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A GH Thanksgiving In Port Charles! Nikolas Says: "We All Have To Do What We Have To Do!"



It’s almost Turkey Day! And that means that your favorite citizens from Port Charles will gather together in quite unique ways to celebrate, and give thanks for one another … or will they?

In the latest promo from ABC, Jason (Billy Miller) will come home to the Quartermaines for Thanksgiving, the Corinthos clan will rally around Morgan (Bryan Craig), who is hospitalized for a bipolar episode, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) try to pull their relationship together after the Jason reveal, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) gets a visit from Valerie (Brytni Sarpi), and more.

However, especially intriguing is a moment in the teaser between Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) and his mother Laura Spencer (Genie Francis).  In it, the dark prince exclaims to her: “We all have to do … what we have to do.”   Laura is shocked!  Did Nikolas just reveal that he murdered Helena (Constance Towers)?  After all, on Monday’s episode just as the matriarch was about to tell Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason who conspired to keep Jason’s identify a secret, she seem to choke on her own life and die!

Did Nikolas kill his grandmother to protect his and Liz’s deception?  Is Helena really dead?  Will Laura rejoice at the news of Helena’s passing, or be pissed at her son?  And, are you looking forward to Jason coming home to the Q’s for the holidays? Watch the Thanksigiving promo for GH after the jump. Then chime in via the comment section below!

GH Monday Thanksgiving.movIt’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles. Expect the unexpected! #GH

Posted by General Hospital on Monday, November 23, 2015

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Helena is about as dead as Carlos, Robin, the Jeromes, Laura, Jason, Duke, Faison, Luke….. All who’ve come back eventually.

I agree with Mika. No one can be sure that Helena’s really dead I’d say until about 20 years pass. If she’s coming back, she’ll surface before then. I tired of her character and now Nikolas’ having developed a dark side…well, it’s a boring storyline. I’ve never seen him as a good actor, maybe that’s why his plotlines don’t seem to bring much to the show.

No THANKSGIVING! Sam with Patrick is a joke. Hopefully Patrick isnt that stupid! Valerie stalking Dante is ridiculous! Nick, well, I couldnt kill my grandmother BUT as evil as Helena was/is, maybe it was very easy for him. But we know he “Killed” her to keep her quiet. She is NOT dead, trust me. I hope they are all drinking apple juice with Moron! Jason back at the Q’s. Nice. I hope him and Momica have a moment or two?

No Thanksgiving for me too. The only way this will be good except Jason with Monica if Liz’s lies begin to come out at the Q’s & fall into next week & Carly finds out & beats Liz’s ass. Now that would be a great turkey day. Bc I’m upset though yesterday we got a Ric mention no Ric for turkey day after missing it last year bc of Julian. Hope to see Ric return next week & all though Xmas & at the ball on screen. We also need a Ric/Kristina reunion & more much more Molly/Ric scenes a s/l for Ric & Love Interrst

Yes Helen, I want to see Ric and Sonny together more. I want them to become really close brothers. Why is this amazing talent put on the back burner!

@Timmm… Your right Helena is simply slumbering away…for now…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Slumbering away with Luke! You have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.


I am hoping that they let Jason get his memories back. Let it be a Thanksgiving miracle!

Pizza anyone!

Lol. Rose. What’s a Q holiday without a couple of slices! Maybe Ned could deliver it…

Nikolas is from a family who has master the art of faking death to perfection, so I highly doubt he killed her, just knock her out, maybe put her back into the deep freezer until new writers come along to thaw her out. Looking forward to another memorable Q Thanksgiving, and personally I am glad Carlos is alive so they can redeem Anna and give her old life back– can’t wait until she puts that slimy Paul behind bars.

Please give Laura her own story which is not predicated upon those two creeps’ deception.
Are we EVER going to know what was in that “Dear Angel” letter?

@Harry…I want the same for Laura, freedom and Independence from
the known and unknown ugliness Nick is involved in. Elizabeth has
lost her way, no motherly advice from Laura..will save her heart from
the hurt she will eventually experience. TPTB R still probably figuring
out what “words of wisdom “Luke may have written to Laura in that letter.
Harry, have a Wonderful, healthy & Happy Thanksgiving ❗️

Nikolas did not kill his grandmother. On soaps- never drink the drugged tea!
Nik should kick Laura out to the curb.
She gave him away, did not raise him then she thinks she has a right to move in with him and freeload off him and stick her nose into his business/life and make demands of him..
Poor Nikolas.. having to put up with the nosey witch..
(( “HEEEEY AAAAABNER!” ……………. ahha!

I want more Helena!!!! she is a 100% ..
Sooooooooooo happy my Carlos is back 🙂

Of course, Su. THE TEA!!!!! At the time, I thought it was too obvious. But, the obvious is sometimes the sweetest twist. Yeah, Helena is now the victim of the SLEEPING BEAUTY syndrome…..not dead.

By the way? Carlos has aged so much. He has grey temples. He was supposedly Sabrina’s voted?
He still looks like he needs a few showers. However, things are getting down to business. Sabrina will leave with him; or he will kidnap her = maternity leave. Who is the baby dada?

Carrrrrrrlos looks old enough to be Subrrrrrina’s father. And exactly how is it that she is five months pregnant, missed 5 periods, obviously, and didn’t know it? And the first time she slept with Michael was about 2 months ago? And why can these two pronounce R’s normally, except when they use each other’s name, ore say the words Puerto Rico?

@CeeCee… He patted her cheek as he gave her the tea….
It seemed a bit out of character for Nick to do that, I put it
aside…until she fell into her “deep conveniently timed sleep”.
Carlos does look like a Dirty bird… A trim wouldn’t hurt either.
CeeCee….Blessings and Beaucoup de joie… Happy Thanksgiving!

Hah, excellent observations, CeeCeeGirl! I’m also in the camp of hopeful thinkers that Helena has simply nodded off for a big tea(-induced) sleep…but not THE “Big Sleep!” This delicious dragon lady is just too important to the GH canvas….she needs to be available for future hellacious hijinks!!!! By the by, did you notice after the others had departed her boudoir, and Nik was alone with his gran’s “corpse,” that she was breathing quite heavily???? I would find it hard to believe that it was just an oversight on the part of that consummate professional, Miss Towers, because if she were intended to appear dead, done and dusted, then I should imagine that she would have been covered up to her neck to conceal her obvious living and breathing state. Me thinks it could be a purely intentional message to the viewers that we haven’t yet seen the last of this most formidable femme….having said that, if such is not the case, then I shall be truly disappointed….I absolutely love the icy elegance of Helena….nobody could ever take her place in the Cassadine dynasty of evildoing. As for Carrrrrrr-LOS!, why yes, he could certainly do with a scrub-a-dub-dub or two….or three…..maybe once his progeny has popped, Sappy could clean them both up together at “bath time????” (Preferably “out of the country,” as Ree-veer-ahhhhhh suggested! At least that’s my wish for Christmas……LOL.) At any rate, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…..and oh….I responded twice to your last post to me—all to no avail—-of course!!! Later, mia amica!

Seems like a lot of the soap guys dye their hair. I thought he would cut it and shave so he could walk around PC a little less noticeable BUT PC residents have to play dumb, AGAIN!

Merci beaucoup, ma belle amie. Pour toi aussi….Benedictions.

I agree, Timmm. Kiki has much improved. I really am starting to love her. I like her renewed honesty and trying to do right by Franco. Morgan? I plead the fifth. Luv-ya.

Yes, I do hope to see Helena again, however, in small doses. As much as I get a kick out of her ‘tendency’ to ridicule everyone and anyone mercilessly, (especially Sam and Mummy), too much at once could be overwhelming. And, oh, so ‘en pointe’. Unlike Dr. O. I never tire of her devil-may-care attitude. She always, without fail, throws caution to the wind….sometimes so much like myself…..LOL.
I return your blessings, Shay….Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Exactly, Dylan!!!! Not to mention that proverbial elephant in the room: Sappy looks positively ready to pop at any given moment….she is HUGELY pregnant! 5 months my foot! How can it be that all three medical professionals (Monica, Patrick and Liz….) in attendance fail to see–and express–the obvious? (Or “super sleuth” Sam, for that matter?) Even if the logical suspects are too dull—or polite—to notice, what about Tracy? This is a usually canny, observant and flip woman! (All Fluke business aside….) Our Ms. Quartermaine would never let the opportunity to cattily comment on something so apparent be left unspoken. (At least she did go slightly snarky on the subject yesterday….that was refreshing. LOL.) Lastly, how much of a dolt must Mikey be? Can he count backward from nine? Because there ain’t no way in creation that his “chickadee” is only five months gone courtesy of his, um, “efforts.”…..(Would somebody, anybody, please speak up? Maybe Ava, Olivia or Carly….they are all gals gutsy enough to say whatever……Or Franco or Dr. O,…..their remarks would undoubtedly be real hoots!)

“En pointe”…..I get your drift, CeeCeeGirl! Good one! LOL. Of course, Helena and her diabolical diva-esque doings are best enjoyed in dribs and drabs….that is the nature of this “Ice Queen”—-her elusive way of flitting in and out of the lives of her prey when they least expect it, always with the element of surprise on her side. I simply don’t want to see the possibility of her future visits forever vanish….not yet. May the “mystery” of Helena’s fate continue! As for your greetings, thank you so very much. May you have a happy, healthy and safe holiday weekend….complete with the delicious manicotti whose recipe you so graciously shared with me last year!!! Ciao, bella!

@Su…I know UR thrilled to have Carlos back…but don’t
get too attached he’s only here for a bit…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Ahhhh, dear Fanny! From your lips to the soap god’s ear….and whilst your at it, could you please request that Carrrrr-LOS! take his babymama with him??? That would be just super! Merci, mon amie and Happy Thanksgiving!

@Shay… I hope your Thanksgiving was Happy as well.

Indeed it was, thank you, Fanny!

Su…where we do agree…I don’t think Helena is really gone. It was another Cassadine ploy…a drug to simulate death. Plus, poisoned tea is usually used by women starting way back from Egypt times. Do think Nik should have given Helena a glass of champagne instead…more classy, and one of her favorites that she always seemed to have it around. I’m sure “She will be back!” Look forward to it.

Oh, gosh…that was supposed to have read: coed, not voted….what’s with this autocorrect? It’s getting worse and worse.
Ok, susu. Laura may have given her son ‘away’. Probably for his own good? Had no other choice. I do not know. The point is, Laura is his genitrice; and has such, she needs respect. ‘ Honor thy mother and thy father’, regardless of what she did. She loves her son and would never hurt him. Now, Su…..say you’re sorry! Lol.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!! Let’s all be thsnkful for what we have.

So good to see Monica!!! Can we rebuild the Quartermaines? Can we have a GH where hospital is central and the dead stay dead. I am tired of resurrections.

I never get tired of them. Wish they happened. In real life….

@Rebecca1…Amen…Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh thank you sweet Fanny. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I watched the Thanksgiving episode just for the Quartermaines (especially Monica). My first GH episode in months. It was pretty good.

Its Thanksgiving everyday on an overstuffed GH…the show is full of Turkeys: Sappy, VAlchops, Snorgan and icki Kiki just to name a few!…lol

Hi Jim. At least before, I could blame bad writing for some of the performances when Carlivati was writing. But now that the writing has drastically improved, what is the excuse for the terrible acting? I don’t like to insult people who are doing their job, but we have ALL had jobs that were just not our forte, or our thing. Clearly, acting is just NOT the right field for many of these people. It is actually painful to watch some of these people attempt to emote, and in some cases, I am embarrassed and feel sorry for them! Kiki (from Emmy winning Kristen to this?), Valerie ( perhaps the most pointless, underdeveloped character in the history of the genre), Nathan (his torso is livelier than he is), Jordan (cue card queen), NuDylan (being a Frank Valentini look-alike has rewards, I guess). It is dragging the show down to look like a grade school play production. CUT SOME LOSSES, TRIM SOME FAT. This show NEEDS a mass exodus of at LEAST 10 characters who are just not working, and never have! And that is including several Emmy winning talents.

I totally agree…also, i didnt notice that Frank and NuDylan looked alike until you mentioned it and they do…the show does need to trim the cast!

I agree with you and Jim but to be fair, I though Morgan did a good job wigging out at the cabin and Kiki has improved, a little.

Hi Dylan. Happy Thanksgiving! Have to say though I don’t agree with you. I think they’re all fine actors. Gorgeous Ryan was beyond awkward and stilted at first. He’s come a long way and though I still think there’s room for improvement, I think his style fits his role. I think Kiki…forgot the actress’s name, is as good if not better than Kristen. Yes, I like Kristen and loved her on OLTL, but this actress has the look and the “brood” and the vibe of the character. I first watched “Jordan” (can’t think of anyone’s actual names right now) on a Canadian show, Being Erica. Loved her in it and was happily surprised to learn she was in the States on GH. I think Dylan is a natural…also good looking and likeable in the part. Valerie? One can like or dislike her character but I find no fault with her acting.

As with anything, it’s subjective….

@Jimh… They sound like tasteless little side dishes we can do without.
Have a Happy & healthy,healthy,healthy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, to all posters and to Micheal Fairmen!

Oh, jimh! You have just echoed my thoughts in the most tasty of ways! Best wishes to you for a Happy—and HEALTHY—Thanksgiving, my fellow Sappy-averse friend!

I want Jason to become close to the Quartemaines; yes, and to get his memory, now!

Many of us have been wanting that for 19 years, two decades, 7 writing regimes. I hope these gals make it happen, but probably not.

All I know is that I better see the Quartermaines having pizza for Thanksgiving—that is always the highlight for me on that holiday. iT EVEN BEATS THE TURKEY AND PUMPKIN PIE I GET EVERY YEAR!!!

Too many traditionalists James, pizza and chocolate pie!

It’s been too long before anyone knew he was Jason and they’re taking forever to bring his memory back. R u kidding me right now. Let he remembered Sam and get back together and left lying Liz.

Jason and Liz is,downright boring

And the Writer NV is,saying the,people are being mean to them….

They are playing Jasamfan base
This stuff is dumb

I for one won’t watch…I can tell by the highlights for,ABC!!
I am OUT!!!
I don’t care for Liz or the good doctor Robin or the ” it girl Haden
Just put,Kelly and Billy together


NV is not a writer for GH. He is an ABC executive.

What ever he is telling people to stop complaing on Facebook

Just put Jasam together

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