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45th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced!


Nominations were announced this morning by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) for the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

And in the daytime drama categories, it was a big day for both General Hospital and Days of our Lives.  Each of the soaps were the most nominated shows in daytime this year with GH receiving 26 nods and DAYS 25. CBS was the most nominated network in all.

The ceremony will be held once again at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Sunday, April 29, 2018 hosted for the second year in a row by Extra’s Mario Lopez, and Sheryl Underwood of The Talk.  Speaking of The Talk, nominations were revealed this morning on the east coast feed of the series in some of the major categories.

The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards will also be held the night before at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on Friday, April 27, 2018.

“The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is excited to be presenting the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, in the historic Pasadena Civic Auditorium,” said Chuck Dages, Chairman, NATAS. “With an outstanding roster of nominees and two wonderful hosts in Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood, we are looking forward to a great event honoring the best that Daytime television delivers everyday to its devoted audience.”

David Michaels SVP and Executive Producer, Daytime Emmy Awards acknolwedged: “The record-breaking number of entries and the incredible level of talent and craft reflected in this year’s nominees gives us all ample reasons to celebrate.  With David Parks joining us as an Executive Producer on the show, Gregg Gelfand directing and Bruce Ryan doing the set and Lighting Design by Tom Kenny along with a great production team, our 45th Anniversary show will be a spectacular gala which both looks ahead and looks back over 45 glorious years that will honor everything we’ve come to expect and love about Daytime television!”

Congratulations to all the performers, creatives, shows, and behind the scenes personnel for their achievements and nominations.  Here now are the nominees! (MF Soaps will update this list for all daytime drama categories today)


Outstanding Drama Series

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless     


Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series

The Bay The Series


Ladies of the Lake

Tainted Dreams

Venice The Series

Zac & Mia                      


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Eileen Davidson, as Ashley Abbott

The Young and the Restless


Nancy Lee Grahn, as Alexis Davis

General Hospital


Marci Miller, as Abigail Deveraux

Days of Our Lives


Maura West, as Ava Jerome

General Hospital


Laura Wright, as Carly Corinthos

General Hospital


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

Peter Bergman, as Jack Abbott

The Young and the Restless


Michael Easton, as Hamilton Finn

General Hospital


John McCook, as Eric Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful


Billy Miller, as Jason Morgan/Drew

General Hospital


James Reynolds, as Abe Carver

Days of Our Lives                                                                                                                                       

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


Marla Adams, as Dina Mergeron

The Young and the Restless


Camryn Grimes, as Mariah Copeland

The Young and the Restless


Susan Seaforth Hayes, as Julie Williams

Days of Our Lives


Elizabeth Hendrickson, as Chloe Mitchell

The Young and the Restless


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, as Steffy Forrester Spencer

The Bold and the Beautiful


Mishael Morgan, as Hilary Curtis

The Young and the Restless


Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Wally Kurth, as Ned Quartermaine

General Hospital


Chandler Massey, as Will Horton

Days of Our Lives


Anthony Montgomery, as Dr Andre Maddox

General Hospital


Greg Rikaart, as Kevin Fisher

The Young and the Restless


Greg Vaughan, as Eric Brady

Days of Our Lives





Photo Credit:

Reign Edwards, as Nicole Avant Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful


Hayley Erin, as Kiki Jerome

General Hospital


Cait Fairbanks, as Tessa Porter

The Young and the Restless


Olivia Rose Keegan, as Claire Brady

Days of Our Lives


Chloe Lanier, as Nelle Benson

General Hospital


Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Lucas Adams, as Tripp Dalton

Days of Our Lives


Rome Flynn, as Zende Forrester

The Bold and the Beautiful


Tristan Lake Leabu, as Reed Hellstrom

The Young and the Restless


Casey Moss, as JJ Deveraux

Days of Our Lives


Hudson West, as Jake Webber

General Hospital


Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series


Ryan Ashton, as Zach Sinnett

The Young and the Restless


Robb Derringer, as Scooter Nelson

Days of Our Lives


John Enos, as Roger

Days of Our Lives


Morgan Fairchild, as Anjelica

Days of Our Lives


Vernee Watson, as Stella Henry

General Hospital


Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless



Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless                   


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Digital Daytime Drama Series

Photo Credit:

Mary Beth Evans, as Sara Garrett

The Bay The Series


Vanessa Kelly, as Journee



Lilly Melgar, as Janice Ramos

The Bay The Series


Alicia Minshew, as Angelica Caruso

Tainted Dreams


Anne Winters, as Mia Phillips

Zac & Mia


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series


Kristos Andrews, as Pete Garrett

The Bay The Series


James Bland, as Malachi



Richard Brooks,  as Augustus Barringer

The Rich and the Ruthless


Van Hansis, as Thom



Kian Lawley, as Zac Meier

Zac & Mia                                                                                                                                      


So what do you think of this year’s nominees? Did you favorites make the cut to the final round for Emmy night?  Who do you think was snubbed? Which show and performer do you really want to see win the most? Share your thoughts via the comment section below!

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So happy for Days!!!!!!!!!Still feel gh is overrated and doesn’t deserve the love this year! Michael Easton no! Days for writing! Yes Casey Moss must winnnn!!!!!!!!!Marla or Camryn for supporting actress

and why was kelly monaco ripped off,? she was the best of all of them, to have all of the gh actresses nominated and kelly was snubbed. something is very wrong with this,picture. so glad sb didn`t make the cut. he did nothing and don`t know why he was even nominated.hope billy,wally, erin and hudson wins.and gh

Did they change the rules for best geust performer? How did morgan fairchild get nominated when her character is not brand new.Also,I assume all the pictures are the winners in each category.If that is true then someone told you who the winners are.

Originally, I thought that about existing characters, but apparently the performer must be new to the show, the character can be existing. I’m not sure if there’s a maximum number of appearances quota in the guest category.

Voting starts all a new now that the nominations are out.

There is no more voting.The winner has already been picked.The actor or actress who received the most votes is the winner.This has been the ridiculous procedure for the past 4 years.

I truly feel that Galen Gering was totally snubbed for Lead Actor! His work as Rafe Hernandez in Days of Our Lives was outstanding this past year and more than deserving of the Emmy. Let hope next year Galen get the nod!

Max Gail definitely should have received nomination for guest actor for his portrayal of Mike in General Hospital

These nominations are for calendar year 2017, Gail will be eligible for either Guest or Supporting next year.

Wow on Marci Miller cracking the lead category. Mark my words people a star is born with Marci

She has done phenomenal work with the 3 personalities. Ron C & team always make stories better. Unexpected twists. Not sure what she submitted because she seems to have great stuff as of late. Hope she wins. She is great with both her lead guys. Lucky her.

“THIS ” is the nicest far out spot on

LOVING THIS… she’s amazing

listened to her “take” on the MF emmy nomination show…. and as pointed out.. she broke in… tore it up… leveled the playing field.. as it were

and as mentioned.. all the other nominees.. are emmy winners.

WHY NOT emmy win this newbie.. this ingénue.. this marvel.. this token bona fide dedicated to this craft

I LOVE Marci Miller

she’s captivating … watch her everyday.. no histrionics.. just on your mark contained camera loves her… poised performance

She should have fun at the Lead Actress Luncheon!

Cassey Moss-yes…he improved a lot and is a fine young actor…Chandler Massey-sorry but what started out as a much welcome return has fizzled lately…Chandler just isnt given enough…seems to stand around in scenes like a rock and looks like he ifs going to burst out laughing…Days is such an improved soap but im already tired of the Gabbi or Abbi story-would be nice if Days won…Chloe lanier-sometimes i like Nelle and sometimes i dont….she is crazy Heather Webberish…could she be Franco’s daughter????

Agree with everything you said, Jimmy. You must agree that Chloe Lanier is as good as crazy gets. Love her!! Impeccably acted.

I was starting to get a little bored but she does remind me of Heather…maybe she is Franco’s daughter and Heather’s granddaughter???….

@CeeCee….Chloe Lanier’s nomination is one of the few GH kudos that actually makes sense…the girl can act her socks off! Best of luck to her! As for the others, given that the two best actresses from that soap, Finola Hughes and Genie Francis, didn’t get the Emmy respect they’ve earned and deserved, I can only hope that the tiresome trio from Port Charles cancels each other out and Y&R’s Eileen Davidson gets the golden nod!! Quite frankly, I’ve had it up to here from both Ava and Carly, and you already know where I stand on the character of Alexis….as if NLG’s perpetually-condescending combo of nagging and shagging, rutting and tut-tutting is Emmy-worthy!!!! Give me a break!

I absolutely agree with you Jimh concerning Casey Moss. He is a fine actor who gives a very solid performance. I’m happy his work is being recognized.

I did not see Chandler Massey during his prior tenure with the show. Since coming on this time, I’m completely underwhelmed. The actor seems bored and the character seems arrogant.

Will used to be far more interesting…and i totally agree with you about the actor!

They haven’t quite given Chandler enough material. He is a great actor. I don’t know that he will win an Emmy this year, but he totally deserves the ones he already has.

You know better than I, Jimmy, that anything is possible. I still think Nelle is Nina’s and Silas’. …as is Kiki.
I do praise Nelle’s acting, but not the story….only because there’s a baby involved.
….do not like Michael…ugh…I used to, but since he has completely forgotten who his real father is; and, how easily he has forgiven both Sonny and his mother….well, he is at the bottom of the totem pole for me.
However, the more I think about it, the more I believe you are on to something……Nelle and Maxie go into labor at the same time …..Nelle’s baby dies, and she steals Maxie’s. I find what I just said distasteful, but it is typical soap fodder.
I hope not….but, there it is.

Wish they move on away from Carly and have Nelle search for her birth parents….we did have to endure Nina attempting to steal Ava’s child…i think they will repeat the story…Crazy Nelle …it would seem she could be the granddaughter of Crazy Heather…or perhaps Nelle is Nina’s…and im bored with Micheal-he is a snooze

You make sense to me, Jimmy……
Yet, I hope to God, Nelle does not do what Nina did…..
If Nelle turns out to be Nina’s? Well, my Jimmy….the story comes full circle.

Thx Michael ,


Thank you Michael. My favorite Greg Vaughan has delivered very moving performances on Days. He deserves the honor of receiving the Daytime Emmy

Yes, DONNA, and as far as I’m concerned, GV is still owed some overdue recognition from his stellar work as Lucky on GH years ago. Gorgeous and gifted…what a combo!

let me get out two things….

1. how – just – over the moon I am that Greg Vaughan made the cut. I want an all out campaign for this guy to WIN. Greg Vaughan as Eric Brady is my current day William Holden… just so doggone good looking… you notice every thing. Roaring laugh out loud… his scenes with Jenny bear… it’s almost like he’s in on the “joke” and teasing the hell out of her. OK OK. even I have to admit… Jenny Bear is not floundering. Would I fare any better

Man … I want Greg Vaughan to be recognized. not just for all he is. his talent this year… with RC scripts… ALIVE and WELL … one of… the BESTEST Leading MEN

2. OK the biggest diss of them all. Judi Evans not being nominated and recognized for her all out tour de force .. as Bonnie AND Adrienne Kiriakis.

She ran the gamut of doppleanger… SHE WAS HYSTERICAL… any actor who can run the gamut of comedic to drama and all that traverses with… every beat .. she noted sang and raced to the finish. she’s a marvel of a woman. she owns you… and is a doggone trooper its all in a days work.. with her spirit. WOAH

just love love love her to bits… her story for breast cancer… her break up and reconciliation with Justin… her missing out on her son Sonny “wedding” and her comedic triumph as Bonnie. now her heart beat heartfelt feat as sister to Steve Patch Johnson. tear up


So glad to see Susan Seaforth Hayes and Marla Adams nominated–wondering IF Genie Francis would have been nominated had she been given a good story line AND air time.
And glad to see Mary Beth Evans nominated-again!–on The Bay.

Glad also to see Casey Moss nominated as JJ on Days.
And finally to see Wally Kurth nominated (on one of the series he is on!)

So happy Marla was nominated and hope she gets it. Next year Max Gail definetly should be nominated in the guest star category. He has been amazing in the dementia story as has Marla.

So, I’m thrilled over the following nominations: Billy Miller (finally out from the “Jason” shadow); the great Maura West; wonderful Greg Rikaart (ridiculously released from Y&R); Casey Moss (proof that pretty AND talented can exist together); Hudson West (a real pro already); and, mostly, those 3 great supporting actresses from Y&R: the towering Marla Adams (what a thrill this must be for her also), fantastic Camryn Crimes, and the criminally overlooked Mishael Morgan as the deliciously devious Hillary. I like Laura Wright, but this nomination is inexplicable to me but, overall, I’m happy for the first time in several years.

I am parroting myself here, Soaphound, LOL… I said to Jimh; I agree with everything you said.

Only watch Y&R. Thank you for your comments regarding Greg Rikaart, Camryn Crimes ( or G?), and Mishael Morgan. All are intriquingly skilled and catch one’s eye and mind.

You go girl, Tani!! Gregg was supposed to have appeared on Days….where is he? Awaiting with bated breath.

Love Maura West and Marla Adams! As of Laura Wright, not sure what material she submitted, other than more hysterics and stomping.

Agree all the way down….all your comments, dmr. I don’t want to run the risk of being repetitious……but, Marci Miller is done for me. I do not believe the acting…….the subterfuge and quick thinking kill it for me. She looks great, though….
Oh, someone sent me a comment in my inbox….hilarious. Was it you? ….about Carly and Peter and “Parking Lot”? Such a baby face. Me no like!!

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Eileen Davidson, as Ashley Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Marci Miller, as Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Nancy Lee Grahn, as Alexis Davis, General Hospital
Maura West, as Ava Jerome, General Hospital
Laura Wright, as Carly Corinthos, General Hospital


Sharon Case, as Sharon Newman, The Young and the Restless, CBS
Melissa Claire Egan, as Chelsea Newman, The Young and the Restless, CBS
Judi Evans, as Adrienne Kiriakis/Bonnie Lockhart, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Mary Beth Evans, as Kayla Johnson, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Kelly Monaco, as Sam McCall, General Hospital, ABC
Gina Tognoni, as Phyllis Summers, The Young and the Restless, CBS

I do not watch DOOL,but I do agree that Kelly Monaco should of been nominated

All Gh actresses are so good they may just over shadow each other and Eileen will win. Sorry, do not think Marci is that good. The DID story on DOOL started out good, now getting over the top, as Ron tends to do. No one can compare to Eriks Slezak in the DID story.

Love Eileen-always have-talent and brains (and beauty)! Marci-why was she nominated? A complete snooze-fest!

I am , of course , baffled by two , who made the cut –

1. Eileen Davidson – ??? what for? her relationship with mom… Dina ? her sparring with Graham ? it seems to me this show just glossed over .. and covered ground to keep appearance. I did not hear or read, one iota of gut wrenching pull out all the stops contained performances. unless, this is for the “outing” of who her biological father is. even then I’ve not read in SOD or this site any significance . @Days of OUR Lives… absolutely she is riveting. not that it’s worth comparing her lead actress story to @DAYS.

hey… Y&R as a production has been so quiet. the last couple years… that outside of Dina Altzheimers … is Mariah still holding fast that she’s lesbian?

god.. it’s stymied time.. to even think … two monumental un momento…

1. that Plane Crash .. w/ Chris Pratt
2. the opening Abbott breakfast w/ Kay Alden

Now we are in the midst of Mal Young – it’s surreal to see what is not happening @Y&R. no excitement nothing generating… no word of mouth… till now

FACT: the story line going on now… despite the protest that JT would never act this way… is breakout stuff for both Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill. dag , i’m so happy for my girl.. Amelia… LOVE IT

what’s going on with the denizen of Genoa City ? drawing blanks for too long

2. Laura Wright . ??? what for ? when Frank Jean Shelley Chris … continue to bash our heads in with the same character day in and day out… with the constant annoyance .. because that’s all she can be is loud . has to trample any and all denizen.
as I’ve oft posted… WHO… ANSWER THIS … WHAT .. IF ANY characters SEEK her out ? why would they ? yeah, she’s so lucky she has bobbie.. otherwise she’s DOA material… and a constant reminder, all the rest of the cast not getting REEL TIME. I’ve asked… what quality if any defines her ? sure she’ll read the hell out of a script given her. she barrels over any one she shares scenes with. even the writers thought they could ring out something .. with the women of : Bobbi, Carly, Nelle, Josslyn. not a go. especially if Nelle survives what she’s doing to Carly. does any one care ? why waste your time… if Sonny and Jason are just right outside the door. such a bore
Carly has had no story this past year. just plopping her here there and everywhere because Frank can.

I would have switched these two OUT. for @DAYS Judi and Mary Beth Evans

as for @GH. I’m actually thoughtfully happy for NLG” Alexis… if her REEL is for her alcoholism story. she was GREAT. now she’s that much more staid and lifeless. PARTAY!

as for @GH. Maura West should OWN this year.. if it has any thing to do with her going to the cemetery to see Morgan… and Carly and Sonny show up. in the bag

as LONG AS Laura Wright is eliminated and the GH votes cancel her out. I’ll take it.

THIS years EMMY rightfully belong; to @DAYS Marci Miller, @GH Maura West

I dont have to look at the reels to know that Days of Our Lives is gonna win best drama and best writing team. GH or B&B could win best directing. James Reynolds or Peter Bergman is gonna win lead actor. Maura West, Eileen Davidson, or Marcy Miller will be named lead actress. Greg Vaughan or Chandler Massey is gonna win supporting actor. Marla Adams or Camryn Grime is gonna win supporting actress. Casey Moss is the winner for younger actor. He cant be beat. The only person i see beating him is co star Lucas Adams. Reign Edwards or Chloe Lainer for younger actress. Im gonna watch the reels when they come out. My final predictions will probably be the same.


Peter Bergman, as Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless

Michael Easton, as Hamilton Finn, General Hospital

John McCook, as Eric Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Billy Miller, as Jason Morgan/Drew, General Hospital

James Reynolds, as Abe Carver, Days of Our Lives


Scott Clifton, as Liam Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Billy Flynn, as Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Galen Gering, as Rafe Hernandez, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Eric Martsolf, as Brady Black, Days of our Lives, NBC
Stephen Nichols, as Steve “Patch” Johnson, Days of Our Lives, NBC

Was surprised Scott wasn’t nominated. He was great in those scenes when he found out his father slept with his wife. Some of his best acting, yet in won three times before for lesser material. Think Peter will win though I think Michael Easton has been great as Finn. The character has so much added dimension lately.

How about a new category “most missed cancelled soap” ?

Winner (tie!): ALL OF THEM!

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Marla Adams, as Dina Mergeron, The Young and the Restless

Camryn Grimes, as Mariah Copeland, The Young and the Restless

Susan Seaforth Hayes, as Julie Williams, Days of Our Lives

Elizabeth Hendrickson, as Chloe Mitchell, The Young and the Restless

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, as Steffy Forrester Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful


Nadia Bjorlin, as Chloe Lane, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Eileen Davidson, as Susan Banks, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Lisa LoCicero, as Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital, ABC
Mishael Morgan, as Hilary Curtis, The Young and the Restless, CBS
Arianne Zucker, as Nicole Walker, Days of Our Lives, NBC

Mishael did make the cut. there are 6 nominees for supporting actress this year

AGREED : Thanks. 6 nominations this year.


Marla Adams
Camryn Grimes
Mishael Morgan
Elizabeth Hendrickson

WHAT A BANNER YEAR FOR these ladies. ANY ONE COULD WIN and it’d still be a feast.

heart tug and sentiment : Marla Adams, Y&R
heart tug and sentiment: Susan Seaforth-Hayes, DAYS

THIS category… for both Men and Women… TOUGH CALL

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series –

Wally Kurth, as Ned Quartermaine, General Hospital

Chandler Massey, as Will Horton, Days of Our Lives

Anthony Montgomery, as Dr Andre Maddox, General Hospital

Greg Rikaart, as Kevin Fisher, The Young and the Restless

Greg Vaughan, as Eric Brady, Days of Our Lives


Darin Brooks, as Wyatt Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Steve Burton, as Jason Morgan, General Hospital, ABC
Chad Duell, as Michael Corinthos. General Hospital, ABC
Bryton James, as Devon Hamilton, The Young and the Restless, CBS
James Patrick Stuart, as Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital, ABC

I am so thrilled that Marla Adam’s got nominated! She richly deserves it after the material she was handed and delivered in spades!

I concur! What a coup to have original actress return in the role and keep true to history! Brava!

Here’s hoping that she wins!

Kelly monico and steve burton should have been on the list

I think Steven wasn’t because he just came back,hopefully next year,,but agreed,Kelly Monaco should of been nominated


Reign Edwards, as Nicole Avant Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Hayley Erin, as Kiki Jerome, General Hospital

Cait Fairbanks, as Tessa Porter, The Young and the Restless

Olivia Rose Keegan, as Claire Brady, Days of Our Lives

Chloe Lanier, as Nelle Benson, General Hospital


Courtney Grosbeck, as Coco Spectra, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Victoria Konefal, as Ciara Brady, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Eden McCoy, as Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital, ABC
Paige Searcy, as Jade Michaels, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Lexie Stevenson, as Mattie Ashby, The Young and the Restless, CBS

Yes Josslyn should of been nominated ,she an amazing young actress,,and what about Curtis,and Anna

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series –

Lucas Adams, as Tripp Dalton, Days of Our Lives

Rome Flynn, as Zende Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Tristan Lake Leabu, as Reed Hellstrom, The Young and the Restless

Casey Moss, as JJ Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Hudson West, as Jake Webber, General Hospital


Pierson Fode, as Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
Noah Alexander Gerry, as Charlie Ashby, The Young and the Restless, CBS
James Lastovic, as Joey Johnson, Days of Our Lives, NBC
Garren Stitt, as Oscar Nero, General Hospital, AB
Anthony Turpel, as Ridge Forrester Jr, The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

Team Camryn. No wait, Team Marla. No wait ……

I know, right, Mark Y?? You’re funny!!

I say it should be a tie between the both of them. Let them both win. They both deserve it.

@GH : of the dullard Corinthos’ Clan and FRANK agenda

Maurice Benard – not even nominated . YES
Laura Wright – have no idea WHY she even submitted

Steve Burton – Jason . YOU NEED TO ACT.. sorry ole blue eyes
Kelly Monaco – Sam . you have run your course. be gone

Chad Duell – Michael . simply one of the worst in all of daytime
Chloe Lanier – Nelle . Congratulations… you’re wasted in this pie.

Michael Easton – Finn . this is the most stupefying of all. what for ? could it be … your godlike cure of addiction ? the biggest syringe and yellow opioid connect.

Roger Howarth – all this pressure on Liz to forgive what happened as a kid. not even your fault if you did push him down those stairs. kids will be kids ? so blown up. EASE on down the road Franco. your mind is all we know. just over ripe overkill.

3 of Franks dullards made the cut : Laura Wright / Chloe Lanier / Michael Easton

I take this year as indicative that Frank NEEDS to seriously think about his direction

Patrick, on all counts, you speak for legions of fans, definitely for me! 🙂

You know, jamesj75, I had an odd reaction to Mr. Easton’s nomination. At first, I remembered fondly his little “assignment” with Anna, which I enjoyed. But then I thought: where are the deeper, profound moments that we expect from a Lead Actor nominee? I didn’t see them. There’s none of Peter Bergman’s commanding authority or the heartbreaking sadness we saw in Billy Miller’s eyes when Sonny & Carly dropped Drew. Oh well, I’m so happy over Billy’s nom, plus those for Greg Rikaart, Mishael Morgan, Camryn Grimes, Marla Adams, Casey Moss, and Maura West that I can let this one slide. Though I do feel that Carly’s clomping shoes and constantly flipping hair deserve nominations, too. THEY really worked hard this year!

if You remember the great Beverly McKenzie she never won a Emmy still does not matter she was indeed one of the greats take it all with a grain of salt. Here in the real world people are trying to feed their kids pay for insurance keep a roof over their head, so to see these actors use their filthy language on Twitter about us has turned me off I am still a viewer of y &r but about to drop it because of my dectroying JT

I take it your not a big fan of GH,or most of it’s actors,,he doesn’t speak for me,or thousands of others

This is one of the funniest, in-your-face posts, Patrick—you even outdid youself, LOL……agreed!!

Right on point

Now, don’t hold back, Patrick! 🙂

Maurice did not submit himself .

I would love to see Marla Adams take it for supporting actress. Watching her play Dina and her descent into dementia has been exciting and have me feeling sad at the same time. She hasn’t missed a beat this year.

She should win.

I believe Days is gonna win alot of awards they have done better in writing than GH.GH is not for the fans If the fans ask for Jasam or Alexis and Julian to be together they won’t they put ones together that have no chemistry. so GH is gonna lose this year.

Laura Wright and Maura West had another great year. They always get nominated cause they are the best actresses on soaps. Kelly Monaco was not snubbed. She never gets nominated for a reason. She is not in the same league as the other GH leading ladies. Nancy Lee Grahn deserved that third spot in outstanding actress.

Billy Miller? The man grunted and mumbled through another year on GH. He needs to go back to Y&R and stop phoning in his performances. Michael Easton finally gets himself a nomination. Well deserved and well played as Finn.

Anthony Montgomery was the unsung overlooked hero of the tale of two Jason storyline. He is going to win this category next month and people better not act surprised when takes the gold. Wally Kurth is a very deserving nominee and put in his work for GH over DOOL. He was wonderful last year taking over the Quartermaine family.

Chloe Lanier is easily the best actress in her category. She is the next Laura Wright, Maura West, Nancy Lee Grahn, Finola Hughes and Michelle Stafford all rolled into one. She will dominate at the Daytime Emmy awards for years to come. Hayley Erin is a very deserving nomination as Kiki Jerome. She has grown so much as a performer since playing Abby on Y&R.

Hudson West is the next big thing. A star is born in this young man.

Maura West is an amazing actress and performer. I absolutely love her as Ava Jerome. I think she is truly talented and never, ever phones in her dialogue. I can’t say the same for Laura Wright, sorry. I used to be a fan…

“…Anthony Montgomery was the unsung overlooked hero of the tale of two Jason storyline. ” NICE HEADLINE

THEE Toughest Category. inarguably.

I WANT AM Andre to take home GOLD.

I think this will be a 3 way race : between :

Anthony Montgomery, Andre, GH
Wally Kurth, Ned, GH
Greg Vaughan, Eric, DAYS

ie: AM’ Andre is also bringing it home… with Finola Hughes…. NOW THIS IS Chemistry. Finn and Anna ? don’t go their. keep Finn with Alexis . Anna looks so relaxed and at ease with Andre. as he helps Anna search for her missing son.

you know… I’ve posted about this… Wes Ramsey as Heinrick is not making any inroads… why couldn’t they have made this son a newbie… and yes… it’d be a new character… like Anna.. not knowing who this child is… seems like it’d be fun for the audience as well… to just drop in this son… and every one gets to explore this newfound family.

Wes Ramsey Peter / Heinrick is not working. he can try all he wants to establish and connect with any one he can. I just don’t see it… even with the ditzy chicks Maxie and Lulu. just ho-hum.

Best Supporting Actor , Male. I will salute these men. too close to call

Well, Vince, I completely disagree about Billy Miller, but thanks for highlighting Anthony Montgomery’s stellar work. He really came into his own during the 2-Jasons story especially that riveting scene in the interrogation room when he began to unravel the twisted tale. He looked like a man still half-obsessed with the brain-mapping idea, while also realizing it has been his doom. Practically Shakespearean! And Maura West just gets better every year!

Hey, Patrick…well, we know we all have our own taste. I love Wes as Peter and I think he has quite a bit of chemistry with Maxi. His style reminds me of Tyler Christopher, kinda mellow but present. He’s soothing to listen to, beautiful to look at and I just like his style. (I can actually see him in an old black ‘n’ white movie as a detective, LOL.) I hope his character stays on and Wes continues in the role.

Always liked Anthony Montgomery/Andre. Good, natural actor.

LOVE Ned/Wally Kurth! Always have!

It’s weird for me to say that I’m feeling a little old after seeing Chandler’s name in a different acting category now after years of seeing him getting nominated in the Younger category (when he was carrying stories equivalent for that of a lead actor).

Not sure about the other nominees in the Younger Actor category but I think Casey Moss got this in the bag. Although I’m curious on what reels he and the other actors have submitted for consideration.

Lead actress: Laura Wright (GH)

Lead actor: Peter Bergman (Y&R)

Supporting actress: Elizabeth Hendrickson (Y&R)

Supporting actor: Anthony Montgomery (GH)

Younger actress: Chloe Lanier (GH)

Younger actor: Casey Moss (DOOL)

Guest performer: Vernee Watson (GH)

Best drama series: GH will win for the 3rd straight year.

Best writing: Y&R will win for the 2nd straight year.

Best directing: B&B

Wow. I’m really okay with the list this year. Seems more balanced this time around. The ones that didn’t make the cut (thanks, Patrick!) were the right call. Each category has some close contenders, which is neat. Maybe a lock in one of the categories, but still some good competition. Good job nominaters! Congratulations all around to the nominees!

Interesting to see if the voters go for best performances last year or consider lifetime work.

In the Lead Actor category, McCook is probably favored. Bergman and Miller are 3-time winners. Reynolds and Easton are more supporting.

Will the GH trio cancel each other out in Lead Actress? Marci Miller’s best work came after the eligibility period.

This is Kurth’s first acting nomination. He won for an Emmy for songwriting. This category is wide open.

Hayes was last nominated almost 40 years ago. As a daytime legend that has never won, she has to be the favorite.

Moss and Lanier are near locks in the Younger categories. Whether you love or hate Aunt Stella, Vernee made an impact from her first GH screen appearance.

Pure joy at seeing Wally Kurth’s name on this list. Ned is one of my all time favorite characters.
Billy Miller is great when he is not playing Jason Morgan. I liked JakeDoe and I like Drew. I would be happy to hear his name called.
Marci Miller, I guess I need my eyes checked. I think her portrayal of Abby is laughable.
Hudson West and Lucas Adams, I’m torn. They were both terrific.
Laura Wright, please no.
Michael Easton, I like him, but what was his Emmy worthy story?
Nancy Lee Grahn, what was her Emmy worthy story?
John Enos, loved him.
Chandler Massey, how does he have three, why would he get four. Haven’t seen the talent that was raved about

I agree with you in regards to Marci Miller-boring, bland.
Laura Wright, please no, is right.
Love Wally Kurth. Liked Jake Doe, and like Drew Cain (just lose Monotone Sam).

“…Pure joy at seeing Wally Kurth’s name on this list. Ned is one of my all time favorite characters. ”

ABSOLUTELY – without doubt. Wally Kurth fully imbues both characters. he just loads them… with his artistry. and REELS so affectingly and TAKES YOU IN.

he seamlessly weaves both characters so effortlessly. I know we’re just talking about @Ned from GH. nevertheless… @DAYS Justin… he’s on fire.

when two different networks.. HIRE THIS man… because he’s that charismatic

WHAT A LIVELIHOOD. WHAT a Career. how much fun can one have .

I LOVE what he brings to this genre. I’ve read in SOD… he clearly has more affection for @DAYS.. and that could only mean.. because he started out @DAYS.

Wally Kurth deserves this nod and laud of GOLD on his mantle.

watching Ned saying good bye… as an actor and as a character… with mom Tracy Quartermaine… was staggering … you wept at this closing of history.

I can’t stand this category… it is chock full of talent. so much recognition this year.

Wally Kurth characters are so solid ROMANTICIZED

I’m so very happy for Hudson West. This kid is a natural in front of the cameras. He’s an extraordinary young talent. I’ll be rooting for you, buddy! 🙂

If not in my list, a thumb-down..

Outstanding Lead Actress ;
Laura Wright, as Carly Corinthos- GH
Outstanding Lead Actor;
Billy Miller, as Jason Morgan/Drew- GH .. BRAVO!
Outstanding Supporting Actress; .. BRAVA!
Marla Adams, as Dina Mergeron / Y&R
Outstanding Supporting Actor;
None– all get a thumbs down
Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team;
Days of Our Lives

They messed up..
; Billy Miller, as Jason Morgan/Drew ;
should be-
Jake- Jason- Drew ..

/they left Jake out.. he was Jake quite a while before knowing about Jason..

Yeah Billy Miller played Jake but he played before 2017.These year’s Emmy awards are awarded for work done in 2017.Just like next year’s Emmys will be awarded for work done this year.

will these be televised ?

Worst omission: Judi Evans deserved to WIN Best Actress. Eileen, Nancy and Maura would all be deserving winners though and I like Marci but Laura should not have been nominated.

Casey Moss better win Younger Actor.

Happiest about: Marla Adams, Greg Vaughan, Chandler Massey, Michael Easton, Hayley Erin, and Casey Moss. 5 of those 6 are first-time nominees!

Days deserves to win for Series, Directing and Writing.

I would be upset if Billy Miller, Wally Kurth, Anthony Mongtomery, Laura Wright, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Susan Hayes, anyone but Casey Moss in his category, or Cait Fairbanks were to win.

Marla Adams has the material already to win for 2018; just amazing work from her!

Why was Cait Fairbanks even nominated? The storyline she was featured in was awful, and her acting is subpar, at best. We barely see the character. Makes no sense to me.

Very pleased that Van Hansis is nominated for lead actor for Eastsiders. I couldn’t get into the series when it came out, but should try again. He should have won for Luke Snyder (As The World Turns) when he was nominated two or three times.

Anyone else miss As The World Turns, All My Children, and going back further The Edge of Night, Somerset, and Secret Storm?! I like the idea of an award for Most Missed Soap. It hits home when all four existing soaps are nominated for every category, and they’re not that great.

How in the world did Maurice Benard and Steve Burton not get nominated???? They were OUTSTANDING lead actors this year!!!!!!! I agree with the rest of it.

Kelly Monaco was totally snubbed!!!

I’d like to see Casey Moss and James Reynolds win for their portrayals in the Theo shooting story. Casey I know must’ve submitted the almost attempted suicide ep scenes and there was nothing better on DT that I heard of last year except for maybe the Y&R Alzheimers story, which I did not see. I’ll be interested in seeing any reels related to that story as well.

It’s all about story on DT so I hope that is reflected in the awards and that it has some influence for the better on what we see going forward.

These nominations are laughable #kellymonaco killed all her scenes, she deserved to be nominated. She is a winner in my book. Cant bellieve AuntStella was nominated instead of kelly. What did she do all year, yell at her nephew.

Patty, I agree about Aunt Stella. Ms. Watson is a good actress, but this character is like nails on a chalkboard to me. The only thing I enjoy is when Stella calls Jordan incompetent. Stella may be annoying but she ain’t dumb!

March 21 (UPI) — General Hospital earned a leading 26 nods when Daytime Emmy Award nominations were announced Wednesday. Its fellow soap operas Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless followed close behind with 25 nominations each. The three shows will compete with The Bold and the Beautiful — which has 18 nominations

GH – 26 nods

@DAYS – 25
@Y&R – 25

B&B – 18

Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series

John Enos, as Roger
Days of Our Lives

OMG .. had to “wrack” my brain for this one ? IT”S Elvis personified… Hilarious TAKE

Susan ex-boyfriend… he lived with Susan and “EJ” / Will, in Memphis. THE BEST LAUGH OUT LOUD

I’d say Stella has this in the bag… if the “panel” has any sense of humor… just for the FUN of it. PLUS THIS GUY STUDS.

John Enos for the WIN.

I”M DOING the BESTEST “Happy Dance” EVAH…

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco, Chad Duell, Maurice Benard, Roger Howarth.

ARE NOT in the picture. double ugh on Laura Wright and Michael Easton. what for ?

props to Chloe Lanier: @GH simply has got to get you out of the Corinthos dullard

PROOF : you got nothing @FRANK. “they” ( according to you ) M – A – Y LOOK good. even with your pairing

all the eggs in one basket… with the eye full too.


Although, I do like Roger Howarth, always have-just not as Franco and not with Elizabeth. Chloe Lanier is in a “no win” situation. Her character has been backed into a corner-so unlikeable and nasty with no redeemable qualities.

Agreed ….All the way down, except Howarth, LOL, dmr.
Maura West? Adore my Bostonian Lady……one of the best in soapland!!

Patrick, double-yay on Steve Burton not being nominated. Enough of the Jason obsession; we get enough of that from Carly. The woman can barely walk upright without hanging on him!

I guess it’s not going to be televised. Like it used to be I guess not! Not on ABC anymore like it used to be !!

Sue, it gets more insulting every year when the show isn’t televised. These are some of the best actors in the business, PERIOD, and deserve to be seen. Especially when you look at the 99% of garbage that fills our airwaves!

Awards in the arts always confound me. Processes and protocols are never perfect. I do not like actors can ‘not submit’ themselves. Ideally an independent review of all performances, designers, technicians, and productions be done. All considered. I would like that.

That we have Daytime Emmys at all is a blessing after what has happened with the program in the last decade. I am pleased we can still have debates. With the genre reduced in scope anymore, we need to really embrace our programs and people, awards or no.

I just want to see Marla Adams win from Y& R..I think she is a wonderful actress. I know at some point we’ll lose her but I wish they could keep her on for a long long time.

Soap: GH
Leading actress: Maura West
Leading Actor: Peter Bergman. Easton and Miller dont belong on this list!
Supporting Actress: Marla, hands down! Sorry Camryn, love you!
Supporting Actor: I love Wally but it goes to Greg Vaughan. What a shame he isnt Lucky!
Younger Actress: Chloe
Younger Actor: Hudson. Tristan is horrible!
Guest Performer: I will wait for Max next year!

Timm, i disagree about Billy, but SO AGREE about Greg Vaughan as Lucky. I know Jonathan Jackson has tons of admirers but to me he’s always crying, on the verge of crying, cried out, or scheduling the next cry. Greg made me care about Lucky, and don’t get me started on those eyes and that gorgeous hair. Like you, I’d love to see Marla win….what a comeback!!

“… Easton and Miller dont belong on this list! ”

thank you for stating. 100% agree

1. Easton. from listening @MF emmy nomination show.. EASTON shared his scenes were with Rebecca Buddig… on his scenes with ??? drug … argh ! he straps himself tapes himself down in a chair… and has some trance moments of bleak and his love for Hayden. etc…. the cold turkey drug intervention … doing this for Hayden.

it just doesn’t follow.. he was alive and well and back working @GH.. thanks to Monica. and Tracy. his character hasn’t worked with any one on the show. I say I like him with Alexis.. because they do have conversations.. and have already changed the sheets. AND if this duo keeps them from Julian and Anna. I’d say go for it. ME is wanted so badly by Frank Valentini.. then have at him.

2. Miller : finally… if I dare say… and yes I have been waiting , forever.. it seems for many a character @GH to live… and be seen on the show. Billy Miller as Drew… finally came to… alive this past OCTOBER… not the full year.. at his and sam Gala premiere of Aurora… since that time… BM has had plenty to enjoy. 2017 was not the year of Billy Miller… his take as Jake Doe was the only other time he should have been recognized… his relationship and falling in love with Liz was prior to 2017. so yes.. if the writing holds 2018 plus… plan on BM Drew being recognized… and I only see this happening if he’s involved with Kim. and back home with mom Monica, and his son Oscar.

Congrats to all the nominees.Now i do have a few favorites that i hope win but if they lose so be it.

Congrats to all. I watch all soaps, but I truly believe Casey Moss hit it out of the ballpark this year. Not only good acting but the storyline had my soapclub in tears.

My female choice, Eileen Davidson, AWESOME

Talk show, The View has really been awesome. If the Talk wins again. It’s rigged. No way, now how that boring show wins over the View.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives wins WGA Award for Daytime Drama Series

Sunday night, April 14th in concurrent ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York City, the Writers Guild of America is handing out their 76th annual WGA Awards in the fields of motion picture, television, news media, and radio/audio.

In the Daytime Drama category, Peacock’s Days of our Lives was the winner, taking home its fourth WGA Award in this category in a row.

The DAYS winning writing team consisted of Head Writer Ron Carlivati Creative Consultant Ryan Quan and Writers Sonja Alar, Jazmen Darnell Brown, Joanna Cohen, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Cheryl Davis, Kirk Doering, Christopher Dunn, Jamey Giddens, David Kreizman, Henry Newman, Dave Ryan, and Katherine D. Schock.

Photo: JPI

The team from Days of our Lives bested the only other team in the category from General Hospital, which consisted of former GH head writers: Dan O’Connor, Chris Van Etten Writers Ashley Cook, Emily Culliton, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Shannon Peace, Stacey Pulwer, Dave Rupel, Lisa Seidman, and Scott Sickles.


As previously reported, a show spokesperson for Days of our Lives shared that the episodes submitted for the competition were #14663, #14678 & #14679, and mostly centered around the death, and the funeral of Victor Kiriakis played by the late John Aniston.

This week, DAYS head scribe, Ron Carlivati, confirmed that, and told Michael Fairman TV on the decision of the scripts the team submitted: “I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, and then there was Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s (Louise Sorel) crashing the reading of the will.”

You can follow along with the live updated list of all the winners from tonight’s WGA ceremonies here.

Michael Fairman TV will have more on DAYS WGA Award win as it becomes available.

So, what do you think of Days of our Lives winning the WGA Award writing award for a Daytime Drama series for the fourth year in a row? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves Talk Return to DAYS for Doug’s Funeral, Susan Seaforth Hayes, and Their Enduring Friendship

Last week, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000th episode which is tentatively scheduled to air on December 3rd. The story will feature emotional and heart-tugging scenes of Doug Williams funeral and honor his portrayer, the beloved Bill Hayes, who passed away on January 12th at the age of 98.

While the actors, producers, and crew took a lunch time break to pose for some pictures and speak with the press, they knew they would have to get back to taping the funeral, which was going to make it a tough day, but also cathartic for all who loved Bill Hayes.

Several returns have thus far been announced including; Melissa Reeves reprising her signature role of Jennifer Horton (a part she first played in 1985), and Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux. Reeves had last appeared on the show back in 2021, and she was replaced by Emmy-winner Cady McClain in her absence when Jennifer was in storylines. In real-life, Melissa had moved full-time to Tennessee along with her husband, Scott Reeves (ex-DAYS, GH, Y&R). Now, and as previously reported, Reeves will first appear back on DAYS for the Thanksgiving episodes with the Hortons.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Matt and Melissa during the 15,000th episode celebration to get their take on: being back for these special episodes, how it has been working with and watching Susan Seaforth Hayes portray Julie’s grief over losing Doug, and how they have supported each other through the years. Check out what they shared below.

Melissa, you are back on the set of Days of our Lives for this very emotional and special moment in the series history. How does it feel?

MELISSA: Oh, my goodness. I am honored. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but to be here for Bill. He was like my real-life dance partner. He taught me how to ballroom dance. And to be here for Susan, of course, who’s just been our sweet hero this whole week. We’re just following her lead. She’s just been this incredibly strong example for us in the midst of this trial and season of her life. She is like just lifting us all up with her. It’s been incredible.

I was at Bill Hayes memorial service which was truly incredible and I know at the time you were in Tennessee. It was moving and celebratory of his life, all at the same time.

MELISSA: That’s all I have heard. I have to watch it on You Tube. They said it was just a real celebration of his life and I love that.

Photo: JPI

This must be difficult for Susan Seaforth Hayes depicting the death of Doug, when she is still grieving the loss of her beloved husband. (Susan pictured above with the returning Stephen Schnetzer who plays her on-screen brother, Steve Olson).

MELISSA: I’m sure Susan has those moments at home by herself, but she’s so good at being a leader and leading all of us. We’re following her, you know, and she’s like, “This is how I want to feel today.” And we’re just going along with her, you know? It’s so sweet.

Photo: JPI

How is it to see Matt Ashford again live and in-person?

MELISSA: You know, Matt and I can go years without talking, or seeing each other, and then the minute we see each other we’re chatting away.

MATT: Melissa was out on set doing a scene yesterday on the phone talking to a stage manager; as she was telling some really tough news on the phone. I’m like crying in the background, literally, I’m off-stage crying.

MELISSA: And then we get like back into normal life, and we’re like, okay, “What’s happening? What’s happening with this … or what’s happening with that?”

I had read, Melissa, that you were in touch with Matt about if there night be a possibility for you to reprise your role as Jennifer for these special episodes?

MELISSA: Yes. Well, Matt was like, “Hey! Would you want to come back? “And I was like, “Matt, you know, I would always come back. ”

MATT:  Every time I come here to Days of our Lives, they ask, “Where’s Missy? How’s Missy?” Everybody backstage says, “I miss her.” All of the crew is asking about her and saying, “It would be nice to see Missy. Nothing wrong with you Matt, but …”  They said, “Where is she?” I said, “She wants to come!”

Photo: JPI

There are some beautiful photos of Missy and Bill and Susan thorough the years that I found. It just reminded me of just the deep and entrenched history we all have had with the show, personally and professionally.

MATT: Missy is roughly the age where Francis Reid (ex-Alice Horton) was when she started the show, which is just crazy.

Photo: JPI

I’ve always said Missy was going to be the next generation Alice. Do you feel that Jennifer is the heir apparent matriarch of the Horton family?

MELISSA: Yes. I mean, this has been greatest blessing of my life, and that would be great. I told Ken Corday (executive producer, Days of our Lives) when I was 17 that this show would be my life. Ken always told me, “This is your home,” and I’ve always felt like that.

How have gotten through the scenes watching Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie go through the loss of Doug?

MATT: Susan is bringing her best performance life for her and Bill. I mean, she’s a showbiz baby. She always has been one hundred percent, and she’s doing it for him, and this is who they’ve always been. So, you’re seeing this amazing performance colored by her life. She has her private life as Susan, but she has enough plugged into Julie that she’s done amazing work. The director, producers and writers are giving her room to live in these moments and it’s quite wonderful.

Photo: JPI

Have you already broken down in tears during the taping?

MELISSA: Yesterday, but today’s taping of the actual funeral I think they want us to try and be just more celebratory.

MATT: I mean, it is a beautiful long life for Bill Hayes and his character of Doug Williams, and so it will be about that. Then, you get a bunch of us together in the church pews, and there’s going to be hijinks.

MELISSA: We all have been through the waves of grief. You have that awful cry and then all of a sudden you feel okay.  There are those family situations we are portraying where you’re like, “What do we do? What do we do now? You know, no one knows what to do. But, it’s so sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing how the scenes all turn out.

So, are you glad that Matt and Melissa are back for the 15K episode and Doug’s funeral? From what we can tell, it’s going to be quite an emotional journey for Days of our Lives fans, and especially the performance of Susan Seaforth Hayes, 

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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Talks on Decision to Make Days of our Lives 15000th Episode About Doug’s Funeral, and Previews Chances for WGA Award

This week, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000th episode. In of it itself, that is an incredible accomplishment for the long-running soap opera currently streaming on Peacock.

However, this on set gathering was a bit different. Though the show is celebrating their achievement, they are also in the middle of taping scenes surrounding the death and the funeral of Doug Williams, played by the late Bill Hayes, who passed away on January 12th of this year at the age of 98.

As previously revealed many longtime favorites are back to honor Bill and the character of Doug including: Gloria Loring (Liz), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Maree Cheatham (Marie), Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Stephen Schnetzer (Steve) to name but a few.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV was in attendance and spoke with Days of our Lives head writer, Ron Carlivati to gain some insight into how the 15,000 episode was crafted and the decision to honor the character of Doug Williams and Bill Hayes as its epicenter. In addition, Ron weighed-in on this Sunday’s April 14th WGA (Writers Guild of America) Awards, where he and his writing team are facing off with General Hospital for the daytime drama prize. Here’s what Ron shared below.

Was this your idea to make the 15,000th episode centered around Doug’s funeral and passing?

RON: It was. When you’re looking at it, and laying out the calendar for the whole year and you see 15,000 is coming up, we’re like, “What are we going to do?” And then, we got the news that Bill had passed away and something kind of clicked. I was like, “We should honor Doug on that show.” So then, we started to kind of build around that … when does he pass away? How does he pass away? Who could come back? You know, it’s a lot.  I’m very pleased with the returns that we got as there’s so much that you could do. We wanted everybody we could get. So, we put together a wish list and Janet Drucker (co-executive producer, Days of our Lives) made it happen.

Photo: JPI

You have Melissa Reeves back as Jennifer, when the role was last played by Cady McClain. What has it meant to have Missy back for these shows?

RON: It was so nice to see Missy Reeves. I think Cady has done such a good job, but on the 15,000th episode to see Missy as Jennifer, it’s a big deal. So having her was great, and overall, the milestone was a big undertaking, because you want to live up to it. You want the 15,000th episode to be good. Now, it has a lot of real emotion that you’re playing. because for the cast and the crew they’re honoring Bill Hayes just as much as we’re honoring Doug Williams.

Photo: JPI

Was it hard for you and the team to write this episode?

RON: Yes. I’ll tell you why it was hard to write.  When I wrote, for example, Asa’s (Phillip Carey) death on One Life to Live or Victor’s (John Aniston) on DAYS, Asa is a different type of character. Like, you could have characters going, “Oh! I’m glad he is dead.” You could have different points of view, but with Doug, you’re not having that. Every person loves this man. No one had a bad relationship with him. So, you’re challenge as a writer is how do you make it that not everybody’s saying the same thing and doing the same thing. And so, we tried to find ways to make the episode about all the familial relationships and yet, how do you make it about Doug and yet broaden the scope.

Photo: JPI

I had spoken to Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), a week after Bill’s memorial, for an interview. She said that she felt very fortunate that you did include her on discussions of how you would tackle Doug’s passing. How did that conversation go?

RON: First, I attended Bill’s funeral, which was incredible. I said to so many people it was an emotional service, but it was hard to be sad at this. The guy had an incredible life and it was an incredible celebration. And so, you’re sitting there watching this knowing that you now have to write something similar. And how do you write something that lives up to what you just witnessed? I wanted to talk to Susan to get her thoughts about, you know, how much do you want this to be about keeping Bill separate from Doug. How comfortable are you sharing your grief. She was incredible to talk to. It was a great chat.

You’re in the middle of taping these major scenes for the 15,000 episode to air in December. How do you think it’s going? Have you seen any of the scenes?

RON:  I haven’t seeing anything. I mean, we were still making changes to the script up till this morning!

Photo: JPI

The Writers Guild Awards are this Sunday, April 14th and once again this year there are two daytime drama nominees, General Hospital and Days of our Lives. How are you feeling about your chances this year?

RON: It is often just GH and us in the category. I’ve won three years in a row, so I’m kind of feeling like it’s their turn.

Photo: JPI

What episodes did you submit for contention? If I recall, they had to do with Victor’s memorial.

RON: The episodes we submitted were centered around Victor’s funeral. I think one has story with Vivian (Louise Sorel). We had some fun stuff, we had some emotional stuff at Victor’s death, and I am pretty sure that our submission was three episodes right around that time.

Did you make the decision to go with those episodes because there was a mix of humor and drama?

RON: I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, then there’s Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s crashing the reading of the will. So, we had a lot of fun and it’s hard sometimes to pick three that tell a story, as opposed to submitting for the Daytime Emmys, where the writing team only submits two shows. So, we shall see how it goes on Sunday.


So, are you looking forward to the emotional 15,000th episode of Days of our Lives? Do you think DAYS will take home the WGA writing award for daytime dramas for the 4th year in a row? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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