans are from Days of Our Lives. Shouldn’t they be used to it by now? Days only does well when fans can vote (SoapOpera Digest, PeoplesChoice), but when it comes to Emmys, they get it right. GH & YandR are clearly superior. Always have been, always will be…

i’m a days fan and i’m thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely. Days is subpar to all the legacy soaps cancelled in the last 10 years.

if I had my way… with regard to NBC… serial history

Another World… would still be on the air
Santa Barbara…. handily… before DAYS… what a “feast”

is DAYS on for the legacy supercouple modus operandi

I second @emmy emotion… Days of OUR Lives , with post support… has done its level best to retain the Serial recipe of ole…

I cant say that , THIS YEAR

Days of OUR Lives… has won … and DESERVED best of show … two of the last 3 years…

DAYS ; AGAIN: should handily WIN… the accolade of best in show, for: 2015

I don’t know that I can say it , at all… for 2016.. but that’s next year, and theirs still 9 more months to assess; if it goes by calendar year

Y&R certainly has the momentum ; for 2016 ? it certainly isn’t working… via: considering POSTS akin word of mouth

I think DAYS is lacking… and going the same venue.. if you will… short story arcs…

why else would Ava be killed off so soon
why else would Andre be taken off canvas readily
why else would Ben be returning ?

I mean.. it’s like attention span regurge .. it’s disappointing, how much DAYS does not have solid characters to carry…. which pains me

I love Steve and Kayla
I love Chad and Abs

that’s about it… because they took Justin and Adrienne off contract
they fired Kassie DePaiva

Brady and Theresa… although interesting…. haven’t fully sparked

the whole Hernandez clan… didn’t they seem unsure of how they should meld?

argh! same goes for .. thank god it’s over… the john and Marlena debacle… oy! to see Deidre Hall… with gun in hand… was too much

Paul … is still intriguing stuff

Deimos… Vincent Irizarry is TOP DRAW … I wish he was a doctor.. he’d have been excellent in the Salem “General” hospital… alongside Kayla… would have made all the difference in the world

the SORAS teen stuff… so mad about most of this…

it still smarts and has set in… that I still haven’t got over… Ciera Alice being raped… it has cast such a pall over my viewing pleasure.. the serial murder , all of it, is one thing… but, Ciera…

too much to digest and overcome

OK ! A part of me… of the SORAS… will miss Chase !

The actress who portrays… Ciera Alice… tho LOVELY to look at… is simply not strong enough to carry such a big story… and it’s huge because… it’s cast a pall over the entire production…

what would rectify this ???? rehire Eve and Will… and that means.. ? is Chandler Massey in fact back?

and YES .. they are two of MY favorite characters.. but it’s vital to the cast as a whole.. that two core characters .. that they be made returned… the actors CARRIED this show

you know…. all fans and posts can repeat their imagination, lament, and quick to anger…

I still think.. of the 4 serials… no matter that you think… subpar… DAYS still has the most potential to retain… it’s position


I want Tony Geary, Finola Hughes, Nicolas Bechtel and Brooklyn Rae Silzer to win. IF Hunter King wins again I will PUKE!

Me two Timmm but remember she has J.F.P. in her large back pocket so get prepared to puke. She shouldn’t even have been nominated but then again she shouldn’t have won twice before. For goodness sake Camryn Grimes, Linsey Godfrey could do circles around her.

Oh Nikki, I guess I need to accept your reality that HK has BIG pockets and SOMETHING else that keeps her in the winners circle! Camryn Grimes is the perfect example of who SHOULD win! She is a beautiful, talented wise ASS and I love her! I feel that the computer geek has stolen Mariah’s screen time and her one liners? I dont mind Natalie and I understand her role on the show but where has Kevin and Mariah been? Plus, I feel the girl who plays Natalie should have been a Chloe. She looks like Liz Hendrickson and can act.

What exactly is that comment from the Academy spokesman saying? Is he saying that no network would broadcast it? Or, is he saying that the Academy can’t afford to put it on the air due to lack of corporate sponsorship? Either way, it is a clear sign that the interest in the daytime shows continues to wane.

Regarding the nominees, the list speaks volumes about the (lack) of shows. There are too few shows left to choose from. How in the world did Lauralee Bell even get a nomination? At best, Bell is passable as “Cricket.” No one would ever confuse her for Meryl Streep. After watching Bell on Y&R for almost 30 years, I cannot recall even ONE scene where I thought “She really can act.” Bell is not horrible (probably due simply to having played Cricket for decades); however, nominating her for an acting award is an entirely different matter.

It is a BAD sign when the awards can’t even get on television but even worse, when Bell is nominated (and equally “talented” Amelie Heinle wins twice!), but the very talented Jess Walton, Tricia Cast, and Judith Chapman can’t even get onto one episode of Y&R.

I have to agree with you about Ms. Bell, Barbara. She’s gotten better through the years, and she’s credible in most of her scenes, but it’s hard to view her performances as Emmy worthy. (But on the other hand, she’s no worse than some of the others who have actually won the award in past years, which just points out how ludicrous the Daytime Emmys have become through years of bad management.)

They still (clearly) haven’t solved the problem of how to handle awards for a genre in which most of the people who could be considered as judges haven’t watched the majority of the episodes through the majority of the year. I see a very uneven list, with some real gems and some real clunkers, but I suppose it’s not impossible to imagine any of the nominees having a few shows to offer in which they gave performances that might make them look like Emmy material. Those of us who watch across the year, however, know who really brings it on a daily basis and who just has an occasional good performance.

@Barbara… I posted… about ??? two or three years ago… how stunned I was… that Michelle Stafford… emmy reel consideration…. included… Lauralee Bell… and I posted… at that time… how STUNNED I was… with HER performance…

yes… it was Lauralee Bell… she just nailed it ! that was then… and this past year… I posted below… that I’m certain her screen time… alone.. is not worth consideration… and that she , basically. stole a nominee potential… from Judi Evans… from DAYS

the thing that most fans/posters… will never be able to get over ???? is the body of work… considerations… that fans/posters KNOW…

dang! I love this site… for this reason… long time advocates.. and long attention span… KNOW.. whats going on

LOL… giddy time… every avenue is sourced… behind the scenes in front of the camera… mind recall… and what stirs

it’s passion at its BEST… and I’ll never relent or back down from how much I digress and soapbox

I get angst and bent some.. over … how fans vocalize their dissent over Amelia Heinle…

her first emmy win… was with Billy Miller… he wouldn’t have won without her
her 2nd win… she did ON HER OWN.. without… I saw her reel and knew she deserved to win

she carries the Newman family… god.. I think Victor, Nikki, and Nicholas ARE BORING ! period

it’s time to think outside the box… I DO NOT want Anthony Geary… to swan song… and coast in to town… and FAKE gratitude and … has never given daytime it’s full due…

he deserves his retirement… GH gave him that… how fortunate… how resilient.. GH over the years..

GIVE to the underlings… newbies… reward talent… all around… I’m sick of the long time veteran…

I’ll do it now… !!!! Days of OUR Lives… Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi.. submitted themselves in Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress… and … the panel of voters.. SHOUD HAVE KNOWN… that.. they carried DAYS…

These two… deserved nominations… sucks

dang it tho…if audience doesn’t have other things to fall on… and carry … Kassie DePaiva is WORTH , GOLD….

you hear that Ken Corday Productions… ??? rest on your parents legacy much?

I – hope – this show is aired on the internet… dang it! for a 365 day production to be so disregarded.. and lack of respect

no money…

suck it up… corporate entity… leave enough alone… I celebrate the remaining 4

Daytime, we have a problem.

All My Children

Soap Favorites Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young Visit the Michael Fairman Channel

On Wednesday night, February 28, Four for Fun, the movie written and directed by former Days of our Lives and General Hospital star, Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas; ex-Matt, respectively), which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, Lucky, GH, and Rick, B&B), will have its premiere as part of The Golden State Film Festival.

If you’re in the Southern California area, tickets for the festival and to see Four for Fun showing at 7:30pm PT can be found here.

In the premise of the film, a dinner party between two couples experiencing eleven different endings, all of which points to the same conclusion – the best possible life comes from the one lived the most in the present. Sarpy and Young play one of the couples and actors Donovan Patton and Annika Foster, play the other.

Photo: FourforFun

After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

It all begins on Thursday night, February 29th beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Make sure to join us in the live chat, so you can ask your questions and share your comments with this talented trio.

Photo: FourforFun

Check out the trailer for Four for Fun below, followed by how to watch the livestream interview.

Then, drop any questions you would like us to pose to Jason, Brytni and Jacob in the comment section, and we just might ask it live on Thursday night.


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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Blake Berris to Chat Live on the Michael Fairman Channel as Everett & Bobby’s Story Heats Up

The tale of Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein is starting to reveal itself on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, which puts returning cast member, Blake Berris front and center in story.

On Monday’s, February 26th episode of DAYS, the results of Everett’s CAT scan indicate he suffered a traumatic brain injury which jives with his story that he was in a car accident and spent in a year in a coma, or does it?

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett are reeling that Everett as Bobby Stein was married to Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) and treated her badly. While Everett claims he doesn’t remember anything about his time as Bobby, despite his fingerprints matching those of Robert Stein’s, Marlena (Deidre Hall) ponders if he could be suffering from PTSD, which might explain his memory loss.


Everett wonders if he has a brain tumor, but Marlena points out that they would have found it on the CAT scan. While there is no obvious reason for his memory loss, Kayla wonders if he is faking his amnesia? Marlena tells Everett that she is a psychiatrist and they should set up sessions immediately. Will it be revealed that Everett and Bobby are split personalities living inside one man?

Blake Berris is set to chat about the latest storyline developments and more, when he visits the Michael Fairman Channel on Wednesday, February 28th beginning at 3 pm ET/Noon PT.  Make sure to join Michael and Blake in the live chat for your turn to share your questions and thoughts on the story.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives fans first met Blake when he played the character of Nick Fallon who was eventually murdered in 2014. Later, Nick made a few return appearances from ‘the grave’, in 2021 and 2023. Recently, Blake returned to the show in his newly-minted role of Everett Lynch at the end of October of last year.

Blake will talk about portraying Everett/Bobby, plus working his co-stars, and being a dad to his three boys, and more.  You can catch the livestream below.

Now, let us know, what is your theory about Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein? Looking forward to hearing what Blake has to say? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Legendary Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks on the Horton House Fire Storyline, Mourning the Loss of Husband Bill Hayes & His Near-to-Final Performances

It has been an emotional time for longtime fans of Days of our Lives and beloved veteran, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams). On-screen, the iconic Horton home was burned to the ground in what appears to be a storyline-dictated decision that shocked many. In real life, Susan is mourning the loss of her husband and DAYS enduring favorite, Bill Hayes (Doug Williams), who passed away at 98 in January. Over the weekend, during the 2024 SAG Awards In Memoriam tribute, Hayes was remembered along with other motion pictures and television stars whom we lost over the past year.

Since the Peacock streaming soap opera tapes months ahead of air, the Horton home fire and its aftermath are currently playing out in all-new episodes with more on this story featuring Susan to come. Bill Hayes also appeared in several of these episodes making it all the more touching and heartfelt.

When Julie came back to the Horton home to see what remained of it after the fire, Days of our Lives fans were treated to a heart-tugging episode that streamed last Wednesday, February 21st. In it, newly-taped scenes of a young Tom (Zach Chyz) and Alice (Sydney Kathrann Smith) Horton telling the story of how they came to live in the house to raise their children, juxtaposed with Julie and Doug (and members of their family and friends), surveying what’s left of the beloved house, brought many a tear.

Michael Fairman TV talked with Susan Seaforth Hayes for this very candid and heartfelt conversation to get her feelings on the Horton house fire, and being given the opportunity to have a storyline at this point in her storied career. In addition, Susan provides some insight on what it was like for her ailing late husband to tape scenes at DAYS shortly before his death, what the series plans to do about writing off the character of Doug while honoring the legacy of Bill Hayes, and how she knew she had the greatest love affair that anyone could hope for in their lifetime, which in turn, has inspired all of us.

Photo: JPI

I was shocked when they decided to burn down the Horton house. Were you at first devastated … and did you know that there would be a big story surrounding it?

SUSAN: I did not know how big a story was with it. I knew that many years ago, another regime had planned on trashing the set and getting rid of the set because nobody cared about the Hortons anymore. It was stopped by one person, and I was eternally grateful for that. This time I thought, “Oh, my goodness! I guess I’ll be meeting people for a cup of coffee at the Horton Square. No home, no roots, no reason to be called in,” and thinking that’s the end of Julie. That’s the end of Doug and Julie. Then, when they began to structure a story around it, I think all of this came up during the writer’s strike. So of course, I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. I enjoyed the aftermath, because in the aftermath, and a little bit before the fire, if you saw the show, I get to talk a bit about the history of the household and the people in it.

Photo: JPI

In the special episode that aired last Wednesday, Julie gave Leo (Greg Rikaart) the family tree history of the Hortons for his story in the Spectactor.

SUSAN:  I’ve had a couple of good long soliloquies about the past. I’m fated to be the character that does that because I’m the one still standing. I must say, I do enjoy doing them. Emotionally, all I have to do is rerun some of the actors and my own family in my mind and the emotion starts to come, you know, the emotion starts to flow.

Julie talks to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) immediately after the fire. She is upset that the Horton family Christmas ornaments are gone. Fans were not happy that they could possibly have burned up. Thank God! There was a happy ending when they were located and unscathed, or there would have been hell to pay! 

SUSAN: I knew that they were in the prop room and that they still existed. But how much they were going to put a story around their loss, I did not know. We don’t get to ponder the plot. We just get to show up and start doing it. I think on this particular matter, something as important as a structure of the original set of the show, there’s been quite a bit of interest. So, I can appreciate that.

Photo: JPI

I was thinking, ‘Did they decide to burn the house down, because they were finally retiring the old Horton home set?’ What was the purpose of it?

SUSAN: They’ve done everything to make quicker set changes, which is remarkable and very efficient right now. The set designer said, “I’ll be interested in your input,” which was nice. The one thing that I loved that had been done, didn’t work. You couldn’t shoot into it. It was a federal mirror over the mantle. I loved it. The size was perfect. I was just delighted. And then, we tried to shoot it, and because of the roundness of the mirror, you got a perfect view of camera one and camera three. So, it came down.

This is Julie’s project to renovate the home. She’s determined to bring back all the memories and redo it?

SUSAN: Absolutely, which is another nice note to play for my character. She’s determined to make the house something that her grandparents would recognize and still feel comfortable in.

Photo: JPI

What did you think of the episode that just aired where the show incorporated flashbacks of a young Tom and Alice Horton?

SUSAN: Well, I set it up. They had their own their own lovely scenes. I read them, and I’m sure the audience was charmed.

What do you remember when you first came to DAYS, and you were in that house, in that set?

SUSAN: What did I notice about the set? I noticed that it was a strange shade of green. (Laughs) It was explained to me that that dull color meant that your face would pop on color TV. I understood that. I loved the little window up the staircase. I’ve always loved that. And at one time, there was a model of the house that sat on the set on its own little pedestal, a little playhouse of the exterior of the house. Whenever the house was on (and remember this is when we were a half-hour and practically live, but not live, because there was no editing), there would also be the sound of a barking dog whenever we reached the Horton house neighborhood. We never saw the dog, but I’m sure his name was “Spot”, and I’m sure he belonged to someone.

PhotoL JPI

You shared so many scenes with Frances Reid (Alice) and MacDonald Carey (Tom) in the Horton living room set and up till they passed. Did they get along well with Bill? Looking back, how was your relationship with them?

SUSAN: They loved him. Well, Mac and Billy had worked together before in theater. Mac was very kind to me at the beginning and helpful. Frances was as well. As Frances got older, she got a bit testy. When someone says, “You’re not going to read the line like that … are you?” It catches your attention. (Laughs). I got peeved at Frances from time to time, but her intent was always to make everything as good as it possibly could be. I saw her come back from her stroke. learn to talk again, learn to do it all again. Not do it easily, but to do it at all was wonderful, and the same with Mac. In his last shows, he was very frail, but we’re actors. We liked being there.

Photo: JPI

During the taping of the episodes surrounding the Horton house fire, Bill was mostly in them with you. How was Bill doing at the time you taped these scenes?

SUSAN: He was okay. He was up for it. He had difficulty moving at that point. So, they restricted his movement a lot. Bill always enjoyed coming to work a lot, and it was extremely difficult for him because he was blind, and didn’t move very well. And now, to do a scene with people who may or may not, have rehearsed with you, who may or may not, give you the exact cue, and when they are attempting to have you look each other in the eye, you can’t see who’s eyes they are, that was the hard part. The easy part was working with him, which was lovely and was a gift. It was a gift from Corday Productions that he was able to work within three weeks of his death, which I thought was super and extraordinary.

Photo: JPI

That is amazing. Did Bill understand everything that was going on at the time of the tapings?

SUSAN: Absolutely. He understood what was going on. He just couldn’t see it or touch it.

The timing couldn’t have been easy for you with Bill’s declining health, and that the show was going to burn down the Horton home where you shared so many scenes and memories.

SUSAN: Well, it hasn’t been my greatest stretch. But I knew that life would be like this. I’ve had five decades of an absolutely wonderful, blessed marriage and a chance to work and a chance to live in my own home and travel, all good. And now, we’re going to have the epilogue. And the epilogue is the hard part, seeing rapid change around you and losing the people that were the center of your life. I’ve just been very fortunate to have cultivated some wonderful friendships, and to have a wonderful large family of Hayeses.

Photo: JPI

You do realize that you and Bill were the gold-standard of what we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives. What an incredible, beautiful, passionate, loving marriage that the two of you had. You don’t see marriages like that anymore. We were all just in awe of the two of you. To us, it was the greatest love affair. You got to have that which is so extraordinary.

SUSAN: I know, and it was all Bill. I mean, any idiot could have been married to Bill Hayes and been deliriously happy. The guy was so perfect in every way that you really would have to pick something and blow it out of proportion to ever complain about any of his traits of character. He was just all good character, goodwill, and good humor. I just followed along and tried to live my life for him, with him, and follow his style, which I hope to carry on. I hope to be as good to people as he was to people, and, not be selfish.

Photo: JPI

I always remembered how the two of you would come to the studio with your suitcases, ready to work no matter what material, large or small, they gave you. You showed up. You just had such great work ethic and you don’t see that as much anymore.

SUSAN: At the moment, it’s hard to find it everywhere. I think it’s probably generational. You cannot get too angry at people that are still holding up their phones in the one rehearsal that we have. I think it’s more convenient to receive your work electronically, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as real. You don’t have a script in your hand anymore unless you print one up yourself.  Sometimes you haven’t met the person you’re working with. Well, that’s not unusual, but no rehearsal at all, that’s kind of marvelously new.

Photo: JPI

Does Julie lean on anybody for emotional support as she tries to rebuild the Horton home. Who’s there for her?

SUSAN: As far as I can tell, nobody. I’m supposed to be the wise woman, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) is supposed to be the other wise woman. I haven’t had any scenes with Marlena for help. I would think Marlena would be the person I would be going to for grief counseling, for friendship, for all of that. I haven’t seen it in the scripts, yet. I’m still deeply entwined with Chad’s (Billy Flynn) storyline.

How is Billy Flynn to work with?

SUSAN: A pleasure. Billy Flynn has grown a lot as a human being and as an actor since I’ve known him. I’m really enjoying his company and really enjoying doing scenes with him. We rehearse and then we get on other subjects and laugh and talk and inform each other. We’re interested in a lot of the same things. He’s a new parent. He’s really devoting himself to that, to that experience in the best possible way. So, I’m lucky.

Do Julie and Chad try to figure out who set the fire?

SUSAN: Oh yeah.

Photo: JPI

I kept thinking about how Julie got burned in the kitchen fire years ago and her face was scarred, At the time, your mother Elizabeth Harrower was writing DAYS and wrote that for Julie. Did you hate that story?

SUSAN: Well, I know where the story came from. It came up from something in mother’s own life. I knew the people involved, and I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea. Then, when it was supposed to go for six weeks and went on for months and months, I was concerned. Mainly, I was concerned that my face was going to be affected because of the appliance, the scars, that I was wearing. I was told by a dermatologist, “You’re going to have a little beard after this. Ripping your face every single day to get this off is going to be hard on you.” But, I seem to have survived.

Has the show even addressed with you how they plan to handle writing-off the character of Doug Williams, and how they want to honor Bill?

SUSAN: Only in the smallest way. I had a conference call with the producers and our head writer last Friday. I was informed about the immediate, immediate future. I’ve also been promised that they’re going to keep me busy. It’s a cast of over 40 people. I’ll be happy to show up and to be included.

Photo: JPI

I was just hoping that whatever they decide to do with the character of Doug that they were going to run it by you, first.

SUSAN: They have, and they have been very sweet about it.  I’ve got to tell you, this regime, they have a sign up on the wall now, that says, Things we expect on this stage.”  The first one at the top of the list is “kindness.”

Have you watched your work back all these years? I know some actor’s never like to watch the scenes they taped.

SUSAN: I think you learn by watching yourself, if you have an open mind, and if you are not hypercritical, or dismissive. I cannot be dismissive of a character that has given me such a wonderful life. I’m still interested in Julie, perhaps I wouldn’t have been if I’d been on the show for three years and never returned to it. But I’m quite interested in her now, and what she has to offer as a member of this ensemble.

Photo: JPI

Julie’s ties to the whole history of Days of our Lives from this point on are very important. How do you feel about that?

SUSAN:  There are those that don’t care about the history of the show. I know that. I know there are those that only care about continuing with something snappy to keep eyes on the screen through action, adventure, drama, death, kidnapping, missed opportunities, all that, which I suppose that’s what the audience craves. But, that’s not just what the show can do. What the show can do so well is character. There’s a lot of people over 70 who are still on the show now. I’m the oldest one, but I’m not the only one. We’re coming up on the 60th anniversary. I don’t think the show is worn out. And if it is, it’s had a remarkably successful six decades.

Lamon Archey (Eli) is back on DAYS for a stint. What has it been like to work with Lamon as his on-screen grandmother?

SUSAN: I think he’s terrific and visually he is so beautiful, so appealing. I think both Eli and Lani (Sal Stowers) are very appealing as characters. I’m delighted to be connected to Eli as a family member. That was a lucky break for me.

Photo: JPI

Do you think DAYS fans are going to continue to be emotional in the aftermath of this fire and all the story that comes out of it? Do you think we’ll be touched by what Julie goes through to get the remains all cleaned up for a new house?

SUSAN: I think anybody in America who’s gone through a disaster, and have unfortunately had the disruption of their home, will be sympathetic and interested in how it all turns out. It’s a nice note to play. We haven’t had to do that very often. We just go from one lovely apartment to another without much discussion. I think this is the one set that meant a lot to people. I was very sorry to lose “Julie’s Place,” as it turned into kind of a sandwich shop. I still loved having a business, a tangible place to be, and an alternate place for people to meet.

Photo: NBC

Upon reflection, what was your favorite scene with Bill? Was it when Julie and Doug got married on-screen, or was it something else that was much more intimate?

SUSAN: I think our last scene is going to be more important, emotionally. I think the first wedding was beautiful, but the material around the time of our second wedding, when Brenda Benet (ex-Lee) came back on the show and Doug stood up to her and says, “I’m not going to be manipulated anymore,” was also strong. There has been a lot of very important times – when Doug was killed-off by James Reilly, and we met in the tunnel of light. That was a day. That was a difficult day, which I certainly can’t revisit right now emotionally. When Julie found out Doug had run off and married her mother, Addie, that was a day. It was a day because, I went to the producer at the time, Jack Herzberg, and said, “Is this it? Am I not going to work with him anymore?”And he said, “Right! That’s it. You’re not working with Bill Hayes anymore.” We were not married at the time, and I thought I was going to go through the floor! That wasn’t a happy day.

Photo: JPI

In terms of Bill’s final day on the set with you, did you know that it was his last, and what would turn out to be his last scene?

SUSAN: Well, they didn’t know. But I knew. I had been allowed to rewrite it. So, I can’t tell you Bill’s last line now, of course, but I will in time.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Susan on her late husband, and this storyline? How do hope the show properly honors Bill and Doug Williams when the series writes-off the character? Are you enjoying the Horton house fire story arc or does it upset you too much? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023