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69th Primetime Emmys: ‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown Takes Lead Actor Drama, Agnes Nixon Remembered During In-Memoriam Segment!

Courtesy: CBS/AP

Photo: CBS/AP

The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were doled out on Sunday night, and hosted by Steven Colbert on CBS. The Late Night talk show host was also one of the award show’s producers this year.

The big winners overall were Saturday Night Live with 9 victories followed by The Handmaid’s Tale, and Big Little Lies, which each took 5 including Best Drama Series and Best Limited Series or TV Movie, respectively.

The Hulu streaming series, The Handmaid’s Tale, became the first of its kind to win a series award. Elisabeth Moss was recognized for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale winning Best Actress in a Drama Series, while Nicole Kidman took Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie in what was one of the best acceptance speeches of the night.

Photo: CBS/AP

However, the Best Actor in a Drama Series went to Tbis Is Us star, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson on the top-notch drama series, which also co-stars former Y&R star, Justin Hartley.  In his acceptance speech, Brown thanked his fellow cast members including: Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Mandy Moore and nominee Milo Ventimiglia telling them, “You are the best white TV family that a brother has ever had.” During his acceptance ‘thank you’s’ and mentions, the broadcast producers cut off Brown as he continued to talk even though his microphone had been cut and the play-off music continued. Backstage, Brown had the opportunity to continue his speech, and you can watch it after the jump! Sterling also became the first African-American actor to win a Lead Actor trophy in over 19 years.

Photo: ABC

During the In-Memoriam segment, where each year the TV Academy recalls those talented notables who passed away during their calendar year, All My Children and One Life to Live creator, Agnes Nixon was remembered with her photo. The Daytime Emmys this year honored the iconic soap opera creator during a special segment during their ceremonies earlier in April.

In some record setting Emmy wins: Lena Waithe became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing for Masters of None, along with her writing partner, Aziz Ansari. Additionally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus became the first actress to take home her sixth consecutive win for the Best Actress in a Comedy category for her role on “Veep,” placing her in the history books for most Emmys won by a single performer for one role. Louis-Dreyfus had previously been tied with Candice Bergen, who won 5 times for Murphy Brown.

Watch Brown and Kidman’s speeches below, as well as the In-Memoriam segment which paid tribute to 42 members of the industry including Nixon, but missed several key other people. Then, let us know what you thought of Emmy night 2017? Share your comments.

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Well, at least the “In Memoriam” was basically respectable and respectful….we lost so many true legends this past year who deserved to be honored since we shall never see their kind again…mostly classy, profoundly decent, admirable and highly professional people. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine many of them (save for a few notable exceptions….) conducting themselves in such an inappropriate and grotesquely self-satisfying manner as did this year’s Emmy participants with their wholly expected display of gross partisanship, nasty behavior and disgusting pontifications….Needless to say, I happily sat this one out, but just the news coverage about it alone proved how absolutely nauseating this utterly leftist temper tantrum/sorry spectacle was to behold. Definitely not worth one’s valuable time!

Nicely said…i no longer watch award shows-its no longer about winning…stars are fading-not many bright ones any more-they have too many leftist snowflakes that i hope global warming melt-everything is a political agenda and im sick of it…

Well, yeah, but you gotta admit what is going on in Washington is off the rails cray-cray, and normalcy has flown out the window.
And the repugs are going after the AHC and Medicare yet again without doing the research and without providing the CBC scores before the election.
This is when we have to be aware and utilize the power of the people.
Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Calling people snowflakes for caring about their country, about climate change, about equal rights for all and about health care is just silly.

Shay, I love America but it is down right embarrassing right now if others look on at the behavior that is displayed on a daily/nightly basis. I did not watch ONE second of the Emmys. I hate the host and the host is a hater! He is the worst of the three in late night. Colbert is mean, rude and hateful. Its not even funny. Johnny Carson would pick on Ford, Carter or Reagan but it was never mean spirited! Johnny had class. These Hollywood liberals set the tone for the rest of the country and are despicable! My list is so long now that those in the entertainment business I will not go to their movies or concerts. No matter who was in office back in the eighties or nineties, this ugly behavior did not go on. I’m sure at GH this poor behavior exists but I dont want to know about it! I want to be entertained, not lectured and have hateful things said about our president and our country.

Freddie Highmore from Bates Motel should have taken best actor this last season he was fantastic. And so was Vera she should have got best actress but because they are smar educated and not knocking America they aren’t in the running! Hollywood if you hate our country and the men and women who spilled their blood so you could run your ignorant mouths please leave go to a communist country please my husband will gladly fly your stupid ignorant ass there

I hear you, Timmm! That protracted, unabated hatefest against our president and the non-stop identity politics on parade were completely distasteful and uncalled for….I’ll never understand how any sane—perhaps the operative word here—-showbiz type can think that alienating roughly half of a prospective viewing audience is a good idea! (Same goes for the NFL and ESPN with their constant political showboating that has nothing to do with sports!) As you have stated, people just want to be entertained, not prosletyzed, insulted or demeaned because their opinions happen to not comport with the so-called cultural elite….

I’m with you, Shay.

Thank you, Charday! I appreciate it!

I’m not surprised at Sterling’s win. He got strong story for This Is Us and he knew how to pack Randall with layers that helped flesh out his character. Can’t wait for the new season!!!

Totally agree James…Sterling is such a fantastic actor…

I read the wonderful autobiography of our beloved Agnes Nixon and could not put it down. She was a blessed soul from birth and it showed in her incredible creativity, innovation, compassion, commitment, drive and resilience. I feel tremendously fortunate to have been around to see and enjoy her wonderful programs. I miss our beloved One Life to Live and All My Children every day.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Emmys. (I have a hate/hate relationship with the Daytime Emmys, but that’s another story.)

I, too, champion diversity. And it was clear by this broadcast that diversity is alive and well in Hollywood.

But the Emmys have this annoying habit of overindulging certain stars, certain shows, certain cable outlets, at the expense of others. Is Julia Louis-Dreyfus really that great an actress? Six consecutive record-setting wins?! John Larroquette was given a few awards for “Night Court” and then for “The Practice.” Even John Lithgow was a repeat winner last night. “The Sopranos,” “Game of Thrones,” anything on HBO in fact, is deemed worthy of countless accolades. These are just a few examples. It’s repetitive, predictable, and boring…

As much as I admire Sterling K. Brown’s acting chops, last night he exuded the attitude that he had accomplished something monumental, akin to discovering a cure for all cancers. Actually, his peers bestowed upon him a much-deserved Emmy win. It’s that simple. Yes, I get the subtext of him being the first black actor to win in that category in 19 years. Some questioned the decision to cut short his speech. Granted, he was definitely being long-winded. But as others have noted, Nicole Kidman was allowed to drone on and on for an eternity (another attitude projecting immense accomplishment when winning an award for acting was all that was happening). Some will charge that racism was evident in the treatment of Brown versus Kidman. I propose that it has to do with a TV star versus a movie star. The Emmys just love it when a movie star deigns to perform in the TV medium. They are treated as royalty, as heroes, and they ensure the gift of their vaulted trophies. Countless “movie stars” have won Emmys for their visits to the TV world. It’s shocking that Robert DeNiro didn’t win, given the track record of the Emmys; but had he won, they would NOT have cut his microphone.

And let’s not forget: When Susan Lucci emotionally won her lone Emmy after 19 nominations, the imbeciles in charge attempted to cut her short. If anyone in the history of the daytime Emmys deserved to speak as long as desired, it was Susan Lucci!

James, you’ve really hit several nails on the head. I didn’t agree with Mr. Brown’s win simply because I thought at least two of his competitors were more deserving. I also found his behavior appalling. I think he’s in those first stages of recognition that many actors go through where they have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ win is just embarrassing. At least Candice Bergen had the class to withdraw her name after 5 wins. How much more do these people need? And how about the devastation and sour grapes when PREVIOUS WINNERS don’t win AGAIN?! That’s why the Emmy rules need a major overhaul. For example, I’d have rather seen the wonderful Gerald McRaney and the underrated, exquisite Alexis Bledel win “on camera” than watch those ridiculous dance numbers.

Thanks for the backup, Soaphound! The self-importance on display was pervasive and nauseating, not only by Brown but by others…

Turning again to the daytime Emmys, I got tired of multiwinners Tony Geary, Erika Slezak, and Kim Zimmer.

Yes, we do tend to love things to death in this country–our parks, our stars and our shows. For instance, La La Land was a perfectly lovely little movie but it received so much acclaim that many felt let down upon seeing it.
Big Little Lies was, in my opinion, pretentious tripe with style asserting itself over quality.
“This is Us” is okay but the writers and directors seem to be trying to make viewers cry. It’s the Barbara Walters of drama series and yes, we are also loving that show to death, and therefore a show I once really liked will end up making me hate it for being overly manipulative. I also didn’t think it was a good idea to have Sean Spicer up there making fun of himself for lying to the country about crowd size Does no one apologize for their misconduct anymore? Accepting his self parody was akin to accepting that it is normal and acceptable for both he and Sarah Huckabee to stand up there in back of the White House podium lying to the American people because it’s their job as the president’s spokesperson.
The highlight of the evening was the hilarious Jackie Hoffman screaming,”Damn it!” when she lost to Laura Dern. I love her, she’s a hoot.
That’s something Dr O would have done.

Hi Soaphound…I saw Sterling’s speech so differently than you. Well, first let me say I just googled it because after watching Nicole Kidman practically have a tug-of-war with Reese to hold the Emmy for best mini-series or whatever the category was that brought them all to the stage…though Kidman had only a short while ago babbled endlessly when she won best actress..yet she was determined to speak again even though Reese just spoke for the cast. Once Kidman grabbed the statue and had to add her own commentary I was so annoyed by her ego that I turned the show off. So, as said, I just listened to Sterling’s speech and I didn’t find him anything other than humble, generous and humorous. He thanked many, he made reference to the 19 years it took for a black man to win and he handled being cut off with class. It was beyond rude to cut him off…that’s what I found appalling; not him. It’s unfortunate they let film stars go on endlessly and thus cut other winners acceptance speeches short to make up for the time. It’s demeaning to the actors… On another note, caught some of the CMT awards and saw Charles Eston (Deacon) in the audience. He seems to really love the country scene!

Well said…

Great point James, lets not make EVERYTHING racial, yes Nicole is a mega star and Sterling is not! That simple. If it were Gilbert Godfried, he would have been cut off too!

@Gentleman James….Well, I will defend Lithgow’s win for his riveting and excellent portrayal of Winston Churchill! Being a huge fan of the late British prime minister, I have viewed many a biopic of the great man, and John truly did capture his unique essence, an achievement for any actor, let alone an American one! In fact, this was probably the singular award of the evening which I personally applauded, since other than Sherlock, The Crown was the only program which had Emmy nominations this year that I could actually deign to watch.

Hello there, Shay! Thanks for your reply and your defense of Lithgow. I didn’t see that performance, and I trust your judgment. I just feel that, in general, the Emmy voters tend to be repetitive when it comes to their selections. I realize it’s all subjective, nonetheless. Take care, Friend!

@James……Hello again, my friend! I’d like to add that my endorsement of John Lithgow’s latest Emmy accolades was certainly not intended to dispute your assertions that repeated wins by certain actors are grossly overdone. (Both in primetime and daytime….) Much as I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Lithgow’s madcap comedic portrayal as Dr. Dick Solomen on “Third Rock From The Sun,” he admittedly joined that ever-growing list of those notables who are perhaps too-rewarded for essentially the same—albeit continued excellent—performance in a single role. However, the mere fact that in this instance he prevailed in an acting category as a totally departed character in a different genre sort of speaks for itself in his worthiness for winning yet another Emmy in his brilliantly eclectic career! Incidentally, if you enjoy British period pieces, “The Crown” is not an altogether inconsiderable effort in which to witness Lithgow’s clearly irascible charms as Winston Churchill, although I was most definitely not as impressed by the series on the whole as with other recent UK efforts such as Victoria or Downton Abbey. Having said that, this show does seem to receive quite the lion’s share of praise when it comes to collecting award nominations on both sides of the Atlantic!

Okay, Shay, you’ve sold me! Take care, Friend! 🙂

Awards debate exists even among our midwest city’s amatuer and “seli-professional” theatre companies. Is art able to be judged, to have winners and losers?

That said, Mr. Jackson needs to sing everywhere. What a lovely musical background for this year’s In Memoriam.

I rarely watch emmy awards they are so annoying.
Nonetheless I truned in out of nothing to do LOL
I watched the award give and the comes the thank you to my mailman speeches. oh lord I can not tolerate the babbling in of a list of thank you to ..
So, I watched the winner being announced, watched them walk on stage hold the award the I clicked back to South Park, and that went on through it..

whats up with the 5 minuts long annoying thank yous issshhh.

And the man stood on stage holding the award to give while the women in their high heels and long gowns struggled up the stairs.
A gentleman would have been at the stairs waiting to escort the women up the stair and not standing there watching her coming up the stairs in high heels a long gown.. that irked me.

should have been..
the woman on stage holding award to give while to man went to the stories to escort the woman up.. or simply a stair escort being there.

Great points, su0000! But did you notice Jeremy Piven rushing down the steps to assist winner Ann Dowd (“The Handmaid’s Tale”)? Now THAT’S a gentleman!

Hey jamesj75…yes. I noticed that. It was very sweet and Ms. Dowd was adorable and seemed truly honored to have won. She came across as so sweet got me teary. I watched her play a tough lunacidal woman in The Leftovers so I was surprised at her gentle demeanor.

James…RIGHT ON, BROTHER!!!!! To me, at times, awards shows (all of them in general) can be so frustrating to watch. Oh…and BTW, I DEFINITELY get what you’re saying about Julia Louis-Dreyfus!!!!! To me, she is N-O-T that great an actress. Furthermore, I find her to be really, really ANNOYING!!!!!. But, hey…that’s just me, Brother.

Later, Brother.

Thanks Jay! Glad I’m not alone in my annoyance with Louis-Dreyfus and her many wins…

I agree with you both. Like JLD but come on, this is over kill!

James…EXACTLY, BROTHER!!!!! I was never that much of a Seinfeld fan. And, I only watched The New Adventures Of Old Christine because of Wanda Sykes…and CERTAINLY NOT for that Julia Louis-Dreyfus chick. N-o-p-e.

Talk to ya’ later, Brother.

Same here

Personally I think it isn’t a level playing field when cable and streaming services have budgets like mini movies and only do eight to ten episode a season. The can afford top notch writers, directors and performers while tradition broadcasters are handicap by tight budgets– many series on broadcast television that are worthy of an Emmy will never even get a nod– This is Us was the exception not the rule.

Although the Emmy category is crowded perhaps there could be separate categories for broadcast series, to give those shows without cable budgets a chance

All My Children

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Young, Joan Collins and Nadia Bjorlin to Prague to Film ‘Murder Between Friends’

On Thursday night during the Michael Fairman Channel’s livestream interview centering around Jason Cook’s (ex-Shawn, DAYS and ex-Matt, GH) latest movie Four For Fun which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, ex-Rick, B&B and ex-Lucky, GH), revealed another upcoming film project with some very familiar faces.

Jacob Young shared an exclusive that he is set to direct, produce and star in a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery feature film aptly tiled Murder Between Friends.

Speaking on the upcoming project, Jacob said, “I’m flying at the end of the March to Prague to direct, produce and star in a film with Joan Collins (ex-Dynasty). Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) is in it, and Toby Alexander Smith from Eastenders (ex-Gray Atkins). Plus, a couple of my Broadway friends and a very well known Czech actress (Hana Vagnerova).”

Photo: BBC

According to Jacob, the production start date is April 1st. He added on the premise of the film, “It’s very Agatha Christie sort of ‘Knives Out’ without having a hundred million dollars to shoot it, but still will be a lovely film nonetheless.” Young said the plan is to finish all principal photography by April 17th.

Photo: JPI

IMDb has more on the film. It shared that former All My Children star Trent Garrett (ex-Asher Pike) is listed as co-directing the feature. Mark Rozzano is listed as writer of Murder Between Friends.

So, what do you think about this upcoming feature from Jacob that will feature Joan Collins, Nadia Bjorlin et al? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Then below, check out the full livestream conversation with Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young on ‘Four For Fun’ and their notable soap roles.

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Maurice Benard Reveals All My Children’s Lee Meriweather and Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

At the beginning of the latest episode of General Hospital star, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) State of Mind series, he delivered some heartbreaking news with a purpose.

Kyle Oldham, the daughter of former All My Children star, Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), who previously made a guest appearance on Benard’s show, returned for a new interview which will be coming soon.

During their conversation, Oldham shared that her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s. Sadly, according to Benard, Kyle also revealed she has been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Photo: JPI

Maurice expressed, “We talked about her mother and having Alzheimer’s and it was an amazing interview. And then Kyle said, ‘I gotta tell you something. I have Alzheimer’s.’”

Apparently, Kyle has agreed to come on State of Mind, periodically as the effects of Alzheimer’s take a hold of her to help educate others. “We decided that she was gonna come in … she was gonna call me and tell me as she progresses,” Benard shared. “She was going to come in again so the audience could see with their eyes what Alzheimer’s does to someone.”

Benard’s guest for this current episode of State of Mind was Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who along with Maurice, was part of the Alzheimer’s storyline on the ABC daytime drama series that saw Mike Corbin (Max Gail) eventually pass away.

Photo: JPI

As for Lee Meriwether, not only is she known for her role on AMC, but also for her roles as Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and for the television series, Barnaby Jones, the New Andy Griffith Show and The Munsters to name only a few.

In soap operas, Meriwether was cast in The Young Marrieds years prior to her time on All My Children where she replaced Mary Fickett in the matriarchal role in the Martin family. She played the role from 1996-99, 2002-03, and 2007-11.

Meriwether’s daughter, Kyle Oldham, has been an actress and spokesperson herself through the years. She appeared on The Price is Right for over 14 years until she couldn’t anymore after going through multiple surgeries in her adult life.

You can check out the full episode of State of Mind with Maurice an Vernee below.

Share your thoughts on the sad news of both Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle Oldham, battling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the comment section below.

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All My Children

Soap Favorites Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young Visit the Michael Fairman Channel

On Wednesday night, February 28, Four for Fun, the movie written and directed by former Days of our Lives and General Hospital star, Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas; ex-Matt, respectively), which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, Lucky, GH, and Rick, B&B), will have its premiere as part of The Golden State Film Festival.

If you’re in the Southern California area, tickets for the festival and to see Four for Fun showing at 7:30pm PT can be found here.

In the premise of the film, a dinner party between two couples experiencing eleven different endings, all of which points to the same conclusion – the best possible life comes from the one lived the most in the present. Sarpy and Young play one of the couples and actors Donovan Patton and Annika Foster, play the other.

Photo: FourforFun

After its premiere at the festival, on the next night, Jason, Brytni and Jacob will visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream conversation about the making of the film, working with each other, and a discussion on their numerous soap opera roles and much more.

It all begins on Thursday night, February 29th beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Make sure to join us in the live chat, so you can ask your questions and share your comments with this talented trio.

Photo: FourforFun

Check out the trailer for Four for Fun below, followed by how to watch the livestream interview.

Then, drop any questions you would like us to pose to Jason, Brytni and Jacob in the comment section, and we just might ask it live on Thursday night.


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