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All My Children

ABC Daytime's Brian Frons relates, "Outcry by fans over canceled soaps proves network did a good job for 40-plus years!"

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

During the Television Critics Association’s Sunday session, ABC Daytime president Brian Frons spoke privately with at a luncheon discussing his new show The Chew.  And, when the matter of  the public outcry from soap fans across the board on ABC’s decision to ax One Life to Live and All My Children came into question, Frons responded by saying that, “We actually did a good job (promoting and nurturing them) for all of these last 40 years. I think we’ve spent 40-plus years trying to keep the soap-opera audience happy. So in an odd way, (the outcry) is actually good. It’s just sad that we don’t have a solution.”

Later in the conversation, Frons and Deadline discussed the Prospect Park deal and how it affected production of both canceled shows to shore up their series before it goes off network television, but not to completely end it! Frons told Deadline that after the Prospect Park deal fell into place, All My Children‘s producers were forced to scramble to make the series ending more open-ended rather than final, since the series would now be continuing on after all. He added that the cancellations became necessary due to diminishing returns at the network. “We were at that point where we had to sit and look at what we were doing, and see if there were different opportunities for us in terms of serving a bigger audience. We looked at what was happening on cable — in the food space, the lifestyle space, the talk space, the reality space — and we just saw a very large audience and an opportunity.”

According to Deadline, “During a panel session promoting The Chew before lunch, a critic asked executive producer Gordon Elliott if he was worried about the online movement to boycott his show. The gregarious Aussie replied, “Look, I completely understand how the viewers feel, and I enjoyed those soaps too. But I don’t control the process that made that change. And while I’m sympathetic, I’m also greatly relieved to hear the shows are moving online. I hope the (fans of the shows) give us a break, and if they sit down for five minutes (and watch), they’ll really enjoy us.” Co-host Clinton Kelly was then moved to add, “I’d just like to go on the record that I love Susan Lucci so much. I think she’s fabulous.”

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Once Again Brian Frons Proves He Has No Idea What Fans Want

Agreed but once again he does not give a crap, he is beyond egotiscal .

Brian you are an idiot!

He’s an idiot who doesn’t realize the statement is a non sequitur.

We will not watch your crap shows. The Chew !!!! Huh, More like “The Puke”. If i want to watch a cooking show, there’s an entire cable network, dedicated to cooking shows. Your not a very smart business man to throw away a gold mine. Too bad you were not more creative, maybe you’ve been with the network too long. Maybe a younger, more in touch person could have made AMC and OLTL a shining Jewels that they are.

I Have not watched ABC since your announcement and won’t, No Disney, No ABC. Tell me your not feeling the pressure and if you say your not, your a liar. Which we all know you are !!!!

Long Live AMC !!! Long Live One Live to Live !!!!

i wholeheartedly agree. those shows have their own channels. i want to watch soaps . where do i go to watch a soap now? where’s my soap channel abc? oh u took it.i knew something was happening a few years ago when they cancelled super soap weekend a huge moneymaker. i HATE BRIAN FRONS and will not give any of his replacement shows a chance. CHEW ON THAT

Keep OLTL on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is still time..Come on SOAP FANS of OLTL let’s band together and FIGHt to KEEP OLTL ON ABC!!!!!!!! Let’s be as annoying as possible…………. OLTL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate this guy and I hope he burns in hell I love one life to live I’ve been watching it for a year now im 13 and he’s taken the soaps and the soap channel away how am I suppose to watch soaps and what if news interrupts the soaps and I won’t be able to see what happened cause their getting rid of soap net soo Brian I hope your whole life falls apart and the new shows get horrible ratings

kenzie. at least brian frons was FIRED from ABC….Lisa

The problem with AMC was pretty evident. It goes by the name Charles Pratt… kept him at the helm of AMC 2 years longer than he should have been. And once you write a show into the ground, it’s hard to come back from that. As far as your decision to cancel OLTL….I’m still scratching my head in confusion on that one. There are two cable networks dedicated to Food…FoodNetwork and Cooking Channel….if I have any desire to get connected with food, those are the channels I turn to. I don’t know what makes you think we need another entertainment-food-reality-lifestyle type program on ABC…the industry is already saturated with shows like that. I agree with the comment before, maybe you’ve been in charge for too long and have lost touch with your audience…that’s pretty obvious. I am so hoping that Prospect Park finds a cable network home for AMC & OLTL….and may the ratings take off….then ABC will see the only cancellation they should have made is your contract with their network!! Just face it Brian….the fans aren’t buying your lies anymore, and good luck if you think that any of us are going to watch The Chew. No matter how many promos you run for the show, I will never watch. I will gladly turn to The Barefoot Contessa, while The Chew is on. And just so you know, every time I’m watching OLTL and I see that stupid promo for that show, it just makes me more angry. Not a good idea to promote that show so heavy during AMC & OLTL, because you remind us all what you are replacing our favorite shows with…..a crappy show that I hope gets cancelled within three months time.

I agree when i see the commercials, I actually started dvr’ing DOOL to watch once OLTL is gone, and I can watch news/Bold and Beautiful when AMC was on which i bet a lot will do and give the competition the ratings.


What an Ass-Hat!


“And just so you know, every time I’m watching OLTL and I see that stupid promo for that show, it just makes me more angry. Not a good idea to promote that show so heavy during AMC & OLTL…”

I wholeheartedly agree with this Torrey. It makes me angry too. Once One Life to Live is no longer being broadcast on ABC in January, I will not have ABC on during the day in my home. Throwing out a 40 year old generational audience? Brian chews.

How dare Frons take credit for 40 years of AMC? He has no idea what he’s talking about as usual. He drove AMC into the ground with his constant meddling. Right now, AMC is the best its been in years without his meddling. go figure. As far as the chew goes, I highly doubt anyone will watch. May AMC ratings online be 3 times what they were at ABC, that way ABC can see what they gave up.

Not only did he take credit he thinks it is a GOOD thing the fans are so angry, I do agree he needs to be cancelled from his job, the guy has no clue. Who is going to DVR or TIVO a cooking show???

I have a feeling he will not cancel the new shows very quick just to try to prove he was not wrong cancelling the soaps

I think we should tie up Brian Frons and make him watch EVERY episode of the Chew, aka, the puke. I hate it when the “suits” don’t bother to step into the shoes of the viewers. Robin Strasser was right, Brian, u suck!

I agree he’s a jackass and how dare Clinton Kelly say we should just watch the new shows umm son of a bitch I’m not gonna watch ur stupid show I wanna watch my soaps

brian frons is still an @$$!!!
i will not watch any abc daytime after the soaps leave!!

I will NEVER watch The Chew, can’t wait both Frons/ABC choke on it!!

Me either I hope Brian’s life really goes down the toilet and I hope he rots in hell where he came from

Brian Frons is an idiot. He says he listened to what the viewers wanted, but we know it’s not true. If he had, AMC and OLTL wouldn’t have sold to Prospect Park. I will not be watching any of ABC’s replacement shows. Just not interested.

This guy just spins, spins, spins! So the outcry means he did a good job? Really?Just sad. OLTl was ,u first soap. Watched it when Gillian Spencer was Vicky, then for several years with my mom. Through the Judith Light/Jameson Parker Karen Wolek/Brad Vernon years. Watched AMC 04-06. I feel for the fans that stuck with the shows and are watching now. Just sad to see the ABC line up go down.

It’s hard to believe he looked around and saw what everyone else was doing, and decided the solution was to… DO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING.

I wonder how deep the discussion was about the relative merits of saturation vs over saturation.

Clinton Kelly’s pandering by saying “I love Susan Lucci. I think she is fabulous” is disgusting. It seems he watched the last Daytime Emmy broadcast and learned that Susan Lucci is the only actress worth mentioning. AMC is a well rounded group of talented actors and actresses that deserve a more well thought statement than he gave. I will never tune in to that show or The Revolution, and I will be telling all of my friends not to watch it as well. OLTL is on fire, always under budget, and now top of the ratings for ABC. How is that not a viable soap? Frons and crew are delusional and gravely mistaken if they think any soap fan is going to tune in to ABC Daytime again.

I totally agree I mean really ” I think she’s fabulous” what a SOB and there isn’t even enough words to describe how much I hate brian

There must be a hell – there just must be – because people like Frons really deserve it.
This ass couldn’t tell the truth if his thong depended on it.

And as for Clinton Kelley, I actually like the guy. It’s nice that he thinks Susan Lucci is “fabulous”. I doubt she returns the sentiment, though. And Clinton better be careful. I don’t know if there’s room in Frons’ hot tub for him, and Cam Mat, Budig, Lavosier and Fath. Gettin a little crowded.

Whatever happened to “silence is golden”? None of them help their case the minute they open their mouth.

Frons, please drink the Kool-Aid. What a clueless asshole.

He will be unemployed by years end.

where do i vote?

“we had to sit and look at what we were doing, and see if there were different opportunities… We looked at what was happening on cable”

Cable shows, really? Those were your opportunities?

The easiest thing you could have done is change the shows to a half hour format. Like the way The Bold and The Beautiful is. Not only would it save money, it would have helped preserve the genre.

Or how about a weekend showing like Friday – Sunday. If you can’t show them 5 days a week, how about 3 days a week?

I see how hard ABC/Disney really tried to save the shows. We all do.

Frons the decision you and the network have made are going to come back and bite you in the ass.
Your shows are going to tank.

I agree I hope nobody watches those shows and I hope I get to hear on the news how they were cancelled after only a few episodes I will laugh my a** off got to hell brian

And I also don’t like how Whoopi Goldberg states in the promo, “I’m going to like our new neighbors.” Makes me question myself to watch The View again. If Brian Frons was smart, he would avoid cross-contamination…..We are already pissed that you’re yanking our soaps off the air, now you’re showing us that The View Co-stars seem to be happy about it. Hmmmm, I wander what I can watch in the place of that show now? The Price Is Right is starting to look really good to me.

Actually, I have the scenario all figured out, and if you read along, you’ll see that it plays out like a soap opera in itself. Brian Frons is the villain, of course. He decides to make a deal with some producer, and it involves a pay-off down the road, if he can successfully accomplish his devious plan….so, he hires Charles Pratt and fills him in on the plan to take down AMC, and being that AMC is the crown jewel of ABC, if we take down that show, the others will soon come crumbling down too. He hands over AMC to Pratt, a man who informs everyone that he will not write character-driven storylines and will not honor the rich history of the show…so, stories start to muck up the show, great actors start to drop like flies and the show along with the fans start to suffer. Once things get to an all time low, Pratt becomes collateral damage and is shown the door. In a secret meeting he is told, “Well done.” By the evil villain Frons. But “The Frons” is still not satisfied, so he hires two hacks to take the show further down the rabbit hole…and who better than two writers that have just caused the demise of ATWT & GL. He sees gold! So, these two hacks come along and make the situation even worse….by the time they are let go it’s too late and the show is now being cancelled. But the cliffhanger that The Frons didn’t see coming was the strong loyalty that the fans have for ABC daytime. We’re like a cold that you just can’t get to go away, and there’s no cure for….LOL. In swoops in Prospect Park to save the day…YAY!!! Now with the hopes of finding an internet or cable network home. The fans cheer and all chant: The Great and the Least, The Rich and the Poor, The Weak and the Strong, In Sickness and in Health, In Joy and in Sorrow, In Tragedy and Triumph, We are All My Children.


Whoopi Goldberg is such a has-been, isn’t she? For such a “big star” to dance to the network’s tune in doing such a promo is embarrassing – for her.

Does hsve such an overwhelming need to be in the public eye that she’ll do whatever asshat Frons says??

Why am I even asking?? She’s on The View – of course she’ll do anything for attention.

She’s going to be forgotten almost as fast as THE CHEW and Frons himself.

Whoopi Goldberg will do anyting for FOOD, she will kiss anyone a$$ for food.

It figures that this egotistcal a$$hole would turn this around to make himself look good. If abc spent 1/4 of the time and money promoting our soaps like they’ve spent on the Chew these past weeks the shows never would have been cancelled in the first place!! Prospect Park or not I no longer watch abc except for my soaps and it will stay that way. abc never expected the public response that they got which just goes to show you that the rating system is a dinosaur and needs to be revamped. And please DO NOT get me started about Katie Couric! Katie & Frons the perfect couple ass and hole!!!!

I think it all started going down hill for the abc soaps the minute they put Brian Frons in charge. That is when the writing started going down hill. And as for the new show coming on at noon, “The Crap” as I think of it, I don’t think it will last long at all.

I think you have made a huge mistake,but I don’t think you’ll get it until the ratings for THE CHEW, shows to be dismal at best………………..

I will boycott any show that comes on @ 1pm and 2pm, boycott ABC and Brian Frons,BRIAN FRONS is a jerk he took two good soap opera off the air.BOYCOTT———————————————–BOYCOTT ABC ALL THE WAY.

This is such a bad move for ABC daytime….who is going to watch the Chew not I or the other fans of AMC and OLTL… This is the dumbest move that ABC has done I am 49 and these show have been apart of my whole life! Brian Frons is making a HUGE MISTAKE AND I HOPE IT IS HIS DOWNFALL.


I NEVER watch the View – those women are like cackling hens with their own agenda. Sorry to tell them, but The hosts on The Talk have it all over them. When the actually cancel AMC and OLTL – I’m done with ABC all together. I quit watching ABC nighttime television after their demise of Men in Trees and October Road with no forewarning. They can tentatively plan to produce The Chew and The Revolution, but they need to CHEW on the Revolution of angry viewers and watch their daytime ratings go up in smoke. They have no clue what they are doing. Right after Hoover pulled it’s advertising from ABC for canceling those shows . . . I went out and bought myself a new Hoover. Not that I needed one, but hey I like the way they roll!

I’m SSSOOOOOOO with you on this.

This “Frons” person needs his head examined. If I received a ton of email and snail mail stating that I would never watch “The Chew” “The Revolution” and “Katie Couric,” those shows would never see the light of day. It’s pure, simple logic. A few months ago, I sent both email and snail mail stating that I refuse to watch ABC if the soaps are replaced with that garbage, and I mean it. Mr. Frons, put on your reading glasses and your listening ears: I WILL NOT WATCH “THE CHEW,” “THE REVOLUTION,” or “KATIE COURIC.” If that isn’t bold or loud enough, than this dude is deaf, dumb and blind, at least mentally. As for Whoopi Goldberg, my guess is that she was threatened with the termination of her job if she didn’t comply with Fronsfart.



Brian Frons is an idiot!!! We need another Cooking show like we need a hole in the head!I am GRIEVING at the loss of All My Children. and One Life To Live. They are why TIVO and Soapnet were invented. I hate ABC so bad for listening to this dumb man! I wish Agnes Nixon could write a very bad ending for this jerk.

What a moron, the outcry from the fans show what a great job they did for 40 years, yes great job until he and his sh-tty writers an cohorts came along. He really thinks a whole lot of himself. Gordon Elliott made one point that I am stil befuddled by, “people can’t sit down for an hour to watch a story”? That is where watch and record and soapnet come in. I sure as hell do not have an hour to waste on food, I can go to Food Channel to watch cooking. A little fantasy, a little break is more what I want and I can be very honest Mario Batali does not fit into my fantasy ok well maybe the orange crocs a little- I want my soap back.

The picture of Brian Frons used shows what a self-serving; smug lying egotistical jerk really looks like. Taking credit for the 40 years of devoted fans and success that both AMC and OLTL have had proves the Frons is clueless. Trying to spin the anger and betrayal AMC fans are voicing as something good for “The Chew” is the MOST ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in print.

Of course the ratings for the chew day 1 were going to be good – curiosity is a powerful motivation; just as bad television is sure way to make me and others grab the remote, change the channel and watch something else.

Once OLTL goes off the air, I will no longer watch any of the ABC/Disney/ESPN networks; anything published by Hyperion will not be purchased; Marvel comics are out – DC Comics in; our family will be taking its last and final trip to Disneyland; the return trip to Disney World is cancelled along with the planned trip to Euro Disney next Fall.

Universal Studios looks really, really good!

Thanks to Brian Frons for opening up literally hours of FREE time each week for me. I no longer watch Greys Anatomy, Private Practice or Dancing with the Stars or The View or any of the other crap Brian Frons keeps trying to push down our throats. It’s amazing what great SCRIPTED shows still exist on the other networks. Check out NCIS, Hawaii Five Oh, Fringe and some of the others. Do I like food shows? – you bet! but I will watch the food networks for those when I want. I still watch General Hospital (until he decides to cancel that) and will watch the new AMC when it comes on Prospect Park in 2012 but as far as ABC goes – I’m done.

Cannot WAIT for the day that Frons is gone from ABC! The sad part is that he will have killed two great soaps before someone booted his sorry, lame butt out of town! Have lots of free time in the afternoon now thanks to “Ole Bri”!! Would not watch The Chew (what the HELL is that name??!!!) or ANYthing that stars Katie Couric (Has she finally managed to pull her sorry face out of Al Gore’s lap??? Just wondering since it was so securely attached to his zipper all thru his presidential run………..)!!

I like to think that AMC will continue to flourish via the internet LOOOOOONG after Frons is just some sorry-ass name lost in the annals (or anals??) of the ABC history………..

Once again BF misinterpreted what the outcry was about. Or, he purposely ignored what it meant. Yes we enjoyed the year of AMC, though not when he and Disney were in charge. But, what he ignored was, that we did not want AMC to go away. I hope he’s fired for the mistakes he is insisting upon. The Chew is failing rapidly. And it’s too late to put AMC and OLTL back on. You, Brian, don’t have them to push around any more. This was all for naught.

Sorry about typo. Meant to say I enjoyed 40 years.
Me and about 6 of my family went out and bought hoover products

You didn’t do a good job for over 40 years….the fans did!!! Bye bye chew! And hopefully you too Frons.

It just stinks that no one saved As The World Turns or Guiding Light, the only two shows with more history than AMC/OLTL. For all the reasons soap ratings were down—-more women working, more alternative channels, TIVO, etc.—-that show, whose name deserves no mention, will eventually fail and we won’t have to see that annoying peacock-faced co-host EVER AGAIN. (Yes, it’s very juvenile to use such an insult…I don’t care.)

Fronz needs to find a corner and SIT DOWN. He is so stupid he doesn’t even know it..

I just hope PROSPECT PARK can handle the traffic watching AMC AND OLTL online. I believe Prospect Park will add another Network for soaps before it is all over… They honor loyal viewers and respect them too. Unlike ABC and Fronz.. FIRE BRIAN FRONZ!!

Susan ain’t fabulous all by herself. They ALL are and some of them are even REAL….!

I tried to watch the replacement shows, but I find them boring. So I refuse to watch any shows replacing One Life To Live, General Hospital, As The World turns, The Young And The Restless, and The Days Of Our Lives.

All My Children

Kelly Ripa Shares on Husband Mark Consuelos: “My Funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 Years of Love With This Guy”

Ah, we remember them when, right? Hard to believe that 29 years have passed since Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tied the knot when they were mere young adults on All My Children on May 1st, 1996 and portraying Hayley and Mateo, respectively.

But, look at them now! Kelly and Mark are happily married with three children and co-hosting the top-rated syndicated morning talk show!

On Valentine’s Day, Mark took to his Instagram and Kelly took to hers, posting pics and snaps of their love for one another. Consuelos shared: “My forever Valentine…You make smile♥️♥️” to which Ripa replied “Ten Hearts.”

Photo: MConsuelosIG

Kelly posted a plethora of great shots of the duo through the years, captioning it all with “My funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 years of ♥️ with this guy 😍”

The photo album included: Kelly and Mark in matching blue and white outfits standing in front of a red sign that spells out the word “love.” In addition, Ripa chose some moments from their red-carpet appearances and some of their favorite vacations.

Photo: Live with Kelly/Mark IG

Meanwhile, the Live with Kelly and Mark social media account featured a shot of the couple wearing matching t-shirts that said, “Find someone that loves you as much as Mark loves Mark 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So, what do you think? Are Kelly and Mark the best example of a Valentine’s Day couple we know and love? Share your thoughts in the comment section and Happy Valentine’s Day from Michael Fairman TV!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa)

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All My Children

Grammy Winner Jody Watley Recalls Dancing On ‘Soul Train’ with All My Children’s Darnell Williams: “Like Every Other Soap Fan I Loved His Legendary Character ‘Jesse'”

Look who’s paying an homage to one of the all time daytime greats, Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse, All My Children), none other than recording artist and Grammy-winner, Jody Watley.

While in promotion of her new single, Everlasting, Watley has been sharing photos and memories of moments from her career that are everlasting.

Taking to her Instagram, Watley shared a photo of herself with a young Darnell Williams, where we learned not only is she a huge fan of the iconic Jesse from Pine Valley, but she danced with Darnell when they both appeared on Soul Train! Darnell was regular on the show from 1974-1975.  Watley began her professional career on Soul Train, then became part of the musical group, Shalamar, before beginning her own solo career which has now spanned decades.

Photo: JPI

Watley expressed on Willi: “EVERLASTING Indeed! 😁😁✨ “Always believe in you..” #flashbackfriday #70s 😘 this photo was shared with me from a ST fan page on FB .. I’d never seen it before 😯😍 – two teens with big dreams — Darnell Williams such a nice guy and so handsome we danced together a few times – a snapshot – … later like every other soap fan I loved his legendary character “Jesse” back in the golden era of daytime TV “All My Children” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ terrific actor— and I was in awe like “I knew him on ST” 😁 – before coming into my own trajectory as an artist.”

Photo: DCorneliusProdsInc

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Darnell Williams appeared on All My Children during several stints from 1991 to 1998, then again from 2008-2011, before reprising the role in 2013 in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.

Watley’s biggest hits include Real Love, Looking for a New Love, Everything, Some Kind of Lover and more.

So, what do you think of the Darnell and Jody connection, and her remembrances of his time as Jesse on AMC? share your thoughts in the comment section, and also check out the radio edit version of Jody’s new single below.


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A post shared by Jody Watley (@jodywatley)

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All My Children

‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Most-Watched Week of Syndicated Talk Shows in 2 Years; Delivers Strongest Week in Nearly 3 Years

In another case of soap alums doing great things, come news that former All My Children stars and real-life marrieds Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) are having a great ride together as on-screen co-hosts of the syndicated morning series, Live with Kelly and Mark.

New numbers were just released by ABC that share that during the week of January 15-19 2024: Live with Kelly and Mark hit series highs in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). Interestingly enough, former GH star, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah Drake) appeared on the show that week performing with friend and musician, Richard Marx.)

But there is more good news: Live with Kelly and Mark delivered the franchise’s strongest week in nearly 3 years in both Households and Total Viewers, as well as double-digit week-to-week increases in key demos over the last three weeks.

Photo: ABC

With 2.673 million Total Viewers, ‘Live’ delivered the most-watched week of any syndicated talk show in 2 years ( since Dr. Phil second week of January in 2022).

In even more solid gains for this ratings report: the talker stood as the week’s top  daytime talk show in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). ‘Live’ also ranked as the No. 1 entertainment talk show of the week across all key Nielsen measures, topping all daytime and late-night entertainment talk shows.

Photo: ABC

Overall the Live with Kelly and Mark is up 4%  from the the previous year averaging roughly 2.4M viewers across all of its episodes. ‘Live’ also stands as the season’s No. 1 entertainment talk show across all key Nielsen measures.

Consuleos arrived officially on the season on April 17th 2022 taking over for the departing Ryan Seacrest to co-host the show with Ripa. While many voiced concerns that the on-screen and off-screen coupling might make for lower ratings if they were not entertaining, just the opposite has happened, the series seems in a very healthy place; given the constant downturn in linear ratings and viewership in daytime TV.

Are you enjoying Kelly and Mark as co-hosts compared to Kelly’s other co-hosts through the years? Comment below.

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