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Adam Huss Returns to General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine

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Look who’s back on General Hospital! Adam Huss, who had filled-in on several occasions for Marcus Coloma as Nikolas Cassadine during his run, was seen at the end of Thursday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama series.

Rumors had been rampant, as to what would become of the character, and who could play the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, following Coloma’s exit from the show several months ago.

When viewers last saw Nikolas, it was Huss who played the role when the character was being kept alive while in a coma, and in an undisclosed location. As viewers have learned, Austin (Roger Howarth) has played a part in this and is keeping quite a secret from Ava (Maura West) about Nikolas.

At the end of Thursday’s GH, Austin strolled by a house and was asking how someone was feeling. We next see a very much alive and well, Nikolas sipping a beer, who then says, Thank you, Doc. It’s kind of you to ask.”

Will Huss now be the permanent replacement for the character moving forward? Many fans sure hope this is the case.

So, what do you think about Adam Huss being back as GH’s Nikolas? Comment below.

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Marcus Coloma was an excellent Nikolas. Replacing him is a mistake.

NV was too young looking for the prince.

Who’s “NV?”

Marcus Coloma was great

Yes; loved him. Was very disappointed when they didn’t renew his contract, and and we’ll probably never know why. But it is what it is, I think Adam might be a good fit. I’m looking forward to what he brings to the role.

I still don’t know what or who “NV” is…

Right bring him back please.

No. He was horrible; he allowed his female co-stars to carry him through his scenes. Adam Huss is a far superior actor.

I agree. He is a strong replacement. Put him on contract asap

We should find out today if he is a series regular or not.

Huss must be your relative

I agree, when does age matter, loved Marcus as Nicholas.

Please bring back Marcus Coloma!!

There was no age problem; Marcus is in his 40s. He just looked younger.

Yes Marcus did a great job!

I like Marcus Coloma. I didn’t care for Adam Huss

Me either

Don’t bring back Huss

I agree it was heartbreaking to see Marcus leave GH

Marcus did not resonate Nik to me. Adam Huss brings out the dark prince. Love Marcus in other movies just not this role.

I agree there was a sexiness a certain chemistry between Ava and Nikolas and Ava that isn’t there with Russ in this role

And you can tell that from the ten minutes they had together before she conked him over the head? It doesn’t matter. Ava didn’t even shed a tear when she thought she killed him and she’s certainly not been grieving. I think it would be ridiculous to put them back together no matter who plays Nikolas. That’s not love…

I can’t wait until he finds out Ava is selling Windemere. Can’t tell if he’s all there with the little we saw of him today but chugging his beer, he must at least be physically o.k. Maybe if he has amnesia also, he and Eddie can start their own duo. This show is getting stupider by the day.

He’s definitely not himself. It’d be absurd if he was. First, Nikolas always adored Spencer; their entire father/son history he put Spencer first. So the whole leaving him for three years and not letting him know he was alive was too stupid; from that point the writers changed the history of this father/son relationship. When everyone believed Nikolas was dead he was calling Spencer to let him know he was alive…but suddenly he decided to let Spencer think he was dead? No. So at this point? Unless these new writers didn’t do their homework and believe that Nikolas is really a bad father, there’s no way Nikolas would stay away again, not only from Spencer but from his newborn, his mom, or leave Liz to take the fall. So I’d say he was brainwashed…or, who knows, maybe he got the Jason/Drew, Drew/Franco mind meld and he’s now Helena. LOL!

There were two times before this time he disappeared. The first time, Spencer knew about it. The second time he did not

I remember everyone thought Nikolas was dead but he was secretly calling Spencer. Wasn’t that the same story when he wound up on a plane with Ava, then they all met Valentin for the first time, and Nikolas was shot and believed dead? Either way, the writers screwed with Nikolas and Spencer’s relationship because the Nikolas we watched over the years with Spencer would never have let him believe he was dead. It doesn’t even make sense; if he didn’t want him to suffer and grieve the first time he’d suddenly let him believe he was dead the second? And then we have to hear Spencer rage and whine over and over again about what a horrible father Nikolas was…which isn’t true.

Yes when she thought he was going after her daughter Avery she hit him over the head to stop him . Go back to all of their scenes together they had good chemistry with Adam not so much . But it’s ok we all like the actors/ characters for different reasons .

That’s not what I mean Brandy. The story changed; it doesn’t matter who plays Nikolas now in terms of chemistry with Ava. She betrayed him to Spencer; she was vicious and gave Spencer that confession so that Spencer would think Nikolas killed Esme. And when she thought she killed Nikolas, she barely shed a tear. She’s not grieving, she’s not pining for him. She’s more about covering her tracks so she doesn’t get caught. So my point is Nikolas and Ava should be over; I wouldn’t want him going back to a woman who thought she killed him and left him propped up in the stable for a few days before she decided what she’d do with him.

It’s a shame; I thought Nikolas and Ava would be a power couple; I LOVED them together. But when they introduced the Spencer/stalker story Nikolas and Ava started falling apart.

Rebecca 1, you are so right. I thought Ava was a cold hearted bitch after that, even though Nicolas violently threatened her about taking Avery. I think it all started going down hill after he slept with Esme, seemed like all the love between them was gone. How stupid that people are even entertaining the idea of them ever being together again.

Neither do sonny and Nina have chemistry and we are forced to watch those two way too much. Adam should be paired with new leading lady. He and Ava should stay divorced

It would be ridiculous to put them back together. She barely she a tear when she thought he was dead; just worried that she’d be caught. It’d be hard to see her as a woman in love if she can so easily get over his supposed death.

I agree Sonny and Nina Ugh lol chemistry not good lol

I agree Nina and Sonny is not a good match no chemistry at all I feel the same about Drew and Carly and Ava and Huss

There is absolutely no chemistry between Nina and Sonny! Ugh! I want the hardcore Sinny back. They made him too soft!

Perception of chemistry is subjective. There are plenty of us who love the sweet and romantic chemistry that exists between Sonny and Nina. I never saw it between Carly and Sonny. They seemed like partners who just weren’t that into each other very much. It’s nice to see Sonny come alive and grow with Nina. Alas, it won’t last but as long as they don’t re-pair Sonny and Carly for the millionth time, I’m okay with that. I know Maurice Bernard doesn’t want that either.

Who is Adam?

Oh yes there is; Huss brings the chemistry. Marcus Coloma had nothing with Maura West, and I’ve never seen a male star NOT have chemistry with her. She carried him.

I agree with Scott. Huss can emote and therefore, he resonates. Marcus was a mouth breather who couldn’t emote to save his life.

I love Marcus Coloma as Nicholas!
This new actor is horrible at playing the character Nicholas cassadine because he is just has no Chemistry and is boring to me. These writers just don’t know about picking these actors or even know how to write these story lines.

Writers don’t pick actors. That’s the jobs of casting directors and producers.

Writers don’t pick the actors; it baffles how little people know when spouting off at the mouth.

Marcus come back!

I agree

Agreed—Coloma brought it —and he’s hot

Agreed @RoseAnne! I want Marcus back!

Marcus could not act and it was glaringly apparent when he tried to keep up with Mayra and Nicholas. Adam Huss can keep up and he can emote with the best of them.

Harry – you hit it spot on. You’ll notice that many long time posters here (Scott, you and me) see it the same way.

I agree Marcus is a much better Nicolas

I wish that Tyler Christopher would come back

Yay yay. Love his portrayal

I really liked MC in the role and am not clear on why he isn’t playing Nikolas anymore. There seem to be a lot of stories about it out there, so I’m not sure what to believe.

However, I really like AH in the role, too, and would be happy to see him bring Nikolas back to PC permanently.

Marcus self admittedly burned too many bridges with tptb! He shot himself in the foot leading to his exit!

Exactly; plus, there were reports of someone on their way out that was causing too much discourse on-set.

Why are you assuming this was Marcus, if the reports are true at all? No proof, just a need to cast unfounded accusations on an actor for who knows what reason.

Well, he was even reported to have refused to film his scenes once he found out he wasn’t remaining in the role, which is childish. And then his “reps” released a statement denying the claims (typical PR move). And never in my comment did I actually state it was Coloma, as if it were fact. I stated “reports of someone on their way out.” Again, not once did I state Coloma’s name.

This is absolutely not true, and I see that you posted the exact same thing on another forum. Marcus Coloma never admitted to burning bridges because he himself never burned any bridges. What he did say was that he was suffering from the brain fog that is common while some people are recovering from Covid. He was having trouble remembering lines, and that resulted in multiple takes having to be done of some of his scenes. He said he apologized to multiple cast members and crew because of that. He said this on Instagram in his post after he left, and he has said it in person to people. I really think you should stop spreading false information and misquoting an actor.

I never knew this about the brain fog
I do know he never bad mouthed GH cast members or the powers that be
So I can’t see him burning any bridges. I bet if they had asked him he would have come back

That has nothing to do with why they didn’t renew his contract; separate issue. He supposedly thought (if that’s even true) that Adam would play Nikolas until he recovered from covid; he was shocked that he wasn’t offered a renewal of his contract. And disappointed.

Marcus Coloma in no way. admitted to burning bridges on GH because he did not do anything wrong. He suffered a common after effect of Covid that was causing him to have difficulty remembering lines. He stated that he apologized to multiple actors when they had to do multiple takes of scenes. That was an illness, that was not him doing anything wrong. He is feeling fine these days. It really bothers me when actors are smeared.

What some see as an actor telling his side others are able to see as retroactive spin control. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but the point remains Coloma will not be returning in the role. Time for everyone to move on.

I do not like Adam Haus. If they wanted to bring back Nikolas, and couldn’t be more supportive of Tyler Christopher (OG) then they should bring Colonna back! This guy is just not a good actor, I’m sorry. Nikolas is grey. TC was grey. MC was grey. AH is just dark and icky. This is so stupid.

He’s a very good actor; he has way more acting experience than Tyler did when he started years ago and definitely more than Marcus. Adam’s been in quite a few things. I adored Tyler; he was THE Nikolas and I was watching when he, Alexis, and Stefan first came to town. I was so upset that we lost him on GH but was pleasantly surprised to then really like Marcus; disappointed that they didn’t renew his contract. But it is what it is and I have a feeling Adam’s going to be great in the role.

And, it’s not about being “supportive” of Tyler. He’s got substance abuse problems that he’s trying to work through, but unfortunately slipped and was arrested in May. A show can’t bet on an actor for such a big role when they don’t know if he can do the job. It’s the same reason he lost his role on DAYS.

Marcus’ acting resume has 10 times the number of roles on well know programs than Adam’s has. Go to IMDB and check. Adam is absolutely much less experienced than Marcus, and it shows.

If you go to Wikipedia and look them both up Adam has 26 movies listed, Marcus has four. Adam has 17 TV appearances, one was a two year stint on a popular show, POWER. Marcus has 23 TV appearances. So overall, I’d say Adam has had more work. But I have to admit Marcus has appeared in more things that I’d realized; maybe it was because I knew it was his first soap role and I don’t think he was in anything else long term (before GH).

Either way, I’m just saying Adam has experience behind him and I think people need to give him a chance. It’s hard to immediately accept an actor literally following one that we know and like. Adam had to step in when Marcus was fresh in our minds. There’s been some time away now so maybe he can make the role his own. And as I already said, I loved Marcus in the role; I was surprised & really disappointed they didn’t renew his contract. Even had a girlie crush on him, lol, when he first hit our screens. 😉 But I’ve missed “Nikolas” so I’m curious to see how Adam does. He can’t be worse than new Molly, lol. (Still, I’d take her over Haley Pullos any day). I guess we’ll find out…

With all that experience, one would think Marcus would grow as an actor instead of just standing there listlessly while Maura West Nicholas Chavez and Genie Frances acted in circles around him. Adam Huss is far superior of an actor and he’s able to cry real tears while emoting. Marcus was never able to do that.


I like Tyler

Me too!

Oh yes bring back Tyler he was the best

THIS was the Nikolas I wanted back!!!

Marcus Coloma was the perfect Nikolas. I loved his chemistry with Ava. Still hope he returns .

Adam H. has the acting ability of a trout. His mouth is either gaping or contorted. His talent runs the gamut from a to A.

I agree, I’d rather the character stay dead than have to watch Adam Huss. I absolutely hate his acting.

Sounds like a perfect description of Marcus.

Imo Marcus Coloma was a terrible Nicolas..He didn’t have the class or the grace or acting abilities to play such a complicated character..And Adam Huss was even worse..Tyler Christopher will always be Nickolas in my eyes ..

I totally agree

I think Huss will work out give him a chance

No to Adam, it is always Christopher, but if not then I guess Marcus , but Adam Noooo, just isn’t right at all!!!!

I agree Tyler was the best Nicholas n would like for him to return but if not Marcus was a better replacement than Adam. Adam doesn’t do the role justice. Bring back one of the other two.

Tyler Christopher is Nicholas Cassadine and I could never see Adam or Marcus other than a fill in. Please ask Tyler to come back!

Let Tyler Christopher heal and bring him back

I think Tyler has an alcohol and perhaps a substance abuse problem. The role is too important to risk putting TC back in it if he’s not ready.

Give Adam the job today episode I saw Nicholas I believe in him

Tyler Christopher will always be the best Nikolas!

i dont like him,i want the real one to come bk!

Not a fan of Huss. I find him much less of a convincing, talented actor and his facial expressions are disturbing!
Really liked Marcus alot! He also looked quite a bit like Spencer’s dad, I don’t see that at all in Adam Huss!

Memo to Frank Valentini:

My offer still stands to be a Satanic sponsor for on set AA meetings, if it will help get the real Nikolas and the real Molly back to work. Hell knows this show is suffering without them. Huss hasn’t really been given a chance yet, since he got about two days of work before being sent to veggieland. But we all know 40 year old Molly is horrible.

I don’t even watch her scenes anymore because she spoils the whole story just her being in it, that whiney voice is so bad, unbelievable they could hire someone so unlikable.

I don’t care for the new Molly either, but no way should Haley Pullos return anytime soon, if ever. Not until she grows up, accepts responsibility for what she did, and gets help.

Satan, you were 100% correct on the call out to my Blair Cramer comment… I will admit I do lament too much over the loss of OLTL.. still.

again, your latest offering here are outstanding and very admirable

Too young

I think you should bring in someone new and pleasing to the eyes like Sonny, Spencer and Jax

I love the new Nikolas cassindine he’s so much well developed then the other character!!

God forbid you would care how developed his brain is every time he opens his mouth.

I’m happy Nicolas is back i don’t care who plays him as long as they don’t kill him off….

I wish it would be Marcus Coloma instead. No offense to Adam Huss, he is also a great actor. Just loved Marcus as Nikolas.

Great news. Really great news. Happy GH is keeping and bringing Nicholas back.

Nooo..I’d like him as Nicholas he has no chemistry with Ava or Laura

Never was a fan of the character regardless of who played him. Unpopular opinion but Tyler Christopher was actually my least favorite to play the role. I would rather they bring the character back to tie up loose ends and send him out of town.

Wow somebody just gets out of coma and is drinking?

Rather have Marcus if we can’t have Tyler.

Bring back not like Adam at all.but my understanding Marcus was in an accident a while back,so I get it.

Adam Huss is a poor recast for Nikolas, bring back Tyler Christopher!!!

I loved Marcus in the role and was pissed his contract wasn’t renewed. But I think Adam Huss will be a fine replacement. Good-looking guy with a bit more of a mature look, and he’s got a lot of acting credits to his name. Looking forward to what he can bring to the role. I’m just glad to have “Nikolas” back, although I’m assuming he won’t be “himself” when he returns. They seem to have messed with his mind.

He is a good actor and played Nicholas well . Knew when Alexis and Spencer were talking about him he was going to be shown today no longer in a coma . Why is Austin keeping him hidden and not telling Ava ? He must be in Port Charles but where? Will he be able to stop Ava from selling Wyndemere and granting Lucy that big sales commission that can keep her fighting Tracy ! Will Brook Lyn come clean and testify against Tracy and admit to corporate espionage a crime ?

He’s in Austin’s hometown. It’s far enough from PC that Maxie felt safe hiding there but close enough that Cousin Lollipop can spend an afternoon lurking about PC and still be home for dinner. Also, it seems to be surrounded by trees. Which means that someone(s) will inevitably be there for an unrelated reason and catch a glance of Nik which will result in a chase through the woods before Nik gets back to PC.

Omg. Did they even ask Tyler Christopher? He is the best and only Nicholas. So good looking and a great actor!! Come back Tyler. Please!!

Tyler Christopher has lost work on GH and DAYS because of his substance abuse problems. He’s still not in a good place and unfortunately would not be a good bet to bring aboard as a main character again. He always comes off as a great guy when I’ve heard him interview, and he’s had a tough journey. If he was up to it I think we’d all love to see him back but he’s still struggling. He was just arrested in May for public intoxication and is in a lawsuit with his sisiter.

Realistically, Tyler Christopher is considered an “at risk” hire, due to his past problems and I am sure the insurance to cover him is not worth the ultimate risk. Would it be nice to have him back? Sure. But, it isn’t realistic.

Although Adam’s a good actor, I prefer Marcus. He was the best Nikolas of all. I would Iike Marcus back.

I liked Marcus as Nicholas and.he gelled well with Spencer. sure Adam Huss is a good actor, but I am not feeling him as Nicholas.

I am excited about his return,I love his character,chemistry with Ava.

I think Adam Hudson is great..but love love Marcus coloma y can’t they bring him back I don’t get it!!!, why can’t Marcus comona back

Tyler Christopher is the ONLY Nicholas!

Marcus coloma was great as nikolas on GH. Nobody other than Marcus was able to fill the shoes of Tyler Christopher as nikolas & Marcus was superior even better than original Tyler Christopher.

Praise Xenu!! Marcus rules!

Neither Marcus nor Adam is a worthy Nikolas. Marcus is creepy and Adam is just awful. Tyler Christopher is the only Nikolas—omg, If they had to recast, I’d prefer the guy from the early 00s to either of the newbies…or ya know, since the character was off the canvas for a while, and it’s strike storylines anyway, why not experiment with a new guy….but again, seriously, in 25 years, if people are still clamoring for the og…recasting isn’t the way to go…Tyler Christopher is the prince.

“the guy from the early 00s” will literally never be back. He’s a fugitve felon wanted in several states. I’m not kidding.

Ironically, the only reason they probably hired Marcus Coloma in the first place is that he looked a lot like that guy. Unfortunately he was never that good in the role.

I haven’t seen enough of Adam Huss yet to form an opinion.

It’s really a shame for many reasons that Tyler Christopher can’t seem to get his personal life together, he will always be Nikolas Cassadine. But that ship has sailed.

Never really cared for Marcus in the role, though he did start to grow on me a little towards the end. He had his issues with the show, whatever the real story is about his departure, so he’s not coming back

The show had to move on, and we’ll see how Adam does. I’ll reserve my opinion until I give him a fair shot, like I try to do with any new actor taking on an established character.

I don’t know why anyone is concerned whether Adam Huss has chemistry with Maura West. It would be absurd for the writers to pair these two back together at ANY point in the story moving forward. She still thinks she killed him and hasn’t shed one tear; lunching with Nina, sex with Austin. It’s not even an act; she literally just moved on. As usual, Ava’s about covering her tracks, but there’s no love left there. Did she feel bad that he was dead? Surprised? Meh; I guess. But to have us believe in this couple again when she so quickly got on with her life? No. The writers messed with a good thing. I thought Ava and Nikolas would go on to be a power couple. Instead, the Spencer stalker story happened and Ava and Nikolas were dismantled piece by piece.

Marcus was far better than Adam. What a mistake it was to get rid of him

I agree, Jenny. I see no believable resemblance to the character — a rich, spoiled guy who presumably picked up some class along the way; I see no traits like these in this recast. He’d be more believable as one of Sonny’s thugs.

Luv-ya. Soaphound—We’re so shallow—we go for looks.LOL. Huss reminds me of Berserker—and a wild caveman with scary eyes. No class —no finesse—not a Cassadine—he’s an unrefined bully—Coloma? Ahhh—so frickin hot hot hot!!

Ah Celia, beauty may be only skin deep.. but with guys like Marcus, Nick Chavez, Billy Miller– that’s deep enough for me.

While I’m glad to see Nicholas return, I so wish GH would bring back Tyler Christopher. No one can play NC better than Tyler.

Why? If we can’t have the OG back, Marcus is the one that has now became Nicholas! Why do u guys fire people that are doing an excellent job? It just don’t make any sense!

Bring back (1) Tyler Christopher or (2) Marcus Coloma. Please.

(1) Not happening (2) Never going to happen

To all clamoring for Tyler Christopher to return, it’s time to accept this is not going to happen. Let’s wish him well as he continues to work at recovery.

Coloma, also won’t be returning. He took a leading man role and turned it into a lackluster supporting character. Is Huss perfect – we really don’t know yet, but he did perform rather well in the few episodes we did see him in.

Coloma, also won’t be returning. He took a leading man role and turned it into a lackluster supporting character.

Not to mention, he rested on his female co-stars to carry him through his scenes. He rested in the role and brought nothing; he had zero chemistry with anyone he worked with, and seemed disconnected from everything he did, aside from when Nikolas slept with Esme. He seemed AWAKE for those scenes… hmm…

All I know is that I fast forwarded through scenes involving Nikolas as played by Marcus. He left me cold. But Adam Huss seamlessly stepped into a climatic scene and owned it. He actually made me feel sorry for Nikolas as he pleaded with his son and cried to his mother. Marcus could never had pulled that off.

No, he couldn’t have. And that says a lot. Again, he allowed his co-stars, especially his female ones, to carry him through his scenes.

It could happen. Maybe working where he was so popular and digging his heels in will be a part of and help his recovery!! I don’t like Adam or Marcus. They just don’t fit. Nicholas Chavez (Spencer) is so amazing. To see him and Tyler share the screen. They’re both made for those roles. I’m picturing it now! The ratings would soar!!!!

With tight budgets these days, neither the show – nor ABC – would justify the insurance costs Tyler would require.

I think Adam is a great Nikolas replacement and I am a huge TC fan, but he seemed to understand the assignment and that was Nik is far more than just Ava Jerome’s pairing. He has great chem with Genie, NAC, Becky and yeah AP too. #GH

Adam Huss is a fine actor in his own right. However, I dislike him for this part. He plays Nicolas too roughly. He is more suited to be Mason’s brother or one of Sonny’s henchmen. I’m sorry they could not get Tyler back. That would have been super. My second choice would be the actor Marcus Coloma. The only thing with him is that I thought he was too young for the part.

Neither Marcus Coloma or Adam Huss fit the role of Nikolas in my opinion. It could have been the fault of the writing for the character, but Tyler Christopher will always be Nikolas to me. If he can’t return, then I would have loved to see someone like Michael Muhney in the role, I think he would have been an excellent Nikolas.

And if not MM, then how about Nick Stabile? He filled in for Tyler a few years back when Valentin shot Nikolas and he was presumed dead… he was great during that limited run.

Thank you! I was trying to remember his name, because I thought the same thing – he was fantastic the short time he was on. If it’s the one I’m thinking, he sat next to Ava on an airplane and they flirted.

Jimmy. Hi. I reviewed both those actors Michael and Nick. Interesting!! You know I can see them being the character of Nicholas …the one that was strong, smart loyal cunning and devoted to Spencer! Even though Spencer was upset, and had every right to be, I feel like the legendary Nikolas (Tyler) would not stop until he made things right with his son. And he most definitely would’ve seen through Esme! In fact it would’ve been thrilling to watch him get the upper hand on her and it being a surprise to the viewers. I can totally see Tyler Christopher’s Nikolas letting her have it. I digress, Michael or Nick. I could see it. I credit both Adam and Marcus as actors but I like neither for Nikolas.

I liked when Tyler Christopher was playing Nicholas Cassidine but I’m aware oh him dealing with some personal issues that keeps him from reclaiming that role.

I think Marcus Coloma should reprise the role. I think he makes a much better Nicholas. Adam is a great actor, but Marcus should be Nicholas.

Hmmmm. He gives me the creeps.
Is Nikolas Pikeman? Oh, wait—it’s the warden—??

Celia, that was a boring surprise to me anyway. Thought it would be someone we knew. Are they ultimate trying to get the whole prison to revolt with violent mayhem under Cyrus’s bible teachings? I won’t be looking forward to that crap

No, nothing against the actor. I’ve watched him play the good guy and bad guy in Lifetime movies, etc and he’s just not right to play Nikolas. I was finally getting used to Marcus, nobody can replace Christopher Tyler and I mean nobody but back to Adam Huss, please no no no… hasn’t GH put their fans through enough or do they care about the fans anymore.. sorry,ever since the BS with a beautiful love story of Sprina being completely stupid and WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE TO BEGIN WITH… and you gave us the wrong actress playing Molly…does it even matter anymore?

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: ‘Sprina’ in New York Part One

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital kicked-off with Trina (Tabyana Ali) and Spencer’s (Nicholas Chavez) adventures in New York City, where finally the fan favorite couple are getting some much needed, and waaaayyyyy overdue, alone time.

In story, Sprina arrive to their hotel room which has, thank God, one bed! Spencer heads out to get some theater tickets, leaving Trina enough time to video call her bff, Josslyn (Eden McCoy), and fill her in on how her first time alone with Spencer is going.

Trina, now in her nightgown, awaits Spencer’s return. When he does, Spencer tells Trina that everything is running on schedule. He won’t divulge what he has planned, but he has a surprise for her.  When Spencer asks what Trina wants to see on their trip, she lists all the museums she wants to go to.

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After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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